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    1. Of Magic Matchbox Cars and Intoxicating Clam Shells

      by , 10-07-2017 at 12:31 PM
      Morning of October 7, 2017. Saturday.

      This dream has a thread of a consciously created type. However, it is sustained into non-lucidity, which always skews the pattern. In a previous dream, I used, “I invite the healing power of Universal Love into all areas of our lives”. For this one, I used, “I invite the infinite healing power of Universal Mind into all areas of our bodies” and changing it to “my body” in some sequences. As long-term readers would already know, I never post fully scripted dreams online, as there would be no point. However, I do post certain dreams of apex lucidity and dreams of this nature with singular or dual scripting threads that skew into amusing distortions. (Also, a fully scripted dream would have consciously created environmental details as well as visual details and situational details, not just a foundational affirmation as here.)

      I find myself in the dream state, but unlike with apex lucidity and sustained hypnagogia, my lucidity and conscious self identity is soon absent. The affirmation thread becomes a literal thread in my dream, that is, a string attached to the front bumper of a Matchbox car. (The string, sometimes a rope, is a method I use to go in and out of the dream state, symbolic of the “line of communication” with my conscious self identity, which typically disintegrates in the non-lucid dream state when it is replaced by my clueless personified subconsciou as my dream self.)

      This Matchbox car is a 1930s convertible. At times, even without being lucid, I will it to again become a “real” full-sized automobile that I drive around in an unknown large city. I drive it rapidly through various streets to where there is a focus on the idea of being stopped for speeding. Still, the police are always going in the opposite direction. At one point, I shrink the car back down and walk to an area near a wharf.

      The wharf is rendered rather curiously. It is at the side of the road where there is a ladder down to a small platform which is adjacent to a commercial building. An unknown black male is now present as well as my wife Zsuzsanna. There is a comment made by an unknown female who also comes to the area. It relates to my magic Matchbox car. She wants to know if she can borrow it to sail across the ocean. I consider this (without realizing that “sailing the ocean” is dream symbolism for dreaming itself). At this point, I will the car to become just large enough for her to fit in it and I place it on a raft that appears. Still, I consider that the mode of transportation is not stable enough, so I tell her that I do not think it is a reliable way to travel. Curiously, my hand seems to be as big as the raft as I test it for how much weight it can hold as well as its buoyancy dynamics.

      I am standing on the side of the road and the other male wants to borrow my car. I whistle for my Matchbox car and it arrives (from the other side of town) and grows to normal size. He gives me a roll of one-dollar notes. When he returns, I feel I should give him something in return. I hand him the handwritten affirmation (without realizing what it is) that had been in my wallet. I give him some other documents that feature unusual writing and symbols.

      My awareness shifts slightly, but I do not become lucid. I end up going into a large cave which is ambiguously rendered with the dynamics of a room in a house. A tunnel, more like a long hallway, leads to the opening. I whistle for my Matchbox car again and notice the end of the string near the mouth of my cave. I pull my Matchbox car into the cave using the string. (The car in this case is dual symbolism that represents my real physical body as well as the consciously created affirmation of which is still extant, but subliminal in this level of dream state awareness).

      There is an opening in the wall to the left (when inside the cave) of the entrance. (“On the left” typically relates to dream state induction or reinduction while right is the direction waking symbolism is oriented towards, at least for me, as I usually sleep on my left side, so any sort of waking prompt or biological RAS factor would naturally be perceived on the side more exposed and “open”; my right; kind of obvious, though I have considered additional factors of why this is - as in reading English and linear time as being from left to right, as well as right being my strongest side, though governed by the left hemisphere of the brain.)

      I discover a number of ancient artifacts and fossils. One is a ritual clam shell that is covered (and somehow seems to generate) an unusual intoxicating powder. This is a “healing powder” that cavemen used in prehistoric times. Although I have never been an active drug user in real life as such, I continue to slap the clam shell against my ears to become more and more intoxicated, feeling more and more bliss and comfort.

      After a time, while I am seated on the floor of the “cave”, a shadowy caveman figure approaches, though he is more like an ancient ape with a manlike essence. He briefly touches me on the shoulder and knee and seems of a positive presence. He is more like a loving spirit or ancient “ghost” and walks on to another part of the cave.

      Soon, a classmate from years ago, Steve J, and at least three others, walks down the hallway into my cave. I tell them about the artifacts and special powder and ask if they would like to improve their minds and bodies with this “healing powder”.

      This dream only serves to validate what I have already known for over twenty years. Somehow, my unconscious mind cannot distinguish between the word “power” and “powder” (which sometimes appears as flour, a play on “flower” and dual distortion of the “flowing of power”). (This is kind of moot as most people who are not fully conscious cannot even correctly recite the alphabet or count to twenty.) Still, my unconscious has seemingly selected a “convenient” physical representation of “power” which is otherwise an abstract concept that could not be efficiently rendered in the dream state anyway, so I am not complaining. Since an affirmation is something heard by the ears, at least this explains why I am slapping the clam shells against my ears, which of course, is a metaphor for hearing an affirmation via headphones.

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    2. Deer Hunting With Bow and Arrow

      by , 11-28-2013 at 05:28 PM
      Morning of November 28, 2013. Thursday.

      In the first part of my dream, I am in the shed on Loomis Street, but it seems much bigger and aligned in a different direction (perpendicular to its actual location). Apparently, I had just successfully shot two large male deer with little effort with a bow and arrow. I vaguely remember the details as a supposed backstory, but it becomes clearer when my brother-in-law Bob and I are talking about brand names involved in two different methods of hunting as we are walking from the shed (apparently having dressed and stored the deer in his freezer). There seems to be a continuous mix-up of which company makes the best bows and arrows and which makes the best rifles. It is almost like a comedy routine in knowing which is which. There are also a couple sarcastic remarks about some of the hunters using BB guns. (In real life years ago, I had told a factory foreman as I was working on an assembly line, who had asked about what kind of rifle my brother-in-law used, that Bob got his biggest deer with a Daisy, which is mostly known for BB guns. He looked at me strangely. I guess he did not appreciate my deadpan humor.)

      Bob and I are going back out, mostly for me to only watch his attempts and perhaps to help as I walk behind him to his right. We walk the entire way. We have regular bows and arrows, not crossbows, and I sort of wonder about this for some time. (My brother Earl and his wife - in fact he met her there - worked at a place that made bows and arrows - Outers Laboratories, Inc.)

      We reach an area going uphill. We are walking up a long pathway that has seemingly been used for vehicles only rarely. To our left is a thicker, almost impenetrable forest, with sparse rock features. To the right is mostly an open plain with a row of larger trees along the pathway and only minor rock features. In the distance are large hills, perhaps mountains. I am not sure where we are, but there is a heightened feeling of clarity and joy, almost a sense of love and boundless freedom.

      Near each tree is a very large male deer facing the pathway, with their head and neck and front legs visible. I am wondering if my brother-in-law will be able to get them (though he is apparently allowed only two), but I soon feel confident about his success. Farther to the right, in the more open area, is a large mountain lion (cougar) that neither seems to be a threat nor even seems to notice us (and is only casually glancing at the many deer). I focus on how the deer may or may not move away upon approach, depending partly on the mountain lion’s activity and which direction he goes. I slowly wake as we are walking along, feeling very at ease and relaxed.

      This dream was at least partly influenced by a foundational scripting, “I unfold my map of my best future”. Still, it has been twenty years since I went anywhere with Bob. I take it to mean something positive, that is, possible abundance, potential success (at least in surviving in a decent way, more than many I know of), and only potential danger if willfully approaching something of that nature (the mountain lion).

      The deer could not escape across to the other side (the forest seemingly being too dense) and they did not want to go in the direction of the mountain lion, and they were there closest to us (available nourishment or power), and I had considered if they were somehow “stuck”. This part of my dream seemed partly prescient due to the fact that a poster on the main dream journal site told me of an event where a deer had become entangled (though she referred to it as synchronicity, which I have otherwise experienced continuously throughout my life since early childhood).

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    3. Priming the Dream Pump

      by , 04-12-2012 at 09:40 PM
      April 12, 2012

      Day 3
      Meditated with "Between Worlds" CD hemi-sync. Survived w/o any "distractions". I noticed that I kept feeling like I was moving when I don't think I really was. I seemed to go into a light trance very quickly and float in and out of a deep trance because when in the deep trance I tended to nearly fall asleep. So, as soon as I went under, I snapped awake and was out of the deep trance.

      Still my mind chimed in with all kinds of comments and advice: "Don't think about the bum gif...", (which means I thought about the bum gif)..., "Okay, don't focus on the base chakra but move onward." (which means I focused on the base chakra BUT I did move on and got my abdomen chakra to thud as well as the solar plexus and heart - didn't go further). I did a bit of energy work as when one wants to experience OBE it's helpful to prime your energy body for OBEs. Basically, I'm just preparing for whatever comes or doesn't.

      Nothing special in meditation other than feeling heavy, getting some reaction to my energy work, and trying to focus on the blackness behind my eyes. (Energy work: envisioned white pool of energy beneath my feet, then I draw up the energy from the pool through my feet and eventually circulate the energy. It makes my feet and body warm and buzzy...no not that kind of buzzy.)

      Tonight, I will write in my journal an affirmation and leave the real life DJ on my beside table. Sooner or later, I will recall a dream and I want to be READY!