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    1. Learning about agave plants...?

      by , 11-12-2011 at 12:37 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      I feel I should point out that I know nothing about agave plants and so don't know if the information in the dream is true or not.

      I'm in a truck with two other men and we're driving out in a kind of desert/forest environment. The man driving is showing me and the other guy around. The man sitting next to me asks the driver, "What do you use to pick 'em?" The driver answers, "We use cherry pickers and scissor-lifts.", to which the other man replies, "Really?" with a surprised tone. The driver says, "Yeah sure, I'll show 'em to you." He stops the truck and we get out and sure enough, there are a few scissor-lifts sitting around. We start walking around and he is talking about agave plants. I ask the man, "But don't agave plants grow on the ground?" He replies, "Some do, but they also grow up in the trees. That's where you find the best ones." And he points out several around us that are very blue in color and tells us that the bluer they are the better the plant is. I notice a patch of blue up in a tree that at first appears to be alive because it's moving. But the I realize it's actually butterflies flying all around the surface of it. I point at it and say, "Wow, the butterflies are really going after that one!". The man looks at it and tells us that the butterflies actually suck up all the nectar and ruin the plant.

      The next thing I know, I'm in a room sitting at a table with the same man, who appears to be a teacher, and two girls. One of the girls has short dark hair and is really cute. She looks familiar somehow and I find myself attracted to her. The girls are sitting together and appear to be friends. The man is talking about agave plants and we are all taking notes. I notice, though, that while the girls and the man have paper to write notes on, I don't have any. All I have is a newspaper in front of me, so I scribble some notes on the newspaper. I feel a little put out, like I'm being ignored by the group, so since I feel I'm already familiar with all of the stuff the teacher is talking about, I browse the different sections of the newspaper.

      The teacher leaves and I leave the table and walk over to a couch that's close to where the two girls are sitting and talking to each other. One girl has her back to me but the cute one is facing me. While they're talking I notice her feet because her toenails are painted different colors. They're also painted on both sides. On the top, they're all blue. But on the bottom, one foot is painted green and the other foot is painted yellow. The girls are talking about her toenails and the other girl is admiring them and asks what kind of nail polish she used. While they're talking, I am putting on a pair of shoes. They look kind of like water shoes, and I notice that the sole of the one I'm trying to put on has come off. So I pick it up and press it back on into place. Then I notice the sole has come off the other shoe so I fix that one as well. All the while, I'm looking at the girl with the short hair because she is very cute. But she doesn't seem to notice me. That's all I remember because I woke up after that.

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