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    1. #220. Elemental Championships

      by , 09-17-2015 at 04:01 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm at some sort of retreat, and I'm on a break outdoors, spending some time by myself. A van with a logo painted on the side stops at the side of the road, and I walk up to ask what's wrong. The driver says that he's making a delivery to the local Co-op, but he can't find it. I look over the hill in a couple of directions, and, as it's a dream, the Co-op appears on the horizon. I point it out to him and he moves on.

      In a hall made of stone from the floor to the ceiling, Dumbledore gives instructions about the tournament. At the beginning of each round, we pick an element, and then we have to use that element in a free-for-all to tag the other players. If you're tagged, you're out of the round.

      I start the first round with a more difficult element that I'm used to (air, I think). I'm mostly focusing on complicated defensive uses of the power, and I'm out of the round fairly quickly. Irritated, I prepare for the second round, bringing up a wall of flame.

      I'm visiting the IT department, and I realize that they actually have a desk for me there. I tell them that I've had a desk upstairs for some time, and that I'm actually leaving the company in a week (in 2013), so they can probably give the desk to someone else. The desk has years-old mail that's been waiting for me, so I start going through it.

      There's a certain type of fight that exists in fiction just to show off how overpowered the major players of a setting are, compared to the main character. This is one of those fights: Maleficent versus Dumbledore. Only... Dumbledore hasn't shown up, and I'm the only one standing in her way. I drop my hands to the side, palms up, and burn with power, until suddenly I'm Maleficent as well. (I have a moment where I go through: wand, wandless, crook staff, staff with bobble on the end—perfect.) I bang the staff into the concrete, sending up a shockwave at my opponent, and twirl the staff around into a ready pose, lime-green light streaming from the tip. Bring it.

      My brother talks me into following him to a pool, but it turns out that once you've entered the pool area, you can never leave. I walk calmly over to one of the glass windows, face it squarely, and punch it. A crack appears in the safety glass. I punch it again, and again, until we're running over the roof of a park canteen/cafeteria to get away.

      I realize that I forgot to post in the class discussion forums this week to get my participation mark (even though the class is over...)

      I've left my glasses somewhere, but I know that searching for them the traditional way in a dream is a lost cause. "Accio, glasses," I say, and they fly into my hand from wherever they were hiding.
    2. LD: Bending Skills

      by , 08-06-2015 at 07:28 PM
      I got up at 3:15 and tried for a WILD. I laid there and laid there and felt the time pass and pass...until I finally saw the sky outside my window brighten. I was pretty discouraged. But this was the first morning in a long time where I was going to be able to sleep in. I finally decided that if I kept trying for a WILD, I would just stay awake. So I decided to just get into the most comfortable position and just try to sleep and hope for a DILD. I often have that happen when I can't WILD.

      As I was drifting off, I heard my dog barking. It was making me angry, because I really needed to go to sleep and not be bothered by barking. I finally got up and went outside. I was surprised to see that there were at least 6 other dogs that had gotten into the back yard. No wonder my dog had been barking. But when I looked for him I couldn't see him among the other dogs. Suddenly the yard was full of kids and teenagers. They helped me get the dogs out of the yard and would help me find my dog. As we went down the road I saw the that number of dogs had increased to about a dozen or so.

      Something about this wasn't right. And really, who were these people I was with? Could I be dreaming? It suddenly seemed much more likely that I was dreaming then walking down the road with all these random dogs and people. I took a jump up....and continued to fly.


      I very quickly remembered my goal of practicing all my bending skills. I flew to a big tree and sat on a large branch. I cupped my hands in front of me and concentrated on making fire. At first nothing happened. I wasn't too worried because fire is the easiest one for me, and I have had quite a lot of practice over the years at creating fire. So I continued to concentrate and soon saw little heat waves coming up off my hands. With a little more concentration I saw a little fire form within my cupped hands. That was good enough for me. I wanted to move on to water.

      I looked at my hands. The fire slowly faded away and in it's place I saw that my hands were filled with water. That was easier than I thought it could be. I have only one memory of water bending in all my lucid dreams and that was years ago--and that cup of water had already been on the table. So I was thrilled that the water just came to be. Now for the next part. I concentrated again on the small pool of water in my hands. Soon I saw a section of water start to snake up. I pulled it with my mind and made it twist and turn. I finally made it head to my mouth where I drank it all down (that had been my plan all along--and it was quite satisfying--the more interaction with the water, the better, I say). I then saw Jeff next to me. He said he was hot. I filled my hands with water again, and this time focused on it until it became ice. It was not quite solid, still kind of slushy, but still intact enough for me to pick it up with one hand and give it to Jeff. He seemed happy with it so I moved on.

      I saw that I was in the park next to the airport. I flew over to the fence and saw some small rocks sitting on the fence. I concentrated until those pebbles floated over and into my hands. I then formed a dust devil and those rock went swirling up into the very small dust devil in my hands.

      I felt very satisfied that I had been able to do all four elements.
      At this point I think I had a false awakening. Or I lost lucidity.

      I was in what was supposed to be my backyard. I was looking at my tomato plants. I noticed that I had a lot of ripe tomatoes. Many more than I had remembered seeing before. I then noticed that my squash plants were also covered in these big cool looking squash, some orange and other pink with green on one end. As excited as I felt seeing all the squash, part of me started doubting. Again, I decided that there was more chance of me being in a dream than all these squash suddenly growing in my yard (had I even planted squash this year?). No, I was dreaming again. And that was okay.

      I suddenly thought about all the bending I had just done. I wasn't quite finished. I wanted to make a bigger dust devil. I concentrated on the ground in front of me and made a 6-7 foot dust devil appear. At first it was just made from random dust and debris. But then I wanted to be creative. I used my mind to lift some reddish colored sand at the base of the dust devil. I watched as it started to swirl slowly up the dust devil. It was so fascinating that I did it again with more sand. Then again. The dust devil had all these swirling stripes, spinning and spinning. I focused again and made the patterns even more complex. It was beautiful, intricate, and so symmetrical. I was in awe.

      But then I remembered my next goal which was to summon some new music by Angels and Airwaves. I had been wanting to do this for a while. I hadn't been successful the last time. I hope to be this time. I saw Daniel next to me. I asked him if he had a radio or music player of sorts. He said yes, and pulled out this funny orange and yellow colored box. He pushed a button and music started playing. I told him I needed to hear some Angels and Airwaves...but not just any old Angels and Airwaves, but something new. Something they hadn't created yet. He messed around with it. Several more songs came on, but none of it was what I was looking for.
      Then the dream faded. And I couldn't get back.
    3. Lucid Wake Ups

      by , 07-02-2015 at 04:17 PM
      Wake up in a dream, lucid, I'm at a house with some people. One guy's brother is a soldier, and not very nice, he almost tries to kill me, but I have the powers of air and fire and he backs off. We all go to a dance, then sleep and wake up again, but in a different dream world.

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    4. Tenzin is a bad airbending teacher

      by , 09-17-2014 at 05:44 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Wish I could have gone to bed earlier than 12:15 last night. College work and Lucid Dreaming just don't blend well.

      I am in the park by my subdivision. There are a few other people there. One of them is Tenzin from Legend of Korra. He is teaching me airbending. I am also slightly aware that this isn't real life.
      He explains that in this exercise I need to learn to associate the movements of the opponent with how the air they bend will react. So what he will do is use his airbending to blow around a large cardboard box. I have follow the box, but not by looking at it, but by looking at his motions to see where the box is being moved to. When he finishes the box will drop, and if it lands on me, then I 'win'.
      So we begin. I was slightly lucid and my sixth sense kicks in. I was also able to sometimes see where the box was out of my peripheral vision. Regardless I am able to complete the exercise flawlessly twice. I can remember the second time the box actually fell upside down over my head. I thought it was funny, but, like on the show, Tenzin has no sense of humor.
      After this he gets very mad saying that no novice should be able to complete this exercise and states that he has been going easy on me. He then picks up the box in a wind current and zings it far away before I can run and catch it, and says that that was a failure and I have to start over.
      Geeze... um... temper?
    5. 2nd Lucid ever! woop woop

      by , 02-22-2014 at 06:55 PM
      Was being bombarded by thousands of little black birds. I was at my house's backyard hiding under a table. Then after the fourth round of diving I ran for my house. The bird's instantly left and I saw my mom and told her to check out the dogs in the backyard. I told her that Bella (one of my dogs) was going to do a cool jumping trick. Bella jumped, but remained suspended in the air. At that point I said, no way is this a dream? So I nose-pinched and sure enough it was!
      "Mom, I'm dreaming!"
      "Good for you!"
      I went outside and started losing lucidity, but with rubbing my hands it took me about 30 seconds to stabilize.
      My backyard was the exact same as it is currently. I was amazed. However, my neighbors places were completely different. One neighbor's house was actually a sheer drop down to the ocean when a gigantic submarine lay on shore and buried under part of the cliff.
      After looking around I decided to use some powers. I tried too hard at first, scrunching the muscles in my hand, but then after trying more softly, I could manipulate whatever I wanted.
      I decided not to summon anyone or fly because now that I was lucid, I wanted to teach myself how to make myself lucid dream more often and then start doing tons of fun stuff.
      However, I woke up, but in my living room at home that I was currently many many miles away from. False awakening, but I didn't catch it... Now I know to reality check whenever and wherever I wake up.
    6. Our Last Breath - Dream 02/24/12

      by , 04-05-2012 at 02:58 PM
      This was a pretty neat dream and I feel that I should share it. In my dream I was on another planet, but similar to earth. There was plenty of people around, all human as far as I could tell. As I was wandering about the city I was in I noticed these huge machines set in the ground that were sucking all the oxygen out of the planet's atmosphere. Somehow I knew it was being stored underground in huge vaults. Pretty soon people started running out of air and dying. I didn't die but soon found an oxygen tank I could carry around to breathe with, and other people started doing the same.

      Once almost all the breathable air was gone the machines shut off. There was only certain pockets of breathable air left in the city, and many people had died and their bodies were everywhere. Strangely there were many people left though who seemed not need oxygen. In fact they released sulfur dioxide gas into the air so they could breathe that. The gas came out of nozzles as a greenish looking gas, but once it dispersed it was invisible. It was pretty evident these people were not human to be breathing that. I understood in my mind these beings were called the Sulfarians. They seemed content enough to leave the remaining humans alone to go about our business though. After that I get a group of people together for the purpose of attemting to liberate the stolen oxygen stored underground. It was about when we blow open one vault of air is when I awoke.

      Now I'm a guy of course, but in my dream about 3/4 of the way through I notice I'm a woman in my dream. I have black shoulder length hair, and although I don't see my reflection I can tell I'm fairly good looking by the way others in my dream act nicer toward me. I can even tell I have "the goods" under my shirt even though I don't actually feel them with my hands. How does your brain know what it feels like to have breasts when you're a guy?
    7. Air-show in a bus

      by , 01-23-2012 at 08:26 AM

      Identification: (No. 61) Air-show in a bus
      Time Recorded: 7:30, 02-01-012
      Genre: Sci-fi
      Character(s): Daniel D., Melanie O.
      Method(s): Not recorded
      Lucid: Yes (DILD)

      Daniel and I are standing on the footpath beside the road that comes past our house. we see first a single flying speed-boat, then another, both had a loud engine roar. Next came an extremely large airship, powered by it's two very large (e.g. 1km wingspan) and powerful red wings. It had a very synchronised and strong down stroke. At this point it became apparent that we were watching a Japanese air-show. Next, a young, anamatronic Japanese girl walks past us, followed by another robot girl who was fatter. It stops and looks at me and tried to lean in to give me a kiss. I use my hands to push her away. As I do this, Melanie appears from behind Daniel, and says to me "did you just...?"
      I find myself climbing up a rope in a place that is called 'hell'. The floor is red and there are flashing lights everywhere. I somehow know that the Japanese are responsible for the transformation of this place.
      I believe I have just woken up from my sleep on the bus. Somehow I suspect that this is a false awakening. I urge myself to reality check, but before I get the chance I become lucid. I start to think about whether I'm going to wake up, and to my surprise I have remained asleep. I wonder what I should do. Because the dream still doesn't feel very realistic, I decide to try touching some objects. All I can think of is touching the glass window, so I lean my head against it - it is cold. I look at the bus driver and the sides of the bus. It still feels very unrealistic. I get the sensation that I am drooling, but I don't do anything about it because I fear a distraction might make me loose my lucidity. The bus stops and I get off. I go inside a shed with some people inside. I'm not sure why. but they are hanging large spiders (the size of dinner plates) up on the ceiling in two rows. At the end of each row are some dead apes, with their arms hanging down. Both men and women are picking out the largest spiders, and taking them down. I watch one lady unhook an ape and hold it's dead body.

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    8. Lucid Dream #54

      by , 12-08-2011 at 09:02 AM (Warbenifit156's Lucid Dreaming Adventures)
      Lucidity: 7/10
      Vividness: 6/10
      Length: ~5 Min.

      I basically tried to do something epic and ended up trying to have sex, I felt things and smelled the air and it was epic.
    9. 10/23/11: Dream Puzzle

      by , 10-23-2011 at 07:52 AM (Roving the Dreamscape)

      When I woke-up, I attempted to recall my dreams. After a couple of minutes, I was able to come up with words that seems to incorporate with my dream. I tried my best to piece them together according to their order in my dream, so here it goes:

      -A Frozen Mountain
      -A Giant Beast/Mom Attacking
      -Broken Roof
      -An Air strike
      -Strong Rain
      -Broken water tank
      -Cool Random Guy

      With all of these words, I tried to "retrace" what happened in my dream so here's the result:

      I was in a cave of frozen mountain and within it there's a giant beast or mom(?) sleeping. I went outside and suddenly, I was inside an aircraft, the aircraft was controlled by this weird unnamed wii-like peripheral. The aircraft was being chased by the giant monster/mom. After a few minutes of maneuvering and escaping, I mysteriously teleported at this tall building whose roof is gone. As I looked at the window, I saw on the horizon an airplane doing an air strike. So I dropped down and covered my head with a book. Luckily, I the building wasn't hit, but smoke was everywhere. It started to rain heavily. I made my way down. As I was going down the stairs, I saw this water tank that has a hole in it. I then ignored it and continued on my way. Finally, I got outside and was greeted by this random guy who looks pretty cool

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    10. Advanced Task of the Month - September

      by , 09-08-2011 at 04:53 PM
      Advanced task completed.

      It was a few minutes past 2am and I felt tired so I turned off the lights and fell asleep.
      Moments later I was wide awake and in my living room and it was sunny outside - this obviously came across as a strange phenomenon because from my perspective, it felt like I had just fallen asleep only a few seconds ago. I was a bit confused so I walked around the room a little bit whilst fidgeting with something in my hands. As my thumb brushed my index finger, a bright crimson spark formed. I was speechless... (well.. I wasn't speaking in the first place). I concentrated and tried to reproduce that same effect again but to no avail. I clapped my hands together and a bright spark formed again. After a few minutes of trying and failed so I starting clenching my fists in frustration. Then I felt a searing pain between my fingers. I was suprised to see that my right palm was charred. I was suddenly hit by a thought - "Have I somehow learned how to generate fire at will? ... Nah don't be ridiculous, if I could then how come I can't do it now?" After a while I thought about the fire triangle (a model for understanding the basic ingredients of fire - which is fuel, heat and oxygen). I realised that everytime I generated a spark, it was caused by friction (the act of rubbing my fingers together) or when I absorb kinetic energy. After realising this, I snapped my fingers as well as I could and thought "IGNITE" at the same time and a huge pillar of flame erupted outwards, seemlingly from nowhere, and tore a gigantic whole through the walls of my living room. Normally, seeing my house reduced to this sort of state would cause me to go mental but for some reason I couldn't stop smiling. I felt pretty happy with myself.

      Now this part I found very peculiar because it felt as if I was in the dream for weeks on end when I woke up. Now back to the story:

      After what felt like weeks of "training," a notion just randomly popped into my head - By rubbing my fingers together, I was actually manipulating the concentration of oxygen in the air surrounding, raising its density to a level at which it becomes combustible and creating narrow pathways of oxygen through which I can direct the ensuing flame birthed by the spark. So I was in fact controlling both fire and air, as these elements are so intertwined.

      I can't really remember what happened after I had this idea in chronological order. For some reason I was at Mt. Rushmore (where the faces of several US Presidents are sculpted onto the cliff-face) at sunset out of the blues a ninja with glowing eyes started attacking me.

      He moved towards me in order to strike me with his sword. I barely managed to get out of the way. As I snapped my fingers he waved his sword briefly and stopped me from creating a fire. So all I could do was try to dodge his attacks. I felt the gust of wind caused by the insanely fast motion of the sword everytime it approached me. The quick slashing of his sword must be changing the air current, disrupting the ignition reaction. I felt scared... I couldn't manipulate the air's composition when its constantly in flux. Even if I managed to pull off a flame, it wouldn't have any accuracy. He moved in once again, this time for the killing blow. I crouched and placed my hands firmly on the ground beneath me and started melting it. Almost instantaneously, the ground ahead of me became a an unstable molten mass and he sank right into it.

      The next thing I knew, I was in my bed and it was morning.

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    11. NOTES: Too Stressed and Tattwas

      by , 09-05-2011 at 10:24 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I've been too stressed lately that I can barely remember my dreams. Even those that I can remember right before I wake up. Annoying, but I have to persevere. I still practice RC.

      Also, interesting how the night before the stressful events in my life, I tried visualizing the Tattwas in their proper evolutionary order, and found that they clash heavily during the seed parts. Only the Ether seed-ofs didn't clash, since it seems to just "absorb" the seeds, as well as a few like the Fire - Seed of Earth:

      "There exists a transcendent reconciler that arises when opposing forces class, if we can but intuit it." (Mumford, "Magical Tattwas")

      I think it meant that I should have tried to connect two parties.

      Then, last night, everything seems okay, and only the Fire - Seed of Air seems to clash, which I found strange since I thought they'd be "supporters" of each. True enough, I checked and they are.

      Interesting that the divination part of the book on Magical Tattwas described it thus:

      "Fire - Seed of Air, frequently manifests as a theme of test, and trial, tribulation, and frustration accompanied by an impetuous urge to "burn our bridges."

      Because that very day, before I visualized the Tattwas that night, I quit an organization, and although I thought it to be "okay" already, I then found out that somebody twisted my words to mean something insulting. Good thing that instead of burning the bridges with everyone, I kept contact, and although one insisted I insulted him, even though he was absent, the two who were there have said that they didn't think I said anything insulting about anyone.

      Too bad I didn't read it, since I don't really delve into the divination aspect of the Tattwas, but it's just nice to check it out, and that it matches and seems to be telling me something.

      I hope to use the Tattwas to aid my LD soon.
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      side notes
    12. Controlling the elements

      by , 09-05-2011 at 04:49 AM
      I did a WBTB. As I lay in bed about to go back to sleep I had every intention of having a lucid dream and completing the Task of the Month of controling the elements. That positive thinking paid off.

      Lucid Dream:

      I was looking out over Lake Powell. It was dusk and the lake was mostly in shadows. I already knew I was dreaming. I wanted a better view of the lake so I made my vision rise (I say this because I was not aware of my body or myself flying). In the past I have often had difficulty viewing an area as I flew upward. But I felt very pleased the lake stayed very clear and in focus as my view of it changed. Soon I had a great view of the South end of the Lake. I could see Lone Rock, Wahweap, and Castle Rock.

      I remembered that I was going to do the Task of the Month. The Task is to control 2 of the 4 elements. I wanted to control water and fire, but I also wanted to try to do air. I looked at the lake and knew it would be good for the controlling water part. But suddenly I really wanted to do air first. I had wanted to try to form a tornado. And then I looked again at the lake and wondered what it would be like to make a tornado and then set it down on the water and see if I could then form a water spout.

      So I concentrated on a place above Wahweap Bay. I made a tornado. It was a little hard to see, but I knew it was there. I carefully lowered it down onto the surface of the water. At first I didn't see anything happen. Then I saw the surface of the water start to move in a circular pattern. Then I saw this large area of water lift and spin up into the air. And then suddenly there was a very large water spout swirling and spinning way up into the air.

      I felt proud of myself and considered that a success. I then took myself down to the ground and decided to start a fire with my mind. I had done that several times before and knew that I would have no problem with it. I saw that I was standing next to a stone cabin. There was a clump of dead grass in front of me. I figured that that would be a good place for a fire. I looked at the grass and willed a fire to start. Then I remembered that it was so much easier if I pointed my finger at it while I concentrated. I lifted my finger and instantly the little grass clump ignited. I just stood there for a time and watched the fire burn until the grass was completely consumed by the fire.

      I wanted to do more, but at this point my dream ended.
    13. Riding in the Mouth of a Dragon Spirit

      by , 06-19-2011 at 06:48 PM
      I don't remember where this dream started, I can only remember an extremely memorable part, and a related part afterwards. I was on this dock that was coming up out of the ocean, it stood about 30 feet above the water. There was this chinese-style serpent dragon that opened its mouth and bit down on me. I recall it having a pink body with green horns. When it closed its mouth around me, it was like I was riding inside of him, I could see out of him because he was transparent.. He rocketed up into the sky off of the dock and then dove down into the ocean. I could feel my stomach dropping as we fell. He then launched back out into the air and we fell again. We did this several times. I had concluded that this was a "ride" like at a carnival or something. Later in my dream, I told my mom that I had gone on the craziest ride inside of a dragons mouth, she didn't believe me lol.
    14. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 04-02-2011 at 06:18 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Ruined (Non-lucid)

      With gusto, I sprint across the cool, black asphalt, brown sneakers propelling me forward with every pounding step. The horde looms in the distance, row upon row of agile, intelligent zombies. Knowingly, I dash forward, weaving through cars, crimson, white, and purple, cutting to the right with nothing but STAR, my trusty yellow Nitefinder, in hand. Nay, the zombies aren't on my tail; they're right in front of me.

      They mock me, as I slow down, off to their rightmost flank. What could I possibly do with such a small weapon, they wondered? Was I even worth the effort of a charge?

      Stopping, stepping back, I know they're right.

      Well, at least about the former.

      With a smile, I raise my arms, and lift a dart from the ground, twenty paces away. The zombies look in astonishment as the dart floats of its own accord, and their jaws drop when it fires through the air, nailing one unfortunate zed in the face.

      But still, they mock me.

      One dart won't be enough.

      Both arms, and countless darts, rise at my command. My eye lit with a fiendish glint, I can't help smirking at their shock. Even as they charge, I'm alight with joy, as my darts rain upon them, taking out their front line. But despite my barrage, many of them remain untouched, and now they're upon me, here to devour me.


      A quick teleport puts me behind their ranks, where I continue to wreak havoc. Every time they get close enough to do something, I teleport away and attack from a different side. Eventually, it becomes too much for them.

      They quit, walk away, deband themselves.

      What have I done? Could it be I've singlehandedly ruined this Invitational.

      My perspective cuts away. . .


      A girl walks along the same black asphalt I had run upon earlier. As she goes, she breaks the rear windows of every car she can. Another girl, part of the same horde I had just forced into ruin, goes to stop her, asking her what's wrong.

      The first girl replies, “You know, when the game's on I can keep it under control; I can stay sane,” she rubs at her face, smearing the black ash covering her cheeks and forehead, “But now look what's happened. . .”

      The second girl, yelling, remanding, starts: “That doesn't mean you—” but she's cut off as a knife pierces her pink skin-tight shirt and enters her gut. With a thump, she's lying on the ground, as the ash faced girl smirks and walks away. . .


      What have I created?

      Years have passed since that fateful day, but the terror, the crazed female killer, remains at large. As her creator, I'm tasked with her extermination.


      We meet on a field of dead grass, my sword drawn, a machete with a complex, elegant, two-handed, design, her knives at the ready. In a flash of steel, we clash, crossing blades, determined to end the life of the other.

      But alas.

      The dreams fades.
    15. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 03-27-2011 at 12:05 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      HvZ Hax (Non-lucid)

      Surrounded on all sides, I fight back, blasting away at the horde, still thinking I'd get out of it alive. Alone in this battle, my squad had all died before me, for I was unable to protect them in the crucial moments before their lives were taken.

      Zera, my blaster, my launcher of foam death, performs admirably, but even she can't stop these nimble Zeds from getting too close. A girl, new to the game, lunges at my right, reaching for me, looking to end me.

      Dammit! I think, as her hand starts to grasp at my shirt. Only one option left. . .


      My body disappears, blinking out of existence, as I teleport away, leaving my would be killer with a handful of air. On my reentry, I appear above the horde, on a grassy hill, the sun at my back, looking down on them. At this point, I could run, live to die another day, but. . . I've already gone this far.


      I TP closer and let off a shot, taking one of them down.


      Again and again, I teleport, fire, teleport, fire, keeping a steady rhythm as I eliminate their numbers, one by one.

      They can't keep up.


      “You cheated, hacked the system,” JTN, leader of the Zombie forces remands me, as the two of us stand on a rooftop, overlooking the battlefield.

      “'Cheated' is a little harsh,” I tell him, Zera still hanging by the strap around my neck. “Besides, it's not like I got out alive anyways.”

      “Still. . .”
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