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    1. Airships in the Cloud House

      by , 09-12-2016 at 06:44 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Lately I've been changing up my sleeping routine and just not setting my alarm. It seems to be helping with recall...so far.
      I was in a little house that rested on top of the clouds. The house wasn't any that I recognized, but the sight outside was beautiful. Strangely, our house was the only one like this; no others were in sight, just an endless sea of clouds.
      In the house with me were my dad and my aunt. We were all gearing up to ride on some airships to this festival that would be taking place down on the surface, beneath the clouds. While we were preparing, multiple people I knew IRL also came to visit, popping up through the clouds on their own airships. The airships themselves looked like motorcycles without wheels. One guy who I didn't recognize popped up and laughed loudly, cupping his hands around his mouth and shouting towards us, "ARE YOU GUYS READY YET??"
      Eventually my grandpa appeared on his own airship, parking it on the house's balcony and coming in to chat with the lot of us.
      Unfortunately, if we did go to that festival, I certainly don't remember it.
      The next dream recalled was much smaller, and I think I had it after going back to sleep when I woke up to write the previous one.
      Me and my friend AJ were in this strange place that looked like a combination between my high school and a shopping mall. /for some reason, quite a few of my dreams feature warped or weird versions of shopping centers or my high school. I don't recall much from this dream, just that AJ was trying to lead me to some place, but I ignored him, as I had a bad feeling about it. Instead, I went upstairs to check the lockers, for some reason expecting to find something in them that was apparently very important.
    2. Airship Attack

      , 07-20-2010 at 04:18 AM
      There was a second part where there were two airships. I was in one and the other one was our enemy. We had some magical powers like on Bleach or something similar. It was pretty epic xD We were shooting the other team with a giant, white bow that we controlled together, telekinetically. The arrows where large hollow white tubes with some sort of design. It somehow reminded me of Orihime Inoue off Bleach.
      Somewhere in the ship were all these spells, perhaps in a book, and they were written in runes haha. They were making all these undead skeletons appear and that was pretty scary. They spawned from the back of both ships and were attacking everyone.
      There was some way to stop them from doing it, if you were able to read the runes. I thought "oh maybe it won't be hard to learn if I know a bit of Swedish" hahaha.

      Even though I was someone in one of the airships, I could somehow switch my view between the two ships and see that it was all just fancy CGI, and though to myself how true it was that anything can be done with computer animation these days, and thus the undead skeletons and stuff weren't really that cool anymore.

      After this bit, there was a part with these aborigines and they were climbing up these stairs. I was climbing down because somehow I'd started up at the top. Unfortunately, they were behaving in a derelict manner and ripping all the stairs up and stuff like that.