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    1. March 1, 2018

      by , 03-01-2018 at 03:59 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Summer camp like rockbridge that started near the JMU quad. I was walking with a group of people from the left, Jake B and Kolby were there. We walked by to see the quad had a giant arena or dip in the land in the middle. There's also a crowd surrounding this oval shaped thing. We walk up to the bottom right corner and I see Woody b wearing Pike letters in a sweat shirt. He was looking at me but it was a little awkward. We walked to the right of him and saw Johnny w. and his father. His mom was also there. I was talking to his father about something but we eventually left and went right down the street. On the left side of the street was the place we were living at, it was like our younglife cabin. I had a memory where I was wasting all my time alone at camp in the hottub.

      The dream went to another place. Sam came up to me and was showing me a voicemail he left me which gave me this vision of a beach with a couple of palm trees in the water. It didn't look like any humans had been in this place or altered it in any way. I couldn't even see his family or himself at this place. There were giant mountains in the ocean in the background. It looked like Thailand a little bit.

      I came back from the vision and was asking him if he was excited to go, but realized that while I was at camp he was at the beach and the trip was over. The vision came back to me a few times, this time with his family jumping between the very small islands in the water next to the beach.

      At some point we ended up at another beach. I was swimming behind him and the beach was to the right of us. It looked like there was a small dock up ahead. There were also these tiny buoys that were absolutely covered in bees. The object was to get to the dock without getting stung by these bees. When we got close to each one the bees would leave and come towards us. We got to the first one and ducked underwater as the bees followed us and drowned. Next buoy we did the same thing except not all the bees had come so we had to go underwater several times. We eventually get to the dock but enough bees had stung us that a massive insect was summoned. I turn to Sam I don't want to play this game anymore.

      I'm not sure if this was part of the same dream but right as I was exiting the very last dream, someone had told me something like "it's time to wake up" or "there's you alarm" and as they said that I woke up to my alarm. It was really weird like my dream was telling me it was time to wake up as my alarm started to go off.
    2. Alarmed by Alarms

      by , 10-08-2017 at 11:49 AM
      My alarm is going off. It's incredibly loud and annoying, and my hands are trembling as I try to shut it off. I'm swiping for all I'm worth, and the icons on the screen are sliding left and right, but that sound continues.

      I realize that it's not my phone ringing at all. It's my wife's phone. I grab her phone from her and swipe ... swipe ... swipe! ...

      The sound is piercing and persistent and annoying.

      It goes on for about ten seconds, and I'm thinking about launching the phone at the wall when it dawns on me that this phone isn't ringing either. The ringtone is different.

      I wake myself up, genuinely rising out of sleep, and I open my heavy eyes. Beside the bed, my wife's Kindle alarm is going off.

      I reach over like a man clawing toward safety, grab the Kindle, swipe toward 'dismiss' or whatever it says.

      Finally, It stops.
    3. 04.10.2016 Alarma

      by , 04-12-2016 at 05:50 PM
      A lot going on today. Up at 8am, preparing for a pottery party I have planned for my co-worker. Party goes well. I spend the evening with my best friend. We were talking about recent comunication that we both oddly received from our EXES this past week. I go home for an hour or so, and then go back out to catch a live band with her. I got home at 1, went to sleep at 2.

      Side Note: Frustration. Two of the ladies at the pottery party became VERY frustrated with painting their pieces. One of them was so upset that she washed her piece and then proceeded to sit with her hands in her lap during the remainder of the event. I felt like something else was going on, but I didn't ask. She is a friend of a friend's, so it wasn't my place.

      DR 1
      I am in an office building. A fire has started and most of the people have run out. Some are still running. Nobody pulls the fire alarm, so I do. I walk outside the building. There is a sidewalk path to another building, so I take it. The building doors are wide open, so I walk in. The walls are white. White ceilings, brown carpet. There is only a hallway, which extends in each direction. Its quiet, and I can hear the faint sound of the alarm I pulled in the other building. I turn to the right down the hallway. I see a red alarm panel on the left wall and I pull it.

      DR 2
      Everything seems to have calmed down. I am walking down a hall in an office building. I pass a co-worker, a handsome man, who I have apparently just repaired a work relationship with. We smile and greet each other. I continue down the hall. I am wearing office attire, a white blouse, a skirt (? color) and heels. I am holding an order with a ticket number on it- 3757. I know that the co-worker has changed my order and resubmitted it as 3758. I think about telling my boss because something about it isn't rigt. At that moment, I get called into my boss's office. My boss is a black lady with long braids in her hair. I feel that she doesn't like me much. I am seated at a white table. She asks me about the order. Before I can finish telling her the story, she calls in my co-worker. I place my head in my hands. I can't believe that she has done this before I can tell her what happened. And I can't believe this is happening when I have just literally became friends with this guy again. He whispers to me, "what's going on?", and put my lips to his ear and say, "they have no idea what's going on".
      I place my head in my hands again.

      DR 3

      Members of a movie crew are filming in the courtyard of the office building. The courtyard has a swimming pool. I'm not sure why the film is happening and I'm not sure why we have a pool. All of a sudden, a little black boy comes running from my left at full speed and cannonballs into the pool. Somebody yells, "that's a wrap", and I see the microphone swing over the pool. There are crew members in place to take the boy safely out of the pool.

      DR 4
      I am in a convenient store. A tall black lady comes in. She looks like a model. She is wearing a dark blue and bright orange dress with a sunhat. A guy's voice is heard over the intercom. He tells her to turn around so he can see her on the video cameras. She doesn't seem to hear im, so I grab an umbrella from one of the displays nearby and point to the cameras. I tell her what he said. When I actually walk up to her, she is at least a foot taller than me. I am 5'6", but she is clearly way taller. I feel so short. She turns around so he can see her. She asks if she looks ok. I tell her that her dress is cute. She says thank you and then bends over to reach into a chest (which is somehow a cooler doubling as a chest?) There are clothes inside it for some reason. As she bends over I see the top of her big hat.
    4. 16/03/16 | LD - Low quality vision

      by , 03-29-2016 at 09:27 PM
      #9 LD - Low quality vision
      As always my room. I was laying on my bed with my bf. I was looking at the wall and thought that I shouldn't be there (I wasn't at home in RL then). I did RC and get lucid. It was dark. I tried to make some light by commands but I only had some strange quality vision. Sth like that: [KLIK]. I didn't write it down but I think that I saw also some disco colours and I said that I didn't mean this kind of light. I wasn't calm much. I went to the shelf and took a red figure. I touched some towel. I went to my mom's room and tried to fly through the window. I heard an alarm but I knew that it's still a dream. I saw on the phone that it's 2:10AM. I flew away and on purpose I was falling down spinning. I thought that it was a bad idea. It started to be dark and my dream changed to NLD. Some bird or 2 were falling down on the hill.
    5. Toy Set, Giant Worm, Time Travel, News Memories, Secret Mission.

      by , 12-27-2015 at 04:47 PM (The Dream Cauldron)
      (Unconnected dreams indicated by a *. Connected dreams indicated by a ē. )

      * I'm trying to sell a toy set for a fictional book, but the main character is missing.

      * A giant worm is destroying an underground area in a place vaguely resembling Hogwarts.

      * I seem to have travelled back to the early 1900s. I have repeated run-ins with two horses named "Neighborhood Horse 1" and "Neighborhood Horse 2". I am wearing a dress and seem to be much younger (about 10 or 11). Somehow, I am captured on video and spread all over YouTube, but the majority of people don't beleive what they're seeing.

      * A news broadcast is remembering the five things they will miss at that station.

      * I'm on a secret mission to find someone. An alarm goes off (not my wake up alarm). This scene repeats itself.

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    6. #169 - Driving about

      by , 12-02-2015 at 08:42 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream - Driving about (woke up at 3:00am)
      I'm in my parents house, I think I somehow made the alarm go off and it's wailing loudly... I punch in the code to turn it off but nothing happens. Argh, I must have put the wrong code in. Everyone is waiting outside. Why is the alarm going off anyways?
      I remember there being a Tuatara at some point...
      Later on I'm in the car with my mom, she's driving and we turn into a house to pick some people up. The house looks simultaneously like my neighbours and our house combined. We're waiting for my dad and some other person to hurry up, they should already be ready by now. They must have forgotten we were heading out, there's no lights on in the house at all. It's already 9pm.. Geeze :/. We beep the horn loudly and my mum is impatient now, she's driving in circles in the driveway of the property. I look up at the window of my dads room (it's not his room anymore) and see that the light suddenly turns on. Finally, I think to myself that they now know we're here at least. I tell my mum that they've noticed us. We start talking and discuss her going back to university. She wants to study some ecology papers as she's found that she's interested in that field of study. I tell her that I can help her review her essays if she needs me to.

      Dream experience: 5 (pretty vivid and the dream felt long. I remembered it pretty clearly and I didn't wake up feeling foggy, which usually leads to me forgetting my dreams).
      Dream awareness: 1 (not enough to be aware that I was dreaming, but there was some definite conscious thinking involved)

      I think my cat woke me up from this dream... She jumped on top of my face.
      After I woke up I decided to get up for a while, so I spent 40 minutes researching random stuff and then reading a comic before heading back to sleep.

      I also remember a really strange WILD last night where I seemed to naturally just slip into a dream consciously. But the whole thing felt delirious and uncontrollable, I had visuals at first but they disappeared. The interesting thing was that I was more involved with other sensations like touch and sound (the sound was more like a humming noise).
      lucid , non-lucid , side notes
    7. My Father's Flower (NLD)

      by , 03-22-2015 at 12:34 AM
      The setting of the dream was the farm where I lived as a teenager, but nothing about the plot resembled waking life, and my own character was an adolescent boy. I was the son of our tribe's chieftain, and another adult male in the tribe approached me with an offer. He wanted to buy my father's flower that was growing near the chicken house, offering me a groat in exchange. I refused, of course: the flower was not mine to sell.

      On my way to the barn I passed the flower and glanced at it. It was beautiful and otherworldly, with large hanging bell-shaped blossoms of red and purple. I thought I had made the right decision by turning the man away. I went into the barn, the bottom floor of which was completely empty of everything but a pile of horse manure that had been gathered into the center of the space. This was a bit odd, but my thoughts were elsewhere.

      I was remembering what the same man had done for the nuns: by giving them an iPad, he had eliminated their tendency to engage in other, more heretical, forms of augury. Had he been testing me? Obviously it would have been wrong to sell the flower for my own gain, but perhaps it was also wrong to refuse outright. I should tell my father about the offer and see if he might want to sell the flower after all. Perhaps he needs a groat.

      I go talk to my father. He is not a human but a ring of flexible tissue suspended within a rigid round frame that forms an outer ring. My character, the young boy, is not surprised by this, but OOCly I find it odd. It is hypnotic to watch the creature talk: the inner ring changes shape, forming geometric and other patterns, while vibrating. Together the shape-changing and vibration sound quite similar to a human voice, though higher-pitched and with more vibrato.

      I mention that I want to talk about so-and-so, the member of the tribe who offered me the deal (at the time I knew his name, but lost it on waking), and at once my father starts describing a recent encounter with the guy:

      "We chat a while, then he tells me what a fine young man you are. I'm thinking, wowwww!" He emphasizes the word "wow," drawing it out with varying intonations a bit like a hippy or stoner might... and then the sound blends into the chime of my alarm going off and waking me. I was annoyed to be interrupted mid-dream!
    8. Plastic Bag Humping, Buzzing, Confucius Gives LD Advice, Picking Up a Chick, Kakashi gives LD Advice

      by , 04-13-2014 at 06:40 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Putting on a Tape Suit & Plastic Bag Carrot Humping (DILD)


      Iím inside a classroom that resembles my biology class at a High School I attended years back (CLHS as an abbreviation for personal reference).

      Iím trying to put on a transparent suit that looks like itís really made out of tape. I ask individuals how to put it on, and when one of them portrays the method to me, it seems more complicated than it seems. How in the world does one put on a tape suit without it sticking to their clothing?

      After a bit, thereís an inflated, and transparent produce bag with a few carrots on the bottom. I put my penis inside, and started humping it. I think there was a competition of who could hump it more, and going for more than ten was more than enough to get by, I guess.

      I think the individuals were cheering me on, talk about ego boosting for inanimate object fornication.

      Kind of reminds me of what I had to do for work today, excluding the humping part and ego boosting, and cheeringÖand my penis inside a bag.


      Buzzing Near the Window (DILD)


      I wake up from my bed, or so it seems, and tried to get back to sleep, seeing how I didnít want to feel too groggy for work, especially with the activities done today. It feels so nice wanting to go back to sleep, back into a state of relaxation and comfort, until something keeps making a buzzing sound thatís extremely annoying.

      I wondered how could something could be so active during the dead of night, seeing how unless it had vision for seeing clearly for night, it would reside somewhere safe until thereís more light apparent. I tried to go to sleep several times, but the buzzing sound keeps pestering me.

      I eventually decided to do a nose plug reality check, pressing my nose with my right index finger and thumb, and was able to breathe just fine. The dream environment seemed to have replicated the house Iím currently residing in to some extent. So, having this in mind, I take the chance to try and go out the usual way to exit the house.

      I proceed by going through the white door, and trying to open it. However, it seems I have to punch in some kind of code in order to unlock it. The buttons consisted of a light milky green color with a rubbery texture. The material surrounding the buttons is white all around, and is shaped almost like a tooth, without the points at the end of course.

      And out of reflex, I seemed to have entered a random code: 90321 I believe, without knowing if it was the right one or not. Unfortunately, the alarm has a very long and annoying beep sound, and this prompts me to try an escape, because I donít know what could be inside the other bedroom in this dream, especially when itís way too dark inside.

      And wanting to turn on the lights was out of the question, since I felt a bit fearful of something randomly coming out.
      Though most of the time, the places in my lucid dreams are often barren, and not really something where random entities will come about to try and kill me, or something dangerous. I probably shouldíve been aware of this before running as if Iím Michael Scofield from Prison Break, ha-ha.

      I go through the living room, and quickly unlocked the door to get out, and now the dream shifts from night to early morning immediately. Now Iím immersed in a virtual experiential reality that seems to be exactly like waking life at first glance, and with more clarity and realism as well. I marvel at this, my breathing, and just my overall existence within this dreaming state.

      The weather, the sensations on my feet against the cold concrete of what seems to be an area where it rained recently, everything felt so real, and then some. After a few seconds of absorbing this experience, I get an urgency to continue running, even though it doesnít seem like anyone is after me.

      As Iím running, Iím changing perspectives where I look at myself running, and it seems to go by in slow motion, and the motion of running is a bit exaggerated at times; it often looks like Iím floating in the air for a good bit, and making weird leg movements to quickly save my descent.

      After watching this for a while, I wake up in a series of false awakenings for most of the dreams below. Fortunately, the nose plug reality check is going to save me.


      Confucius gives LD advice (DILD)


      Felt as if I woke up, then I reconciled with awareness of the experience being a dream again.

      Iím standing on top of a building, and it seems to be early morning, or an event where it rained previously. I see a dream character that looks like Confucius, and heís lecturing to others on lucid dreaming techniques and advice.

      As for actual declarations to recall from him, I can't remember.


      Picking Up a Black Biker Jacket Wearing Chick & Escaping with Her (DILD)


      I wake up once more, only to reconcile with awareness of this being a dream once more. Maybe this was a DEILD, since I can recall those experiences of transitioning back to waking state with my eyes closed, and seeing imaginary simulations of being awake, or maybe itís just a false awakening altogether.

      Iím inside a theater, and it has the usual settings. You know, red carpet, and other warm colors to mask off all those stains from being apparent at first glance. The putrid smell that is also prevalent in theaters thatís like a mťlange of buttered popcorn, weasels, intense chlorine, air freshener, and other chemicals. I didnít take the time to visualize all the major details of the theater itself, but I do know that in the current location Iím at, thereís many paths you could take from the circular base Iím standing on.

      I see an attractive girl, I think, with long black hair, and sheís wearing a black biker jacket of some sort. Underneath that, sheís wearing some kind of milky vanilla shirt thatís fairly tight, and makes her bosoms eye-candy at this point. For some reason, I had an urgency to pick her up, and hold her back, and the bottom of her knees, and run off with her.

      She seems shocked at first, but then kind of goes with the flow, and Iím going with the flow as well. Then the next moment, Iím using my legs to kick anyone that seems to be in my way, and thereís a slight uproar going on while Iím running with the girl.

      This takes ďchasingĒ women to a whole new extreme.


      Kakashi Gives me Lucid Dreaming Advice (DILD)


      This seems to be the last dream in the false awakening chain of events, or maybe the one before it was.

      Iím sitting down with Kakashi, younger version, and heís giving me lucid dreaming advice. However, the advice seems kind vague, and not really something that could be applicable in all circumstances.

      He states that if you find yourself in two conditions:

      • Where thereís little light
      • Where itís too bright

      That one would most likely be dreaming.

      Your non-sequiturs are what prevented you from saving Rin, Kakashi, just as your vague circumstantial lucid dreaming advice is. And that totally was not a non-sequitur, ba-dum tiss.

      Though, looking back, he could be right, especially since I was in complete darkness in the buzzing insect dream, to being in a hyper-realistic virtual experiential reality the next, and then inside a bright theatre.

      But still, the advice is severely limited.
    9. Wtf!!!!!!!

      by , 09-19-2013 at 04:56 PM
      Date: September 19, 2013

      You will never believe this dream I had...

      Dreamed I was at some sort of party and we all were talking about the difficulties of becoming lucid. Then we heard an alarm go off and someone said, "Excuse me, but you know what that means...I have to do my reality check." Then one of the DC looked at me and said, "Aren't you going to do yours." I replied, "I already done it and I know that I am not dreaming!"

    10. 7/1/13

      by , 07-01-2013 at 03:39 PM
      I don't remember much today. I only remember a fragment where I was playing Skyrim. I went to bed a little after midnight; I think I fell asleep a while after that. I'm pretty sure I had my phone next to me so the alarm would wake me up at 5 a.m. so I could do an FILD, but it was off and on my dresser when I woke up (around 9:30, I think), so my dad might've heard it (somehow without it awakening me), turned it off, and moved it, much to my dismay. I might have to try my actual alarm clock if my phone continues to fail.
    11. Dream interrupted.

      by , 02-02-2013 at 01:13 AM

      I hear comments that a young man has killed a child. I do not know if it was with a firearm or other means. The young man who has been arrested is sitting at a table in front of me, very close. I start to write a few lines asking him to explain the reasons why he had killed the other girl or boy. I only managed to write a few lines because the words become disorganized. As in dreams anything is possible I imagine that I have finished a paragraph of 10 lines and hand it to the young man. The boy is tall and thin with curly black hair like a mestizo. People were talking about the punishment that would be imposed on the young man. I think he could be sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered, but at that time I looked at the boy and he looks like a child.. The boy is now white, small and you can tell that he is nervous. I feel sorry for the boy. Then the child goes to a hallway just in front of the room. Then I hear an alarm in the hallway and people begin to run. I approach a bathroom and I open the door. Inside the bathroom there is a huge puddle of blood on the floor .... Sound the alarm and wake up.
    12. Hotel Alarm, Albino Rats Floating, Apartment With No Bed, Jumping Out of Windows (SDE Day 22)

      by , 09-05-2012 at 02:31 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Hotel Alarm (Non-lucid)


      It's very dark at night, and I need to find a place to stay in, and I forget who tells me this, but there's only one hotel available, and it has what I needed to get. I go inside of the hotel, and there's a lady in front, assuming she's the one who gives out cards to go into hotel rooms and all that. She's wearing the preset secretary type of outfit, dark blue dress with a white long sleeve shirt underneath, and she was fairly tall.

      I could barely see her face at all.....she was literally that tall, or maybe my perspective of being able to look up was very limited. I walk around the hotel a bit, and I open a door slowly, and I see that this much be the kitchen, or the dining area of the hotel. The floor was a black and white checkered floor.

      I think I saw a white microwave, those really big ones that huge a lot of energy, but heats things faster than the regular ones. I thought that I would be able to go inside of the kitchen/dining area, but then an alarm triggers.

      It sounded a lot like the alarm I was going to use to wake me up, and it made a strong beep and faded it, but it was still really loud. I look over and found the alarm, it was white, had a small black screen on top, and I saw some green numbers and/or font glowing. I call the lady, and she quickly comes, and I said that the alarm triggered.

      This moment felt weird to me, I felt like it was supposed to be my fault, but the lady didn't mind setting the alarm off at all. She does some weird motion with her hands pressing the buttons that was underneath the covering that moved downwards.

      She comes back to me,
      and that's all I remember.

      Making Albino Rats Float and Die (Non-lucid)


      So I'm on top of a black metal building, and I believe I'm with a male that's sitting down on the A/C fan. He's wearing a white shirt, dark pants, but I'm not sure if that's him or if this was just me looking at myself, and then shifting back into the perspective of the person sitting down.

      Anyway, I have in my hand an Albino Lab rat, cute little thing, too bad it's going to die. I get a very strong urge to see this thing eradicated. I forget hot it dies exactly, but I do know some kind of crushing was involved. After one rat is gone, I remember another one showing up on my hand, except this time, I'm making it float move my hand. It looks at me, and it's just as cute as the one before.

      I think some electricity surges out to my hand, and I probably killed the little guy right there, but I don't recall actual experiences of seeing it die.
      Apartment with No Bed (Non-lucid)


      I remember going up an elevator that was white, and I'm following some girl to the right of me. She looks familiar, but I'm not paying too much on how she looks like. The elevator finally reaches the destination, we both get out and turn to the right.

      She mentions that we're close to the room now, and I believe the levels in this floor was in the 400s. I look to my right, counting the rooms we're passing, and after 2-3 doors, she opens the door I'm supposed to go in, though I don't know why I need to go in. I believe she's wearing a white sweater that's faded a bit.

      I look down on the floor, and to my left, I see a gray carpet layer on top of the dark brown and shiny wood flooring. To the front of me was a window, it was closed, but it was the main thing that enticed me in this dream. It was so nice outside, calm, a few gray skies, and I would presume that it was fairly windy instead of it being hot as hell here in waking life.

      The girl disappears, probably went to the bathroom, but then again, everything was so enclosed, it's like this place would be perfect for those who want to have an efficient lifestyle with minimal distance to get to where they needed to go. There was a sink to the left of me as soon as you entered the room, I think, and the toilet was just a little bit further.

      I'm wondering where the hell is the bed in this place, and I assumed that the gray carpet layer was a spot where a previous bed was on top of before.

      I can't remember much after that.
      Jumping out of Windows (Non-lucid)


      This dream was a sudden rush, you either get out as quickly as possible, or die. I don't know what the hell is happening in this dream, but a random dream character in some kind of dark outfit tells me to come quickly and get near the window. I wonder why, but the moment I hear some noises in front of me, I could sense that a lot of entities would be coming it, so I take immediately catapult through the window.

      I believe this dream resets itself a few more times,
      that's all I remember.

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    13. The Early Night Awesome Adventure...

      by , 06-04-2012 at 03:32 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      4th of June, 2012

      I think it's worth noting that I woke up and recorded these at 1:30am on my phone, so this was all within the first hour and a half of being asleep.
      All the fragments, while changing with ADHD-like frequency, were part of some greater overarching storyline about some conspiracy, which I think was that I was actually asleep and some force was trying to keep me from realising it. This time, they won.

      I was in an office building of some kind doing research for the conspiracy. We joked about how the boss probably didn't even know we existed and wondered if he'd ever even been down to our floor. I quickly discovered that Justin Timberlake was the boss and was coming to visit that day. I selected all my Facebook friends to let them know then realised that was probably a bad idea. The dream jumped to him signing like 40million "religious slogans" coz he was obliged to as our boss.

      There was something in between but the next main part was that I was outside and this girl who I got the vibe had psychic powers was looking at the sky. I looked up and there were birds making a strange pattern so I climbed a ladder up a building to get a better look. At the top of the ladder it was really windy and I became trapped on the side of the building. It got a bit terrifying there and nightmare feelings began to creep in and I think it kind of looped for a while with me being stuck. I woke up a bit after that and while going back to sleep began to feel myself riding a motorbike. I knew I was about to enter a lucid and felt my dream body become more real than my physical body. Unfortunately I didn't get in and later found myself telling someone about my ladder nightmare back in the office at nighttime.

      For some reason we then needed to take one of our Chinese employees captive and hide from view beneath a large office window overlooking a river. I peeked out and could see this very postmodernist sort of imposing hotel across the water with an alarm going off. This all had to do with the conspiracy but didn't really have a cohesive plotline. When I looked closer the river was actually a swimming pool and this group of about 5 girls and a couple of guys started having a pool party. They asked me to join and I found myself outside with them but declined.

      We began talking about my engagement and I said that we were thinking of going to Greece or Thailand. One of the girls said that Greece was awesome for sea kayaking and all at once Nooks and I were in the middle of a Mediterranean-type sea on kayaks and surrounded by sharks. I was freaking out a bit because in order to paddle you had to use the oar as well as your feet and I was pretty certain my legs were going to get bitten off. The girl who told us to go there was guiding us and said that we should surf on the shark’s wake; which we did and ended up in a public bathroom. The stalls had little buttons that you pushed that made people decide go into them, so we used them as shark bait to escape.

      It all gets a bit hazy until I was at a futuristic jail that was being broken out of. The same alarm that was at the postmodern hotel was going off and there were orange flashing lights and sirens. I was on the side of the guards and jumped in a tank just as a small force of alien/enemy fighters were approaching. For some reason we decided not to attack them (maybe we were outnumbered) and the captain came up and told me some deep, important secret but I woke up at that moment and completely lost what it was.

      All up it was a pretty intense experience considering I’d been asleep maybe an hour or so and I missed about 6 dream clues!
      Aw well.

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    14. Party Upstairs, Just Freaking Die & Holding Ariel?, Exploring Dark Rooms

      by , 03-21-2012 at 04:08 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Party Upstairs, Just Freaking Die & Holding Ariel?, Exploring Dark Rooms (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Party Upstairs

      I'm getting ready to go to a party with a few relatives, one is busy using the bathroom, which gives me more time to get some clothes for the party.

      After a while, we get to the house hosting the party, and it's already starting on the bottom floor of the house. I head upstairs, which is something I would normally do at an adult party, since I don't really know anyone that well anyway.

      I believe I'm in the Master Bedroom now, and I see a Black lady that looks like "Joy" that I met a few times in waking life. She's just sitting on the edge of the bed, and I'm about to take my shirt off.

      Halfway from taking my shirt off, she's shocked and asks,

      "Tell me you're not going to take your clothes off??"

      I respond, "No, I just need to go to the bathroom."

      She declares, "How long will you be in there?"

      While she's saying this, I'm already halfway up the stairs to the top floor, and I respond,

      "Oh, I won't take long, Joy." She's smiling at me, and asks, "40 minutes?"

      I wanted to tell her again that I wouldn't take long, but I told her,


      (Now that I'm awake, I wonder if I was going to have sex with this woman after I was done using the bathroom if she's looking at me with a curious tone. It's like she was picking my brain in trying to know if I'm going to masturbate or something lol).

      I'm at the top floor, and I hear this weird buzzing sound, it sounds like an alarm. An alarm system just happens to be placed near the last few set of steps to get to the top floor.

      I go down a bit and look at it, and it seems there's a small fire going on, but the alarm is showing progress that it's already being taken care of, so I assume it's just someone cooking with too much steam anyway that triggered the alarm.

      Now that I'm on the top floor of the house, instead of going for the restroom, I went to sit near a table with a bench on both sides. Then I hear some people coming up the stairs, and I basically said to myself, "Oh great."

      It seems the party is now shifting towards upstairs, and there's two kids who sit next to me, and they resemble the twins I had to take care of while the adults partied. I was eating something that was really sweet.

      Inside of this pastry was like a small gel orb, and the children left of me are trying to take what I'm eating, I slap their hand lightly a bit to prevent them from stealing the pastries.

      One of them still manages to take a small part of the set of pastries, but I ignored them after awhile. I told them that I kept the small gel orbs because they contained Implings that I normally catch on Runescape (well occasionally before they ended up being a horrible money making method in the game).

      (Wait, really? You got to be kidding me...)

      Then I had a flashing clip of someone, probably my Runescape Character trying to catch Implings on Mos Le'Harmless, and I see that I'm having trouble catching Zombie Implings as well.

      (My Hunter is 99, and I catch Kingly Implings better than the Zombie Implings, and Kinglys are more difficult to catch! -______-)

      The quick clip stops, and then I finished eating the pastries on the plate. There were a lot of people upstairs, so I didn't bother to turn around to see a bunch of people near me. I guess I felt a bit awkward even though I already had a hunch of who would be there.

      Dream 2: Just Freaking Die And Holding Ariel?

      There are two guys sitting outside near the porch of a poorly managed house. They have a person between them sitting as well, but I think the person is dead.

      The dead person was wearing some type of dress shirt, and you could see that his heart was probably blown to bits since there's a huge red hole on his chest. The guys sitting to sides play it off, and an old man who looks like he's an undercover cop or something goes up to them.

      He's wearing a cowboy hat, and shades as well. He's probably wearing the country blue jeans with his dress shirt tucked in.

      He puts his finger on the blood around the man's chest, and licks it to see if it's fake blood or actual blood.

      I think he tells them, "This tastes like human blood." He tells them that they need to come with him, and I believe he's getting ready to arrest and handcuff them.

      While they're walking, I'm in spectator mode, and I can clearly see that both of them know they're in deep shit for doing something like that. I could just see the look on one of their faces as their eyes opened widely, and it looks like they wanted to kill the guy who was going to handcuff them.

      I see they're getting their handguns out, but they're walking around like a bunch of idiots, that the guy who is the undercover cop gets his gun out, and I think he even tells them, "Give me a second to put some ammo."

      (You're supposed to shoot the cop, not wait for him to shoot you, if you want to be a criminal, at least DO IT RIGHT).

      Then I find that I'm actually a partner with the undercover cop, and we're starting to shoot the two guys. All of a sudden, I'm shooting at two completely different people.

      As I'm shooting them, I clearly see that I'm shooting well, and I see the bullets creating bloody holes on their heads, but they're just not freaking dying!

      One is looking retarded as he's shooting at me, but I'm not really feeling any pain from the gunshots, so I'm assuming he just sucks at shooting, or maybe I'm just invincible. It was kind of funny see so many holes appear on the person's head, and they're stillll shooting at me.

      Then it gets even more random, I think Neji from Naruto Shippuden
      (Then again, I'm not really sure of the crap that goes on in my mind) try attack the person. (But whoever it was, they only appeared for 1-2 seconds at most)

      Then I see a variant of Ulrich's Triplicate move from Code Lyoko, but I'm not seeing Ulrich doing it at all, just some random DC showing up. Then they started to do the Triangulate move Ulrich does with his clones as well.

      (Triangulate is basically Ulrich using all three of his clones, along with his insane speed to confuse the opponent who is in the middle trying to pick which one is the real one).

      But there was really no point in doing the move, because there wasn't anyone there in the middle. After this randomness, I believe I'm on a bus now. I'm assuming the criminals are going to jail, but I don't see them anywhere.

      I'm sitting in the middle of a bus seat, and to my left, I think I'm holding a female with one arm, but I'm not sure who it is though. On my right side, it seems Ariel (the mermaid one) is close to me, and she's naked, with legs.

      My right arm is hugging her by her waist, and I think I advanced towards her lower region and start using my fingers to rub something. I honestly don't know what I'm doing, maybe I'm stimulating her clitoris, but I just know that my arms are being occupied by holding two women.

      I still have the mentality that the criminals are caught, so I asked the person in front, "Am I going to jail too?"

      I don't know why I asked that question if I was partners with the undercover cop, but they said no, and they added to that answer that they can't arrest people who are still in college because they have to pay their tuition still.

      A completely random reasoning to my question, but I guess it's better than nothing.

      So the reason I'm in the bus was probably just because the undercover cop was in it as well, so I guess I was there for added protection.

      While the bus is moving, I'm still rubbing Ariel's clitoris, or some part of her vagina with the other women to my left that seems to be sleeping.

      (Wait, shouldn't the criminals be dead if I shot their heads so much with bullets, that they can't see shit anymore? Oh well.)

      Dream 3: Exploring Dark Rooms

      I can't remember much about this dream, other than the fact that I'm basically exploring really dark areas in a random building. It seems I'm looking to find rooms of where certain people used to go to, and I think after that, I tagged along with someone or a group of people, but I don't know who exactly.

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    15. Sunsets, Games, and Alarms

      by , 03-04-2012 at 03:51 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Finally getting back into the swing of things. It took me a bit to pull my recall out of the murk, but it seems it payed off.
      I ended up going to a factory with my Aunt, Grandparents, and parents. Apparently my aunt had discovered this mysterious factory and was going to own it for herself (but at the time, I couldn't think of a reason why). The factory was placed right by a large lake, which I spent most of my time at. The lake was drawing me away from the factory. I think it was because of how pretty it was. The water was dark, but out in the distance, the sun was setting, giving off a beautiful pattern of light on the surface of the lake. It filled me with feelings of sadness, longing, and hope. This lake was something special.
      I decided to swim in it, and stayed swimming till we had to leave. Once back home, I apparently got the new Kingdom Hearts game (KH3D) in the mail, and started playing it right away. My mother was watching me play, but didn't say anything. When I looked at her, she seemed kind of sleepy.
      I decided to go into my room and take a nap. I walked in and plopped down on the bed, passing into sleep almost right away.
      Before I continue, I should explain; The night before this dream, I set my iPhone's alarm so it would go off at about 8:30 in the morning. The alarm went off, but I didn't wake up. Instead:
      All of a sudden, I heard an alarm going off. It was bugging the crap out of me, because it wouldn't stop. I got up out of bed and searched around for it, till eventually finding my iPhone on the floor a ways away, the screen turned on and blasting the alarm. I walked over and tried to turn it off, but it kept making the noise. All of a sudden, a picture appeared on my screen. It was this girl from school who I barely talk to, and apparently she was in my room to give me an interview for some kind of newspaper. I freaked out and turned around.
      And that's when I woke up. It was kind of amusing to wake up from that and still hear that alarm going off. I turned over and picked up my iPhone and turned the alarm off. It was pretty amusing to think that my dream self was having all this trouble turning off an alarm that was actually going off in real life. Haha.
      Happy to see I could remember this much, because I haven't been into this in a while. Look out for more soon.
      Where I was: At a strange factory with a beautiful lake beside it. Afterwards, I was at my house. If I had gone lucid, I probably would've explored the inside of the factory to see what I would find.
      What I was doing: Originally going to see the factory with my family, but I ended up swimming in the lake instead. Afterwards, I was playing that KH game, then I tried to go to sleep, but couldn't because of the alarm, which I then tried to find and stop.
      Who was there: My parents, grandparents, and aunt during the factory part. Just my mom at my house. Supposedly that girl from school was in my room, but I only saw that in a picture. When I turned around, the dream ended, so I never found out.

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