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    1. Almost Late for Class, 3-headed red dragon, Staged False Killing

      by , 06-11-2012 at 11:29 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Almost Late for Class (Non-lucid)


      I have a schedule in my hand, but it takes me a few times to even read it properly. It seems I was just headed out to go to my next class, and from what I read, I had to go to a different section where I needed my bicycle to get there early.

      It feels like I'm driving a car, but I'm still riding the bicycle. When I reach an intersection, I have a hard time trying to decide if I should take the late to go left, or take the lane that allows me to go forward or left.

      There was some girl riding a bicycle too in front of me, and she's riding it a little bit slower than I am, which irritates me because I'm trying to rush to the next class. She's wearing a Tye-dye shirt with a mix of turquoise and light green, a female's sports shorts, and your basic running shoes I guess.

      I think someone, probably her friend, is telling her that someone behind her is waiting for her to make a choice, and she turns to the right to talk to her friend, probably to see who's behind her with her peripheral vision as well.

      But by the time she moves over, I'm already ahead of her someone, guess I was too impatient with her. Anyway, I put my bicycle somewhere, but I don't think I locked it because it all felt so rushed.

      I examine the inside of the building, and there are quite a few people in here. I look at my schedule, which I'm still have a little bit of a difficulty reading properly, but I believe the room I had to go to was "8o" or "80...." something like that.

      I look around the section that has rooms related to the number "8," so I check quickly for the ones with "o" or "0," and I find the room that says "80" I believe. Then there's a slight dream shift where I'm not near that section anymore, and I'm asking a lady who is probably in her 50-60s if I'm in the right class.

      She tells me yes, but she said I looked at my schedule wrong, and this class is the one I have to go to AFTER I've gone to the other one.


      I forget if I even thanked her for telling me that, I was in such a rush, and now that I have to go BACK because the class I have to go to before this one was in the same building as the one before it.

      I don't know how I reach there so quickly, but I get there somehow. I go inside the room, and there aren't a lot of people inside. There's maybe 2-3 lights on in the room, and 1-2 of them are dim a little faded.

      The tile flooring is white, and I saw some reflection from the light on a few of them as well. I look around to find the teacher, but I'm seeing most people who look like my age.

      But since it was maybe 7-10 people in the room, it didn't take that long to find the teacher. I look around a little more, and find 1 or 2 people are looking at me weird.

      Maybe they were looking since we see each other often, or maybe something was wrong with my looks, I wasn't sure. I can't remember talking to the teacher though, it seemed that he/she wasn't even here, and that students were just finding their own seats and waiting.

      As I head to find a seat of my own, I see one person having his arms over his head resting face-plant on the desk. Then as I'm sitting down, I realize I have no pants on.

      It seems I'm only wearing a short black dress that is only long enough to cover my private parts, barely. So I had to cover them as I'm bending down, and I tried not to embarrass myself by shrugging off the fact that I only have a long black dress on.

      And my hair was probably cut as well.

      I guess I spent the rest of the dream waiting for the teacher like the other students, or maybe he/she was there already....not sure.

      Facing Albert Wesker (Non-lucid)


      I think I'm playing Resident Evil 5, but I'm not sure if I'm the one actually pulling the trigger of various weapons, or the game controller.

      I assume it's Resident Evil 4 because I see Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, and I'm controlling them as well. I wasn't cognizant of Sheva's presence until later on in the fight.

      Albert Wesker seems to be after Chris, and both are inside a fairly dark house. There's a way out, but Wesker is walking so slow, just to make himself look scarier, that he's blocking the way out. After letting him get close to Chris, I press the buttons to dodge Wesker's attack. I get out of the area, and Wesker continues following me.

      Now Chris is at some offshore military base, and then I realize there's an option for Sheva to "wait" or "follow" Chris. By now, I guess I'm just playing a video game in the dream. I move Chris to a dead-end so he can turn around and start shooting Wesker with a pistol.

      Wesker takes a few hits, and he starts to get closer, and I make a dash past him, and the game prompts me to dodge his attacks again, which I do with ease. I go to the other side, turn around, and keep doing that a few times.

      Then Wesker starts to form into something even more dangerous. He just looks weird, certain body parts more bulged out than others, but I keep shooting him, this time, with a Sniper Rifle.

      It seems to work a few times, but after more shots, either I'm horrible at aiming, or he's immune to these types of gunshots.

      I try to calm down and keep shooting, but now he transformed into something completely different. He turns into a 3 headed red dragon.


      One head looked like a horribly drawn cartoon dragon head, and the other two looked very realistic and 3D. I believe the cartoon head was in the middle or on the right (left looking from my view).

      I really don't know what to do anymore except to keep shooting with whatever I have, and to make sure Sheva is getting damaged either, because if she's gone, game over for me too...at least that's the logic I believed in this dream.

      This 3-headed red dragon is impervious to my weapon's bullets, and after a few seconds are trying to dodge it's attacks, along with making sure Sheva is okay as well, it starts to float.

      But it's not that type of floating that leads to flying, it's floating like it's some kind of jet machine or something. I wonder why it needs to be floating, but it seems it's doing that so it can activate the turret contained in one of the heads.


      It starts shooting sporadically at us, and Sheva takes a few hits, and I could tell because through the HUD Screen, her health was a yellow, and I didn't have any First Aids to help her get healed to Green Level.

      When everything seemed hopeless, someone comes to the left manages to inflict pain to the dragon with their weapon. Chris' face was looking at the ground crouching a little, because I thought I would die since I can't find a way to kill this thing.

      The same person who came in to save us was Jill Valentine. Her outfit was a mix of her wearing the cap from her B.S.A.A. outfit from the Spencer's State episode and the rest of her body was covered with the outfit she wore when she boards the Queen Zenobia.

      The outfit on the right is the one she wore, and the cap is probably what she wore as well on the left, but I'm starting to believe she wore the blue beret instead.

      I don't know how I was able to quickly tell it was Jill, but her presence makes the fight less difficulty. I believe another person came to help kill this dragon as well, but I couldn't see their visage.

      All I remember is that they were clothed with a very bright red outfit, most likely a dress, so it had to be a female, or a cross-dresser, but I high doubt the latter was possible.

      That's all I remember.
      Staged False Killing (Non-lucid)


      At first, it didn't make sense, but after everything was being analyzed again, these people were very clever in staging a false murder.

      I can't remember all the details, but most of the dream took place inside of a house. I guess it was a party or a hang-out of some kind, and after a while, a few people had to go already.

      Now for a huge dream shift, because I can't remember why it feels like I'm watching a movie where they explain everything. Apparently, those same people who had to leave early, they were the same people who staged the false murder. They stained the pillow from a bed with some red substance to imitate the look of blood, and did all sorts of clever things.

      That's all I remember.
    2. Lecture Room Urinal, With Alyssa, Drown him, Grenading like a Boss, Ada Wong and Wesker....

      by , 05-18-2012 at 10:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lecture room Urinal (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a lecture class that looks almost the same as the ones near the BLOC area at A&M. There were probably two urinals at the entrance of the lecture. I take the one on my right (your right since you're looking at the screen right now), and while I'm getting ready to do my business, someone near the room tells me to close the area I'm in.

      I jump a little bit from them telling me to do this, but I do it, but it feels awkward closing myself inside the urinal, and I still do a reality check because urinals in a classroom is obviously not weird to me???

      Then when I'm done, I get out of the room (there aren't any sinks for me to wash my hands), and there are these group of women, three probably, and I think one or two of them are fat.

      For some reason, I'm bothered by this, but I didn't pay attention to them, in fact, I barely remember their faces because I had my back facing them the whole time. I think they were trying to talk to me, or luring me to get their attention.

      I start power-walking to make things less obvious that I'm trying to run away from them.

      I think some point in this dream, I met my mother and father, but I forget what I was meeting them for.
      With Alyssa (Non-lucid)


      No, not Alyzarin, a different Alyssa that I met in waking life.

      I'm in a theater, and I'm sitting near Alyssa, but not close to her, I think I'm sitting one row below her. The screen we're watching is just flashing white most of the time, and then I decided to come up to her row and sit close to her.

      That's all I remember.
      Drown him (Non-lucid)


      I'm with at least 2-3 people on my side, and we're trying to kill this entity that looks pretty scary, I can't remember exactly how he looked but he was after us. The environment was weird, it was like being in some kind of weird looking military base, with places you can jump off to get to lower levels.

      The guy was on a higher floor and was getting ready to jump down to come after that. Then I see his feet zoomed in, and cement or some kind of substance is being formed and hardened quickly to prevent him from moving.

      It seemed our main objective was to trap him just like that, create a stone wall so the only thing he could do was jump from a lower level, and then flood him within the small rectangular space.

      I forget how things turn out, but I remembered water coming out pretty fast to hopefully drown the guy.
      Grenading Like a Boss (Non-lucid)


      That area around 1:09 that Leon goes into is what the dream environment was like, only it was a little bit wider than that.

      I'm in an enclosed space, and someone that looks like Krauser from Resident evil 4 is trying to escape, or just being a retard by going around in circles. The area looked similar to the Lava room in Resident Evil 4 where there's some wrecking ball in the middle that you have to activate a few times to get to the blocked exit.

      The control room I'm in is closed, and he's trying to get out, but I'm tossing grenades at him like crazy, and he's not even trying to attack me. I throw a few grenades before he makes another cycle into the room, and then another timed grenade he he gets out.

      Ada Wong and Wesker (Non-lucid)


      The first part of this dream was a bit weird and random, but the second part made a little more sense, and seeing two dream characters that I've seen before in my dreams makes me wonder if they're.....nah, I have to become lucid before I assume that.

      Anyway, I believe I'm wielding some bows and arrows that look a lot like Krauser's from Resident Evil 4. The bow itself was pretty interesting, it had a compact structure. What I mean by that is that when you see it for the first time, it would look small, but when you grab it, you could extend it by grabbing the sides, and it would get bigger.

      Name:  8TykA.jpg
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      I hold it around a few times, and I think I shoot a few random arrows, they went pretty fast, and it was kind of cool holding a different weapon for once than a handgun or a small machine gun. I can't remember doing much other than screwing around a bit with the mechanics of the weapon, then the dream shifts.

      I believe I'm in a NASCAR racing arena that had a mix of Track and Field to it? It was weird, but anyway, I think I was riding vehicle, and I went to a pit-stop so someone could refuel something inside of it, it all felt like was being guided or something, or as if I was watching these things happen.

      There's a random DC in a dark blue wind jacket telling someone over some transmitting device near his ear to use the parachute if they crashed their vehicle. But when they used their parachute, it looked more like a glider.

      I think at one point, I'm using a glider as well.

      The dream shifts to where Ada Wong and Albert Wesker are talking to each other. In the mean time, I see a box in the middle open, and I take a look at it. It's seems to be another bow and arrow just like the one I had in the previous dream shift.

      I take it out, and start shooting with it a few times while Wesker and Ada are talking about some kind of new armor.

      It has vibrations that initiate whenever there's some kind of rapid frequency, meaning you can dodge something like an attack from the ground or things like knives, etc. being thrown at you.

      There were more details on the armor, but I can't remember them all, it was lightweight, making it ideal since it wouldn't affect speed and all that, pretty much an awesome armor to have.

      I can't remember much after that.

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    3. Shower, Desserts, Stitch, Medicine, Kaomea Search, Embarrassment, Back-stabbing, Aly MSN, Crown

      by , 04-01-2012 at 04:54 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Shower, Desserts, Stitch, Medicine, Kaomea Search, Embarrassment, Back-stabbing, Aly MSN, Crown


      Dream 1: Shower in Bedroom

      I was showering in a bedroom in a house that looks familiar to me, except that the shower literally was in the bathroom.

      What I mean by that is that there's shower head on top of a bedroom ceiling spraying water for me to take a shower. Even though there are people around me, I don't really mind being naked getting myself wet and clean for some odd reason.

      There's this Asian woman I believe who is coming in, and it looks like my father is helping her check the house out. My mother was there too, should've done a RC there, anyway, the Asian woman was kind of cute.

      She's wearing a white dress shirt along with a black or grey business shirt. Her hair is pure black, and her skin done is brown, but only slightly.

      While I'm showering, there's this guy that looks like R, a friend of my father, who is next to me. I don't really pay too much attention to him, since I'm still showering. My mother, who somehow is still in this dream, was saying something to my father that he could turn off the T.V. with the remote.

      I make a hand motion to her to make her stop, because the T.V. isn't really bothering whatever he's doing, but she's not seeing anything I'm doing, so instead of feeling awkward, I stood still for a while, and then went back to showering myself.

      The dream shifts to where I'm outside now, and I see the same Asian woman inside riding a Jeep or some variant of it. Apparently, she's a real estate agent, because I see "For Lease" signs in the trunk of the vehicle.

      The vehicle had tinted windows, but it was late afternoon, so the glare from the sun helped with seeing through things. I believe she's parking to go to another house.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 2: Desserts, Desserts, Desserts!

      Now that I recall this dream, I do remember Alyzarin telling me something about Cheesecake Factory one time, and how she went there, oh well, I didn't see anyone familiar or anything like that
      I'm going inside a store that makes cakes, pastries and all sorts of deserts. I head to the left, and I see cheesecake, and they have.....


      I go get a knife, and the samples are in bite size squares. I was confused if it was sharp cheddar cheese since it did look slightly orange, but I stack them laterally on the knife.

      Someone tells me that I shouldn't go overboard with the amount, but they said it in a joking manner.

      I start to eat these bite size pieces, but I don't recall tasting anything.

      Dream 3: Creature Looks like Stitch From Lilo & Stitch

      Lol, before I tell this dream, when I saw Stitch, and wake up to recall this, I automatically thought, HAWAII!!! Kaomeaaaaaaa!

      I'm in a cave, it has a mystical feel to it. There's water pouring, and I believe the sound is associating with the online alarm site I had playing of "Water" to help me sleep (like using a white noise).

      The area that I'm in, it was like a natural spiraling path going downwards. What I mean is that there's this huge vertical rock in the middle, and there's rock plates forming together to make a spiral around it as surface to walk on

      The best example I can use for this is that it was similar to the environment that Emil went to in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New world where he was close to the final fight against Alice and that lover of hers, Decus. (The area is the
      Ginnungagaap I think, yeah, I know long word, I had to google that myself, even though I beat the game several times xD)

      The atmosphere was calm, tranquil, and it felt so empty. I see a creature, who has various shades of blue along with a very short composition. It looked like Stitch from the show "Lilo & Stitch," but it was so weird looking that using Stitch as an example is the best way I can try and describe.

      I think it had tentacles on its face, but that's something I'm still not sure on. Apparently, someone tells me that I have to go to it when I want to get something changed. I don't know what exactly, maybe a change like body change, or maybe a change in emotion, I wasn't given much insight.

      I do go towards the creature, and I do it slowly, it turns around, but I still can't make a good facial description of it.

      I can't remember too much on what happens next.

      Dream 4: Medicine?

      This dream seems to be me in a stop animation production scene, because the only things I saw were hands popping out of random small doors near the floor, probably to help with concealing human involvement.

      The hand is doing random things from throwing objects, or placing something in the middle.

      The flooring a gray and there's white lights on top, your usual long and vertical white lighting placed laterally on the ceiling.

      I think I kick around a few objects and continue moving forward somewhere. Then I see a sign that says Medicine, but in horrible spelling, like "Medisone" or "Medicoone," somewhere around those words.

      Then when I'm past this area, I look back and there's this random person sitting down. I've seen this person in my dreams, but it was a loooooooooooong time ago, and he's just sitting there doing something. Then he tries to throw objects at me, ranging from green pencils or pens.

      I dodge all of them, and I'm using the door in front of me to deflect most of them anyway. I grab a pencil/pen, and throw it back at him, and we continue doing this for a while until I got bored and left.

      At least it wasn't Kaomea throwing a pair of scissors at me. I'm joking Kaomea!!!!!

      Dream 5: I will find you Kaomea....

      After moving around to my sides a little bit from the WBTB time finishing from me recalling the previous 4 dreams, I feel this sensation that I'm being elevated, or that my body is getting more lighter.

      I've had times where I felt I would lose connection with this sensation, but I just kept still to finally arrive somewhere. I knew I had to have been unconscious for a while, but the Rain music that was continuously playing for a while helped with awareness.

      I wake up, I already know that I'm dreaming because I felt the sensation of going into the dreaming plane. I wake up in a random house.

      It was a small bedroom, and I look a window to see that it's close to raining outside, I feel like I'm in a basement because the window was one of those where you have to peek a little higher to see what's going on ground level.

      I look at the T.V. that's nearby me, and I'm seeing the Saving and Loading Screen for Resident Evil 4. There's nobody playing it at all, so I just watch in curiosity to see if this automatic movement of the game activating would give me a message.

      When the game finally loads, I see Albert Wesker, and soon I realize it's the Mercenaries mini-game that is being activated by itself. I try to look at the white font text on the screen to see if the T.V. was trying to give me a message.

      The first set of white font text while Albert Wesker is busy shooting Las Plagas enemies seems to appear in Spanish, and I couldn't understand anything from that.

      The next sets that I recall seemed to be making fun of how Albert Wesker's intentions in ruling the world someday with non-zombie invasions.

      (Because in Resident Evil 4, Las Plagas did not make the host into a zombie, it just controlled them and made them look like they were like zombies with red eyes and everything, but they still kept they're human traits. The only think that would be different is that they looked a little bit more darker).

      After a few seconds of watching Albert Wesker shooting, I get out of the bedroom, then I find myself in the small hallway in my apartment. It was dark, but looking ahead I could see that the blinds near the front entrance where glowing a little bit with light. It was a gray light, and I knew it had to be raining or something.

      Before I advanced any further, I stay within the exit to my bedroom, and was close to a few light switches. I didn't notice it at first but the light switches were on the right instead of the left like they were in waking life.

      Since walls where narrow in this hallway, it was enough for me to tempt myself to jump, and spread my legs mid-air to rest on my back on the right wall.

      Basically I had one feet that stayed in place on the right side, and extended my other leg to left side. It felt kind of weird for me to do this, I think I even managed to stick to the ceiling looking down on the floor!

      But that moment lasted for a few seconds, and I'm back to resting my back on the wall with my feet helping me stay off the ground.

      I take my right arm and move down a little bit to feel for any light switches, I try to turn both of them on, nothing.

      "Right," I told myself.

      (I said that in one word because it validated that I was dreaming because the light switches didn't turn on).

      I felt the dream starting to fade, and I forgot to do a stabilization technique, and got out of tune with my dream body for a few seconds.

      I find myself back in waking life for a few seconds, but I didn't move or anything, I just see the back of my eyes are gray and has that type of gray mystical field of vision that's wavy and everything, and then I get back into the dream. (DEILD)

      I put myself down back to ground level, and as I'm getting closer and closer to the door to get out of my apartment, I believe I check the blinds first before I go in blind faith of where the door will take me.

      I see it's just like a replica of my apartment, so I go outside, but not all the way. I feel something to the right side of me, like one of those one strapped bags, but it felt like my laptop case to the right side of me.

      I didn't pay attention to it too much.

      It was still raining, and I knew this was because of the "Rain" setting I had on the Online Alarm clock to play was white noise in waking life.

      I told myself with confidence, "I will find you Kaomea....."

      Since I knew I was near my apartment environment, and since I don't have that much power to just summon up a portal or something and go to Hawaii or even the Alaskan beach shared dreaming location we set up, I decided I should at least use my ability to run fast.

      I prepare myself to run, but before I could even feel the sensation of the rain hitting my skin, the dream fades again.

      I wake up again, but I still keep my eyes closed. Since I'm in the intermediate state with being half-awake, half-asleep, I categorized this dream with "Resident Evil 4" in my head, because of what I was doing watching the T.V. in the dream.

      I relied on that categorization to help with the potential DEILD I could have, but I ended up being unconscious for the next few sets of dreams.

      Dream 6: Embarrassment

      The dream starts off to where I'm hanging out with a girl I never hanged out with before, I don't even know why I didn't do a RC, because I haven't been with someone to hang out with for a long time.

      She looks a lot like Chelsea, one of my group partners in my first Biochemistry course when we had to do a presentation on a certain drug.

      I'm not going to say what exactly just to remain slightly anonymous from her.

      Chelsea is wearing a light blue shirt, and is wearing dark blue sports shirts. After walking around with her for a while, she tells me while smiling,

      "Hey, instead of me and you going to a hotel together, I think it's best if I go back to my dorm room."

      You.............did.....not....just.....tell....me ....THAT....in front...of these.........people!!!

      Since we were near a small crowd of people, (I realized I was inside of the Hookah station, or something like it. It's bar near a few fast food areas, don't let the name fool you.

      The reason why I'm presuming I was in the bar is because when I was looking at Chelsea, I looked outside with my peripheral vision, and saw the narrow street lanes, and it had to be outside near college main and the intersection).

      A couple of guys made the "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh" sound and laughed a little bit after Chelsea told me this.

      I don't know why she would tell me this, or what the hell we could be doing for her to say that we should basically go back to where we live.

      To save myself from embarrassment, I told her,

      "Yeah, I have to go to a tutor at 7PM."

      She acknowledges it, and we go our separate ways. I don't pay attention to where she's headed, she most likely vanish because I doubt that was the real Chelsea.

      I leave the bar, and the dream environment is a little different, I go to my right and move forward, then I find myself stuck between a lady trying to move her car out of a parking spot, and it was really narrow that I was forced to wait for her.

      Her car was green, and pretty generic in its composition, and she's moving the car slowly because there's two more vehicles to the sides that are too close to her car. It ends up causing a dent on the front side of her vehicle, but she doesn't seem to care.

      By this time, I couldn't tell if I was still stuck when she was backing up, I probably just stoon on top of one vehicle to see how this woman is going to back up without damaging the other vehicles.

      Dream 7: Back-stabbing

      I'm in a dark area, seems like your classic creepy mansion. The room I'm in had a fancy carpet in the middle with some fancy stuff and bookshelves surrounding it.

      I find myself being shifted to another environment, and it looks like I'm outside of the mansion or castle or whatever, and it's still night time.

      I realize my back is being braced against a huge column, and my perspective is a little weird for a moment.

      Imagine bracing yourself behind a wall, you can't really see much behind you unless you do some peeking to the left and right, but for me, it was like I was staring at myself bracing against the wall.

      There's this huge Black dude in a Black long jacket. It looked like the Black dude from one of those Resident Evil movies, but that's just using a general comparison.

      He's guarding the area in the middle of the 4 columns placed in a square formation. And he's looking at the area I'm hiding in, but he doesn't know that I'm there. Oh, and he has a really huge freaking weapon, like a really huge Shotgun.

      All that he's doing is turning his body right or left, and when he does that, I peek in the opposite direction. I waited for a while to advance, but it seems instead of shifting to the right (he just shifted to the left), he takes another shift to the left.


      BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The shot literally demolishes the whole column I'm next to.

      I barely dodge the shot by taking a small dive to the ground when he finds me out, and I try to hide to the column to the left of me, but that would be useless since he's already found me out.

      The dream resets to me bracing against the column again, and I knew the guy would to those random formations where he shifts his body to the same direction twice.

      I still was detected by him, but instead of trying to fight him I told him,

      "Look, I already know I can't defeat you, that's impossible right now, can you at least show me who is your leader?"

      Without even answering, the leader shows up out of a dark area. He looks like Steve Carell with glasses on.

      Now that I'm awake recalling this, you have to be freaking kidding me....LOL...so much for looking like a fearless leader.

      He doesn't say a lot in this dream, I'm just explaining why I'm here.

      I tell him that I wanted to be part of his group, because I have intel from an enemy of his who thinks that I'm only working for him, and told him that I would be back-stabbing the other leader, which is Steve Carell.

      He doesn't really take it too seriously, since I am working for him, but I didn't tell him that I'm only helping both sides for my own benefit, but I don't know for what though.

      He talks, but it's like he's saying random shit to make it look like he understands me. He starts pointing at something like he's comprehending what I'm saying, but I just ...I just... lol, really?!!?

      This guy is a leader??????

      To be honest, if I was lucid, I would've just woken up from this fail leader. It's not Steve Carell that I was disappointed in, it was just that when I barely dodge a shotgun shot from some tall Black dude, you'd think that their leader would be a little MORE bad-ass than that?

      Not the glasses man, not the glasses, it doesn't help with your "evil" visage.

      Dream 8: Alyzarin

      I wake up (FA), and I go to my laptop, and I go on MSN, and find that Alyzarin is online. (She's going somewhere at the moment, so she couldn't have been online, but I guess I was too excited to tell her what happened lol).

      We chat around a little bit, and I forgot most of what we were talking about.

      Dream 9: Crown

      I believe I'm Link (this is just a video game simulation most likely), but just a weird version of him. He's like a variant of Windwaker's Link and other Links I'm presuming, can't remember exactly on his facial structure.

      The dream is pretty vivid, but I didn't really pay too much attention to the environment, except for the fact that it seemed I was in a city that was in the sky (Skyward sword association probably, but I never played it).

      Someone awards me with a golden crown, I didn't really think of it as anything useful, but the text below (like you would see when you get an item from a chest or person) said that wearing this crown allows you to double the speed for you to use an item or a weapon.

      I just run around like a dimwit, trying to test out this crown I'm wearing, and there are command prompts on what actions can help you use it's function. I saw the Wii remote animations on the top screen while playing the game.

      Don't remember much after I recall myself dashing like crazy in a random area of this sky city.

      Dang it! Again with these False Awakenings!!

      I wanted to take another attempt to sleep again, but it's 10:24 AM right now GMT -5:00, so I might as well put this as an entry now.

      Damn it, I was lucid, had the intention to find Kaomea, but forgot to do stabilization techniques.

      But again the lucid dream was vivid and looked stable, I just don't understand why the dream started to fade. Maybe it was from adrenaline, but I didn't feel any kind of rush, the least I felt was just anticipation of find her.

      Well, no use complaining about it now...it's already done and gone.

    4. Fighting Krauser, Trying to Shoot Monk, Sand....Alaskan Beach Sand?

      by , 03-19-2012 at 04:39 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Fighting Krauser, Trying to Shoot Monk, Sand....Alaskan Beach Sand? (Non-lucid)


      Dream 1: Fighting Krauser from Resident Evil 4

      The dream is out where I'm given advice on something for Metal Gear Solid. I hear some music playing which seems to sound like the song,"Cavern", in Metal Gear Solid 1.

      The advice was kind of small, but pretty useful in terms of knowing which areas you already went to. It told me that the new stairs that you go up towards have this sort of new shine to them, and stairs you already when to, they would appear blank and look dull.

      It also mentioned how that if you're found out, the boss will know you'll be coming after them, while if you managed to sneak attack, they would barely notice you; they were showing a clip of someone sneaking behind Albert Wesker who was typing on a keyboard in some front, which kind of felt odd if this was supposed to be Metal Gear Solid related.

      This advice was common sense, but I guess helpful anyway for those who never played a stealth game.

      I go up the stairs a bit, and go into this hallway, and I could tell I'm going to face a boss here. The door closes, and the flooring has a white shine to it, so taking the advice from what was mentioned above, I obviously wasn't here before.

      I see some entity that looks like Albert Wesker from Resident Evil, but his back is facing me. I don't know what happens, but I do know I leave the other door he was in, and I was back at the enclosed area with white flooring and white all over basically.

      Then I see a figure that looks familiar, I can't really tell if it's Albert Wesker or Krauser because all sorts of colors flowing on this person's body to where you only see the outlines of their figure. (like the picture below)

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mSVmd.jpg 
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      Then the colors start to fade away, and it really is Krauser. At first, I didn't really feel anything in this non-lucid, except for the fact that I had nothing to do but ONLY feel nothing, so that I wouldn't screw this encounter, because I know if it's Krauser, I better think QUICKLY to kill this guy.

      He was in his fully developed mutated arm blade, and I immediately knew what to do, shoot the fuck out of him before tries to stab me.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	jQ3dV.jpg 
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ID:	3024

      I knew I had to aim for the legs, because his Arm Blade would cover his entire chest region, so shooting the legs would make him fall and crouch down, exposing his chest for a few seconds before he makes another quick flip and defend himself again.

      I started to shoot him in the legs, then his chest, then I quickly crouched down to shoot his legs again, and basically repeated this process until he's killed.
      (For once, I actually am able to cause DAMAGE in a dream where I have a weapon!)

      If you don't know who the hell Krauser is, here's a video that basically describes how hard this guy can be if you keep getting unnecessary hits from him, but he's really easy when you can dodge his attacks.

      I killed him way quicker than this person did because I was just as fast as Krauser since I was able to crouch down really fast and go back up and shoot his chest with automatic weapon to the point where he only had 1-2 seconds to actually make a move on me lol.

      Instead of him using a flash grenade to escape in the video, he actually died this time.

      For once, I have a dream where I leave the room where I killed someone quickly and walk out the room like a bad-ass mofo WITHOUT using the "Run like Pussy" tactic that I see myself doing with intense things like this.

      Dream 2: Trying to Shoot Monk

      It's night time, and I'm in a room where I see Tony Shalhoub, the guy who acted as the main character in "Monk" headed towards some door. I'm right behind him, maybe 4-5 feet away from him.

      Name:  image.jpg
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      I can't remember much, but I think he was helping someone or something find its way, maybe a monkey? I'm not sure, I think I do remember something small walking on the floor, but I'll just leave it at that.

      I try to shoot Monk, but before I do, I figured I should use a silenced pistol, and one actually appears in my hand for once, I guess I had good control despite it being a non-lucid dream.

      I aim for his head and shoot like two times, but it compared to the first dream where I'm fucking Rambo and killing someone quickly, the bullets don't even come in contact with Monk.

      I started to think this silenced pistol was really just a bunch of silenced piece of crap.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 3: Sand....Alaskan Beach Sand?

      I was resting on my back on sand in this vast environment. I saw some palm trees I believe and sand operating like geysers or something like that.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	JFs7J.jpg 
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      I think my mother was with me in this dream, and I told her how amazing that the sand on the surface on the earth seems like so much, and how below the surface there's even more.

      I think I even made sand angels for a while in this dream.

      After being amazed by the beauty of this environment the dream shifts to where I see Liam and probably even Hope from The Bold and The Beautiful.

      They're at some place with a lot of green plants, almost like being in a tropical paradise or something, and they're smiling at each other while eating a cake I believe.

      The dream shifts to where Steffy comes in a house, and she's wondering if Liam and Hope left some cake for them, but to her surprise, they leave the container where the cake was empty, with some traces that show that they ate it already.

      I honestly can not interpret anything from this dream.

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