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    1. Sustained Back Jab

      by , 07-09-2018 at 06:35 PM
      Morning of July 8, 2018. Sunday.

      In my dream, I am wandering around, uncertain of the nature of my current situation. The setting is an ambiguous blend of King Street (where I have not been at all since 1994), and Stadcor Street (where Zsuzsanna and our family and I have not lived in years). It is rendered in a way that is about fifty percent of each, yet I am not confused by this mix and seem to be walking to where Dennis (half-brother on my mother’s side) used to live.

      I walk through a narrow alley toward an area that opens into a vacant parking lot. Three unfamiliar males approach me and I expect trouble. One male presses the small of my back, apparently with a weapon. It does not hurt, but there is a strange sustained sensation that always served before to immediately wake me since early childhood. However, I do not wake from this, though as I am not lucid, I am not aware of what it usually does to me. It happens three different times as I choose to try to walk slowly away to the entrance of another alley on the other side of the parking lot.

      Normally, this back jab event (rendered in dreams in a number of different ways) sends me nearly flying out of bed with its intensity. In this case, it is softer, but still dominates my otherwise illusory physicality. I almost suspect that it did not wake me (though of course I did wake eventually) due to getting older and I wonder if it indicates a biological change, though may possibly be a new form of non-lucid dream control. The parking lot is very common autosymbolism for a specific level of sleep, representing how the body is not typically moving (or is not supposed to be) during REM sleep. It is usually the last setting to be rendered when featured in a dream and I typify it as a liminal space representation (as a parking lot also is in waking life), though not a transitional liminal space buffer as a porch is.

    2. Robbery and Running and Preconscious Distraction

      by , 09-11-2017 at 10:40 AM
      Morning of September 11, 2017. Monday.

      I am walking with two unknown males, a situation of which continued from a very long previous dream sequence. I think about robbing a place, but the details are not clear yet. I eventually realize that I am carrying a Glock pistol. Soon, I “realize” that I am a black female of perhaps about twenty-five years old.

      It seems late at night. I go into a small trailer park in an open field where a dense forest is to my left. An unknown black female, but of whom is apparently known to the character I presently am, complains about me being there to rob her again (though I do not recall any backstory for this). Other than that, she does not seem alarmed by my gun. She opens a couple drawers in a large chest of drawers in her trailer. There is a bundle of one-hundred-dollar bills in an even stack, partly wrapped in cellophane. There is also a roll of fifty-dollar bills held together with a rubber band. There are also numerous rolls of coins. I tell her to keep some of the money, including the roll of fifties, but she insists that I take all of it. I put everything in two bags. There are several other items besides the American money, including bottles of perfume and shampoo and small items of clothing. I leave the trailer park, walking briskly east. I see a couple others outside of their trailers on my right, one an older black male of about sixty.

      Somehow, it is suddenly daylight now, possibly early afternoon. I am with two unknown Caucasian males (though one reminds me vaguely of Don K from the early 1980s). I am seemingly now a male character, though not fully myself and perhaps about twenty years old. We seem to be going west on Sill Street, having gone past Wood Street and possibly Kane Street. I decide to toss my gun on the ground near the intersection near the trunk of a tree so I am not armed if caught (thinking I would be in less trouble). Still, I consider that may not be a good idea as a child might find it. The others and I continue, but eventually turn right to go north. I continue to carry my two bags.

      We seem happy until one of the males looks back and sees another male who apparently knows us. It may be that he will cause trouble or at least be annoying if he sees us and catches up with us. The male who recognizes this other male tells us all to go our separate ways. “I have to try to wake him up,” he says in an authoritative tone. He goes across the front lawns of a few houses on the right side of the street and I am still following him, unsure of the situation. He yells with frustration and waves me off, indicating to me not to follow him. The male who had been behind us is apparently sleepwalking. He has long black hair and a long black beard and has on blue jeans but no shoes, socks, or shirt. He starts cheerfully talking to the male that seems to know who he is. “I can’t understand anything you’re saying,” the sleepwalking male is told, “You’re speaking gibberish”.

      I continue to go north a short distance, but then turn around to go through a very narrow residential alley back southward. I am slightly concerned that I might annoy people by going through or close to their backyards but I do not see anyone. At the end of the alley are two closed chain-link gates about chest-high, side by side. Each of the two gates is for a different house, which makes no sense, as the alley goes past all houses on the block and the gates are adjacent to the public sidewalk. Before I get to them, I have to climb quickly up over a couple large full garbage bags and some other objects. At first, I think the gates might be locked, but I am able to open them by turning a horizontal L-shaped bolt lock. The detail is very vivid and realistic in appearance (but unlike any setting I had ever seen in real life). The sense of physical momentum and touch is vivid as well.

      A few police officers approach me and look in my bags and ask me where I am going. I see that there are a lot of rolls of coins in them. I insist that everything is mine, but they seem condescending. While pretending that I am totally innocent, I am eventually able to get away. One policewoman seems to think I am okay and seems to see me as being victimized by the other officers. However, a chubby male officer seems determined that I will be caught again and found to have robbed someone, or possibly a bank.

      I somehow end up going through the second floor of a business building. There are a few times when I fly after getting outside again, but I end up walking again, as my two bags are heavy. I somehow end up back near Sill and Kane and recall how I had deliberately thrown my gun there (at the northeast corner) but I do not see it. It is daylight at this time.

      I am now briskly walking south through the north side of La Crosse (except that it looks more like the south side) and it seems to be night once again. I somehow have my gun again without contemplating that I had gotten rid of it. I am the black female character again. I make sure my gun is holstered in the front of my pants and unseen. I am thinking of finding the Loomis Street house to hide out even though that does not make sense as I am supposedly someone else. I vaguely recall that my sister had died but that my brother-in-law may be there (though they had actually moved prior to my sister’s death, though I was living in Australia by that time). I continue to carry the two cloth bags of money and other items, one in each hand. I notice that about eight people are running towards me, though not directly towards me. I think they may have attempted to rob a closed business but none of them are carrying anything. Police cars go by but they curiously do not stop. (The scene of these looters, including their appearance, was very similar to something I did not know about until after this dream and seeing it on the news, so I am considering this part as prescient.)

      I cross the street (which may be a distorted version of Loomis Street, though too commercial) to my right and turn right down a very narrow alley with tall commercial buildings on each side. The alley is not wide enough for a car to follow me through and is at least two city blocks long. However, nearing the opening ahead, I see a puff of smoke going past the edge of a building on the left side of the end of the alley at about head level. It is the chubby policeman, who is smoking a cigarette, who had vowed to catch me. I knock him in the head with my heavy bags and knock him over. The police woman, who seems to be on my side, is possibly going to help me escape now.

      The preconscious modelling itself artificially, or mimicking itself, in needing to wake another dream character (instead of me) is about as surreal and unusual as it gets (even stranger than a false awakening where I am writing down or telling someone about my previous dream). The threads of my dream self identity changing a few times (without any focus on that dynamic) is rather odd as well.

    3. Surreal Race to the Waking Transition

      by , 01-17-2017 at 07:17 AM
      Morning of January 17, 2017. Tuesday.

      In my goal to strengthen my online journal against the fallacy of “dream interpretation”, I have, to the best of my ability, clarified this entry and recompiled the underlying meaning and root influences.

      I am alone in an unfamiliar car in late morning, though which is implied to be my dream self’s car. I am parked near the center of the parking lot of Skogen’s IGA in La Crosse, logically facing south towards the store’s entrance. Although I am in America, the driver’s side is on the right. There are several other parked cars around, all with people in them. (Both the driver’s side being on the wrong side and all the cars in the parking lot illogically having people in them are dream-state indicators. Erroneous dream-state indicators of this type are so common, it seems to be a natural dividing mechanism to separate dream-state memory from real-life memory).

      After a few minutes of looking around as I am seated behind the steering wheel (with no backstory as to whether there was intent to go into the store or to leave and drive elsewhere), an unknown male erratically drives a car around in the parking lot. There is machine gun fire from the car and someone (in the car) is hollering about a race. In the car are two males who are dressed as 1920s gangsters. It seems that everyone is being challenged to get away and to apparently hide somewhere. I am not sure if there is a literal finish line.

      I decide to drive away as quickly as possible. I go down an alley which is seemingly the one behind the Loomis Street house. I drive into a large garage and get out of the car though sit near it in the semidarkness. It seems I may be safe here.

      After a time, there is activity just outside in the alley. The gangsters are looking for the people who had driven away from the parking lot. I hear objects falling over just outside the garage but I remain still. I do not think they will find me.

      Eventually, I look up and see a large circular hole in the ceiling of the garage and a giant human eye, atypically rendered in black and white, peers down through the hole. The eye and its movement has somewhat of a slight blurry effect as if a giant television was just above the hole in the ceiling, facing downwards. There are even a couple lines of “static” as the eye moves side to side as if in REM sleep, though it remains open, unblinking. I am not sure if I will be seen but I do not feel afraid. This surreal situation does not trigger any sense of it being impossible.

      Step-by-step explanation for the inexperienced:

      In my dreams, sitting in a car in a parking lot (or simply being in a parking lot) is a biological indicator of being in bed and typically represents the last stage of a sleep cycle, the subliminal “waiting period” for the increase in beta neural activity (13–30 Hz). This has been validated from the study of hundreds of parallel examples since early childhood. There is no reason to assume that the parking lot is “symbolic” of anything in real life, which does not even make any sense other than perhaps to people falling prey to the Barnum effect of “dream interpretation”.

      My dream self typically runs away simply out of the lack of enthusiasm over waking up (more obvious in this case as I subliminally knew what being in the parking lot meant even though my dream self did not), though which is random and completely unrelated to how I view sleep or waking in general (and after all, every day is different). My dream self typically runs away from the more dominant preconscious (until the emergent consciousness is linked and activated), which most often has absolutely nothing in common with me or of any relevance to my waking life. It is not known whether the noise outside the garage, another form of liminal space, was based on real environmental noise, but it seems likely, especially as the REM symbolism was activated right afterwards.

      The very last scene, an intriguing indicator of being in REM sleep, was directly influenced by the “Don’t Open Till Doomsday” episode of “The Outer Limits” television series, which I had not seen in years and first watched as a child while I drifted in and out of sleep and lucid and semi-lucid dream states. (This was a major influence that heightened my interest in various levels of consciousness.) The episode, on one level, is a perfect metaphor for the conscious self subliminally “watching” the fictional dream self. In fact, my dream even included the black-and-white television imagery from the original show, even including the static.

      Finally, there is another layer of meaning. In this case, it is almost like an analogy to my life. In order to viably clarify it, I must quote part of an original summary of the episode: “In 1929, a pair of young newlyweds receives a mysterious box-like object wrapped as a wedding gift with a cryptic label reading ‘Don’t Open Till Doomsday’. Unbeknownst to his bride, the bridegroom is zapped by a beam of light emanating from this object when he removed it from the wrapping, and seemingly disappears out of existence. In 1964, an eloping couple arrives at the house in the hopes of using it as a honeymoon spot, now a half-derelict mansion owned by Mrs. Kry, an eccentric old woman who turns out to be the aforesaid bride, driven to insanity after her husband disappeared. After the younger bride herself disappears inside the box, it is revealed that Mrs. Kry has been luring young couples to her house, in the hope of 'trading’ them for her lost bridegroom, with an alien intelligence residing inside the box.”

      How does this relate to me and my life? The box represents the fictional and contained form of a dream limited by a total lack of understanding of dreams (that nearly all “interpreters” exhibit), or believing that a dream relates only to current real-life status. This is like an alternate timeline (in metaphor) of what could have happened if I (or Zsuzsanna) had believed in “interpretation” (“receiving the box”) when I was growing up. That is, I would not have ultimately learned that the “mystery girl” of my dreams, rather than being “symbolic” or of solely being another aspect of myself, was actually literally precognitive of my eventual joining with my “mystery girl” Zsuzsanna. This is pure truth.

      Curious marker: This dream was on the morning of January 17, 2017. The episode of “The Outer Limits” that influenced it was from season 1, episode 17.

    4. [31-07-2016] #2nd competition entry

      by , 07-31-2016 at 09:14 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I recall only a fragment. It was a sunny and warm day. With younger sister we were flying high up in the sky, above fields. We flewn into a city of some kind, where in an alley we met with our family.
    5. Explosion, night osbservations

      by , 02-12-2015 at 09:34 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was walking down the street in a business sector of the city. Near one of skyscrapers was alley locked with gate protected by key code. No one knew the key code, even owners of the skyscraper. I decided to somehow break it down, and I did it. The alley led to industrial area, into a house of some family preparing for the end of the world. I went out and took a bus back to home. In the midnight I went out with my younger sister. We were watching the night sky, looking at the stars and observating the area surrounding our home. Next day I drove to the same plac, and saw construction workers planting explosives at the gate. Owners of skyscraper wanted to know what's beyond that gate. When the workers ran to safety zone and detonated explosives. The fire was raging. I ran closer to the gate and gave a horrifying scream. This brought their attention, one of the workers shouted The margins are burning! They all ran there to stop the fire.
    6. 11-5-14 Dystopian gladiator chase scene

      by , 12-04-2014 at 07:23 PM
      I lived in a country where all people were killed once they reached the age of thirty. However, once a year three convicted criminals were released from prison into an abandoned city, where they would fight to the death. The last man standing was allowed to live a normal lifespan. I was apparently one of the three, and I was being chased relentlessly by the other two men through a dark, overgrown alleyway. Ivy climbed up the walls of the brick and steel buildings.
    7. 16th Jan 2013 Ridiculous foods, weird alley and airport placement

      by , 01-16-2013 at 08:34 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Again, don't remember the start of the dream and some details

      I was in some building and there is some political stuff going on, some political people apparently preparing some foods and i and some other person have to choose the ones which will be on some festival or something. The foods are ridiculous, there are huge cakes, many foods of sorts in form of various buildings, places and stuff. And ofcourse to choose stuff we'll have to try it! It was delicious and also i was consuming one of the 'building' foods a whole at some point and hearing somebody making kirby joke of sorts.
      Then i decide to go on walk somewhere, exiting building apparently brings me to the exit of the house i live in IWL, so i go to the park from there. On the way i notice some weird alley, entering it i notice alot of mongrel dogs sleeping there. I somehow know that it's time to return to the building, on the way i meet dad and we both go back to the building.
      The political people have heated discussion on where to place airport, and since they can't decide on anything i have to choose the place apparently. There's some sort of holo-table which is used for choosing where to place airport, i place it somewhere. After that i was apparently congratulated by some president-looking person, everyone goes to the table and we all eat cake that looks like Empire State Building or something similar. Dream ends there.
    8. Twin Sisters

      by , 10-12-2012 at 11:25 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      My apartment. The Owenby family. Run race. Woman stacking something at my back door. “Obviously I'm breaking into your house.” Caught in the steam. Taking pamprin but Laura says no. Two psychic girls. I was stuck in the stream. I know a waterfall is near. We are in the river. Near shore we find an escape. We find it difficult to get onto the ledge. My accomplice grabs onto the edge and uses me as leverage.
      Entering my apartment in Twisted City. I am walking down the back alley entrance. As I approach I see a brunette woman at the steps of my back door. She is in her forties or fifties, curly hair and olive skin. She is sorting and stacking a tray of something. Whatever they are, they are smaller than her palm and sparkly. A flower shape comes to mind. She turns to me bent over and says, “Obviously I’m breaking into your house.” I smile at her and pass the whole thing off as if she were telling a funny joke. I edge past her and see the silver tray of colorful items. In my small apartment I make my way to the front door. I exit and find myself in another alley. It is a dead end. Two girls and their mother reside here. They want to play with me. Their mother tells me they are the most powerful psychics in the world.
    9. Dreamprofesser?

      by , 06-17-2012 at 07:21 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Dreamprofesser? (Non-lucid)


      Wait....did I.....nahh....but...maybe my recall is a little skewed, we'll see how this plays out.

      I took a nap like an hour or two ago, can't really remember, but I had a few weird dream I guess. I'll just combine all those frags together since it was a nap.

      Things start out in a bus, kind of like those Greyhound buses with the containers for storing small suitcases and stuff above the seats. There's this guy who is muscular, wearing a gray/white shirt, and looks like one of those gym instructors at that place I workout in waking life resting his arms on top of the seat he has his knees on in front of me.

      It didn't feel awkward until he started to sweat a little bit on me, so I turned my legs to the side instead of having them in synch with the direction of my torso. And it seems he can barely fit in the bus too, he's so tall, he has to duck his head when his sitting down, but I guess that's because he had his knees on the seat instead of actually sitting down.

      He gets up, thank god, and says,

      "I need to take a shower." I passively accepted that as something he would do later, but he's getting up to go to the back, and he opens some containers on the left side, and they have water in them.

      Lol, don't tell me you're going to try and fit yourself in there and take a shower....

      This guy is actually going to do it! He's carefully opening one container at a time, and then goes to the back of them to drain out whatever is left, and I think I helped out for some odd reason. As I'm draining the water out, I swear it went from transparent to a dark pink-ish type of color. I make sure I wash the container properly with some soap.

      It took a while for me to get the soap out with some running water because the sink was full of plates and I didn't want to container to come in contact with them. The container was basically a square that was cut diagonally. I think people wanted me to hurry up and finish washing the container, but they didn't say to me directly, I could just tell by their expressions that I'm spending way too much time on this.

      The dream shifts, and I believe I'm in the gym with my mother, lol, how does that work out? So much for reality checks.

      Anyway, my mother has her workout clothes on for a few minutes, and then suddenly she comes back again with regular clothes. She tells me she can't go on the treadmill, and as we're walking to the set of treadmills, she pointed at one that some lady just got off from.

      I tried to make her shift her hand somewhere else so that lady wouldn't think we're talking about her, but meh, seems the lady was clueless anyway.

      Apparently, the gym is set outdoors, and it rained a few minutes ago I bet, so that made all the gym equipment icky and stuff. Makes sense to not go on the treadmill, especially with all those people's hands on the bars of it, and the surface being wet as well.

      We get out of the area of the weird outdoors gym,
      (I swear that should've been another reality check lol.....who invests in expensive gym equipment and puts it outside for it to get damaged?)

      You know.....I guess it's time with each reality check, instead of asking if I'm dreaming, I should really be analytical of things, maybe that might help things a bit. I tried avoiding being too thoughtful about these things, but I guess it's time I do it again, especially since I want to find a certain someone again.....

      Okay, back to the dream, yeah, by this time, I believe me and my mother go our separate ways. I go to some random alley, and it's still daytime, but the gray clouds make it look like it's close to night or something. I see two black men, one a cop, and one I can't tell at the moment because of the angle I'm looking down at is a bit awkward.

      The cop is helping the guy carry some books, and since I was on top, I accidently walked on these pile of books, but I quickly get off. Seems I didn't affect anything, so I keep walking a bit until I hear one of them say something about people being able to donate any books they have for what seems to be a mini-library that is being set up near the alley.

      Hm...........I decided I should give a book for the cause, and the title had a "Pt. 2" to it, so I wonder where was Part 1 lol, but I just put it in the pile of books they were going to carry in. I go down, and I finally see the black man other than the black cop.

      He's wearing glasses.....

      He's smiling, he's wearing a dress shirt and some fancy dark pants as well. I didn't click for me as yet on who this could be though...I told him that I gave them a book, and I think I said the title as well when he asks me what it was.

      Then to add on to what I said, I believe I started to sing a short phrase related to the nature of the book. It just came out, just like that, don't know how I even concieved the thought, but hey, the guy digged it, so I guess it's wasn't too bad.

      The dream shifts again, and this time, I brought my mother to the same alley that I was in. We're back on the top of the alley, and since the pile of books were removed, I figured I should help bring my mother down through this gap.

      I take my time to get her prepared to drop, and when I do, she immediately collapses.

      Are you kidding me....oh god......what the hell do I do now?!?!?!?!?

      I jump into the gap, and it realized it's a bit deeper than it was before. I could've sworn that same gap was a least 5 feet deep, and that's enough for anyone to land safely.

      Felt like this time, it was 15-20 feet deep. Ugh.

      I panic a little, but I calm down, and I rush to the door where the books were going into, and I'm ignoring the same man at the time because I'm really worried about what's going to happen to my mother.

      I'm trying to find a phone, so I can call my mother....LOL, what logic is that Link??!?!? She's unconscious, and you want to call her in hopes that she hears the ringtone?

      GOD, I'm am so STUPID!!!!

      I even picked up a small cracker, and tried to dial in the little bumps on it, I was saturated with the thought of worrying that something bad will happen to her that I didn't even realize I'm fucking using a cracker to dial numbers....


      I'm sure the guy inside was just watching me, probably even mentally facepalming himself at the horrible skill I'm exhibiting right now. I open the door to check the status of my mother, and my vision of things right at that moment is blurred. I see a figure slowly get up, and immediately, I knew it was my mother.

      I rushed to her and asked if she was okay.

      While I was trying to explain, I was speaking at 300,000,000,000,000 words a second, so she looks at me weirdly, and then I started to slow down a bit and talk coherently.

      I told her I was trying to call her to see if she wakes up (stupid Link...STUPID STUPID!) and all sorts of explanations.

      And the same guy who was inside? I'm pretty sure that was dreamprofesser...but since I was so occupied with doing a horrible job of trying to get my mother conscious again, I couldn't take the time to absorb all the features of the man's visage.

      But the glasses alone, it could've been him.

      Some nap that was!

    10. Parkour.

      by , 04-11-2012 at 07:51 PM (The Realm of the Child)
      Dream Type: Non-Lucid.
      Dream Mood: Mysterious.
      Dream Setting: A back alley and a warehouse.
      Dream Characters: My friends, my Dad and a couple other strangers.

      I was with my friends... and my dad for some reason. We were walking from somewhere to a back alley where we tried to talk, though my friends were reluctant to do so probably due to the fact that my dad was there with us, though he seemed pretty content with the silence for some reason. Soon enough though, he would have disappeared out of nowhere and we began talking again. Strangely, we noticed two guys who were running up walls and flipping around as if practicing for whatever they were doing. We discussed about the free-runners, and I was suddenly in a warehouse, dressed in some sort of fancy armor meant for flexibility, though one thing was awry... I was a woman. Still, I had suddenly become a master of parkour and free-running, actually. I ran around, up walls and on rails and whatnot, until I met another person, a man in similar armor who was also good at free-running and parkour. He poked my face, for some reason, and I just stood there. That's about all I can remember though.
    11. 2011-03-27 | mild

      by , 03-31-2011 at 03:01 AM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      Again, I wake up from a dream I do not recall and decide to MILD

      I am walking through an alley of a town and it is dark. It gets light and for some reason
      I do a reality check. My finger goes through my palm and I am surprised. It is now daylight
      and I know I am dreaming. I get out my phone and, unlike most of my dreams, it works fine.
      Unfortunately, My crush's number is not in my contacts. It doesn't even cross my mind to
      enter it in manually as I am only partially lucid. I try the "open door" technique several times.
      The first time, it brings up someone completely different who attacks me. After fighting her
      off, I try again several times to no avail. The time is actually brings her into the dream, she
      is about six inches tall. I try a few other things all of which fail.
      The dream ends.
    12. band of killers

      by , 03-01-2011 at 12:26 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      There were a woman and man in some dark area at night. The area seemed to be inside, like in some dark, abandoned factory.

      The woman and man were both strong and sexy in a comic book sort of way. They were both very pale. The woman had red hair and wore some kind of small outfit. The man may have had pale blonde hair and probably wasn't wearing a shirt.

      The woman was the leader of a gang of killers. Most of the members of the group were women. And, mostly, the aim of the gang was to kill men. The man may have led a group of men.

      The man had done something wrong, possibly to betray the woman in some slimy, underhanded way. The woman was very poweful. She had the man in her grip. She was strangling him and drowning him in some pool of water.

      Eventually the man went limp. The woman may actually even have cut off the man's head by the force of her grip.

      But I now saw that the man had just feigned death so the woman would let him go. He fedll deeper and deeper into the water, as if this were a big river in some city. He had his head. He had been falling with his back down. Now he twisted around so his stomach faced down. He swam away. I knew he was going to gather people to fight against the woman.

      There were two women in a car in a dark, deserted, alley-like street in the city. Both women were part of the gang of killers.

      One woman had gotten out of the car. She had been in the driver's seat. She walked around to the passenger side and got the other woman's attention somehow, letting her know she should get out of the car.

      The first woman knew that the woman in the car was young and naive. The first woman was taking the second woman to the leader. Apparently the second woman had done something wrong and was now going to be punished, probably killed.,
    13. "I know a secret path..."

      by , 01-29-2011 at 01:31 PM (Somnium)
      It started out that I went home to one of my classmates house to play videogames. He had a big house, with pillars in front of it and a big yard and a pool beside of the kitchen. Strange thing though is that they only had a kitchen and living room. I didn't see any doorways to other rooms. And the two rooms were completely open with windows instead of walls. I for some reason went to the kitchen and his parents were there looking at me. I ignored them, and looked at the pool outside.

      Suddenly I was in the mountains with my father exploring a secret path to a secret cabin. strangely the cabin belonged to a celebrity. You had to jump over a big pile of snow to get there, somehow that was an obstacle. But I think it was a blizzard around the cabin. Later we were going to it with my sister. She doubted it and we said that it wasn't far from here. We stood in a cross between 4 roads. We were going left to the secret path, and there was a path right in front of us which went to the top of the mountain. And our cabin is at the top. much much bigger than in real life though. We came from the road behind us.

      Next a dream begins with that a guy I know tells me he seen me in some kind of show, and suddenly I'm on that location where I had the show. I see myself in third person just as the show is over. The show is played out in a backstreet of some sort. when the show ends me and the other actors or dancers or whatever they were(which was girls I knew) they dissappear in an even smaller back alley. it glows a light on the wall, even though the walls are sky high with no windows. I see we are near a port because I see the ocean just a few meters from me. It's also night in the dream when this part of the dream occurs.

      in 2-3 of my previous dreams there has been a girl which in some way protect me. She was not in this dream. She is a tall brunette with a brownish/beige coat. I have only seen her many times in my dreams.

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    14. 07/08/10 More Dream Fragments

      by , 07-10-2010 at 10:19 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: Tonight I really don't remember anything other than some fragments. My WILD successfully went to another training session with Vegeta, although the one difference here was that MoSh came with me. There were also a few other fragments, but they seemed pretty nonsensical and they were also non-lucid, but here is what I remember.

      *Vegeta's Class*
      My WILD started with me in my inner world. Instead of going directly to Vegeta's class, however, I opened a portal and stepped through into MoSh's inner world where I found myself looking at yet another unfamiliar house.

      I wondered if the house really keeps changing or if my perception of it is screwed up for some reason. I paused to look at the different house for only a short time before going up to the front door and knocking on it. I surveyed the surrounding area while waiting for MoSh or Asuka to come to the door, noting that the rest of the area seemed to remain mostly consistent from one visit to the next one. The door opened and MoSh came out, he appeared ready to go. The big question was whether or not he was lucid and if he would remember any of this dream. Looking at the house one more time, I asked MoSh why his house kept changing. MoSh gave me a strange look as if he thought I was completely mental. I decided not to pursue the matter any further and opened a portal to my inner world just outside of Vegeta and Serena's house. Vegeta approached MoSh and me as soon as we exited the portal, seeming to survey both of us as we entered. He took a closer look at MoSh before saying we should get to training, he knew the exact thing MoSh needed to work on. As I have indicated, I don't remember the training itself very clearly, which Vegeta doesn't seem to see as a problem.

      *Computer Fish*
      I was at a computer store browsing various laptops that were on display. It wasn't myself that I was looking at laptops for, I was looking at the laptops for a friend, though I no longer remember the name of the friend. I poked around at a few laptops that I didn't think could be used for much more than paperweights, they were just too old and slow to be used for anything worthwhile. Even the internet would run at a snail's pace on one of those. I wondered why the computer store I was in even bothered keeping those old dinosaurs on display at all. After searching for what seemed like forever I finally found one computer hidden in the back corner that looked like it was at least somewhat decent. I knew the friend I was shopping for didn't need a top of the line model, but he did want to be able to surf the internet at a decent rate and maybe have a couple other applications running at the same time without crashing the whole system. The computer was password protected, so I started entering guesses until a salesperson came over and gave me the correct code. But now the computer was stuck at a fish screen saver…

      The screen saver was teeming with fish of all colors and sizes; I quickly became distracted from my computer shopping as I manipulated the screen saver to produce more and more outrageous fish on the screen. The salesperson came back and said the computer was for serious customers only and asked me to leave. I knew how to modify the screen saver now, so I thought I could continue playing with it on my home computer.

      I was walking with my friend Alicia down a dark and creepy alley. A light on the back of a building flickered and went out as Alicia and I passed it; I couldn't help but wonder what we were coming this way for at all. The alley way wasn't really much of a shortcut, shaving only a very short distance off of our trip, and it was very creepy.

      We were near the end of the alley when several big thugs stepped out of the shadows and boxed Alicia and me in. Alicia was hiding behind me and whimpering, clearly afraid of what the goons might have in mind. The dim light from the moon reflected off of a blade that one of the men was holding up to show us. He said if we handed over all of our money and jewelry then no one would get hurt. One of the other goons stepped forward and accepted Alicia's purse as she willingly handed it over. Checking my pockets, I realized I didn't have any money or any valuables at all on me. My purse was at home on my bed where I had forgotten to pick it up before leaving to meet Alicia at the park. When I told the thugs this, however, they didn't seem to believe me. The look on the face of the goon in front of me could have curdled milk as he came forward and said he would have either my money or my blood. When I told him I didn't have any money he motioned to the other goons who grabbed my arms while he drove his blade into my stomach all the way up to the hilt. I reflexively doubled over in anticipation of pain, but the pain didn't come. The thug did a double take at the confused look I gave him and stabbed me several more times. No pain, no weakness, no nothing. I started laughing at the man, asking him if that was really the best he could do. He stabbed me in the chest several times, then proceeded to stab his buddy on my right as if thinking somehow the knife wasn't working properly. His buddy fell over, bleeding with a shocked look on his face, bleeding out right in front of us. A look of terror crossed the thug's face as he turned his back and ran down the alley screaming like a little girl, leaving his other buddy still looking perplexed.
    15. Narrowtown

      by , 11-23-1974 at 05:23 PM
      Morning of November 23, 1974. Saturday.

      This was not that clear of a dream (that is, not that vivid regarding dream self awareness). I wander into an area near a small city in possibly another country (possibly in the Middle East though this is not certain) and it is very narrow even though there are many tall commercial buildings. Everything, including every building and structure, is “unrealistically” narrow, almost as if it was purposely designed to be about half the size of a typical alley width. There is at least one outdoor area that seems to be selling clothes but with the seeming essence of a magazine vendor. I see a jetliner fly overhead (from my left to my right) at one point in the final moments (with even a vague awareness of white noise), and I see several people walking around. However, just on the outskirts of the main part of town, I am somehow aware that there may not be enough space for me to even walk down the street or sidewalk. I do not really feel trapped, just puzzled and slightly annoyed.

      This short dream, though somewhat unique in my own lifelong dreaming history (though there have been other settings with limited space, sometimes relating to narrowing or truncation leading to instigation of the waking process), follows the same generic pattern in meaning as hundreds of other dreams.

      Typically, coming out of an alley in a dream brings on astounding vividness. That does not happen here as I remain in the same general area for the most part.

      Anything relating to the selling of clothing relates to the waking transition and "preparing” the temporary waking self (even though this form is sometimes incorporeal or hybridized into unusual forms, not necessarily even human).

      The typical waking sign of the airplane flight (sometimes rendered as a flying bird or other feature including a model airplane or very distorted airplane parts) is seen here near the ending.

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