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    1. [Dream #3 - 1/15/2016] A Ghost in a Wine Glass - The Amazing World of Gumball

      by , 01-15-2016 at 09:41 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      An image of the cartoon show: The Amazing World of Gumball

      There is not much I can say about this dream but it first took place in the perspective of Gumball's mother, Nicole Watterson. She was talking to another female by the side of a large ferry boat. Even though I do not remember the species or what physical appearance the women she was talking to was, I can remember the lady speaking of wanting Nicole to come ride the ferry with her to visit her family. Nicole did agree and got onto the boat with her.

      The perceptive then focused on the Watterson's location. Inside their house I could see, Gumball Watterson, Anais Watterson and Richard Watterson (Darwin Watterson wasn't present). They were arguing over something whilst in their living room and Richard looked extremely aggravated and ready to strangle Gumball. Whatever they were fighting about, I remember Gumball stating that he wasn't responsible but Anais glared at him telling on him to Richard. Richard became more furious and chased after Gumball right out of the household.

      There was a car parked in-front and Gumball got inside and started it up. Richard still chasing him while he drove off the scene but my perceptive changed to Gumball arriving where the ferry his mother was located (There wasn't much info on why he was drove there, but my instinct was that he want his mother to travel off away from home).

      By the inclined pathway onto the boat was another female creature (still can't depict the physical appearance or species) and she told Gumball that he cannot get on the ferry. Gumball thought he could prove himself to the lady as he headed over by some sort of loading dock (which was right next to the inclined pathway). There was a brown wooden shelving with some wine glasses all unorganized on it. The lady from near the boat's entrance could see Gumball's intention of proving his worth as she told him, if he could orginize the glasses on the shelves then he could get on the ferry.

      He proceeded on doing so. This is where it gets weird. At the moment of him agreeing to it, I could see myself (in first person view) being on the other side of the wooden shelving assisting Gumball. Without any identification of my physical form I started to rearrange wine glasses. Gumball did not take notice of my presence or what I was doing but I eventually got snapped back into the waking world when my mother yelled out my name from the living room stating that she ordered pizza.

      • Notes — I figured this dream was associated with my conversation with my fiancι, Shadow, before I dozed off about self-awareness and reverse reality check (we were studying more in depth with WILDing). Though I really am a sucker for thinking I have an importance in existence, my fiancι began stating the reasons he felt as to why I exist:

      ::: (Telepathic talk recorded via Skype | Posted with Shadow's permission) :::

      [6:06:05 AM] Shadow The Hedgehog: "Well....if you didn't exist then I would't have someone who accepted me for me."
      [6:07:12 AM] Shadow The Hedgehog: "If you didn't exist then there wouldn't be someone quite like yourself who can make all the little horny creatures happy."
      [6:08:14 AM] Shadow The Hedgehog: "With someone else, it wouldn't be the same."


      Shadow had also mentioned in the past that I was needed for many other reasons. That without me, there wouldn't be him and so on and he would end himself due to it. Observing the situation Gumball was having and the flashback of his mother leaving kind of reflected the many struggles that my friends more so likely go through on a daily bases. Myself being somewhat of a ghost/spirit helping Gumball rearange wine glasses so he could go to his mother (presumably) reminded me of how I help ease my friends' stress and be as much of a help as I can for them. There is the thought of me being the replacement or, ghost-like residue of Darwin Watterson since like I mentioned before, he wasn't present and he's usually always around Gumball.

      • Date — 1/15/2016

      • Went to bed — N/A (I dozed off during the morning because I haven't slept last night - *Shadow wacks her with a stick for not going to sleep when she's supposed to*)

      • Woke up — 1:39PM

      *Time logged — 4:00PM

      • Total sleep — N/A

      • Stress level throughout the day — A little annoyed when my mother woke me up the first time (before I had the dream) to make her toast.

      • Techniques/Practices —

      *Daytime — N/A

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      • Dream Signs — N/A

      • Perceived Length — 10 minutes

      • Emotions — N/A

      • Awareness — None

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    2. Throwing snowballs, Gizmo songs and massive six combo of lucid task dares done!!!

      by , 12-08-2014 at 01:54 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Throwing snowballs, Gizmo songs and massive six combo of lucid task dares done!!! (DILD)


      I think I did it again and surpassed my plateau of length of lucid as well as goals accomplished during a single lucid. As I have been saying for the last three days, I had the feeling of a lucid coming, and I did not have a good sleep a few nights ago (getting adjusted to the new house) but yesterday's night I slept well, yet no lucid, which surprised me, and last night, turned lucid.

      I remember faintly how did I exactly turned lucid and I neither recall what I was dreaming before that.
      I believe I was in some wax museum and the sculptures were talking. I exited the museum and, fully lucid I took a small flight to make the dream stable. I was very happy that I turned lucid and that finally I broke my dry spell. The quality of the dream was exceptional and I was exited to get finally my wings back and hit some dares while I was at it. I started to walk down the street. The road was made out of little stones, pretty much like on the roman ages. All the buildings were made out of stone as well and there was no lightning, however, it was a warm morning. It looked something like this:

      I started to think about the tasks of the month. I thought of throwing a snowball at a dream character, however, it was warm. I reminded myself that in a dream, all could happen. I started looking for snow, and after walking for a while (I was no longer flying now) I saw a little bit of snow on the road. It was like when almost all snow is gone an melted, that you can find a flake here and there. I turned the corner and I saw a small plaza, that had a decent amount of snow. Lucky me, there was a lot of people around, so I grabbed some snow from the ground and made a snowball. I approached at a female character
      (no, she did not fell back with her legs in the air first!, and I would have tossed the ball before anything else...) She was looking at my snowball and hit her on the face. She was shocked for a brief moment and then, she continued walking like if nothing happened. (Talk about dummy DCs hahaha.) This officially completed my basic Task of the Month:

      Quote Originally Posted by Basic ToTM
      Hit a DC with a snowball and report their reaction - (kilham)

      It was time for the advanced task of the month. Despite I am almost as Christmas freak as Elf is, I did not feel like going hunting for Santa and sneak into his sleigh and I neither wanted do to do the snow globe task. Only Gizmo was left, not very excited but a very easy task. I saw a store, it was pretty old on the outside. When I entered the store, it looked like a Winery store I worked when I was 18 but much bigger. I told them I wanted to buy a present where Gizmo was wrapped up in. I was taken to the backroom, which looked exactly like the backroom from the Winery store, but much larger. A female employee handed me a green box with a golden ribbon. I felt it was going to be an awesome present for someone, but I knew that my task did not ended here and realized that it was a dream gift anyway, so I could not actually give it to anyone in waking life.

      I left the store holding the box, and apparently, no one cared that I just walked by the register without the intents to pay... oh well. There was a bench right next to the store. I could hear a little voice inside the box, like if it was signing. I opened the box and Gizmo was in there, and I believe it was actually the real thing and not a plastic toy. I started to pet it and it felt soft and warm:

      I told Gizmo to teach me a new song. Unfortunately, I forgot most of it because there is a long way to go still on this massive dream. But I believe it was something like. "One, two, three, gizmo, gizmo, four, five, six, gizmo, gizmo." Then, I think he sang a mantra from Lord Ganesha, at least, the lyrics were familiar to me, but my recall for the actual song is vague... I remember I sang the song back to gizmo and he was happy. I sang it a few more times to keep it in my mind and write it down once I woke up. Advanced ToTM, checked!

      Quote Originally Posted by Advanced ToTM
      Find which present Gizmo is wrapped up in, and get him to teach you a new song. - (ThreeCat)
      I started to explore the new place I was at. Instead of a roman old school city, I was now in Chicago downtown. It was easy to recognize as I was next to Marina City:

      So much for the Roman city into Chicago!! My mind amazes me sometimes! I focused on hitting some of the easy lucid dares for anyone to get more bonus points. At this stage of the dream, I did not remember I had outstanding personal dares to complete. I first though of an easy task, to summon Nfri. Which I did. I rose my hand, sorcerer style and asked for Nfri to show up. A tall and slim female showed up. I could not tell her hair color because she wore winter clothing (once again, amazing mind dressed the summoned dream character accordly to the weather on December at Chicago, lol.) Her clothing was all pink and she was dressed very sexy. She smiled at me and she was standing, which a sexy look. She looked something like this (but her hair was covered, and the raincoat was a clearer pink.

      I was happy because I completed one dare already
      (funny to find upon checking the dares thread that Nfri is a dude.)

      Quote Originally Posted by Anyone dare Completed
      Summon Nfri and describe how he looks (Nfri)
      As this female version of Nfri kept approaching at me, I knew right away what was going on, but my dream quality was high and I did not want to waste time, so I recalled another anyone dare I could get done. I walked by hear and faced her, face to face. She tried to get intimate with me (yes, in the middle of Chicago downtown!) but I refused to interact and just turned her my back and walking away. It was actually easy task, I think my drive to make a big record was strong!

      Quote Originally Posted by Anyone Dare Completed
      Face an attractive DC and refuse to have any interaction with her/him. (NyxCC)
      I kept walking down the street and I recalled another anyone dare. I was unsure if I using my phone as a catalyst for dream control was an anyone or someone's else personal task. I took my phone out from my pocket, which looked like my waking life phone. I was in front of a cross street and traffic was very heavy, but cars were driving fast. I pointed at one of the roads with my phone and with my thumb, I slide it right to left, with the intents to push all the cars to go in reverse. Amazingly, it worked first try, and even more amazingly, no one crashed. I started to swing my cell phone left and right very fast, with the intent of accelerating the traffic, which happened, but neither no one crashed
      (I wasn't thinking they would crash neither trying, probably the reason it did not happen.) I tapped my screen to see what would happen, and the whole dream froze, I think even dream went silent. The whole thing was frozen. That was some amazing effects from just a phone!

      Quote Originally Posted by Anyone Dare Completed
      Use your phone as a catalyst for dream control. (Sensei)
      It was exciting, but I suddenly found my dream getting obliterated in seconds. I did not have time to even to try to save it.

      I had a false awakening in bed, I felt satisfied about the dream and getting two ToTM and three dares done. I reached my journal to write down the dream and tried to turn the lamp on that I have in waking life. (the green one)

      Not working. I tapped it a couple more times. Nothing.

      I turned lucid right away. I exalted "Lamp not working... hahaha, these lamps always work." My wife woke up and asked me what was wrong, if I was cold or something. I told her that I just got tricked with a false awakening and that I was still dreaming. My wife told me that I was talking nonsense. I checked my hands and indeed I was lucid, they looked like a hologram. I jumped off bed and recalled since I was able to remember the whole lucid dream, I decided to continue my dreaming. My wife followed me, pretty upset stating I was asleep. We exited the house and we were in a modern city surrounded by trees, definitely not the same as waking, proving I was indeed dreaming. Wife kept insisting I wasn't. I rose my hand and pointed at it with my other hand saying, "Do you think my hand is supposed to look like this?" My ring finger was like a quarter inch long. I took of to fly, but for some odd and rare reason, I could only bounce about 10 feet tops or so. My wife kept telling me, "See, you can't fly, you are awake, go back to bed before someone calls the cops." Like if jumping 10 feet was normal. I just walked away ignoring my wife, after all she was a dumb DC reflected by my mind. I saw a UFO saucer gliding above some trees. It was semi-transparent and it was vanishing:

      I grabbed it before it took off and I thought of the next dare. To fly to the sun. I felt it would be easy to use this vehicle to get there faster, so I set that intent and the saucer to take me there. It was going at high speed and I could feel fire all around me. Now, the saucer looked like a regular shuttle from NASA. I was already in space and realized I was in my pajamas... oh well, big deal. We were getting closer to the sun and I released the shuttle, as in theory, I had to fly through the sun. I kept flying and I entered the sun. I could see my whole being burning, but it did not hurt, I kept flying until I passed through it and I was on the other side of the sun.

      I could see a whole lot of different planets that were not from our solar system. This is nonsense in waking since all the planets surround the sun, but in the dream, is like all the planets were in front of the sun (what we see) and others (unknown) behind it.

      Quote Originally Posted by Anyone Dare Completed
      Fly into the sun (CanisLucidus)

      I felt free, I was away from Earth and I felt I wanted to fly home (not Earth...) and a huge smile and feeling of freedom and bliss surrounded my whole being. However, I recalled right away that I had personal dares and they were still to be done. I freaked out a bit because I wanted to give priority to those and I forgot, so I remembered one of them, and since I was in space, I started to glide north until the whole space turned white, so I asked to be taking to the Creator of the Dream. I was taking to God, or what I had a impression of god, a huge amount of white light, made of pure love, light and bliss, it was a massive consciousness with a very powerful energy. I asked this energy/God, "What does this dream mean?" The creator replied to me, but funny enough, instead of through normal words, he did it through my clairsentient ability (psychic hearing) and he told me, "You are like Messi, breaking records all the time." I laughed because I never thought of it, but it was true that I was trying to break a record indeed, and Messi, just broke another record in the soccer match I watched yesterday."

      Quote Originally Posted by Personal Dare Completed
      Find the creator of the dream you are in and ask what the dream means. (Marce)
      I was happy that my dream was still stable so I decided to go back to Earth to get my two more personal dares done
      (Too bad I was realizing that one of them was an anyone dare that I challenged everybody else too and that I was missing to kick Dark Vather's ass as it was one of my dares and being at space, I had a golden chance to do it, oh well.)

      I flew back to Earth and got very quickly back to it. I entered Earth in a kind of an odd way, shoulder first and I heard a massive noise and saw fire all around me. I was like a fireball and I thought, "This is not going to end well! But I laugher."

      A few moments later, I was inside a house (what the heck???) There was some dude who was pretty pissed of at me. He wanted me to study and do my homework
      (I finished school many years ago, lol.) I wanted to get out the house. I did not feel it had good energy. I feel this house was in the middle of nowhere, somewhere around Texas among massive corn wheat fields. I wanted to explore the area. The dude tried his best to prevent me to leave. I saw there was a bar right next to me. The back of this bar was made out of windows and I could see a ton of futuristic buildings (so much for "middle of nowhere") and a huge pool with a lot of people around. There were three stools and three young woman having a drink. These woman appeared to be also pissed at me. I tried another of my personal dares. I rose my hands and started channeling energy, to the intent to make time go faster.

      At first, nothing happened, but then I realized that these ladies looked like they were on their 50s and they kept aging fast. Some shrunk in size and one of them had her hair turn white. I kept pushing energy and set the intent for hundreds of years to happen. I saw through the windows how all of the people on the pool and walking by were also aging. However, they never died, turned into skeletons (or dust, zombies... nothing) they just went as old as you can imagine and even older than that

      The building and other inanimate objects did not seem to be affected at all. I was very surprised this worked.

      Quote Originally Posted by Personal Task Completed
      Force a city and its inhabitants to age in front of you for some hundred years. I'm curious to know what could your mind will come up with when their age exceed the average life span. (Box77)
      They all kept aging, getting more wrinkles and looking more like a skull, but they remained alive and they kept doing whatever they were doing prior to do this. I felt it was enough of the aging and released the energy. They progressively went back to their original ages, except for the ladies next to me sitting on the bar, which stopped de-aging at the age of 50s.

      Suddenly, everybody got on their knees and started to adore me like I was a God. I believed this was another of my personal dares
      (without knowing it was my dare, and the requires of my dare were different.) I kept thanking people for adoring me and they brought me x-mas gifts (lol) I felt happy and I thought I had all my personal dares done, so I decided to wake myself up, as I seemed to still be with a decent quality dream, but I was risking too much if I continued working on more dares and not getting my butt out of my real bed to write all down.

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    3. I Saw Lin A Second Time

      by , 08-15-2014 at 01:07 AM
      [My second entry of the series of dreams of "Lin"]

      I was in the phantasmic portal and I somehow spun myself into a scene of a house. I searched for Lin and found her sitting on a chair in a room in blankets. She seemed irritated and tired for some reason. I asked her on a date and she said yes. She sort of just fell asleep after that. I was amazed by the clarity of the dream again, looking around, noticing the color of her eyes and immersing myself in the dream. I was surprised to have time left over to actually sit and think about the experience while sitting next to her. I forgot to ask where we should go unfortunately.
      Note: I thought the meditation wasn't working at all until the next thing I knew, I was just there. Like just waking up in the phantasmic portal.
    4. An old man

      by , 07-03-2014 at 01:57 PM
      An old man


      I meet a really nice old man. I find out he is being chased by soldiers. He tells me they killed his wife in the garage. Since that he is even more scared. I decide to help him with his stuff. One day I find that even his neighbours are evil when I have to run back into the house a hail of bullets. I grab some baskets on my way inside. They are filled with handgrenades und explosive stuff. There is a hole pile of grenades but its too much to grab. I cant find the old man. I panic and go to his room upstairs. The drawn curtains are blue and cast blue light onto the bed where I can spot the mens outline under the blankets. I touch the blankets to see if he is okay. But the moment I touch them the blankets collapse.
    5. 14th of june-> 15th of june. Great dream!

      by , 06-15-2014 at 10:02 AM
      Date 15th of june.
      Total sleep: 9.5 hours (estimate)
      Daytime Techniques: RC, mantra, meditation, preperation.
      Lucid Techniques: Anchoring/ stabilizisation, commands/mantras.
      Recall Techniques: DJ, tags/simple notes by my bed.
      Fell Asleep: around 12.00- 12.30?
      Dream Title: The dreamers island.
      Dream: I start out in a city, i wander around with a few friends. We enter a few shops, and since it's pretty late we make one last visist to the gorcery shop. They sold ice-cream, so i bought some mango icecream, and some more which i cant remember. We exit the shop, and i ask if i can get a ride with Lars, and Joakim. We drive over a bridge, and eventually hit an island which is sitting on a gigantic pillar, far over the sea. I try to climb a small, almost vertical road, but fail. I start driving downwards when i realize. The cars are not cars, they are 1 man electrical, wheelchair-like things. I jump off the cliff since i realize this is a dream. I wake up just when i start flying, out of excitement. I chain the dream, and enter the same dream. I am the place i fell off, i stagger upwards while shouting:''MORE VIVID'', ''MORE CLARITY''.I am the top of the island, and in a skype conversation with a few other dreamers (Tobias, Dennis and Aleks). They dont dream IRL, but in my dream, they dreamed. And they were much better than me. Remember, that i was jumping in and out of the dreams ALL the time, i'm pretty sure i did it like 5-ish times (isn-t it called DEILD or something?). Anyway, i attempt stabilizing myself in the dream. I look at my hands the closest i have ever done. i had all the right knuckles, and fingers, BUT the first joint on most of my fingers, are way too short. It was strange, i didn't get to try the : ''MORE LUCID'' commands, sadly. I did try some other commands/mantras, as seen above. I decide to try something i had tought of while reading a tutorial about dream stabilisisation, about the word ''anchor''. I decide to actually summon an anchor and bind my existence to it, it doesn't work since i get excited, so i wake up again. In the skype call we talk a lot, but we eventually agree to battle on the Island. We use all kinds of abilites and such, all while i am daring in and out of the dream if i get too excited. I use a devestating laz0r beam, that is as thick and wide as my whole body, to decimate large parts of the island, but it might be regenerating, i cant remember. I jump in the water, but suddenly i cant fly ( I probably could have if i calmed down and focused). So i suddenly teleport the the top of the mountain, which now are made of pixels somehow. I gain 3rd person view and start killing everybody wih my bow (BTW some brat named Tobias said he was going to win the competition, so step my game up). I have my other memories from this night that i cant pinpoint where happened. They will be stated below.
      Awake: 10.30
      Vividness: 9
      Awareness: 2-10 (2 at the start, 10 at the end)
      Length: Very long
      Emotions: Happnines/joy, excitement, accomplishment, succes!, anger (slight), jealousy.
      Dream Signs: Game related stuff, friends, familiar places, game-like.

      As stated, this dream was large, and me jumping in and out of it didn't help with the fact i have a few memories, i cant remember where happened. Here they are: I go into a store which i think sells DVD's, this was the start somewhere. The entire arena suddenly gets pixelized, this was near the end. I had my first false awakening, weird as hell.
    6. Best dream that I EVER had: Wolves

      by , 05-13-2014 at 01:56 PM
      THIS was by FAR the BEST dream that I have EVER had.. <3 I love wolves, too.. I always have since I was a kid. Here it goes:

      My husband, Jeff, and I were in the woods and we were talking to a bunch of Navajo Native Americans.

      *The woods were beautiful.

      *I looked around and noticed that there were wolves surrounding us.

      *I walked deeper into the woods and three wolves got really close to me.*

      I felt fear at first but that quickly went away when they came right up by my side and I started to pet them.

      *As I was petting them I felt calm, peaceful, and spiritual. The wolves were so gorgeous.*

      I felt so happy. I woke up feeling great, amazing.*

      A part of me wonders if the wolf was my spirit guide visiting me in my dreams.

      *I love wolves. I have a spiritual connection with them. I always have..

      *They are absolutely amazing. I wish I would have this dream again and again. It was the best dream that I have had in my entire life! This dream can also be found in my personal blogger, dream blog..

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    7. First lucid!

      by , 05-01-2013 at 03:37 PM (Raven's Roost)
      Hell yea!

      14 days after learning about lucid dreaming, I have finally had a tiny glimpse into the world of lucid dreams!

      I was an all-star basketball player in my college, and we had our first game of the season. I was super nervous because I have never played basketball on a real school team, but I told myself to believe in my skills. The game was super vivid and fun to play in, and we ended up winning the game.

      After the game an older man came up to me, dressed in a black suit. He congratulated me on a game, and then asked me if I knew anyone by the name of Dimitri, or some Russian name. I said no and kind of laughed, but he didn't find it funny. He then said "We know about your brother, and what he did." Suddenly I realized that somehow he though my brother (that I don't have IWL) and I were the Boston Massachusetts bombers, and I panicked. I assured him he was confused and he told me that in five minutes an FBI squad was going to search my room.

      I ran back to my room and was freaking out. I knew I was innocent but it was still terrifying. I began to hear dogs savagely barking, and I knew they were coming after me. I left my room and stood in the hall, thinking about what I should do. Can I fight them? What skills do I have? This is crazy... Like a... I then realized that this was so crazy that I must be dreaming!

      I looked at my hands to find my fingers all rubbery, with green oozing slime on my palms.


      I suddenly realize that its a dream and my vision becomes electrified as I zoom into my dreamself. The hallway I am in snaps into vivid detail and color and my heart EXPLODES with excitement. The wall is divided in half horizontally, the top half white and the bottom half a nice floral green. Light is filtering in from some window and I can feel the clarity and warmth. The walls are chipped and textured, incredibly vivid. I remember that getting too excited will make me lose it, so I stare at the floor and try to focus on it - but I expect to lose it and therefore I do...

      I woke up right after and looked at the clock - 6AM on the dot. I smiled to myself, replayed it in my head a few times, then went back to sleep.

    8. Three vivid dreams in one night!

      by , 04-24-2013 at 03:37 PM (Raven's Roost)
      Hey guys! I managed to have three vivid dreams last night, and while they were all quite short I was proud that I can now remember three, when I could barely remember one just 6 days ago! None were lucid, however .

      Why am I wearing a Towel/ Dog-Llama

      In my first dream, I was with a cute girl from one of my friend groups, dressed in nothing but towels. We were walking outside on a bright winter day. I could't feel the cold, and this should have tipped me off that it was a dream, but alas it did not. As we came around a bend, my family stood on the snowy sidewalk, all letting their dogs play. I had never seen these dogs before, but it seemed to make sense that they all had at least two dogs. It was my father, step mother, two pairs of aunts and uncles, and my grand parents - all having a grand time. Upon closer inspection, I find that one of my grandmother's dogs are really strange looking. Upon waking I will realize that it looked like a strange dog because it was a llama. Come ON dream me! Get your shit together!

      The girl I was with played with the dogs for a while, then declared that we needed to get one. For some reason there was a Mac home PC on a pedastal outside, so I decided to show her how cute Husky-Lab mixes are. I remember her smiling, and her eyes being incredibly blue. Like really blue... And as I started to get certain feelings *cough* my dream faded out.


      When the dream fades back in I'm on my back in a high-school art room, laying on a table. The girl I was just with is standing near my knees, and we finally have clothes on, (though I'll come to find my fly down after a few minutes... sigh). There are a bunch of science projects set up, however I begin to sing Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy", and everyone joins in. I sing it REALLY well (I'm a singer IWL, but I was hitting crazy high notes), and it was a blast. Everyone knew their part and we threw down an incredible acapella (a full song with just voices) remix of it... Pretty sure this dream came from my girlfriend forcing me to watch Pitch Perfect.

      After its over we all go back to our stations, and some kid explains to me how there is enough grease in most human hair that you could condense it and turn it into edible spam. Vom.

      Fragment: Call of Duty

      Two little twelve-year-olds discuss Call of Duty, and it turns out that the blonde one that looks like a punky future Skin-Head is ranked 50 something-ith in the world. I grab a controller and as I stare at the TV I become the soldier I'm controlling. Evidently this is normal, as I don't panic. Right off the bat I start totally destroying the enemy, who are dressed in black combat gear with black gas masks. Its in a sunny, open area just outside of a modern, expensive house and a really nice modern garage with cool cars. I end up killing 15 of them before I slowly wake up.

      Quite a busy dream night, and really clear recall! I am dissapointed that I still haven't had a lucid, but I know that I first have to have lots of vivid dreams so I can find my dream signs. Not worried! I seem to come very close to realizing I'm dreaming every dream too, so I have hope. Tonight I will try a WILD around 4 AM.
    9. [Psychedelic]

      by , 10-04-2012 at 11:15 PM
      Another old dream I forgot to record. This one was incredible and vivid. I'll do my best to describe it as I remember...
      So I became lucid while dreaming I was in my house in the foyer. Facing my front door, I was excited to discovered what waited beyond. When I opened the door I gazed in utter awe at a gorgeous and vivid night sky. In the sky was a nebula-like image. It looked like a tree made of purple stars outlined with gold ones for the leaves. It was amazing- one of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. I decided to enjoy the psychedelic ride as it became more nonsensical and magical. I soared over my neighborhood and watched all kinds of weird, imaginary creatures zip by me in all directions. I saw flying lizards and latched onto one to ride it. I rode the lizard forwards into the night and saw eagles fly over my neighbors' houses and giant dogs the size of a mall trample by. The scenery began changing as I soared on my light-green lizard, grasping its vividly scaly and wrinkly neck. I was in a restaurant now, flying throughout. The weird creatures continued to swarm around and eventually I met Neptune holding his shiny trident. We were going to engage in combat, but then I stopped him and said something along the lines of, "Wait- hold on. You know what's really frustrating? When you can't make your Ikran appear. You know what? Let's all just be friends. Why are we fighting?" And him and a bunch of people from school and myself walked on happily ever after. The end! Lol
    10. I had this dream on the 10 of august but internet failed

      by , 08-15-2012 at 07:59 PM
      Im in a house with a little boy that can creat matter
      he turns popcorn too skittles they tast good

      Im flying around the clouds are pink and mostly gold it cool I looking for somone I thought I found them but it was a imposter in a jetpack they wernt realy fly on there own like me

      Im fly whith the person I found back were I came from on my back its a girl I havent been there in a long time clouds are still gold

      Im the boy that can creat matter im grown up im mad the girl took so long to come back we are standing on a lake and every where u walk the water freezes on the service of the water I walk a ice circle around the girls

      Im me agian we have took kill the bot who creats matter now beaxuse he is crazy we tie him too a stove and blow up the house

      Were outside the house trying too get away before it blow but we are delayed we are in a jeep amd john trying to get his friend in with his bike the house starts to blow up so we speed of down the street with is friends bike holding the outside of the car I think he gonna get a ticket
      Tags: amazing, vivid
      memorable , non-lucid
    11. Fantastic lucid dream

      by , 05-11-2012 at 08:38 PM
      I can remember that I was at a festival. Bright, sunny colors and all that. I remember a moonbounce (or bouncy castle, whatever you like to call it), probably red and yellow in color, I remember. Later on in the dream, I was eating some festival food with 4 or 5 of my friends. Somehow, I became lucid. I remember telling my friend, Jake, who was sitting right across from me that he was just a dream character. He didn't seem particularly fond of talking about that, but he did admit that he was just a dream character. Later on in the dream, it was nighttime. I thought about where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. I looked at the night sky, and I thought to myself that I could travel to any one of the stars that I saw. But for some reason, the blackness and loneliness of space seemed morbidly frightening. So instead, I saw a large red barn a little ways away. Perhaps about 30-50 yards. Anyway, still being lucid, I wanted to take a great leap and jump onto the roof. So I jumped. As is often the case with my lucid dreams, I jumped higher than normal, but I couldn't quite get there with my one jump. So after I could tell that I was going to descend and not make the edge of the roof, I decided to flap my arms like a bird to slow my descent. This worked fine, but I wasn't going up. I concentrated on knowing that I could do anything, and I began to float to the top of the roof. I got tired of it being nighttime after this, and I thought of how I could change night to day. I saw a little slide tab in the sky, like the one you could see on an iPhone except more rounded and more translucent white.
      I knew that the slide tab would change night to day. So I merely treated the sky like a touchscreen, and moved the slide tab to the right. Night turned to dawn, and dawn turned to noon.
    12. Dragons, and wise words.

      by , 02-24-2012 at 01:59 PM (Enter the mind of Ladendais)
      I do not particularly remember a lot of this dream, but I do remember bits and pieces that I would like to write down. My memory picks up standing outside of my old middle school, and I am standing next to a rather old individual that closely resembles some sort of elf. I am apparently a certain race that has been trained by this elf, and I am asking a few questions about various topics. When I asked "How long have you been training people?" he simply responded in a rather wise crack tone, "I've been training your people for billions of years". Just after he said that he cast some sort of magic on me and he flew away into the distance. I assume this magic was some sort of "Dragon speak" like the type on Skyrim. Shards of rocks began to sprout out of my body, and I started yelling as I circled up into the air. My voice was very loud, and with each shout a feeling of pure awe came over me and it was getting stronger by the second. I remember calling out for "Talos" and a huge dragon flew from the sky, bigger than anything I remember seeing within my dreams before.

      The feeling that I had was simply mind blowing, words cannot describe, but epic would be the best way to confer the feeling. I soon find myself inside of the school setting within the halls with this giant dragon, and I seem to be questioning him as I pet him. I cannot remember the conversation between myself and this dragon, but I do remember that his words were wise.This has to be one of the most memorable dreams I have ever had simply because the scale of this dragon was just unimaginable, and the feelings of power and overall excitement were overwhelming.
    13. Christmas Parade (Nov 30)

      by , 12-03-2011 at 01:30 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      The scene opens with me my dad and my little brother walking up to the end of our street. There is snow completely covering the ground. Everyones house has ligts around it and it illuminates the night. My dad sits down on a bench where a couple fiercly making out then coming down the street is the parade. It was amazing to see in such a vivid dream. Elves were directing reindeeres with lights that changes to the colors of christmas. Then the sleigh came down without a santa and then behind the sleigh was a loose reindeer. It went onto a ladies porch across the street she pet it, it then came over to where I was it came up behind me and bumped me in the back. I ran and climbed on to a van I then felt backwards/dizzy and rolled off onto the snow in the front of the car. The reindeer starts coming over to meet me as the parade still goes by. The dream ends.
    14. My Little Alternate Universe

      by , 10-31-2011 at 03:11 AM (The Absurd Adventures of CWHunt)
      This dream happened years ago. And when I say that I mean YEARS. I was probably 8-9 years old. All I know is that it is probably the most memorable, and vivid, dream I have ever had. An interesting thing about this dream was that this was before I knew what lucid dreaming was. You will understand why that is important later...
      This dream probably spanned over the course of six months, but it skipped forward quite a bit. Just... you'll find out.

      Just A Normal Day...
      I awake in my bed with usual ease and quickly venture down the stairs. Nothing seems wrong, and why should it? I get myself some breakfast and get ready for school when my sister comes down and asks what I'm doing here. Of course, I question this as my father comes in and looks at me in sudden shock. It doesn't take long before he explains to me that I died in a car accident about 5 years ago with my mother. What? My mom isn't dead. I saw her last night before I went to bed.
      I begin to explain this to them as they sit there and contemplate what is happening. They ask me how I got here. I explain to them I went to bed last night and now I'm here. Simple as that. My father figures it out. I am dreaming. I am dreaming in "their world". I really don't want to be here though. I want to be home with my real family, and to live my life normally. My father sends my sister off to school and tries to figure out how to wake me up.

      The Solution... Sorta
      After a few hours my dad finally thinks of something. I will live in this life for the time being while he works out a way to wake me up. This isn't the solution I was hoping for but I realized I could easily come to live in this world.
      Here is the thing. This is the world I have always wanted. This is my version of a utopia where nothing is wrong. In this world my house was exactly the same (back when I was 8-9), but it was placed in a neighborhood instead of the country. I hate the country. Not that I despise it, but I don't want to live in it.
      Can't say my idea on the country has changed since then...
      I think a month or two skipped. I was still living in this world and I had grown to love it. I still wanted to return home though. This dream may seem boring to you but it was the life I have always wanted. I almost feel sadness thinking about returning though. I would return to this dream any day though, and I plan on returning to it once I get more control of my lucid abilities.
      Well, anyway, there was this insane storm. It was crazy and the lights were flickering on and off, and I can tell you I was pretty terrified of it. My dad suddenly realized out computer wasn't turned off and if we kept it on then if the power went off it could kill it. We all run upstairs and shut it off as the power goes out. We made it just in time. Time then skips another month.

      The First Attempt
      There was one really strange thing about this dream. It was logical (for the most part). Nothing seemed off about it. Time was always how it should have been, and everything in my house was the exact same way in my real house.
      I awoke at about 11 at night for some reason and was so excited because I thought I was finally awake. I also had a sudden wave of sadness as I walked down the stairs. I never even got to say goodbye. Things changed as I entered the kitchen. Our living room connects to the kitchen and I saw my dad watching TV in it. I looked into my kitchen and noticed that one of our tables was replaced with some strange blue laser machine. I asked my dad what it was and he told me it should shock me awake. I was pretty happy. And I also wasn't. I said my goodbye to him and told him to tell my sister goodbye as I walked into the laser.
      I was still here and nothing had changed. He had a disappointed look because his contraption didn't work, but I knew he was happy I was still there. I could just feel it. I went on up to bed again and slept.

      The Pickle Salesmen
      My sister arrived home from school and told me that her class was selling pickles to win a trip of your choice. I thought going around the neighborhood would be a great idea, and she had no trouble agreeing. We set off from the house and sold those pickles like wildfire. That sounds... really, really weird.
      We sold enough to win her the trip and we returned home. My dad then told me he might have a way to finally send me home. He was keeping it a surprise until the next day though. For some reason I was wishing that day would never come. This was my home now. I almost wanted it to be...

      The Final Goodbye
      I awoke, still in the dream, and did some normal things. It was around noon when I went outside and started to hang with some of my friends that I had made during my time in this dream. My father came up carrying a skateboard and told me that I could go home now. He put the skateboard down and told me to lie on my back on it, and then push. It would wake me up.
      I knew this was the end. I was leaving for good. This was probably the most emotional goodbye that I have ever had to make in a dream. I hugged everyone around my block and got on the skateboard. Everyone was smiling. I really remember that. They were so happy for me. I just laid there while they waited for me to finally return from where I came.
      I let out that final goodbye and pushed. I flew backwards. The skateboard went faster and faster, but I still saw their waves of goodbye in the midst of the blur. The neighborhood slowly turned into a speck as I flew further and further back into blackness. I suddenly awoke in my bed the next morning.
      I was home...

      I am going back. Nothing will stop me from returning there. I don't care if that was just a memory in my head being morphed into something bigger than it needed to be, but I will never forget this dream. I think about it all the time, and this proves there is nothing but joy in a dream if you really believe in it. I may have been lucid, but I didn't care. I just wanted to be there. If I had known what lucid dreaming was during that time I bet you I would have skipped this entire adventure by. In the midst of my mind there is one thing that will always stand out forever, and ever.
      This one, single, dream.
    15. First successful wild omfg i'm freakin' out!

      by , 10-27-2011 at 08:31 PM (The Stories of my Dreaming Mind)
      So I wake up after the non-lucid dream that I will post next, and write down that dream into my dream journal. I don't want to look at the time, I'm too lazy and excited over this non-lucid dream. Then after about 10 or 15 minutes of excited wake time of writing a dream down, using the washroom, getting extra blankets etc, I feel awake, but not too awake. I go back to bed. I'm like, well it's a coincidence to be waking up in the middle of the night and having this huge impulse to try WILDing again. I take that as a sign. I go back to bed where I WILD. I don't even feel SP, but the vibrations and sounds etc I do feel. I don't see any hypnagogic hallucinations however.


      Then after about 5 minutes, I think I might be in a dream because the vibrations stopped. So I will myself to feel them again just to make sure, and slowly there came on a very strong vibration feeling like normal, and it quickly went away. I said, okay maybe this is a dream now I calmly do a nose RC and it works! I FUCKING FREAK OUT. I quickly sit up in my bed super excited and flipping out. I observe my room which looks exactly like my real life room. I do another reality check. The fact that I can breathe through my fingers is really cool. I don't see anything in my room though, it's very dark. I remember to rub my palms together, it doesn't really do anything to enhance the dreamscape but it feels so damn real!!! Then I notice how my room is still really dark, there should be something lighting it up. The moment that thought comes into mind, I notice some sunlight in the middle of my room, which is actually looking sort of like a mirror or a view of really nice tall townhouses that look similar to this lazy concept art I drew of it:


      I'm like, those are really nice houses. Hey, I could make those houses be my neighbourhood now! So I do. I look outside my window, it's not super vivid this part, but I see this new neighbourhood.

      Seamlessly, the dream takes me to the back seat of a car driven by my dad, with mom sitting next to him. I am sitting in the middle seat of the back seat. Hannah is sitting right next to me on the left. I say hi. She says hi! I tell her about my successful WILD and how this is all a dream and how sooo excited I am about having my first LD in 2 years, let alone a successful WILD done in 5 minutes after less than a week of practice! I keep ranting about this on and on. She is very interested and is as excited about this as I am. She laughs so much. I do weird sounds with my mouth because I'm having fun freaking out, and she laughs about that forever. Haven't seen her laugh so much before. Then I notice I'm getting a little caught up in the dream reality. I don't notice that I'm letting the dream control the dream, but I'm just ecstatic to be conscious in this dream and that everything is just as real as in real life! I hear the car vrooming, I see the trees passing by outside and everything! My parents aren't talking though. Nobody is talking unless I talk something to them. It's like everyone is much more obviously now, just projections that are much lower than me because I'm the one conscious in my own dream.

      Anyway, I have the intent of scanning my surroundings more. I want to observe the trees go by through the window. Seamlessly, and without even being able to notice, Hannah and I switched seats. She watches me intently. Everyone who isn't driving etc is watching me intently, like they find my presence very interesting, or like since I like positive attention in real life, the dream works it out perfectly for me. I watch the trees outside, noticing every detail, every leaf, branch, etc. The trees are too tall and too dense to see the sky. I'm done observing, time to continue to chat excitedly with Hannah. We talk about normal things too, but she is completely find with talking about anything at all. So I talk about this dream again. I am amazed that the feeling of the car is the exact same as in real life. Then I continue to watch things go by outside. I am still aware that this is a dream, but due to my more passive nature, I'm unintentionally letting the dream take me where it wants for now. I see the shape of an elephant in a black bag atop some large machine on a farm. "Hey look, there's elephants on this farm." Hannah looks and reacts the same way I am to it, fascinated, yet bored.

      The car stops at a bulk barn looking place that I've seen in another non-lucid dream before. It's my future school, Max the Mutt Animation School in dream form, yet it's not. We walk in. Seamlessly, Hannah and I are now in that high school that Blaine from Glee went to. IT'S SO COOL yet neither of us realize that this school looks like Glee. We explore the area, meet new people, I make a new friend. There's a cafeteria at this school which is also a room where they make awesome motivational speeches and proud speeches about their school. Everyone is wearing a Warblers uniform, or something with the same colour themes. We continue to explore, and I get caught up in the dream.

      Then I am at the other version of this school, the version that does not look like glee, but like how I picture an arts college in the dream I guess. I am with my parents this time, and Hannah is off somewhere. I remember, "Oh that's right this is a dream. I can't forget that!" (those are thoughts/out loud thinking). My parents nod their heads. Everyone is quiet and watching me intently, and talkative only if I subconsciously want them to be. Then I think "I haven't fiddled with my surroundings yet, this would be a good time to do that." My parents agree. Everyone agrees. Whatever I say goes.
      So the room looks like a plain art room first seeing it without observing it. Then I start to observe my surroundings, and I'm surprised that it's fancier than I thought it was before observing. I close my eyes, think of changing the wall to another colour, open my eyes, there it is. I look at the objects, close my eyes, think of changing them to this, open my eyes, they become this. I change the white marble floor to beige marble, and then a red carpet because I find that a very fancy carpet colour. I change the room to a very fancy art room. I move to the next room.

      I want to change the room, but the dream takes me to another place, which is the cafeteria place of the Glee warblers school again. Mom and Dad are there.. somewhere. Hannah is near me, watching me intently once again. There is a band performing on stage. Everyone is watching me intently.

      I suddenly feel strange. First I slightly forget that it's a dream again, and I am called to perform a song or something at the microphone, and I feel a little heavy, and I collapse. Everyone, my parents, Hannah, are surrounding me trying to get me to wake up. In that state, I tell myself, well this is just a dream. But what if the extreme vividness and realisticness of the dream causes me to get stuck in the dream because my mind can't distinguish if I'm awake or not? I push those worries aside. I know that if I wanted to wake up, I would because I could. For now I still want to enjoy this dream, and I am amazed at how long this dream has lasted already. It felt like hours has gone by.

      Then some other stuff happens that I can't exactly grasp.
      Then I wake up in my bed again. I think, holy crap what an awesome dream OMFG I WILDed!!! And then my mom comes into my room, and puts up a poster of the bulk barn-looking max the mutt animation school. It's a halloweeny poster. She puts it up right across my bed so I can see it. She asks me if this is okay, I say yes. Then I realize, but wait, didn't I just wake up? I do an RC. Holy crap I'm still dreaming!!! OMFG what a looong dream and super realistic omgosh okay.

      I rub my palms together once again, and observe my room. The sun is rising. There is a fat girl sitting next to my bed. I think, what is she doing here? Then I think, oh maybe I could use her for sex in this dream. Then I think, then again, other stuff is more fun to do in a dream.

      Then I wake up again. I do an RC. I'm still dreaming. Holy crap! I think to myself. Then I try to think of a place I could go to. I remember, oh that's right, I'm obsessed with Tron! Let's go there! I imagine the scene where Sam enters the grid. I don't place it in my surroundings though, I imagine it, and nothing happens. The imagination is as vivid/not vivid as in real life, so this will have to go into my theory again. I remember that the way it worked before was that I played with my surroundings to get there. I was about to, and then...

      I wake up. HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT I think to myself, and then go on the computer to write my dream.

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