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    1. 15-04-16 “Amazon Calling”

      by , 04-15-2016 at 05:34 AM
      I only remember a single fragment, but it was a rather powerful vision/exit dream. Got up maybe 10 minutes ago, still blurry and associative fluid.

      I see a vision of expanding consciousness, it is expanding into light from the top of my perceptual field. There is a brief moment of pre-verbal reflection on my increased capacity to enter these expanded quasi-mystical states.

      An image appear, or rather it is a translucent spectral scenario, set against the backdrop of the fluid shadows in darkness at the back of my eye lids.

      It is a river bank, the river is wide, it is the Amazon. The trees are in-differentiable, there are so many. The image twirls inwards on itself as slightly to my left The Golden Python makes a brief appearance, she has business with me. Intent is clear, content incipient – I hear you Mother!
    2. Amazonial Dream Fragments

      by , 08-28-2014 at 11:28 AM
      I looked at various sites on the internet for plane tickets to South America while lying on a double bed. Next to me a loud, plump quintessential Spanish woman with black hair,a corset top and black knickers on knelt beside me. I could sense a male presence in the room. She started ranting in Spanish,something about "poquito".
      I returned the banter with a couple Portuguese phrases like "tash Fish,Ta bong,toet beng".
      I watched as the computer visualization on the screen was flying (or was I??) over the Earth and started moving through the depths of the Amazon jungle.
      I observed entranced.

      (Scene change)
      I sat in a toilet cubicle with Brandon,and old friend,while he showed me the new cellphone designs.
      He then takes a medium sized onion out of his pocket and proceeds to cut it in half with a sharp knife.
      According to him this was the new telephonic device of choice.
    3. Surfing the Amazon

      by , 05-30-2011 at 05:56 PM (Another Universe)
      Surfing the Amazon (Non-lucid)


      Just a really memorable dream that happened a long while ago...

      The dream started off with me rowing down the Amazon river in a canoe carved out of wood. Everything was so peaceful. As i slowly row down, i see all these different tribes and villages all along the sides of the river. All of them had huts built with twigs and mud with the native children running around and playing and the older people painting tribal patterns on their faces. All of a sudden, i see a wave forming behind me which is growing faster and faster untill it was about 12-14 foot big. The funny thing was,i didn't panic at all. instead I threw my paddle into the water,stood up on my canoe and it turned into a surf board! so there i was,surfing a 14foot monster wave in the middle of the amazon when i saw an end to the river up ahead with a massive waterfall. Again, i didn't panic. When i reached the waterfall,i jumped off the board,head first into the unknown as if i were jumping into the safety of a swimming pool. The fall felt as if it was going on forever,like i was almost flying.. Never have i felt so free in my life! Then i saw a pool under me. As i fell into the pool,i looked up...it was breath taking..All around me were fish and creatures of all colours, the sun forming diamonds on the ripples of the surface of the water. I swam up slowly,enjoying every moment of i was a part of this world.. When i reached the surface,i woke up,ecstatic.