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    1. Stubborn Food Cart in War Zone

      by , 07-24-2014 at 10:33 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      In a sandy environment, not much green anything around, I am with a few military people and we suddenly come under attack by people who have their faces and heads covered with big thin scarves. We are behind some sort of make-shift wall, with a few sand bags on top, and return fire. Outnumbered, about 30 to 5, we're not that confident we'll survive. Huge rockets and mortar shells fall from the sky nearby and explode, sending one of us flying through the air.

      I look to my right and a massive space ship takes off, but drops the main thrusters too soon to get to space. It flies back and forth across the sky overhead. At least 3 times, it passes by, not that far off the ground. It looks like someone is using it to escape the conflict here. The shooting stops, and we are briefly left to prepare for another possible attack. We're too few, and too poorly equipped to venture outside of our defenses here.

      Walking into a walled off back-yard type area, I look for a gun. There are a lot of single shot rifles, but I'm looking for one with a big magazine capacity. I find one, but it shoots smaller caliber bullets. Well, it'll have to do. I also look for more mags, but only see 1 extra. I load them fully. A little strange how they are all squishy like they're made of gelatin. I can force more bullets in, but they squish around and look like they'll jam the gun, so I take a few out until it looks like it'll work smoothly. Then I look for a hand gun as a backup. I see a few on a table, and then notice a rather large hand gun, with a forward grip on it, almost like a sub-machine gun, but more so a hand gun. A little bigger than what I wanted, it looks like it'll do the trick, so I attach a sling to it and swing it over my shoulder, making sure to load it fully, and grab an extra mag for it as well.

      One of my friends tells me that these guns don't use the same ammo as everyone else. I'm okay with that, I'll just have to scavenge ammo from the bodies of our attackers if I need it.

      I take my defensive position again and notice there are some local people setting up their mobile food cart right in front of us. I walk up to them and tell them it's not safe to be here, and they have to move it further away. I walk back, and notice they only moved 10 ft to the right. So I return, and tell them to move further! They argue about it and I tell them that if there's another attack, our attackers will no doubt use their truck as a place to take cover, and we'll have to shoot everyone in it. They must move further away. They still don't want to move, so I raise my voice telling them, "You will be shot if you stay here! I don't want to shoot you, but you are in the line of fire, and you have to move!" They listen, and move out of sight.

      Walking back toward the main wall, I end up in a tunnel where people are training to be extra tough. Rather dark in the tunnel, streaks of light come in through an air vent on the side, leaving most of the room in a dark blue color. Some guys are hanging from spiked ropes that they grabbed onto, and someone shoots live rounds nearby. Accidentally, one person is shot in the leg and falls off the spiked ropes. Everyone is hanging at the end of the tunnel, where there is a 30 ft drop over some sand. I run over that way, and jump down the hole, landing in the sand below. The guy is alright, and still really happy with the training. We both grab onto some of the bottom spikes on these long ropes, and pull ourselves off the ground.
    2. Resistance fighter

      , 02-18-2014 at 07:07 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2.18.14 Tuesday

      Last night, bed shortly after 11pm - 9:45am

      11pm seems to be my magic hour for good recall.

      DR 9:45am

      I'm with a large group of people. Something is going on. Revolution or something similar. I'm looking for some ammo. I'm finding lego pieces, but no ammo. I know I have some BB pelets somewhere, and right now, I would be happy with them, if no real ammo.

      I'm walking on a street, side by side with another person, and crowds are walking behind us. There is a guy coming towards us. He doesn't look threatening, bu we just don't know. Just to be sure, I raise my pistol so he knows that I'm vigilant and he better don't pull any crap.

      I'm in a small room. Old men is on the bed. This other person I came with is talking to him, and I scoot closer as well. He seems to be the old leader of the group that we are leaders of now. He seems to be very nice, kind and benevolent.
    3. Intruder

      , 12-02-2013 at 06:48 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Monday 12.02.13

      Last night bed 11:30pm

      I'm in a garden at my childhood house. Lots of people there. There is a man, that is walking around the cellars hallway and also the yard. He walks around slowly, with sinister purpose. I have a gun and it seems like i also have ammo. It's in a small ammo box. Ammunition is small, golden in color, or yellow brass.

      I tell someone to lock all their doors and to call my mom and others to stay in their apartments. That's when i see my mom, cluelessly peeking out of one of the doors leading to the yard. I yell at her to get back inside and lock the doors.

      In the meantime, I keep shooting the guy, with no effect. I keep reloading the gun, but now the bullets are getting all messed up. They are tiny, deformed, and mixed in with stuff like lint and other stupid things. The intruder is now heading towards us. So I run up to him and knock him out cold.

      I'm asking a neighbor if I should call 911, or the non-emergency number. She says non-emergency, since we got him neutralized.
    4. Holster; snakes

      , 08-10-2013 at 09:17 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Saturday 8/10/13

      last night bed 2am -7am (breaking bad marathon)

      DR 3:58 am
      Some kind of mayhem going on. Two cops were shot. I need something for protection so I grab a pistol from fallen cop. I also grab his holster with extra magazine, and same from another cop. His holster was small, light beige. Just like the one Walter was trying on in Braking Bad today.

      In a room with people, we escaped here from the gunmen who shot the cops. I have a handheld device with screen, that shows gunmans presence. He is getting closer.

      DR 7am
      I have a small, plastic critter-keeper box with dozens of newborn snakes. I see them clearly. They are a size of a small earth worm, greyish, with black zog-zag line on the side. The crate has sand and some plants in it. Some of the snakes are out of the box. I'm laying down and I'm worried that some of them may get in my clothes.

      i know I can't keep them alive to get bigger, so I think of a way to kill them. I hate the idea of having snakes and even more the idea of having to kill them. I grab scissors and start cutting them.

      I woke ip after this and wanted to go back to sleep, but the images were still so vivid in my mind and I was so uncomfortable, that I decided to stay up.

      Tried to take a nap around 9am, but cats had different ideas.

      Fell asleep around 1, woke up abruptly to cats again. Good thing, too.

      DR - It a last day of school and I feel incredibly, monumentally sad. Same feeling as I had in WL, when my school in P was over. It took me good 6 month to recover from that IWL. Loved that school so much. Had no idea dreams can replicate feeling to this degree.

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      Tags: ammo, police, weapons
    5. 3/20/13 - Murderous cousin/Evil lip gloss/Perverted class/Stalked clipper ship - (took b-6 vitamin)

      by , 03-20-2013 at 10:02 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm walking up my grandma and grandpas drive way. It's long enough to fit 11 or 12 cars on it probably more, and it goes uphill. My cousin appears behind me about 20 feet away, he has a semi-automatic rifle of sorts, and is chasing me up the drive way and shooting at me. He some how misses me each time even though the bullets are flying so close past me. I hear his feet steps getting closer behind me, so I decide I'd better turn around & fight him off. When I turn around he's right behind me and he aims is rifle right at me, but I quickly grab it and pull it from his grasp. I aim the rifle at him and shoot at his right arm, my bullets hit him through his right arm, but his arm just turn skinny and gimpy, no blood or pain or anything. Then he grabs a small hand gun from out of his pocket and swings his gimpy arm up, with each arm swing a bullet is shot towards me, so I decide to continue running to my grandmas house. He is still chasing me, I run into the open garage, then I sloppily open the door in the garage that leads into the house, my grandma is cooking something in the kitchen, I run up to her and tell her that my cousin is chasing me and trying to shoot me, then he to enters the house, only now he has morphed into when he was like 6 or 7 years old, he was a crybaby, so now he runs to his mom who is just standing in the hallway, I'm confused as to what she is doing here, because she has been divorced out of the family & has done horrible things to my family so why would she be aloud in this house?? I run up to her and tell her that he was trying to shoot me, then she asks him if it is true, then he bursts into tears trying to get sympathy or something, he tells her that I was the queen and that he wants to be the queen. I just walk towards the door that leads to the garage and tell my grandma that I'm gonna go to grandpas to get more ammo because I know my cousin will go after me again when people aren't around, she says alrighty and kisses my on my head and I make my way. When I get to my grandpas door he answers and hugs me, I tell I need ammo to fend someone off, he goes digging around and brings me this homemade looking ceramic jar, it has 6 or 7 bullet in it, and two weird looking rings, rings I feel are important to my grandpa, I wonder if he knows they are in the jar because surely he wants them, then I wonder if he is giving them to me for protection and luck, I don't know. I make my way down the driveway in a baby blue 57 chevy, then a black car pulls up slowly beside me, and it's my enemy but it isn't my cousin anymore he turned into somebody else, he tells me he gives up and will leave me be, then drives ahead of me and I drive behind much slower until the black car turns to the right in the road, I usually come and go from the right, but when I got to the end of the driveway I see the black car pulling away from a car that is just sitting in the side road dirt facing me just waiting, so Instead of going right as usual I take a left, as I do this my chevy turn into a mountain bike, and I know I can't get far on bike in a car chase so I look to my right and see this black road go into the brush that I'd never seen before, I turn onto this road and the car sees this and goes off roading on the land before this road so I decide to get off the bike and run away on foot, and I run on the road side through nature still going left. For now I seemed to have lost him, but now I suddenly am on a black Harley Davidson with my niece holding on to my waist, It's getting quite dark, the sun is almost completely down, while riding on the highway my niece points out this place to the left of the road that is full of lit up jumpers with kids playing. I pull in to let my niece play in the jumpers for a little while. I tell her we can't stay for to long because I feel we are still being pursued. I go into a jumper with her, It's amazing, usually jumpers are just square shaped and although these jumpers are pure white, they have stairs, holes, tunnels nooks and corners. While admiring the jumper I notice that all my pockets are empty, I panic and tell my nice that I've been picket pocketed, and then she just gives me a smug look and pulls my wallet and stuff from behind her back, and I snag my stuff obviously not amused. I tell her it's time to go so we walk to the motorcycle I see that my rifle was just left in a leather pocket on the side for anybody to just take it, and people where there checking it out, but I tell them to fuck off and me and my niece get on and drive off. I see that across the street is a gas station, I decide to pull into the gas station for no reason and I take my niece into the store and I tell her she can get something, she runs to the makeup section and she picks up a little container of dual color lip gloss and asks if she can get it so I tell it that is fine and we go the counter and I put the lip gloss on the counter and tell the woman I want to purchase this item, and she says we can only purchase the lip gloss if she puts some of it on everyone, I tell her I don't want wear any makeup and then she chases me and pins me down then smears a lot of the goop into my lips, now they're a horrid purple, and the woman puts some on my niece, and some on herself and some on all of her co-workers. I try desperately to get the lip gloss but it spreads all over the more I try, now it's covering my arms and it's all glittery. My niece isn't even moving like she doesn't mind. Then the dream scene changes suddenly and my niece is gone, and I don't know where I am, I walk and I see three girls hanging out and talking between what looks like a narrow alley entrance, the two building they are in between are blank and completely white like a cartoon, a very generic cartoon. Even the ground is completely white. I go down the alley and walk passed the three girls who are preppy and stuck up. I walk all the way to the end and it turns to the right and continues to a dead end with a door and two other doors across from each other on the side. I then realize this is a school of sorts, and those three girls are students. I go and lean against the wall between the end door and the door on the left, I accidentally lean on the side door and it makes a noise and an older man with a uni brow and dark hair and eyes opens it obviously annoyed and tells me not to lean on his door for it will distract his students during their testing. I slide a little closer to the end door and wait for the bell to ring so I can go into the class and learn whatever they are teaching. While I'm waiting a girl walks up and leans on the wall next to me. She has black hair and is shy, we give each other a shy smile and just stand there awkwardly and I'm nervous because I'm attracted to her. The bell rings but nobody comes out of the classroom, even though I heard them earlier through the doors. Me and the shy girl give each other a confused look, then just slowly and cautiously open the end door and peek in. We hear voices coming from behind us, so we look and its those three girls and they walk into the door that the guy who yelled at me was in and they slam the door shut. So me and the girl walk into the end class and shut the door behind us, in the classroom is no students desks, just a long white bench that goes along two walls, there is a older blonde woman at one corner, and boy with brown hair and a big nose sitting at the other end, me and the girl sit in the middle next to each other. The blonde woman seems to be the teacher, but she looks like a porn star or something. She is talking to the boy and when we listen into their conversation we hear him say that he likes to eat toilet paper that has been between a woman's vagina. The other three of us give each other a weirded out look, and then the teacher has toilet paper and wipes her self with it then tosses it for the boy to catch and it has a pink hue like she had her period and she says sorry but the boy says he eats toilet paper like that too, and begins to eat it in the most barbaric way, and it gets awkward in the room so me and the shy girl get up and leave the classroom and we never spoke to each other but we had the same energy wave so we didn't need to. I am disappointed that I didn't get to learn anything, It's like I craved new knowledge. Then the dream scene changes again and I'm on a clipper ship with a crew and none of them I know and they already know what to do, it is very dark, the sky is black I can't see a moon or any stars, the ocean its black and it scares me, the light I can see is from the dim lanterns and candles on my clipper ship, and the lights from the civilization on the nearing dock. We finally get there and my crew stays on the ship, when I get off I wonder why I even have a ship so I go to this man with White hair and ask him if he can help me sell my ship. He laughs at me and tells me nobody is going to buy my ship, confused I ask well why not? and he says that all the people are horrified of my ship, I again ask him well why? and then he says because your ship is forever followed by sharks, and I become afraid, and I think there is no way I'm getting back on that ship, so I abandon it and just wander the dock looking at all the lights and faces wondering what I'm to do.
    6. Group of fighters

      , 02-13-2013 at 02:08 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      I'm with group of fighters in a building with empty rooms, walls, but no roof. maybe well preserved modern ruins, remnants of a war. We are expecting an attack so I place some fighters in strategic places to keep watch. I'm not their leader. I'm walking among them, while they are resting, talking, getting their guns ready.

      I don't have a gun, so I'm asking everybody, if they have a spare. They don't. I find a shotgun type of weapon that shoots explosive rounds. i try it, load it, but it doesn't fire. Finally I find an assault rifle and the owner lets me borrow it. I know, I only need it until I get first enemy, then I can take his weapon, which I know are superior to ours. The guy adjust the seeting on my gun with a button next to digital displey. Then I'm going to wait for the enemy by the tunnel I know they will be coming from. They come and I fire. To my surprise, the bullets continue to fire at the first guy hit, even if I switch aim at someone else. I fire, till I run out of ammo.
      Tags: ammo, fighter, guns
    7. Non Lucid- Naruto, Tanks

      , 04-04-2011 at 12:04 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      KEY: Dream Lucid

      Tanks Dream
      I was running around with my friend and we were like inside of some game. It was in a big open desertlike place. I don't remember much but I do remember me and my friend saw a tank so I picked up a rocket lancher and shot it. I thought it was destroyed but it takes 2 shots to destroy it. Then I looked around for a new launcher cause mine was out of ammo. I looked, and realy far away, I saw one. *Don't remember what happened next.*

      Naruto Dream
      I was watching a commercial that was aying something about how Naruto is back. They showed a bunch of fight scenest, but there was a guy on a throne who had like a katana on his head and was fighting something off by smashing his head into whatever was attacking him. (There is no guy like that and his sword was backwards so it was not the sharp side he was hitting with.)