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    1. Search for Asuka

      by , 05-22-2017 at 11:13 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-19

      Search for Asuka

      I am in an amusement park with my mom and my brother John. We are waiting in line for a ride, it seems we have been waiting forever. We finally get up to be next and one of the cars pulls up to the platform. There are three seats there, perfect for the three of us. John gets on, then my mom, but when I was going to get on a bear comes from behind me, walking upright like a human, and takes my seat on the ride. My mom says I’ll just have to catch the next one. I’m annoyed that there is a bear taking my seat. The ride leaves and I walk away from it, passing two more bears who are next in line. I wander through the amusement park for a bit to find a ride I will go on by myself. I find a hall of mirrors and I decide to go in there.

      As I am walking into the hall of mirrors I see a man waiting at the entrance for me. I immediately recognize the man as MoSh. He asks if I think she is somewhere inside this maze. I ask who. He says Asuka, of course. Isn’t that why we’re here? So we go into the hall of mirrors and start looking around. The first thing I notice is the mirrors don’t reflect either MoSh or me. But they reflect each other in an infinity of mirrors which is quite disoriented. It’s hard to see where the paths are, so we make our way through it like blind people, groping our way with our hands. After making our way through the hall of mirrors for a while we find an exit. The exit leads to a large garden, a beautiful garden. There are many colorful flowers and green bushes and I hear water flowing somewhere nearby. I look around and MoSh wanders off a bit, then he says he sees her. I look in the direction MoSh is looking and I see a Japanese woman in a kimono. It’s Asuka.

      MoSh and I head over to see Asuka, there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with her. But as we are passing a hedge the thing attacks us! I see MoSh has a sword and he cuts the vines reaching for us. I use an Alex Mercer blade arm to cut more vines reaching for me. After a bit of pruning we get to where Asuka is. MoSh asks her where she’s been, she says she’s been here in the garden. MoSh says this isn’t her garden, though. Asuka seems disoriented as if she was on drugs or something. I look at some flowers that Asuka had been tending and getting too close to them makes me feel a bit light headed. Those must be there to keep Asuka drugged so she doesn’t try to leave. I tell Asuka she’ll feel better once she’s back in her own garden. She looks puzzled, but says ok. I focus on Through the Never and on getting to MoSh’s inner world. The portal opens and all three of us go through. Asuka says she feels sleepy and would like to rest. I figure the drug needs to wear off. MoSh takes her to a bedroom to rest, everything around me fades and I wake up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    2. Sky tower!

      by , 01-08-2017 at 07:42 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      This was from my dream journal notes from the night of 1/05-1/06. Unfortunately I did not remember any dreams from last night. Even though I got a good amount of sleep, the quality was poor and I woke up a lot.

      Dream 1: I was riding an Evolution ride, with a bunch of people. This included my tulpa, Tess, and an African American gentleman. I don't remember who else was there, but I remember many of the seats were filled.

      The difference was that we were inside, with a floor beneath us, so it wasn't as scary as the one I rode in the waking world a few years ago. Anyway, after a while it started going higher, and we realized that it was actually on the inside of a sky tower. So cool So we were actually riding a ride inside of another ride. Some weren't too happy about this, but I was excited. We reached the top of the tower, and then our cabin containing the Evolution dropped and free fell, which took me off guard. I wasn't expecting that at all!

      After the ride finished, I got off and I found my brother and sister waiting for me by the exit. I'm not sure if they rode the ride too or not. There was an exit sign that said to exit through certain shapes (there were differently-shaped holes in the fence). I found a random hole in the fence and exited the ride, and then the dream faded.

      Dream 2: False awakening! It was a Sunday morning. I was lying in bed, sort of waking up, but it was still like 6 AM so I decided to go back to sleep. I was looking for something in my bag. I found a thumbtack in there for some reason, and I immediately started having OCD fears about poking myself in the eye with it. I remember finding it weird because prior to that point, my OCD hadn't bothered me with that. But it wasn't quite enough to make me realize that I was dreaming. I got very close, though. Then I accidentally turned a kids' meal toy -- a puffball -- into a purple-black color, and it yelled out something. So now we have talking toys. Then my brother responded to the toy and then he woke up. (?) Oh, right! We BOTH woke up at an apartment in college, but we were roommates (not true in the waking world). Then he said "Oh no it's like 9:39!" and apparently we had church at 11 and ran the risk of being late. I freaked out for some reason, even though that should have been sufficient time to get ready, and then I woke up.

      Dream 3: Okay, I don't actually have any personal recollection of this one, but hey, it's in my dream journal.

      I was working at an office. There were a lot of people. Including an African American guy. (Same as before, maybe? I don't know why my brain keeps brining that to mind, of all things). Someone asked "Will you take the plates?" so maybe I went to a restaurant? I don't remember.

      Dreams from 1/06-1/07: I had already packed my DJ for college, so I had to type these into my phone, and boy is that annoying when you're half asleep!

      Dream 1: I was chased by some "sketchy people". One of them had an accent. I nimbly jumped away.

      Dream 2: I was on a boat, and it was rocking quite a bit in the water. I talked to a friend of mine that I haven't seen in forever.

      Dream 3: I was at a zoo. I can't remember which one. I was trying to talk to a lady there (an employee), but she was not interested in interacting with me or anyone else there. There was a panda that had been transferred from the Santa Barbara zoo. There were some little kids who I thought were annoying who wanted to watch a movie. Just a disclaimer: IRL, I actually don't find little kids to be annoying at all. I think they're cool. But we have different opinions in our dreams, I guess? :O

      This is the part where I became lucid. This is the gist of what I said: Within a dream, I was walking fully clothed in a river with many other people. There was an attraction of some sort. Might have been the river itself. Then, a typo reads "Loodpskarr mentioned case which I forget. My phone amen skethblkm are sodden." I have no idea what I actually meant by that, but I think I must have gotten my phone soaked in the river. OH! It was a Samsung! That's how I realized that I was dreaming!

      I talked to my aunt, who just randomly happened to be there, and told her that I thought I was dreaming, since I don't use Android phones IRL. I'm an iOS kind of guy. And then I woke up. :/ No time to do anything cool! D:

      After only 20 minutes, I had another dream. I was taking a Spanish class, and could do it but I was rusty. However I was confident that I could improve with time.
    3. Amusement Park Reprise

      by , 11-04-2016 at 07:40 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      We were at the amusement park again, but this time it was night. The group of people split up and me and a familiar person went to hang out around what looked like a courtyard, with roofs surrounding an opening. There were cushions and places to sit but there were also pools in the floor for some reasons.

      There was a small exhibit, like a school science fair exhibit, about a mascot named "Rocket" which was a... rocket. I told the DC that I thought Rocket was just a feminine of Rock before I remembered that rocket is a word. There was also some toy trains and tracks. I set something up but it went awry and the train fell over and spilled out the inhabitants which are figurines of Winnie the Pooh and friends, and somehow the train ran them over. We laughed.

      I then brought out my laptop to watch anime or something. This friend must've been close to me because he was already apparently faimiliar with my stash of hentai and nude selfies in my pictures folder which I had opened for some reasons. He seemed to mostly like women though. We mentioned something about having to go home soon.

      The anime started off on a rather... naughty start, but then it was about a girl and a boy in a magical academy. They were using a magical chest that let them project nightmare visions to prank people, but they got accidentally sucked into the chest and the chest closed and locked. Then began their adventure.
    4. Amusement Park

      by , 10-30-2016 at 12:38 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      Slept in today, can't really recall previous dreams.

      I was in an amusement park with friends from my boarding school. It was in Thailand. We're going to be here until 9PM which seemed a bit boring, even for amusement parks.
    5. Pretty Long Lucid Dream

      by , 10-28-2016 at 12:26 PM (My Dream World)
      Alright, I think this one my be one of my favorite dreams and probably my longest lucid dream right now. Some time before sleeping I took some melatonin (one tablet, this is the first time I ever used it) and I guess since it supresses rem sleep I had some kind of rem rebound after I woke up which gave me this long dream.

      I was in the street in front of my house, at night. I remember opening the front gate and going up the stairs. Details are kinda fuzzy but I remember entering my apartment and going to my room. I suddenly woke up but managed to stay still (might have swallowed, but didn't move) so I tought I might as well try DEILD. Now, I've tried deild many times before but I just get a lot of popping in my ears and the feeling of a numb body, then I just give up and get up. This time tough, I persisted and tried to imagine things, like dream scenarios. My toughts started getting derailed so I tried to imagine seeing my room's ceiling through my eyelids. I think I also tried to imagine the sensation of flying. There was one point were I decided I should get up and check if I'm dreaming. I opened my eyes and stood up, everything seemed pretty real until I did the nose RC and found out I was dreaming.

      I was pretty excited, running around the house trying to do some dream control. I don't remember very well what I tried to do but I remember not being able to control the dream with expectation and being confused because my recent LDs have had pretty good control. I went to my parent's bedroom and it was pretty dark so I imagined it becoming daytime outside. I looked through in the window and it was very early in the morning and still pretty dark, so I imagined the sun speeding across. Surely enough it started getting brighter and the sun speeded across the sky. I stopped it by shouting some command (maybe I held out my hand too) and I positioned the sun to the middle of the sky. I then told it to come closer. Closer! I began to try to pull it with my mind and it came closer and closer until it seemed to have engulfed everything. It was kinda like I was floating in space and I was now inside the sun which was blue now.

      The inside of the sun is kinda hard to describe. It was like it was empty and the outside of the sun was a thin blue forcefield. In the middle of the sun there was this little white dot which I tough was a blackhole. Eventually everything snapped back to normal and I was back in my parents' room. I continued trying to control things and failed, so I decided I should look for my Dream Guide again. I went into the hall and said out loud "Dream, I'm ready to meet my dream guide" but as soon as I said that, a voice said that I wasn't ready yet. I argued that I was and then I found out it was just the housemaid that used to work in my house.

      I figured that if I can't find a DG I might as well summon Yuu (she is a dream character I created in waking life). I extended my hand behind my back and felt a hand. When I pulled it back it was a doll and I tossed it aside. Walking towards the living room I did this again and failed somehow. I tried it again, imagining the feeling of her hand and succeded. There she was. I don't think I had seen her in such a vivid dream before. Her hair was bright pink, brighter than usual. I told her that she looked prettier than usual but I don't remember what she said, but I remember she was "smarter" than usual, like it wasn't just some random DC. She had a sweet fragrance to her which I also commented on. I told her we should go to her house. She manifested a pair of fancy magical pink scissors which she used to cut up a portal in the dream. I didn't create annything like that for her but it was pretty cool.

      We arrived in some kind of huge house (it looked like we had been shrunk) which kinda looked like mine. I remember there being some huge dogs which we played aroun with. The details are kinda fuzzy here. I asked her why this house was so big and she said "Because it's not my house!". She used the scissors again and we ended up inside a car in some street, at night. I remember there being some bright pink fuzzy dice hanging somewhere. The car seemed to be moving by itself. I told Yuu that I wanted to live here with her and she said something like "You just want the car!" but I said that I really meant it. We got out of the car and walked on the streets. I'm pretty sure there was snow. I really felt great at this moment, just walking around with her in this dimly lit street.

      Eventually I woke up in some amusement park at night, walking on some kind of orange catwalk towards some attraction. I was feeling really drowsy and had some drool on my face. I tought that, somehow, I was dreaming while I sleepwalked around the park. There were two guys behind me, who seemed to be dressed as Dumbledore and some other character. For some reason, they were following me while I sleepwalked. I called some guards because I felt they were creeps and the guard pinned them to the floor and told me to go to an attraction (it was some kind of bullet train with a lot of people getting on). I went towards it and when I entered the train I woke up.

      This was a pretty cool dream, I loved hanging around for the first time with Yuu. This dream is so long, tough, that I forgot some details, unfortunately.
    6. into the woods

      by , 04-19-2016 at 04:05 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm on vacations with my family, the path we're walking on it made to simulate a forest, but it's fake, like an amusement park. We walk between the well integrated attractions, looking around. Other the limits of the fake tree I catch a glimpse of a castle in full gothic architecture, all high spires and graceful arcs, in light gray stones and slab roofs. I décide to try and go there, and my family follow. We push past the fake trees into the remants of a real forest, with moss and ashes everywhere.
      On the trail we're following, there's a square tower, with a large wooden door, locked. I easily scale the wall and enter it through a window. It's an house, and I start exploring it. The ground level is a diing room with a dark wood flooring, the furniture old but loved. A rickety staircase, almost a ladder, leads up to a TV room with a large, nest-like sofa taking up most of the room, making it nest-like and confy. On the far wall, there's a opening that lead into a bathroom; I can make out the sink and a tiny bit of shower curtain. I take a ladder to the next level and find another dining room, with armchairs and a big window overlooking the forest. I climb up the wall and end up under the roof in a bedroom; the whole floor is the cushy and confy, and there's a lot of pillows, the whole room in effectively the bed. There are a couple off roof windows, making the room sunny. I try to climb up into the roof itself but it keeps elongating, closing around me and making it difficult to breath and move.
    7. 261115:Vague as shit, something about being in a Amusement Park and a Secret Ninja?!?!

      by , 11-26-2015 at 10:18 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in a place like a giant Chuck-e-Cheese's, there are multiple floors of cushioned walls and nets. I am walking around and meet a dreadlocked guy I know from school. I show him a green, poorly done, tattoo on my wrist that identifies me as part of the same ninja secret society he is a part of. We climb up to a higher floor where we look down and look out for trouble, some group is doing shady stuff in the park, we have to keep an eye out.

      Vaguely remember playing with a small arcade cabinet.

      Go to a kiosk nearby my house to load my bus card, hear a guy welding to repair a magazine stand. The welding pistol is a screwdriver. I go up and ask if he needs help.
    8. 240915: A new amusement park ride, stand up to a gang, labyrinth McDonald's.

      by , 09-24-2015 at 07:05 AM (The Dream Journal)

      I see a line for a new amusement park ride, it's a grey day. The ride looks like a shifting, neon pink floor. It shifts to the sides and people have to balance as they walk through. It looks like it would be bad for my knees. I see a creepy, middle-aged guy in the line among all the kids. Is he a predator? People swarm around him and he reluctantly walks away.

      A vague memory of being told, or maybe just realizing; this is your dream character you must remember. (!)

      I'm enter a bookstore in a modern shopping mall. I'm waiting for a friend to finish looking through the books by a shelf on the wall. It's as if the mob is now here and has singled out a guy I know from school claiming he stole a book, it's even a book he already owns apparently. He is angry and yells he did nothing. The gang hones in with a sense of righteous indignation. I try to pull them off, this is not the way to handle this. I'm scared of being swept up in the fury.

      Suddenly outside the bookstore in the hall of the mall, the guy pulls out the book and shows he paid for it, the sales rack outside has the right price on it. People drift away shamefully. I know they blamed him only based on how he looks, very rough and tumble. A guy who was in the mob who I tired to stop awkwardly tries to start small talk by a sales shelf, says everyone's a but hungover today. I just nod and say "yeah".

      Back in the bookstore, I wait for my friend again. I see a man dressed in an elaborate steampunk style. I see some old Penguin classics on sale, 3 for 1.

      With another friend I walk away from the store down the halls of the mall. I mention the books I bought and I offer to give her one. She says she would rather have a 10€ gift card to somewhere. We enter an elevator and as we press the button to go to the top floor the elevator goes so fast that everything shifts and smears. The doors open and there is only an overflowing trash can with a McDonald's employee trying to empty it. The doors close and we go down a floor. The elevator opens again and we see the same scene. Immediately there is a weird sense, how can this be? We turn to each other and then turn back and see that we are on a new floor, the trash can and employee (who was looking very stern) are gone. Weirdness. We get off to try to get into the restaurant proper.
    9. Well, that didn't take long.

      by , 09-19-2015 at 12:44 PM (Here be dragons)
      Got startled awake by a phone at 9 am, only got 4 hours of sleep and mighty kitty still fast asleep, I followed his lead and got back to bed. Took me way to long to fall back asleep, thanks advertising compagny

      I was in a amusement park, and I remembered that it was owned by Disney*. I was walking around in the restaurant of a hotel with big windows that overlooked a harbor. The walls were white with a wooden trim and the floor carpeted. There was a handful of buffet tables, and someone had left their bikes against one of them. Being my usual clumsy self, I knocked both of them on the floor and had a hard time picked them up. I moved one of them to a railing, them tried to move the other one, but it was really heavy. Feed up by this, I decided to lift it up using telekinesis and placed it back against the table. I started to walk away, then I paused.

      Wait, I juste used TELEKINESIS. That's a dream, right?**
      I looked auround, surprised. I thought this would come back, but not that quick. I tentativly walked back in the lobby of the hotel and found myself in a corridor. I looked myself over and discovered that I've wandered around wearing a pink, plushy, very short bathrobe*** all this time. Not really having a clear objective for this dream (since I thought I would have time to come up with one...) I decided to keep walking around and maybe find something interesting.
      Upon finding a mirror, I tried to change my clothes. I opened the bathrobe and inveiled a multicolored, iridescent corset underneath. My arms were still kind of twisted in the bathrobe and the dream was going a little fuzzy, so I simply changed it into an short vest in the same color that the corset and slipped it back.
      Shortly after, I lost my vision, everything going black and white before fading to black.

      I feel like I'm waking up, and push myself back into the dream.
      I ended up in front of my real house, standing in front of my window. my lucidity was very, very low, and while I was aware that it was a dream, I was pretty much a passive spectator. I turned to my left and put my right hand behind my back**** to summon Eli, but nothing came and I started to feel a weird sens of dread. I looked back behind me and saw a figure huddled against the palm tree that's in my front law, looking even crying or in pain. I quickly walked up to it, calling Eli's name. I kneeled beside the figure, but it wasn't Eli. It was an male DC, with shapeshifting features. He got up and started to cornered me. David showed up, his hair shifting from ginger to white and them back, pushing the DC away and pulling me to his side. We all walked up to the street and the male DC started to go to another house. We followed him, even if I felt unhappy about it. He entered the house and I finnaly woke up.

      * That was of course a fake souvenir. And there wasn't any hidden mickey!
      ** a accurate reddition of my thought process, caps and all.
      *** I own the same one in real life. It's comfy. And I don't wear it in public, that would cause the fashion police to come after me.
      **** That was my go-to method to summon people while lucid and never failed me before (I had a better level of dream control though.) It's dead easy: put your hand behind you and expect someone slip their hand in it. I had someone putting me in an armlock once, but he was a jerk.

      Updated 09-19-2015 at 01:41 PM by 88858 (typo, typo everywhere!)

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    10. Wife won't ride a baby attraction but decides to ride a massive roller coaster

      by , 01-29-2015 at 11:32 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Wife won't ride a baby attraction but decides to ride a massive roller coaster (DILD)


      Full dream (+1)
      First DILD (+10)
      WBTB (+2)

      I went to a theme park and it appeared to be almost empty of people,e yet the weather was awesome and I felt pretty excited. I first walked towards the Pirate Ship. It was pretty much like the real thing, but there were no people in line and I wondered if it was open. I always like to warm up riding this baby. Not a huge rush, but it is fun.

      As I got closer to the attraction, I saw that on some of the rows there were people dressed in black, and it seems that they needed to assist into swining the boat. My wife chickened out from riding this one
      (she would not ride it in waking life) so she decided to just hang around while I rode it. One of the employees was giving me instructions in how to ride it. I told her I rode it many times in my life and I was trying to step inside.

      I saw the employee, who now was my friend, walking away, so I followed her and I was having a nice chat with her. I saw an attraction that had the face of Lord Ganesh which I was trying to incubate
      (+15) which I found very amusing to see on an amusing park.

      From here, I was enjoying a couple drinks with my new female friends and suddenly, I heard the noise of a roller coaster. She exalted, "Oh yeah, let's go!" I followed here and there was a massive roller coaster. She said that she loved it, that it was so amazing I had to ride it.

      I looked at it and I felt it would be so cool, so I joined the line. I recalled that I was supposed to ride the pirate ship and that my wife would be waiting outside. I pulled my phone to text her but she joined us and asked me what was going on with the Pirate ship. I told her I was going to ride the roller coaster instead. She replied to me, "Oh, alright" followed by joining the line. I asked her, "Where do you think you are going?" while I was laughing. She replied, "To ride it!"
      I turned lucid right away. My wife would not ride an even tiny little kids roller coaster and she would not even look at the beast roller coaster I was planning to ride. I decided to get two points out of talking with a DC, so I told my wife, "Yeah right... you riding that... lol."(+2)

      I had my cell phone still on my hands so I attempted to use it. I saw a ton of weird characters and I believe my screen was in black and white
      (+4) I decided to take a flight to make my dream stable (+1) I kept flying for a while (+4) until I saw a sea scenery that looked very pretty when suddenly the alarm clock woke me up.
    11. This Cold Sucks

      by , 01-28-2015 at 07:29 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      January 28, 2015

      Wow... I went to bed pretty much as soon as I got home (around 5:00pm) and went in and out of sleep and slightly delirious waking time until the morning alarm. This cold has been kicking my ass, royally. As such, I only remember two dreams, really. There are some more fragments, but I'm honestly not sure if those moments were when I was asleep or awake...

      Oma's House

      I was at Oma's house, and was worried about getting everyone there sick. After slinking around in the corners a bit, I meet two young men. I'd never seen these guys before, so I was wondering why they were at Oma's house. I started talking to them, and found out that one of them had given up on graduate school because he hadn't finished all of the application materials, and the deadline was soon. He didn't think he had a chance at getting in this late in the year, and so he had just given up. I went online, and got access to his email to see what news there was about the application. I figured out I could open and close my hands to change the color of the background. White background meant I could edit and write in the email, while an orange background meant I could only read the email. IT was like turning on a safety lock. I got the feeling that this guy would get into the school, and was going to tell him, but he and his friend were both gone when I went to find them.

      I went to the back room to see if they were there, but when I opened the door, there was a woods and small meadow in front of me. I went through the door, and figured I was at the cabin my family owns. The chairs were all set up and I decided to go for a walk. In the woods, I met a family of deer and watched them amble along.

      Amusement Park

      I was at an amusement park of some sort. There were two sections of the park, and I wanted to get to the other one. Apparently to do that, you had to go through this underground area. It was strange, though, because the underground area was almost a complete circle, so the entrance was right next to the exit. There was a tall wall separating the two parts of the park, though, so you still HAD to use the tunnel. There were stairs and escalators at both ends, and a bunch of stalls lining the whole tunnel. I remember that by the time I got to the other end, there was a big stall completely blocking all four of the escalators up to the other section, and so I had to take the stairs. I was mad at the owners of the stall for taking up all that space, and wondering why on earth there would still be escalators if they were going to just be blocked anyways.

      When I got to the top, I saw through a door into the office of the head honcho of the tunnel, or something. Inside, a guy (maybe the same guy from my other dream. I can't be sure because of how weird of a state my mind was in) was getting some of his teeth brutally pulled out. I ran in and tried to stop the head honcho, but apparently this was completely legal? Head Honcho said this other guy owed someone his teeth, though I was still doubtful, and wanted to do something about it. It just didn't seem right to me, but the other guy told me to leave and that he was okay...

      So I exited the tunnel and found myself in what seemed to be a loading bay or construction area. I wondered where the park had gone, and even asked someone in a hardhat where the park had gone, and he was like "it's right here," and motioned toward three entertainers. One of them was a midget in a shiny purple costume, karate chopping a cat. Another was tall and pudgy wearing bright yellow, balancing something on his nose. I don't remember what the third person was doing, because I woke up.
    12. At the Amusement Park with a Friend

      by , 08-20-2014 at 11:55 AM


      1. I was in an amusement park with a friend from my old school (M). I was on one of the swinging ship rides with him. I was cowering in fear in the corner. I also went around with him buying souvenirs.


      2. I was with my high school peers in a big building. I found J somewhere in the building. I noticed how good she looked. She was looking for someone named Leslie. I helped her look for this Leslie person. It seemed like we were all in a rush to get out of the building for some reason. We found Leslie, which turned out to be a sweater. She put Leslie on and looked even hotter. After that, we tried to rush out of the building. J and me ran out of the building together, with the dream ending there.
    13. In line to go to Disney Castle

      by , 08-14-2014 at 02:46 PM


      I was in line to go to a Disney park that looked like a castle. I saw my friend B. We talked about the castle. I remember talking about it being a great fortification if there were a bunch of machine guns on top of it. But also it would suck in an air attack. B didn't seem to care. I remember thinking about it in terms of Arma 2.

      Later, I got into the park and went on a roller coaster and that high tower chair ride.
      That's all.
    14. Night 10, Competition #16 Crazy Mirror Induced DILD, WBTB then Awareness DILD

      by , 12-23-2013 at 07:15 AM
      12/22** DILDx2 1210 220 410 6 740
      Mirror dild, awareness dild

      220 F: wife&I see lovebirds in a store leaning into each other, we look at each other...I say I bet he's touching //
      Spoiler for explicit:

      410 D: really cool ride at amusement park (any ride designers credit me!) Hybrid train ride on tracks for all ages. Some cars or seats move independently as it goes along. One kind rotates horizontally, some up and down like a Carousel as it takes you through a long stretch of the park. Wife and son are directed to seats on the near side and back of the train and I am directed to the far side of the train. Do you want me to go around the front of the train or under here (small clearance under train and tracks)? I hurry around the front of the train and it starts to take off without me so I jump on the train its a set of 4 seats in a circle and there are three older guys sitting in the other three seats. I sit down in the fourth seat and look back towards the back of the train and see my wife and son and they're waving for me to come on over. I hop off the train as it starts to move slowly and as I try to make my way over to them the train movement
      becomes confusing and I can't make it over to where they are and I lose track of them. There is some kind of like water slide path that goes along the train track and I foot surf down the path having a great time. I wonder if I'm not supposed to be doing this and along the way I see a worker look over at me and I wonder if I'm busted but he keeps walking on. I find them at the end of the path. That was so much fun waking up from even though it didn't seem like I was lucid. If I was it was very low level. Definitely not counting it.

      ~6am F&Dild F: helping Sj M with something related to my business near the Capitol in a town south of where he currently resides.

      DILD: amusement park again I take train as before one quick stop to where the bathroom is but this is more a traditional train but I got on the wrong train and it took me to completely different stop people that got off there were catching a connecting train so ask the conductor of that train where I should go and they said you can catch the same line you were on back to where you started and then catch the correct train. I walked away from there and I saw a girl in one of those corndog Hut like outfits brightly striped and ask her where the nearest bathroom is and she said over there behind such and such some feature at the amusement park and I see a animal faux fur hat/partial mask like for kids (pikachu etc) but a little realistic I think fox. I put it on and start skipping through the park acting silly and I think this may make me look gay to some people and sure enough my subconscious spawned a gay bashing closeted gay that steps into my path and
      wants to fight I guess. I say hey dude chill (or something like that) I'm just acting silly and then I go ahead and skip on around him. I see the bathroom and go inside and wash my my hands first and look up at the mirror...Holy Shit I'm dreaming and I'm a black guy. I have high wide set cheekbones, wide nose, medium dark skin, shoulder length dark brown to black trimmed dreadlocks. I take my time to really soak in the face/look. I start making faces to see if like before there would be sync issues. Sure enough there was a delay..I would close one eye and moments later "he" would. It was fascinating! I then went outside no longer concerned with going to the bathroom. I see two boys walking and say look what I can do and I take off flying up ahead a little. Unimpressed I say how about this and I shoot up straight into the air at super speed and then shoot back quickly but slowing down at the last minute landing gently on my feet. Enough of that...I go
      flying around the amusement park exploring
      and start fading back to bed. I woke up thinking the mirror thing was cool but now 12 hours later transcribing from my paper DJ I am a little "weirded out." I have read about one or two people seeing a different person in the mirror...but what the heck is that about?

      ~740 DILD#2 having trouble sleeping after a bit of a late WBTB. I just remembered about how I saw myself in HI's in the last night or two and note it down. Also noted how weird it was to look in the mirror during the WBTB right after that LD. I don't feel like trying to WILD. I think about how i didn't get to any goals or contest items and remember i need to do step 2 telekinesis which i chose because I don't remember trying it before. I eventually fall asleep. I am in this giant Conference Center like what I was in recently with escalators and all and I am noticing lots of beautiful women going by and then I notice but I'm floating around the place just above the floor and realize that I'm dreaming. I'm having a lot of fun just checking out all the beautiful women while fly floating about and I start to get a little mischievous and beside the try out the telekinesis. Using telekinesis, I am pulling down the womens clothes with a simple motion of my
      hand through the air including one that looks a little like Girl Friday. Then something on happens it is like the scene is playing in front of me on two separate huge movie screens and I'm watching this group of 3 women putting another woman up like a pyramid for cheer and the same thing is happening over to the left as well but the one on the right is closer to me and I watch curious if they are able to perform the maneuver. They are also out of sync - the two screens. Could this be a residue from recalling the earlier lucid dream where the mirror image was out of sync? . The woman on top tumbles down and her hair gets stuck in the escalator and I have no interest in watching anymore of that. I look away or possibly close my eyes
      and find myself back in bed. (too tired to look for typos, gotta go to bed soon)

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    15. Two nights one entry. Tower jumps, funland, and GTA Brazil

      by , 12-21-2013 at 03:58 PM
      I forgot to do a dream journal yesterday on here but I still recorded it in my physical dream journal, so I am just going to include two nights in one entry. I've been going to sleep very early and waking up early, not sure if this is good or bad, seems to be good so far. I love waking up early.

      Yesterday night: 1 Dream recorded

      I was inside a school. The school did not cover much land but had many floors leading up and up way into the sky. Near the top of the school was a transparent bridge. The bridge appeared to be made out of light or some see-through material. I went inside the school and I had no intention of doing any sort of school-related activity. In the dream I went to various parts of the school on various floors and would jump out the windows for fun. There was some sort of area surrounding the school-tower where trees were planted and had terraces of dirt. So after I jumped out the window I would look for a jump short enough where I would not kill myself jumping down. In the back of my mind I thought it was a video game and I would just "respawn" if I slipped up and killed myself jumping out of the windows.

      One jump was more memorable than the other times. There was a steel door blocking access to the window. There was an obese woman on my side of the steel door and I started spraying her with a water gun. I was trying to make her open the window. Eventually a girl I know named Meghan W. opens the door from the other side. I run through and jump out the window before I get in trouble for spraying some lady with a water gun.

      Last night: 2 dreams recorded

      I dreamt I was in some sort of indoor amusement park. I was with my friends and family. We walked down this staircase into this scary museum kind of thing. There was a stall where they were advertising this brand new computer. When you pressed this bright button on the top of the keyboard, the computer went ultra fast. I forgot the name of the computer or the name of the button. My cousin Alyssa started making out with this guy right in front of me as we were leaving. I walked up behind this group of people taking a picture and attempted to photobomb the picture. As I was making a weird face a deep, extremely loud demonic voice rumbled the entire room. I was scared out of my mind at first and the people in front of me began to turn around. I tried to pretend it was my voice for a few seconds but it didn't work. At this point I woke up.

      I went back to sleep and my next dream was a very life-like version of GTA5. At some point we were trying to guide this 18 wheeler truck to a certain destination with a motorcycle. At one intersection the truck scraped by many cars and caused massive damage. Me and another person where blocked a lot when we were riding on the motorcycle. The next part I remember is going up this elevator with another person attached to a humongous tree. The tree was larger than any building ever constructed, wider and taller. when we got off the elevator it appeared as though we were on top of a building in the middle of a city and some guy in a suit and sunglasses next to a helicopter with the blades spinning was waiting for us. I woke up after this part.
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