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    1. 30 Jul: Pre-historic animals on the lose

      by , 07-30-2019 at 08:49 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At some clinic or whatever. I see Alex outside and I hear some growling and see people running. Go check and see some weird looking beast chasing Alex. I also see a triceratops and other prehistoric animals. People run inside the buildings but some animals also get in so they get out and run away again. When everybody seems gone, I am alone at the ground floor of a building with glass doors and have an encounter with a crocodile. Block its attack with a glass door. Then some girl walks in and doesn't see me, followed by a guy walks who hurts her and then locks her up in some room. Some couple also comes in and they are allies with this guy. Turns out the girl knows something about these animals, some project gone wrong. And I don't know their role, but I stay hidden spying to try to figure it out.
    2. 14 Mar: My guru makes me eat slimy creatures

      by , 03-14-2019 at 11:54 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Rinpoche comes to meet me at a University library. We're supposed to do some research on some books he previously asked me to pick up. He holds my hand and kisses it. I go pick up some more books and I encounter some people, like Axman, who want to know what I am up to. I tell them I am with Rinpoche, they don't believe me. I don't care. But when I join Rinpoche at the table he is already surrounded by other students. I have to seat quietly at another table and just hand him the books. He marks down parts of texts for me. Then we all pack our bags and have to go, but I am not in a hurry, so we exchange some languish looks as we depart.
      Then a colleague comes to me with a video on her smartphone that she wants me to see, about some weird animal sanctuary. Then it becomes like a live hologram in my hands and I watch a nest of hatching eggs as if they are in my hands. Rinpoche comes to me and asks what it is. Then the hologram becomes real and he tells me to eat some of those eggs. First I say I don't want to, because it is some living beings,
      but then I realize it is all just a dream, so no harm will be done. The creatures coming out of the eggs are viscous and slimy with tentacles. He grabs a bunch of eggs with creatures coming out and puts them in my mouth. One I swallow immediately, then he says to chew on the rest which I do, it's kinda bitter and slimy, but I don't flinch and eventually I swallow it all.
    3. 5 Jan: LDs, flying through majestic surreal landscapes and making out with my teacher

      by , 01-05-2019 at 10:38 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At some house, looking through clothes my mom found in trash, then also some toys which are to be donated to a kindergarten, checking if they are complete and playing a bit with some of the games.
      Then for no reason I see my teacher sitting at the end of this room, with it's back turned to me and I get lucid.
      I go towards him and surprise him by touching him softly in his back. He is wearing a light brown shirt and he looks to the side to see me. I move my hand down his arm and gently caress him. He shuts his eyes in total surrender. So I kiss him. I notice his lips a bit dry, but soon our salivas mix and our tongues intertwine, while I caress his shaved head. I enjoy every bit of it.
      Then I realize there is someone else in the room. We stop and I turn to this person. It looks like my dad, he doesn't seem to recognize me. He turns away quickly and heads to a door. As he opens the door, he looks back one more time and his physiognomy changed. He is taller, slimmer, more tanned and dresses like an Indian man. I follow him but lose him in the movement of people outside. My attention also gets drawn by the majestic landscape and I don't follow the man anymore. In front of me are some amazing mountains covered in luscious green vegetation. And there are people going up and down the mountains, apparently carrying things, picking up fruits, going about many different activities. Strangely, the mountains seem extremely tall ,but people have the same apparent dimension whether they are at the top of it or down at its base. I see a huge strange black bird flying over my head. It is the size of a big eagle, it has a beak like a toucan and strange wings that make a half-moon shape with the first two feathers on each side slightly round and color red. I follow its flight and to my left I see what seem like clouds made of liquid water, which give the impression that everything beneath it, is underwater. There is a type of tree whose top touches the liquid cloud and behaves like kelp in the ocean. Then I turn my attention again to the mountains. I realize the contours of the mountains, the hills and valleys, the rocky surfaces, are all fractal shaped. I decide to take off and fly to see it up close. I am mesmerized by these patterns, and the psychedelic colors they have and then I almost wake up,
      but instead I have a FA in a totally white empty house. I remember I left my teacher back in the other house and I go around this house calling out his name, hoping to summon him back. Going through some corridor I spot someone that looks like him and other people going after, but when I get closer, it isn't him. But he is also a teacher to these people, who admire him and are respectfully walking him out as he leaves. I am starting to feel the LD fading away, so I decide to get out of here and do my own hing. I find a window and jump to outside. It's again a beautiful landscape with green hills, but this house is right on the slope. I have to climb some moss covered rocks to reach the top of the hill. Some lady who had made some comment to me inside, followed me out the window and insists on asking me something about mind training. Something like, if I feel that realization is a consequence of how much time you practice. If it is an inevitable consequence of your time dedication to practice, because she is feeling frustrated for not seeing results. I don't remember exact words I said, it was very short answer, but it was something in the line of "no, it's not just time related, more about quality and merit."
      Then on the top of the hill I see a valley below, but really far below, like we are many kms of altitude up. I decide to jump and fly some more. I enjoy it for some time, once again absorbing the details of the majestic landscape. Until I start descending and land in some city below. I land in a town square between some classical buildings and there is a giant painting on the floor with a reproduction of some classical work of art. I dig my hands in the floor and have fun picking up elements from the painting and throwing them in the air to watch them slowly fall like confetti. Then I want the painting to become a giant trampoline and I have fun jumping and doing flips in the air.

      When I am done with it, I walk down a street. The LD is weaker and I don't remember exactly what happened but I end up in a TV studio, where a famous morning show is being recorded and I am sitting with the live audience. The show hostess is demonstrating some modern appliances and its uses and we are offered some bread cooked by a bread machine. I taste it and it is completely bland and tasteless. I feel this is boring and once again I aim for a window to change scenario At some corridor outside the recording area, I see a window. I look through it and down below I see a moat or a lake. I am about to jump to it, when I notice it is full of big animals swimming. First they look like crocs, but on a closer look, I see they are mainly big fish, turtles and some mutant creatures, like fish but with tiny arms and hands. I decide to go get the tasteless bread and feed it to the animals. The bread wasn't a lot but seems to multiply as I split it into bits, so I keep feeding the animals for quite a while. Then I wake up. .
    4. 4/25/18- Hell and Incepted Lucidity 😂

      by , 04-26-2018 at 06:40 AM
      When it began, I was going to the regional spelling bee (which I'm doing IWL ). My nerves were shaky, but it was happening. I was excited, especially since, in the dream, it was taking place in South Korea. My father and I were at SOU, where the spelling bee is being held IWL (it was still SOU, just... In Korea) and walking around campus when we found an adorable animal. It had a huge fluffy tail, little paws, and... A human face?!
      However, we thought nothing of it. It was cute and that was all that mattered. It basically had a small, adorable, pinkish purple raccoon body- it seemed to love us, so we decided to take it home. The dream drifted away from the spelling bee, and I was sad that we had to leave Korea. So I came up with some better ideas.
      In a Coraline-esque movie, I had seen a character say a poem, and go through a painting, taking her to another world. I decided to do that, and return to South Korea, so I could meet my idols. I remembered the four-line, rhyming poem, and noticed the painting leaning against the wall behind my bed. It contained lots of dark colors and red, reminding me of hell, or Hades. After I said the poem, I took a deep breath, and stuck my hand through the painting. It sucked me in, and I began to fall from about 6 feet up on a wall. The surrounding area was dark- certainly a hellish landscape. I was in a room, though. Albeit a large one. I felt a weirdly strong connection to Kim Taehyung at this point- mainly just thinking of his name. Anyways, as I exited, random dream characters were like "wHAT'RE YOU DOING HERE?? YOU'RE FROM THE MORTAL WORLD,, YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE DOWN HERE, PLEASE GO BACK, THIS PLACE IS CURSED," but I was just like "nah fuck u, im gonna go make out with [my favorite idol]."
      This turned out to be a rather large building, but it was all comprised of the same materials, colors, and designs. I found an area which was supposedly [my favorite idol]'s room. His bed was red and black, and there were some dirty clothes scattered around it. I just... Sat there, waiting. Then I just decided to have a walk around this dimension until they kicked me out. Outside of the building, everything was pretty much normal, and I remember walking along a highway alone at night. It was kinda cool. Eventually I returned home, upset that I couldn't make out with [my favorite idol], so I decided to do it another way. A safer way. Lucid dreaming. (Pretty ironic, huh? I didn't even think to do a reality check right then and there.) I basically became lucid immediately, in a new landscape- which just so happened to be the main street of my current Town. I rubbed my hands together very frequently, amazed at how well that strengthened my hold on the dream. I decided to hunt down BTS, so I floated up, until I saw the town in a map view. In the Northeast area, rightwards of the town park, I saw a large square crowd of people with a few in front, on a stage. I assumed that it was them, holding a concert, so I flew over. However, there were NINE people in front, instead of seven. It wasn't them. My dumb ass didn't think to turn around and change them into BTS, but oh well. I don't really remember much after that. I'm happy to be having more LD's and that I used a lucidity strengthening technique, though.

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    5. April 23, 2018 Non-lucid

      by , 04-24-2018 at 02:05 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in a parking lot outside of a store like Lowe's. The parking lot had a few cars scattered about. From afar I see this woman walking out and across the parking lot with a massive snake slithering with her. I feel a little bit threatened but take a video on my phone. The snake and woman turn towards me and walk my way. The snake flies over me and curls itself around me.

      I'm an aquarium that has a pool of water. We're sitting around the pool on rocks. It feels like we're 4 or 5 years old on a field trip. I get handed a little gray organism. I drop it in the water and then find it again in my hands. It grows up and turns into this hand-sized hippo looking animal with a long trunk. I look at it and call it "Karen."
      Tags: animal, karen, snake
    6. Animal Kingdom

      by , 06-17-2016 at 05:39 AM
      In the world I was in, many animals seemed to have equal intelligence to humans, and they were just as important in our day-to-day lives. In fact, many animals were able to talk. This was something like an "end of the world."

      There was something wrong with my dog Romeo, but it was unclear what. I tried to feed him very big, juicy berries, but he wouldn't eat them--because he's a dog, of course. There was an elephant (?) beside him though, lounging there, and he said that he had never understood why some animals are so mean to each other, when they're almost always in the same boat. He and I talked some towards the end of the dream.

      I remember thinking about how in the Bible it says that God loves humans above all else and I considered saying that to the elephant I was speaking with, but decided not to because that would have been very rude and horrible. I wondered if God loved those animals equally in this world, since it was clear they seemed to be of a higher intelligence.
    7. The Dog from the 90s

      by , 06-15-2016 at 10:45 AM
      My friend had a very old dog, a wiener, and he was talking to me about him. He said that it had been around right before the 90s ever hit, and when they did it was supposed to have "meant something" because the dog was meant to be alive in the 90s? In the dream, I guess having that dog was a lot like having a video game, and that's how he treated it. I remember that he acted as if though the doggy was connected to Friends.

      He got it into his head that he wanted to get his old dog out and have a spin on it, and so he went and found it and brought it back outside. He handed the dog to me and I did my best. He was skeptical as we first began our walk, and I suppose he had a reason to because almost immediately I did something that nearly hurt the dog, or "messed" the dog up.

      So Jasper then wanted to tie his pet up--and somehow that was going to let him walk with us? apparently. He was trying to hold the dog and his dog house on one end, and I was holding the rope (that was already connected to his pet) on the other end. For some reason I had to keep swinging the rope and I had to get the dog to jump through it, but it was a very hard thing to do. I also had to do the same thing to myself, and I remember waiting until the word "Gemini" popped into my head before I jumped. I missed.

      That's when he stopped me and told me that some random man he had never even met before had started talking about my dad, and how he had died. It was something about how when he had fallen, the entire bed had lifted into the air (it's not how you're picturing it: imagine you're sitting on one end of a wobbly bed, and the further you get to the end, the opposing end rises due to your weight). I didn't understand how the man Jasper was talking about could have known that, nor what he was talking about in the first place, nor why it mattered, but it definitely mattered to Jasper. He said that "of course he believed me over some dude he had never even met," and he kept acting as if though this was something that I needed to watch out for, and that if I wasn't careful with the jumping-into-the-rope then I was going to die like my dad did, or I was going to accidentally hurt the animal as well. I was completely confused!
    8. "The Monkey has Mayonnaise!"

      by , 06-09-2016 at 05:14 AM
      The beginning of the dream featured my best friend Jasper as an actor of a comedy movie. I didn't think that the movie was very good, because you could tell that it was cheaply made and very crude. I don't remember much about it, except I do remember that Jasper puked everywhere in one seen, and that he was wearing a red plaid shirt--and his hair was different. Made to fit the part of the silly environment.

      After Mama and I watched the movie, I went to a school. I'm not exactly sure what I was doing there, but there were a lot of kids that kept teasing me and touching me. I tried to just shake it off, but it was becoming very frustrating (though, I will note that I don't remember it making me sad or embarrassed). There was one little kid that came up and hugged me. I could tell that he had a bit of a little boy crush.

      Then it seemed to be early in the next day, and my dad was trying to get my attention. For whatever reason I didn't want to talk to him, and so instead I ran out the back door. I remember thinking that I was running pretty fast and that that was a good thing. I ran to the direction of the other half of the trailer park, except the area in the dream was more forest-like. I climbed up a tree by using a ladder that was leaned against it and came to a sort of boxed-in opening, and crawled through. I crawled all the way to the back and sat, with my heart beating fast and feeling the exhilaration of running away. It was still very early in the morning, so I didn't have to deal with any of the neighborhood kids. When looking out I was able to see the tree across from me that had a hole in it just like the one I was in. There was also the head and shoulders of a young woman with long brown hair and a green shirt that seemed to be painted on the wall of the opposing tree.

      As I was looking at the painting, the neighborhood monkey joined me in the tree. It had a red shirt and blue jeans on, and looked a bit cartoonish. It came to light that my life was a children's television show, and at the end a bunch of children that I couldn't see were singing about how the monkey had mayonnaise.
    9. The Crookshanks Look-a-Like

      by , 06-08-2016 at 05:58 PM
      I was in love with some guy who was a Libra. In the dream Ivory (who is dead) kept popping up into my thoughts, and I was vaguely jealous because I believed that if she was there the Libra dude would end up falling in love with her (the dream logic was because they were both Air signs).

      At night my mom and I were talking about going to buy new shirts the following day. We were outside at night, sitting on the stairs. I couldn't help but think that there was an invisible wedge between us, because she didn't know that I was in love, but for some reason I couldn't tell her. As we were talking I became paranoid that people were listening in, so I walked back inside and she followed. Just as I was about to close the door the orange cat that looks like Crookshanks (my mom's cat in real life) strolled in. I was surprised to see that its eye was messed up, just like Crookshanks', and checked my mom's room to see if the cat that just walked in was Crookshanks after all. It wasn't. After a moment of looking at the two I realized that opposite eyes were missing.
    10. False Awakenings, Dream within a Dream, and Missed Lucid Opportunities

      by , 02-05-2016 at 08:42 PM
      I want to catch up again with recording my dreams here. This is from two night ago:

      Obviously dreaming and lucidity are on my mind. But sometimes things get pretty mixed up in dreams. Almost 10 years of lucid dreaming and I still have nights like this.

      In the first dream I was with a group of people in a place that looked similar to the backyard in the house I grew up in. I was looking at a dirt slope and saw a cicada nymph that was about to hatch out into its adult form. My eyes had a macro view as I saw the exoskeleton start to split and the adult head start to emerge. I thought this was the coolest thing ever, so I went to get my phone/camera so I could film the process.

      I knew I had left my phone on a table, but when I got there it wasn't there. I frantically started looking around. How could I have misplaced it? I'm usually so careful with my phone. I started shouting out to everyone there to help me find my phone. I looked back over and saw that the cicada was about halfway out. I was missing this! I kept running around in search of my phone when I suddenly "woke up".

      I was back in my bed and I looked over and my phone was on my night stand. Duh, that was just a dream. Of course. Typical dream--can't find my camera to take a picture of something cool. I then jumped up out of bed and grabbed my camera and headed out to the backyard where everyone still was. Now I could take a picture of the cicada.

      Haha. Completely missed lucidity on that one!

      Dream 2:

      I was talking to someone about a book. We had also been talking about lucid dreaming. I told the person (a lady, I think) I was with that it was pretty easy to enter a dream. I started walking her through the steps. First you get into a relaxed state, then you start picturing what it is you want to dream about.

      I started thinking about that book. I remembered a scene where there was a girl who was running down the street. I started thinking about it. Soon I saw the girl and the neighborhood appear in front of my eyes.

      I told the lady who I was with that I was going to enter a scene from the book. I told her that I was already seeing the image appear before me. I told her the next step was to solidify everything, so I could make myself enter the dream.

      I then saw everything more clearly. My vision was following this girl down the street. I now knew that I had to solidify my own body. I imagined my legs running and swinging my arms. I soon could see my arms as I ran. I looked down and saw my feet. This was progressing nicely.

      I then reached out and rubbed my hands together. Yes. I was fully in the dream. Yes, I was lucid. Awesome!

      I continued following the girl. Something told me this was important. She went in to a house. I followed.

      And that's all I remember. I must have lost lucidity.

      I feel bad I lost the chance to have a nice long lucid dream where I accomplish many goals. But I should always be happy anytime I get lucid , even if the dream's short and I get there is strange ways. It shows dreaming and lucidity were on my mind.
    11. [Dream #9 - 1/26/2016] Panthers, Dragons, Spiders, OH MY! [Sex Dream]

      by , 01-26-2016 at 09:50 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      A picture of a Black Panther

      Though I stayed away from describing the actual intercourse, the following is based around zoosexuality/bestiality. If you are not comfortable with that then please do not read!

      This dream took place in my room, a very much warped area that was enlarged in size. I was laying on my bed and beside me there was some sort of awkward depthness twhere everything looked smaller then it normally is. Think of it like I was looking over the side of a cliff towards the bottom. I can remember various animal like creatures. Three that are notable were a black panther, a giant spider and a dragon all on this sort of play mat, similar to that of Dungeons and Dragons.

      All of this was in first person view as well. I first met the panther who would lightly "naw" on me and brush "his" head on my head in playful ways. The panther and I spoke to each other telepathically. I honestly do not know if the panther was female but it had a feminine voice that emitted in my mind. The creature also mentioned of their children (kittens), which could be seen running across the room and tried to sneak out my door. I had then got out of my bed to stop them stating that I didn't want my mother to find kittens in the house and come charging into my room.

      I then met a dragon who came to my aid when another dragon appeared in my room breathing fire everywhere (though nothing was burning from it). This is when I got onto the back of the one willing to help me defend and directed his fire to the dragon in-front. The opposing creature disappeared right after and that's when I ended up mating with the dragon friend afterwords.

      And then there was the spider, a very monstrous large spider that had a very interesting phallic. It was ribbed and stretched out, almost curled, to a longer length when erected. the head of the tool had a small red shaped flower-hand and the entire shaft has glowing white markings on it. I gracefully stroked it with a spark of curiosity which then resulted with myself engaging in intercourse. After that is when I woke up.

      Notes: My interpretation of this dream is pretty much like [Dream #6 - 1/23/2016] Rage Against the Humans - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views in terms of exploring more in my sexuality. The thrill of exploration and encountering these different kinds of creatures comes with the passion for a thrilling experience. It can also mean that my currently life I partake here on Earth is boring and the need to get out.

      Date 1/26/2016

      Went to bed Around 2 - something AM.

      Woke up 7ishAM

      *Time logged 3:23PM

      Total sleep +5 Hours

      Stress level throughout the day A bit stressed due to my mother.


      *Daytime Did RCs

      *Recall N/A

      *Inducing Method N/A

      Dream Signs N/A

      Perceived Length 20 Minutes

      Emotions Adventurous

      Awareness None

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    12. #55: Floor H

      by , 12-16-2015 at 08:41 AM
      I went to bed at 23.10, spent 20 minutes reading and then really went to bed. I woke up before 08:00 and crawled out of bed at 08:15.

      Floor H
      I'm inside a building. The layout of the floor I'm on gives me the impression that it's a building with a lot of floors. I'm with my mom. There's a room which is hers. I walk around outside the room a bit. There are no windows. It's just a dirt brown hallway. The hallway has an "H" shape, my mom's room being on the lower left side, facing outwards. I walk to the upper right side. There's another room there. I don't get too close, but there are people in cages or something along those lines. People who are here against their will and who are being mistreated. I want to step in, but the (Japanese? Chinese?) mafia is running this and I don't think it's wise to go against the mafia. This is a very shady place.

      I'm in the same place again, but this time the mafia room has animals inside it and there are no mafia members. There's a wooden barrier about waist height which divides the room. Just in front of it are two cats with an orange/white fur. Just behind it is an ostrich. I think there were more animals, but I can't remember. I'm standing inside the room with my mom. I'm holding a hammer in my hand. My mom wants me to use the sharp end (the end you use to remove nails but which has been slightly disformed) to bash in the head of one of the cats. No! I don't want to do that. Isn't there another way? Also, I'll be within reach of the ostrich and who knows what that thing will do to me.

      Just outside of the room I start messing around with my cousin. It turns into a semi-serious moment and we get ready to fight one another. It's for fun, but we both really wanna win. I think we both take of our shirts. My mom doesn't approve of this. I also take off my glasses I guess. My cousin puts on some music from his phone. The beat from Pharaohe Monch - Simon Says starts playing. Nice!! Where did he get this? His phone is hooked up to a small stereo, so I quickly hook it up to a bigger one. Then we finally start our fight. I win quite quickly due to some stroke of luck.

      There's something about my mom and my little brother. They're arguing about something which is related to my brother wanting to go outside. My brother's friend is involved in this somehow.
      Tags: animal, family
    13. 2 Cool Looking Rabbits/Girl Of My Dreams (22.8.15)

      by , 08-22-2015 at 12:03 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      2 Cool Looking Rabbits/Girl Of My Dreams
      I'm across the road of my old house, sitting down. A rabbit which is red comes up to me. It looks beautiful. It's red that is blended in with the original color. I see another rabbit, which is purple, and just as beautiful. The rabbits are inseparable. They follow one another by the looks of it. They go onto the middle of the road. I begin to worry, as I can hear a car coming from around the corner. The car goes over them, and I'm uncertain if any have been ran over. The man stops his car to check something, maybe he knew he almost ran over rabbits. He drives off and both rabbits are ok. Close call, I'm relieved.

      I'm sitting on the grass out front of my house, and the rabbits jump over the fence. I feel like it may not come back and feel sad. I look over the fence where the palm tree is, and I see REX, but he doesn't see me. I move out of sight before he sees me, as I didn't want him to get excited from seeing me. Moments later the red rabbit comes running over to me from out of a bushes. Im happy to see it and pat it. The purple rabbit comes over also. Soon after, they both leave back over the fence.

      I'm in a house and one of the rabbits comes to the backdoor. It wants to come inside, so I allow it in. Moments later, the other rabbit wants to come in also. I open the door, but it seems to not be open wide enough for it. It stands up like a human and turns itself sideways, and squeezes easily through the gap. There's people I know here as well, and I'm happy they got a chance to see the rabbits.

      I'm with a girl that's my partner. She's beautiful. I feel extremely lucky to have this girl, and feel I'm punching above my weight for sure. I'm in the backyard, under the veranda in my home. I come up behind her as she's sitting on a chair and hug her. She feels around and notices my penis is half effect. I'm pretty aroused right now. I look at old photos of her and appreciate on how lucky I am to have her. There's something about the way she looks, that I really like.

      We're in the bathroom, and my girlfriend and Brooke Ky are dressed to impress in their sexy get up. My girlfriend looks to have a bit of weight on, more then I expected. Brooke's ass looks more impressive, as I see them both pose. They begin interlocking there bodies and get a bit of pussy on pussy action happening.

      I'm standing outside and there is a cooking competition going on with some people I know. A judge is about to try the first recipe, which is a multi colored drink. They called it the crazy drink or something similar to that. As the judge poured it into a bowl, the mixture was quite thick and had a awesome color to it. The different colors looked like a multi layered gob stopper, if I was to cut it in half. I see some motorbikes go passed in the distance. It was the contestants. I see Jon Rick preparing his meal in front of me. The judge is combining everything together for the crazy drink, and I bit falls onto the ground. I pick it up and try it. It's pretty good. I wasn't sure if it was Jon's or the Crazy drink.

      I'm in a room which has been decked out for the contestants. It's like a big brother finale moment, where they have to sit In front of a screen and talk to the host etc.
    14. Break In Distiller (16.8.15)

      by , 08-16-2015 at 02:09 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Break In Distiller
      I arrive at a house with REX and Bro. I sneak in the backyard and notice there's another dog. Both dogs are friendly to one another. I worry that i will lose sight of REX due to it being night time. I let both dogs out the front. REX is runs up the tree like a cat. I climb up and ladder to the top of a look out, which is near the tree, If not, the tree itself I'm worried about Rex getting down, so I unzip my jacket and zip it back up, this time with Rex under my jacket. I test the waters and see if I'll be able to get down backwards. It seems pretty sketchy due to the ladder not welded to the lookout. I fear the ladder will fall forward as I try and get onto it.
      I see the other dog, it's pretty overweight. It walks off out of my sight. Im worried that I have probably lost someone's pet. I look into the distance and see the beautiful city lights. I think I can see crown from here. I seem to think I'm in Nat's area code.

      I'm in the backyard and set up my water Distiller.

      I get inside the house, and I assume people are asleep. I'm trying to be quiet due to not wanting to get busted trespassing. I go inside and bedroom and look around.

      I see the family that lives their get up. I think they spot me outside, not realizing I had broke into their house. I'm in the kitchen with them. I can hear the Distiller going in the backyard, and worry that they may hear it. The wife goes through the bedroom that I was in earlier, and notices that something's have changed, but not enough to suspect anything.

      I'm packing up the distiller quietly, due to the backdoor being open and I can see the son of the family. He has a beard. I thought he may have caught me sneaking the distiller out of the backyard. I hide it under a car out of front. I'm looking at where I stashed it from a distance, and notice that one of the parts of the distiller is designed like a smiley face.

      I go back inside and I think the wife has realized I broke in or something. I make up an excuse that I'm homeless.
    15. Ronda Attraction (14.8.15)

      by , 08-14-2015 at 01:50 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Ronda Attraction
      I'm at a basketball stadium and I'm sitting on one side of the caught and
      some other girl is on the other side talking to someone. I begin playing basketball with a football. Ronda joins in with a young kid. We're taking it in turns, but I'm getting skipped quite a bit. I throw a bit of banter at Ronda. She's not the best at shooting a football through a hoop. I feel there's attraction and sexual tension between us. I look at the game getting played next to us. They have swags and back packs on their backs as they're playing. I think it's a theme game or something. I tell Ronda that they're swags and she says "as they?"

      I'm at my house I just bought and I show Ronda the swag that they may be using. I get another rush of attraction towards us. I'm a little shy, as i don't like to make the first step. The house is near blacksland. I see a dog that is the same breed as REX. I think to myself maybe REX followed me somehow. I go outside, it's like in in a camping area. The dog comes over to me and I don't think it's REX. It looks too skinny. I think maybe he's just lost at lot of weight trying to find me. I put my arms around it a bit and it starts biting my arm. I think to myself that it's probably a feral dog, and may have rabies or something. The dog bite itself didn't hurt though, even while it was biting me. It was more the shock of it biting me. I think about putting urine on it to heal it.

      I'm near some kind of device that does something amazing. Its got a lot of meaning behind it. I try attaching a light on it, but it won't stick too well.
      Some people come over and rearrange things. I can't seem to il find the device.

      I see Jane eating at a table. I hear her offer a chip. At first I think she's talking to me, but soon realized, it was probably to who she was eating with. I walk inside and see a few chips on the bench. Jane mentions something about maybe having some Distilled water.

      Dream Fragment
      I'm at home and I'm with dad and bro. Dad says something about not watching shit on TV, and only watching cooking and something else.

      I see a scene of a mother cat sitting on a couch, watching their kittens play. One of the mothers is purring. There's a cat freaking out over a lead on the ground.
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