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    1. Fragments and Friends

      by , 04-17-2015 at 11:05 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      This dream, which I meant to write down yesterday, is a fragment. I recalled some of it yesterday (Thursday) morning. I recalled a more vivid dream this morning which I'll post later in a separate entry.
      I was at a factory, where loads of people were shopping at various booths, almost like a convention. At this place were the four Best Friends Zaibatsu, whom my girlfriend and I hung out with, watching video games and anime.
      Not the most exciting dream, but I jotted it down nonetheless.
    2. Fragments, anthro penguins eat chocolate

      by , 03-11-2015 at 01:38 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)

      1. A horror story type dream with a group of people. Some of them have to be sacrificed. When ‘I’ realize that one of them is going to be next, I say ‘I’m sorry’ to her. She bleeds down her body and the blood goes to someone else. There was a skeleton? And a man in poor condition ends up being healed. Then he goes in a room with someone?

      2. Something about a group of people, one of them named Caerwyn

      DST and waking up an hour early messed me up.


      Anime-style dream with anthropomorphism. The style was kind of moe.

      Two girls are on an ‘island’, but it’s like a desert area. They’re talking about how people throw the wrong kind of chocolate out for the girl on the right because they don’t realize she can only eat the softer kind that has ‘LOVE’ written on the colorful little wrappings.

      A third girl lands/appears and walks close enough to hear them. She hears mention of the word ‘penguin’ and thinks they’re talking about her. She seems like a tsundere type in the way she acts. She angrily dives into the conversation asking why they’re talking about her, until she realizes (is told?) that the girl on the right is a penguin too.

      Inspirations: Been reading a webtoon about anthropomorphic animals. It doesn’t have any penguins in it though!

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    3. Wrong anime rec

      by , 03-06-2015 at 01:17 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Mom, dad and Rane were watching something in the living room. I heard them talking about this surprisingly explicit sexual scene in it.

      There was a show coming on at 1:45 that I wanted to see so I went in, but it took 20 minutes to come on. Meanwhile, Sailor Moon was on.

      I looked in the refrigerator (while someone had it open?) and saw packs of meat and a wholeee lot of cheese. I said something about it and mom said yeah, now we can just… (something about convenience of eating it).

      It was just me and Rane by then. The anime was a historical type with a lot of bishounen. The opening was playing (though I didn’t hear any music) and I was worrying about Rane’s reaction because it wasn’t really her thing.

      But then there was this scene she found really funny where these guys were ‘fighting’ by having sex, and they were taking it so seriously. I said that I cracked up too the first time I saw it.

      She told me not to tell anyone about it and I was like, “Why? No one’s going to care; heck mom saw the whole Jack/Ianto thing in Torchwood and didn’t care then, so I highly doubt she’d care after that.” I actually didn’t feel 100% certain of this because I wasn’t sure mom had seen all of it.

      She was really surprised. “She did?” And she started talking about a het couple in a fic with some guy named George and a woman I can’t remember the name of (Iris or some such), even though I didn’t know any characters named that. I was thinking about how at least she wasn’t messing with the gay couple, although I was fine with other pairings that involved the characters (if it was slash).

      I realize that this wasn’t the anime I had wanted to show her after all – I had wanted to show her Tiger & Bunny, and it was x10 better! Though I didn’t want her to think this wasn’t any good. She actually didn’t seem to dislike it so that was good.


      I’m looking at a post I made on LiveJournal. At the top was a bowl with gravy-covered popcorn in it, and I thought there was something weird about that when I realized what it was. At the bottom were about five lines of a knitting or crochet pattern with two or three marked off.

      I also remember something about writing about the anime we were watching.


      Then was something about a webtoon I had started to read, and I was really enjoying it, but I couldn’t figure out what this shadowy-looking character was going to look like, every time I’d get a glimpse of him I’d waver on how I felt about him. The clearest view I had of his face was pretty scary, he had really pale - almost a powdery - face, with gray lines or something running along both cheeks. There was another guy character, kinda reminds me of Mase from Ability.


      Sex scene: I read a chapter of Kyou Kara Yonshimai! the other day that was a lot like it. I thought it was surprisingly explicit (though I shouldn’t have, really).

      Sailor Moon: Saw some old Sailor Moon anime pictures on Tumblr yesterday.

      Meat & cheese: Me looking in the meat drawer yesterday for something to eat, and mom opening the new cheese pack and me asking her about it, because there was still some of the old left. May also have something to do with her eating Ritz crackers with cheese on it yesterday.

      Historical anime: Maybe it’s just dťjŗ vu, but I feel like I was thinking about historical anime recently.

      Torchwood: Maybe because of the random Torchwood wallpaper that popped up the other day? And I’m pretty sure mom has seen all the TV series of Torchwood, not sure about the Children of Earth and such. On the other hand, I don’t think Rane has ever seen Torchwood, she’s not really into that genre. I think that part was inspired by me wondering what she thought when she watched gay couples on Glee. Did she gloss over them, enjoy them, not care for them?

      Tiger & Bunny: Maybe from thinking fairly recently about the new guy and wondering what part he plays? I still need to watch that movie.

      LiveJournal: From thinking last night about how I don’t post there to my rec journal anymore. And maybe also from thinking about all the old fics on there and wondering if some are deleted now.

      Gravy-popcorn: Ew. Inspired by wonder if there was any gravy left in the fridge and looking. I had some popcorn a few times this week, last time being yesterday.

      Pattern: My mom knits and crochets and sometimes shows me things.

      Webtoon: When I was lying in bed last night, I was thinking about how I rarely dream of media when I’m heavily into it. I’ve been reading the Ability webtoon for the past week constantly and it never made it into my dreams that I recall. So I guess at least -a- webtoon made it in?

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    4. LD#172: Courtesy of Manei...

      by , 02-21-2015 at 02:24 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was at some kind of anime cosplay/ comic shop. They sold cosplay costumes from different popular anime as well as prop swords and wigs. Even the greeting cards they sold were replaced with anime characters on the cover.

      I was browsing around but couldn't find anything worth buying. I was getting ready to head out when Manei walks up to me and does the nose pinch on me.

      "Here, pinch your nose, see if you are dreaming."

      "Oh, you're a lucid dreamer too? Cool." (I didn't pay attention the first time.)

      A tall black guy of about 20 asks me what the heck she just did to me. I start to explain.

      "You see, it's a reality test for if you're dreaming or awake. So that you can realize that you are dreaming while you are dreaming and do cool stuff. But the important thing to do during RCs is to actually pay attention."

      I did a second nose pinch, being sure to actually pay close attention this time. It of course worked and I was lucid.

      Unfortunatley I can't really recall what happened after that. The dream went dark and I knew that it was ending. I tried to explain that fact to a couple of nearby dream characters.

      I false awoke on a raft in an ocean. I RCd but somehow turned up nonlucid. There was a massive floating fortress on the horizon. It began launching large white airplanes that shot tons of tiny green laser beams at me. I got the inkling that this was some kind of computer simulation.

      Spoiler for Interpretations:
    5. Random but fairly long or vivid bunch of dreams

      by , 12-17-2014 at 04:52 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 14, 2014

      Where's Zukin?!

      I was at Zukin's co-op, but it was actually my house back home. Apparently, everyone who lived there slept in a communal bedroom, which happened to be where my room is in the house IWL. The only guy in my master's program was my bed-mate (apparently everyone shared a king-size bed with someone else), but H and K were visiting, and took up too much space on the bed, so he had to sleep on the floor next to the bed.

      At some point during the day, I was looking for Zukin. I looked everywhere for her, including at her bed and even in a random grocery store (that, now that I think of it, was a pool. Hahaha!). I got back to the co-op, and see some people watching a movie. I asked them if they know where Zukin is, and one of them says they saw her in the kitchen doing dishes. I went to the kitchen, which was located where the family room is IWL, and finally found her as she was coming out of the kitchen.

      She opened a large freezer, and pulled out a tray of sorts. It created a neat little workspace or something. She cracked two eggs onto the tray-thing. At first I am like wtf is she doing, but as I watch, the eggs sort of freeze hard on contact, and then bubble and fizz and start cooking. Apparently if you get eggs cold enough they jump right to cooking :D

      Zukin and I go outside and head for a restaurant or arcade of some sort, and she is ahead of me. I say something, and she turns back toward me, and something behind me catches her eye. She ran past me and told me to follow her because she "suddenly remembered it was today."

      I turn and see her running toward a tractor and find that there is a corn field. We get on the cart behind the tractor, to ride Charlie's Pumpkin Ride through the cornfield, but Zukin rolled off the tractor and fell through the ground. I reached through the ground to help her up, but she rolls off the cart and fell through the ground again. Then I woke up.

      A is Starring in a Musical

      After falling back asleep, I dreamt that I was part of a play in which my old good friend A was starring. Apparently she knew some old guys who were like family friends, and who were famous play writes. They really wanted her to star in this play. So she and one of the old men were front and center on stage, with lots of men in identical black outfits playing instruments behind them. They were singing and dancing, and A eventually pulled up a group of women in red. She would reach out into the "audience" for one of them, pull their hand, and they were all attached to strings and would fly to one of the men with instruments and dance with them. I had a bird's eye perspective on one of the girls going haywire and crashing out stage left.

      Later in the play, A's character tragically dies, and after that I saw her in the bathroom vomiting. I asked if she was alright, and she said she was okay, but she got her clothes all dirty. I told her to stay there, and I ran to backstage and asked people if there were any spare clothes for her to wear. My dad was there, and apparently was in charge of hardware and equipment. He lead me to A's locker and helped me open it, but the dream faded before I had the chance to get the clothes.

      Grassy Mountain Ridge

      A beautiful fragment about riding a bike along a grassy mountain ridge. I went back and forth on a ridge, and then met up with some people near the top. We crawled through some bushes, and came to an elaborate gate blocked off with some weird scheme. We got past the blockade, and entered into a beautiful, grown-over ancient temple courtyard of some sort. There were four aqueducts that converged in this circular courtyard type place, but one of them was being diverted to a different area which we weren't able to reach. The rest of them powered and decorated the temple.


      I was in a large maze-like house with some people. I kept switching POVs in this dream so I'm not really even quite sure what all was going on. Someone had been murdered, I know that. I was either Yukina, or her friend, or Shigure (Yukina and Shigure being the MCs of a manga) throughout the dream.

      Basically, we were all in a house together because we were trying to protect Yukina, who was being suspected as the murderer. When I was her friend, I sometimes suspected her too, but when I was Shigure, I knew she was innocent. Yukina herself didn't know she was a suspect, though. We were trying to keep it from her or something.

      I think the one who was murdered was a girl who had been in love with Yukina's childhood friend, or something, and because people thought Yukina loved him as well, she was a top suspect. But when I was Shigure, I knew something most of them didn't: she was actually in love with Shigure and they were dating secretly. Or something.

      Anyways, there were lots of scenes flashing all over the place, some flashing multiple times at various points in the scene.

      It was all very cinematic and kinda trippy. I'm surprised I am able to make any sense of it at all, but I just knew what was going on in the dream itself.

      It turned out that another guy with us was actually the murderer. Apparently he was like SUPER obsessed with the school's basketball team. Yukina's childhood friend was a member of the team, and apparently this creepy obsessed guy had murdered any girls who had been in love with any of the key players, so that the players wouldn't be distracted by girls and be able to devote all their time to playing.

      But the childhood friend had turned out to be in love with Yukina, and so the obsessed guy was going to kill her next, because she was the biggest threat to the team yet.

      The scene in which I found this out was at the same time terrifying and just awkward, because I was Shigure in this scene (and yet had a POV of watching myself), and I was searching a sewer for some reason. The obsessed guy came up behind me and at first I'm all "oh sheesh you scared me there!" But then I spot the corner of a shirt underneath his sweater. "Wh-what is that shirt...?" I ask, putting the pieces slowly together as the obsessed guy slowly walks toward me with a grin. He takes off his sweater to reveal a team shirt from the basketball team, and I suddenly just knew exactly what had happened. It was just sort of... comical.

      Then I was Yukina's friend and Shigure alternating, both of them running through the house to find Yukina. But she is not in her room, and when we get outside, I think I am ME for once, and I realize we were in my Oma's house all along. I see my family waving an ambulance away, and they're all smiling for some reason. I yell, "WHY ARE YOU SMILING?!" And they said that Yukina-chan would be alright. They were grateful for some guy named Arthur who had sent her to the hospital because she would have died. But it was all part of the obsessed guy's plot and now she was in even more danger than before. I shoved "Arthur" down and shouted something about it not being his dicision to make whether she goes to the hospital or not. Then I woke up.

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    6. My Friend the Kamui (Kill la kill)

      by , 11-14-2014 at 05:04 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      November 13, 2014

      Multiple dreams, hard to remember them all. Kill la Kill inspired semi-lucid dream.

      My Friend the Kamui

      Me and my friends were running around a neighborhood. I don't remember what we were doing, this part of the dream feels long. But I got the feeling were being bad, pranking the neighbors.

      We bust into someone's house. We assumed no one was home but we were wrong. Two little old ladies were home and take defensive measures against our intrusion. My friend flips out and goes to far!

      I can't remember all the details now, but I'm pretty sure he killed them. We tried to stop him! After all, we were just pranking, we didn't mean any real trouble. It's too late now. He's murdered those innocent women and we were his accomplices.

      The cops are here! My friends scram! Except for the one who murdered. I promise to help him escape the cops. At that moment he transforms into a hoodie. I wear him, he talks to me and grants me powers, kinda like the kamui in Kill La Kill.

      "Hold on!" I fly off as fast as I can. The rest of the dream was a chase dream. Now and then I check on my friend, the hoodie, to make sure he's okay.

      But the dream walls kept closing me in and I grew tired of running. They've got me surrounded. I give up! I take off my hoodie and surrender it to the cops.

      I had a dream after, but now I don't remember it.
    7. Animepocalypse

      by , 08-24-2014 at 02:12 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I am in a walled city that feels like Ba Sing Se (From ATLA) mixed with the city from Attack on Titan. (God help me for the name.) The city is supposedly a refuge for people who possess any type of magical or special power.

      I am in a district of the city that has these tall cubic glass skyscrapers and all of these lighted signs written in an incomprehensible language. It looked to be one of the wealthier districts of the city.
      I cannot recall much until these five kids show up. They are the villians; Supposedly each one of them has the power to turn into a monster that is representative of the world's greatest fears.
      One monster is representative of the fear of spiders. It is a large humanoid with spider legs coming from its back. The entire monster is made of millions of spiders and held together with spider webbing. Also, for some reason, the monster has an oven in its chest that spiders come out of.
      Another monster is representative of death and is represented by a hulking humanoid form that is made of a mass of bones.
      Another monster is representative of the fear of becoming overweight (because I guess that ranks among the five greatest fears in the world) and is a huge grease blob.
      I cannot recall what the remaining two monsters were. I think one of them had to do with bees.
      Then Goku (Dragonball) and Soul&Maka(Soul Eater) show up. I think the guy from Onepeice was there too (Can't recall his name). There were many other characters there as well, all of them looked like heroes, but I cannot recall any more at this time. Goku is supposedly the captain of the city's defense force. He starts yelling orders to everyone on how to fight the monster.
      Then I 'remembered' that I was a demon weapon too (Soul Eater) but I couldn't remember who wielded me. I just recall that I was some kind of sword or spear and somebody was using me. While I was in weapon form, I could still see, but everything was a dark blue color. Whoever was using me was fighting the spider monster.
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    8. First WILD Success!

      by , 08-20-2014 at 03:56 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 19, 2014

      So, I didn't remember much of anything while I was on the train home from Utah...

      But last night, I had an interesting dream:

      I was with my mentor teacher for the fall, and we were getting ready to give a math assessment to the students. It was a weird class, because the students were all varying age groups; two of the 3rd graders I taught over the summer were there, and there were some Kindergarten-aged students, and one 6th grader. I had just finished giving the test to a random student (the tests were all either in a little closet thing or out on a hill in a desert-like place) and was calling one of the students from this summer, T, into the closet. I didn't have all the materials, though, and told him I'd be right back. I went out the door, to my right, and down a hall. There was a door at the end of the hall, and I opened it, going outside. To my immediate right was a chest-height table with some papers and materials on it. I grabbed the stuff from the table (for some reason there was a tree right behind the table, and the branches hung low over it, so I had to brush them away in order to get the papers) and headed back to the room. T finished his test, and I gave him the prize (they all got a present when they finished): a book. It was thick. I told him, "Now, don't you want to challenge yourself with this book?"

      Then I got back to the classroom, and my mentor teacher and I talked about whether the other 3rd grader from this summer, J, would hit puberty this year or not. I drew a beard on his face to see what it would look like.

      I woke up after this dream; it was only like 3-ish in the morning. I rolled over, and decided to try to WILD again (I've been attempting it for the past few nights).

      I closed my eyes, relaxed my body and my breathing, and envisioned walking along a mountain ridge...

      Kittens and Platypuses

      It wasn't long before I had started dreaming; I wasn't aware of that fact, though. I was simply walking along this beautiful mountain ridge; the Big City was to my left, and the sky was blue with a few wispy clouds. I had the impression that I was supposed to be doing something, and then I saw a man in colorful clothing; I realized it was the Face, and looked down at my hands: I was dreaming!

      I walked up to him, remmbering the TOTMs, and asked, "Where's Howl's castle right now?"

      He simply grinned, pointed ahead of him (which was to my right, over the mountains), and I grinned right back at him. I jumped off the ridge and started flying in the direction he'd pointed. I passed a few landmarks I recognized from my dream map (an aspen forest and a small hut).

      Then I heard the familiar sound of Howl's Castle (that clip starts with the sound) and descended to where I then spotted it. I banged on the door, and yelled, "Sophie, are you home?!"

      After a few seconds, the door opened, but it was Zukin inside the castle, not Sophie. Oh well, that worked just fine.

      I went inside and looekd around; the room was different than it is in the movie, but I spotted a fireplace to the left, and approached it. "Calcipher?" I asked, and the flame blinked at me.

      "Yeah, what's it to you?"
      "Is Sophie home?"
      "No, she's out learning to fish with Howl. Romantic, isn't it?"
      I grinned. "Oh. Well, can you tell me a word in a different language?" I asked, suddenly remembering the other task.
      Calcipher flickered a bit and at first didn't say anything. For a moment I thought I might be losing control, because things started to fizzle out a bit, so I touched the hearth, rubbing my hands along it. I thought about putting my hand in the fire, but I figured that would be rude to Calcipher.
      He finally answered: "Berzzit."

      "Berwhat? Can you spell that?"
      "Oh. Berzzit. What does that mean?"
      "It means when you wake up and are so groggy that you walk into the doorframe on your way out of your room." Oddly specific, there.

      I turned from Calcipher and looked around the room again. The door through which I'd come was closed again, and Zukin had disappeared. I went to the door, and opened it: Still mountains, where I'd entered. I closed it again, and looked at the dial. I knew what everything was supposed to look like because I've seen the movie so many times, and so I knew what to expect. There were five colors though, instead of four, on the dial. It was currently on green. There was also a black, blue, yellow and orange. Naturally I turned it to the orange.

      I put my hand on the door handle, closed my eyes, took a breath, not knowing what to expect on the other side. I hoped it was be cool... I opened the door, and opened my eyes.

      Boy was it cool. I stepped out into a small clearing in a forest of pines. I turned around to look at where the door was. I was expecting to see a small hut of some sort, but the door just stood on it's own.

      I turned back to the clearing, and noticed there were kittens and platypuses all over the place. The Face was also there; he was sitting in the grass, playing with a kitten. "Where are we?" I asked, sitting next to him. He didn't respond, only played with the kitten some more. I picked up the nearest platypus to me, and held it in my lap. I got so distracted with playing with the animals that
      I lost lucidity and mindlessly frolicked in the clearing with the Face. There may have been other activity beginning with an F, but I can't remember too well.
    9. Meatatarian // Gummy Bear Sundae // You're All Ready For Me! // Attack on Titan // Elderly Band

      by , 08-12-2014 at 09:06 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 09, 2014

      So, I had like no dreams on the 8th, but the 9th, when I went home, was full of dreams.


      I was at the Quaker Meeting House I attended as a child and occasionally go back to visit, and I was with my cousins for some reason. We were all supposed to get up early for a trip somewhere. Mom and dad had already left, and so while we waited, I went to the back room to watch the kids. I think I showed them the Magic School Bus?

      I had left the TV on and fallen asleep; I woke up at 5:48, and went to see if people were awake. We'd all planned on being awake at 6:00. Dad was back somehow, and awake, but I was still half-asleep and so I didn't really know that it was 5:48. I went back to my room and started picking out which shirt to wear. I picked from my pink Lolla shirt, my green "Meatatarian" shirt, and my Black Keys shirt. I picked the Lolla shirt because I always think it looks great on me.

      Gummy Bear Sundae

      I was in the back room at the Meeting House (this may have actually been a sort of continuation of the last dream), but it had turned into the elementary school from the summer school. There had been a holiday at the school called Latvia Day, for some reason, and the other interns were busing the students.

      I was getting dressed and apparently there were still some kids right outside my window, which was open (actually it had no glass at all) and I was paranoid about people seeing me. When I was dressed, I went out into the main area of the building on the first floor, and saw my old mentor teacher, Mrs. B, and my classmate A, who got that same mentor teacher for her year-long placement. Mrs. B was telling A how she would bake a cake for her every Wednesday, and I asked, "Can I have a cake every Wednesday?"

      Mrs. B laughed and said, "Psssh no. But you can have a gummy bear sundae every Thursday!" And she pulled a piece of cardstock out of her pocket. There were gummy bears printed in an arch on the paper, and she started cutting them out from the bottom left corner around the arch to the bottom right corner. "I'm too lazy to make a real sundae though."

      Then she joked that my shirt was sooooooo ugly, and pulled at the hem of her own shirt; I realized we had almost the exact same shirt on. The only difference was a small spot in the pattern.

      Scavenger Hunt

      I was at the University, and I was on a scavenger-hunt. We had to go to the auditoriums and audition for a musical as part of the hunt. I've dreamed of these auditoriums before.

      Picnic Tables

      I had woken up and was writing down a dream I'd just had; it was about picnic tables lined up in color-order. There were picnic tables of all colors of the rainbow.

      You're All Ready For Me!

      I was walking down the hallway at Zukin's co-op, because we'd had plans to hang out. I got to her door, banged my forehead on it once to let her know I was opening it, and opened the door. She was standing there in nothing but a bath towel, and I said, "Oh, you're all ready for me!"

      We'd been planning to take showers before we hung out. All of her clothes, like EVERYTHING she owned plus some because I don't think she owns as much clothes as were lined up in her room. They were folded neatly and piled along her desks and dresser, from wall to wall. Her room was also slightly different; the left wall was exposed brick instead of drywall, and painted a deep red color, instead of orange, and the door was all the way against the left wall. I remember being a little confused and thinking that something was off, but I couldn't put my finger down on it. I almost got lucid, but I must have reasoned that she had remodeled since the last time I was there.

      So yeah, She was in a bath towel and I said "Oh, you're all ready for me~!" and then we started making sexual jokes about showers, and she nonchalantly told me that her mom was getting a divorce from her dad because he'd lied to her too many times.

      Attack on Titan

      I was a new member of the Military Police and was stationed in Trost. I had gotten to know Eren, Mikasa and Armin, and they let me into their little posse.

      Then, there was an attack. There were people dying all over the place and we set out to kill as many of the Titans as we could... but everyone was dying. We were all just barely able to evacuate the civilians, and by the time the four of us somehow got through the gate at Wall Rose, we thought we were the only ones left alive. But it turned out there were people alive on the other side, in military uniforms. We didn't recognize any of them, and there was a weird feeling in the air about them. Something was slightly off.

      But we joined them and our leader was Stein (yes, that's a screw in his head). We became close with him, he was something like a personal mentor for us. And then he told us that he and Eren's father had been best friends as children.

      I saw a flashback of a peaceful prairie with a single, straight, flat stream flowing down the middle. Two boys were kneeling over the water's edges, picking grass out of it. The water didn't ripple at all, which was a little eerie. The boys didn't see each other at first, because they were about 20 feet from each other, on opposite sides.

      But then they both looked up. It was Eren's father and Stein. They smiled at each other over their love of pulling grass out of the stream, and were insta-BFFs.

      Then there was a sound to my left, and I looked over. A bus was making its way toward us on the water. They had developed tires made of a special rubber that could stay on top of water no matter what They had cars, bikes, even shoes with bottoms made of that leather, that could all go along on top of the water. I watched the bus go by, and noticed that a few buildings had popped up where only grass had been. There was also a sidewalk of sorts on the other side of the stream (I was on the same side as Eren's dad).

      A small town gradually grew out of the prairie, and then Eren's dad went into one of the buildings; it was his home. He came back out with a unicycle. It had a tire that could go on water. He asked me if I would like to lean how to ride it, and at first I was a little reluctant and scared to try, but he was persistent. I conceded, and awkwardly got onto the unicycle. He pushed me and waved happily as I zoomed down the river, which seemed to instantly become the hallway in my Oma's house. I wonder if there was a dream portal (can that happen if it's not a lucid dream?). I stopped myself on the ledge near the kitchen door, and almost knocked over a few of my Oma and Grandpa's wooden African art.

      Elderly Band

      I was in an auditorium, watch a band play. The band was entirely composed of really old people, like 80-90 years old. They were all rocking the fuck out, like heavy metal head banging and screaming, and it was awesome. I was down at the front row for a bit, and then went back up near the top to find my family. I found them to my right, and turned down the isle, apologizing and excusing myself as I passed people. When I sat down with them, though, mom and almost everyone in my party left to get some food. My mom's two sisters and my dad's dad were left with me. Grandpa was trying to get me to eat a miniature blueberry pie. He was super persistent about it so I took one that looked like a target and bit into it.
    10. Police Rin // HyunMeMeLOL

      by , 08-04-2014 at 06:25 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 03, 2014

      I had a dryspell over the weekend (well, correction: I know I had dreams and I remember having them as soon as I woke up, but kept forgetting to write them down, then fell back asleep and couldn't remember them later)

      Anyways, these were from last night.

      Eye Candy

      I was Police Rin. Basically.

      I was Rin from Free (the one with red-hair), and I just happened to be dressed in a police uniform like he is in the ending of the second season (what the shit, all of the videos have the audio muted because of copyright... damn... well this one with YMCA in the background fits way too well to pass up, and you get the gist)....

      Anyways. The whole gang was there (MUCH to my pleasure, believe me), though I can't remember what they were all dressed as. All I knew was that we were all basically gigolos for some rich woman. We were technically given the jobs our outfits were for, so I had to figure out how to protect the public. I decided to try to come up with a device that could filter the cigarette smoke/smell out of the air. I had been hoping there was a scientist with us, and I looked around for Rei because I felt like he would be a scientist (my dream-mind knew he was a scientist in the ending), but I couldn't find him, though I did find Haru as a mermaid in a tank of water. I was joining him in the tank when I woke up (I was still Rin) ;D


      I was at my summer internship, and it turned out that I was at the school one of my favorite students from the summer school went to. I was going to be in his classroom, and I was so excited to see him again.

      When I got to the classroom on the first day, he saw me and was so excited and came over to me, trying to show me every single thing in his backpack.

      Then, during the introductions and whatnot, all the kids were writing their names on the board and introducing themselves, and instead of writing HyunSung, he wrote "HyunMeMeLOL" on the board, said it, and started giggling like crazy. I said, "Is that your naaame?" all teasing, and he kept nodding and called himself HyunMeMeLOL for the rest of the day.

      I started talking to the students and interns about the water cycle haha!

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    11. Fell asleep while meditating: Random dreams.

      by , 08-01-2014 at 02:02 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I accidentally shave off skin on my face.

      I am at high school. I forgot to fill out some kind of review. For some reason this feels like a congruent dream where I am perpetually forgetting an assignment, but not recalling the dream.

      I was walking across a path behind my neighborhood when I met a young blonde girl with a prosthetic arm who claimed to be psychic. She was able to tell me a lot about myself. I wondered why, and became partially lucid in realizing that you don't run into psychics on the street like this regularly. But slipped out of it a few moments later.
      She then took me to see her brother who was on the second floor of one of the houses in my sub (One I've never been to in RL). Her brother was blonde as well, wheelchair bound and very overweight. He spoke through a computer, like Stephen Hawking. But his psychic energy was insanely strong. I could feel it in the room. We had a long discussion but I cannot recall what it was about.

      I had a long discussion about the maneuver gear from Attack on Titan with S's brother. He was trying to argue that it did not distribute force evenly across the body and if it was used in real life, it would tear someone's arms off. I was trying to explain to him that the force was actually applied all over the body and that was the reason for all the straps and the jackets that they wear on the show. I then told him that it's an anime and that anything could happen.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. Dump Truck Bed

      by , 07-15-2014 at 01:24 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 14, 2014

      During the night, I only have vague impressions that I had a clip-board. I have no idea why or even what the clip-board was like.

      Then I took a 1.5 hour nap at 4:00, after my yet-again-long day as a teaching intern, and had this dream:

      I was at the elementary school in which I am an intern for summer classes, and we were all in our class after the kids had left. Most of my actual cohort-mates were there, but a few of them were replaced with guys (IRL there's only one guy in the cohort). I was aiming for one of them, and hoping that another of them would end up with one of my friends (we'll call this other one George for now, since he comes in later).

      The day was done and I decided to take a nap before heading home; so I curled up in one of the empty classrooms and dreamed that I was a prostitute on my first night on the job. When I woke up, I was thinking that I needed some money, and being a prostitute wouldn't be all that bad, anyways. So I went down the street to the Prostitution Center (which doesn't exist IRL) and asked to fill out a form to apply for work.

      The secretary there didn't seem to like me; she noticed the hours I was logging in as "previous experience" and made some snide comment that I don't quite remember. She also noticed my class ring and rolled her eyes. Part of the job was that we had to lift three boxes of supplies per day, at the main building; they received shipments daily of things like condoms, kinky roleplay outfits, and silk and lace. Just before I was going to get taken on a tour of the facilities, I heard the beeping of a truck backing up, and then a few men came in with said boxes, placing them at the door. Two scantily clad women walked in on stilettos and each lifted a box, taking them beep inside the building. I saw those high heels and panicked for a moment.

      "I'm not going to have to wear those heels, am I? I'll die, or kill a client or something."
      The secretary shook her head, and led me to a door behind the counter. She opened it, and I followed her into a large factory-like room with concrete floors and tape lines to guide people and machinery. I didn't ask what they did in this room, but I assumed it was some fantasy- or fetish-room, for men who liked that sort of thing. The secretary pointed to another door on the opposite side and paused to inspect something or other. I went to the door, and opened it, holding it open and waiting for the secretary. I think she warmed up to me with that. She thanked me and we continued with the tour. The new room was an office-building; cubicles and photocopiers in dark corners and a whole row of boss's offices, doors shut and blinds pulled. Another fetish-room?

      We exited that room into the open. There was another building in the business, so we would take the company's advertizing vehicle there. It was a dump-truck. But the bed of the dump-truck was a huge mattress (I didn't realize how hilariously punny that was until I woke up and texted Zukin about it, HAHAHA). The secretary gestured for me to hop into the bed, while she got into the cockpit. I felt vulnerable and exposed on the mattress, and to my horror, we were going to pass the school to get to the other building. I tried to hide my face, especially when I saw that some of the kids were actually still there, waiting for parents or perhaps a late bus. One of the kids was one of my rising 3rd graders, and I prayed she wouldn't see me. It was then that I decided that I probably shouldn't be a prostitute, because I was going to be a teacher, and it wouldn't look good.

      As we approached the T-intersection where we'd turn right, I noticed a bit of a jam; the bus had gotten there, but the road was being blocked by a sudden accident, and the bus was having to get out of the jam by going around the left edge of the road, behind the trees which separated the road from a large drop (apparently we were on a high hill). I was impressed by this feat of maneuvering on the bus-driver's part, but I waved to the secretary and asked, "Sooo... What if I decided I don't really want to do this anymore?"

      She just smiled and turned right, as if heading to the other building, but turned around in the driveway of the school, and dropped me off at the main building again. "So can we just go back in there and shred this application? Those hours I logged were a dream, anyways." I asked, glad that she understood.

      "No problem. I'll do it for you even, so you don't have to go back in." I handed her the application, which I'd torn in half, and smiled.


      She honked goodbye and drove off into the industrial parking lot of the main building. Since I didn't have my car, I went to the nearest bus stop, and as I walked, the world slowly shifted into an anime-ish world. A few of my cohort-mates were sitting at the bus stop when I got there. Apparently they had also just decided not to be prostitutes. We all started gossiping about the guys in our class. "So, George, right? He should totally be with *insert name of freind (not sure which one it was haha)*, right?" I said, and the other two looked at me, incredulous.

      "Dude, no. He totally has a crush on you. It's pretty obvious." One of them said.

      "What? Noooo." I laughed and shook my head.

      "No, really. He watches you a lot, actually. You should tap that. He's got the looks AND the personality."

      I thought about George, and smiled a little. He was pretty handsome... I decided to switch my target to him, and hope that my friend got with my original target.

      Then I woke up because Zukin texted me (haha! It was right before my alarm was going to go off anyways, though)
    13. Minecraft in SPACE // MBME // Girl Crushes // Magical Rape

      by , 07-13-2014 at 12:09 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 12, 2014

      Minecraft IN SPACE

      I was living in a Minecraft-like world; It wasn't blocky like Minecraft, but you could build whatever you want and such, like a sandbox type game (such as Minecraft). Except there was the option to play with an extra dimensional world, where you could spawn in space and find planets to build on. It was pretty mind boggling.

      So I was inside this game, and I had started off on a medium-sized asteroid. It was longer than it was wide, so I used four "sides" along the rod-like (read: phallic) asteroid to build four "sets" where stories could be acted out. The first "set" was for a tragic love story, where the husband dies in the house. The second involved a cat that didn't want to get down from on top of a piece of furniture. The third I can't remember, and the fourth was a horror-suspense where a woman's husband goes crazy and goes on a murder rampage, killing her, their dog, and their child, and some of the neighbors. He stored them all in their fridge.

      So, I had used up all the space on this asteroid, and so I jumped off from one edge, because I had spotted a smaller asteroid nearby. I built a small star-base on that one, and left a tracking device on it so I could find it later. And then I pushed off from it in a random direction, and floated through space for what seemed like a really long while and an instant at the same time.

      Eventually, I found a good sized planet (I assumed it was my normal dream world, but I am not sure). I landed on it in a large field that stretched as far as I could see. Everything is all good; I meet some cool people, and build a nice little house for myself as I search for new resources, but then I figure out that I can't jump with enough force to escape the gravity of this planet. And so I would never be able to see my original creation again, and would have to stay on this world forever. I was saddened by that; even though it was nothing much, I was sentimental about my first creation.

      I eventually fell in love with one of the men I had met on this planet, and life seemed to be okay. Then one day, there was a huge asteroid impact, and then another one: It turned out that my original asteroid and the mini star-base had collided with another space object, setting their trajectories on a collision-course with this planet. The horror-story set was destroyed when the asteroid landed, but everything else was well intact. I was so happy, and ended up acting out one of the sets with the man I had fallen in love with. We were in the first set, but we chose a different story; a school romance (lol, someone has been reading too much manga!)

      I was a student and he was my teacher, and we had a forbidden mutual love. The classroom was set up so that there was one room for the teacher, and another, larger, room for the students. The wall dividing them had holes used for communication. Each student had a section of the wall and a number of holes they used to stick their comments and questions through to the teacher on the other side. We were using it to send secret love notes.

      The Most Beautiful Man in Existence

      I was a student at an elite almost-all-girls school. I had a crush one of my male classmates, who just happened to be Yato from Noragami. I may have been Hiyori (the girl in that picture), but I don't remember. Anyways. The school uniform was orange jumpsuits. We all looked like prisoners. Or Chell.

      The dream spanned many days (at least half of a school year) and I switched characters quite often; I was Yato for some part of it, I was a series of their friends, and one of the teachers at some point, too. By the time I was near the end of the dream, I was the best friend of the first me. Somewhere in the middle of my cycle of characters, I had been showing a picture of some famous photographer to my friends (one of which was the first me), and this guy was apparently the "Most Beautiful Man In Existence" (MBME). He wore black shiny-ish clothes, with lots of belts and buckles, and his face was always covered by a DSLR camera in the pictures, so I was skeptical. The first me was fawning over him, which made Yato-me jealous by the time I was him.

      When I was the last-me, first-me's best friend, there were rumors going around school that MBME was transferring to our school. I was scowly and upset by this, thinking the first-me would fall for him instead of Yato, who was by now her boyfriend. I didn't want this MBME to get in the way of their love, and so I was all pissy about him coming to our school. I was with first-me and our friends, and she was going all gagga over the fact that he was coming here, and so I got exasperated and left to walk around outside and get some fresh air. I decided to run laps around the building, but as I rounded the corner to the front of the building, I saw a line of cars coming up the driveway of the school, from both directions (it was a two-entry half-circle type driveway). I assumed it was the new MBME. As if on cue, MBME got out of the car in the front of one of the lines, and it was just like an anime, where the roses and sparkles are in the background. He really was the most beautiful man in existence. But I shook my head to clear it, and got angry at myself. I saw a woman get out of the car behind him, probably his mom, and I did my best to look as delinquent-y and unlady-like as possible, hoping his mom would see the jail-bird-ish uniform and my behavior, and think everyone in the school was like that, and would take her son out of the school.

      But I woke up before anything else happened.

      Girl Crushes and Doughnuts

      I was in a big mansion with a group of girls. We were all classmates, I think, and we were all on a trip together. They were all jealous of me because I was best friends with the beautiful, popular girl who everyone admired. Some of the girls even had crushes on her. And so they all basically hated me.

      We were all staying in this mansion overnight, and I was in the same room as the popular best friend, and there was also a box of mini-doughnuts in our room. During the night, random girls kept sneaking in to steal doughnuts so they could give them to the beautiful best friend in the morning. Eventually I got tired of this, since my bed was right next to the door, and I grabbed all the doughnuts and hoarded them under my blankets, and locked the door.

      Magical Rape

      I wasn't any character in this dream; I merely watched the scene. I was watching from a corner of the living room in a house; a woman was cleaning and such. Then a little boy, her son, came in, soaking wet and looking mentally defeated. His mother gasped and ran to his side, but he brushed past her and continued on to his room. Then I was in his room, and he stood at his writing desk. His mother appeared in the doorway, asking what was wrong, and then she saw a toy (it was like a top, but not quite a top. IT was yellow with red and blue and green patterns at the handle of it) directly between the boy's legs. She looked horrified, but when she checked for blood on his pants, was relieved to see that there was none. But the boy merely said "It's different..."

      The mother looked aghast at him, shaking her head. "No... it can't be...!"

      The boy took of his pants and (here it gets really weird and I don't know what the heck my subconscious was on) turned, revealing black patterns extending from his anus. They were magical marks, signs of a curse. Then the POV zoomed in on that and went up the boy's ass.... Like I said, weird, and I don't know why the heck I dreamed it.
    14. The Midnight Crew

      by , 06-06-2014 at 06:39 AM
      Ruby Gloom is the titular character of a spooky kid's show.
      some kind of monster...-ruby.jpg
      Squid-Girl is the plucky protagonist of an anime program.

      some kind of monster...-vlcsnap-2012-03-08-01h25m04s237.jpg

      26 July 2013

      It was the hour of dusk in the quiet town of Gale, a city that I have visited several times in previous dreams. I canít well remember how I became mixed up in this crew but I had no complaints. I was a member of what may have been a private investigation group. Either that or a mercenary group. Such a distinction might be obvious between these two different labels but the thing is, I am not sure what it is we were doing what we were doing or for what purpose. But I might be getting ahead of myself. I was a member of a shady group of four. I cannot remember what the group was or if it even had a name so for now I shall refer to us as ďThe Midnight Crew.Ē A gang name borrowed from a popular web-comic, but I digress.

      As I said before, there were four of us. One was a tall man, slender, and dressed in 17th century casual European attire (letís call him Damien). I suspect that he was the leader of our group. Another was a spry young girl; she could not have been any older than thirteen (letís call her Leena). She was young and hyperactive but she was also agile; a very useful member of our crew. Then there was a tall young woman with silver hair and dressed in white armor and clothing (Leila). This woman looked like something straight out of an RPG. Funny thing is: Leila was our tech savvy. She was the one who hacked electronic locks and circuitry. She was the very serious one. I canít remember seeing her crack a smile at any point during the dream. And then there was me; the rookie of the group.

      Our services were drafted by a middle aged woman whose name remained undisclosed. She came to us with a request to retrieve a young boy and bring him back to her. She offered up a reward of course. Now this is where my confusion becomes valid. I am not sure if we were private investigators or some kind of mercenaries or underground couriers. Now as one reads through this he might assume that the woman coming to us is a mother in distress over her lost son but that is not quite how I remember this being portrayed. There was a woman, yes, and she did draft us to go in search of a young boy but I do not believe that this was a mother. I remember that she was quite stern in this request. That is to say, she seemed indifferent to the boyís well being. I donít think that she was concerned about the boy but rather the investment behind him. I believe that she may have been part of a bigger organization; one that seemed to be invested in this boy for one reason or other (there is even a chance that she was our employer...maybe, not very sure on that one). But her reasons did not matter to us for our job was not to ask questions. I am sure that ďNo questions askedĒ existed somewhere within our mantra.

      Now there is no question in my mind that we were underground couriers but little did we know that we were getting mixed up in something serious. I donít remember why but there was an investment in this boy. One that was so vital that two opposing groups would do anything to get their hands on him.

      So now back to the story at hand. It was the hour of dusk and we were walking through the dark streets of Gale. Gale always was an anachronistic city which seemed to be fitting to the anachronistic wardrobe of my colleagues. The mist that was gathering around the streets of the 17th century style town only made the scene that much more ominous. We started out by asking around but I remember that most responses were hostile (maybe they knew who or what we were). But I suspect that the streets had been over taken by the enemies of our client because there was a part of town that was full of nothing but hostiles. I wish I could remember how the struggle went but there are only few precious details that I can remember. As we fought our way through town square we met a man in one of the stores who was obviously taking cover from the bullets (assuming the hostiles were using firearms). This man was a friend of The Midnight Crew. I call him Paul, a jovial soul who was dressed in a black 17th century suit (thatís how most Gale-ites dressed) and a dark blue cape. And fortunately for us he had the boy we were looking for. Now I donít quit remember how our conversation with Paul went but I remember that he was somehow mixed up with these organizations and he somehow got us to agree with some plan of his. We allowed him to take the boy for a while after he promised to meet us later on and hand the boy over to us. The boy was eerily stoic; he never even spoke and maintained a calm demeanor in this epic frenzy.

      We tried to fight our way through the rest of the hostiles but they proved to be too much for us. My heart pounded as we detoured through the stores of the city. Thankfully all of the buildings were interconnected so we were able to continue in our mission while avoiding the hostiles. I remember how relieved I was to be away from them.

      Now the events following are extremely hazy and I cannot recant them here. I just remember that my misadventure with The Midnight Crew eventually led to my separation from them and I ran into this strange gothic girl. I believe this girl to have been Ruby Gloom. I remember that there was something about this girl that rubbed me the wrong way. She was seemingly pleasant but I found it difficult to trust this one. Now Ruby had a story, one whose complete makeup was lost in memory. She was an exile from another land or another world. She was here for reasons unknown and was in the middle of a rivalry with an ocean dweller that was now on land. Squid-Girl was this rivalís designation. I think that Ruby believed Squid-Girl to be partly responsible for her exile.

      After more hazy stuff happened (including several strifes between Squid-Girl and Ruby) I ended up in a college. I was there under Rubyís direction and was now working completely independently of The Midnight Crew. I guess there was a something bigger going on, something that tied in with this college, that mysterious boy, Ruby and her rival, Squid-Girl. I didnít know how this all tied together but I knew that more answers could be found at this college and Ruby was going to help find themÖor so she said. Ruby and I warmed up to each other as time went on. She seemed to consider me a real friend and I canít say that I was far from returning the sentiment. Not to say that she didnít have her annoying flaws. She was very cocky and arrogant and she thought very highly of herself. I hated that about her. And not to mention she loved the sound of her own voice. I was still somewhat weary of trusting her. There was still so much about that I didnít know; most importantly, her motive. She didnít strike me as the type of person who gave out of the goodness of her heart, so why did she agree to help me? What was in it for her? I made a point of keeping these questions in the back of my mind.

      The college had its own private beach. Not a real beach but a man made beach. One with artificial ocean waves and whatnot; similar to what they had in the City of Columbia. Now this beach was a place where the students used drugs recreationally (and yes, the college was okay with this). Ruby was also posing as a student here at this college. She was somewhere else and communicated with me through some chat client. I was extremely uncomfortable here on this beach. I didnít like being around so many tripped out junkies in one place; something about that scenario spelled disaster to me. And I was not entirely sure if the other students liked me but looking back: it may have been in my head. The recreational drug usage was interrupted by a massive storm which brought forth a huge tsunami. We all escaped the beach alive but I was not sure if this tsunami was an accident. What a thought! That someone somewhere actually had the power to cause such a great feat of nature. Perhaps I was becoming paranoid. Or perhaps not. Didnít my partner say something about Squid-Girl having elemental powers over the sea? This whole investigation just keeps getting more and more interesting.

      At this point I wander off into a tangent of unrelated events. I find myself on a bus with my highschool marching band and we are on our way to a performance. We are on our way to a five star hotel and I cannot wait to finally get there because I really have to take a piss. And thatís pretty much it. I donít know what the point of this is. Could this have been a dream within the dream? Because I have had those. Seriously I have. Whatever, back the dream at hand.

      After that random ass tangent of events I was back at the beach. It was not long before another storm hit and another tsunami took place. But this was only the beginning of a series of extremely unfortunate events. After the beach was evacuated the organization that had the boy came and began fighting it out with another group. Could my presence have brought them here? There was also something big emerging from the sea and it threatened to destroy this school. Hell was indeed being raised and my class mates and I needed to find someplace safe before we were all killed. As I was running with the crowed I saw a huge projection of ruby over the rail of the walkway. I donít know if it was a holographic projection which she set up herself or if it was just a projection of the dream which only I could see. But what I do know is that I hated what I saw. She was there just laughing her ass of at the mayhem that was ensuing. I knew that she couldnít be trusted. I donít know how but she planned this and I was pawn in this sick little game of hers. A friend indeed.

      We successfully evacuated to the safety of the school theatre. It was the last safe place left here in the school. All the while we were there I could only think back on that image of my partner laughing at me and everyone here. There was no longer any question that I was nothing more than a means to an end but what end? Damn it! What was all of this about? What was I mixed up? What was this leading to? After a few minutes of thought one of the IT students brought up a radar map of the school and the beach and showed everyone how the tsunami started. I was right. It was not accident. According to the IT and his radar map the tsunami was caused by a giant creature approaching the school from the water. It was let in from the back end. This was no doubt the work of Squid-Girl.

      After several more events that I can not recall, I was reunited with The Midnight Crew. We were back in the City of Gale making our way through the maze of commercial facilities. Several of them were dark due to some kind of orchestrated black out and I could not help but get anxious whenever we entered a dark facility. I mean after all, the city was full of hostiles. But the darkness was short lived because each time we entered a dark room, Leila would rewire the circuits in the rooms and bring the lights on. We made our way into a dark kitchen and, after a few minutes of rewiring by Leila, it was well lit. But the relief was short lived as we were immediately attacked by hostiles. I remember seeing Paul there and the boy was with him. Was all of this really centered around him? I still could not believe that this all could have been orchestrated by one girl. I never did figure out what motive was. One thing that I could never get over. If she really was just using me, then why did she open up to me the way she did.

      The dream changed possibly before the brawl ended. I was no longer a participant; I was now the observer. I suspect that I had gone back through time (possibly by several years) to observe one of the seemingly unrelated events that may have led up to that frenzy. Poseidon, king of the sea, was working at a seaside store. Squid-Girl emerged from the ocean surface with her boyfriend and attacked him relentlessly. She destroyed the restaurant killing everyone inside and came down on Poseidon with huge tsunami waves. She also knew how to handle a trident. I was really impressed; Poseidon really didnít stand a chance. I felt kind of bad for him; I felt that this was a blatant act of treachery on her part. The last thing I saw was Squid-Girl, holding down the king of the sea as he lay on his back with her hand pressed firmly against his forehead. She was in his face with a stone cold look in her eye no doubt saying something menacing to him. I didnít see what happened to Poseidon but judging by Squid-Girlís demeanor; I doubt that she was merciful.

      Note: At some point during the second evacuation (or it may have been during the final strife in the kitchen) I got the inkling that there was an unknown third party involved in all of this. Ruby and Squid-Girl were the two primary antagonists who were pulling the strings in this entire debacle. But I could not get past the feeling that there was an unknown third party who was sitting back idly and watching Ruby and Squid-Girl. I felt like someone was observing their rivalry closely and waiting for the right time to make his move. Perhaps he was waiting for one of them to engage him or perhaps he was waiting for them to do something. Perhaps he was hatching a plan that would arise from their plans.
    15. MMORPG and Anime Fluff

      by , 04-16-2014 at 08:09 PM (Life's Dream Accounts)
      EPIC dream last night.

      It started out where I was walking around this huge monument building. There were corridors and long outside hallways with pillar structures. It kind of reminded me of European structures from my trip to France back in 1999 except way bigger. I was walking around when I found my 'party' which was basically like grouping up with someone on a friends list on a mmorpg, except me and this person seemed to know each other for quite some time. We walked around jumping over these pillars when the 'dark force' in the dream attacked.

      Everything was on fire and I was helplessly trying to "rescue my classmates from this secondary school" this is what I said. So the monument was like Hogwarts. There was a gauge on my display screen. It was like sword arts online. You are in the MMO but can still see people's Health points. The gauge was showing how many people where in peril and who I needed to save first so that there life was saved just in time for them to survive. We retreated and rescued those who we could. Then when I looked around I realized there was this huge world I was in that was like Final Fantasy XIII, Open world and I could see all the fiends, monsters outside of the castles I just retreated from. The dream ended when I suddenly realized I was 'trapped' and saw myself being caged, which is more ironic than anything but I did see my hands stick outside of a human cage.

      Then my dream changed to where I was watching families from video games and anime, and the epilogue of these games/anime specifically. What I was looking at was their life after epic boss battles, their babies, basically there life with kids as we live. It was somewhat fluffy and then I woke up feeling awkward.

      If anyone was wondering: I saw things like we would if we were to dream in anime or computer graphics. It was very strange since I can't normally do this.

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