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    1. Morte hominis

      by , 11-23-2017 at 12:08 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 1:00 PM

      Woke up at: 3:00 PM


      The dream starts off with me and my family driving home. It's a bright, sunny day, nothing could go wrong, could it? Then all of a sudden my brother screams in terror. "It's a giant hand!!" He says. I look around for a couple seconds and see a huge, white hand pick up a car and crush it in its hands. It then seems to pummel the ground before it, sending us all into a deep panic.

      "This is it, this is the end. No. No, no, no, no, no, this can't be real!" I think to myself, utterly frozen as to what's going on.

      My mother swerves into another lane, cutting through some grass and to a less crowded lane. My mom floors it, but not before a strange, oddly polygonal being floats in with a plume of dust surrounding it. I don't quite remember what it did, but it killed more people in the dream. It was oddly ethereal in appearance.

      But, due to all the surrounding chaos, my mom crashes the car into a large rock. Flames erupt around us, and the polygonal monster is back, surrounding us in a dust devil. A large, slimy monster with a million eyes starts trying to bust into our car, towards my mother and sister. I think, "Maybe this is a dream! Monsters, you have no power over me!", but to no avail. This slimy, green monster with a million eyes starts closing in on me and my family.

      In a feat of rage, fright, and courage, I decide to kill it with my own two hands. I try punching it, but my punches felt weak, as if something were holding me down. I then do the most logical thing, and try gouging its eyes out. It's a disgusting display, but I wrap my hands around one of its eyes and smoosh it out of existence. I yell right in front of it as I try to inflict massive damage on this giant enemy slime.

      Then the dream ended. It--it felt so REAL! As if I were to die at any moment! It was quite surreal, and I was more than ecstatic to have woken up and to be reminded it was all just a bad dream.


      1. This was my first nightmare I've had in months. Maybe stress? I mean, I did think the supervolcano erupted today (Don't worry, people were just burning sugarcane behind my house).

      2. I remember my arms felt weak during my "fight" with the Blogg (That's what I'm calling it). Another tell-tale dream sign to many people.

      3. I think I tried to get lucid, but due to the monsters overriding my power I wasn't able to get very far.
    2. Post apocalyptic shopping

      by , 01-04-2017 at 08:32 PM
      I am by myself searching through a desolate city scape, very grey and cold. I see a woman going into some shops and think she must know where some food is, but also i am wary for her safety.
      I follow after her down into the basement of a store. There are aisles of boxes stacked high and debris strewn everywhere. One section has a long greenhouse, abandoned, for some reason.
      However as the woman disappears off I cannot follow her as a large wild cat is now between the two of us.
      It's about the size of a large dog, with grey matted fur and its eyes are scarred out. Although it is blind I feel its gaze burning into me.
      I move but as I do it moves closer still. I pick up a rock and through it, it has no effect. I am petrified. I throw another as hard as I can at its temple but it just bounces off. Now i'm a bit more scared.
      Then I remember that I said I would go back to my practise of hugging DCs rather than killing them.
      I make protective gloves and padding appear but I dont really think this will be enough. As the cat must be seriously pissed off and has wicked looking claws. I am lucid at this point.
      I then materialise my titanium wings and go in for a big hug. I am eyeball to blind eyeball with the cat and it does try to claw me.
      There are lots of pinging noises as its claws rake against my wings and some white sparks.
      But I get a hug in there lol. I wake up.

      I go back into the dream but am not lucid. There is a guy cleaning up plants and weeds into a big bundle he puts in a wheel barrow, next to the old greenhouse. He is an old Jamaican guy with a cap who talks to me. My daughters phone has fallen into some water nearby and I go to rescue it but the water is toxic and it has melted the gold on the back of the phone. As when I wipe it clean it just comes apart. I go to a workshop to try and get it fixed, the workshop has loads of stuff in it, I have seen it in another dream I think.

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    3. Locked in a bathroom

      by , 02-19-2014 at 04:52 PM
      Dream recall was surprisingly good last night. I remember 2 dreams in full. But I'm going to talk about my more interesting one. This dream I believe was in a zombie apocalypse, although there were no zombies in the dream.

      I was with a group of people walking down a corridor. I see a group of people I know in a room next to me, however this girl tries to lock the door so they wouldent get out, I attempt to stop her but instead, also get locked in the room. I look around and see some of my classmates, (Elliot, Kevin and Jessica). Halfway through the dream I also notice my sister is in this room.

      Now this room looked like a bathroom, it was fairly big for a bathroom. It looked ancient and run down, however it had showers, toilets etc. I don't really remember interacting with the other people in the bathroom, for some reason, I feel the urge to have a shower. I go to one of the showers but some boy I don't know takes the shower. I have to use the 2nd shower. I can't get the shower to be warm, but Kevin helps me with the knobs and dials and crap. It surprisingly didn't feel weird showering infront of these people.

      Halfway through the shower, Jessica comes up to me and hands me a bag of Mcdonalds. She said it was from Charlie Munro (who's also in my class). I open the bag and these some chips, a mcdonalds burger and some disgusting mayonnaise sauce. My sister takes the sauce and my dream stops there!

      It was an interesting dream, some of it didn't make sense but I can't complain!
    4. The Dreaming Dead Chapter 1-3(Zombie Dream)

      by , 12-30-2013 at 04:48 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Hello DV. The Dreaming Dead will be a new series of dreams I'm having. In the past two weeks I've had three zombie dreams. I do not recall them all very well so Chapters 1-3 will be one DJ entry. So I figure I'll keep this as a rolling series of dreams if they continue.

      Chapter I: The Beginning

      I dream that the zombie apocalypse has begun. Everywhere we go there are walkers all around our group. The only two people I recall being there are my friends Matt and Zaine. Together we fight our way through the city and eventually reach our friend Connor's house. He is not there, and the zombies are coming in the house. We may get overran soon. I now draw the large sword I have been using and continue to fight. I slice several zombies' heads off until one grabs a hold of me. I try hard to cut him but I can't seem to do so. He scratches my face and I finally break free and decapitate the walker. I feel my right cheek, where there is now I very small scratch. It can't be. No, not like this. I turn to my friend Zaine and show him. I look at my right index finger, which is covered with blood.
      "That sucks," Zaine says.
      I decide I must continue fighting. I cut off many more zombies' heads in a rage of vengeance for myself. If I'm going down then so are these assholes. I now see my dog come up the stairs and see he has been zombified. I begin to cry but realize what must be done, and I put him out of his misery. Forgive me my old friend. That is all I remember.

      Chapter II: Supply Run

      This dream takes place several days later (real life time). This one I recall less of than the first. I assume my scratch wound has either healed or not yet affected myself. Perhaps scratches don't make you turn like in most zombie situations. If this is true, than thank God for that. I dream my group is making a run into town at night for supplies. What could go wrong right? I don't recall most of the events, other than things did go wrong and we became overrun by walkers. Eventually I get away and run into the parking lot where my Dad's GMC Envoy is parked. I get in and quickly drive away. As I drive home I drive on a road that is on the water with no guard rails, and hardly any shoulder. This makes me quite nervous. I see the speed limit is 55, and even though there is no government I oblige the sign either way. This makes me more nervous seeing as the water is so dangerously close. I finally make it back to our hideout, where things go wrong very quickly. I notice the walkers are overrunning our house. I get out to rush to the house where the rest of the group is running to get inside. I run up the stairs to the house past my friend Frankie, who trips going up the stairs. She is then grabbed by the walkers and taken away. A terrible and disturbing sight, but we must go on. We get into the house and remain safe until I awake.

      Chapter III: A Break in the Storm

      The third dream happened a couple nights ago, and this one I remember the least of, and it was the most uneventful one sadly. Our group now resides in my friend Branson's home. We are seeing a break in the zombie attacks recently. Outside I notice a few walkers, but no sign of immediate danger. So inside, my friend Corey makes us a wonderful meal and we feast like kings. That's all I remember. Short and disappointing, right?

      Stay tuned for Chapter IV, if I have another zombie dream.
    5. Apocalpyse Dream No 9

      by , 11-23-2013 at 12:09 PM
      So in my dream I was stuck in a hotel. Some natural disaster happens which threatens the human life all over the world. Initially it began with fire balls falling from sky. Everybody started to panic and running in the hotel, but there was no where to go because the whole world was on fire. I try to run to basement. Suddenly a deadly gas erupted heading towards our hotel. I saw some people came with safety mask. I tried finding one for me but I couldn't. So, when I was running to basement I found an oxygen breathing system with cylinder across the stairs. So I decided to stay with that system, I thought that will be the best for me. Although I was worried about my family coz they might not have the same privileged as I do. Then I woke up.

      Last night I ate Italian Food: Noodles and garlic bread, before watched Hunger Games. Had Headache till now.

      I can blame watching the movie and the headache might be the reason for the dream, but I had many similar dreams with natural disaster that I want to share in other posts and I want to find if somebody else have similar dream. If somebody else have similar dream please contact me.

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    6. Back in business! Your King has returned...

      by , 05-14-2013 at 02:23 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      I'm back and more ready for Lucid Dreaming than ever before! I had great night a couple nights ago. A couple of awesome dreams that helped re-establish my passion. I have been lucid dreaming regularly during my absence, but I haven't really been striving to become lucid. My basic ADA practices, which are pretty much embedded into my brain, have kept me lucid even though I haven't been really trying. However, I now plan on rocking ADA in its fullest starting this very moment. I may journal some of the dreams during my absence if they happen to cross my mind, but I'm definitely going to be journaling my dreams from this point on. All lucids and some of the more interesting non-lucids. With that, I'll leave you the dreams that brought me back to the wonderful world of Dreamviews!

      Since I enjoy keeping track of numbers and stats (its an OCD thing ), I'm going to guesstimate and start these lucid dreams at #500. I was at #244 when I took my leave and I pretty much go lucid every other night or more at this point. I probably have more than 500, but its all good.

      These are both pretty damn long and very vivid, so I remember them very well.

      May 12, 2013
      Lucid Dream 500: The Power of the King
      Series: The End of Days, Episode 4
      Technique: ADA

      I'm walking through a city with my friend, Diddy. I felt like I knew where I was going at the time, but looking back, I'm not familiar with where I was or where I was going. I see an attractive female a few yards up ahead. In the "classic romance comedy" style, a mugger takes her purse and starts hauling ass right at us. The lady screams for help and I immediately perform a "chop block" on the mugger.
      A chop block is a blocking technique used in american football. It consists of waiting until the defender is within arms reach and then di
      ving hard toward their knees. If performed correctly, the blocker strikes the defender in the knee caps with their shoulder on a downward angle. This causes the defender to, literally, flip over the blocker, landing on the ground in a "disarmed" manner. Aka, it fucks them up.

      I the man flipped over me, landed on his ass, and Diddy ripped the purse from his hands and proceeded to rough him up a bit. The man, scrambled to his feet and took off running away. We let the bastard go. The female approached me and I noticed she looked like she was in really good shape and seemed to walk with a certain swagger about her. She told me and Diddy that we passed a test and have been chosen by the government. I sensed that she was telling the truth, so we followed her at her request.

      We soon arrived at a somewhat hidden staircase in an alley between two trashy/abandoned looking buildings. She escorted us through the doorway, and to my amazement, the inside was marvelous. We were in a small lobby with a clerk standing behind a white counter. The floor was white marble, the walls were white, but appeared to be painted with some sort of high class substance. They looked like mirrors, but there was no reflection of the room. They were only reflecting the color white (if that makes any sense). Hard to explain, but it was awesome to look at. At this point, I'm right on the cusp of lucidity. It "faded" in and out while I examined the wall, but it never set-in. Back to complete non-lucidity now.

      The man at the counter was my friend, P. He looked excited and said, "Zack! You came here?" I had a brief chat with him, but can't remember the details. Without being told, I knew this place was a secret government facility that ran tests and performed surgical procedures to give their patients superhuman abilities. She led us into a fancy elevator and three men wearing black suits, black sunglasses, and hardened spiffy hair-dos, (aka Shiny Spiffers) joined us. Suddenly, I was horrified by this elevator. There were now thick spider webs on all sides of the elevator and many spiders crawling throughout the webs. Me, being deathly afraid of spiders, started freaking out. I stayed in the middle as it descended and tucked my arms close to my sides. I freaked out a bit when I brushed against a spider web and the woman told me that this was part of my test. She said the elevator will not stop until I can fully calm myself and accept my surroundings. I took a deep breath and the spider webs slowly began to vanish. I focus on the webs and imagine them vanishing. It worked wonders and BAM! I struck lucidity as I was performing this task.

      I didn't even bother to stabilize because this dream was CRAZY vivid. The elevator stopped and I proceeded to follow the lady. I figured this plot was interesting enough, so I figured I'd follow it until it got boring. We walked down a hallway that reminded me of a hospital. People were wearing those hospital gowns and appeared to be performing physical therapy-type exercises. In truth, they were getting used to their new abilities. I saw a guy who could run incredibly fast and another who could stretch his body like rubber (or Luffy from One Piece). The woman hooked me up to a machine in a room at the end of the hall. Diddy entered a different room. She told me that the "higher-ups" had chosen me for a unique ability. My hand was placed in a machine as she explained that I was being given the "Power of the King." I immediately thought of "Geass," but I've had this power before in dreams and I wanted something else. I focused on the lady and willed her not to say that my power was "Geass." It worked.

      She told me my power was to telepathically control metal, Aka Magneto, lol. First, though, I had to pass a test. This test cycled through my mind and could tell my history. She said, "As long as you aren't a normal person or have had an easy life, you will pass." Lol, no worries there. I pass both criteria with flying colors. I started playing around with the ability in that room. There was a clock with three "hands." I pointed my arm toward the clock (for focus assistance) and begin moving my fingers. I was able to control each "hand" of the clock using a separate finger. I was actually pretty amazed with the level of control I had over the "hands." I was moving each hand in the direction and speed that I wanted. I began stopping, changing directions, and changing speeds of each "hand" individually all in unison. I now noticed the lady looked horrified at my level of control. She said no one had ever grasped their ability this quickly. I could sense fear in her from my level of power. To my surprise, I really struggled to move anything that wasn't made of metal. In fact, I could really only get non-metal objects to quiver or move ever so slightly.
      I lost my lucidity at some point during this time.

      The lady told me that they were keeping a device that monitored my ability and they could shut it down at any time. My first thought was, "Yeah, I'll be stealing that device." I then began to imagine the different ways I could use metal. I asked her to provide me with a large bag of metal in powder form. That way I could make any object movable. Beer Pong gave me this idea, lol. I imagined putting a little powder on the ball and making every shot as a result. Brandon entered the room and I told him my power and asked him what his power was. He acted strangely and said his power was top secret. He said he refused to ever tell me. I knew this was all a show and he was going to tell me as soon as we left. I found out that his power was directly linked to me and every other person with abilities. He had the ability to monitor my power, engage it, and shut it off at will. In fact, his ability trumped the device they kept in the lab. Not only could he do this to my ability, but to all people with abilities. I laughed after he told me. They had trusted one of my most faithful friends with this ability. I was 100% free from their control AND we could hunt down the rest of the people with abilities because he could monitor their usage. The world would soon be mine. We were planning the takeover amongst ourselves when my memory of the dream ends. I either lost the memory or woke up.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "The End of Days," the world is coming to a close. With the hype surrounding 2012 and the current economy, many of these doomsday dreams have been popping up. See the events of the apocalypse unfold with more entries to the series.

      May 12, 2013
      Lucid Dream 501: It has...BEGUN!!
      Series: The End of Days, Episode 5
      Technique: ADA

      It was later that night when I had another dream. I was in a large warehouse with me Diddy, Mike, and Creed. There was some sort of faction holding up the warehouse and pointing guns at us. I made a smart-ass remark and one of the men put a gun to my head. He pulled the trigger and I felt the pressure pound the side of my head and I fell to the ground. He shot me over and over, about 10 times, as I laid there and timed my flinches with the gun blasts. I became lucid as I was getting shot on the ground.

      I waited until he stopped shooting before acting. He turned to my friends and said, "Your level is pathetic. You thought you could take us on?" I jumped to my feet and threw out my hand. The guy froze and remembering elements from the dream earlier that night, I used the iron in his bones and blood to control his body. I raised him in the air and said, "You are very unlucky. Not only did you run into someone very powerful and not know it, but you actually ran into The King!" I twisted my hands and could hear all of his bones breaking within his body. He screamed, and fell completely limp before I tore his body apart with my mind/ability. The room was full of these men, aka Shiny Spiffers. It became a massacre as I proceeded to perform the same kill on them all. Bullets flew as Diddy, Mike, and Creed joined in on the battle. There were several civilians also in the warehouse and we finished off most of them as well. We can't have witnesses of course . A couple women were left and I raised them into the air. I said, "Congrats, you get to live. Never, speak of this incident or I WILL find you." I let them live as we exited the warehouse. I confirmed with Diddy that we had taken out the two warehouse workers with abilities when they noticed I was bleeding.

      My face had a cut on it and was bleeding. Mike told me that they could find out I was there if they found my blood somewhere. I responded, "Then we torch the place." We entered the building again and we flew up to the balcony. I held out my hands and performed pyrokinesis. The building caught fire as I began to control the flames and made them dance around the warehouse. I hit some barrels and there was a large explosion. Suddenly, the warehouse doors busted open. A large black man wearing a preacher's outfit stormed in followed by a slew of Shiny Spiffers and one man who looked like a hobo/starving artist.
      I lost lucidity somewhere around here.

      We immediately darted into a small room in the rafters. Diddy, Mike, and Creed were freaked out. Their eyes were solid black (like demons from the show Supernatural). They said, "The Reverend saw us!" I knew he hadn't saw me, which was the most important, so I told them we had to flee immediately. We flew in separate away from the warehouse. My dream now entered a strange sequence where I was flying around in a slow down like motion as music played in the background. It was soft atmospheric music and everywhere I flew, the hobo-looking guy was investigating. I did my best to avoid him, but he kept showing up everywhere I flew. he never spotted me. It was almost like a symbolic sequence within the dream. I was flying in a landscape that changed over and over, and he was popping out of nowhere in every direction. I decided to just land and casually walk by him, because he didn't know who I was. This worked perfectly. He smiled and nodded at me as I walked by and I did the same. I I knew he just looked at me as another random citizen walking by.

      Later in the dream, I'm in a supermarket. I'm buying milk at a register that is in the back end of the store. Right next to the milk section. By protocol, the cashier had me stair into a camera and take a picture before purchasing the milk. I smiled in my picture.

      At this point in the dream, its several months or maybe even years into the future from the earlier portion of my dream. The pictures were taken to identify demons. Their eyes showed up in the special film. A biblical type apocalypse was in full motion in this dream.

      After the picture, I looked into the soul of the cashier. He was a despicable low-level demon. I was able to manipulate his perception and he began freaking out. He pulled out a shotgun and began blasting everyone around the area. I walked away laughing at the mayhem when I noticed the hobo-guy from before rounding the corner. I immediately turned into acting-mode. I acted as if I was fleeing in panic. The hobo-guy shouted as he ran passed me, "Hurry up and get out of here!! I'm an exorcist, I'll take care of it." I immediately knew that this man was the most famous and most powerful of all exorcists. I hustled out of the store. Outside, I acted like a normal concerned citizen and a lady spoke to me. She said, "You have something about you. I'm not quite sure, but I haven't noticed such a beautiful person before. You are just like those two I met at the bar last night. Their names were Diddy and Mike. Do you know them?" I told her I didn't and took my leave thinking, "Out of hiding already? Stupid move..."

      Next thing I remember, I'm at a huge party/club. Its in a real nice, futuristic type building. Its a demon club (I've been watching a lot of Supernatural lately, if you haven't noticed already, lol), so the people there are mostly demons or those who associate with demons. Less than half are unsuspecting humans. I meet up with Diddy and Mike there. I also run into several of my other "friends" who are all actually demons. We are talking in a glass hallway in the back of the club when we see (through the glass) the police pull up outside the club. Suddenly, the doors lock all around us. My other "friends" have locked me, Diddy, and Mike in the hallway. It was a set-up. They had made a deal with the cops to hand over Me, Diddy, and Mike to the cops and exorcists. I regain my lucidity at this point.

      I grab the nearest door handle and began a fake panic on it. I secretly use my abilities to unlock the door and exclaim, "Wow, I'm lucky the door lock is broke!" I then grab one of my "friends" by the chest and slam him against the wall. I focus on his mind and change his perception of my eyes. He now sees that my eyes are black (even though they actually aren't). He says, "Please, we had to. They have a demon that has changed sides and is working for the exorcists." I let them live because we had no time to deal with them. I knew I had to get Diddy and Mike out of there quickly, so I turned the glass into liquid for a moment as they flew out. I then changed it back to glass and entered the main area of the club.

      I was curious to see what was happening so I submitted to the police. They had us all sitting on the floor and lined us up. The hobo-guy exorcist went down the line, checking for demons. I was first in line. He looked at me and I immediately knew he remembered me from the street and market before. He checked my eyes with his exorcist abilities and, of course, I passed. The guy next to me had been talking to me when we were first lining up. He told me that they didn't have any high level exorcists, so we could hide easily. I knew, however, that the hobo-man was the highest of the high levels, but had been "in the shadows" his whole career. This was how I continued to set-up the dream plot in my head. The hobo-man performed a pretty brutal looking exorcism on the guy beside me after easily detecting he was a demon. He proceeded to wipe out half the line. Some ran, but were killed immediately.

      I was scanning the policemans minds carefully as to not to draw attention from the hobo-man. I was searching for the demon in disguise and I found her. I made a point to finish her off after she left the building, but the hobo man had a similar plan. He darted toward her after finishing the line in an attempt to finish her off. She used her demon powers to throw an officer in front of her as a shield and she took off toward the door. From that power display, she seemed to be a pretty high-level. She rampaged toward the door, killing many citizens as she exited. I took off after her, as did the hobo exorcist. I wanted to finish her, but knew I couldn't with the hobo man in sight. Suddenly, Mike, Diddy, and the two animal shelter stoners from the show Parks and Recreation, pulled up in a SUV. I faced the direction of the demon chick and telepathically grabbed her attention. She turned in my direction and I gave her a death stare. She looked scared as I jumped in the SUV and we drove off.

      Now having lost lucidity again, I talked to Diddy and Mike about what happened. I said, "They actually tried to set us up. They think I'm just a low level demon. They would shit their pants if they actually knew." We laughed and Mike said, "Well, you can't blame them for not knowing really. The only ones who know the truth are those you WANT to know the truth." We talked a bit more about our next course of action, but I can't remember the specifics now. I woke up shortly after.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "The End of Days," the world is coming to a close. With the hype surrounding 2012 and the current economy, many of these doomsday dreams have been popping up. See the events of the apocalypse unfold with more entries to the series.

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    7. 2012 Apocalypse

      by , 03-07-2013 at 04:31 PM
      ~Total sleep: 9 hours
      ~Daytime Techniques: RC’s
      ~Lucid Techniques: Focusing on recall before I try any.
      ~Recall Techniques: ”I will recall every detail of my dreams”
      ~Fell Asleep: 10:00
      ~Dream Title: 2012 Apocalypse

      My dad and I are looking for supplies. The sky is dark red and somehow I know Atlanta is burning. Everything has an apocalyptic feel, and there are not many people around. We drive to a certain plaza under a bridge (I know this place IWL; It is near my house) and Dad sees a BBQ restaurant. He HAS to stop and get some BBQ so I wait and guard the truck. (I can’t remember if I had a weapon or not.) some guy in a hood starts spraypainting a face on the general store next to the restaurant. I tell him that he is doing it all wrong, but he ignores me. Memory gap and it is the next day. The sky is a bit brighter. We are at the same plaza, but the graffiti has been cleaned off the store. I go in alone, and the graffiti guy is talking to the store owner. He must have cleaned everything up, because they seem to be on good terms. He points at me and says something, then exits through a back door. The owner is a short Indian lady. She seems to think I am a threat, because she starts stalking me through the store. She is failing though, because she is whistling and tiptoeing dramatically. I wait around a corner and when she comes around I grab her and tell her how obvious she is being. Then I walk over to the checkout lanes where my sister is standing. She tells me that it is 2012 and, because everyone expected the world to end, they are making it happen by panicking. She then says that, on the bright side, the price of chocolate has gone way down. She hands me a box. Inside is a huge block of chocolate with a section scooped out that, according to the box, is “perfect for holding M&Ms.” Here the dream ends.

      ~Notes: I have been working on recall until I can remember at least a dream a night. Then I will work on lucidity. This was a very vivid dream. I wish I had become lucid. This would have been a fun world to explore. Maybe I will go back to it later.

      ~Awake: ??
      ~Vividness: 7 (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness)
      ~Awareness: 5 (1-10; or lucid)
      ~Emotions: excitement, peace (I have had dreams before where there was an apocalypse like feel to the world, and I really like how peaceful everything feels.)
    8. [Smoky City/My Dad and Juan]

      by , 09-16-2012 at 09:53 AM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Thursday, September 13th, 2012]
      <dream fragment>
      I'm in a darkened city street. The sky is a confused, smoky watercolor. Fire's litter the city, buildings burn like candles. What I'd like to call "the apocalypse" has hit- a tank is driving past. The military is exterminating a threat... It's hard to tell who they feel is a threat... so I hide myself from sight atop of a ruined building's wall. They drive past and that's the end of them for now. There is still a society here, just not as open as before. I climb down from my perch and notice a few other's like me. I flow down the street, in a haze, and with no sure goal in mind. After awhile of walking, I fade to another dream-


      My (Dad) is helping Alex practice her driving test with me and my brothers in the back seat. We're driving around a Mall/Walmart's parking lot as she does her rounds, and practices parking. The sky is a normal white-ish blue. My brothers are extremely impatient towards Alex, unlike me... but they don't have the same relationship as I do. I'm sitting in the very right back seat, and we finally park somewhere. We all get out and go inside and... <memory skips>

      I'm sitting with my brothers, some annoying old lady, and Alex and Juan on a couch in the mall by the entrance. My Dad walks up and sees Juan and misunderstands what's going on and says with a testing grin- "Oh hey there little man, you should come with me, I got somethin' to show you." I'm glad my Dad has a problem with Alex's ex, I guess, but it's embarrassing in a Alex's Mom kind of way (can't explain this, you'll just have to KNOW). Then he walks away and Juan gets up and walks to the door. Alex chases after Juan and I watch this, confused as shit. I get up and follow and Alex tells me that that was extremely rude of Dad. She looks very... attatched to Juan. I looked down at a piece of paper on the ground and it said, "Forever my red highs on your blue skies." There was another line that I can't recall. I sat there for a second and tried to remember all the words so I could walk up to Alex and Juan and recite it to judge their reaction. When I got their my dream vanished and I awoke.

      (What the paper said was beautiful and sweet... and at first I figured it came from Juan, but it expressed how I felt about Alex. It also may have been a reference to "Hot Air Balloon" by Owl City.)

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