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    1. Curb Maintenance and Captain Picard’s Stunt

      by , 07-22-2018 at 06:17 AM
      Morning of July 22, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time: 1 min 44 sec. Readability score: 76.

      I am living in an apartment in an unusual combination of the Loomis Street house and the King Street mansion. It is oriented as the Loomis Street house though implied to be on a corner; probably the southwest corner of Loomis and Gillette Streets. I am on the second floor until the last scene.

      An annoying unknown male is present and keeps talking to me and imposing on me when I want to be with Zsuzsanna. He is the preconscious avatar of this dream. Zsuzsanna appears as she was when we first met. At first, I am passive about his presence. Eventually, I begin to swear at him. There is a point where I see a middle drawer of his desk open and close it so that he does not think that I had been snooping in his room, even though I do not know how I ended up here.

      Through a window on the north side, I watch events unfolding outside on the ground below. Two men are working on cutting grass along the curb. One man injures his hand on a shrub. Another man will be taking him to the hospital even though it does not seem that bad.

      There is another scene where I want to be with Zsuzsanna, but the preconscious comes and starts talking again. I am annoyed and swear at him again. I see what looks like a shelf facing the doorway of the northeast bedroom (of the Loomis Street house). It may be refrigerated. I notice several green cans of V Energy Drink. (None of us ever drank this in real life.)

      In the last scene, Zsuzsanna and I are on a bigger version of the Loomis Street porch. Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard is present. He continues to grin, although he is seemingly not directly aware of us. I consider it may be a publicity stunt. He starts talking about himself and his body. Borg implants may be around his abdomen. The scene becomes bizarre. A big aquarium rises around him. There seem to be cables holding him up about two feet from the bottom of this sudden aquarium. An impossible amount of water sprays from his crotch area, filling the aquarium up to his waist. The water lowers again.

      That has to be the most unusual form of water lowering waking symbolism I have ever experienced. On a side note, I did not have to use the bathroom that urgently. My dreams most often render a porch as a reactive representation of the waking space. A porch is my most common buffer between dreaming and waking. Vestibular system correlation projects as Captain Picard, as the emergent consciousness simulacrum.

    2. The Aquarium of Odd Lifeforms

      by , 01-21-2018 at 07:21 AM
      Morning of January 21, 2018. Sunday.

      This type of aquarium-based dream was more common when I was a teenager. (An aquarium typically represents the nature of the dream state itself as relative to the dream self’s faux mind and its transition back into consciousness.)

      My dream begins in the southwest bedroom of the Cubitis house. I am sitting on the bed (which is aligned east to west near the south windows) and facing the doorway. Also on the bed is a large but shallow rectangular aquarium. A smaller end is closest to the doorway. I had been watching the water getting higher until it is about half the depth of the aquarium.

      There are a number of unusual small creatures in the aquarium, the largest being a multicolored flatworm of about four inches long, which I view as intriguing.

      Marilyn (an older half-sister on my mother’s side) eventually comes into the room. I tell her about the flatworm as she looks at it.

      There are some very unlikely living creatures as well, including oversized diatoms, one which looks like a tiny rocking chair (of less than an inch high) with a cape attached to the back. The cape has a floral pattern. Another is a heraldic shield (escutcheon) with wings, also less than an inch high. The “rocking chair” swims with its “cape”, the “shield” with its “wings”.

      Eventually, there are a couple larger creatures, though I soon notice the water lowering. I also somehow pour out some of the water and suddenly, all the creatures simultaneously turn into small transparent ovals, as if the sudden lack of water caused them to cease to exist in their normal form as well as all die at the same time. This surprises me.

      Later, I have my aquarium outside in an unknown location. It is implied to be our backyard, though the house does not look familiar. There are no fences, though there is a sequence of several backyards in front of me and behind me. There is a dense forest off to my left. Zsuzsanna is present. A few other people are also around, but I am not focused on who they might be. Two small creatures (“rocking chair” and “shield”) are similar to how they originally appeared, as I had put more water into my aquarium again, which caused some of them to come back to life, more in the manner of a fast-growing seed. There are also now a couple of miniature mammals. One is a tiny bear (not a bear cub but a miniature adult bear). I am somewhat wary about it eventually growing much bigger. I recall that Zsuzsanna and I had recently watched a movie about a black bear posing a threat to a suburban neighborhood.

      I pick up the miniature bear, taking it out of my aquarium and placing it on the ground to my left, thinking that it may run off into the forest, which is what I would like it to do. It is now about the size of a cat. Instead, it runs off to my right, closer to the back of our house, which Zsuzsanna and I are somewhat concerned about (though there is no implied threat).

      Current conscious self threads with literal context: My dream self (personified subconscious) recalls that I am married to Zsuzsanna and that we have children, but I have no recall of where we live in reality (my most common dream state memory anomaly). My dream renders a fictional setting (though ambiguously combined with a real setting from my youth) that my dream self accepts as legitimate (a main factor of the dream state). The flatworm was influenced by our youngest son’s toy sticky slug that he had shown me a day ago, though it differs from my dream in that the toy is solely gray. Although the miniature bear in my dream’s final scene is of a literal thread of recent memory (in addition to the childhood association described below), relating to a movie Zsuzsanna and I had watched the night before, my memory is incorrect in that the movie, “Unnatural” (2016), featured a huge polar bear (with altered DNA) in Alaska and only as a threat to a few people in one lodge in an isolated region, not a black bear in a forest’s warm climate near a residential neighborhood as my dream self incorrectly recalled. (However, we had also seen a movie a couple days ago with a scene of a grizzly bear attacking a man, though this was also in a cold region; “The Revenant” from 2015.)

      Older conscious self threads with literal context: The miniature bear (before growing somewhat) was originally of an identical size as a mother bear in a model kit, “Black Bear and Cubs”, that my older sister Carol sent me for Christmas in 1972 (though one of many kits she sent me in the same package) while I was living in Cubitis. Marilyn seemed as she did in the 1970s. My attempting to recall whether or not she was still alive (she died on February 13, 2014), even though she was perceived as alive and in the room with me, is a type of memory ambiguity common to the dream state though of which could not occur in wakeful consciousness and is proof that I am aware, though on a subliminal level, that I am dreaming. (Liminal dream control is far more common for me than what is claimed by society as non-lucidity.)

      Literal induction thread: The bed at the beginning is both an induction factor and a dream state indicator. It is a subliminal thread of memory recognizing that I had gone to sleep (unrelated to the myth of “interpretation”).

      Metaphorical induction thread: The literal bed dream state indicator, as an induction factor, is combined with my most common metaphorical dream state induction symbolism, water rising. Water and water rising symbolizes sleep and entering deeper into the dream state.

      There is very slight vestibular system symbolism here. This would be the two smaller creatures, where one has a cape and the other, wings. Additionally, it reflects the nature of RAS mediation, the shield as a factor of “shielding” myself from RAS and the other, in contrast (the rocking chair), just being passive while “watching” my dream. A rocking chair also has a link to vestibular system symbolism, as it rocks back and forth. Additionally, a cape is a dream state indicator as it typically relates to an association with bed sheets.

      Although the common water lowering waking symbolism occurs, I (subliminally) reinduce my dream for a short time, though which soon triggers a RAS mediation factor (the bear) in the final scene. However, the bear does not grow very large or become a threat, and I do not run from it. It moves from my left to my right (common waking orientation symbolism), going towards our backyard, symbolizing my inevitable return to consciousness.

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    3. Odd Virtual Reality Game

      by , 12-17-2017 at 06:17 PM
      Morning of December 17, 2017. Sunday.

      In my dream, I am in an unknown house, though my sister Marilyn (deceased) is present. It is not seemingly implied to be the Loomis Street house. She appears as she did in the 1960s. I have no recall of her deceased status.

      I have the awareness that a laptop computer does not use 3.5-inch disks (and that they are old technology), and yet I have no viable memory of the last twenty years of my life. (Dreams are strange that way.) Marilyn does mention this game as not being compatible with her computer. There is a set of about seven disks that are needed to install and run the game.

      Eventually, we somehow get the game to work. It is holographic, though also seemingly solid at times, and fills nearly half of the unknown room. Two spherical aquariums appear on each side of the playing field, near the center of each side, where other features appear on each end, though I am mostly only focused on the aquariums. The virtual aquariums are about three feet high, though elevated to about five feet from the floor with a stand.

      Apparently, the game involves some sort of event when an anthropomorphic fish emerges from at least one of the aquariums, though no actual game play ensues. There are some resets of this dream where parts repeat, though much is not that clearly defined.

      An aquarium represents the mental model of the nature of the dream state (in real time). In this case, the two spherical aquariums symbolize the sleeping minds of Zsuzsanna and me. The anthropomorphic fish would represent the emergent consciousness “coming out of sleep”, sleep of which is symbolized as water.

      RAS quantizes the mental model of the dream state in this way at times, more so when sleep is somewhat restless or with “intrusive” environmental factors, based on the analogy of being in a fishbowl when outside noise is more intrusive into sleep, otherwise vaguely similar in waking transition symbolism to the very common water lowering waking symbolism (which has occurred at least once per normal sleeping period for over fifty years, since earliest memory).

    4. Lego World Nautilus

      by , 09-22-2017 at 03:22 PM
      Morning of September 22, 2017. Friday.

      In my dream, we are living in a distorted version of the Loomis Street house (where I have not been since February of 1994 and where Zsuzsanna and our children had never been). However, I have no recall that it was actually my sister Marilyn and her husband (of whom I have no thoughts of at all in my dream) whose house it mainly was.

      In the first part of my dream, I am watching a nautilus on top of the kitchen counter. Rather than this part of the kitchen counter being in the actual kitchen along the west wall, it is along the west wall of the dining room left of the west doorway. I had been sitting at the dining room table. Although the nautilus is otherwise a water denizen (and probably a feature of the very common water induction as dream state initiation), it moves along the counter, seemingly healthy, seemingly breathing the air. I feed it some pieces of cereal and watch it eat. It faces to the left in profile.

      Over time, I realize that the nautilus was part of an aquarium based on Lego block creations. There are an unrealistic number of boxes of Lego kits throughout the living room and dining room. The aquarium with the Lego features in it belongs to our youngest son. In the later scene, after the nautilus had been in the aquarium for several minutes, I notice that it may be dying, as it spews blood and is also bleeding from underneath its shell. I learn that our son had paid $80.00 for the “kit”. However, it does not make much sense as I also learn that the people who sold it want it back - yet $230.00 must be paid for them to have it again (which of course makes no sense at all). However, because the nautilus will soon be dead, the scenario is problematic. I am very annoyed. I am not sure what we will do. The creature is still breathing, but I do not think it will live.

      I become distracted when I notice three men lying on the ground just outside the south area of the house, sleeping. It seems to be late morning. I see them through the bay window. They are parallel to each other but are sleeping in informal clothes. Soon, one wakes and phases through the wall. This makes me annoyed and I jab my Olympic barbell (no weights) into his neck and hold him down on the floor with it. He is standing at one point, but I punch him. He becomes a sheet of notebook paper, which I tear into several pieces.

      This dream, as is usually the case with at least one dream per day, was partly based on something my wife Zsuzsanna had seen that I could not have known about. She had seen a movie yesterday morning (with some of our children) that had Lego in it, and a Lego aquarium as with my dream (and at the beginning of that movie). No one ever mentioned anything about this prior to my dream. This sort of event has been validated to have happened long before I even met Zsuzsanna (when she also appeared in my dreams as my “mystery girl” with the exact appearance and unlikely mixed accent of Romani Hungarian and Australian, as well as actual Persian associations as with some dreams).

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    5. Baby Octopus Aquarium

      by , 03-01-2017 at 09:01 AM
      Morning of March 1, 2017. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,335-03. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      Moving through a deeper state of water induction, after letting my lucidity fade, I recall a big fish in an aquarium. The fish takes up nearly the entire aquarium. An old man with a long white beard owns it. I see this on a large screen in an unfamiliar bedroom. Zsuzsanna is with me at times. I am wearing clothes, but I mostly stay on my left side in bed with my head facing the opposite direction as the monitor.

      The screen covers most of the upper two-thirds of the wall. The fish is facing left in profile. The old man is in his living room, and another unknown male is in the background.

      Eventually, I realize there is an octopus aquarium (owned by the same old man). It becomes the dominating scene on the big screen. I find amusement in watching baby octopuses swimming. There are hundreds of them. They are too tiny to discern much detail. (It vaguely reminds me of looking at stars in the night sky.) Zsuzsanna watches the images for a time. I point out small strands of food they are eating. (I was first unable to tell the difference between the food particles and the baby octopuses, but my view zooms in at times.)

      While I occasionally watch the screen, I hear former schoolmate Tony talking to his grandfather (even though no one else is present). This event was in the past, though I am hearing it now. On notebook paper, he wrote several phrases in a tribal language (erroneously from Papua New Guinea, but it should be a Native American language) taught by his grandfather. Tony had discarded many of his belongings. Plastic bags full of what he threw out teleported to the bed. (I do not consider how impossible this is, though I get the impression that it might have something to do with a random “download.”)

      I look through some of his plastic grocery store bags, noticing the notebook pages (some folded in half) with his writing (though I do not recall any of the phrases), as well as other items. I am unsure of what I should do. Most of his stuff was from before eighth grade. There is no sign he would know what I saw of his.

      Zsuzsanna comes in again, telling me she found some of my older writing. She places some papers (that are stapled together at the upper left) at the foot of the bed. I see a story or long dream journal entry printed in pencil I supposedly wrote at around age seven. It is at least twelve pages on notebook paper. Written on the top line of the first page is “Frankenstein.” A bit farther to the right is “1948,” followed by “by” and my name. It puzzles me as I think it should be “1968.” I am unsure why I would have written that year other than in error. As I become more puzzled about why I might have written “1948,” I wake.

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    6. Splendid Competition Nights 5-9

      by , 01-25-2017 at 08:00 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Nights 5 and 6 earned me zero points. No dream recall; no anything.

      On one of these days (can't remember which), I experienced a very short WILD during a nap. It lasted about 3 minutes. During the dream, I tried to achieve my second competition goal of figure drawing (practicing a real life skill). While I was able to make a sketchbook appear, it was harder to make a model show up, and I tried to start sketching but I think I woke myself up. At any rate. I'm not going to count it this time, because I know that I can do better than that. I don't think it quite counts since I didn't really finish practicing the skill, like I didn't even finish a gesture drawing or anything.

      Night 7:
      Non-Lucid Dream Fragment 1: This was from my hypnagogic imagery. It's always hard for me to wake up during those and write them down, because my body is in the process of falling asleep and doesn't want to stop! However, in this one, I was walking to a castle, with Tess.

      Non-Lucid Dream Fragment 2: I was visiting an aquarium at a college. I believe it was either a) one I had previously visited IRL, or b) one that I thought I had visited IRL in the dream, but hadn't actually done so. There was a whale, and I can't read the rest of my notes. -_-

      Non-Lucid Fragment 3: I was at a different version of my grandma's house, and a former uncle of mine was there. He either farted or fainted -- it's hard to read my handwriting dang it xD I think it was actually farted. And he was putting away some stuff in storage. The dream faded to a store/shop of some sort.

      Night 8:
      Non-Lucid Dream Fragment 4: There was a Pokemon, a spider and something else that I wanted but that also creeped me out. Someone or something got lured into a corner.

      Non-Lucid Dream Fragment 5: Theme park, roller coaster, talking with others at the stheme park.

      Non-Lucid Dream Fragment 6: I was making love to an older (middle-aged?) woman. She was very pretty, and it was all in all a very pleasant experience, but I remember wishing that she could somehow be Tess, my tulpa, so I wouldn't feel so guilty about what I was doing.

      Non-Lucid Dream Fragment 7: This one may gross you out. Just a fair warning haha. I fell in love with a lizard that was sticky and slimy. I need to stop spending so much time on DeviantART. It is dirtying up my subconscious mind. xD

      Non-Lucid Dream Fragment 8: A group of shiny people were running away from something. Metallic shiny, I think? But I was "pinned down and safe." Nope, no idea what that meant. It made sense to me at the time of writing, obviously. Again, too much time on DeviantART. \o/

      Night 8:

      Non-Lucid Full Dream: I was still a missionary (did it a few years back). It was our day off, and I was on the computer...watching a live dog??? Ah, I still can't read that line! Another missionary was online chatting (face to face!) with Adam Young from Owl City, and I started chatting too! Adam looked a lot younger, though, and he had a security guard with him. For whatever reason, he was in a rush, so he couldn't chat for long. But he was also very kind, as I'd expect him to be.

      Night 9: Got nothing. I could've at least written down some hypnagogic stuff, but I was too exhausted. It's been a difficult start to the new semester, and I haven't been sleeping enough.

      Total: 1 WILD, 8 non-lucid fragments, 1 full non-lucid.

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    7. #272 - Sharks

      by , 10-24-2016 at 12:17 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I have been super bad with staying motivated with doing anything related to lucid dreaming.. It's not that I don't want to, it's that I'm so deplete by the end of the day both mentally and physically. Work drains the brain and the sports I do just wear my body out . I wrote a few dreams up a while ago and just reached my 64th lucid dream. I feel like I should have had more lucid dreams and better progress by now, but I know this is a hobby that requires patience.

      Shark dream
      I dreamed about being in an enclosure, like an aquarium or zoo. The place I was in had an aquatic part and I remembered getting into the water. There was a huge shark in there but I wasn't fussed, it didn't bother me and when it swam up to me to try eat me, I just leaped up and stepped on its head then jumped over it. I felt like I was dodging around it playfully. My friends were in another pool nearby so I headed over to them.
    8. Parabola

      by , 10-22-2016 at 09:54 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I am with my dad's extended family. We go to a shopping mall. I find a place selling weapons and buy a telescopic baton.

      Me and my mother are walking through an abanoned aquarium, that is in the process of being turned into a restaurant. My reflection speaks to me from one of the glass pane, asking for my help. I accept and me and my mom walk into the mirror. We travel through Parabola, the world in mirrors between all worlds, and exit into a world just like ours. I become lucid. The voice from the mirror says that we have arrived in his apartment, and he will physically be here soon. My mom look around the place a little bit and unconsciously used powers like a lucid dreamer. I tell her that she's a DC in my dream, and she should blend in until we need powers. We go back into the apartment and wait for the voice. I wake up.

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    9. Looping dream, attic, school

      by , 08-29-2015 at 09:38 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      With my friends we were breaking into some kind of government offices. We were going to the archives, to take some information we needed. We were wandering the building, and then we were in a corridor leading to the archives. There was an office to our left - there was no one inside. The only thing that have drawn my attention was an aquarium. Then there was an intersecting corridor, also to the left, and directors office, also on the left side. The only room to the right were the archives.

      The dimmensions might have been different, and the aquarium office could've been closer to the corridor. The way down from the aquarium office could've been closed by door without ways to open it.

      First time, we moved into the aquarium office. I looked at random fishes swimming in jelly-like substance. Then we got into the intersection with another corridor. The guards were going that way, and they shot us as soon as they saw us.

      Then the dream repeated. We moved into aquarium office, and went to the intersection. There were no guards this time, but as we moved closer to directors office a woman went out of it - she was a tall brunette woman with brown eyes. She was wearing a long, dark blue dress. When my friends saw her, they have immediately died for some unknown reason.

      And the dream repeated again. We moved out of aquarium office (each time random fishes were swimming in jelly-like substance), head for the directors office and entered it. There was an elderly woman inside. She was friendly for us, and told us to have a seat, while she'll make some coffee.

      Again repeat. We moved out of aquarium office, and head for directors office. On the way we saw that brunette woman, she had some weapon, and killed the elderly woman with it. Then we found some guns, and show her down. We finally reached the archives, and looked for information we needed.

      First dream fragment

      With my younger sister we were tidying the attic, to make ourselves bedrooms up there. Each time I walked close to the ladder, I almost fallen down.

      Second dream fragmend

      I was entering my classroom, found a good place to sit, and sat down.
    10. Blue Rangit and Alaskan Battlecod (NLD)

      by , 08-10-2015 at 05:18 PM
      Last night I dreamed of fish in all shapes and sizes. I found some old aquariums that I had been neglecting: there were just a few inches of water in the bottom, and I worried that the fish might be close to suffocating. Worse still, on a shelf next to another aquarium I found two koi, one orange and one silver, that had completely dried out. I recalled making the discovery that they were happy living outside the tank for a few hours every day, but then one day I forgot to put them back in. That must have been months ago. Now the fish were completely hard and dry and basically mummified, and I realized guiltily that they were probably past reviving.

      I also had two very large fish, so big that if I kept them in my own tank, they would fill it completely and not have any room to swim. I decided to take them to the public aquarium, which had a room-sized tank that would give them plenty of space. They were each so big—around four or five feet long—that I needed a friend to help carry them, and we would have to make two separate trips. One of the fish was called a "Blue Rangit," with beautiful azure scales and long elegant reddish fins. The second was a plainer, silvery-tan fish called an "Alaskan Battlecod."

      As my friend and I carried the Blue Rangit through the city streets, a man on a motorcycle drove by and tried to grab it from us. He didn't succeed in getting it away from us, but a moment later, my friend noticed him talking to a female police officer. The cop then came over and accused us of stealing the fish from the man! Apparently that's the story he told her, and for some reason she was completely convinced by it.

      I tried to explain the situation, pointing out that the guy probably doesn't even know anything about the fish. Does he even know it is called a Blue Rangit? Well maybe he does, and that's why he's trying to steal it—they're quite rare—but does he even know what it's used for? I told her to go back and question him about it, and she would probably find him ignorant about the true nature of the fish. To make sure that the officer was well-informed when she did the questioning, so that she wouldn't fall for more of that man's lies, I explained that the Blue Rangit was used for lucid dreaming, and my other fish, the Alaskan Battlecod, was used for lucid dreaming and fish battles.

      I went on to tell the officer how I didn't have enough space for these fish in my aquarium at home, so I was taking them to the public aquarium. At this point she started telling me that I wasn't allowed to do that, and I woke up.

      Note: I don't have any fish in WL, but I suspect that I dreamed about them because this month's fish TOTM is the one I've been planning to work on first. It's cool how the dream was almost encouraging me to get lucid by connecting the fish with the idea of lucidity, but somehow I failed to completely pick up on this even as the words were coming out of my mouth!
    11. The Aquarium

      by , 07-21-2014 at 03:22 PM
      The Aquarium


      I am in an Aquarium with my american friends, friends of the family and my friends family. It doesnt look like a normal aquarium, its more like a big industry hall with pits of water. i see some fish who look like tuna. My friends mom falls into one of the tanks and seasnakes come at her. When I am home again my friend sits behind the washing machine and jumps out to scare me. I act like I am scared to make him feel good about his joke. I go into my room.
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    12. Shark Tank, Brief Moment of Lucidity

      by , 06-26-2014 at 01:36 PM



      At a pet store with my husband. We came across this screen that lets you interact with a parrot. I would then find the actual parrot is behind the right corner of the shelf the screen is on.

      I get separated from my husband and then catch up with him at the aquariums. This is a recoccuring dream setting. Inside a long, horizontal tank we see mini tanks for mini fish, like a mini clown fish. We discuss getting one. I also see normal sized clown fish inside the tank. We walk to the other side of the tank and come across the shark tanks. I avoid looking and run when it comes to the great whites. I wonder what would happen if the tanks broke.

      We leave through this door that leads to an elevator. Another guy is also there. It starts lowering and then I realize we're lowering into the great white tank.


      I feel my paralyzed body and debate changing the scene and trying to accomplish my dream plan of going to Japan. But I know I have to get up for work since I've slept in, so I choose to wake up.

      Reflections: I knew I could lucid dream, I just didn't have enough time unfortunately. But I think this is a great improvement. I actually had choice and was calm once finding out I was paralyzed. Usually when paralysis enters in, I try to wake myself up right away.
    13. Poker Table in Elevator - No Problem, but Elevator Numbers Out of Order - LUCID!

      by , 06-09-2013 at 11:50 AM
      To bed at 11pm, Woke up around 5:50am

      In this dream I was in an elevator. The door opened and an attractive thin, tall, blond, young caucasian woman stepped in. I asked her "Going Up?" She: "Does not matter." And she stepped to the side of the elevator where there was a spacious card table and several chairs lined up, and she started shuffling a deck of cards, setting up for a poker game. This did not phase me - I was not questioning things yet. Apparently my mind has no problem with poker games in the elevator.

      Then I looked at the elevator buttons to make sure my floor was pressed. The floor I wanted was 6, which is where my office is at in reall life. The woman had pressed 10 (though she had stated it did not matter, and clearly intended to just stay in the elevator to play poker).

      Suddenly I noticed that the elevator button numbers were out of order. I decided to do a reality check, to look away and look back and see if the numbers change. Out of some reason the reality check was not working properly, but I thought to myself, "Skrew that, I don't need a reality check to confirm this is a dream. I know this is a dream." When I thought that, the numbers rearranged themselves (though I have a sense they were still out of order, but in a different way). The dream started fading. The vividness was low, and I did not have the presence of mind to fight it, to stabilize.

      When I woke up, I tried falling right back to sleep in a DEILD, but was not successful, and I remembered several dreams from earlier that night, and had an urge to write them down - I had not written them down yet. I remembered to reality check only after I wrote them down, but yes, I am awake.

      Earlier Dream 1: Learning Hebrew - under 21 need an escort In this dream I was at the Jewish Community Center, and I was supposed to learn the phrase in Hebrew that I am under 21 and thus need an escort into the building. Dream did not explain why I needed to learn this phrase though I am not under 21, 20 year olds don't need escorts, and the people at the JCC understand English of course. But I did not question any of that. In my dream the phrase was supposedly in Hebrew, but in hindsight it was more like Spanish, and I understood most of it. However, out of some reason I said "This is too hard for me. Luckily my learning this phrase is just optional." My older son was with me, while I was learning this phrase. We were in the lobby of the JCC. My older son was going to go back to his school, and someone at the JCC reminded him to bring back a bottled drink for his teacher from the cafeteria, which in my dream was something he regularly did.

      Earlier Dream 2: Room Size Aquarium, Fish with Issues, Running out of Water In this dream I was looking at our aquarium which in the dream was room sized (in reality it is 29 gallons). I noticed that some fish were made out of paper but swimming, some had their tails bitten off, and some were mostly eaten, but all were still swimming. I was concerned about a guppy with tail bitten off because I knew that that guppy had been ok the previous day (I actually have this guppy and he is ok). I went around the corner to another ventage point on the room sized aquarium, and there the aquarium was almost out of water. I realized it was my responsibility to refill it somehow.

      Earlier Dream 3: Failed to Attend Work Paid Training While Out of Town In this dream I was out of town for three one day long IT courses, a training that had been paid for by my work, and somehow I managed to fail to attend any of the courses. I was worried about that, because I did not want to waste my company's money and they had paid for the training. I wondered whether I could make up the courses at m\home, and pretend to my company that I had taken them while out of town.

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    14. Aquarium Disaster, Wonderous creatures

      by , 05-20-2013 at 11:19 AM
      I came home to find our main aquarium on the floor over turned. Miraculously it was unbroken but either all or most of the water was drained. I quickly set it back up while very nervous, refilled it, and started trying to save the creatures. As I found them on the floor I proceeded to add them to the aquarium. It was dark and I had trouble seeing. one of the weirdest creatures I found and added was a tiny blue aquatic bird. I somehow caught it in my fist. It's fluttering was hurting my hand, but I held on and plopped it back into the water where it swam / flew safe. I knew that there were supposed to be others like it, but did not know whether they were safe inside or still missing. the aquarium was full of lights which were time and looked amazing, but made it hard to see anything else. I wondered whether I had plugged everything that needed to be plugged into the electricity back in, and whether all these plugs were indeed aquarium related, but I had no time to check, I had to try to save the creatures. While crawling on the floor under the stand, I saw something rolling fast: it was a Malaysian trumpet snail (this is a real creature from my tank, unlike the blue bird, but in reality it could not roll like that). I caught it and into the tank it went. I wondered whether my favorite fish had been saved, but could not check yet, must go on searching. I thought, well, at least now don't have to worry whether the tank is overstocked or not, but that thought did not make me feel better. I was confused that the plants seemed to be missing, even though in reality I have tons of aquatic plants, and yet the tank seemed rather full already.

      I woke up without completing the strange rescue.
    15. Dreamland: Forsaken Fish Tank

      by , 12-11-2012 at 01:16 PM
      I was starring at this murky stinking tank about 5-ft in length and 3ft in high sitting on a table in a laundry room. Inside it was: long grass, bugs, a few desperate looking fish, and most upsetting --two or three long dark colored eels writhing around. I remember feeling overpowered by the thought: "I forgot to take care of my fish..."

      It's been a long time since I owned an aquarium. I took good care of it, until I went to Clear Lake for a few days without a fish sitter... I was about 13-years old. When I returned... One aggressive fish had survived by eating all of the others. It must have really had an impact... I've had aquarium dreams over the years, but recently had a vivid dream about a huge fish tank that I've identified as an old recurring aquarium... I did not put the pieces together right away. The dream felt profound, sickening, and shameful.

      --I do not recall any other exact dreams about this tank, only strong but old emotions.

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