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    1. 10/18/16 - Kid Purses and Arcade Games

      by , 10-19-2016 at 05:25 AM
      I'm in some kind of hotel. I walk alone down a hall and enter an arcade room. It's small and there's about 5 or 6 games. Two of them are being played by two girls that i know. I walk up to them and try to talk, but they ignore me. I take a closer look at one of the games being played and it strikes me as odd. The character has the body of a steak. Suddenly the character changes and it has the head of deadpool, but the body is skinless and bloody. The boss character goes behind deadpool and starts stabbing him. With each stab, deadpool swells up and cries out in pain, louder and louder. After a minute or so the character completely explodes. I back up and walk to the other side of the room. I see and vending machine with iced coffee and decide that I want one. When I go to reach for money I notice a sofa with something under it. I get down on my hands and knees and find 3 child purses. I pull them out and dig in them. In each one I find a 5 dollar bill. I get excited. Then in the last purse I find pictures of kids and baby pictures as well. I think it's weird, so I get up and throw them away on a trash can. I then go back to the vending machine but then remember that I can't get coffee cause I'm vegan.
    2. The Sneezy Kid and an Awesome Atlantis Portal...

      by , 01-14-2012 at 06:28 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid

      12th of January, 2012

      Two big, vivid dreams this night. The second one kicked ass, as well.

      I was waiting in a classroom of some sort. I knew Nooks had gone somewhere and I was alone for the week so I asked Mel if she knew anything fun to do around here...

      ...I was walking through the snow and we went into a shopping centre that had all these arcade machines and stores. To play the games, you had to swipe a card through a little slot, but ours didn't work (I think they were pirated cards or something) so the cashiers took our photos and we bailed. Out the front, some kid intentionally sneezed on my face so I beat him and his two friends up and threw him off the balcony and into a fountain below. I walked off feeling all badass.

      Suddenly I had a bike and was walking with Acka down a wide lane. Some German kids were doing graffiti and being menacing towards us. Acka got spooked and went home and I walked into a hostel at the end of the alley. Mel was there again and was really drunk. I wandered around and suddenly it was supposedly Naomi's house, so for some reason I took a whizz in her bin and then wanted to go home. I didn't have any car keys, so I asked Tim to take me. I went outside again and it was daytime. Opposite the laneway was an Aussie pub and I remembered that Jimmy Barnes wanted me to order some drinks, so I went in and bought three different types but didn't have enough money to pay. I hid two of the bottles amongst some lettuce.


      With Caz, Nooks and some other people playing a Pilot Wings type game.
      We went outside and found ourselves in Atlantis. It was pretty beautiful, I must say. I climbed up the lovely buildings and onto a mezzanine level where I found a drainpipe that was dispensing fresh water but Caz only wanted to brush her teeth with hot water.

      At that point, the city began to collapse and sink into the ocean so we ran to this giant stone circle that was broken in half and hanging above the city square. As it collapsed, we just managed to join the pieces back together and fell into the water while riding it. As it sank, the disc began to spin and the interior filled with a Stargate like material except it was divided into segments, each with a different image on it. Later we discovered that they were each a portal into a different era- specifically a bad day in the life of a person from one particular bloodline.
      We jumped into the first segment and found ourselves in an old galleon that was sinking. The captain was the person in the bloodline but was also Hugh Laurie and we decided that this was an excellent time to hang out in the on board hot tub, which we did. As the ship sank we jumped back into the disc and emerged in a WWII junkyard that was filled with derelict buses and plane carcasses. I drew a goatee on this fat, jovial soldier (I think it was meant to be a Hitler moustache, but they got the joke anyway) who was the person we were visiting this time.

      The dream began to slowly lose focus shortly after that. There were several other portals we didnít go through; I remember one being a Roman farm/countryside and one was an expansive image of a beautiful purple spiral galaxy. I wish Iíd gone to that one and seen who the relative was.

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    3. Extreme indecisiveness

      by , 07-22-2011 at 02:00 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      My dad got me something from CVS. It was a green cube shaped thing that was supposed to help me get better at guitar. It had a hole in it, so I went to exchange it. I did, but I wanted to buy a piece of candy while I was there. I picked out green tootsie-rolls, which were actually gum, and twizzlers. When I got to the counter the lady told me how much everything was. All of it was ridiculously expensive. I didn't want my dad to be mad that I spent so much so I was trying to decide what to put back. Somehow ice cream got added to the pile along with a bag of chex mix. I couldn't decide what to put back. It seemed like about an hour of standing there. I would up not getting anything at all. As I was walking out I passed a huge arcade game in the middle of the store. On the screen were two dinosaurs/monsters fighting. By the exit of the store there were two crane games. A girl about 9 years old was trying to win something. As I walked out of the store I saw my dad. He asked if they let me return the broken cube thing. I said yes and showed him the new, orange cube. He gave a maniacal laugh and we left.
    4. December 2010: more slack one less dream and another lucid..when im lucid my dream loves to deny me.

      by , 01-06-2011 at 01:31 AM
      Dream 1: Chased by zombies in timesplitters-esque mansion. I was with a group, but me and an old friend matt mueller found a tower room behind the large wall door that whipped open as zombies came through the door and caused several people in the group to shrink into to fear and not realize me and my friend found a door. me and matt went up to the tower room that had a staircase that curved rightwards, the building had large grey bricks for the build of it all. once we got into the room that had old arcade games, green cushion seats and a light of some sort. Matt talked about sharing a graduation party with me and Pat Frankenthal.

      Dream 2: Mortal kombat between mileena and kung lao, i cant remember for sure if it was mileena though. They fought on stage that looked like hell from earthworm jim. then I became more involved in the dream, becoming semi-lucid as well. I was under them above shed, it seemed like I was teleported there. I then froze half the top of the partially red shed. Then I also used a low lying sheet of fire that quickly melted the ice(but there was no steam?)I then became more lucid than before and hopped down of the shed next to a large barn on a steep elevated hill. I swung both my arms around to try to gain energy from the atmosphere to create a windy ice energy ball, but my dream denied me and yielded no activity.... soon after I awoke.
    5. #146. Arcades

      by , 09-14-2010 at 06:54 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)


      This is a building with no windows. The walls and ceiling are black and plasticky, and the dark tiles on the floor are smooth and glossy. Neon signs and arrows are laid out tackily along the walls, advertising the various games on display and giving directions that I can't read.

      I'm in a small alcove, playing one of the arcade games stuffed into the small hallway. The place I'm in connects a larger hallway (which leads to a set of elevators, and the lobby of the building) to a large, open room, the entirety of which is pitch black and shiny.

      I keep moving along the wall and towards the room, switching games as I go. I'm trying to stay out of the way of the janitor, who's coming from the elevators. He's driving a rainbow, glowing lawnmower with various mop-like attachments which simultaneously clean all surfaces of the room. The mop cleaning the ceiling is spinning in circles and whipping across from side to side. The side mops are giant spinning things, reaching out to the edges of the hallway. It looks like a demented, inside-out automatic car wash from an alternate dimension.

      I haven't actually seen it, though. I'm just quietly moving towards the black room.

      - discussing what's happening in the big bang theory tv show on the big screen tv in the black room with someone or other -

      I'm playing air hockey against myself (neon, of course, lighting up the room), when He finds me. I roll my eyes. I was really hoping to avoid the Arcade's mascot.

      It's a clown, of course. He dances around spastically as he approaches me. I cross my arms over my chest and the colourful clown turns the pitch black of the walls and starts to disintegrate. I hear the employee - the man in the suit - decide that he doesn't get paid nearly enough for this.

      In another dream, I'm talking to one of the actors from Supernatural, Jensen Ackles. The surroundings are plain and the carpet is brown. Ackles is complaining about his insane fans, and I decide not to ask for an autograph.

      Scare Factor: 2/10
      Rating: 4/10
    6. Airport, bar and angry monkeys.

      by , 04-25-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off in some sort of airport terminal. Everything is white and shiny and it looks very futuristic. The place is virtually empty, save for a few darkly dressed individuals wandering here and there. I cannot remember why I there but at some point I wander over to a row of arcade games situated against a white brick wall. As I am looking at the machines a robot approaches me. It is designed like an anime style woman in a lavander coloured maid's outfit. The robots face is vapidly blank and the eyes stare straight ahead in a fixed and unnatural way. I think it keeps asking me if I need something but it is malfunctioning because it keeps trying to say the same thing, before stopping suddenly, twitching and buzzing, and attempting to try again. I am disturbed by the machines inability to function, and it's unrealistic, inhuman looking face. I turn from the robot and walk away.

      The scene behind me changes to a dimly lit bar and I can hear the sound of pool balls cracking together, bottles of alcoholic beverages clinking, and I can smell stale cigarette smoke. The din of people talking quietly surrounds me and it is only broken by random outbursts of loud, boisterous laughter. There are still arcade games around but they seems brighter and more flashier in this dimly lit bar than in the bright and sterile airport. I can hear a whurring sound behind me and I turn around to see the same robot I saw in the airport. It it still stuck in place and malfuntioning, though the face and breast plate have been removed, exposing the gears and wires underneath, and it's arms and legs are glowing softly like dim blue florescent lights.

      There is a group of four men dressed in black jackets and sunglasses at one table and they are all looking at me. They look like cops or federal agents and I try to ignore them and walk over to an arcade game but the men get up from their seats and come over to me. One of them asks me to come and look at something and I follow him to the otherside of the bar where it there is better lighting and less people. There is a group of about eight monkeys, some sitting on table tops, some on the floor, one hanging from a ceiling light, and they are all causing trouble. All of the monkeys are completely white, except for a ring of black fur around their faces and black beady eyes. I am not sure exactly what type of monkeys they are, but in the dream they are refered to as gibbons. Several of them have upturned chairs and smashed glasses and lights, and the biggest gibbon of the group has ripped wires out of the wall from a nearby electrical socket.

      The men in black jackets ask me if I can fix this problem and tell me to look out a window near where the gibbons are. When I do so, I am not longer in the dimly lit bar, but looking out of my parent's bedroom window at the monkeys, who in turn are now sitting on a wooden fence in my backyard. It is daytime and sunny and there is a breeze blowing because I can see the tree branches swaying softly. I am home alone but I have a great desire to go outside to the front yard to see if my van is okay. I cannot explain it, but I just know that the gibbons are a threat to my vehicle. Sure enough, when I go out to the driveway, the monkeys are there and attempting to damage my 1986 Wesfalia van. One has successfully pulled a strip of rubber off one side and the others pound and jump on it while screeching angrily.

      I pick up a large branch that has fallen from a tree in the yard and take a swing at the nearest gibbon. The branch is heavy and too large for me to handle with any decent dexterity and the creature easily dodges the sluggish maneuver. It jumps down onto the grass, runs in a few angry circles before charging me. I anticipate it's attack and swing again, this time making contact and knocking it back across the lawn. The monkey lays motionless, face down in the grass, but I have not killed it because I can still see it breathing. The rest of the gibbons, who had stopped destroying my van to watch the fight, become enraged and all attack me at once. I remember bracing myself and swing the branch but I cannot rememeber the end of this dream.