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    1. [04-10-2016]

      by , 10-04-2016 at 07:19 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With younger sister I entered an old and rusted bus. Driver took us through some woods into an old village. We left the bus and wandered around old cottages. It was cold afternoon and it seemed like it was going to rain. I looked at trees all around, they were quite beautiful. I was intrigued by some strangely shaped leaves. Then the forest disappeared and we found ourselves in some chamber, there was a pedestal with many buttons on it. I stared at it, wondering how it works. Then I recalled that I've seen this chamber before and tried one combination. I pushed buttons to try different set, but it turned on traps. Arrows shot from openings in walls that were put in numerous places, then a robot with appearance of black haired woman in red dress moved and tried to hit us, but it had movement restricted to just one track.
    2. Corvo

      by , 04-11-2014 at 03:34 AM
      Shortly after passing a man whose head is a snake, three creatures are presented as things I'm meant to fight. But they seem harmless, and when I walk up to them, they disappear. Past them, I walk into a hidden door set into a tree, and spend some time walking through a series of rooms. The passageway I'm walking through makes a large circle, and when I get back to the start (there were a lot of scene changes along the way, so this "start" wasn't actually the same place as the tree-passage from before), I notice a flight of stairs heading down that I hadn't seen before, with small, glowing blue arrows hovering just above the floor, pointing down.

      The stairs lead down into an enormous room filled with books and a portrait of a man I recognize as someone infamous named Corvo - he's someone I've heard of often, in the context of being a doctor or a researcher or something similar, responsible for some tragedy or some sinister event; but I personally think of him positively, even though I know very little about him - mostly I feel curious. I realize this was his room, and these are his records.

      I'm standing in a city street in Corvo's POV, sort of - I'm aware that this is me going through his records, his reflections on the past. At this moment in time, he'd been disgraced, along with some other man who I'd also heard of, someone who's walking away from him right now. I have some mental connotation between this man and violence but also think of him as a better person than Corvo, someone who dislikes Corvo intensely but works more closely with him than anyone else, I have the impression Corvo somehow forced him or manipulated him into carrying out a lot of dirty work for him. Now Corvo's looking at the open gates to the city, looking at the crowds of people entering, aware that they're unknowingly carrying some danger that others refuse to listen to him about, and feeling powerless. With the knowledge that this is a flashback, he's feeling an incredible amount of pain over this moment in the past and whatever it eventually led to, and I feel that same emotion so intensely that I have a false awakening or something similar and spend it looking for some space to just calm down from that scene.

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      non-lucid , false awakening
    3. 27.11.13 - Party fireworks and the WOW OWL

      by , 12-05-2013 at 02:16 PM (In the real life)
      I'm in a room with some other folks and we're having what seems to be a really wierd party. Everybody including me is super high and we can barely see each other from all the smoke. All of them are playing with some wierd fireworks, like they put them in a mug of water and they start emitting different colors and smoke.
      After a while someone's dad came in the room and asked about all the smoke, but we blamed it on the fireworks and he went away, but he turned of the lights in the room, which is really strange, because lights never worked before in my dreams. Anyways, after that everybody except me and a girl fell asleep.
      She asked me if i wanted to lights some fireworks and i agreed, so we went to the balcony and put those wierd sticks in two mugs of water. Mine didn't light, so after calling me stupid for not knowing how these things work she showed me and we both lighted them. Mine was red and hers was green.

      Next thing i'm in a gym with a longboard. People are watching some kind of fighting tutorial on a smartphone, so i decide to watch too. And suddenly i find myself in that video, only it's not a tutorial but the real thing. I'm in a forest on a main road and infront of me there is a sign, on the sign there is a bow and arrows, i take them. After walking for a while i see two roads, one that goes up and left and the other right and a bit down. I stop and find myself knee deep in a pond, i still have to choose a road though, my mind is racing. Next thing i know some kids are throwing rocks at me from a tree, so i try to hit them with the bow, but i didn't manage to do that. I have no arrows left and it seems like those kids are gonna kill me. I quickly start practicing a fireball spell and manage to do it, but before i could use it on them i teleported back to the gym.. I was sitting and i stood up for a second a girl and a baby took my spot so i got my longboard and tried to keep a one foot balance on it. I got bored at one point and a man came to me, he told me
      "You see those roads? Well by sunset you have to take the right road where it says fire and you're gonna be cool"
      Excited i rushed to the roads, there was a sunset already and i had a wooden stick which i was holding like a spear. It was like a videogame, but instead of choosing the right road i went with the left one. After running like a ninja for a while i saw a bunch of abandoned buildings and an abandoned football(soccer) field. I then remembered that someone told me about a party at some abandoned house, but all i could se was tall buildings. I looked around for a while and i reached a security booth, i went to the side of it and inside i saw an Owl with armour and it was playing Worl of Warcraft on a laptop. It saw me look at it and started flapping it's wings. I then started laughing loudly which i guess managed to wake me up IRL
    4. New.awesome.lucid.

      by , 11-16-2013 at 10:01 AM
      I don't remember much from it, but here we go.

      [COLOR="#008080"]I am on this mountain.The sky is purpleish with touches of red and the grass is bloody red. There are a lot of people fighting. There are a lot of seats in the color of black. I have a bow and I keep shooting arrows at people. I suddenly get this feeling I'm dreaming and do a RC. After realizing that I'm dreaming I stabilize but the dream doesn't get any clearer. I put my hands together and imagine ice in them. They get colder and I try to stabilize without any succes. I yell : GIVE ME A CLEARED LUCID, GIVE ME FULL AWARENESS and all that kind of stuff to make my dream more awesome. There appears Kris and he tells me that if I keep getting all those things I will create another person (wut). I stop doing it and that's pretty much all I remember.[/COLOR]

      Kris appearence was pretty normal(As it usually is) but for me... I had black long hair and I wore some ninja clothes (Pretty much looked like Dannie)

      New thing I remember : Kris did a surgery on my leg to get a bone out of it.

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    5. 2/7 The frightful girl

      by , 02-07-2013 at 06:45 PM
      Out of dream: black
      In Dream: [COLOR="#4B0082"]Indigo
      My dream recall was not good at all tonight but it is getting better on average, which is good.

      1. [COLOR="#4B0082"]The first dream I had was me and a group of people in the woods. This one lady about 25-30 years old was telling kids how to make arrows in the woods, and as we were moving locations she put the arrows in her quiver. Something happened inbetween right here but I don't remember what exactly. Next the same lady showed the kids how to make daggers out of breaking sticks. She gave me a stick to break and when I broke it it broke into a perfect dagger like shape. There was also two sticks that were shaped like a mantle to the dagger and I was just observing the dagger until the dream ended.[/COLOR] I would draw it in MS Paint but its just too complex to draw with my skill level.

      I woke up at 4:30 and got up and drank a chocolate milk, some lemonade and some water and went back to sleep at around 4:38.

      I believe this dream spurred from when the first day in class I got this girls number but then (this was in real life, believe it or not) theres this guy that just stares into the window from outside the classroom, and the girl, her name is Laura, kept telling me she was in a class with him before and he is a really weird guy. I got her number in a different class though and in that different class I talked to her telling her how that guy fits the profile of a school shooter, and she's been ignoring me ever since. I just feel like I left a bad impression on her and I wanted to catch up with her after class but she keeps avoiding me lol. I feel almost like a stalker but I just wanted a small conversation just to say hi and how is she doing just to end the last conversation on a good note. So here's the dream:

      2. [COLOR="#4B0082"] I dreamed it was at the end of Accounting class, the class I saw her in. She was leaving and I grabbed all my stuff and she went one way down the hallway but I didn't want to go the same way because she's so hard to approach I just wanted to come from a different way to get to her so it looked more random and by chance that we would meet up. So I run the other way and try to catch up with her by the time she gets outside the building. I run through the halls and parkour over sofas and staircases and I open the front door, and for some reason I see my best friend from elementary to high school andrew running next to me and we have a conversation and say whatsup lol. When I opened the door for the front building he was like thanks for opening the door for me, like pretending I'm being his slave?? Apparently out the front door of the building there is this giant glass wall and I have to open that door too, Andrew makes another joke about me opening the door for him but I'm not paying attention because I'm trying to catch up with Laura. I get outside and see her run under a bridge.[/COLOR] Then I wake up but I am able to kind of DEILD but forget I'm dreaming once I enter because I'm so preoccupied by just talking to Laura to see how she's doing, [COLOR="#4B0082"]so I just go under the bridge to talk to her and I feel as if I'm in a game, because my character stops moving and she starts talking about why she is running away from me, like what happens when you meet a specific NPC in Zelda or Mario or something. but I'm not listening to what she has to say because I realize there is a floating Majora's Mask Icon floating behind her under the bridge, spinning around and glowing like an extra life in a video game. The dream ends shortly after that.[/COLOR]
    6. The Castle on the Island

      by , 11-30-2012 at 12:03 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)

      12:51 pm

      NOTES Drank apple + carrot juice

      3:00 pm

      MILD, watched Dante's Cove, read Tibetan Yoga. I daydreamed about taking a bus back in Negros, thinking that being in Manila is just a (day)dream I was having while in the one-hour bus ride. It was kinda depressing, and I thought of how I am actually sitting in the bus, and me lying on the bed here in Manila is the dream. Then I tried pushing my finger through my palm; it went through. I tried again, same result. I was happy. I looked at the people around the bus. They have strange faces. Masks. White alien masks. I went down the bus and ran and ran, without stopping. I just kept on imagining running around, encountered a 3-foot tool, red, worm-like creature with a hole for a mouth. I jumped into the mouth, and the running kept going. Fell asleep.

      4:55 pm - wake up


      I was in an island with other people. We were scattered across different islands. I asked a girl how were her parents. The answer was vague, but she actually meant they just saw each other in a different island.

      We were guarding a castle near the sea. There are invaders. We are doing our best to keep them off. My allies in the castle were able to create a huge machine-monster to fight the enemy's monster-giant. I climbed down to give them ideas. The archers on the walls are good, but they're vulnerable from flyers and other arrows. I suggested (hingal) to cover them from above, attach magnets near them to minimize arrow damage, and build spikes to discourage flyers from coming closer. They nodded, but I felt they're not gonna implement it.

      I looked around, and at the 'back,' there are huge gates and walls. There's a local family passing by. Peru or Peruvian came to mind. Their child was able to fit through the bars and climbed inside. The few guards in the area caught her and brought her out. The panicked family outside began to leave in a hurry after they have their daughter, talking in a panicked language (unfamiliar language; probably Peruvian as well?). The guards signed to them to please don't talk about this area. It's a very vulnerable spot. I thought they shouldn't have let them get away alive at all. I got annoyed at the other officers for being careless. The area is largely blocked off by a huge forest, but there's no telling when the enemy will discover this vulnerable spot. I plan for the immediate strengthening of the location.
    7. Combat 04/05/12

      by , 04-05-2012 at 01:50 PM
      Had a dream where I entered an abandoned service station with 2 bay garage. At first I thought it was just me in there but after a minute I started hearing noises of people moving around. It was mostly dark inside.
      So I'm staying in the shadows trying not to be seen by whoever. Then the garage bay doors are opened by someone, first the right one, then the left. Now I know for sure people are here, and it seems more are gathering by the minute. Opening the doors lets in more light also.

      I re-position myself a bit, but dispite my best efforts, someone comes around the corner, and he has a gun. I think he sees me, so I make my presence known. It is now that I am aware that I am wearing a black ski mask over my head. He doesn't shoot me but claims "This is our territory!" As I look around, I can see just how big his gang is, and they are all armed. I understand I am to leave immediately, which I do. Cautiously and slowly I make my way past the gang members.

      I am about halfway to the door, when another gang bursts in and starts a gang war with them. It is awful, bullets are flying everywhere, I don't know how I manage not getting hit. But I ignore the fighting and keep moving. The new gang sees I'm not a threat to them so they let me pass as well. I finally get outside and to safety, whew! Across the street, I look back to the place, it seems like the assulting gang lost the fight and retreated.

      Looking around some more, I come across a group of DCs who are practicing archery. They seem to be ready for battle as well, so I point out to them where the gang was at. It seems I end up leading them into battle against the gang I fled from. Their first volley of arrows fall way short, so I tell them you're going to have to shoot twice as far. They are able to correct, and release a volley of arrows that go straight into the open bay doors and kills many gang members. I grab some arrows that were shot and became stuck into the ground, readying myself for melee combat. Everyone charges forward, still shooting arrows as they go. Once our group gets back inside the service station, it is a massacre for the gang. Even though I don't have a bow, I stab a gang member with 4 arrows I hold in both my hands, he dies. I believe all the DC gang members die.
    8. Suicide and Other Conforts (Between August 16 2011 and August 17 2011) --- Second Dream

      by , 10-22-2011 at 01:25 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I am a Spartan, and I belong to the elite troops of Sparta.
      We are in the middle of a fight. From the woods comes out arrows (which are sharp branches of trees) in my direction. I throw myself down on the ground and turn to where the arrows came. I run down the hill, throwing stones and sticks at the enemies.
      Our battalion is elite, but we are losing because our enemies are many....
      R is our commander.

      Flashback:: I have a vision of a deformed hand closing.

      Return to the dream::

      When the hand closes, I see the R with a Spartan uniform, stabbing himself in the chest.

      He committed suicide.
    9. Depressing campsite

      by , 04-03-2011 at 09:34 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am at a campsite near a lake. I am poor and have few posssessions and I think I either live there or am staying their until I move on to a new place because I am essentially homeless. The roads and campsite grounds are mostly gravel, with tress scattered here and there.

      I keep to myself and mostly stay on my site but for some reason a group of three adolescent boys start throwing small rocks at me. I ask them to stop but it only provokes them and soon their are five boys throwing handfulls of gravel and rocks at me. People on surrounding campsites do nothing to help and only stare. My tent offers little shelter and it collapses. I suddenly remember that I have an archer's bow and I go and get it. The bow I find looks like it was constructed of plastic and duct tape and I only have three arrows. I try to fire an arrow at the boys as a warning shot, but it turns out my bow IS made of platic and duct tape and it falls apart.

      A vagrant old man suddenly appears and hands me a dart gun and some darts, telling me that this will be much better. Suddenly something happens (but I can't remember what) and the boys throwing the rocks suddenly stop and run away. I have not fired the dart gun so I don't know what scared them off. I am exausted and sore but my tent has been destroyed and the only possesion I have left is a blanket, a sleeping bag and a pillow.

      I leave the campsite to find a slab of concrete near a building to sleep on, but other vagrants have picked spots around the building and space is scared. I don't know what the building is or used to be and the windows and doors have been boarded up. There is a road that either leads deeper into or exits the campsite and it runs right only where all the vagrants are trying to hunker down for the night. Many people shout unkind things or throw garbage at us and it is near impossible to sleep. I become so frustrated I go for a walk and when I come back a blond haird man has stolen my spot and is sleeping in my blankets.

      Suddenly I cannot cross the road because it is a deep chasm filled with a raging river and I feel depressed and tired and want to throw myself in.
    10. Nighthog's Journal: 31st January 2011, Pirates!

      by , 02-01-2011 at 09:09 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Had a little fun being a kind of pirate on this ship that oh so sank so quickly for whatever reason.

      We boarded and were about to set sail and I saw it was like a rush or race with dozens of ships leaving of for travel of some treasure I think. Can't really remember but we were in a hurry but as soon as we got on-board out ship it started to sink as we set the sails. It was braking into pieces as it sank down into the blue calm waters around us. We saw all the other ships leave and get off without us.
      Ah... to late. We will never catch up like this I said.
      I'm with a few companions as they swim out in the water.. I started to float just above the water line instead and floated along them to the shore, I didn't want to get into the water for whatever reason. Was a little hesitant about it but wasn't really thinking anything special about it.
      We were at like the mouth of a river in which there was much greenery everywhere. Amazonian maybe if I would describe it.

      As we were reaching land I heard my friends tell for me to hurry and escape with them or to hide. Trouble was on the way. They would spot us... I looked back and saw a ship come in and small row boats get out and come up the river. They were after us. It felt like their arrival was what set off the sudden skirmish of all ships in the bay.
      I go and float and see my friends run and hide into a building. I don't feel like hiding and stay in the air and actually go forth to be visible and check them out of what they might want. They look like musketeers or something of the sort. I hear them yell they have spotted us and then command to shoot to kill or capture. Either way is good it seems. I'm a little wondering what are they up to and just float along the river and they start shooting arrows with bows all around. They all are aiming at me. I keep avoiding their shots and some I deflect or whisk away with my hands. It feels a little troublesome and tiring to be avoiding these arrows they shoot so I back off a little to further our distance and I ask them what have we done. Why are they after me/us. I haven't done anything to you. I'm innocent. Etc. I hear no answer and only get more arrows after me from the increasing amount of boats and men about.
      At last as I repeat I get one man to come out and say what I've done. he looks like a command of the soldiers on the row boats.
      He tells me of what I've done against him. Presumably something about crushing/biting his balls...
      I only quickly tell him that's his own fault by trying to do something I didn't like him trying of doing and I was only trying to defend myself. I somehow recalled him and a previous bout of what the trouble might have been about. It was a thing a few days back in the dreams in another setting.
      Now that I recall it was something really unpleasant he had tried and forced to do for whatever reason. It was a easy target... >_>;

      Either way I just flew of now and got behind trees etc and then walked and went into the building the others were to join what they were up to... The pursuers disappeared shortly after a few moments of preparing for like them to storm the building but they never did. They were just gone the next moment.

      We walked and talked and went to continue whatever as the building kinda morphed and we were just hanging about.
      I spotted a alligator in the water. I was warning the others to be careful when they went next to the waters like expecting it to attack and pull them in. It never did though. I was worried though for a while before the dream went to fade away as I woke up.
    11. Lucid #3 Battlefield

      by , 01-21-2011 at 05:02 PM
      Lucid #3 Battlefield (DILD)


      - I am in a battlefield. I see some scenes with awful creatures coming out of a awful lake and soldiers stabbing them in the face. I start thinking that this place is dangerous and i wouldn't want to feel the pain of a knife or an arrow. There are lots of arrows coming from the enemy side. As i reach a stone building i start thinking that if all this was a dream i wouldn't worry that much if an arrow hit me, cause i'd know it's a dream. As i walk up the hill, arrows fall around me like rain. They are so many that when they fall on the ground they hit on other arrows (the floor was filled with them!) and make a pretty intense jingling sound, like when there are a lot of coins hiting the ground or sth. And then suddenly i become lucid. Everything is really clear around me. Very realistic. I turn around and see many arrows coming towards me. I almost got hit by one. I think that if an arrow hits me i ll wake up from pain, or unstable dream. I run towards the building, constantly thinking "focus! focus!". At first i was running pretty good. Then i fell my head disappearing (like fading away). I closed my eyes and started spinning but it was too late.

      Other Dreams:
      - There are gambling machines. I see an old woman winning. The machine shoots out TOO many 5cent coins kai too few 2euro coins. I Reach the machine to try for myself. I insert a 2euro coin, cause that's what was only accepted by the machine and i thought "how can it be that the machine gave that woman 5cent coins if everyone inserts 2euro coins?". However i didn't do any RC. The machines shows a row of three cheries. After a second one cherrie falls. I hit the machine many times. I look at the screen again and now there are many cherries in random order and they blink... In the end it gives me two bus tickets. They didn't look like any transport ticket i know. They had different shapes and they cost 4 euros...

      - I am with my mother in a store of some sort. Behind me there is a man who smokes the hookah. He pokes me and says to me while laughing: "Check this out! It smokes by itself!". He takes the plug he held and puts it in a hole of another metallic thing that looked like a hookah. That thing had a big hole in its center. So when the plug touched the upper hole, there was a lot of dense yellow smoke coming out of the big one... The guy just can't stop laughing. We leave.

      - I have the feeling i am outside the previous store, in my car and my mother sits next to me. I sit in the driver's seat and show to someone how many different settings there are to adjust the seat.

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