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    1. My lazy ass

      by , 04-16-2014 at 01:38 AM
      I woke up last night partially remembering a dream, but I was too lazy to record it. I forgot it now. Now I feel bad.
    2. GTAss

      by , 11-21-2013 at 02:07 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)
      20.11.2013 6/6

      Eu estava em uma casa com a parte da frente aberta.
      O Carlinhos apareceu falando de um jogo.
      Lembro vagamente de duas mulheres conversando.
      O jogo era parecido com GTA.
      Eu lembro que ensinava pra ele como deixar as mulheres do jogo com a bunda pra cima quando morriam.
      [Acho que essa parte da bunda tem relação com a hora que eu fui dormir logo antes desse sonho onde eu acordei com a Ju e levantei o vestido dela pra sentir sua bunda]
      No jogo eu via uma mulher deitada numa poça d'água com a bunda pra cima. A bunda dela era torta e deformada, mas depois se endireitava e ficava redonda.
    3. Operation Homicide - Ep. 102 The Warehouse

      by , 06-21-2013 at 04:23 PM
      Operation Homicide is a series of my dreams where I take on the character of Bad-Ass McCoy, and kick ass. Whether it be random villains or Albanian drug lords, Bad-Ass can handle it all. So get your guns ready, cock 'em, and hand 'em over, because I'm about to do all the shooting.

      Level of Lucidity: 9
      Level of Clarity: 5
      Level of Realism: 6
      (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

      Method: WILD/WBTB
      WBTB Time: 6:25 AM - Stayed awake for 20 minutes - Using smart alarm to subtly start the alarm, then progressively increase the volume.

      Operation Homicide Ep. 102: I was laying in bed after my WBTB and trying to keep still and relaxed. I couldn't help but move a couple of times to stay comfortable, and eventually simply rolled onto my side. After laying there for a little while I felt myself slipping into sleep. I was very aware of myself and of the fact I was trying to perform a WBTB WILD. As I was laying there about to fall asleep I heard the most TERRIBLE noise in the world! It was such a loud screeching I thought I was about to break my ear drums. It sounded like my grandmother was being torn apart by a pack of wolves, and I literally had that thought go through my mind. This of course was just my imagination and fear getting the better of me. I remembered reading a thread on DV about hearing this sound that sounded like the fibers of the universe were ripping, and that's EXACTLY what it sounded like. It took everything I had not to throw my hands up to my ears to cover them. Each time I heard it I started yelling. The first few times that I felt these waves of sounds coming I kept yelling and I kept snapping back to reality saying that it's just part of the WILD process, and to stay calm, I'm entering the dream, but they never seemed to end. After about 5x of listening to this hell, I finally hit the big one and it felt like I was falling at a very high rate down a worm hole. I watch "Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman" all the time, which is a show about space time and how space and the universe work, and black holes and wormholes, and I literally saw, felt, and thought that the Earth had been swallowed by either a black hole, or a wormhole and was seeing the last seconds of my life.

      I quickly thought to myself "Wait! I must be dreaming!" even though I wasn't fully asleep yet... as soon as that happened I snapped awake and sat up in my bed. I heard a knock at the door, and figured my grandma in the next room heard me yelling, I told her to come inside. I kept looking down at my sheets and had the idea to RC just to make sure it's not a false awakening. I tried the finger through hand thing, and the RC failed, my finger wouldn't go through. It was my uncle who walked in my room, not grandmother. He walked over to my dresser and kind of stood there awkwardly. He started talking but I couldn't hear him. I asked him to speak up. I had a bit of a small realization... my uncle usually talks with a loud voice, this is strange. Suddenly he starts shouting as loud as he possibly can and black smoke surrounds him and he is about 7' tall! Scared out of my mind, I remembered reading right before my WBTB that this guy entered a FA and realized it after he did multiple RC's, because the finger through palm method didn't work, but the nose plug technique did. I did the nose plug, and had to try for a few seconds and REALLY focus on what was happening in my nose, which was hard with a 7' demon standing in front of me. Suddenly it hit me! I'M ASLEEP! I remembered something I had read about dream control, and shouted "THIS IS MY DREAM!" He didn't seem affected. I tried shouting it again, no result. I knew not to be afraid of him, but naturally was a little intimidated by the looming dark presence. I closed my eyes and shouted "BE GONE!!" When I opened them he was gone. I stood up and looked around. I suddenly heard my grandma talking, but I realized it's in real life, talking to my grandfather, so I quickly and calmly jumped into my bed, laid down, and prepared for a DEILD. Success! I DEILD'ed and when I opened my eyes I was in a warehouse of sorts.

      The warehouse had furniture around it, and had pictures on the walls, and a large garage that opened. It seemed kinda like a hipster lounge and I was just chilling there. There was a large opening in the wall, probably for driving cars to the back of the warehouse, and I walked through it.

      The dream gets very fuzzy from here, because I had a couple more dreams after this one. I remember standing in the warehouse and looking around. I thought "Wow.. I'm really thirsty..." and walked over to where a wall was. There was someone else there and he seemed to be my friend, so I just went with the flow. I stood next to the wall and looked at the lower part of the wall about a foot off the ground. In my mind I imagined a small spout coming out of the wall like you'd use to attach a hose. Just as I pictured it sliding out of the wall, a guy walked up behind us with a hose in his hands, and offered it to us. Funny how my mind doesn't work JUST the way I want it, but it still gets the job done.

      I thought to myself "What do I want to do...?" Then I remembered a dream series I started a couple of nights ago about a loose canon justifier named Bad-Ass McCoy. So I said "Ok, Bad-Ass, let's kick some ass." I briefly thought of the TOTM to go para-sailing over the ocean, but thought "Eh, fuck it."

      The rest of the dream is kind of fuzzy and skips around a lot unfortunately. But after all, this is my FIRST WILD ever! So I'm pleased with the fact I remained lucid for at least a bit.

      I remember a few times I could hear someone talking... and then I realized it's my grandmother in the other room talking to my grandfather, who is very hard at hearing, so she was in a sense shouting at him. I remembered what I had read, and stabilized the dream by rubbing my hands together. A couple of times I took a look at my hands to check how many fingers I had. I got a VERY creepy and strange feeling when I looked at my hands that SNAPPED me back into the dream. (I had 6 fingers, and sometimes 5) I vaguely remember that at one point I had a gun, and was just about to go on Homicide Duty... but I felt myself start to wake up so I laid down and waiting with my eyes closed so I could continue in a DEILD.

      When I opened my eyes I was in a fancy cabana type place, and had a look around, then lost all lucidity and it turned into a normal dream. (To read more about this "cabana type" dream, check out my dream journal, it will be a separate entry.)

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    4. Operation Homicide - Ep. 101 Bad-Ass McCoy

      by , 06-19-2013 at 10:17 PM
      Operation Homicide - Ep. 101 Bad-Ass McCoy is a series of my dreams where I take on the character of Bad-Ass McCoy, and kick ass. Whether it be random villains or Albanian drug lords, Bad-Ass can handle it all. So get your guns ready, cock 'em, and hand 'em over, because I'm about to do all the shooting.

      Level of Lucidity: 1
      Level of Clarity: 4
      Level of Realism: 4
      (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

      Operation Homicide Ep. 101: There I am. In a fancy, modern style apartment building. I'm standing in a large ground floor room, that seems to be partially a gym, and partially a recreational room. There's quite a few dream characters around me, and I seem very confident in my ability to walk from one side of the room to the other. I walk to the other side of the room, and find a doorway with a staircase behind it. I climb the stairs for about four flights, and then the stairs simply end, with a ladder and a small roof door above it that requires the climber to push it open to continue their ascent.

      I pushed it open, and had a look around. It was a standard apartment roof and seemed completely normal, but I did notice that it was a very hard angle to pull myself up and onto the roof from the ladder, so I just stayed on the ladder and looked around. After a few brief moments of looking, I began to lower myself down the ladder and descend to the ground floor. When I got the the ground floor, mostly everything was the same, except for the fact that most of the walls had been replaced with large ceiling to ground windows. Similar to this, but without the window pains:

      Suddenly someone walks in and starts an argument with a lady behind one of the park benches conveniently located in the middle of the room. He then turned his head and stared dead at me. I felt something in the back waistband of my pants, and quickly reached back and whipped out a pistol. The man whipped out a pistol too, and began to fire at me. Luckily he was a retard when it comes to aim, and I managed to shoot him square in the chest, I believe killing him.

      After that everyone looked semi-relieved. All of a sudden two more men come busting through one of the ceiling to ground windows. They both have guns but for some reason decide to run at me instead of shooting me. I decided not to shoot them and instead turn around and begin running up the stairs. (Dream logic...)

      They weren't far behind me, but as I began to run up more and more stairs, I started skipping stairs and climbing 3-4 stairs with each step. I got quite a ways ahead of them, but then I got to the ladder. I climbed up it with ease, but then had trouble pushing the latch open to finish my escape onto the roof. The enemy caught up with me and one of the men grabbed a hold on my foot.

      I looked down to the guy and said "Wait a second guys, let me get up here, I don't wanna fall."

      The two enemies nodded their heads and said "Okay, good point" and then let my foot go so I could safely open the latch. I then decided it best to perhaps go back downstairs and make an exit instead of jumping off of a roof. The guys understood and followed me down. The guys and I commenced to telling some jokes and laughing on the way down about the guy who I killed. By the time we reached the bottom floor I snapped back to my senses and whipped my pistol around and shot both guys, but neither died.

      I ran through the window that they busted when they made their entrance and I was just out of their reach of being able to grab my shirt. I ran around the back of the building and came all the way around to the side opposite of where they busted in. There was a bench outside of the window I was running towards, and everything suddenly moved in extreme slow motion. I ran up to the bench and jumped just enough so that my left leg landed on the seat of the bench. I looked back and thought to myself "Maybe they won't know how to jump and will just trip on the bench." It made zero sense, but after seeing what a derp their friend was, anything was possible. I jumped up and over the bench, and dived through the window, landing in a somersault.

      The two guys simply walked around the bench and walked into the building through the giant hole I just made in the glass. I turned to them and without thinking shot both of them.

      Everyone in the lounge area seemed very surprised and scared at the fact that I just fired my pistol indoors, and less surprised or scared that I just killed 3 people.

      Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and looked at me, until one guy shouted "Go get-em Bad-Ass McCoy!"

      I casually walked out of the building through the front door with my new idenetity, feeling totally, 100%... bad-ass.

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    5. Burning Down the House; Sweet Ass

      by , 11-28-2012 at 05:52 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Burning Down the House

      I looked up to a house on a hill. There was a big picture window through which you could see a small fire, as though in a fire place. The occupants doused the fire with some type of fuel and it caught that face of the home completely on fire. I thought about helping to put the fire out, but realized there was nothing I could do. The house was going to burn to the ground.

      Strangely, the fire subsided to its original size after about 6 seconds.

      This is the second dream of exploding or growing fire in just a few nights. See Futuristic

      Sweet Ass

      I was with a brown-haired girl with freckles. She was beautiful and had a great figure. I put my hand on her side and moved it down her waist towards her ass.

      She saw that I liked her ass and stuck it out to the side in an attractive way, not in a cheap way. Her outfit was white with a couple solid brown, curvy brown designs.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    6. School bus, house, tennis in the pool, 3D thong and Rear Display....(SDE Day 06)

      by , 08-20-2012 at 07:41 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      School Bus and English Class (Non-lucid)


      There's a girl who's trying to find her father because he took something that she needed to get to somewhere I think.

      I forget if this girl is a blonde,
      since I think I slept again instead of typing it on my laptop because I was too lazy to turn it on.

      All I remember from this is that the girl used a bicycle, and her father had a faster model of another bicycle or motorcycle. I thought the girl wouldn't catch up, but she managed get to the same speed as her father. When he realized she really wants to talk to him, he finally stops.

      He gets off the bike and gives the girl a plastic bag with some random items in it, but most importantly, he also gave her the item she was looking for, a very transparent bead.

      The dream shifts, and now I'm inside of a yellow school bus. I couldn't see the outside, but based on how the seats were arranged, it definitely had to be a school bus. There were quite a few people inside, but there were two people I had most of my focus on.

      Before doing so, I think I looked at myself at the mirror, but I'm not sure if it's me, it looks like a female.....am I in a female's body?

      Whoever it is that I'm looking at in the mirror, she has some white cream on her face, so I take some object, probably a paper towel or something, and slowly wiped it off her face. It doesn't take long for me to finish this, and then I listen to the two girl's to the right a few seats in front of me. One girl was talking about how her Adviser told her she had to take some other course because of some condition I can't remember.

      The girl had to leave, and then her friend called her to declare that in short, her Adviser doesn't know what she's trying to tell her at all. She starts telling her that she can do whatever it is she thought she couldn't, and after they talk for a while, maybe a minute or two, I see the same girl who left walking around on the cell listening to her friend to respond,


      The girl was wearing a black leather jacket, white shirt, and some dark colored jeans. I don't do this often, but her visage wasn't very appealing to me, in fact, she reminds me of a girl in High School when I was a senior. She was on the cheerleader team, but I knew that someone like her would be the one talked about behind everyone's back as not looking good enough or something like that.

      She hangs up and after that, everything is quiet. Then another random girl, who is a redhead, wearing a light gray shirt and the usual blue jeans is talking about people's weight. As the bus is taking a very deep curve to the left, while I'm on the right side of the bus looking at the window of the arrows signaling vehicles to take a deep left turn, the girl talks about how that if she sees someone obese in her neighbor, she takes that as a compliment.

      It took me a few seconds to process how that can be a compliment, but for some weird reason, I found some logic in her twisted and cruel declaration. It makes sense, when you apply it as petting her ego and making herself feel better. She was a little pale in skin tone, and pretty skinny, but not too skinny, she had a little substance in a few regions.

      The dream shifts again (everything seems to be following the same theme for me)....now I'm inside of a school building, and I'm on the top floor. There's a classroom I have to go to that's "Room 113," something like that. The overall setting are shades of brown, very dull and boring.

      However, the room is closed, so we have to wait for a while, so I decided to walk around the hallway a bit and look around for any other classes that have started already. I get a hunch that someone is coming near Room 113, but it ends up being a student instead.

      It's one of my short-term friends, Marissa, and she's wearing a think black cotton type of jacket with some kind of brown or dirty colored shirt and dark pants. Her face looks just the same, but she has a brown beard showing.

      I can see why I didn't find this weird because she actually did a play where she had to paint a beard to act as a man....

      The teacher eventually comes, and everyone is already trying to find their new seats. There's probably 10-15 people inside, excluding the teacher. Most of these people are familiar faces. There's one guy who looks like Gere wearing a black shirt and dark pants. Then there's this skater dude that I sat near a lunch table with in middle school, though he was a douchebag in waking life.

      He's still skinny as ever, and is wearing a white shirt, though I can't remember the color of his pants. Then there's Marissa, who I already mentioned, and then there's another guy that I'll nickname "Hay" for the sake of being anonymous as well. I'm not too sure on that, but whenever I try to recall the details of the classroom, he always pops up.

      I also think another girl from middle school who had a family history of sickle cell anemia there as well wearing a thin black jacket like Marissa, except she was shorter than her. The teacher was also wearing a thin black jacket and probably a white shirt underneath.

      I think she had an inverted bowl shape hairstyle, which reminds me a lot like my first English AP teacher before I switched classes. While everyone is quickly finding their seats, I end up being the last one trying to pick a seat, and the teacher isn't really patient herself, in fact she told me,

      "It shouldn't take long to find a seat..." (paraphrasing here).

      I awkwardly acknowledge it, but I forget where I decided to sit down. I think she hands out some sheets, and while I'm scavenging through them, I find there's one worksheet that asked two questions. One was related to something about having a specific type of camera. I think it was a Yes or No question. I was confused about this because I thought this was an English class.

      But I think the reason why I assumed that is because I saw Marissa, who I only met my English AP and U.S. history dual credit class.

      It seems this is some type of photography class, and I think other people start getting confused as if they're in the wrong class.

      I can't remember anything else.

      House (Non-lucid)


      In a house with father and mother probably, there was some talk about ants and how they don't go onto certain animals because of their stench....house feels incomplete.

      Not a lot I can remember here.
      Tennis in the pool (Non-lucid)


      I wake up, making grunting sounds, and I felt really tired as well. I see one person to the left of me who looks like Jerry in waking life. He's wearing dark clothes. In front of me is a pool, but I can't remember if it's full or not.

      It had a sky blue glow to it, and apparent, there was supposed to be a tennis match near the pool. I think I ask Jerry if I can join in, but I don't hear anything from him.

      I see three fluorescent green tennis balls on the grass. I pick them up and formed them into a triangle. A random lady comes out of nowhere and looks at me. It seems she's going to pick up the tennis ball, but I can't remember what she does. She's a little overweight, and based on the cap, she looked like she could be the umpire.

      This area seems to be the backyard of someone's house.

      3D Thong and Rear Display (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+:
    7. Weird Non-Lucid...11/24/11(Early Morning)

      by , 11-24-2011 at 04:15 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)

      I dream I am in school. I'm walking in with Red, and Sean. We pass through the school's main entrance, and head on through the commons. We see Lauren(Now Single! Ding! Ding! Ding!) sitting ever so calmly at a round table. We walk by, Sean first, being silent, then Red, saying "hi," then myself. "Hi Lauren." I say nervously. "I like what you did with your eye-liner today."
      "Thanks." she says with an awkward smile. She is a friend in real life, but just one of those friends who's just out there, not a very close one. Probably why the awkward smile. I never say hi to her. We all keep walking, when Sean decides to stop me.
      "C'mon man!" he exclaims. "I told you she's for me! Don't steal her!" I attempt to give a damn, but I don't really give a damn. I just continue to walk. We're now all in first period, but I'm not in study hall(typical dream fuck ups). I'm in some other class, can't recall which one. Sean's there, Red's there, and so is Lauren. After a few minutes, I'm suddenly on the schools second floor. I'm with my little brother by a set of brown lockers in a large alcove by the stairs. Weird, cause the school has neither of those things. There's no brown lockers or alcoves there. So anyway, my little bro and I appear to be friendly fighting. He actually manages to tackle me hard, and I slam onto the ground. That hurt. A lot. I now shake him off, and I hear my Dad scream from downstairs. Oh shit! He shouts for us to stop making so much noise, and if he hears any more noises he's gonna come upstairs and whoop someone's ass! I decide to stop, but my little bro starts banging on the floors and the lockers. Son of a bitch! I now hear my Dad scream out again, and I hear footsteps. Great...not only that, but my wrist appears to be broken too. Fuck-nuggets! My Dad is now up here, and he punishes my bro, and checks out my broken wrist. My question though, is why were my bro and Dad at my school? I now see Eternity, and Zaine with lunch. They have pizza(Hm, Zaine isn't in my lunch period...). They're telling me about how I can get a free chicken sandwich with my pizza. So, I follow them down to the cafeteria and I get a slice of pizza. I eat it(tastes like cardboard, damn dreams), then I snatch a chicken sandwich. I'm now suddenly racing in a racing video game with Zaine and Eternity. What the fuck?! How'd I get here?! We now use boosters, and we're in a purple floating bubble, and we land back in the cafeteria. Only now we're in a different part. Okay, that was just fucking creepy. So now, we hav to sit on a heater, because there're no seats left to eat. The three of us begin singing "Jesus of Suburbia" by Green Day. A girl who can't find a seat joins us on the heater. Now, we're suddenly on some sort of battlefield. What the hell is up with this shit?! It's fucking Star Wars! Hahaha! It's every man for himself I guess. I grab my blaster rifle and open fire on anyone I see. I get shot a few times, but I'm still alive. I now see many Sith and Jedi fighting. I kill another soldier, and I take his gun, which is better than mine. I now open fire on the Sith and the Jedi. There were about six or seven of them, and I kill them all. Out of curiosity, I take one of the Sith lightsabres. It now turns blue from it's original red color. Lame! However, I now begin slicing people away, and I fight until I reach an escape pod. One man wants to get away with me, so I allow him. We take off, but we're still under heavy fire. Turns out this pod is actually a mini fighter. I see many space craft firing upon us an the battlefield below. I open fire on them, and I get us through. I soon land the craft, and I disembark. I pull out my lightsabre and slice away until I get inside a building. I now have a fight with a Jedi. He asks why I've turned to the Dark Side. I have no clue what the hell he's talking about, and I really don't give a damn. I'm on nobody's side! So I go on and just say because I wanted to. Then I tell him I need a new lightsabre crystal so my lightsabre will be red, not blue. We now begin to fight, when for now reason, Son Goku from DBZ, just fucking lands behind us. He appears to be really injured.
      "GOHAN!" he shouts to the sky. Well, that was awkward. Wait, where the hell is Gohan? I don't even know what's happening anymore. Now, I'm suddenly with my Mom, and two black girls. They're telling us they're from the year 2012. They say the world is really gonna end, so they came back to warn us and tell us how to survive(for the record, I believe this whole 2012 bullshit is...well...bullshit...). So, we follow their tips, and some guy who believes, decides to help us. He now preps us, and gets us an ugly-green Korean jet. He tells us we can't bring our dog though(We don't even own a dog in real life...), which saddens us. The two black girls now suddenly spot a yellow gas in the distant. They tell us it's coming. We board the plane, and I sneak the dog on board. We now just drive the plane around town like it's a car. We soon get to a gas station, and get off for a bit. We now set some Korean newspapers on our plane. Now, Korean jets begin bombing the city! Ah, I know why we have Korean things now! It all makes sense! A global apocalyptic war! The Koreans won't bomb us! We have an airplane from them, as well as two newspapers(what the fuck...)! A bomb now lands a bit close. I notice Sean on his way over to us. The smoke from the bomb is approaching. I tell everyone to cover their eyes and mouths. Sean puts an arm out to let the smoke hit, but it stops just shy of his arm. He says "Ah" in disappointment. He now says he needs my Mom for something, but then I
    8. 29th July 2011

      by , 07-30-2011 at 12:14 AM
      I am at a Fete and I have been to all the stalls. I am now at Richard & Judy's stall ((you know the couple that used to do "this morning")) I have paid them to enter the compertition to do the brushing of the drums for a famous group, I am really excited about having met them and about the audition. ((dream skip)) I am now in this studio kind of place, Cheryl Cole and 2 other famous people are asking me "what do you feel when you sing" I say "I feel alive and it comes from inside my soul". ((dream skip)) I am now wearing a top but no skirt, my naked ass is fully on show. I am under the controll of a group of Jamaican men, there are about 5 of them or so. I go to walk into a room but 1 of them grabs my hand and pulls me back so I just do as he wants or I know I'll be in trouble, he says to another bloke "am I dreaming, her ass is gorgeous and pure" ((lol)) he looks again at my ass and feels it he then says "I've never seen one like it before" ((LMFAO))
    9. Lucid Dream #16

      by , 10-10-2010 at 04:21 PM (Warbenifit156's Lucid Dreaming Adventures)
      Lucidity: 6/10
      Vividness: 5/10
      Length: ~2 Min.

      So I went upstairs and fell asleep next to some girls that were talking, then I saw this girl that had words next to her. Then she jumped into the screen and disappeared. Then a card flew in front of me and it had her bending over and it was very cartoon like. Then some guy came up and stuck his hand up her ass multiple times, then so hard that he went through it and somehow joined hands. Someone yelled out like "Pussy strangle" or something. The End.
    10. Complex-Ass Nightmare APOCALYPSE :(

      by , 08-05-2010 at 07:44 PM
      This is going to be difficult to explain but here it goes:

      The dreams were heavily centered around my brother. There was so much about him I never learned but I know that he is an alien that is the key to life on Earth. I'll get back to this later though. My brother is sick in bed at a luxurious hotel, looking at pictures and videos on his laptop and tv and projector and so forth. There is an evil figure in the room with him. I don't know who, I think he works for the Google corporation but he isn't letting my brother know the truth about anything. This is night time and it is the last night on earth before the apocalypse. I can't remember what happens, maybe I wasn't supposed to, but it results in someone killing my brother. With his death dies the good in mankind. All new souls are forever evil. But the thing about my brother is that he's somehow not fully dead. He comes back to life in the hotel, but weaker than ever. His "guardian" from Google is there there and he asks him to stay, completely unaware that it was him that was responsible for his death. I also come into the room after hearing news of his death and resurrection and stay to watch over him.

      Days have passed at this point. The man starts talking to us but he only cares that my brother hears it, "Things have gotten worse since. Look at these drawings from the children". He shows these pictures of faces painted in black. all of them look scared. angry. like they're dying. It was gruesome in a simplistic way. With this my brother grew colder. For just a second, his eyes had dark rings around them. I rushed over to him to console him and he returned to normal. It was then that I realized that the man was evil. Somehow my brother was connected to Earth and if he grew evil, so would life. What I didn't understand was that somehow, this man was planning to use the Apocalypse to bring forth a revolution in which Google could run the world. Operation Google Control.

      So remember that whole Alien thing? Well I know this because I remember when things on Earth just started to get worse, and I was speaking to my neighbor at my apartment. He was telling me how all the kids were acting terrible, swearing and seemed to be lacking that innocence about them. Behind us was a wall of action figures, one of them was his Alien with a large head and coloured veins traveling down from it's brain. The moment I saw it I had instant flashes of my brother and I knew that it was in some way related to him.

      So flash forward again >>

      I'm traversing through a shattered world with a companion trying to reach a destination to stop everything that has been happening. Around us, the world is in terror. Everything is a mess. People are few and far. There are 3 Tornado's in the distance. One of them is huge and though they are far, they don't seem so by their size. I remember screaming and begging my friend to turn the other direction because I cannot handle my fear of the Tornado's.

      There is so much more but it's all too scrambled. I don't know what to make of his.

      I don't remember a whole portion but now I'm walking through a ruined earth with a friend trying to find answers.
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