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    1. Donald Trump, Ice Cold, Game Design

      by , 06-05-2019 at 09:15 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 06-05

      Regular Dream - Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      Fus You, Donald Trump!

      I am on top of a tall building, perhaps the Empire State Building. There is some kind of gathering there. I get closer and I see the president of the United States is there. Donald Trump is surrounded by secret service people and reporters are gathered. The president is standing near the edge of the building where there is a really tall railing designed to keep people from falling or jumping off. I get closer and I hear Trump saying something about opening a new coal mine that will employ hundreds and make money for him and all his rich friends. When a reporter asks about air pollution Trump says the coal burns clean. I get closer and Trump sees me, then says he can have whatever woman he wants. He reaches to grab me. I tell him if he touches me I'm going to fus him. He grabs a breast and laughs. I drop down to get a better angle and I fus him... FUS-RO-DAH! Due to my angle he flies up into the air and right over the barrier at the edge of the building, disappearing from sight. I wonder if he will make a crater when he lands, or maybe he will bounce? Secret service seems at a loss for what to do.

      So Very Cold
      I am in a strange place. It looks like an old style castle or fortress. I am not very focused on what is going on around me because I am so very cold. Not just cold outside, but cold inside. It feels like I might have swallowed some liquid nitrogen and I am currently freezing solid. I walk through the halls looking for some possible source of warmth. There are people around but they all seem distant and cold. They look like Assassins from Assassin's Creed. I need to find warmth or I will freeze through. I go through some more halls and rooms not sure of where I am going. I enter a bed chamber. There is a bed there with an Assassin sleeping in it. I feel warmth from there. I need that warmth. I stumble over to the bed and practically fall into it, crawling under the covers and up against the sleeping Assassin. He wakes and looks at me. It is Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad from Assassin's Creed. He puts his arms around me and holds me, I feel his warmth and now I am able to fall into a peaceful sleep.

      Design a Game, Design a Reality
      I am in a school, I am in a computer class. Everyone is working on our projects. My project is to design a video game, and I am working on a creepy one. I have just finished modelling a student desk and I am placing multiple instances of it in an empty and creepy looking classroom. It is coming out quite good. I make the room dark and add spots on the wall that are cracked and peeling, just enough to make it look abandoned. I add some marks that could be blood stains near a door that will lead to the next room. I need a bathroom break. I lock my computer and get up. I head out the classroom door… and I find I have walked right into the room I was just creating! How can this be? I haven’t even finished making it yet! I walk into the room and the door closes behind me. I turn back and the door is gone! I am thinking this might warrant a reality check when I wake.
    2. Back to School Daze

      by , 10-25-2017 at 08:46 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-25

      Back to School Daze

      I am at Pima Community College heading to my class. It is a computer animation class. There are a lot of people standing around outside right now. And there is a serious weed problem. I’m not talking about the drug. I’m talking about plants. A strange plant has been growing out of control. It is a plant that looks kind of like human hair. It is blocking the pathways in some places. People who want to get by have to grab large chunks of it and throw it out into the desert. It isn’t hard to pull up, and I am actually thinking that this part of the plant is already dead. It looks like serious fire hazard. I am thinking we should try to do something about it, but right now my class is going to start. So I find the correct classroom and go in.

      I sit down at a computer that has some 3-D animation software running on it. There are some premade models already in the scene. It actually already looks pretty cool. I see a planet, moon, lots of stars, and a person. A character model looks like Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad from Assassin’s Creed. I am just messing around before class, and I stand Altaïr on the moon. The model of Altaïr is much too large compared to the moon. When I pull him too close to the moon, he automatically bends his legs. I am thinking that my work isn’t very good, because I see someone else working on their project and they have some weird space entity that is eating up all of the other objects. But they don’t seem pleased with it, so I guess that’s not what they wanted to do. My computer does strange things. More models appear. There are now two characters and three moons. The new character looks like Desmond from the Assassin’s Creed series. He is trying to balance on the smallest moon. He fails to do so, and falls right out of the monitor into the room with us. I am sitting there looking at him, he is on the floor next to my seat. All I can think to say is, Desmond! You’re real!

      I wake up in bed and get up. I am thinking that I have to go to school. I go out into the other room where my mother is watching television. It looks like she is watching an old episode of MacGyver. I start telling her about my dream. She doesn’t seem very interested, but pays a little bit of attention. I am telling her about the features on the 3-D software, and saying I wish the real ones did that. I have just gotten to the point where Desmond falls out of the computer. My mom stops and looks at me, and asks if he’s cute? She says I should marry him. I tell her he was only a dream. I can’t marry a dream. My mother doesn’t pay any attention to the dream part, and says I should marry Altaïr. I am considering that maybe I am still dreaming, but I wake up before I can do anything about it.
    3. Masyaf parkour

      by , 06-03-2017 at 07:38 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      I was an assassin with some berber folks (i listen so much tinariwen these days) and we were heading home to the masyaf castle that is among cliffs and stones, looked different from the assassins creed games tho, there was to deep pits of water or big valleys , just a pile of cliff until the horizon of the dream. There was a simple suburb next to masyaf though which was pretty weird.
      I started parkouring among the cliffs, felt good , i could jump down from higher ledges and not hurt myself at all and i just jumped and parkour around on the stones and cliffs.
    4. 07/07/15 - Modern Assassin

      by , 07-07-2015 at 08:30 AM

      Note: It seems I am having more problems lately recalling much in the way of dreams. My recall has gone down a lot since I signed up here, which seems backwards to me... but I finally remembered one! An Assassin's Creed based dream:

      Modern Assassin

      I am wandering around what I recognize as a place I used to live when I was a kid. The place doesn't look like it did when I used to live there. All of the homes are on large lots with lots of oak trees, but the area behind the houses is now filled with tightly packed model homes where there used to be open forest. I find it to be very disappointing that the beautiful forest where I used to play as a kid has been destroyed. I remember the patch of wild raspberry bushes growing behind the house I used to live in. There's a long driveway leading up to the house, so I will most likely be seen if I try to approach the house. But since I really want to see if the raspberry bushes are still there, I go towards the house.

      I don't even try to hide as I approach the house. I figure it would be easier to think of an excuse for approaching the house than for sneaking around. No one says anything as I approach the house. I turn right and go around to the back of the house where the bushes used to be. To my relief they're still there. I look closer and I see there are ripe berries on the bushes. As I pick and eat some of the berries, a man wearing Assassin's Creed style robes. I notice I am also in Assassin style robes. The man with the Assassin robes looks like he is annoyed by me stuffing my face with raspberries. When I pause, he asks if I am done. I nod.

      The man gets right to the point. He says the man staying in the guest room of the house I used to live in is a Templar spy and must be eliminated. The people who own the house are friends of the Assassins and must not be harmed. He seems impatient, so I go around the back of the house. There is an entrance directly to the basement there, a sliding door which isn't even locked. I go in and enter the large recreation room that I spent so much time playing in as a kid. I pause for a bit as memories of the past flood through my mind. I don't wait long. I figure the guest room is the room in the basement where my brother used to sleep. As I pass the basement bathroom, I get more memories of my brother and grief because my brother is dead. I continue into the bedroom that my brother used to use. I see a man in the far corner finishing doing something I can't see, but somehow I know he is planting a bomb.

      The man jumps when he looks up and sees me. It seems he knows why I have come, but that doesn't seem
      To bother him. He smiles and says I'm too late. Nothing will stop the plan now. He laughs and seems more than a little crazy. He says nothing can stop him. There is a large decorative disc hanging on the wall. It looks like an oversized shield. The man says we will now die together. I hear the bomb beeping. It's about to explode! I grab the shield and use it to push the surprised man back on top of the bomb he'd just planted. He barely has time to yell out "NO!" before the bomb goes off with a loud bang. I feel the force of the blast push up on the shield but it doesn't penetrate the shield. The blast has been somehow contained. I don't have time to wonder about that before I wake.
    5. The Order

      by , 11-14-2014 at 01:29 AM
      11 November 2014

      Now this dream actually had a back story. I cannot remember how I came to know the story but I have vague memories of flashbacks withing the dream. The story went like this. Long ago there was an order of individuals who had dreams of world peace. I do not remember if the group had a name so I will just call it The Order. The Order worked hard towards that goal of peace. They were an underground team of vigilantes and they sought out to surreptitiously influence the zietgiest as well as the ruling government parties. I cannot remember for certain how they did this but they did and I have feeling that a huge part of it was through force (ie eliminating certain harmful individuals). The Order was centered somewhere at Johnson County Community College and word of their actions began to surface. They were feared by oppressors and revered by the general populace. It seemed inevitable that the order would slowly move out from the shadows and more directly impact the world. Soon The Order was able to establish itself as a political party and somehow, I cannot remember exactly how, The Order established itself as a ruling government entity and was able to assume arbitrary jurisdiction over a small area and the college was the capital of this new state. While the state was small The Order was able to more greatly influence the world as a ruling entity.

      It was at around this point that things went south. Now The Order did things in secret and they had many ways of hiding themselves. At some point, The Order began to disagree as to how they should continue doing this. Some believed that the best way to hide was by jumping over rooftops and staying off of the ground. Other believed that the best way was to gather in groups of at least twenty and hide by walking under realistic life sized house costumes. In other words, these guys believed that the best disguise was a giant walking house. The former came to be known as Jumpers and latter came to be known as House Walkers. While this argument may seem silly and trite but it was taken very seriously. Much so, in fact, that it caused The Order to divide and go to war. The House Walkers were able to suppress The Jumpers and assume control of The Order and, therefore, the entire state. It turned out, though, that it was not just the method of hiding that the House Walkers wanted done differently. It was the way they ran the state and the way we influenced the world. The House Walkers dreamed of bringing about a new world order; a utopia of perfect equality and collective ideals, only then would peace truly reign. They saw subjugation as a means of liberation and soon the state saw a dark era of oppression and tyranny at the hands of the new Order. And as a government power their influence was having an adverse effect on the rest of the world. The Jumpers were suppressed but they were not dead. They refused to stand by and watch as the House Walkers undermineded everything that The Order had worked for. The war continued in the shadows, away from the public eye...just like before.

      My role in the dream was sometime after all of this took place. I was working for the Jumpers in the capital building that was once my college. While The House Walkers did have control over the building we were able to hide among them like blades in the crowed. I was a high ranking officer in the Jumper community and was notorious for my skill. As such, I was given a special suit that allowed by to jump even higher and faster than before. I was given a mission; to deliver a package to a former member of our cause. Needless to say, The House Walkers had made traveling by rooftop illegal so I had to be extra careful.

      I do not remember exactly how I got there but I did. I made it to the neighborhood where a childhood friend of mine was now living (it was actually really was my old childhood home). When I got to her house, I thought that I could sneak in through the window as to not draw too much attention to myself but somehow I managed to eject myself from the suit as I began my jump. So the mechanical suit made it to the roof...but without me in it. I decided to leave it there and get it back later because I knew the longer I stayed here the greater risk I assumed of getting captured. I decided to just go in through the front door (which happened to be in the garage). That's where I was met by a childhood friend of mine named Nichol. Now Nichol was not happy to see me. There were two other kids who were slightly younger than her living there. She was afraid for herself and her family. She knew that if The House Walkers saw me in there they would kill her and her family. Without even letting me speak she shooed me out. It was all that I could do to get one word out as she frantically tried to get me out of her house. She pushed me out and closed the garage door so that I could not get back in. I was unable to deliver the package.

      I would have gone back for my suit but I no longer had time. I saw a giant walking house moving by as I began to climb. Seriously, what a dumb idea for a disguise. I decided to leave the suit and head back to my car which just so happened to be there I just prayed that the Walkers would not recognize me. My heart raced as they parked the house right there in the middle of the parking lot and one by one they poured out of the house. There had to have been at least 60 of them. I quickened my pace as one began to walk in my direction. I was able to get to my car with no problems and made my way back to JCCC. As I drove my car down the sidewalk I took a moment to contemplate the situation. My suit was there now and I was certain that the Walkers would confiscate it. No doubt Nichol would be interrogated by the Walkers but, knowing her, I was sure she would feign ignorance; she was never the type to turn on a friend, no matter how frightened she may have been. I was not worried about the suit. It was traceable and there was no doubt in my mind that we could get it back. I was mainly worried for my friend Nichol. Even if the Walkers believed her my presence alone was enough to severely compromise he security. There was no doubt in my mind that she would feel compelled to relocate.

      Modus Operandi of The Order is similar to that of The Assassins in Assassin's Creed
    6. 01/17/14 Assassins and Clank

      by , 02-14-2014 at 12:01 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      I am in a strange place that somehow looks familiar and foreign to me at the same time. I am walking down a street in a town that looks like something out of one of my video games. Specifically out of Assassin's Creed I. Maybe Jerusalem. There are people walking on the streets and chatting casually though they all seem a bit uneasy. Like they're expecting something to happen at any moment. I notice there seem to be an awful lot of guards wandering the street as well. Many more than would seem justified in a peaceful city street. The guards also seem a little on edge. I see a commotion from off to my right and I head in that direction. There are a lot of people gathered around one spot, all talking animatedly. Some people are talking about dark magic and demons. I wonder what is going on. I push my way through the crowd to get a look at what they're talking about. People are calling the guards, apparently worried about something. Someone tells an approaching guard to use caution, this creatures has black magic and isn't afraid to use it! I head in the direction they are indicating. I am thinking this black magic user might be why I'm here.

      I get to the place they have indicated before the guards close in and block it off. I find that the guards do have someone cornered, and it is definitely someone who doesn't belong here. Ratchet and Clank are here at the end of a dead end alley. The alley is blocked off by guards and Ratchet has one of his guns out and is pointing it at the guards. Clank is telling him he doesn't know if they're really enemies or if they're just confused, which must be why Ratchet isn't firing at the guards. The guards are wielding their swords at Ratchet but don't seem to dare approach, most likely due to the scorch mark on the ground... it seems Ratchet fired a warning shot and that is the "black magic" they're referring to. The talk of demons comes from the fact they've never seen anything even close to a lombax or a robot before, especially not one that appears to throw fireballs... A guard finally decided to use a ranged weapon... and he fires an arrow at Clank. The arrow hits Clank and bounces off with a *clank* noise but doesn't harm him. I get closer to them and throw a smoke bomb into the middle of the scene. I use my eagle vision to locate Ratchet and Clank and get them off of the street into a small concealed garden area that would no doubt make a very good hiding spot for an Assassin. I hear the guards behind me yelling and searching, giving orders to find them immediately. I wonder if they have a better plan on what to do if they do find them… get shot with more fireballs?

      Ratchet and Clank seem quite confused as to what is going on. I tell him someone is screwing with space-time and I think I know who... and that someone is gonna be feeling my hidden blade really soon. Clank says they had just been heading to town to get a replacement part for Ratchet's space ship when a strange gateway had opened and pulled them here. Ratchet seems annoyed at being called a demon. I am thinking I need to open a portal to get them home. Before I have a chance to I spot that we aren't alone in the garden. I had originally thought it looked like a good hiding spot for an Assassin and I'm not the only one to have thought that. Altaïr is here. He is right behind Ratchet. Wait... does he also think Ratchet is some kind of demon or monster? I think he does... because he has his hidden blade out. Before he can stab Ratchet I push Ratchet out of the way and tell him to stop it. Altaïr stabs me. Of course in the dream state I am now a virus like Alex Mercer... so that does nothing except create a small injury that instantly heals. I ask Altaïr what he's doing that for. He hesitates when he sees me heal and says I must be another of the demons. He says he has heard that the Templars have enlisted demons to aid them. I say yes, they have, but neither Ratchet nor I are demons. The demon is no doubt the one who pointed Ratchet out to him. I am an Assassin from another dimension. Ratchet is also from another dimension, also not a Templar. Altaïr seems unsure of who to believe now. He says he's seen Ratchet use black magic on some guards... No. Not black magic. Just a more advanced weapon. One that doesn't really belong here, so he'll be taking it home with him.

      So I need to send Ratchet and Clank home. I start focusing on opening the portal but it seems to be giving me trouble. Altaïr seems unsure of who to believe. I get the idea he is leaning towards believing me. He eyes me for a moment and then says he does believe me, that other person hadn't stayed around long enough for him to verify who's side he was on... but he can see I am an Assassin. He stares at Ratchet for a long while and that seems to annoy Ratchet a bit, who switches his tail around... which draws Altaïr's attention to it and he stares even more. Ratchet finally asks Altaïr if he's never seen a lombax before. "A what?" is Altaïr's response. I comment no, no one here has ever seen a lombax. Wrong time. Wrong planet. Wrong galaxy. Wrong fucking dimension. Robert de fucking Sable. I really want to find Robert and then rip off his favorite body part and shove it up his ass… Ratchet is asking who Robert de Sable is, but Altaïr knows exactly who I am talking about. He says Robert de Sable and his Templars will stop at nothing to get what they want, but this… a lumbet from a different planet? A different dimension? Yeah… but a lombax, not a lumbet… whatever those might be… I gotta send him home. I focus on opening a portal to send Ratchet and Clank back home.

      I am focusing on the portal when Altaïr distracts me. He says Robert de Sable's name. I turn and see Robert de Sable standing at the entrance to the garden. He is laughing. Altaïr says he doesn't know what scheme the Templars are up to this time but it will fail. As long as there are Assassins around the Templars will always fail. Robert seems to be ignoring Altaïr right now. He asks me if I'm not going to send my two friends home. I hesitate in opening my portal… he seems to like the idea of me sending them home a bit too much, like maybe the Templars have fucked up my portals somehow. Like maybe if I send them "home" I'll actually be doing something to make things much worse. Robert laughs when I hesitate. Of course maybe he is just messing with me, too. And I can't keep Ratchet and Clank here… I really want to kick Robert's ass. Ratchet asks who this guy is, referring to Robert. He is the cause of a hundred paradoxes that Assassins keep having to fix… and this is just another fail. Because that's what he does. He fails. Has always failed. Will always fail. In the history books next to the name Robert de Sable they will write, "The Ultimate Infinite Failure" as the definition. Robert says he will show me a failure and throws a dark energy fireball at Altaïr. I pull the energy ball over to me and absorb it. I tell him to stop passing out dark energy. Well he has done it for the last time, anyway. I use an Alex Mercer move and drive spikes into the ground. They erupt right under Robert… right as he disappears in a blast of smoke. Shit! The chicken-wuss disappeared again! "Come back and FIGHT ME, you FLAKY JERK!"

      The spikes and the commotion have apparently gotten some attention. Guards are entering the garden through the narrow entrance. They have their swords out and are attacking on sight, apparently not concerned with the idea there might be some innocent people here, too. One of them gets himself stabbed by Altair's hidden blade. A second gets shot with Ratchet's blaster, a third gets electrocuted when he tries to grab Clank. My Alex Mercer claws take out a fourth. The others aren't as quick to push through the opening. Altaïr says he knows a way out. He jumps up a wall and grabs a ledge, climbing as if he is assuming everyone else can obviously follow him. Clank jumps onto Ratchet's back and uses a jet booster to get Ratchet all the way up to the ledge Altaïr grabbed. I easily follow them as well. I guess Altaïr wasn't mistaken when he assumed everyone could follow him. Except the guards, that is. They don't seem to be able to reach the ledge. Close, but not quite. Altaïr throws a knife and takes out an archer aiming at us. A shot from Ratchet's blaster takes out that archer's partner. We get to a place that is hidden from the guards. I hear them out there still looking, but they aren't having any luck.

      I go back to focusing on opening a portal to get Ratchet and Clank home. A portal opens. I look through the portal and see a place that definitely looks consistent with a Ratchet and Clank world. Robert is still in my mind laughing, still making me question whether this portal is good or not. I go through it, indicating Ratchet and Clank should follow. If it's the wrong place I can set it right once we get there. On the other side of the portal I look around and see the setting is consistent with a Ratchet and Clank world, but the inhabitants are not. The inhabitants are all reptilian creatures with big green eyes and a lot of teeth. They see us enter from a portal. Some of them just look confused, others look like something else… One of them is looking at Ratchet in a way that makes me think he wants there to be fresh lombax on the menu for tonight. I think Ratchet has the same idea, he gets a bit closer to me and says this is definitely not his home world. I tell him I know, this is another trick of Robert's. Time to get out of here. I open another portal, focusing even stronger on getting to Ratchet and Clank's home world. The portal opens and we go through it before anyone in the previous place decides to make a move. Now this world looks right. One of the people there even seems to recognize Ratchet and Clank. I think for a bit and remember his name… Big Al! So I think they're in the right place now. Which is good since here is where I wake up.
    7. Dagels, Library, Gay Club, Grayson, Greyson Chance, My Dream Room, Assassin's Creed

      by , 01-29-2014 at 04:40 PM (The Dream Adventures of [email protected])
      dream 1 - I'm at really peaceful green hills like country region in Washington state. The grass is shining with warm yellow light. I feel very much stabilized. But I don't know if I'm at the hills or I'm looking at those through my sketchbook. There's my character Kjell and Als from my anthro story Dagels. Eventually I'm looking at my sketchbook, and I draw extra eyelids on their eyes. Als has clumsy puzzled face and I also draw her eyebrows as well. She's wearing the traditional Frubie hat.

      dream 2 - I'm at strange library, me being myself at first but then later being little PPM. I don't know why, for some reasons, some kids and I team up and do pranks in the library, running around chasing each other. I kick low book shelves and throw bunch of books behind me so others can't chase me. A librarian gets mad at us and we run faster. We laugh. The library has dark grey carpet and cozy but kinda huge main chamber.

      dream 3 - I enter an entrance that seemed like a club, but when I go inside there are bunch of gay people. Gay bar?! They dance and do weird sexual things each other and I wanna leave this place so bad. The club has red-ish lighting and the guys actually look pretty normal with casual clothes. When I go close to the wall and turn back, I see bunch of people playing rhythm game with special DJ sets at the arcades. Weird, the right side of controller is also CD but the 5 buttons are on them. I see them playing the game.

      dream 4 - I'm at my middle school. I talk to my friends about how Greyson Chance hit puberty and his new single sucks now. Feels like he's turning into Justin Bieber.

      dream 5 - I'm my character Grayson(not Greyson) from PPM, all my skins bleached and wearing his short jacket with hood and dark jean. (also I have bare feet) I'm almost lucid, and I wanna play by Grayson to see how his story goes. I'm holding onto a white car and it accelerate to a road. I hold tightly, feeling the metal texture on the car - it's actually wet by rain. At some point I leap off the car and land on the ground. I try to use PPM power by running fast on the road, but I can't run fast very well. I see distinct white and yellow lines, and some creaks of asphalt on the road. Beyond the road it gets higher, and there are some resident buildings between it. I try to leap high but that doesn't work well either.

      I jump over the building and jump again in the air. I land, and end up at somewhere old grannies live, but I get distracted by 2 squirrels in the corner with big dark green bushes. Here comes my fake memory 'damn, do I have to eat the squirrel again? Or do I have to eat it in order to survive?' Somehow I'm convinced that Gray was wandering a lot outside the city, catching small animals to survive. I look at those pretty big squirrels eating small nuts. I step on one of them, and the other one runs away and the one I stepped on just dies. Damn, I don't really wanna eat the squirrel.

      Right near the bush I enter the door and I see my real mom sitting at the table eating dinner with someone strange granny. I tell my mom how this place actually has the same exact atmosphere from RL, but outside this room is very unfamiliar. (I'm basically explaining to her that this is dream.) My mom doesn't get it, so I just try to wait for some stew that granny is cooking. The table is black, and my mom is wearing red apron. I think the room wall was all light green. My mom looked younger than RL.

      dream 6 - I WILD and I'm in my dream room, seeing the 'RC' poster. My lucidity gets high. But I wake up soon because of freaking noise from upstairs!

      dream 7 - I see facebook on my phone at a table. I scroll down and stop by this picture of my cousin frowning her face in happy way, at the dinner table with her boyfriend's family. Her bf is right behind her, gathering her hair behind with his hands, the mother at the very left, smiling to the camera, and there's bf's little brother looking goofy and the father on the right but I don't really remember his face. The mother had vivid face, with warm yellow color of face, just looking average but she doesn't seem to fit me.

      The status of my cousin is written as 'I look like IU~~><' and I'm like, IU? Stop bluffing -_-
      It looks like they are having some kind of birthday party, probably for the little brother.

      dream 8 - I'm still Grayson, but I lose his identity. I watch Assassin's Creed movie at the theatre with my friends. We are pretty all excited because the game is adapted into the movie. Soon I get sucked into the movie and I'm holding onto a log, floating on the ocean. The ocean is all blue-light-green and I see huge pirate ships in front of me, watching British soldiers with red uniforms, trying to attack another ship behind me.
    8. 05/26/13 The Haunting of Ezio Auditore

      by , 05-27-2013 at 09:26 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      The Haunting of Ezio Auditore
      I am lying on my back in a green field of grass. I am looking up at a clear blue sky. I have entered this dream already lucid by way of a hypnosis program. I hear the music of Metallica playing in the distance, I fell asleep listening to Metallica. I get up and look around. I am alone in the field. I remember that the first goal was to do the usual healing. So I focus on opening a portal to the healing glen on the moon. A portal opens and I go through. On the other side I am near the healing springs. Nomad is already there, and Winter is floating in the water. I go over near Winter and focus on the song Voices to heal her. Healing energy flows through Winter, and through everyone at the healing springs. When we are finished with the healing I tell Nomad that we have to find Ezio. I remember a previous dream that indicated shadow Templars would be going after Ezio. I focus on opening a portal to find the instance of Ezio that needs help. I focus for a bit and finally a portal opens. Nomad immediately disappears through the portal, I follow after him. On the other side we are inside a building, it is night time. My first thought is that we are in one of the Assassin Dens or Assassin Towers off of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood or Revelations. I look around the room and I see there is someone in bed sleeping. It is too dark to see who it is. But there are strange figures standing over the bed. Five of them, two on each side of the bed and one at the foot of the bed. One of the figures near the sleeper's head takes out a glowing dagger and prepares to stab the sleeper. I yell at the figure to stop and jump over the sleeper to tackle the figure before it can stab the sleeper. I pass right through the figure and crash face-first into the floor. I look back at the figure. While I didn't succeed in tackling the figure, I did succeed in distracting it from the sleeper. I think I surprised the figure simply by being able to see it. Nomad tells me they are on the astral plane, I need to also be on the astral plane to fight them. As if to prove the point he transforms to be part panther and shreds one of the figures with massive claws.

      The other figures turn from the sleeper towards Nomad. I have to be on the astral plane? I am unsure of how to switch planes like that… Nomad is fighting the figures. They are attacking him with strangely glowing weapons, astral weapons. I wonder how I can help if I can't shift planes. I form Witchblade into a sword, but it passes right through the figures without effect. Nomad has now torn another of the figures apart. I see the sleeper shift restlessly as if having a bad dream. I am getting frustrated at being ineffective. I attack a dark figure, this time charging my Witchblade sword with energy. That seems to have done the trick, and I slice one of them in half as Nomad shreds a fourth. The last one is coming at me and I am able to cut it down before it reaches me. I go over to the sleeper, who still looks uneasy in his sleep. I look closer at the sleeping man… I recognize him. Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed. I wonder how he could not have woken up during the time Nomad and I were fighting the intruders. I look closer and see Ezio is in an uneasy sleep. I hesitate, then I carefully try to wake him up. No response. I try a little harder. No response. Nomad says he thinks Ezio is being kept in a dream state by a dream demon. We need to go into his dream to allow him to wake up. That sounds a lot easier than trying to shift to the astral plane. I find a dream crystal in my pocket and I give one to Nomad. The gems activate and we are both beamed into Ezio's dream. Once we're in the dream I see Ezio's nightmare. There is a platform with some people tied to stakes, surrounded by kindling. A man up there is laughing and about to set the kindling ablaze, burning those people alive. Ezio is trying to get to them, fighting his way through a hoard of Templars but not making any progress.

      It is clear he is desperate to reach those people before it's too late. I look around to see where the actual dream demon might be. I don't see any one enemy that stands out. Nomad says there are so many dream demons. I look around again, there must be the main dream demon somewhere. I finally spot that the man on the platform about to light the fire is the main dream demon. Nomad has charged into the group of Templars and is scattering them, throwing them through portals that form in the sky. I head straight for the man with the torch. When I get close enough I use the song Dream Warriors. The dream demon gets pissed off and transforms into a giant wraith. I look and see that Nomad has gotten rid of enough Templars that Ezio has reached the platform, though now he is staring at the wraith. I use another song, Enter Sandman by Metallica to create a cyclone of energy around the wraith. There is a large explosion as light and dark energies mix like matter and antimatter. As the wraith explodes there is a blinding flash of light and then the dream suddenly ends. I wake up in bed.
    9. 05/16/13 Escape From Jerusalem

      by , 05-17-2013 at 10:06 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Escape From Jerusalem
      I am lying on a blanket in the middle of a green field. I look up at the clouds passing through the blue sky, I see that one of them looks like a cat. I sit up and look around. I am by myself. I remember my dream plans. Healing. I have been making it a habit to do some healing on Nomad's girlfriend Winter to try to get her fibromyalgia under control. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be helping. But I guess I'm not ready to give up trying. So I open a portal to the healing springs on the moon. Nomad and Winter are already there, so I go through the usual process of healing with the song Voices. It makes me want to fall asleep in the dream, but I remember that there is another plan. To share an Assassin's Creed dream with SJ. As if he already knew what I wanted to do, Q appears and says he will send me to the proper instance of Jerusalem. He snaps his fingers and the scene around me changes. I am now standing in a back road of a city that looks like Jerusalem from Assassin's Creed. I am just missing SJ. I use the song Dream On by Aerosmith to initiate a shared dream. I focus on SJ, and after a bit a woman appears. She is dressed in dark Assassin robes and is looking around at the city but doesn't seem to notice me. I ask if she is SJ, she says yes. Now to find Altaïr. Of course that could be difficult in a place the size of Jerusalem, especially if he doesn't want to be found. I figure Q probably sent me to a place fairly close to Altaïr. SJ and I walk out into what looks like a busy market place.

      There are vendors all around selling their wares, people buying, it is very crowded. I see what appears to be the main gate out of the city not far away. There are Templars blocking the way, which is getting quite a few people more than a little pissed off. I look around the area and I spot one of the game hiding places. Five robed scholars approaching the gate. But the middle one isn't quite right. The differences aren't nearly as visible as in the game, his weapons are mostly concealed beneath his robes. I can see the tip of the sword hanging down below the robes, but that is it. If I didn't know what I was looking for… The group of scholars approaches the gate and tries to pass through but the Templars block the way. After briefly arguing about it and then getting threatened with execution the group turns back into the market place. I see a bench nearby, so SJ sits on one end and I sit on the other. As I expected, Altaïr sits right between us and looks over at the gate, watching the Templars closely.

      SJ is staring at Altaïr. Maybe he sees her from the corner of his eye or maybe he just senses her watching him, but Altaïr turns and looks at SJ. SJ hesitates briefly, then holds up her left hand with the ring finger bent over to indicate she is an Assassin. I can't see his face, and it is too loud to hear if he is speaking, so I don't know how he responds. But after a short time he turns and looks over at me. I copy SJ's hand gesture to indicate I am also an Assassin. He looks at me closely for a bit, perhaps checking my identity with his eagle vision. He seems satisfied that SJ and I are both Assassins. He says it is important that he get out of Jerusalem as quickly as possible before Robert de Sable meets with Richard. SJ indicates the gate. He asks if we know how many Templars are out there. I say it's not enough. Altaïr says he'd been hoping to avoid a direct confrontation with the Templars but there is no more time to wait. So all three of us go over to the gate. Templars get in the way and say no one enters or leaves. The Templar who spoke eyes us suspiciously. Two more Templars join him when we seem unwilling to leave. There are three of them, three of us… three stabs with three hidden blades, three dead Templars. The others don't seem to immediately realize what has just happened. We are halfway through the gate before some Templar sounds the alarm, pointing at us and yelling that the Assassins are here, don't let them through. So now a fight begins. I look over at SJ and see she has produced a sword from somewhere and knows how to use it. She kills a Templar as I watch. The next thing I know Altaïr yells to look out. I turn just in time to see Altaïr's throwing knife embedded in the neck of a Templar who had been coming at me. I need to pay less attention to SJ and more attention to the Templars! I dodge an incoming attack from a Templar and counter strike with my Witchblade sword, taking out another Templar. We are fighting our way towards the stables. Altaïr is after a horse. So we fight our way to the stables, leaving a trail of dead Templars in our wake. Then Altaïr is on a horse, tearing out of the stable at full speed and running down a couple Templars who had been blocking the gate. SJ and I kill some Templars trying to get to the horses to give chase. I see Altaïr disappear into the distance. There's no way they'll catch him now. I have just killed another Templar when I wake.
    10. 01/30/13 Secret Rescue

      by , 01-31-2013 at 12:44 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Secret Rescue
      I am flying over the Nile, phasing into a dream. I land on a beach and wait for the dream to stabilize. I realize I am not alone. There are numerous people all over the place. They are all attacking me. I am surrounded by and being attacked by Templars. I focus on opening a portal to a Dark Tower dream. A portal opens, I go through it and close it immediately behind me to block them from following. On the other side I am walking the street of a city I don't recognize. It looks like a city out of Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

      I wonder how I ended up here when I was aiming for a Dark Tower dream. I walk down the street when I see someone hidden behind a merchant booth signaling to me. I go over to the woman behind the booth, and she indicates she wants to get farther away from the main thoroughfare. She seems really worried or scared about something. I quickly look around, wondering if she has something to do with the people that attacked me on the banks of the Nile. We appear to be alone. She says she has something to tell me, but I have to promise to hear her out before doing anything. I agree to that. She says she knows I have been looking for the person in the market district that has been reporting Assassin activities to the Templars… she pauses, then says she is that person. She backs away from me and quickly adds that she doesn't want to, but they have her daughter and will kill the girl if she doesn't cooperate. She looks around nervously, she also seems unsure about me. She says she just wants her daughter back safely. I ask if she knows where the girl is being held, she says in the large house at the end of the street… yes, the one surrounded by Templars. She asks if I will get her daughter back. I tell her that's the plan. She says she has to disappear, if a Templar sees she is talking to an Assassin they will surely kill her daughter. She heads the other way quickly and disappears around a corner. I go back to the street and look to the end where there is a home that looks much larger than the other buildings, almost like a small palace. There are Templars guarding it.

      I wonder where in there the girl might be. I don't want to be seen until she is safe or they might realize what is going on and either move or kill her. I go down the street but I turn off before getting in direct sight of the Templars. I look along the side of the building, looking for a way in. About halfway up there is an open window. I shoot a tendril of Witchblade out like a grappling hook and use it to climb up the side of the building to the window. I find myself in a bedroom that is currently unoccupied. I wonder where I should start looking for the girl. I peek out into the hall. I see the girl isn't content to wait to be rescued, she is creeping down the hallway. I see the resemblance between her and her mother, she looks like she is about 10 years old. She sneaks by the door I am peeking out of. As she passes the next door, however, it opens. A Templar guard steps out and grabs her from behind. He says he should cut her open right now. She bites his hand to try to make him let go. He gets mad and says no one said the kid couldn't be injured. He has a dagger out now. To get his attention off of her I tell her she shouldn't bite that thing… it's probably diseased. She says he is a disease and stomps on his foot. He shoves the girl down and attacks me with his dagger. He practically impales himself on my hidden blade… I tell the girl I'm there to get her out, her mother sent me. She comes with me back the way I came from, and I use Witchblade to lower us back out the window. We disappear into the city before any other Templars are aware she is gone. I go back to the place where I met with the woman, and she is clearly relieved to see her daughter safe. She says she can tell me a lot about what the Templars have been doing… but I am about to wake up, so I tell her to tell one of the others if she wants, I am unable to stay. I wake.
    11. 01/25/13 Gunslingers and Templars

      by , 01-26-2013 at 01:50 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Note: I have shifted my nighttime hypnosis program from one to help with my depression to one that is supposed to develop ESP abilities in the hope that it will allow for some passive defense against constant psychic / astral attacks I have been getting lately. This has a different opening image, but it should still lead to easy WILD's as I fall asleep.

      Suicide by Gunslinger
      I am in the sky and flying over the Nile River. I look around to see the area, the area right around the river is lush and green, though the area a bit farther away is desert. This isn't where I want to be, I know I want to have a Dark Tower dream. So I open a portal and fly right through it into a different forest… where I promptly crash into a tree. Ow… I now find I am up a tree that is standing over a clearing. Down below I can see some small robotic machines wandering aimlessly around. I remember that scene from the Dark Tower books. I know Eddie is about to show up and start shooting them. An arrow flies by my left ear. Someone is shooting at me! I wonder what that could be, and I turn around to see a couple of Templar archers on the ground taking aim at me with more arrows. I see Eddie emerge from the bushes down below and take aim at the first of the machines. The Templars apparently see him as well, one of them aims at Eddie. I don't want to let them interfere with the Dark Tower progression, so I form Witchblade into a hidden blade on each arm and do an air double assassinate before they can shoot at Eddie. As I land on the pair of Templars I hear Eddie's gun roaring as he shoots the radar dishes off of each of the robots. I see movement in the trees as I am crouched over two dead Templars. Is there more chance of Eddie being attacked? I wonder why Templars would want to attack Eddie. There is a pause, then there is another explosive gunshot. Now I hear Eddie yelling at Roland, telling him he would shoot him if he had one more shot left in the gun. This is followed by Roland yelling for Eddie to get down, and another gunshot. Then there is silence. I see there has been more movement in the trees. I am surrounded by Templars. I tell them to butt out of my Dark Tower dream. One of them asks if I really think they would mind turning this place into one big paradox. Three archers are aiming arrows at Roland. That was a mistake. It seems some light has reflected off of their arrows, or maybe it was just Roland's keen instinct… but in a blur Roland has his gun out and shoots all three of them right out of the trees. I tell them that committing suicide by gunslinger won't create any paradoxes. Someone else is trying to shoot Roland in the back. I manage to jump on top of that Templar, hidden blade first, just in time to cause his arrow to go wild. And now Roland is under cover, as are Eddie and Susanna. Four more archers have arrows pointed at me now. But now they have Roland, Eddie, and Susanna hunting them. The four of them are taken out in several quick shots. One of the last Templars standing says they will have their treasure back, and there's nothing I can do to stop them. The last two disappear. Roland emerges into the area, holstering his gun. He asks who my friends were. I say they weren't friends… they were Templars… and then I wake up.

      New Confidence
      I wake up in bed. The first thing I notice is that I am not wearing my dream mask… which triggers me to do a reality check. Before I can do the reality check, however, I see something standing over me. Two somethings, actually. One on each side of my bed. Both of them are cloaked figures, so I can't see any details of them. One of them is draining positive energy out, the other is putting negative energy in. I can feel the energy drain as they are doing it, my mind being filled with negative thoughts. I also have the clear thought that if I return the treasure I stole from the Templars that they will leave me alone. I don't believe that one. The thought adjusts itself to if I return the treasure and stop interfering with their business then they will leave me alone. I try to get myself out of bed, but I can't find the strength to move much. Then a big black cat enters the room. A black cat the size of a panther. The cat pounces on one of the two creatures. It is Shadow! She pounces on the one draining my positive energy and tears into it with teeth and claws. With one of them off of me I am able to form Witchblade into a hidden blade and drive it into the face of the remaining figure. The thing lets out a scream of rage and then both of them have disappeared. I feel a bit drained, but ok. I know I need to do something to create protection around here. I lie down in bed to rest for a bit. Shadow has transformed back to a kitty cat, and she is now curled up beside me. I don't feel like sleeping, though I have completely forgotten the idea I might be dreaming. I get out of bed and load up my computer. I feel particularly motivated to work on making a game right now. I think I will make a game from scratch instead of using an existing engine. I feel amazingly confidence regarding making the game, and I can't wait to get started. When I wake up I still have this feeling lingering.
    12. 01/21/13 Guardians

      by , 01-22-2013 at 01:46 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      The Three Guardians
      I am in my Fire Valkyrie heading for the moon. I land and get out, looking around to see if there's anything unusual going on. I see nothing out of the ordinary. I open a portal with the intent to have a Dark Tower dream. I go through the portal. I see movement as I go through it, but the portal closes before I get to see what the movement was. On the other side I am in a forest clearing. I look around and see Eddie not too far off. He is carving at a piece of wood. When he sees me he puts the carving behind his back. I ask what he was doing, he says just carving something… then adds that he's not very good. I comment that carving stuff sounds cool, and with practice I'm sure he'll get better. I want to get MoSh in on the dream. I open a portal with the goal of finding MoSh. A portal opens and I see MoSh in a house on the other side. It looks like he is playing video games. I tell him he is dreaming and come on for a Dark Tower dream. MoSh comes through. Eddie has gone back to carving, apparently deciding he doesn't care if I see him. I hear something approaching. Something big. I hear a tree fall not far off. I realize where in the Dark Tower series we are. The guardian is on its way! I am about to try to warn MoSh and Eddie when the thing enters the clearing, a bear that looks like it is about 50 feet tall, a bear that looks insane and pissed.

      Eddie scrambles up a tree, which seems like a good plan. The bear goes after Eddie, who is the one who moved quickest. It doesn't seem to have noticed MoSh and me. As the bear is trying to shake Eddie out of the tree I see Roland appear with Susanna on his shoulders. I hear her saying Roland should take the shot… she'll miss… but she finally takes the shot. Her shot takes out a radar dish that was sticking out of the bear's head. I see movement in the trees, but no one shows themselves. I wonder if whoever it is might be scared of the bear. I see weird parasites oozing out of the bear's mouth. I think it is over, but something else is coming. So now MoSh and I head up a tree, and Eddie, who had started climbing down, returns to the top of his tree. I see trees falling down in an approaching line. I see there are two locations where this is happening. Two more of the things are coming! They both enter the clearing at the same time, I see Roland and Susanna take cover behind a fallen tree. Not a very safe place, but all they had time to get to. I can clearly see the radar dishes on the heads of the second and third bears. One of them is heading straight for Roland and Susanna. I don't know where MoSh gets the gun, but he suddenly has a gun in his hand. At first his hand seems to be shaking and the first shot goes wild, I have no clue where it went. But then he seems to calm down and takes careful aim, blasting the dish right off of the top of the bear's head. The other one is heading for the tree MoSh and I are in. I wonder if we are high enough to be out of reach. I decide it is now or never, so I form Witchblade into a sword and jump out of the tree right onto the bear's head, slicing the radar dish off as I land.

      As the bear is going insane I jump off of it and land hard on the ground, rolling to absorb most of the impact so I am unharmed. I take cover behind the same tree Roland and Susanna are behind. Now the guardian bears are going mad. They are all spitting parasites and they are attacking each other, tearing each other apart. The violent engagement doesn't last very long before all three of them collapse and appear to be dead. Eddie is a bit slower to get out of the tree this time. I see he is covered with bear snot and dead parasites… yuck. Susanna comments that MoSh and I sure seem to know the right time to show up. I tell her I show up when I am needed. We go over to take a closer look at the dead bears, which Roland calls guardians. They smell awful. They smell like they have been dead much longer than they actually have been. They smell like sickness. It looks like Roland has a headache. I ask if he is ok, he says something about a boy that never existed. I remember that there is a paradox that will have to be worked through before he'll really be ok. He says he doesn't know which one is true. I say the first thing that comes to mind… nothing is true. Roland looks at me strangely. He says neither is true and yet both are true at the same time. Everything is permitted. I didn't mean to say that out loud… but apparently I did because Roland says in the search for the tower everything is permitted... even… but then he trails off and is silent for a bit. He then repeats the two lines as if considering them, I do notice his headache seems to have passed for now at least. Eddie is looking at one of the bears and says it's a robot. But they are bleeding where they have injured each other, bleeding blood infested with parasites. It looks like they're part robotic and part biological. Cyborgs? I look at one of them closer and see a silver tag inside one of the ears that reads something to do with positronics. I have no idea what it means. I look closer to try to read it but I wake before I get a closer look.

      Another Dreamer?
      I am in my own room, I look around to see where Midna is lying. I am not lucid. I don't see the cat so I get up and leave the room. In the living room I have an art area set up, I have been painting a seascape, though not a very good one. I wish I could learn to paint better. As if I made the wish aloud Q appears and answers.

      Q says I have played Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood… so I know exactly where to find a version of Leonardo Da Vince… so why don't I… I interrupt and tell him I am not going to waste the time of someone like Leonardo Da Vinci considering I have absolutely no talent. Q pulls a Leroy Jethro Gibbs on me, he smacks me lightly on the back of the head. I tell him not to do that. He says to stop being dense. I tell him I have to get to class. For some reason seeing Q has not triggered a reality check. He says I am dreaming. But I am not listening to him any more since he has been talking about Leonardo Da Vinci. I look at my painting and think if there is any way I can salvage it. I am thinking no, but maybe… I go to get paint out. Q gets in my way and tells me if I won't listen, then how about this? He snaps his fingers and the scene around me changes. I am in a bedroom that is foreign to me. There is a woman huddled in the corner in a fetal position with several men standing over her and yelling things at her. They are telling her she is useless and will never amount to anything, that she has no value, no talent, if she killed herself no one would even notice let alone care. I notice they are also producing a field of negative energy around her. I ask them what the fuck they are doing. I tell them to quit that. One of them looks over at me. I realize they are Templars. I wonder why they are psychologically attacking this woman. The Templar that looked at me tells me this is none of my concern, I should just leave. I say I'll leave after they do. Quit attacking that woman. The Templar says I don't even know her… just go. I say I don't care if I know her, I want them to quit it. The others have continued their attacking. I decide they have done enough. I focus on a healing song, Touch My Heart, to surround the woman with positive energy. The positive energy forces the Templars back, and now they are all glaring at me. I tell them they have until the count of 5 if they all want to leave in one piece. I count by seconds… 1… 2… 3… 4… one of them says I can't hurt them and I know it. I say I can still make things pretty nasty… 5. I form Witchblade into a sword and run one Templar through, the others apparently decide here isn't where they want to be. One Templar dies, the others all disappear. I go over to the woman and ask if she is ok. She says it doesn't matter. I tell her this is a dream, as I am getting the feeling she is a dreamer. She says it's a nightmare… just like her life. And those people will be back soon enough… so I have not done her any good. I ask if she is a dreamer, and tell her if she is to join up with DV or MM and post dreams so I can find her in waking life. She scoffs at that and crawls into bed, ignoring me now. I am wondering what to do. I can't think of anything to help. Q appears. He says I didn't go where he had intended, but maybe I was needed here. I tell him I don't know how to help the woman, she seems to be depressed and the Templars are making it worse. He says first I need to help myself. He snaps his fingers and the scene changes again. I am now standing right in front of Leonardo Da Vinci as he appeared in Assassin's Creed II. He looks at me strangely, I mutter that Q is in big trouble for this as I focus to wake myself up.
    13. 01/10/13 Tower and the Templars

      by , 01-10-2013 at 03:30 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      The Tower and the Templars
      I am in my Fire Valkyrie heading for the moon. I land on the moon and spend some time looking around before I remember plans to meet up with MoSh in a Dark Tower dream. I decide to find a Dark Tower dream and then try to pull MoSh into it. I open a portal while focused on my intent. I go through the portal and find I have ended up in the right place. There is a field of red roses surrounding a tall tower.

      Though it has been a long while since I have read the Dark Tower series I know I have ended up in the right place. Now to get MoSh here. I am about to focus on a portal to find MoSh when I realize I am not alone there. I see there is a group of people there with me, quite a few men are standing around wearing the symbol of the Templars from Assassin's Creed. Wtf? I ask one that looks like he's in charge what they are doing there. He says they have had enough of my interference and I am to stop interfering in their affairs immediately. I point at the tower and ask what the fuck he thinks that is. I tell him he is in the wrong dream, this is a Dark Tower dream, not an Assassin's Creed dream, so go away. He says they're going to make sure I don't interfere with them any more. I point at the tower again. Dark Tower dream. You know the poem, Child Roland to the Dark Tower Came? The Stephen King Dark Tower series? So unless the Crimson King is really a fucking Templar they need to just go away. I turn away from the Templars to focus on the Dark Tower dream I want to have. I need to summon MoSh. The Templars are making themselves really hard to ignore. One of them is right next to me talking in my ear practically. He is making threats, saying nothing good can come of interfering with them. I finally said ok, if they are so determined to have my attention… I open a portal and I see Roland of Gilead shooting bad guys with his two big revolvers.

      I pull a surprised Roland through the portal, and it closes behind him. He stares at me, I just tell him I can help him, I just need his help first. I point at the Templars and says they are trying to keep him from the Tower. In case he didn't believe me, one of the Templars shoots at Roland with a wimpy gun. I summon up a revolver that is size appropriate to me, Roland and I start taking out Templars. Roland's guns sound like cannons. And it seems he can't miss the target. Templars fall one by one, I even manage to hit a few of them. Finally the Templars are gone. Roland looks like he is about to say something when he sees the tower and he is struck silent. I tell him I know what has been missing when he reaches the tower. I remember to summon MoSh. I open a portal with the intent to find MoSh. A portal opens and I see MoSh wandering around on the other side. I pull him through and point at the dark tower. Roland wants to know who I am and who MoSh is. I summon up a Horn of Eld.

      I tell Roland to blow the horn when he gets to the top of the tower. He says there's still the Crimson King. Well then we'd best get moving. So MoSh, Roland, and I start heading for the Dark Tower. There are more Templars in the way. I tell them Stephen King did not write Templars into the Dark Tower series, so GET LOST! Roland doesn't bother with talking… he starts shooting. I toss MoSh a gun and tell him to shoot a Templar. I don't think he is lucid. I shoot a Templar, then he starts shooting Templars. Roland is by far the best shot of the three of us. Roland and MoSh are ready to continue to the tower, but I wake up.

      Let It Snow
      I am in my best friend's house. I have just spent the night and I am waking up in the morning on my air mattress. Alicia is over by the window and when she sees I am awake she gets my attention immediately. She says it snowed last night. I get out of bed and look out the window. Sure enough the entire neighborhood is blanketed in white. I get dressed quickly and then Alicia and I go outside to check it out. I am surprised at how much snow there is. I decide I need to take some photos of this, after all it isn't that often that Tucson, Arizona gets a significant amount of snow. Alicia wants to make a snowman. I look around at the snow covered trees. The snow has melted some and then frozen again, creating glistening icicles hanging from all the branches. The sun is reflecting off of the icicles creating prism rainbows. It is really very beautiful. I tell Alicia I'm going to take some photos. I head down the road, using my digital camera to take some still shots. I then take some short video clips so I can see the light reflecting off of the icicles. I am with Alicia when we go to a spot underneath an overpass. I am not sure why we are there but I see there is a small pond of water gathered there that has frozen over. Alicia starts ice skating on the pond. I look around the edge of the pond until I find a small trickle of flowing water. There is a fish. There isn't enough water for the fish to survive. It is flopping around a lot. I want to save the fish. I see the water is flowing down a storm drain where there is a considerable flow of water, so I pick up the fish gently and put it down the storm drain into the water. Alicia is still ice skating so I decide to go take some more photos and videos. I keep doing that until I wake up.
    14. 01/06/13 Search For Nomad

      by , 01-06-2013 at 08:40 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Where's Nomad?
      I am flying in my Fire Valkyrie to the moon. I land on the moon and get out to take a look around. My current goal is to find Nomad because I haven't heard from him for a while. What seems like a long while. I have become convinced that the Templars have something to do with this, and I intend to investigate and see if I can find him. I focus on opening a portal. I want to find out what happened to Nomad. A portal opens and I go through it. On the other side I find I am in a place I don't recognize. It is very green and very beautiful, but I don't see any sign of Nomad.

      I wonder why I have been brought here. I am still feeling convinced that the Templars did something to him, and thus I figure they probably somehow interfered with my portal to find him. I'll just have to find out directly from them. I open another portal and go through it. I am in another place I don't recognize. But this time I am not alone there. And as soon as I arrive there are alarms going off, people running around… I wonder where I have ended up. I am in the hallway of some kind of underground facility. Some kind of attack hits me, and it is draining my energy. I look around some more and I realize the people around me are Templars, and they don't look very happy to see me there. I grab a guy as he goes past me and tell him I just want to ask someone a question, nothing more. He looks rather doubtful about that, he doesn't seem to believe me. I tell him I want to know what's happened to Nomad. He chuckles slightly and asks if the nomad has wandered off… that is what nomads do after all. I tell him I want to know what he and his people have done to Nomad. He just looks at me with a blank look on his face. He clearly doesn't know anything. I tell him I want to talk to someone who does know something. A man comes down the hall, he says that would be him. He says he hears I have been harassing his people to find out where Nomad has gone… well, he'll put that question to rest right now. He says neither he nor any of his people have anything to do with my inability to get in touch with my friend Nomad. I don't believe him. I tell him he is lying. He asks if I ever considered that Nomad simply doesn't want to talk to me. I tell him he's wrong about that, and I know he did something. He says no, neither he nor any of his people did anything. Accept that and be gone. And keep them out of my dreams… or they might have to really do something. He is pissing me off. I tell him to stop lying. He says to be gone while I still have the energy to do so. The attack I have been getting hit by has continued draining energy. I tell him I'll show him how much energy I have left… I tell him this is for whatever they have done to Nomad, and I drop an immortal fire right there, the white fire incinerates everything in the area. I am now standing in a ruined underground facility. The attack on me has stopped. I realize part of the reason I am so pissed off is that I don't really have a clue what has happened to Nomad… I wonder how I will ever find out and I wake.

      B and E Without The B
      I am in the yard of a house that is for sale. My mother is there with me, she says she thinks this could be the house we are looking for. She says we should go inside and look around. I ask if we should really be doing that. She says as long as the door is unlocked we can go in and look around. She goes over and tries the front door, and it opens. I follow her inside and we look around in the house. It is a large and very nice home. I am thinking there is no way we could afford to buy that home anyway. I am about to say something when I spot a cat in the corner of the room. I am officially distracted and I go after the kitty. The cat doesn't run away so I go right over to the kitty and start petting. It is a cute little tabby cat with the softest silkiest fur I have ever felt. The cat begins to purr softly. My mom has left the room to look around some more, and apparently she startled up another cat. A cute little tortie comes into the room.

      I approach the second cat and start to pet. The first cat follows me, one cat for each hand. I pet both cats at the same time and hear purrs in stereo. My mom returns to the room and sees me with the cats. She said she doesn't think the cats come with the house. I comment that they had better not be abandoned kitties. A woman I don't know enters the room. It turns out she is one of the home owners. She asks what we are doing in there. I tell her I am loving on her kitties… they are sooooo cute! I scoop the purring tortie into my arms and continue petting. The woman says we weren't invited in here and should leave. My mom says she is definitely interested in buying the place. The woman seems to slightly change her attitude. She is still annoyed at us for being there but is now trying to hide it, she is clearly hoping to convince us to buy the house. My mother and her start talking about money as I continue to love on the two kitties. A third cat enters the room, I put down the tortie to pet the new cat. The new cat is a solid white cat. So many cute kitties! I am in kitty cat heaven! I am loving on the cats when I wake up next to my own pretty kitty.

      I am playing a virtual reality version of Assassin's Creed II, but I am playing as a female Assassin. I am walking through one of the cities looking for anything interesting. I think there are still some glyphs I need to find before continuing the missions. So I look at a map contained in my iPad which is effectively disguised as a book. I locate a building that has a glyph that I have not yet decoded and head for it. There are buildings in the way. I am about to start climbing one when someone yells out. It is a guard. I think better of climbing the building as I don't really want to get in a fight right now. But in spite of the fact I don't do anything out of the ordinary the guards seem to identify me as someone they don't like and they come towards me. When they get closer one of them calls me an 'Assassino' and they all attack me. I pull my sword out to defend myself, wondering what the hell they decided to attack me for when I hadn't been doing anything.

      I hadn't even been looking for a fight. So I am in a fight now and there are five enemies. I'm used to the fighting system of the virtual reality version so I take them out quickly. Now for that glyph. I head towards the building while staying on the ground so I don't trigger another attack. Well that is what I am hoping… but it doesn't work. I step around a corner and a group of guards immediately attacks me on sight. I wonder why they are doing that. I know for a fact I am not notorious right now… well there is a tiny bit of notoriety due to the previous fight… but not enough to trigger an instant attack. So I defend myself again. By the time I finish with the four that attacked more of them have joined in, and there are a couple of brutes involved so my counter attacks aren't always working. I ask a guard what they attacked me for and he just tells me to give up and die. So I keep fighting until I finally get rid of this wave of attackers. I look around and see everyone is watching me. A couple of civilians run away screaming while one cowers against a building and begs for his life. I put my sword away and tear down a couple posters with my face on them to get rid of my notoriety. I am clear now. But that hasn't helped me in the past. I am almost to the building. I approach the building with the glyph and I find I am under attack yet again. I think maybe this time I'll avoid the attack and just run away. So I do, and they chase after me yelling that I'll never escape. I am about to jump into a hiding spot but then more guards come after me. And more… and more… it seems they never stop coming. I realize I am going to have to fight after all, and now there are way too many of them. I wonder if I'll be able to handle all of them. I check my supply of medicines and find I have a full bag. So I turn and fight them. The ones susceptible to counter attack aren't a problem, though the brutes are a bit of an issue. I get hit quite a few times by them and I have to use a couple of my medicines. I finally win the battle, which I think was against… I'm not sure how many guards. But it seems to go on forever. I wonder if there is any point in trying to get to the glyph I've been after. Is there any chance to get to it before being attacked? I am trying to determine the best course of action when I wake up.
    15. 12/28/12 Betrayers, Templars, and Cars

      by , 12-28-2012 at 09:54 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      False Messages
      I am in my Fire Valkyrie heading for the moon, I hear the affirmations of my hypnotic program over the sound system of the Fire Valkyrie. It is telling me to take deep breaths and relax as I approach the moon and land. I ignore the part about having a space suit on and I just get out of the ship. I know it is a dream, so I don't need any such things as space suits. I walk around on the moon for a bit, I can still hear the affirmations in my head. That's when I notice something wrong with them. The affirmations are telling me I am worthless and that I might as well just stay in bed all day, it's not worth getting up. Those aren't antidepressant affirmations, they are clearly meant to make depression worse. I wonder if I have been totally ripped off when I bought the program. Well it was only $1, so I can't feel too ripped off… but I don't want to be using such trash. So I think maybe I can wake myself up by going to my own room and waking my sleeping body up. I open a portal and go into my room where I see myself sleeping. My earphones are in place, but there are two men, one on either side of my bed, whispering the negative affirmations. It's not my hypnosis program that was giving me negative affirmations… it's those stupid assholes. I ask them what they think they're doing, and they seem surprised to see me. One of them says I'm not supposed to know how to astral travel, I tell him it works fine in a lucid dream state… now they have ten seconds to leave my sight before this particular dream turns into a nightmare for them. They transform into Templar guards from the game Assassin's Creed II, the brute type which I have the most trouble with.

      I comment that apparently they have chosen for this to become a nightmare. I form my Witchblade armor and sword just as they attack me. The armor is able to block their attacks, though it still knocks me down. One of them says it is might nightmare and pulls out something hair and throws it to me. It is my cat, Midna… and they have killed her! She is all bloody and mangled! That does it. Before they even know what happened I have cut both of them down. Apparently they didn't realize how pissed off I would be when I saw my cat. After the shock of it wears off I remember that it is just a dream and that is not really Midna. There are two dead Templars on the floor in my room… but one of them is still wiggling a bit. I really don't care. I telekinetically throw them both through my window which has turned into a portal that leads… well I don't know where it leads… but again I don't care. I look at my dead cat and think after pulling a stunt like that the portal can lead to the Dark Realm for all I care. I see my real cat lying beside me on my bed. She is looking at me. I reach to pet her but I find I can't actually touch her. Then I wake up next to her and start petting her.

      With a Betrayer
      I am in a small apartment with my former boyfriend James, but in the dream it seems we never broke up and are now living together. We are both in the bedroom talking about playing Assassin's Creed, it seems James thinks it is a stupid game. I tell him he doesn't have to play it. When he says he doesn't want me playing it I get annoyed and I tell him I'll play whatever games I like, he can play whatever games he likes. He asks if there isn't something else I'd rather play like Oblivion or Skyrim. I tell him I'll play those in good time, but right now I'm playing Assassin's Creed… and why should he have a problem with that? He says it is a stupid game. I blurt out that he is being stupid. And I'm not going to change what games I play according to what he wants. He says then stop dreaming about Templars. I tell him I'll dream about whatever I want to as well. And if that's to dream about Assassin's Creed then that's what I'll dream about. I ask what's gotten into him, thinking he is acting really strange. I change the subject and say we should get pizza for dinner. He says we should skip dinner and go straight for dessert. I say if it's chocolate cake he has a deal. He announces that he is horny and wants to fuck. I tell him he has gotten me out of the mood… he's going to have to get me back in the mood. He says I'm not worth that much trouble. I tell him then he can fuck himself. He says he thought he could get one final fuck before I was taken away. Taken away by who? He opens the door of the apartment and I see three men standing there, and my first thought is that they are real world Templars. James says he's sorry, he had no choice, confirming he has betrayed me. So I knee him in the balls really hard and tell him he may never fuck again. James doubles over in pain, the three guys come in and grab me. I find out I can fight with the skill of Ziva David off of NCIS which clearly takes the Templars by surprise even as I surprise myself.

      So I proceed to kick all three of their asses, kicking a gun out of one of their hands when he tries to draw the weapon on me. I leave the apartment through the back entrance where I spot another couple Templars guarding the rear. Apparently they really don't want me to leave. There's just the two of them, so I take them by surprise and kick their asses in Ziva David style. A third one off to the side says he could just put a bullet in my head. I tell him to go ahead and do that… If I'm not tethered to a body I'll be in the dream state permanently and I'll be their worst nightmare. He does not shoot, but he looks frustrated. I tell him I knew he wasn't quite that stupid. I leave the place, not sure where to go now since I don't want to go back to my mom's place followed by a bunch of Templars. I am deciding where to go when I wake up.

      Driving Me Crazy
      I am in a car dealership looking for a new car. There are sales people all around me trying to sell me a car. I wonder why I am even looking for a new car since I have a perfectly good car already, and it's even paid for. People around me are arguing that I need fuel efficiency… no, I need safety… no, I need something economical. People are telling me to buy a hybrid… no buy an SUV… no buy an electric car… buy this… buy that… I am thinking that I am unemployed, there's no way I would qualify to buy a vehicle of any kind, certainly not a new one. My mom is there with me telling me I need to choose something low price since I have no job. I tell her I don't really want a new car. I'm fine with the one I have. She doesn't seem to believe me and brings over a salesman who is talking about buying a Fiat.

      It is a tiny little car that probably gets great mileage but it has only two seats. My mom says it's not like I have a lot of friends anyway. I tell her again that I don't want a new car. She says of course I do and then starts trying to sell me the car as much as any of the salespeople. I remind her that I can't afford a car. She doesn't seem to know what to say. I tell the salesman I am unemployed, and he responds by walking away to a more promising customer. I think this is all really strange so I finally think to do a reality check. I am dreaming. Why am I dreaming about people trying to sell me a car? Are they beaming commercials into people's dreams now? I take to flying, commenting to a nearby pushy salesman that I don't need a car… I'll just fly where I need to go. My mom tells me to come back down right now, but I ignore her and fly up over Tucson. I think I'd like to go visit my friend Alicia, but I'm not sure if she's home or at work right now… I figure I'll check at her home and then at work. I fly in the direction I think Alicia's house is in, hoping I won't miss it since I'm not used to seeing it from the sky. I am getting quite exhilarated from flying but that wakes me up.

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