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    1. Failed Assassination

      by , 05-22-2014 at 12:31 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I am supposed to kill a woman who is with me, but before I can even think about that, I am attacked by each type of Halo alien from the game. Luckily I have a rocket launcher, a rail gun, and a machine gun with me, and manage to fight them off. Nearly out of ammo, a large machine that fires a rail gun comes in, and starts shooting at me.

      I see that I had 2 team mates, but they didn't survive the first waves. Now out of ammo for all but the rail gun, I shoot this machine so many times with it, until it finally collapses.

      A second one comes in, and I use the rest of the rail gun ammo, as I dodge its shots to finish it off. I am now completely out of ammo.

      The woman shows me to some bricks I could use to smash her head, but I don't want to kill her. I then find a large knife in my pocket, and she tells me to cut her throat. She then grabs me and we start dancing in a dark room, filled with strangers. She puts the my hand with the knife to her neck, and tells me to do it, but I decline.

      Some people pull at the knife I am holding, trying to get it away from me, but I hold onto it, and continue to dance with this woman. I put the knife in its sheath, and pull a paper out of my pocket.

      I am now back in the room with Halo monster corpses all around, and a greenish blue lighting coming from somewhere. A friend of mine takes the paper from my hand and stabs at a woman's face on it, telling me to do the same to this woman. I poke a few holes in the paper, and then notice that I don't see the woman anywhere on the page.

      I flip the paper over, and it has the Starcraft tech tree on the back, showing all the units and buildings for each of the 3 races, including a video of the Protoss destroying a Terran base. I explain to someone which race each of the units belongs to, and they are confused by the Zerg operated Terran units. I start to explain how the queen can infect a command center.
    2. My Grandmother Cannot Come for Christmas

      by , 08-15-2013 at 06:48 AM
      In my dream my mother and stepfather came to visit me at the university campus (in reality I graduated from college more than a decade and a half ago).

      I was parking the car in the parking garage of the hotel on the college campus (there really is a hotel there). I did a very poor parking job.

      I spoke with the parking attendant or security guy about threat to life of a professor of mine. The professor dismissed it, but I believed there had been two assassination attempt on him already. The guy I was talking to said he would look into it.

      My grandmother could not come for health reasons (in reality she is no longer alive), Christmas was coming - I wondered whether I could instead make a brief visit to here (in Poland) but I was worried because I have a cold and might pass it on to her.

      My mom had brought a puzzle that required one to find a clue in a library on other side of campus (the layout of campus was completely different from my university's campus, and so was the library). It was like a scavanger hunt. We walked through the cold campus (it was winter in the dream.)

      The puzzle / scavanger hunt led one to constructing a paper or cardboard box with art design. I was disappointed, and I let my mother know that this kind of thing did not interest me, that we could have skipped the step of actually going on this scavanger hunt and could have just read about it. My mom was disappointed that I was disappointed.

      In reality it is true that my mother and stepfather are coming to visit soon. I am no longer in college, not since over a decade and a half ago. My grandmother is dead. There are no assassination attempts of course. It is not winter / Christmas. I do however usually do a poor job parking my car.

      Notice my dream signs: car, my mother, college.