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    1. Dream - Assignment Fame

      by , 08-23-2017 at 09:02 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 17 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 180 - Assignment Fame

      It was yet another company accounting assignment that was given in this dream. My case study was strange because the scenario was actually given with WB's complete name in there! The question stated that she invested $1,000 worth of shares. The other students just had someone called Laura on their assignment paper. Before anyone could notice, I crossed out every instance of her name and replaced it with her initials. I can't remember what else happened in the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    2. Six Dreams

      by , 01-16-2016 at 03:09 AM
      I had put on waterproof mascara and I tried to wash it off in the shower but it didn't come off so I started rubbing my face with my hands. The mascara smeared onto my chest until it was solid black. My boyfriend was wanting to leave then so I just put on my jacket and left with the mascara still all over my chest.

      I was on a field trip and the professor said it was free time to go do whatever we wanted to. I went into a discount store and saw some stuff in there that I thought my mom had made. My mom unexpectedly showed up. She was at least two hours away from home. We walked around the store together and talked some. We went into another store. I vaguely remember shopping in a thrift store and picking up some items but I don't think I bought anything.

      I had a dream about being in a college classroom but I don't remember much else about that one.

      Then I was doing an assignment in a grocery store where I had to write stuff about the items in the store. I didn't fully understand what the assignment directions were but I think I had to write about 100 items. I was having trouble doing the assignment because I didn't understand and didn't know what to write. I was thinking I had to write about every item in the store. I wrote about some tableware. I wrote something like "Rich people can set their table with different dishes every day because they have so many different sets." All of the things I wrote about had something to do with rich and poor people. I thought that I would write that poor people use ketchup to add calories to their diets. I couldn't figure out what to write about potatoes. I was going to write poor people eat a lot of potatoes because they are cheap but then I thought that rich people might eat a lot of potatoes too so that is an example of why I was having trouble doing the assignment.

      Later I was in a car with some girls and they were talking about how the assignment was so easy. I didn't have time to finish my assignment but then I realized that I wasn't even in college anymore so the assignment didn't matter. I went into a store with the girls and we saw a semicircle shaped trampoline with a canopy over it. I was wondering if people could have sex under there without anyone seeing. Apparently the other girls were wondering the same thing because they urged me and another girl to pretend we were having sex under there so we did. The other girls looked from outside the canopy and were like "No, it looks like people are having sex under there." Then the girl I pretended to have sex with started talking about how she needs plastic surgery and the other girls said "No you don't." She had short blonde hair and the makeup she wore did make her look pretty though she had a mannish looking jaw.

      Then I knocked on some Asian's guys office door because I needed to talk to him but he said he had to leave and he left. Then a white girl with long wavy blonde hair came and wanted to talk to me and insistently asked me if there was a room available where we could talk so finally I opened the Asian guy's office door and said we could talk in there. She started talking to me about stuff. The Asian guy came back but was embarrassed and walked away because he thought we were doing something weird. I told the other girl to hurry and go get him because I needed to talk to him. The girl told him and he said he will come back later. Then an Asian girl with part of her hair up in a ponytail and part down walks in and starts talking to me. I try to listen to her but the white girl is still talking to me and is mad that I interrupted the conversation. The Asian girl is mad because I am not fully listening to her. I am looking weird trying to keep one eye on each of them and listen to them both at the same time. I stop them both to ask each of them to repeat what they said. They were both talking about the same thing, the cancer fundraiser. Then the Asian guy comes back and we all start talking about the fundraiser together because we are all part of some committee to lead the fundraiser. Part of the fundraiser involves trading a secret for a donation. The most popular secret to give away is what table you are sitting at because the college students want an opportunity to network with the people who are in charge of the fundraiser. One of the girls wrote down her table number on a form. I said I didn't have any secrets and I didn't want to give away my table number because I don't like to talk and I want to sit at a table by myself and if anyone sits at my table I am not going to say a single word. Then I put my hand over my mouth. The Asian guy laughed at me but I was thinking that no college student would benefit from networking with me because I don't know anyone and am not part of any network. This was a continuation of some dream I must have forgotten because I remembered the table number thing from a dream I had before.

      And somewhere in there among these other dreams, I had a common dream that I have been having lately, which is camping in a camper with my family members, this time including my parents, brother, his wife, and my two nieces. One thing I remember was my younger niece showing us how their camper was stocked with canned foods.

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    3. Camping and Bowling

      by , 12-30-2015 at 07:24 AM
      I had more than two dreams but two are how many I was able to remember after I got up.

      First I was camping on the beach with a group of people. Everyone's camping spot was a hole dug into a sand dune. Everyone picked their own sand dune and dug their own hole in it. We were camping quite close to the ocean. It was night time. I went to dig my hole, but the camp leader said I was too far out; I needed to move closer to the others because in front of that area, in the water, are lots of clams, and the water is full of minerals. I walked out into the water a little way to see if I could find any clams but I didn't see any. Near the camping area was a hotel that I would walk to because it had a better bathroom than the campsite, which only had an outhouse. Then later, in a fragment connected to this dream, near the hotel I saw someone running and thought it was on a long hiking trail, but it turned out just to be a very short loop, like only a quarter of a mile or less, that the man was running around.

      Next I was in a classroom and the professor gave us an assignment that involved going to the bowling alley, picking groups, and then bowling, and then writing about it. I arrived at the bowling alley and still hadn't picked a group yet because I didn't want to. A group of about three girls walking in front of me into the bowling alley all had the exact same shade of pink nail polish I had (I wasn't wearing pink nail polish IRL); I noticed because the door was heavy and we had to all hold the door open to get through. I got in line behind the girls at the counter where you could purchase snacks and bowling games. I got two chocolate chip cookies. I tried to find an empty bowling lane that I could go to by myself so I wouldn't have to pick a group but all the lanes were filled so I sat down near two girls, and a guy sitting off to the side, and thought I would ask them to be in my group when I got around to it.

      I sat at a table and ate half of my chocolate chip cookie before I got full and decided to share the rest with the two girls and the guy and to persuade them to be in my group. I went to the restroom which was cool and had a cool sink, cool green soap, and a hand dryer that looked like a hair dryer. I bought four games of bowling for $4 and asked my group members what kind of music they liked because the bowling games came with different musical soundtracks that played while you bowled.

      Then we were all sitting at tables doing our writing assignments. When I handed mine to the professor he frowned and said "What's this?" I had drawn arrows into the margins where I had written commentary and notes on my writing assignment so I told him it was commentary and notes. He said that isn't part of the assignment and he wrote something on my paper in pink pen that said that I had permission to turn in the paper one day late without points being taken away. So I took the paper back and started erasing the commentary and notes.
    4. Assignment and Concert

      by , 12-20-2015 at 02:25 AM
      The professor assigned an assignment where the entire third floor of the building was set up as a hospital of people with fake injuries and the students in the class had to practice doing procedures on the patients. I accidentally wandered up to the third floor before it was time to do the assignment but it was more like a haunted house setup with scary characters. I saw something scary and turned the other way to go back to the second floor and then noticed that there were a lot of people lying under sheets that I hadn't noticed before.

      I went to buy tickets for a small concert on campus. My car was parked somewhere else kind of far away where it wasn't supposed to be parked so I thought about spending the 2 or 3 hours before the concert started walking to my car to drive it to a parking lot closer to the auditorium. But instead I just decided to go into the auditorium and wait for the concert to start because I didn't know if I would actually have enough time to get my car back before the concert started and I didn't want to miss the first part.

      In the auditorium there were other people already seated for the concert and there was a pre-show that was audience volunteers doing things on the stage. I saw a pool in the middle of the stage with kayaks in it so I volunteered because I thought I would get to kayak. But when I volunteered, the person started explaining a game that me and the other volunteers were going to play. First we had to lift some weights. Then we had to retrieve an item from a bag of other items. Then people started bringing out a table and explaining more game rules and it was getting complicated and I didn't know if I could do it all.

      And I just remembered that somewhere in between the other dreams my cell phone was malfunctioning like it had been cut off of the cell network or something and I had to put in a password to get into it but I didn't have a password for it. Then it eventually started working and I was using it like an mp3 player to listen to music. But it stopped working again.

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    5. #36 & #37 - Studying at the Table/Bathrooms Everywhere. Dream Fragments

      by , 10-23-2014 at 05:29 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Going to re-write this out because I couldn't seem to find it on my DJ history. Going to do a slack job compared to the last time since I'm tired.

      Dream 1 - Studying at the table
      Me and my flatmate O are sitting at the kitchen table studying. We find that we have an assignment due soon in 2 parts, 600 words and 300 words. O lends me his work so I can use it as a reference, I open it up on my laptop using a program called 'Note Taker Pretender v9.0'. There are coloured tabs (red, yellow, etc) that separate the various sections of his assignment.

      Dream 2 - Bathrooms everywhere
      So there is a large room where there is a bunch of people in. It's quite gray and dull, there's a lot of doors that I know lead to various bathrooms. I decide to use one, and the one I go to has 3 people sitting on a bench in it. One of these people is J, a girl I knew from my residential hall. I ask them to leave so I can use the room and they comply. I close the door behind them and lock it.

      Dream Fragments.

      Didn't remember anything except EXAMS, and that manifested into my dreams last night somehow. Super stressful, had a knot in my stomach the whole night.
    6. Dream journal about a dream with a dream journal

      by , 04-19-2014 at 12:51 PM
      Night of 4/18/14
      In bed from 11:09 to 7:40

      Dream 1

      Late to meeting because I was in the pisser.
      Wouldn't stop pissing
      Unusual flow
      Towards the end it was a wide and heavy mist, it also came out as a brown paste

      In meeting. My writing was not what they wanted. It had no cohesion and no ending

      I said it didn't need to be; I thought I was supposed to write about my dreams. I was really angry

      Tldr: nutty piss and I turned in a dream journal as my assignment.

      Dream 2 (fragment)

      Outside was flooded, I was at the back deck of my house with my family fishing. The water level was just below the deck. I caught a few fish.
    7. Ada Calls in Several Osprey Gunners and Shoots Luis Sera & Trying to Finish an Assignment

      by , 07-12-2013 at 05:35 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Ada Calls in Several Osprey Gunners and Shoots Luis Sera [DILD] (DILD)


      Okay, think I might get back into interpreting dreams a bit more, even though ultimately, asking the subconscious/unconscious directly would be more accurate. Either way, the point of this dream is that with the dream meanings with helicopters, sniper rifles, and aiming down a target with accuracy leads to an implication that I'm reaching some kind of higher level of thinking of something that was bothering me all this time with dream characters/thought-forms/figments of my imagination.

      Throughout the dream, I was a spectator, kind of like watching a screen of a dream character in a video game go through an area and such, except without the heads-up-display and what have you. Ada, specifically the version of her in Resident Evil 6, is going about infiltrating a base, but it seems like it was a floating base of some kind, because I can slightly feel the vibrations in the regions of her feet.

      There seems to be no one inside this base except her and me spectating her, so she's just moving about in a slightly dark aware with a few specks of lights here and there. There were black metal crates with silver linings on the sides and corners that were maybe 3-4 inches in width. It almost felt as if I was in a huge helicopter or even a Osprey gunner (in call of duty).

      The reason why that's the closest thing in my mind right now is because it was extremely spacious, and with the creates and objects surrounding Ada, it felt as if she was actually preparing an assault towards an area or even a person. So maybe she was just strolling around for the time being just to kill "dream time," I guess, if that makes any sense.

      I know what I said doesn't feel right, but I just meant that as in where we go on a journey in its entirety rather than actually teleporting to our destination.

      Anyway, I start feeling at ease being inside this Osprey gunner, but at the same time, because I'm wondering where in the world Ada is doing at such a high altitude, I felt that she had to be grounded somewhere, to at least take things a better pace rather than inside a Osprey gunner-esque.

      The reason for that is while something like this, being in a helicopter or some flying object that's huge, it can give us a sense of protection, but it also means we might have to ground ourselves so we don't go too quickly in our lives to where it ends up being a one step forward, two steps back experience.

      The dream shifts to where Ada seems to be on a ground surface, and we're both hearing the humming of helicopters and the Osprey gunner-esque flying vehicles roaring in the background. It wasn't loud to the point that it was distracting, just enough to where anyone can hear it with along with the vibrations from the sound waves.

      At this point, I could describe the dream environment, but honestly, everything is too dark and tedious to really get a good description of. They were merely objects that filled the environment, and paying particular attention to them didn't really matter. Ada finds a window, she gets her right leg and kicks it I believe (or probably just uses the sniper rifle to destroy it completely), and she gets out of the dark area by putting her hand at the bottom edge of the window and doing a side twist with her lower body region to the other side.

      She's now in an environment where the overall color is brown, the surface below her has a mix of brown soil and maybe dead brown grass, just like the image below:

      The region she's on now, it's like a mini-cliff that spans about maybe 10-12 feet in width, and if she stepped any further, it would be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG fall to the bottom. So just imagine the environment beyond that mini-cliff as mixes of gray, red, and other colors that were blurry because there wasn't much focus for them.

      She encounters a man to the right of her that looks a lot like Luis Sera from Resident Evil 4, and it seems she's aware that he would be there initially.

      Spoiler for big image:

      He's wearing a darker outfit, probably just a black jacket over his current costume that's similar to the image above. Just being around him made me feel he had something up his sleeve, and even though Ada seemed to be confident that he was perfectly fine, something was not right.

      I started getting these tingling sensations on the sides of my stomach, dream body or waking life, they started to get stronger and stronger
      (and there wasn't anything in waking life that contributed to that).

      I'm not so sure if Ada picked this up initially, and based on what will happen next, it's safe to presume she did know, but she was just pretending to be casual towards the Luis Sera look-alike. She quickly flirts with him, but they were laconic to where it didn't really add substance to the conversation. There was something that made Ada immediately use her Sniper rifle and aims it towards Luis Sera.

      She shoots him with high accuracy, and the moment she shoots him, he's pushed off the mini-cliff, but somehow, he's still alive, only with his face removed and his skull showing and I think it was covered in flames as well. He's just standing there levitating, and it feels like this guy is going to be difficult to take down.


      Ada had several Osprey Gunner-esque flying vehicles floating above her, and they all aimed and Luis Sera......and he's dead, or at least disappeared immediately the moment the flying vehicles came. One Osprey Gunner is a shitty mess together to take down in call of duty unless you have a lock-on missile launcher, but 5-7 of them? Nothing, at least a singular entity in the dream, could stand up against that, unless they were invincible. But that didn't seem to be the case, thankfully.

      After the Luis Sera dream character disappears, Ada gets her grapple gun, aims it at one of the Osprey Gunner, and finally gets into it. Like the scenario in the link below, except she gets into the Osprey Gunner like flying vehicle and is wearing her RE6 outfit

      From there, I can't remember what happens next, but the next dream that probably came after it, adds on to the dream meaning.

      Okay, so in a nutshell, with the Luis Sera only having a skull after being shot, with how skull is interpreted in dreams, it means a sense of danger, and also repressed feelings and all that combined with feeling that we're at a dead end situation. So as Ada was talking with the person, when she shot him with the sniper rifle, which obviously means higher accuracy and tackling a problem with accuracy, either means:

      - I'm getting over an aspect of myself that gave me negative vibes of concepts of life or just me in general

      - Ada is probably killing those repressed feelings behind the dream character Luis Sera that only had a skull and body instead of a face for some other reason

      - Ada finally found something I needed to get rid of, and with her being on the ground, she's working at her own pace rather than being on top of a helicopter, and being inside or on top of a helicopter generally means one should take things at a slower and practical pace. Because she called in those huge helicopters, it gives a sense of security and stability in being able to control one's life and have a higher level of thinking over something that's bothering them. They found a way to justify the mechanics of what they wanted to solve initially, and now that it's taken care of, Ada going back to the helicopter means she's going back to moving at a quicker pace, but also is able to go back and forth through land and air with ease.

      And the important item here is the Grappling Gun, the item that acts as a conduit in her being able to move up and down and about anywhere with ease. Because of this, it can often lead her to going into too many places at once, but with practice and experience, she uses the grappling gun only when it's necessary.

      Because the same grappling gun can be spammed to death in the dream to get out of the situation like the skull dream character, but instead, she eliminates the part of myself that was insecure, seals the deal, and grapple hooks her way back to the helicopter, waiting there and doing whatever until there's another problem that comes up that I need justification or a way to solve.

      Because of that, because there were several Osprey Gunner like flying vehicles, it most likely reflects on how I conceptualized the unconditional love and security the mind can give a person, if they know how to accept it being a double edged sword (and by that, I mean that despite of the unconditional love, it can be your worse enemy, because when you have nightmares, the more you reject them, the more apparent they'll come unless you take some measures to end it, or it becomes repressed and comes back later on in your life).

      So with that, it could mean many other things, but I have a decent understanding of the dream. Maybe it was just an example of how a dead end situation (with the mini-cliff) was just for experimenting and amusement, but not necessarily having an underlying meaning.

      However, because of her being on the cliff, it can symbolize there's a life-altering decision where I can't hold on to the beliefs I had before. And with the dream I had of Ada previously in the link below:

      I realized that Ada seemed to just jump off the edge of the castle walk-way in that same dream in the link above. And usually, if you jump off a cliff, it can symbolize there's forced change that I wasn't ready to be prepared for for that dream.

      So with this dream I just now, I am able to climb over that difficulty, because I now accepted a cold and hard truth towards a concept I'm trying to understand more on a higher level. And because Ada has those attack flying vehicles by her side at her command, I am now at a higher level of thinking towards the concept I had difficult sugar-coating. The sugar-coating itself is now eliminated because I know the truth, and I can come to terms with that truth.

      I can now use those helicopters, and Ada can use the grappling hook to connect herself to land and air with ease, that she's able to balance between being too ambitious while on the helicopter (going at a fast pace), and going back to the ground surface to take things slow.

      It reflects that despite of the situations where I feel there's a dead-end, I will have to start looking into myself more to make life-altering decisions in order to climb over that dead-end, and continue being someone that wants to progressively learn through self-improvement.

      And I know what those set of situations are, because of the dream I have next with school and classrooms, it basically means I'm in the process of getting used to the life-altering decision that I was going over in my mind recently.


      Trying to Finish an Assignment and Going to Class (Non-lucid)


      Basically, I signed myself up for a random class that seems to not make any sense in whatever I was aiming for in the dream. I think it was a flight simulation class (kind of funny that occurs after the helicopter thing in the previous lucid dream).

      Anyway, I was sitting in a random room of what seems to be a university of some sort, and as I'm typing things on the computer, I get this feeling of being rushed, that I need to take care of the assignment now. I'm not so sure if I was procrastinating and had to rush through, but whatever it is, I'm too anxious to get things done in this random assignment.

      I look at the paper, which didn't make sense in terms of the syntax and wording, and I look back at the computer once more. There's a clock on a wall to the left of me, and I look at it, and it seems that 5PM is the time I have to get things done and head to my next class. The assumption with that came about when each tick made me want to rush more, and I decided that because I couldn't finish everything, I might as well accept what I did now and head to class.

      I quickly head to class, and surprisingly, no one is there, I'm actually early too. I didn't enter the class as yet, and I just happened to find a girl coming out of the room I was planning to go into. She starts giggling, and I ask her what's so funny, and she states the teacher is busy watching porn on his Media device player.


      I wanted to see if she was lying, but she's right, this guy is going through porn pictures of naked women, one that looks Hispanic (maybe Brazilian if I want to be more specific). He doesn't seem to care who's entering the room, he's just casually getting his libido filled up with the porn, and after that,
      I can't recall what's happening next.

      But the dream meaning was apparent like the lucid dream before it. There's something I'm trying to learn (and the teacher is just a distraction). The girl giggling and laughing probably means I need to let go of some things and not build so much pressure on myself, kind of like what I did when I tried to finish an assignment in a dream before it reached 5PM.

      So yeah. That's all I remember, and honestly, two dreams recalled is more than enough for me seeing how their themes were apparent.
    8. School Trouble

      by , 01-29-2011 at 04:20 PM (Trial and Error)
      The second of two dreams, but an alarm killed the first one.

      I come home to all of my roommates and on of my roommates teachers (not home in real life but roommates/teacher in real life). Everyone looks really sad. "What is it?" I asked. L, my roommate, explains that she messed up with a simple mistake on an animation assignment, and holds it up to me to show me the error. She continues to say that in a different part of the assignment the teacher wanted the drawing bigger. I am confused because I still don't see why everyone is so sad. Her teacher is drinking some hard liquor and seems even more depressed.

      I soon realize that her teacher, Trey G, has been fired and that she herself was academically terminated. I become enraged and begin to yell about how the assignment should have every little to do with her GPA and that the assignment should not be that bad of a grade anyway. I realize that Trey is there because he must have gotten fired (I know it is a separate issue that is just happening at the same time). I say to him something like "You know that I could rally up students for you with no problem at all in protest, people love you." (true in real life ^_^) His expression melts and he says "really." He never acts that way in real life so it surprised me. He is the tough as nails, nothing bothers him guy.

      We decided that we had to do something about everything that was happening.

      Suddenly a tour of students from our school walks through the hallway. (For some reason we can see them, it is like we have an archway instead of a front door). They are going to see the school RA for a tour, one of the new students I have meet in the film program runs in to say hi to me and gives me something, (I forget what it is), then runs out. since L used to be an RA her heart sinks even more because she feels like she lost everything.

      Dream cuts to us in the car I look out the window to see a baseball field where the grass is starting to die in places, I think we are going to protest and try to get L back in school and Trey his job back.

      I think after I wake up that it might be my anger toward current school budget cuts in reality, since tons of good people are getting fired.