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    1. Three NLDs

      by , 04-16-2015 at 01:57 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was up late last night working on a project and getting ready for my art history exam (It starts in about 2 hours). I couldn't care less for lucidity tonight but I remembered some NLDs. There was much more detail to these, but I'll have to put it in later if I still remember it.

      1.) I was in either Last Airbender or Legend of Korra. The entire dream had the look of the show and even the dream characters were drawn in much the same way that they are on the show. We were in some kind of big hangar bay or something where various characters from the show appeared. I think I remember seeing Toph and Katara, and then Zaheer. I also saw a couple of sky bision fly through the hangar. Later they all left.

      Then, everything changed into realism. Manei appeared and ask me if I wanted to go to the spirit world with her. I said yes, but I don't recall anything happening after that.

      2.) I was preforming a covert operation with my cousins where we had to sneak into a juvenile delinquent facility, get some information, and sneak out. I remember it was huge and built on top of a mountain with cliffs all around so getting out was going to be hard. We were in good with some of the guards so that helped.

      At one point, we were in a large yard by the cliff-side. They were calling everyone in but we had to find a place we could hide so we could stay in the yard after dark. There was a big brick wall, a Remanent of a destroyed building that was just big enough for all three of us to hide behind.

      Some kind of prison guard who was psychic caught us though. He turned out to be one of the guards we were in good with and told us we needed to find better hiding spots to carry out this operation.

      3.) Something to do with driving my mom to get this skin treatment. She bought this big tray of this brownie cake type dish that was supposed to make her skin look better. There was something to do with taking care of her hair as well.
    2. More Sleep Schedule Correction (LD #163: Matrix)

      by , 01-29-2015 at 02:11 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Went from 12:30 (last night) to about 11:45. I woke up very early this morning too.

      -Uncle Iroh was missing three fingers and a thumb on his right hand.

      -Something to do with Minecraft

      -I was in this strange environment where there were these pillar-like mountains, something like the mesas in the American southwest. Everything was made out of reddish stone. The sky was orange/red as well and there were a bunch of Jupiter/Saturn clones in the sky.

      I was sitting in a small cafe/resturant with Neo and Morpheus. Kind of getting big boy or coney island vibes. Nothing fancy, but no fast food place either. There were agents after us and we had to defend ourselves. For some reason the 'agents' were Trinity clones rather than Agent Smith.

      I became lucid at one point and started fighting back. I can't recall what triggered lucidity. Everyone else ran running and screaming out of the cafe. Even the other Matrix characters.

      The agents seemed pretty easy to defeat. I recall having basic punch/kick fights to defeat a few.

      I started looking for more interesting ways to fight them. I picked up a table and threw it at one. It fell out the window. I became aware of the fact that we were not on ground level.

      I remember the most interesting one was the one that I picked up with a psychic grab and crushed so small she actually collapsed into a miniature back hole that sucked up some chairs/tables/food around her, then dissipated after a few seconds.

      The 'Final Agent' came out that was supposedly the original, and would be the most difficult to defeat. She looked shorter and fatter than the others and carried an Uzi. She fired on me. I remember all of the bullets just fell off of me. I even caught some in my hand. This looked strange as it seemed to happen in slow motion and I saw a shock wave spread through my hand every time I caught one.

      When she emptied the mag, I examined the bullets that I had caught. They felt warm from the gun. I then (without moving my hand) thought to fling them back. They all fired off, like a shotgun, back at my opponent and, well they should have killed her.

      She then told me that she was not merely human... but rather...

      She unzipped her leather outfit, and had nothing underneath. The moment I started to examine her body, I noticed it looked fake. Once the tight matrix leather was off, she started to unzip her skin starting from the head to reveal that she was in fact a terminator-like robot.

      (Terminator-Matrix Crossover, somebody get on that)


      I was at home, still lucid. My dad asked me what I was doing. I told him I was dreaming and was going outside to fly. I went outside. He responded with some curse words and begrudgingly told me to do whatever I wanted. It was a gray cloudy day.

      His negativity seemed to be weighing on the whole dream though. I couldn't fly. I then thought that I might want to pursue him, find out why in my LD's my father is always such a negative influence.

      I instead had a false awakening, but forgot the content of it.

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    3. Weird ATLA Secret, Fraxnor Infiltration in cloud base, Anything goes at High School.

      by , 12-10-2014 at 02:09 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I guess that dry spell is broken...

      I was watching the final episode of Legend of Korra. In it, Aang appears as an old man and everyone asks how this is possible. He says that he faked his own death so that the world could actually have two avatars. (Um... okay, I don't think that it works like that, but it's a dream.) Also, elderly Aang looks just like the way he did as a child save for he has a long beard and bags under his eyes.

      He used this energybending move that caused all of these blue orbs to fly everywhere. It had something to do with focus. He would then select one orb that was the move that he wanted to do. He tries to teach the move to Korra, but she doesn't understand it and gets frustrated. (Of course.)

      He then decides that he wants to try it on me. The dream shifts to my garage and Aang is a real person now, only he's a kid now and he has hair like in season three. There is a mirror in the garage and I look into it to see what I look like. For some reason my hair is black has all of these dark brown highlights that look like stripes.

      Aang wants to try to use energy-bending on me to make me better able to lucid dream. He asks that I cast a magical field to filter off any negative side effects. I hold up my hand and concentrate on creating a feild and nothing happens, but he seems to think its there. Aang then creates dozens of orbs around the room and begins connecting them. He then fires a bluish white ray at me from his hands that causes me to wake up.

      I was walking around my subdivision by the lake when I nose pinched and realized I was dreaming. There was some sort of presence that felt very scary or dark in this location so I decided to fly far away. I put my hands down and turned on my flying jets, and focused on a cloud up above. The sky was a rainbow of strange colors going from crimson red to orange to a yucky shade of yellow, with bluish-gray clouds.

      As I got closer, I noticed that the cloud didn't look very cloudy. It looked solid. I slowed down and ran my hand along it. It was solid ice; a solid ice cloud! I then noticed what looked like a tunnel into the cloud. I flew into it and eventually met a high-tech looking steel door. I heard a voice on the other end and someone let me in.


      I was with Marcus, inside his ice cloud base. He explained to me that the base was actually a secret ship and coolant was pumped to the exterior so that the ship would be covered with ice and condensation to disguise it as a cloud. (That's actually a really good idea, assuming you have enough power to keep the ship aloft with all the extra weight.) He was fighting this alien race called the Fraxnor.

      Just then an alarm sounded. A fraxnor was in the base. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and started chasing him. There was a plot in play here that this ship/base was very secret and we didn't want anyone fraxnor who found it to get out alive. I started chasing him, he was about seven feet tall, walking on long triple-jointed legs and huge feet. He had two sets of arms, four eyes, and a small ball-gut style body, and he was the yuckiest shade of puke-brown with wrinkly alien skin. And he could run.

      He got to his ship, in the hangar. I jumped into a fighter spacecraft and Marcus followed me. We fired on the guy again and again, but his ship was just a hair faster than us and was getting away. A health bar showed up and it would take one more hit to kill this guy.

      Then I looked below us. There was a huge war going on, and the original terrain of my subdivision and town had been replaced with a barren planet of craggy rock formations. The yucky yellow sky remained though. There were four or five space warships and hundreds of fighters on each side. Basically a full-on star-wars style battle. But our mission was to get the one who got away.

      "We'll never catch him now."

      My lucidity refreshed.

      "Not like this, we won't!"

      I pulled what I assumed was the eject lever and shot out of the space fighter. I broke away from the ejector seat's restraints with brute strength. I looked down at the escaping fighter. Flying jets on, and I shot after him.

      This guy was fast, and I really had to gun it to catch him. I've never flown this fast while flying before, and my booster flame sounded less like a flamethrower and more like the whine of a turbojet. I came down into the canyon, on top of the fraxnor's fighter. He looked up out of the canopy at me and opened his mouth. I could assume he was screaming, though I couldn't hear squat.

      The dream got blurry at this point, but I think I wrecked his ship. When it crashed, he tried to get out, but I punched him in the face.

      Spoiler for violence and bad things in a school:
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    4. Paintings, Bad Jokes and Abandoned Temples

      by , 12-07-2014 at 04:20 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with a painting that I was really interested in. It was a painting of a solar system. It was a binary star system with a yellow sun and a white dwarf. There was a large green planet with rings and a red artificial planet (like the death star, only red.) There were also a couple of spacecraft and small rocky planets that I cannot recall.

      I was on a wooden boardwalk, with my dad. There was a huge ocean out all around us. I was partially lucid here and I was trying to waterbend. It was actually working. I created three huge towers out of water, at least fifty feet high, and then let them fall down into the ocean. My dad made some joke that they were literally 'water towers' like the ones that give running water to a town. I made the towers a second time but this time the water formed into the shape of water towers with girders and a tank on top.

      Something to do with being in this temple or monastery. I was in a mountainous area, but it also felt like a desert. I was leading a bunch of people who had survived some disaster here. I was hoping to find some monks or priest who could help us but the temple was deserted. The temple had some strange architecture and rooms. It seemed to blend middle-eastern design with a more oriental look. I also recall this underground/cave room that was a huge pool with all of these lit candles floating on little wooden boats and a platform in the middle.
    5. Randomness

      by , 12-03-2014 at 02:07 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I'm trying putting a full line of space between my paragraphs.

      I recall a very odd dream where I was staying with Varrick (from LOK) only he was a real person and not a cartoon. He accidentally unleashed this experimental gas into his house and everyone started running to escape.

      Everyone got into the elevator. It was so full and it moved so slow that I decided to take the stairs. I ran down to what I thought was ground level but I couldn't find the exit outside. I was in this huge stucco complex with a glass dome over it. It was supposedly something Varrick had created; a small city for all of his workers and visitors. I continued running and eventually found the exit.


      At the end of the dream everything became cartoon like again. In fact I think that I had escaped and was watching a cartoon. Varrick was flying in the air and the lower half of his body and legs were robotic; complete with rocket boots allowing flight. He laughed and stated indirectly that he was going to be a villain now.

      I was on DV. I was looking at DJ entries I had posted the last couple days and they were all really long. I remember in one of them I had to scroll through three or four screens just to get through the non lucid portion of the dream, then another two or three screens for the lucid portion. It was all written in the way I would normally write a long dream. Dialogue with DCs, Couple of smileys here and there. A picture or two.

      There were tons of comments on these bloated DJ entries too. I think the one with the most had 22 separate comments. None of them were replies from me or anything; they were all from different users.

      Kinda funny that being on a dry spell this is the exact opposite of what my DJ entries end up looking like. (Though even if I wasn't on a dry spell my dreams have never been that long or complex... I sure wish they were... ) Though I wonder if I can use this little dream for autosuggestion...
    6. Avatar and Avengers, Late for School, Tiny Laptop

      by , 11-08-2014 at 02:34 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Some dream where my laptop computer was really tiny. It was supposed to be waterproof now too, and I was using it while in the shower. It turned off, and I thought that the water had killed it.
      I got out of the shower, got dressed, went into my bedroom, and plugged it in. It turned on, but it seemed sort of glitchy. Marcus told me to wait a minute. I then tried turning it on again. Turns out it hadn't been damaged by the water, it was just low on battery.

      I FA'd. I was in my college dorm room and realized that I was an hour late for a class that was taking place in the library.
      For some reason I was waiting at the bus stop. It was a rainy, foggy day. I did a reality check because this seemed like a dream. It didn't work though.

      I was observing this dream where the Hulk and the Hulkbuster armor were fighting. It looked just like the trailer. (See the Age of Ultron trailer) Thor was involved in the fight as well. At one point the Hulkbuster suit was using Thor's hammer. It was glowing red.
      Korra and Aang (Yes, Both Avatars) Joined the fight. They used earthbending to attack the Hulkbuster suit. Black widow, Captain America and Batman came into the fight. The fight grew very chaotic and I recall having trouble figuring out who was on who's team.
      Something to do with Tony Stark building this weird Iron Man suit with a giant head. It had two small eyes going up vertically the front of the mask. The suit malfunctioned and broke his neck.
      I was in this huge log cabin mansion built in the woods. All of the characters from both Avatar series were in here, and they looked like real people. Meelo wanted to teach me how to airbend.

      Batman: So awesome he shows up even when everyone else is Marvel and he is DC.
    7. Ora-Revealing Scuba-suits (LD#106)

      by , 08-26-2014 at 01:43 PM (Lucid Time!)
      My family was living in some kind of communal shelter after a natural disaster had struck our home. I cannot recall what the disaster was, but it was pretty widespread, having taken out a very large area of land and severely damaged the global economy. I think that it may have been an asteroid strike.
      We were living out of a mobile home, and I was tasked with riding around the community to fetch relief supplies, and trade with the other people in the community. Most of the other people living here are also living out of mobile homes. Some have tents as well.
      I can remember the community being set up near the freeway. There were hardly any cars on the freeway, though, occasionally there were some military convoys or supply trucks would come. It felt like we were close to home (In Michigan.)
      I went to the 'back' of the community that ran into the wilderness. I can recall their being a river there, actually two rivers that converged. There were also large sandy slopes in the hilly topography of the woods. (Sand dunes=dream sign).
      My parents were talking about how they wanted to build their new home right in this area where the three rivers meet. They talked about how they had met with a contractor and showed me a concept sketch of their new home. It was a modern, exotic design, like falling water that we were going to live in.

      Somebody was showing me an alternate ending to Avatar: The last Airbender. I cannot recall every detail but Aang arranges a duel with Azula on a small island. The island is small, and has a tropical forest on it, with a tall wooden pagoda with red roofing tiles in the middle. Azula does not go crazy in this ending, and Aang knows how to bring out the Avatar state at will.
      They start fighting and rush one another with fire, Azula using her trademark blue fire attacks. They blast one another and cause an explosion, blowing both of them back. Azula unleashes another fire blast and Aang uses airbending to jump above it. Azula follows using a firebending jet-pack. Aang loops around in the air and uses an air whip to send Azula flying back toward the ground. She lands on the beach of the island, making a rather large crater in the sand. She gets up and prepares to preform a lightning attack. Aang comes down and dodges. When he lands on the beach, he preforms an earthbending attack that causes Azula to fly out over the water and skip across the surface like a rock.
      Aang makes an ice surfboard and chases after her. It's implied that the fight continues for awhile longer, but I cannot recall what happened after that.

      The first thing I can recall was being on the beach, lucidity was clawing its way into my brain. It felt like I was on the island that the duel had taken place on. Manei is there wearing this very strange looking outfit that is something like a scuba suit, with this blue and white swirly pattern all over it.
      I look around, and there are many other people on the beach, all of them wearing these scuba suits. As I look around, I see people taking them off and putting them on. They seem to be unisex, and very large when taken off, shrinking to accommodate your figure. They seem to come off in six parts, two legs, two arms, upper and lower body, and when they are taken off they become dark grey.
      Manei explains that these are special, high tech suits that reveal your ora or your personal energy field or some such spiritual nonsense, but they only work if you put them on, then swim in the ocean. She takes me over to a booth where you can ask to borrow a suit. I can recall there is a card table set up and someone sitting at it. Underneath the table are six bins, one for each part of the suit.
      Then something strange began happening. I noticed behind the table there was another table, with someone tied to it face down. Wearing one of the suits, but missing the right arm piece of the suit. The pattern on the suit was moving and changing colors in places from green to red and back again. The boy, who had spiky brown hair was shaking, and looked to be in a lot of pain. He was shaking and gritting his teeth as if he were having a seizure. There was a small open cut above his right eye.
      I asked the person at the table what happened to that guy and they wouldn't respond.
      He looked up at me, and just stared at me for a second. I didn't recognize him, and I was waking up. I just looked into his face, looking at the white under his iris. (The way people look when they are straining to look upwards at someone.) I could feel some kind of energy coming off of this dream character. I felt like he was causing me to wake up.
    8. Animepocalypse

      by , 08-24-2014 at 02:12 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I am in a walled city that feels like Ba Sing Se (From ATLA) mixed with the city from Attack on Titan. (God help me for the name.) The city is supposedly a refuge for people who possess any type of magical or special power.

      I am in a district of the city that has these tall cubic glass skyscrapers and all of these lighted signs written in an incomprehensible language. It looked to be one of the wealthier districts of the city.
      I cannot recall much until these five kids show up. They are the villians; Supposedly each one of them has the power to turn into a monster that is representative of the world's greatest fears.
      One monster is representative of the fear of spiders. It is a large humanoid with spider legs coming from its back. The entire monster is made of millions of spiders and held together with spider webbing. Also, for some reason, the monster has an oven in its chest that spiders come out of.
      Another monster is representative of death and is represented by a hulking humanoid form that is made of a mass of bones.
      Another monster is representative of the fear of becoming overweight (because I guess that ranks among the five greatest fears in the world) and is a huge grease blob.
      I cannot recall what the remaining two monsters were. I think one of them had to do with bees.
      Then Goku (Dragonball) and Soul&Maka(Soul Eater) show up. I think the guy from Onepeice was there too (Can't recall his name). There were many other characters there as well, all of them looked like heroes, but I cannot recall any more at this time. Goku is supposedly the captain of the city's defense force. He starts yelling orders to everyone on how to fight the monster.
      Then I 'remembered' that I was a demon weapon too (Soul Eater) but I couldn't remember who wielded me. I just recall that I was some kind of sword or spear and somebody was using me. While I was in weapon form, I could still see, but everything was a dark blue color. Whoever was using me was fighting the spider monster.
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    9. Lucid Dream #92 Graduation...wait

      by , 06-15-2014 at 03:16 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was at my school's graduation ceremony. Or at least a dream of it. We were waiting around with our cap and gown on for them to call us into the gym so we could walk and get our diplomas or whatever. They basically had two rooms. One for average students, and one for valedictorians and all of the honors students or whatever.
      I didn't quite get this, and I ended up going into the room for the honors student room. (Because me, and Honors student? Bwahaha! That's funny.) Some teacher redirected me out, and I went into the normal students room that was larger and more crowded.
      Then one of the students from the other room came to see me and ask me about her speech. Also, this was a very peculiar dream character. She was very beautiful save for the fact that she had very strange teeth that seemed very large when she opened her mouth, and she had two rows of teeth along with a braces. She also had long silvery-blue hair.
      So she asked me about how her speech could connect to her favorite TV show, Avatar: The last Airbender. I recommended she talk about looking at what's the same instead of what's different, because I know one of the themes of the show is the idea that people divide themselves (the four nations) and fail to realize that although they align to different elements, they are all one people.
      She thanked me and left. I went back to just waiting around for the graduation to start.
      Wait a second. I thought I already graduated. I reality check. I'm dreaming. Haha! A lucid!
      I wake up.

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    10. Lucid Dream #85: Small Rampage

      by , 03-26-2014 at 11:35 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Someone took a dump on my dream recall.

      I am in this absolutely beautiful area where there are these houses built by these massive red rock spires. It seems like a city built in the middle of the desert. There are orchards and farm fields everywhere. Presence is explaining to me that the people here rely on wells to irrigate their crops.
      I encounter an elderly man who is sitting in a rocker outside of one of the houses. It is a beautiful white concrete mansion with a waterfall running out from underneath. Looked like FLW's falling water. There is an orange orchard around his home. The man is in some kind of trouble with the police. He does something that causes me to transport to a new world.

      I am the Avatar now, and am supposed to know how to bend all four elements. Right now, I am working with some company to build a statue of the past Avatar. The crew wants me to use my Metalbending to help them touch up the face. By the way, this is a big statue, like fifty feet tall. They fly me up to it in a Helicopter.
      I end up messing up the eyes and nose pretty bad, and end up doing something to "reset" and start over.

      I am in some grocery store with two friends. I notice that there is a flood of water coming out from beneath one of the shelves. I examine more closely and find out that there is in fact a gutter in the roof that is emptying behind the shelves.
      I climb up the shelves. No water is coming out at the moment but there is a sticky note by the gutter that I am assuming was written by some construction/maintenance guy. It's saying that no water should be coming out of the gutter.
      Then I realize there is more water about to come out. I look up the gutter and see the water coming. I decide to blow on the water and I freeze it into ice moments before it pours onto the floor of the shopping center. Wohoo! Made Ice!

      I am in the parking lot outside the grocery store. They have a brick parking lot rather than paved. I decide to see if I can earthbend with these bricks. I cannot.

      I met some dream character who's name was Rusty. He was a man in his mid-20's with long blonde hair. He partakes in some kind of extreme diving and fishing sport.

      I become properly lucid by doing a nose-pinch reality check. I was still in the general area of the grocery store. There was a road running by the coast, and several long wooden docks stretching out over the ocean. It was dark at this time, nighttime. Normally, I don't like to lucid at nighttime, but I didn't think to reposition the sun.
      I see the cars driving by on the road and decide to see what will happen if one of them hits me. Will I die? Will I be hurt at all?
      I walk into the road and stare at a car. I kneel down and hold out my arms ready for the car to hit me and to embrace the feeling. But the dream character stops and opens his window. He asks me why I'm doing that in the middle of the road.
      I let him drive past and try with a few more dream characters. I cannot get these guys to hit me. Eventually, I manage to jump in front of a character and have their headlight hit me in the hand as they passed by at 30+ mph. I broke their headlight. The character stopped and backed up and asked if I was OK.
      I looked at my hand. There was a big piece of headlight glass lodged in my palm. I couldn't feel any pain, but I pulled it out and the cut healed completely in like a second.
      I decided to try destroying the dream world. I picked up a car with telekinesis, and threw it into the ocean. I ended up destroying a wooden boat dock.
      I now began walking down the road, punching through the hoods of cars and pushing them off the road.
      I got to the end of the road, where it curved away from the coastline. I looked back at the destruction and decided to try and fix it. I looked at the wooden docks and then looked away.
      "Restore Docks"
      I look back, all of the docks are fixed. I look away from the cars.
      "Restore Cars"
      All of the cars are fixed. I turn away again.
      "Restore Citizens"
      All of the dream characters appear back in their cars and start driving around.
      Rusty comes back along and tells me that this is the end of the dream. I lose the dream and just see the words "The End" in my vision.

      I appear on this beach momentarily before the dream ends. Rusty is there sitting in a beach chair. He asks me why I always seem to stick around after the dream is over.
      I wake up.

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