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    1. Nuclear Poker

      by , 12-05-2017 at 06:05 PM
      Morning of December 5, 2017. Tuesday.

      I become aware of being in a scenario where a small nuclear missile is being carried on a vehicle that is apparently going west (based on my subliminal impression of how I am oriented while sleeping in our bed). I am somehow in charge of the situation and of the missile. It is only about five feet long. There are a few other (unknown) people with me.

      We approach a wide river that runs north to south. At this point, I start to become wary about being near a nuclear missile. My awareness and contemplation of the scenario is not realistic. I decide to throw the missile into a river, where there are additional unknown people near, and I know it may eventually go off, but I consider that I will have time to outrun it.

      Despite the size of the missile, I somehow fling it with one hand to the opposite side of the river. There is no explosion, but I expect one to come eventually. I and the others start running the opposite direction (east). I am aware of the minutes counting down.

      Although we are running across an outdoor landscape, there are identical low-set tables that we reach every twenty seconds or so. I suddenly have an infinite supply of decks of playing cards, whereby I then toss several cards to each side of me where there are always about three or four random unfamiliar males present to grab the cards. This has something to do with survival, as I am aware that some of the cards can be traded for food. This event repeats a number of times. Just prior to waking, I turn to see the mushroom cloud emerging from the horizon and realize that I am now safe and that about three minutes and twenty-seven seconds had passed from the time it landed in the river.

      This dream is a typical attempt at subliminal reinduction. The missile can otherwise be viewed as a flight symbol (RAS and inner ear dynamics relating to the waking prompt), though I throw it into the river as water symbolizes sleep (and potential dream state deepening and sustaining in this case; symbolism I have experienced on a day to day basis and understood for over fifty years).

      The playing card scenario is a bit odd, though it, along with the missile, likely relates to continuously hearing about the North Korea threat, almost as if it was like some sort of deranged poker game between two so-called leaders while the rest of the world looks on in passive bewilderment.

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    2. [27-05-2016]

      by , 05-27-2016 at 07:57 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in a dark, cold cavern. It somewhat looked like an old computer game, there was an altar with some small chest on it. I touched it and found myself in a strange city. A twist of mixed architectural designs. It was still dark, only street lights were shining. I walked up to a rooftop of a building using an outside staircase. I realized that it's a dream. I thought "What about warming this place up a bit?" I summoned an atomic bomb which stroke the city. It didn't changed much. I put my hand in a gesture trying to grab something, and I dragged a small, yellow glowing ball of energy to me. "I'll use this to power the city." Then I wandered the town some more. Going through alleys I was powering up whole districts by using the orb - basically pointing my fingers at wires. There were some dark figures wandering around, I pointed fingers at them and they disappeared. I entered a secret complex of "keepers"from thief games. There was an enforcer patrolling the area. I pointed finger at him and he fell dead. I thought "I should restart and let him live.

      I lost lucidity and found myself at the first cave, escaping from enormous, deadly spiders.
    3. The Last Human Settlement

      by , 09-24-2015 at 10:33 AM
      Morning of September 24, 2015. Thursday.

      Firstly in my dream, I seem to be living in the Stadcor Street house in Brisbane, but it eventually transforms into a much larger structure that seems partly embedded in a mountain, as there are rooms that are like caves later on. Prior to the shifting setting change, there is a young male that appears to have some sort of medical problem. He claims to have a toothache that is supposedly related to a headache even though the “headache” (the source being near the top of his head and related to a protruding blood vein) is somehow in his jaw. The male reminds me of a younger version of my wife’s brother George (Gyorgy). I ask him if I can help in any way, but he seems more annoyed by the present living arrangements than his continuous pain and potential nearing demise.

      There are two other people in the house who may be younger versions of two of our children (oldest son and daughter). At one point, I teach some Russian, but it is mainly only two rows of audio-based prompts on a computer screen and primarily relates to pronouns, including variations of “I” and “me”; “ya”, “menya”, and “mne”. Over time, I become aware of there being more people around.

      There is seemingly a nuclear explosion in the distance, but very loud in my dream’s immediate setting. When I look out, however, it looks quite odd, like narrow clustered columns of pink and orange smoke rising high into the sky in the distance, right on the horizon (from an unknown city). This seems to mean that modern society, for the most part, no longer exists. I notice our home seems to be isolated and within a composite of desert and meadow, with no signs of any other buildings. However, I still hear several dogs barking at the distant explosion, which almost seems to be a good sign.

      We now live in an unusual composite of large cave and house, though with a layout somewhat like a shopping mall, with a public court and an additional adjoining building or group of buildings. Someone (unknown) says that the monster can now leave - which relates to the nuclear event somehow or the fact that there are not many people left in the world for it to terrorize. A door is opened somewhere in the cave-building that had kept the monster trapped, and the front door to outside is also opened. The “monster” leaves on its own accord after randomly wandering through various rooms to find its way out. It looks like an ordinary warthog as it passively walks out the main entrance. There is no threat or drama or concern of any kind at all at this point.

      Later, I go to another building (part of the same settlement) and wander through the halls. I warily notice an unusual lump and weight pulling down the skin of my left forearm as well as minor burns and scabs. I realize I have something inside my arm. I carefully shuffle the hard object forward and out through the scar on my wrist (from my accident as a toddler) and it is a rectangular piece of thin metal, almost as wide as my wrist. Another similar object comes out after, which is like partly reflective glass of a similar size and shape (possibly part of a small mirror). The sensations and progressive movement are extraordinary “realistic” (though possibly more like pushing something under a shirt sleeve out through the cuff as I do not feel much pain). I feel my arm to make sure no other objects are in it. I “realize” that this probably happened when I was sleeping on a bed full of junk and the objects somehow got into my arm without me noticing until now (which is of course, a false memory as I do not sleep on a bed full of metallic junk, sharp objects, and wires as implied).

      I go back and give the objects (and a few other bits of junk I found in the building) to the leader of the settlement (who seems to be actor Clancy Brown). At this point I tell him how the objects perhaps grew inside me somehow with regard to chemicals in the air, perhaps. He seems only mildly interested in the event but still wants everything I have. As we walk through a doorway back into the building (no longer with cave features) I had been staying in, I see two fancy car keys lying on the floor just inside the doorway with some apparently discarded documents. They have an atypical appearance; other than somewhat floral regarding the shape on one end, very slightly paperclip-like in part of the form only. I consider that if I pick them up and keep them for myself, the leader might not like it when he finds out, so I point them out saying, “look at those keys”. The leader says, rather egotistically, “I’ll just take these keys”. His behavior brings mild amusement. He then asks me what year they are from as if that is important and I say “1961” but then consider that “1961” might actually be a serial number unrelated to the date (though do not mention this). (The imagery is curious, as the number looks the same right-side-up as it does upside-down.)

      In the final scene, I am sitting in a hall with several others of various ages. One (unknown) teenage girl in the opposite corner (opposite an implied perpendicular continuation of the hall) starts complaining about everything in a pessimistic and defeatist rant, and, even though there are only about a hundred people left on the planet, I tell her that I do not want to listen to her “f–ked up fantasies” (in the sense that they are negative and of no use, including trivial gossip and pointless opinions of others in the hall). From here, I feel cheerful and completely optimistic and ignore her otherwise depressing prattle, especially as I get the impression there will be a self-sustaining community expanding soon.

    4. Two nukes and a visit from Godzilla

      by , 07-05-2014 at 11:41 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #55 Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background: I didn't meditate before going to bed. I tried to become aware of my body and I ignored the little itches that the body gives out. I lost awareness for a brief second. This was the break I was looking for. After struggling to have a lucid dream in a while, I got a break. I started to do ADA and RC more often now.

      Lucid Dream # 55, day: 06/30/14, time: 6:30-8:33 Am"":
      I am looking at the mirror in my room. I am kind of disappointed that I couldn't fall back to sleep. My grandmother is calling my name telling me that I have slept for far to long. She is trying to open the door. I see the pillows move (I put pillows on the cracks of the door so that light won't enter, I am a very sensitive sleeper). I then turn and look at my bed. I am there laying down sleeping in the same position as I did. She approaches me and touch my back to wake me up. I was looking at her and I could feel her hands on my back. I then went inside my body. (I woke up and I realized that it never happened. The pillow is still in the same position next to the door.)
      I am now in a car going to SF with my parents. I just think to myself if this is a dream I could levitate a car to the moon. I then look at a car and I toss it up in the air. It some how burst into fire. I then did it again. Which gradually got my attention into realizing that it is a dream.

      I threw a couple of cars in the air. I tried to throw one more but I couldn't. My mother said to me, "If this is a dream where is the bomb?" I didn't know what she was talking about, but in the dream it was relevant to the dream. I told her it doesn't' matter I could create anything I want. She had a fake bomb in her hands. I thought I don't know if I could create a bomb from scratch but I have had a dream where I created a nuclear blast with the mushroom cloud and everything. I then turned around inside the car. I looked back at Oakland. I put my hands out and imagined the nuclear explosion. I imagined the bright light followed by the mushroom cloud. I tried, nothing. I tried again. I saw a small bright light form. I imagined the expansion. oh yeah I didn't close my eyes while imagining. When I imagined the expansion. It suddenly did a flash of bright light followed by the mushroom cloud.

      My mother ask me, " So, where is he?"

      Me, "Who?"

      Mother, "the big dinosaur from the explosion"

      (I didn't know what she was talking about but I wanted to create another nuclear blast this time it was a piece of cake. Now there is a two huge mushroom clouds floating above Oakland. The strange thing was that there was no sound from the nuke).

      After I did the second nuke, my mom ask me, "Where is the dinosaur?"
      I realized what she is talking about, I responded, "I don't want Godzilla in my dream, even though I could create it".

      With that thought Godzilla tears the bridge apart. It looks disastrous. Cracks on the ground, some part of the floor is rising 10 ft in the air. A war zone is what it look like, cars are flipped. I then see a 7 foot dinosaur pops up and it is looking for food. I see my body being dragged. I couldn't move my body even though I was lucid. It felt like sleep paralysis. I see rebels shooting at the little dinosaurs.
      I woke up.

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    5. Our Poor Family and the Atomic Bomb That Did Little

      by , 04-10-2012 at 05:39 PM (The Realm of the Child)
      Dream Type: Non-Lucid, Memorable.
      Dream Mood: Depressing, Scary, Confusing.
      Dream Setting: My mother's home, My high school.
      Dream Characters: My mom, A bunch of my friends and classmates.

      I do not remember much of what happened before the main portion of the dream, but as the first part, I had come back to my Mom's house, finding it made of all Minecraft blocks, well, poorly made by my mother, that is. She was complaining and mournfully telling me about how we didn't have enough to afford good housing and that my step-dad would have to work for the rest of his life to have a comfortable life (Which is strange because he's already retired). Still, there was one room in particular that was strange. The roofs were made of either blue blocks, black blocks or water blocks, which felt like rain as I stood under it. There was a loud noise when I stood under the room, and so I decided to redecorate the whole house with wood blocks and whatnot. It turns out that noise in the one room was actually a helicopter that was flying left and right over our house because there was a bear next door to us.

      The next part of the dream started when I was eating with some friends at my high school on the football field. Somewhere before hand, we have heard that some other place had gotten a bomb of some sort, and not long later in the distance, we could see a large explosion that seemed like an Atomic Bomb, rubble and dirt flying from behind the building. It did nothing to us, per se, though even in the dream I wondered if it would hurt us. We were told to evacuate the school, and so I did. Strangely, I could only walk really, really slowly, though I got to the front of the school, where I encountered a plethora of orange cars there. They told us to get into any of the cars and to drive home. I saw an empty car that was free for the taking. I thought that I should get in and go, but I was scared for some reason.