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    1. xx.

      by , 08-08-2018 at 10:58 AM
      Non-dream stuff; woke up early not remembering any dreams in particular. Eventually fell asleep again and then woke up at around 10, then being woken up "more" by the door. Some non-lucid stuff:

      Dream fragment 1:
      I remember seeing a big (to me) naval vessel from camera-like perspective, I think it would be a destroyer or frigate-class, which I think are the two smallest classes. I remember getting the "keys" for it, but don't remember actually driving it.

      Dream fragment 2:
      I remember being in a car like a modern Nissan and I think I was in one of the front seats, though initially my point of view was at a low height but the car was moving on its own, as there was nobody else in it, and then I was a little bit concerned about how fast it was going to go down a hill, because it was a T-intersection and I was trying to put a seatbelt on.

      Dream sequence 3:
      I remember a place like a campus or open gardens for some sort of educational complex. It was day, but probably cloudy as things looked a bit grey and I don't remember sharp shadows. Probably around mid-day.
      Me and my partner were walking along some concrete slabs that were the paving in this trimmed grass garden area, he was ahead of me, and I was seemingly fixed on my phone and we walked through a building and I realised I was holding an apple pencil on my right hand, to which I thought "wait why did I bring this but forget the tablet?" so I put it in my right pocket. I seem to remember I was wearing my casual pants, as it were, which I likely wouldn't have been in the context of the dream if it were waking life.

      We got to a T or corner with the paving and went up some long but not very high steps, only about 3 or 4 steps, into a building. As we walked in I remember metallic catwalks and fluorescent tubes on the ceiling. There was a reception with a lady, with glasses. She was focused on whatever she was doing and I was still fixated on my phone, noticing on some level that my posture was very bad.

      We went up some metal stairs on to the catwalk tier and pushed a metal door and entered a room. It had dark wooden board flooring, the walls were a similar colour, and the end of the room had 3 or 4 massive old-style industrial windows. I made particular note as we walked into the room that there were some paintings; portraits of contemporary, people, oddly enough at least one of them was a teacher from the university I went to in waking life.

      Then there was a man standing in the room, I realised, as I turned after reaching a point near the windows, and he had his arms crossed but not because of us or anything, was just his pose, and some big men started to come in carrying some stuff, which I didn't make note of. The man addressed me and said "do you have an order?", to which I said "do I have an order?", realising suddenly what he meant after I asked it, I said, "no, I don't have an order", to which he replied something about it being best we weren't in that room then. I did somehow feel that we had entered a room we weren't allowed to enter. Anyway, he walked out with us from the room, as we had nothing else to look at inside anyway and the men were busy bringing stuff in.

      As we walked back out into the main lobby, it was transformed from before; now it matched the other room, dark warm, red-ish wooden colours. We went down the stairs, which now were wooden stairs with red carpet of some kind, and I said something and it sounded loud, to which the receptionist, still there and now seeing to some other people, asked me to be quiet or something to that effect.

      The man replied something to me and we kept walking down until we reached a window with an alcove, and the three of us sat there, as there was a red pillow thing. For some reason now I remember being sat at a table, but in any case we were having a conversation about something and the man asked something like "were you looking for the old paintings?" (I think I mentioned something of it) and he said how that other room used to have very famous paintings and started recounting which ones.

      Oddly enough, my partner who is not artist, understood perfectly what paintings they were and who the painters were. I was simply confused, as I never tend to remember most painters, even famous ones, despite being an artist myself.

      I remember my partner and the man were on the other side of the table now, it was definitely a table now and made of the same dark red hued wood, looking glossy. My partner started saying something about "how ridiculous it is that my phone now has to level up to increase its battery life" and as I watched them talk about whatever I suddenly noticed I was getting a bit of a visual aura. I do remember something about my own phone having recently maxed some leveling up attribute and having taken many years to do so.

      There was some kind of transition and I don't remember what the context was now but I saw things in a camera-like way and could highlight people and objects in an orange-tinted interface and examine what they had on them remotely.

      Some notes:
      • In fragment 2, the context within the car was a clear dream-sign, but unfortunately in that context I never seem to remember to RC because of how "important" it seems to do certain things in that moment.
      • In the long dream sequence, it's odd that I was so fixated on my phone, only explained slightly by the dream with the leveling up thing.
      • Normally it could be the other way around, like if we've gone shopping, my partner will be the one looking at the phone and I'll be the one leading our walking.
      • The building we entered felt like a library, both before and after we went into that room with the paintings.
      • The apple pencil is an item I've only recently come into contact with, so it's interesting that it has actually carried over to my dreams, but it did feel odd that its accompanying tablet wasn't present.
      • I remember feeling like I could get embarrassed for carrying the apple pencil while looking at my phone which is an android phone. Somehow I felt there was some conflict.
      • The fact that I explicitly made note of my posture but did not try to correct it could have been a cue to do a RC. Some physiotherapy I received recently was all about posture and it made me far more conscious of it than I have ever been before, so I will correct posture more often than not when I notice it's an issue.
      • I felt like the man we spoke to was the curator of the art in that building.
      • It was curious to see the receptionist, as she looked like the one from my other recent dream journal entry, and her reception desk was not too dissimilar despite the completely altered context.
      • The visual aura in the dream was odd. I started to cover my eyes to check that it was one in the dream, as I would in waking life. It's the first time this has ever happened in a dream.
      • Me and my dad get visual auras at complete random. There is no associated migraine or pain for them as there are for many people, and the cause of our visual auras seems to be unknown.
      • The aura in the dream didn't look quite like what happens in waking life but it did bother me and obstruct my field of view.
    2. Dream - The Dead Always Live

      by , 07-27-2017 at 12:06 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 17 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 155 - The Dead Always Live

      I was in this random building with my mum and dad and could hear these dance lessons going on in the next room. As the people are exiting the dance studio, I say hello to some of them. There are then six people standing at the front door of the foyer, we had to shake at least one person's hand before leaving. We decided to stay and chat to people but as we were doing so, I found that mum and dad were slowly getting upset for no reason.

      I looked around the place and shockingly discovered that we were in the Geelong Funeral Home and so my mum's uncle's body was still haunting the the aura, creating some negative energy from the world of the dead. I eventually saw a small, pixie like ghost figure with a red aura near the front door and I knew that's what upset my parents. This thing was coming for me but I actually shot my hand out and face-palmed it immediately. I then decided that I had to get out of the place as soon as possibe. I forgot what else happened in the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Confident Dreamer (defeat 1 nightmare without any assistance)
      >> I seemed to face-palm that red aura away in exactly the same way that Dreamy WB face-palmed the girl back in Dream No. 142.
    3. Me and My Aura.

      by , 06-14-2015 at 08:56 PM

      Hi Lucy, I had the most beautiful dream yet last night! I have been trying to see my aura for some time now and somehow this desire made its way into my dream. I was rubbing my hands together (probably trying to stabilize) and then I started rubbing my two pointer fingers together trying to see any color/shadow. Then between my two pointer fingers a small ball of light formed. The small ball of light was so bright it had no specific color at first because the light was blinding and I couldn't look directly at it. Then the ball of light dimmed a little and changed from a bright yellow to a fluorescent green. Then I began to see patterns circling and swirling in front of me with words forming almost like a crossword puzzle. In crossword puzzle format, I saw the words (She) Serve GOD with Enthusiasm (in this color).

      Then the patterns began to swirl again changing from one color to another. As they changed from one color to another words zoomed in and out like a crossword puzzle and shapes continued to form like geometry patterns. My eyes didn't know what to focus on first . Then the geometry patterns turned red and started to pulsate like a heartbeat (thump thump, thump thump, thump thump). Words started to form again but I can't remember what they said. As the patterns pulsated like a heartbeat the patterns and words turned red the heart beat got stronger and stronger. I felt the heart palpations in my physical body and woke up. I have a feeling that I was about to find out what type of heart I had but I got too excited and wrapped up in the moment. I couldn't help it...it was such a beautiful moment.

      Wow. Best. Dream. Ever.
    4. September 14th, 2014 Fragments

      by , 09-14-2014 at 09:11 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      September 14th, 2014 Fragments (Non-lucid)


      I had an office for my business and I was planning to look for a new office because apparently, mine was located in a dangerous neighborhood. I drove with my wife there and I could see my office from the car. It was upstaris and it had a gray door without even a name. It looked on the outside like a "weird" business, if you know what I meant, as just a poorly working light was above the door.

      From here, something related to my cats


      A shaman was performing healing on me and he was peeling (literally) layers of bad energy from it.
      Tags: aura, cats, office
      dream fragment
    5. Liam Kisses a Man, I have a Ghost Child, and the Lost/Disney/Wizard of Oz Mash-up.

      by , 07-30-2013 at 05:24 AM
      In Which Liam Kisses a Man

      There is an image reel on the wall. When I turn the knob beside it different portraits cycle into
      view. They are kind of terribly drawn anime faces and all different kinds. They are familiar. People I knew as Saja. I become lucid for this but immediately the images start to catch and blur like I can no longer make the reel function correctly. So I pull back and watch as the DC I was inhabiting takes over. He is a hulk of a man, at least 6'7", broad and muscular. He looks to be made out of dark rock. He turns the reel and the top one that is even with his face becomes a mirror. Then the mirror becomes a window and there is a person on the other side. My heart does a sort of flopping thing, like a fish on dry land. The man on the other side of the glass is Liam. By the second his face becomes more defined and animated. Pale skin, bright like he is illuminated from within. Clear blue eyes, a long straight nose, wide smiling mouth and bright copper hair.
      "AH! Now I can think again." He says. The window becomes a door and then disappears.
      As tall as he is, the DC is still four inches taller. Liam is obviously amused, standing in front of the hulking man with his hands on his hips in an achingly familiar posture. Lean, fit Liam is out-bulked by the DC. He's wearing a loose white suit with faded blue accents.
      "Well...that's an interesting new look for you." Liam says, smiling a little. He still thinks I'm in
      there, looking up at the DC. He hooks a fine long-fingered hand around the back of the DC's neck and pulls him down, kissing him on the mouth. "Since you are obviously otherwise occupied, I'll get out of here." While the presence of Liam is gone, a DC walks away. He looks deformed and is no longer wearing the suit, but a tank top and jeans. He's like an ugly echo of the rock DC.

      Ghost Child

      I'm in the house in MA. It is haunted by an infant who died. I am the mother. The spirits usually come out at night or on dark days. Now it is
      night. I need to wash my hands but as I pause by the open bathroom door, I can already hear the infant crying forlornly from where she lost her life. I decide to go to the kitchen instead. For some reason Attachment 5260 the sink is on the same wall as the entry door and the dining room entry-way instead of on the far side. The cabinet doors are open and white hand towels are draped across them, so that I can't see underneath the sink. As I pass in front of the sink I realize that I am holding my arms like I am cradling a baby, and that in my arms is a bundle of white blankets. I feel a distant, gauzy spike of fear which is soon replace with a desperate mad sort of awe. The longer I focus on the blanket, the more I notice a tiny perfect face underneath a corner of blanket. I draw the fabric back and the baby screams, immediately fussy.
      "Shhhh...mommy's here." I try to soothe her, rock her, sure that my continued existence
      hinges on successfully calming her. "We'll spendsome time together, you and I. The whole night, if you want."
      She yawns, but she feels...menacing still. But she is mine and I will not cast her aside.
      It isn't her fault that she cannot rest like other dead. I leave the kitchen and instead of stairs there is a long hall with benches hugging the walls. I sit down and for some reason set her down on the bench beside me, facing the bedroom side of the house. A blonde teenager appears and, recognizing the baby for what she is, begins antagonizing her.
      "HEY, you'll stop if you know what's good for you!" I say, knowing that for her to stay, he
      needs to stop and if he doesn't she will kill him. It has happened before.
      He glares at me and stops leaning over her.
      "We're spending time together, leave us alone."
      A girl appears and the bundle disappears. She looks like this: Attachment 5261. I know she is my daughter. She has tanned skin, long wavy brown hair pulled half back and somewhat chubby cheeks. Her brown eyes glitter with thinly veiled malice. Attention for her is sustenance.
      "You have been warned once. Your actions are making me hungry...you don't wanna
      know what I eat." She says and tries to smile at me but her eyes are still hard and angry, and the mask of her face just makes me sad. At least she is here with me.
      She cuts between myself and the young man and approaches a closet door. She is a young woman and looks like Red from Once Upon a Time, Attachment 5262 she's wearing a loose white shirt with slit shoulders, black shorts and knee high black boots. There is a thin trickling of blood at the corner of her mouth. I realize then that she is not even a vampire, but a cannibal and that she eats people alive. I try to tell myself I am wrong but all the while she watches the young man with a obvious hunger. ((I suppose I have decided this is what my daughter looks like, because that's also how I saw Aura from this dream Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views - Amurehna - Dream Journals, and Aura is Saja's daughter in the story I'm writing. I got her name from another dream, maybe I'll post that one too. Eventually.))

      Sleep Paralysis Interlude
      I am in bed and I can not move. I open my eyes a little at the sound of a woman's
      voice. She is twisted like a contortionist, her head between her legs and her legs bent at the knee so that my legs run underneath her. She is telling me a story about when she was alive, that in her time there was not a friend of hers that did not have a boxed hair dye called White Wash Blonde, by Bombshell Antiquities. I even get a view of the aged white and red box. I start to tell her that she could still use it, but then I realize that she is completely bald. I figure if I can keep her talking she won't be so terrifying.
      Then I realize there's a man on the other side of her. I feel a hand grip my foot. I issue a whimper of terror and look over at my boyfriend who is playing a game on his computer. I wish that he would hear me, come over and wake me up. He does not notice though.

      There's a fragment about being in my living room and seeing piles of greyish dirt on the floor. I see a pink and white dress on the floor in the dust and shake it out, put it on, and pat the remaining stuff out of the skirt.

      WTF Mash-up
      John Locke escapes from containment, he has been captured by a secret faction called
      The Project headed by Noah Bennet. They will not tell him anything. When Locke frees himself, the world outside is fantastically colorful and brightly saturated. There are fields in every direction, lush green and bursting with crops. He sees a man spraying water mixed with chemicals over a large pumpkin patch, the largest is man sized. Noah finds him and tells John he was not ready to see any of this and is certain that John will not even try to understand the purpose of The Project.
      "So...what exactly is your goal?" Locke asks.
      "Would you believe me if I said that we are trying to ease the food shortage by growing larger crops?"
      "No, I wouldn't."
      "I didn't think so."

      We have infiltrated the area and are looking for Locke. Sometimes I am with my
      boyfriend and sometimes he is Jack (this time he looks a little like this guy Ghost or Dream?-tumblr_kvmvbladpx1qa3prqo1_500.jpg he is 6' tall with black hair, true to form he is wearing a blue and white plaid button-up and black jeans). We stand facing one of the fences, behind it are great green rolling hills of crops. We exchange a look. I am standing in bright yellow dirt that when wet has the texture of sand. It reminds me of the Yellow Brick Road. I wonder aloud if they added yellow dye to get this effect because I have never seen dirt like it. I bend down and puck up some between my thumb and forefinger. Strange.
      A black man in a suit hails us from the road and we turn to face him. "Hey now, you know
      you're not supposed to be out here." He says. He doesn't seem at all threatening, we make an effort to look ashamed that we have broken the rules. "Come on, we'll get you two gingers initiated. Boss says that we can trust you."
      We follow him back to the road without a fight, I look up at Jack.
      "Did you hear him call us gingers?"
      "Yeah." He lets out a brief, quiet laugh.
      When I look at him again I can see some bright coppery strands mixed in with the black.
      "You're looking a little auburn today so I understand you, but what about me? My hair is black."
      He scrutinizes me and then grins, replying with some nonsense like "Well, you've got that V." Which makes me think of vampire blood, like from True Blood.
      "Oh yeah." I say nodding. "I guess."
      We reach a broad wooden gate-wall and are welcomed inside.
      "Boss said you could help us solve a murder, that your talent is uniquely suited for this kind of thing."

      There's a lapse. Noah is on vacation with Claire and his wife. Claire is acting more like Juliette Barnes from Nashville. She seeing a
      farmhand, Alex Pettyfer, but her parents found out and tried to sever the relationship by deceiving him into thinking she no longer wished to see him. They are in a hotel room. Noah displays a hologram of Claire.
      "Hey! Daddy, why do you have that? It's mine." She says petulantly.
      "We took it from that boy you've been seeing...you won't be talking to him anymore." says Noah.
      She watches the hologram. It is of herself swimming with lengths of dusky purple fabric hiding her nakedness only JUST. They used to use the hologram to communicate, so Noah used it and acted like he was sending a message from Claire.
      Claire taps the comm on her ear. "Operator, patch me through to the Folds."
      "I apologize, mistress, contacted with the Folds has been suspended."
      "NO! You have to tell him I don't mean it."
      "Will you keep trying?"
      "Yes mistress."
      "Daddy...we're not on vacation, are we?"
      "No, honey. There is something happening at home and I didn't want you in the middle of it."

      As we leave the field it erupts violently into motion, like a roiled mess, like a landslide
      spilling up from the earth, swirling and swallowing anything in its path. When the hands realize what is happening they try to speed away in all different sizes of work trucks. Most do not make it. What looks like a blue garbage truck careens wildly on the loose earth but manages to escape. This vehicle is driven by Alex. It is not clear whether Noah triggered the upheaval or if the land revolted because of all the chemicals they poured into it.

      As I walk with the black man and my boyfriend/Jack, he tells us the story. I very
      clearly see an armored munchkin knight who has become a vampire, lift the visor on his helm and attack Snow White. They were under orders from a 3rd party to kill her and a number of others. She was in her castle, they killed her on the landing between two flights of stairs. The munchkin regrets the part he played in the murders but kept doing the Other's bidding until he was murdered as well. As a medium, I am here to call their spirits and to declare to all gathered who the plotter is.

      I'm in a darkened hotel room with my boyfriend. he mentions seeing a trailer for a movie and says it has 'the man I met' in it, sounding a
      little jealous. I have no idea what he is talking about until he shows me a poster of the movie. It is Damon from Vampire Diaries in bed with 6 women.
      "Of course he'd be a ladies man." I say, smiling a little. I don't recall ever meeting him
      though. There was also a scrap of storyline about Elena and remember thinking that this is how the munchkins became vampires in the first place.

      Walking with my boyfriend/Jack toward a large building with a sliding barn door. I
      separate from myself and huddle against the wall to watch her approach. Nadia, another medium, appears. Ghost or Dream?-07c6cdae5d0395cc89c01c22fd25f41e.jpg Nadia looks like her, but with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She's wearing a blue/white tank top with khaki cargo pants. They recognize their like nature immediately and when they draw too close together something odd happens. Their hands meld together into one long fleshy appendage and they fall to their knees, eyes glowing, heads thrown back. Together they will call out the murderer.
      There are Disney princesses all around the room. Cinderella is next to me, I now realize
      that I am Snow White. In the far corner of the room Sleeping Beauty lays on a table...and on top of a dead body. When she spots the mediums she flies into an ill-considered rage immediately giving herself away. I am not really sure what happens next, she stalks around the room yelling nothing that makes any sense. Her evil gaze falls on me and at once I realize that this isn't Sleeping Beauty, it is a witch that has stolen her skin and wears her like a costume (EEEEWWW).
      "YOU! What are you doing here?! I guess that's what I get for leaving the job to a bunch
      of munchkins." Then she shoots me in the head with a fireball, it goes straight through my head like a bullet and melts my head to the wall like a ragged mess of wax (thank you subconscious...). She murders Cinderella and I realize I can still move, I reach out and seize the skirt of her sparkling blue/pink dress. I rip the Sleeping Beauty dress and skin enough that it shows everyone the witch underneath. She kills five more people before someone takes her down. A flock of Jasmines appear carrying bowls, their necklace and headband gems glowing green as they spread out and heal the 'dead'. With my limited scope I try to find my boyfriend, but I know that he has left and didn't bother checking to see if I was alright. Jasmine heals my weird wax-melted head.

      Something about all of it feeling staged, like Sleeping Beauty only thought she was killing all of us, or that through the mediums we lived her intentions.

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    6. Battling The Aura Seekers

      by , 10-09-2012 at 03:18 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in my room with a couple of other people, I think a woman and her daughter. I shared a utensil or something with the daughter, then noticed she had a big, black looking cold sore on her lip. I then noticed the mom had one as well. I thought about the fact that I was now going to break out in cold sores.


      I was talking to my mom about my dad. She was saying how she always had to give in to him. I told her no, she didn't, and explained why, saying that he helped me with something.

      I was then in a Minecraft-like game that actually, now that I think about it, had sort of a Doom feel to it. I started in a dark hallway, and saw these glowing orange-yellow lights in the room in front of me. There were two rows of them on either side of something I couldn't see. I then knew they were eyes of this creature that detected people's auras and killed them. It saw me and went for me. I can't really describe what it looked like...it didn't look like anything even remotely living. It was black with these yellowish glyphs all over its body, which appeared to be made of some kind of black stone substance. I started to swing my sword at it, and I hit it a few times, but it kept hitting me too; when it would attack me, it would extend its arm and its hand and fingers, which was the only feature on the creature that looked even remotely human, and even then, barely so. My dad was supposed to be doing something in the room, I think helping keep the aura seekers under control.

      I was still battling the aura seeker, and I started to jump backwards so I could both avoid its attacks and hit it myself. I hit it quite a few times, but it wouldn't die. It had a large amount of health, apparently. I started to jump backwards down this hallway, and 2 or 3 other aura seekers started to come after me. Well shit. I started to head back to where I was. I killed a couple of the aura seekers, and they died like Minecraft mobs do, but there was one that I was having some trouble killing. I can't remember whether or not I killed it.

      I know I dreamed more than this last night, I know for a fact, but I didn't sleep very well. Oh well, there's always tomorrow night.

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    7. summoning my aura for healing

      , 03-03-2012 at 07:57 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2/2/2012 GM 4mg + Choline at 5:55am
      WBTB 5:40 - 6:20am
      I had the intent to have a healing dream, or go to a healing place, or self-heal my aura.
      WILD #11
      I'm on a street next to a bombed out building in a war zone. I ran into a building and start running up the stairs, as I'm being chased. At the same time I start to recite the mantra to summon my aura. My eyes get covered by my hand. I can only see underneath my palm and some slivers of light through my fingers. I end up in a brightly lit room. I look around and I'm very surprised, that I don't see my aura. I'm worried my dream will end, so I quickly wish to be taken to a healing place. I find myself at the hospital reception and a nurse welcomes me.
    8. Cool regular dream

      , 12-29-2011 at 08:13 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Wednesday, 12/28/11

      Bedtime 11:55pm. Had some champagne.

      DR between 7 - 8am

      1. I'm on a street C, next to my house on RD in NZ. It's a beautiful, sunny day. I look up and on a blue skies I see a grid of rectangles, like a table in Word, maybe 5x4, made out of nice, white, puffy clouds/airplane contrails. In one corner are angel wings also made out of clouds. I'm running in excitement and yell at the neighbour E in his apartment "Look up and see, look up and see".

      2. I wake up in an apartment. There are 2 more people here. It's morning and we are getting some food ready for breakfast.
      I look in a fridge. There is a bowl of corn and green peas, but I can't see it clearly, they seem to be moving, or maybe my eyes are twitching. They project a yellow glow.

      I can see everything clearly, colors, details, it's bright, I just cant read. There is a box of cigars. It says CUBANS. I try to see the country of origin, but cant find it on the box.

      One person leans towards me and looks at my eye to find out, why I can't read. Then I realize, I see through my eyelids.

      Now I'm in kitchen on RD10. To test if I can really see through my eyelids, or if I just "see" the room from my memory, my dad is doing something. First he throws a big pink blanket towards the tv, then a smaller brown blanket, then he is pulling on a brown sweater with stripes and then he pretends to throw a baseball. I identify everything correctly. I see color of wall paint, light are on, sharp details, but I know, my eyes are closed.

      I'm back in the apartment with the fridge and I tell to these guys - I thought I'm awake, but maybe I'm asleep, or maybe I was asleep before and now I'm awake - I couldn't make any sense of it.

      3. I'm in a living room in RD10. I lay on a sofa, my cat is next to me. I try to see the color of her aura, but I decide to see color of aura of my friend (I don't know who she is). She is sitting on the floor, leaning against our green bookcase, holding a baby? I can't see the color directly, but I see the inside of the bookcase illuminated by light blue light. I ask her with laughter, if she want's to know the color of her aura.

      I wake up and feel the headrush, that for me means transition through field of stars to Lucid Dream.

      All dreams were super focused, sharp, colorfull, bright. I was talking to people, which I rarely do. I have a feeling I did have an LD or was very close to it, but can't confirm. Very good feeling from the whole thing.

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    9. Flying Backfips

      by , 08-08-2011 at 07:15 AM (School 2)
      Dream; Semi-Lucid; Lucid; Memorable; 1-4 My Recollection;

      2; Hotel, ate tons of sweets. Beat up 3 DC's, did flying backflips, 4; With my old science teacher in classroom. (She had Hillary aura.)

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    10. to find the aura

      by , 07-26-2011 at 03:28 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i am at my father's brothers house (none of this is waking life true). we come here twice a year, once for christmas and once for a birthday.

      its night time. i am inside with my two cousins and my half sister casey (fathers daughter). casey is an artist in this dream and is creating a 3D painted character on cardboard.

      i do the same. everyone jokes about how ugly mine is, but casey and I know it is pretty good technical skills.

      we go outside but casey stays inside. there are neighborhood kids out here doing something. we run around hills even tho we cannot see much.

      suddenly, all three (me and two cousins) of our ankles get clamped with a metal chain to lock us onto the hill. we are prisoners of the neighborhood kids.

      they come over and have this strange device. they ask each of us to find something to counter the spinning saw inside the device. if we don't counter it, it will saw thru our ankles.

      we all somehow manage to find things to counter it. we put metal things in front of the saw so it goes thru that instead of our skin. i find a pair of scissors. there is plastic around the metal part but i say "dont worry i got this", which i do.

      casey comes out and rescues us and shoos everyone off. i get in the car with her and my dad and we leave.

      i realize that the entire dream is actually a short story in a magazine. i continue reading.

      we drive to a big store. we get out and i never see my dad for the rest of the dream.

      inside the store i meet up with a few other friends. at the store, there is a big prize counter in the center. everyone has a certain number of points, points = money to spend on the junk inside the counter. a few carnie people are running it.

      i tell my mom to get me more paint with some of my points, and she gets me a set with the same color scheme as the one i used to make the character in the beginning of the dream. i ask for a refund and the carnie says no.

      i ask my mom how many points i have left and she refuses to tell me. i dont want any of the junk here so i walk away.

      i jump onto a cart loaded with soda cans. casey is pushing it and my friends are in it with me. we open all the soda at the same time and are propelled like by a rocket of de-pressurized soda thru the whole store.

      casey and i leave with someone else. there is another group of stores across the parking lot.

      while walking, i tell casey my idea: "i want to make a belt that begins at your shoe and comes up to yr pants vertically, on both legs and one small one in the middle." "that will make you look like you have a bulge" she says.

      my feet are burning on the tar and i realize i have no shoes or socks on. i skip into the store and lose casey.

      i want to find socks and the back door that i enter leads to the sock section. i find a pair i like and take them, but realize theres a worker here. she is with my friend chase.

      chase is trying to buy a bra. he is claiming to want a sex change (he always makes ridiculous claims in waking life). i tell him to buy heather's size, 36 C. he puts it on his body and looks at himself in the mirror.

      he is embarrassed because he still likes being a boy.

      i forget about the socks and walk thru the store. i see casey on a small red pedal powered truck for a child. it says "looking for a friend". i run up to her and she laughs and pedals away. i see another red truck with someone in it. i realize the game is to find eachother in the store.

      time warp. i hear casey saying, about the store i was just in: "we had three hard workers on duty today. thats the equivalent of 1000 pairs of sunglasses and 500 windows. how did we let this happen?" she was referring to a theft in the store.

      i leave wherever i am at this point and end up in the original store. i see holden, my brother.

      we talk about surfing and how i would really like to try it. he says he'd like to go on a trip to the west coast.

      my dream turns into a long strip of pavement surrounded by 50 foot waves on both sides. most cars get taken by the waves before they can reach safety on the other side.

      my sight follows a woman in a car like a tv show camera would. she is talking by herself, to the camera that is my consciousness.

      she tells about how gay people come here to find their auras. someone/something asks what that is and she disregards. she parks her car and gets out.

      this is a very brave act since the point of the area is to go as fast as you can to safety. to find the yr aura, you must park and risk yr life.

      she steps onto a median which runs thru the whole road for about 200 feet. there are steps into a little pool on it.

      she walks up the steps and says this is where the aura can be found.

      i wake up.
    11. Mixing from reality

      by , 04-17-2011 at 07:02 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Mixing from reality (Non-lucid)


      Yesterday I spoken with a friend, who I am spiritually very attached. She told me her husband and her had a common friend online (over the Ikariam game) She told me she almost divorced because she "felt" in love with the other guy who she has never seen. She realized it was almost a confusion.

      I was watching this dream in 3rd person. I was following a guy who was arguing with his wife. His wife had a lover online. He was sure his wife loved him, and his very wife, also loved him, but he was confused. Some discussions happened during the dream. Suddenly, I was that guy with a made up wife. She started to lie to me and I reminded her I was able to read auras. I started to read her aura and found she was not being honest. She got nervious.

      I had a FA in my room where I explained to my wife this dream. She got mad at me for no reason. I woke up.
    12. Fragments from July 22 2010

      by , 07-24-2010 at 03:43 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. My brother, dad, and I are at the animal shelter adopting a new cat. For some reason my brother empties his pockets, but all he has in them is a large and unwieldy knife-wallet hybrid with a combination lock. An Asian man grabs the lock and starts cracking it. He soon solves it and tries to leave, but I hook my finger in the lock and pull to make him stay. We struggle for a while and he calls me racist names, then pulls out a pistol. I then proceed to knock him out with my other hand and escape with the family.

      2. I'm playing DDR in an arcade with some of my college friends. It only costs two tokens, but the machine has been modified to float and is very unstable on a pool of water. My friend Q starts to bash arrows on the machine, and I try to stop him from messing me up. I lose my balance, however, and fall into what turns out to be putrid water.

      3. I am watching a Tupperware container with a hot dog and a bunch of Cincinnati chili. Suddenly the hot dog grows a tiny mouth and starts to eat the chili, eventually leaving the container spotless!

      4. I can see my own aura, and it is green. Someone else (unintelligible notes) also sees it and comments.

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    13. #75. Seven Minutes in Heaven

      by , 06-14-2010 at 07:57 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Okay, guys. I'm done spamming the Recent Entries section, I promise.

      Also, romance with a fictional character? Very lame. Thankfully, this can only end badly.
      What greater weapon is there than to turn an enemy to your cause—to use their own knowledge against them?

      I'm browsing through the sale aisle at Bootlegger when I feel the temperature drop. Slowly, I place the t-shirt I was holding back on the rack, and reach out with my senses, feeling at the presence that appeared directly behind me. I can feel a stare burning into the back of my head, and I turn around, keeping my hands visible and obviously empty.

      Standing there is a dark-haired man in a trench coat, staring at me without blinking. Aside from the creepiness factor, he doesn't appear to be a threat, but I can see beyond the physical. Cold light bleeds from his form, barely contained within his vessel, and I check my initial impulse to attack.

      "Is there something I can help you with?" I ask, gesturing with my hands.

      His expression doesn't change, though I notice a slight twitch of annoyance. "My name is Castiel. I'm an angel of the Lord." He says this tiredly, as if it's something he's had to recite a lot lately.

      Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I've heard those words before. I'm still caught up in the feeling of deja vu when he says, "Luc, heaven has work for you."

      The words jolt me back into the present. "Wait, what?" I say. "My name's ---."

      "Of course it is." says Castiel.

      I calculate my chances of being able to control the holy fire I'm about to summon. Blue flames start to dance across my fingertips and my claws lengthen in response to my irritation.

      A ball of pure kinetic force slams into my side, sending me flying through the glass store-window. I pick myself up from the ground and spin to face my attacker, a man I barely get a glance at before I'm dodging another kinetic missile.

      The force slams through the back wall of the shop, sending people screaming for cover. I roll into a crouching position and pull all the glass around me into the air. I throw the broken glass and the shards fly like bullets toward the attacker. Before they've even hit, I'm sending a wave of holy fire at him.

      The incompatible energy burns ice-cold, sucking the heat from my bones. I collapse, shaking, fighting for breath. I manage to raise my head to look at the wall of fire that's burning on its own, and decide that it'll probably hold off the angels long enough for me to escape.

      A hand grips the back of my shirt and hauls me to my feet. I look up at Castiel and groan.

      "Bit of a trigger-happy bodyguard?" I complain, leaning on the angel for support. "Was that Lucifer? It looked like Lucifer." I mutter.

      Castiel actually rolls his eyes. "We should depart. It would be best to avoid him for now."

      "Oh no." I say, stepping back from Castiel on still-wobbly legs. "I can't take any more of your light-based heavenly magics right now. I say we walk."

      Castiel just looks around our flaming surroundings. The building will probably fall down on us any second now.

      "Fine." I say, closing my eyes and bracing for more hypothermia. I feel Castiel touch my shoulder, and a sudden lurch, and I open my eyes. We're standing in a three-car garage; concrete floors, white walls. The weirdest thing? I feel completely fine.

      "Guess I've found an angel I'm not allergic to." I say, "Where are we?"



      Castiel doesn't have time to answer. Flames are appearing from nowhere, licking up through the concrete floor and burning it away. The flames explode outward in a spiral and I shield as best as I can, but I can feel them lick at me, burning cold.

      I'm running toward the door to the house, stepping onto the tile floor and slamming the door shut behind me. There's an inch of space left, and the door won't stay shut.

      Last time, it actually closed the whole way, a little voice reminds me, but Lucifer is on the other side of the door, twisting the doorknob and I pull against the door, holding it shut from the inside. Lucifer is pounding on the door, causing it to rattle in its frame. I'm worried he might actually knock it down.

      Of course, the fact that he hasn't is a little insulting.

      "You know, I am way better at being you." I mutter.

      I look around for something to brace the door with. The garage opens directly into the kitchen. Metatron is walking through on the far side, behind the island.

      "Hey, Metatron! A little help here?" I say hopefully, still holding the door shut. It shudders against the onslaught.

      Metatron looks down his nose at me. "Honestly, Luc, the lot of you are acting like children," he sneers, and continues on his way.

      "My name is ---!" I shout at his retreating back.

      The feeling of ice water is creeping back into my veins. I shiver and lean against the doorframe for support, gripping the doorknob with my right hand. I hear shouting from the other side of the door and the noise is lessening. Lucifer's not trying to get in.

      When Castiel appears beside me, the room seems to get a little warmer. I'm clutching at the lapels of his trench coat before I even realize what I'm doing. The cold is fading away, though, and I decide that it's worth the awkwardness.

      "Is he gonna back off?" I grumble into Castiel's shoulder.

      Castiel tentatively places his arms around me. "Raphael understands that we need your help. So long as you don't burn down any more buildings, I think you'll be fine." He pauses, considering. "If he finds out that you mistook him for Lucifer, though, he might try to kill you again."

      "Raphael." I blink, pulling away. "That makes more sense."

      "I also recommend that you remain close to me," Castiel says, "Heaven's defenses seem to have an adverse affect on you as you are now."

      I shiver. "Fair point. Now what the hell is it you want me to do?"


      It turns out, the bright blue energy I've been playing with for the last few weeks has been wreaking havoc on Heaven's delicate ecosystem. For some strange, probably sinister reason, I'm the only one who can fix it.

      Part of the living room has been torn away to reveal a crack in the dream-fabric. Blue electricity is spitting from the black chasm, and the angels in the room shy away from it every time it crackles. Castiel and I walk into the room without much fanfare, though the two angels hurry out as soon as we get there.

      "Is there something I'm missing?" I wonder aloud.

      "You need to absorb the Lux. We'll be able to repair the tears," says Castiel, pointedly not answering my question.

      "So there is something I'm missing." I say, turning around to look at Castiel. "What happens to me if I do this?"

      Castiel's face is deliberately expressionless. "You'll be able to withstand our defenses on your own for a time. Once we've repaired the tear, I'll return you to Earth and the Lux will fade away on its own."

      I turn back to the tear, staring into the terrifying void, alive with crackling blue. It's breathtaking, in a way.

      "---," he says, catching my elbow. I look back at him. "Please do this."

      I smile and say, "I never could say no to you, Cas." It feels like I've said the words before.

      Castiel pulls back like he's been burned, and I turn to the void, holding out a hand and bracing myself. I focus on the blue energy and pull -

      It's like crashing headfirst into a star. The whole world is alive - burning - and I can see. I can see everything. I can see blue, blue, bright, light blue, and it's trailing after every living thing in the universe. I don't know. I don't know what it is, but it's not light, not like Heaven, not like the power Readers have. It's deeper, more primal, and it wants nothing more than to be free -

      My world explodes with blue light, and my bits and pieces of awareness are interrupted by the intense humming of the Lux in my veins. I'm vaguely aware of strong arms pulling me away from the hungry black tears in the dream-fabric, of clutching at the rough fabric of a coat, trying to hold on to something tangible, before I'm torn away from him and left to calm down.

      The next thing I know, I'm in the kitchen. I'm sitting on a stool at the island, propping my elbows up on the granite countertop, resting my chin on my hands. Most of my attention is on the movie being projected on the wall across the room. I have a vague recollection of choosing Dogma just to be obstinate.

      Castiel walks in from the living room, looking neither more or less rumpled than he usually does.

      "How'd it go?" I ask.

      "We were successful, thanks to you," he says. "How are you feeling?"

      "Fine." I say, "Better than fine." I can still feel the Lux thrumming through my veins, offering me power beyond my wildest dreams.

      As much as I might like Cas, he doesn't need to know that.

      "We've done this before, haven't we?" I ask quietly.

      Castiel looks away, and I catch his hand in mine. He meets my gaze, looking sad.

      I let go of the breath I was holding. "Wish I could remember."

      Our hands are still threaded together, and he squeezes my hand, says, "Let me take you home."

      And we're standing at the center of an empty city square, bathed in orange under the afternoon sun. The cobblestones are warm beneath my feet, and the air is dry and still. Castiel and I are holding hands, and when I look up at him, my breath catches in my throat.

      "We'll just do the same thing, Cas, over and over again. You know that."

      "It has to be this way."

      "It doesn't." I insist, but Castiel is already letting go of my hands.

      "I'm sorry, ---." He raises two fingers to my forehead, preparing to erase my memories.

      My force push sends him flying through a brick wall. Dust and mortar fly everywhere and the angel collapses in a heap. The rest of the wall falls in on him.

      I'm standing with my palms outstretched, panting. I let my hands fall to my sides, and watch silver-white light leak from the pile of stones. I don't have much time.

      I flee the square, running over the cobblestones and heading toward the cliff overlooking the rest of the city. I don't slow down; I leap from the cliff and focus on the rooftops hurtling toward me.

      As I land, I blanket this section of the city with my black and red aura, sending my awareness out in all directions until only the blue-white energy is left. I can feel the pull to a place only I can find, and I close my eyes and let myself drift toward Lux.

      Seven Minutes in Heaven. Scare Factor: 3.

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    14. #70. Something Blue

      by , 06-14-2010 at 07:44 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm running away from something. I'm underground, and it's dark and brown and I propel myself forward upward through the cave system. The thing I'm running away from is catching up to me, but I realize that I'm dreaming. I spin on my heel, turn around to confront the creature. I feel an icy thrill of fear when I see it. An inky black miasma chokes the air around me, and I can feel the creature's energy trying to infect my every pore.

      I use that against it.

      I expand my awareness, absorbing the black energy and forcing it to change, twisting it into an approximation of my own energy. I blanket the creature in a cloud of soft red and black, my aura, and allow the energy to dissippate.

      All of my surroundings are gradations of red and black, and I find the atmosphere calming. All that's left of the monster is a swathe of black fabric on the ground, and a round plush toy that doesn't make much sense. I step over the toy and peer out into a gigantic cavern.

      The very air starts to hum. I can feel bright blue energy spiking through the dream, interrupting the calm dark colours, and the energies start to clash as everything fades to white.

      Something Blue. Scare Factor: 6.

      And then I went to the dentist's office and found this:

      It's identical.
    15. #63. Stray Little Devils

      by , 06-14-2010 at 07:30 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Fragment: Misha Collins and I walk through a grassy field, looking for a shed or a house that contains something important.

      Fragment: My own dark energies are overshadowed by the presence of bright blue.

      I've somehow popped into the Sandman universe, after the end of the Lucifer series. Considering I'm the devil herself at the moment, albeit one from an alternate reality, I think it prudent to avoid people who might recognize me.

      A group of the ex-Lucifer's allies are converging upon a town, ready to attack, for some reason. I have an image of him (from my avatar) crashing into one of the buildings with a semi-truck, stepping out unharmed. I realize that I'm going to have to hide my healing ability.

      I make for the rooftops. I run up a ramp and leap onto the side of a three-story building, using tiny handholds to inch my way onto the roof. I get to the edge, and I pull myself up, and immediately scramble for cover at the back of the roof. Mazikeen jumps up the same way I came, armed with a sniper rifle and ready to take out enemies on the ground.

      I notice that she's recovered the other half of her face.

      I inch out of my hiding place to get a better look at her, and she turns around. "Lucifer?" she accuses, calling fire into the palm of her right hand.

      "Um, no?" I say, "Not yours, anyway."

      She doesn't seem to believe me, and being burned alive is never fun.

      "'He flew outside of creation, and the nothing imposed itself upon him. Or maybe he imposed himself upon the nothing.'" I misquote, "It was something like that, anyway."

      Yeah, that fireball doesn't seem to be dying down.

      "I'm here to help! Really!"

      "You're here to help?" She says mockingly, "What can you do?"

      Some time later...

      I'm a child in white, laid out over an altar. A man holds a knife out in front of him, poised to strike into my heart. Like lightening, I stand up and take the knife, slashing across his throat and spraying arterial blood into the audience. A woman licks her lips, and I wonder what it tastes like to her.

      One sacrifice down.

      Stray Little Devils. Scare Factor: 2.

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