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    1. Australia

      , 08-14-2015 at 06:35 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Night shifts

      slept 3pm-9:45pm

      Woke up from a dream earlier and retold it to myself to memorize it. But I forgot one part which I remembered just now.

      So I'm in Australia with a class. They are showing us a room where other kids are going to work as part of some teaching/work experience. It's a sheep shearing room. There are some gentle straps to put 3 sheep in and some other eqipment.

      I knew in a dream what am I going to be doing but I forgot now.

      We were in a dining hall eating welcome meal when everybody got up to do the cha-CHA! dance. I'm about to join them.

      Me and a friend of mine went out to see the sights. We come to this drop dead gorgeous place with gentle rolling hills, green, yellow and orange tall grass rolling in the wind and smallish roundish trees. I think the friend was OpheliaBlue, because I tell her to imagine us having a glass of red wine in that place. We both immediatelly drop down and start taking pictures. Lol, I just remembered it was Ophelia, and she is saying "yes, a cloud, that makes taking pictures better". I guess the colors are not as washed out as when full sun is shining on the scenery. So I'm scrambling to take pictures while cloud is there and I watch a play of shadows and light moving over the scenery as the clouds are moving overhead.

      I tried to google this image, but nothing does it justice. Maybe last scenes from movie Knowing, where kids are running through this field of yellow grass towards that beautifull tree.

      I really wish dream cameras were a thing.
    2. Not a hallucination

      by , 01-03-2015 at 09:26 PM
      Recent dreams included an appearance from Inanna and Dumuzi.


      Avoiding direct sunlight, I made my way into a bar where I'm surprised to find a certain man - I'll refer to him as my friend. That's a lie, but it entertains me and disturbs him when I adopt a friendly attitude. I sit down and address him by name, and say, "I thought you were going back to Australia."

      "This is Australia," he says.

      That explains a lot. My aim is terrible, but at least I've got him to serve as a guide now. But to my surprise, he's not at all impressed by seeing me here. I'd really expected more of a reaction. We talk at cross purposes for a while, until he says that he'd thought I'd disappeared with yadda yadda event - I realize he believes he's talking with the hallucinatory version of me who'd been with him for a while. I'm surprised that lasted so long, it wasn't intended to. I explain to my friend that I'm not his hallucination, I'm the real thing. He doesn't seem to believe me.

      I sit down at the bar and wait for him to come around, and watch the sun go down through the window. A woman comes over and sits down next to me - on the bar itself, not a stool. We explain pleasantries, and she says a few things that don't make much sense to me until I recognize this as the opening moves of a mating ritual. I start to tell her that I appreciate the intention but our species aren't compatible in that way - and now my friend's hurrying me out the door. Oh good, it seems he's accepted that other people can see me.

      In the parking lot outside the bar, I stop and stare at the stars. I'm absolutely in awe of them. I call my friend by name, and ask him, "What am I looking at?" Seeing them in this unfamiliar arrangement is astonishing. He doesn't seem impressed by them, and I can't figure out why - this arrangement must be the one he grew up with, the one he spent so much time trying to get back to, so he should appreciate it. Seeing them through an atmosphere creates such an amazing effect. There are a few wisps of cloud adding to the view - and for a moment a patch of stars appears to be moving, but then I realize there's a children's toy floating above our heads in the shape of a translucent butterfly, distorting the view. I look down at the kids - they're looking at the toy, not the stars. My friend is trying to hurry me along through the parking lot, and I try to impress upon him how moving this is. "Do you know how long it's been since I've been down to earth? Any earth?" He remembers, he was there, and he is not interested in reminiscing.

      Short note from an earlier dream today: reading a description of "laurel leaves, called apollon," in which the author acknowledges that they cause strife but states that it's merely like the rebelliousness of an adolescent, and that they are indisputably sacred to Apollo.

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    3. Australia

      , 08-28-2014 at 03:42 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed 1 am - 7am

      Had a long dream. Last part:

      I'm in Australia, outside of an airport. Some smaller, regional. I'm walking on the tarmac. There is a runway on my left and a small airplane is taxiing. I think it's going to come on my left, but it turns and aims at the runway just ahead of me.

      I want to start running just for the joy of running (wtf?), but I think airport security's car is already headed for me. But I start to run anyway. Skies are beautiful Sun has set, clouds are dark blue, almost black and some very deep redish blackish, but it's still a bit bright between them.

      We are housed in some individual cottages with a group of people I know. We gather outside and walk towards the dining hall. Looks like a school mess hall. We stand in line for dinner. Somehow I'm like the 5th person from the end and. My vaforite teacher is the last one and I feel that's not right. So I take my tray and move to the last place after her. She protests but I'm having none of it. She is not going to be the last one, I am.

      I'm eating from a white plate. So kind of a very finely ground substance, almost like groung coffee in some liquid. Doesn't taste bad. As I'm finishing, I see hair on bottom of the plate. I eat around it coz don't want to be rude. I wonder if it's mine or someone elses. I look at another person's plate and I see he has a piece of hair there too.

      I have a smaller tray with dark blue/green napkin and utensils on it and it sits on my larger tray.

      I'm on a rooftop fixing something. Somebody walks there looking for me. It's getting dark, so I talk to that person so he can find me following my voice. Then I remember I have a pen flashlight and I aim it at him so he can see the light.

      He finally walk up to me closer and we discuss some aparatus on the roof that's connected to cables that he or both of use put there.
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    4. The Australian Odyssey

      by , 07-24-2014 at 08:20 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #222: The Australian Odyssey

      I’m standing in line with my friends SC and MR along with some other people that I false remember as people from my past. I’m trying to introduce these “old friends” but it’s hopeless because I can’t even remember their names. Very embarrassing, and to my relief the line moves ahead and we walk into a large video arcade.

      SC, MR, and I watch this one game for a while that’s a cross between a sandbox-style game, a racing game, and a platformer. I get confused after a while and wander to another part of the arcade, when some creep elbows me aside and then flicks me on the back. The creep stares at me as he walks by with a “what are you gonna do about it?” look. He’s a short little guy with a mustache. “You’re short,” I observe out loud.

      This enrages him, and he charges at me, taking an unbelievably slow swing at my head. I push him gently aside and he falls to the floor. “Stop it,” I tell him. “I don’t want to get arrested.” I move away from him down a hallway but he chases me down and tries to hit me again. I scoop up his right ankle and he falls backward to the floor.

      I say, “I’m not hurting you because I don’t think you can hurt me.” As I’m walking away I start doing some pondering out loud: “But… what if you try to hit me 5000 more times? Wouldn't all of that practice make you dangerous to me?” Convinced by the dream logic, I pick up a toddler-sized chair and say, “Next time, I’m going to hit you with this chair! In the face!” I shake the chair for emphasis. He ignores my warnings and again comes charging for me. I smash the chair into the center of his forehead and he crumples to the ground.

      I walk off down the hall, hoping nobody saw me do that. Something about all this strikes me as completely crazy and
      I become lucid. I walk down a long hallway lined with school lockers, and at the end I find a dirt ramp leading downward. I follow the tunnel downward into a large temple built with big stone blocks. There are gaps in the stonework near the high ceiling and shafts of sunlight cut across the room from above.

      It’s a beautiful place and I begin slowly flying around the room, overcome with joy to be lucid. “Fucking lucidity!” I say, feeling like I might cry with emotion. After flying around for a bit, I walk outside of the temple to find myself in a Venice-like city of canals. A few boats drift gently by.

      I look back at the temple and see a large, golden statue of an angel sliding down a ramp from the ceiling to the door right in front of me. From somewhere a voice says, “Although we recognize Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we believe this church is powered by the Holy Spirit.” I get the sense that the voice is trying to explain what they use for electricity. After admiring the statue for a few moments, I step into one of the boats and set off.

      It’s not long before I find myself at the edge of the city, heading out to sea. I get the feeling that I’m in Australia and the beauty of the story and the scenery eventually
      drain away my lucidity. Dreamer starts narrating: “Parts of Australia are dirty, polluted, and not as nice as you might think.” As she says this, I notice oily water lapping against the side of the boat.

      I set sail away from the city, staying close to the shoreline, Dreamer narrating here and there. The water is clear and beautiful now. Dreamer says that I’m trying to find my way to the islands of the “Hawthorne Formation” but I don’t know my way there. The sea is calm and I feel peaceful and relaxed. Eventually my boat lands on a sandy beach where Noah Bennet from Heroes is working at a carpentry table. I think he’s my dad and that he’s counting on me making this journey to the Hawthorne Formation to get help for my mom and sister. (100% false memories and characters.)

      “Son,” he says, “draw me a map of where you think you are.” I draw a globe on a piece of plywood and sketch out Australia. I think it looks pretty good until I see all of the lines of longitude converging in its center. I realize that I’ve put Australia where Antarctica is supposed to go and feel really embarrassed.

      Noah Bennet sighs. “Here’s the Hawthorne Formation,” he says, drawing a series of 4 islands off the southwestern coast of Australia.” He draws an arrow pointing northeast into the middle of these islands.

      I thank him and return to the boat. “Good luck, son,” he says, and
      the dream fades.

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    5. The Australian Plane Theater, Evil Machine Hunt, and Asking for a Present

      by , 01-07-2014 at 05:04 AM
      Dec 27-28 (Lucid)
      I was by myself in a city trying to go see Lord of the Rings in theaters, and buy myself a ticket that costs in the high teens. I'm looking around for the actual room the movie is playing in, but go back to the ticket booth, and buy the ticket alongside a flight to Australia. I find myself heading towards the plane and getting on, but it's slightly militaristic, lots of military are our escorts on and it's slightly part of the act and show, but also necessary because the plane is important. I get on the plane, find the movie theater room, which is very very large. Probably like the size, area wise, of 8 large movie rooms. There isn't one big screen to look at, but several smaller screens pointing every which direction scattered throughout the room. I pick a seat eventually that's fairly secluded, but as I sit there, I start to think. I realized I should pick a better seat because I couldn't see one of the bigger screens well, just some small ones. But I also wonder why I'm going to Australia, when I had work the next day, and the ticket costs like over $400. I got up to leave and grabbed all my stuff. As I was leaving I texted my friend Trent telling him how I almost just went to Australia by myself, and I further realized how silly the idea was. As I was looking for the place that would refund my ticket, I realized it was a dream at this point, ran back to the plane and got right on and into the movie room. As I was running to the movie room I saw stickers and signs posted all over for the military saying "shoot first" and "be fast" and other similar ones. When I was in the movie room I wanted to watch the movie for whatever reason, but I find out that it's not gonna start for another 18 minutes. I realize my dream wouldn't last 18 minutes, so I grab a remote next to me and point it at the nearest screen and turn it on. There is some news playing or something. I pointed at other screens too but couldn't get those to turn on. Turning back to the news station, I want to see if there are channels or how it would work. I could see faces of the anchor on screen pretty detailed, but not words. I cycled through and realized it was repeating like 3 channels. At this point the plane is moving and going really fast, but not flying yet. I go to a window, which is somehow nearby, and want to go outside. I put my hands on the wall and then my head and I could push my head through the wall of the plane. As soon as my head went through the dream went dark, as if I was waking up.
      I didn't want to wake up yet, so I just reimagined the sense of wind going by, then the sight of looking along the outside of the plane and soon I was back in the dream! I launched out of the high speed plane with no fear and landed running on some scenery. I was running very fast and wanted to push myself even further. I was running and jumping faster and then realized I wanted to try one more thing, teleportation. I thought back to what people said the best way to teleport was, going through a solid wall. I see a rock face just big enough and flat enough for what I need, and run up to it. I think about where I want to go first, and I decide upon a strip club (at this point I was losing lucidity and didn't have much of my better judgement ). I put my hands on the wall and it felt fuzzy, not like the solid rock it should have been. But when I pushed my head against the rock I phased right through. It felt only slightly solid, and it looked black and foggy on the other side. I walked forward maybe 5 feet then emerged in a small room consisting of 5 or 6 guys and girls that were in the process of undressing. The room reminded me of the airplane again and the DC's looked like flight stewards/stewardesses. I keep going forward and see an open door to my left and there is another room of people slightly further along in the undressing process. Before I see anyone actually all the way I wake up, because I was getting too excited.

      Machines were being woken up similar to transformers, and were controlled by someone evil. There were humans chasing us down still. I was on a team of people running away from someone hunting us down. The ones hunting us gave us a head start because we did something nice for them. We went down a hole, and were sliding down for a while. We were in an ancient building and had to find our way out. There were creatures that looked like giant centipedes around trying to kill us, they were poisonous so we had to avoid them. I get stung by one as we're running away and apparently it's a big deal, but I don't feel hurt. We run back to my house and we're supposedly safe. My perspective changes to the guy hunting us and he uses these lights on a large globe to track us down. They zoom on our location which is a large tower on his 3D map. Back to my perspective we're talking and enjoying getting away, and the room looks just like my kitchen. Soon I remember I'm being hunted and bring up that they know where we are. Jim Hatfield, my co-worker, is next to me apparently and is mad I didn't bring it up earlier. Soon the people who let us go earlier show up one at a time and we start talking to them to reason to them. I realize at this point I'm dreaming, and my fear goes away. The people killing me though are supposedly other lucid dreamers, but I think they're DC's. I explain to them that if we're both lucid dreamers we don't need to be fear each other because we can't get hurt and we can always come back. The girl I'm talking to agrees, but replies that lucid dreams are few and far between and I realize she's right. Soon enough the main guy who was supposed to be hunting is comes in and I just ignore him. I want to stabilize the dream so I rub my hands together, then I want to try licking the ground or furniture around me. I started just runnin my tongue along the ground. It didn't taste like anything, it just felt like a flat surface. I also tried furniture, but this didn't work at all as I didn't taste or feel it on my tongue. At one point the dream fades out and I wake up, but I DEILD back into it. I walk around deciding what to do while I'm still in the dream, then try to levitate a bit. I jump up, try to float. It works just a very small bit on my 3rd try but I fade out again and DEILD back in. I remember I didn't quite complete the ToTM so I ask my DC mom who happens to be there for a present. She go grabs one out of a stack of presents that I apparently missed, and hands it to me. The wrapping paper on it was your average Christmas pattern of a color with trees all over it, and when I tore it open, there was another set of wrapping paper there, but this one was silver, and had these oval logos on it all saying "Dragon Force". I tore open this paper and inside was a box saying "Dragon Force" on it and inside the box were several dragon shaped gummies. I grabbed one and took a bite, and it tasted like a fruit roll-up. I looked underneath the dragons and there was another set of gummies that looked like transformers and also Galactus. I start laughing at the utter randomness that the gift turned out to be. I then go back to my room, wake up along the way but DEILD back in by licking the couch in the living room (it was the old purple one). One of the DC's who used to be my enemy but who was now my friend showed up and I offered to show him my room. He is happy to see it and follows me. My room is extremely messy when we get there, like you can barely see the floor messy, and I have to push everything out of the way. He is happy that it is messy (I seem flustered that it's messy and kind of forget I'm dreaming at this point). I see my Xbox one and it's crooked and broken on the corners and I get really angry. I ask the guy if he believes in shared dreaming and he responds yes, I say I don't and think he's just a DC. He starts laughing and I don't know what to think. The TV is turned on and people are voting on if they think shared dreaming is real. I wake up, but DEILD back in one last time. I ask the guy what it was like for him to have me leave for a few seconds, but can't remember if there was a response. I just thought I would have faded in and out if he was a dreamer. I then fade out again and wake up and try to DEILD, but can't this time. Now I realize how ridiculous shared dreaming actually seems (my personal view, not to offend anyone who may believe in it).

      I was in New York City with my dad. I’m exploring by myself and a guy I meet says he needs help connecting to the cellular networks there. I decide to help him and get it working. We then go into a restaurant to go eat, but he thinks thats weird so he gets up and leaves. I follow him, flustered that he didn’t thank me for helping him.
    6. Australia and Poland

      , 12-02-2013 at 06:40 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Saturday 11.30.13

      DR1 - I'm walking through a city that looks like my hometown. But it's not, It's Poland. We walk in a bar, that's just a hole in a a wall. Arched wooden doors. It's packed. We sit at a small, round, high table. There are couples everywhere. Except, they are not really couples. I think they just paired up after arrival. And not all are happy with the way they are paired up. We realize we came to the wrong bar.

      DR 2 - I'm walking through a city again. This time it's Australia. I can clearly feel the distance from my home continent. I'm on the other side of the world. We see some ladies walk by and ask them for some good, not too expensive restaurant. They laugh. There is nothing that't not expensive.

      DR3 - Still in Australia. I'm talking about a job offer in Bendi national Park. Sitting in managers office at the visitor's center. Sliding glass door behing me is opened and I have a view of a man-made small animal pool. Water is greenish, as if full of algae. I see a snake swimming in the water. I call my mom to look, but by then, it had turned to a crocodile. I'm excited to see a crocodile.

      Still in Australia. now talking to different people about a job. I follow a female manager to a mess hall. A male manager tells me, that he has two openings - one is a manager of 2 workers in a dining room. Can't remember the other one.
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    7. Cannonballs, Great White Sharcks, and the TotY

      by , 01-16-2013 at 06:30 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I'm not sure if this was a DILD, MILD, or WILD. I did a WBTB at 4, said a mantra while falling asleep, and the next thing I knew I was in a dream already lucid with no recollection of any transition period or normal dream. I had three dreams and woke up at 4:45 so .

      I was standing in my room, already lucid, only to find two of my friends on my bed having sex. What the hell?! I yelled at them to stop and leave and they complied with annoyed looks on their face as they walked out the door. Not the way I wanted this dream to start out, but I was lucid so I didn't really mind. That little incident made a sex lucid the first thing on my mind but I really wanted to work on the TotY so I thought about which one to do. The Colosseum task was the first to pop into my head but I had decided to save that one for last. Instead I figured I would do the Angel Falls on, South America, I think it was for.

      My friends had left the door to my room open on their way out so I walked over, closed it, and envisioned myself at the foot of Angel Falls on the other side. When I opened the door, it was just my hallway. Let's try again. I closed the door, pictured Angel Falls all by itself on the other side and, when I opened it, I was greeted by a large waterfall in the middle of a rain forest. This must be it! I stepped through the door and was immediately hit with a hot, humid air that made my clothes stick to my chest. This stickiness made me realize that I hadn't stabilized yet so I quickly rubbed my hands together and took in a big, deep breath which was quite difficult with the humidity.

      I had been in a rain forest once before, in southeastern Mexico, but these seemed much thicker and wetter. In front of me lay a huge waterfall, though quite thin. The whole thing was probably 1000 feet high but only 10-20 feet wide with a surprisingly little amount of water in it. I looked at the bottom to make sure there was a sufficient pool of water for when I jumped down and it looked like a good size: about 40 feet across and seemed deep enough. I started to float up to the top of the falls and noticed that there were a lot of rocks and bumps along the path of the waterfall, something which couldn't be seen from the ground. In order to get past these I would have to jump fairly far out.

      I reached the top and landed on a small, rocky outcropping just alongside the falls. I looked over the edge and started to plan out which route I would take. I looked at the pool below to find a good landing spot, one that would be deep enough but also big enough to hit. I picked a spot in the pool that was darker and looked deeper than the rest. I took a few steps back, took a deep breath, and then leaped off the edge. I curled up into a ball and yelled, "Cannonball!!!" There were a couple seconds of awkwardness as I kept falling after I yelled that. The second I thought, "Hmm, I probably should have hit the wat-" I slammed into the water, right on my butt. That was uncomfortable.

      A split second after I hit the water I felt a soft, muddy bottom and my feet sunk in a few inches. I pushed up from the bottom to re-surface but my feet got caught in the mud a bit and made this a wasted effort. I slowly floated back up to the surface and, upon lifting my head out of the water all I could see was white. There was suddenly a big cloud of mist from the waterfall, something that should've been there the entire time but for some reason never was. Well, that was it, I got another TotY done. I proceeded to fill that urge I had at the beginning. Right when I reached the pique of that, I
      woke up.

      I had prepped myself for a DEILD in the dream prior to this and was ready for when I woke up. I relaxed and went back to sleep, making sure to stay awake. After only a few seconds I was back in a dream, in my room once again, and checked my hands to make sure I was in a dream. They looked normal as a whole but seemed a little off for some reason. I did a nose-plug to be sure and I could definitely breath. It was still nighttime and was completely dark in my room so I walked over to my light switch and flipped it on. Of course, this didn't work. I was messing with it for a second but then realized, "Dur, it's a dream!" I yelled out, "Lights, please!" and the room became bright.

      I figured I would go for a second task since this was technically another dream. I decided on the Australia one and went through it in my head to be sure I wasn't missing anything. I had to hitch a ride on a turtle or something and then bite a great white shark, I think. I decided to try something new to get from my house in America to the great barrier reef in Australia. I went outside into my backyard and, for some reason, it was summer, which helped for what I wanted to do. I jumped into my pool, inspired by the Angel Falls task, and pictured the great barrier reef. When I resurfaced I was off the coast of what I believe was Australia with corals and fish around me. It worked!

      I had never tried breathing underwater so I though this task would be a good place to try. I went underwater and at first tried to hold my breath to see if I could just do that forever but it didn't work, I had to breathe. I hesitantly took in a small breath through my nose and was somehow able to breathe, though it felt quite odd and still freaked me out a little bit. I looked around underwater, looking for a turtle to ride on since I wasn't sure what else I could. I saw brightly colored fish and a lot of coral but no turtles. I came back to the surface and looked around. I looked on shore just a few dozen yards away and there I saw a handful of turtle lying on the shore. I whistled to them, trying to get them to come over, and, now that I think about it, treated them like dogs .

      But it worked. A couple of them looked up and over at me and began to make their way to the water. It took them a while just to move the 15 feet to the water but once they got in, they zipped right on to me. I grabbed one by its "shoulders" as it came by me and just hung on for the ride. It swam all throughout the reef, from various blue-green coral to pink colored sand at the bottom. There were countless amounts of fish, from rainbow striped to orange clown fish hiding in anemone. I rode around on the turtle for a few minutes but then remembered that I had to bite a great white shark. I looked around and all I could see were gray reef sharks circling down on the floor of the reef. They weren't doing anything interesting and I knew it had to be a great white so I let go of the turtle and headed out to see.

      I had never really swam before in a lucid dreaming either so this had a lot of firsts for me. I experimented with swimming arm over arm like you're taught when you're a child, but that did little when I was completely underwater. I then tried moving my legs up and down, similar to a dolphin, and that worked quite well. I was moving much faster and had a lot more control that I did just flailing around aimlessly. Just a few seconds after I got the hand of swimming I saw what looked like a great white off in the distance. I swam towards it and as I got closer I could see that it was, indeed, a great white.

      Sure, I could go up and bite it plain and easy, but what fun would that be? I pictured an orca whale, the only creature I could think of that would hunt sharks, or at least attack them. I felt weird and, when I opened my eyes, I had transformed into an Orca Whale! It felt odd not having arms or anything, and my vision was quite different, given that my eyes were now towards the side of my head, but it was definitely more interesting than being myself and going up and biting a shark. I spotted the great white and headed over to it. I picked up a lot of speed, opened my mouth, and bit right down on its tail, slamming into it with full force. The shark was obviously caught off guard and, being alone, tried its best to right back. I dodged its attempts to bite me back and continued to hit it. After about 30 seconds of me biting him in various places and dodging all its attacks, it swam off into the distance. Take that, Jaws!

      I started to turn back into myself afterwards and pictured me with my arms, legs, body and head, as well as come clothes. I could feel my arms (which were now fins) turning back into themselves and by legs (which were now a flipper) separating again and my whole body grew smaller. Right as I was about to become myself again, I felt the dream start to fade. I quickly finished the transformation and rubbed my hands together, remembering that I had never stabilized this time. Unfortunately, it didn't work and I
      woke up.

      Luckily, I was able to prepare for another DEILD that would end up begin successful. Instead of doing a third task I just mimicked the ending of my first dream. I'm still not sure whether the first one was a WILD or MILD, but I got lucid so I didn't really care .
    8. The Kangarant

      by , 01-13-2013 at 04:29 AM
      I'm glad to be in a patch of more peaceful, relaxed lucids that are geared toward exploration. These are usually among my favorites and tend to provide more opportunity for completing tasks. (Not that I was successful completing anything in this dream, of course, but theoretically...)

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #56: The Kangarant

      I'm in a small prop plane flying over a high, snowy mountain range. There are two other guys in the plane with me, both in their 20s. There are no seats -- everyone is standing. Nobody appears to be piloting the aircraft.

      The plane barrels toward a mountain peak, and I shout, "Agggh, watch out!!" But the plane clears the peak (though just barely) and the two guys high five. They look at me like they don't get why I'm being such a baby.

      "Where are we?" I ask. One of the guys ponders this for a moment and says, "California."
      California? "No way," I think, and become lucid.

      The plane goes into a hard, sickening turn to the right and starts losing altitude. My two companions think this is great, but I want off. I phase my left hand through one of the plane's windows. After a brief pause, the rest of my body follows and I'm flying outside in the clouds, the plane buzzing off into the distance.

      I'm descending pretty rapidly but I feel like I'm in control. Unexpectedly, I pass by a gray-haired man who's dressed in an Army Service Uniform. He looks extremely high-ranking, almost certainly a general. He's staying still while I'm moving so I whoosh right by him. He's muttering something as I fly by, but I can't make it out.

      My descent slows and I land in an airfield. Some planes are taxiing on runways while others are refueling. There's even a rocket set up nearby! It looks vaguely like a Saturn V but it's way too small.

      Stranger still are the animals roaming everywhere across this airfield. Each has at least one human handler. I spot camels for sure, and several other types that I can't remember. But the animal that really grabs my attention is something that I can only describe as the cross between a kangaroo and an elephant. (Kangarant? Eleroo?)

      This animal is about 30-feet tall, gray-skinned like an elephant, but with the powerful hind legs and dainty forelimbs of a kangaroo. It has a marsupial pouch but its head has tusks and a modest trunk. The head is elephant-like, but sleeker and longer than an elephant's. I watch this beast in fascination for a while. A handler on a raised platform is passing it some kind of hay to eat. The kangarant munches away, passive and content.

      I start thinking about tasks and I fly past the airfield to see what's out there. I come to a beach where several vendors have stalls set up. I decide that this is Australia and that I should do the Australia Task of the Year. I remember something about Mel Gibson.
      Actual task: ("Hitch a ride on a sea turtle, dolphin, or humpback whale and explore the Great Barrier Reef. Bite a great white shark and don't die. ") I decide that since I don't know what I'm doing I had better try something else. I decide to figure out some kind of way to travel to the Colosseum and have my gladiator battle.

      I convince myself that a time machine will appear behind me. I turn around, shouting, "Time machine!" This fails to do anything but make me feel stupid.

      A girl who looks like she's about nine walks up to me. I think she's perhaps Philippina. I ask, "Can you show me the way to the time machine?"

      She nods, looking a little cross with me. "But I'm not a girl! I'm a boy!" She glares at me, waiting for me to make this right. I don't really know how to respond, since she can apparently read my mind (and I still think she's a girl.)

      "Sorry...?" I offer, and this seems to satisfy her. She starts running inland across a nearby road and I follow. We've only gone a short distance when
      I wake up.
    9. Still Alive

      by , 07-19-2012 at 12:36 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      (Note: My dad is alive and in good health IRL. I have no idea why I would dream that he was dead.)

      Last night, I had a dream that my mom and I went to the cemetery where my dad was. Well, it wasn't really a cemetery, it was more of a futuristic-looking room with the walls lined with freezers filled with containers holding the ashes of dead people. Anyway, we came in, and we were greeted by a strange man with three black-and-white cats. He starts explaining to us how he decides where everyone goes, who goes next to who (something to do with English and French people, that's all I remember), etc. There really wasn't much organization to his system.

      I get bored of listening to his explanation and decide to go find my dad myself. I end up finding the pieces of some board game and tell my mom. She helped me put the pieces back in the box, which happened to be next to the container that supposedly held my dad's ashes.

      Suddenly, my dad was there in the room with us. He said something about not knowing what's going on. I asked him what happened. He told me that, before he "died", he had concluded that he wasn't in Australia and, therefore, must have been on some alien planet. I don't remember if he told us any more about that.

      I started to think he might still be alive (as well as also getting the suspicion that he was just acting and this was all staged or something). I checked his pulse and exclaimed, "They're buried you alive!" Then, I woke up.
    10. Finally, Robotic Beings Rule the World

      by , 03-13-2011 at 06:53 AM (Nocturn Core (Abridged))
      I was talking to Ben about him visiting us in America and us visiting him in Australia. There was a canyon in Australia that I was particularly interested in seeing, but for some reason, he wouldn’t talk about it. We went through a list of reasons why it was a bad idea – too far away from Brisbane (either twenty-five minutes or five hours, he never specified which), food for the trip, silly things like that which are rarely the biggest factor in planning an international trip. He and another Australian guy debated how well the car would hold up on such a long drive. We were in some kind of virtual reality world. Ben had spent a lot of time converting image data to 3D models of scenic places in Australia, but he wouldn’t let us see them… I was confused, so I pressed this a bit. I finally told Ben flatly that I wanted to see the natural beauty of Australia, and I would see it with or without his help. He wouldn’t talk to me or Nicole after that. We got involved in some kind of weird mind meshing game where we turned Ben’s brain into a marble and rolled it around in our thoughts, making him rethink his decision. He eventually decided he would cooperate with us after all. As we learned, the only reason he had argued was because he thought my request to see the sights in Australia was my way of criticizing his appreciation of nature. Since it was settled, we apologized and settled our disagreement. We missed each other’s company too much to hold out alone anyway. Ben made what was supposed to be a bold statement, then – he would buy a bike in Australia and ride it proudly to show the world how much he loved natural beauty.

      The dream jumped. Ben and I were meeting up at a restaurant and hotel. We were all going to stay there together. One of the employees at the restaurant, a woman with blond hair in a sophisticated, black uniform, asked if I needed any help. I declined any assistance; I was waiting for someone, I said. I stood in the middle of the busy restaurant as waitresses zoomed back and forth between tables. I observed that the hotel was separated by a swamp-like stretch of gooey, red organic tissue. I dared not step on it. I asked the blond woman from before how I should cross it. She pointed out a narrow path made of stone that led across. All of this was clearly a reference to Althea’s swamp in the Sword of Truth series. I thanked the woman for her help as Ben appeared in the distance… He was riding a bicycle! When he approached the restaurant, he hopped off the bike. He asked me which coins he was allowed to use as payment in America.

      “The American ones,” I laughed.

      “The quarters, dimes, and nickels, then…?” he asked, nodding.

      “The pennies, too!”

      “No…” he said in sincere disbelief. “Really?!” He came into the restaurant after paying some kind of bike fee. Even inside the restaurant, he rode that bike everywhere. He nearly fell in the living swamp water as I was showing it to him. I warned him about it… At best, the water would just creep us out. I didn’t want to find out it was deadly and acidic. Anyway, we went to the winding stone trail. Naturally, Ben had to ride his bicycle over it. He nearly fell in twice; one of the stumbles put most of his weight over the edge, but Ben somehow floated to safety. I asked if he was feeling alright… He was having a lot of trouble with balance. Although he assured me he was fine, he seemed very dizzy… He started coughing and eventually vomiting bile. I invited him to sit on a bench with me and rest before we continued onward. He accepted the offer. I took photographs of the swamp.

      The dream jumped. I had a false awakening in Nicole’s bed. The room looked as it did before she rearranged the furniture. I understood that this room was connected to the hotel from before. I kept hearing sounds like a squeaky bike outside. I tuned it out as I relaxed in bed. It was a bright, new morning… Nicole stirred and immediately asked about the strange, periodic bouts of squeaking. I told her I would check it out. The next time we heard it, I saw up and looked out her window. In the street was a metallic figure attached to bike wheels – one big, one small. It cycled freely down the road. I figured out what was going on instantly and ducked out of view.

      “You can’t be serious…” I said, mostly to myself. “Get under the bed! Now!” I urged Nicole. She and I managed to squeeze under the bed together. It looked like it would be easy for the robots to detect us if they checked the house; the bed seemed higher up than it actually was from our low vantage point. Anyway, the moment I saw the human-like design in what otherwise could’ve been an interesting vehicle, everything came into place. I knew it was an artificially intelligent robot. The fact that I heard several on the street – but no cars, frighteningly enough – indicated that they were large in number. I suspected they had built up their forces in secret and overwhelmed our society. They hadn’t checked our room while we were sleeping, I decided, or we would be dead. Our robotic overlords had no reason to allow us to live. I explained all of this quietly to Nicole. We watched, terrified, as a robotic sentinel walked past our door on its metallic legs. They didn’t have feet – just long, narrow legs. I wished I had Apheri.

      Once the coast was clear, we knew we had to get Ben. Nicole and I went to the bench outside where he stopped to rest the previous day. A fleshy cocoon surrounded it now. I gestured for Nicole to follow me in. It was empty… I didn’t want to imagine what the robots had done to him when they found him. Order is a disturbing foe… We heard the squeaking of metal joints as a robot sentinel approached the cocoon. Nicole told me to hide, but there was nowhere to hide! I prepared myself for a fight. The robot raised its arms when it saw me and opened fire. Bullets filled my body. I tackled the top-heavy machine and tumbled with it into the murky water outside. Nicole gasped, fearing the electricity would kill me as the robot’s body began to crackle. Fortunately, it didn’t. The robot turned into a small bug on my arm. I crushed it with a finger, but like a cockroach, it seemed to come back to life despite seemingly fatal injury. I crushed it again, and it took flight. It bit me, injecting nanobots into my body. I couldn’t destroy it.

      “They’re immortal…” I laughed uneasily. What was I going to do? I basically resigned myself to my fate. I couldn’t fight this… I couldn’t imagine how, but the robots had conquered us overnight, and they would exterminate us without fail. I saw them marching toward us. “Go hide, Nicole.”

      “What about you?”

      “I have something to do… It’s our only chance.” My body was full of bullets. There was no way I would survive – but maybe I could save Nicole.

      The dream jumped. I was walking around in tunnels built in a Minecraftian style. I was just above bedrock. Everywhere I looked, I saw robots mounted to the floor or ceiling. When the first one saw me, a white laser trained itself on my forehead. Intense battle music started playing. Inspired by this, I ran for my life as bullets rained on me. I turned away from the few that were shooting me and nearly fell to my knees when I saw hundreds of robots staring at me. There was no escape. They had me trapped. I ran for my life past one of the three in front of me. It shot a boomerang sword at me, cutting off my left arm. Blood spurted out.

      “No way…” I choked. It shot the sword again after it returned, taking off my head this time. The bloody head rolled as my body slumped forward. I heard Nicole commenting on how cool the weapon was. I saw her standing by the lighthouse on Sailor’s Isle (Skies of Arcadia). She practiced throwing the sword. It was nearly Apheri’s length and probably just as heavy, but it moved through the air like a phantom.
    11. 1/6/2010 - Rather Large Update

      by , 01-06-2011 at 11:08 AM
      My internet at my house has been out for a couple days, as people weren't around to pay their bills. Therefore, this is going to be a pretty long update - 5 updates since the last time I updated!

      12/26/2010 - First Person Shooter and Real Time Strategy

      I was on a space station. I entered a large room and picked up a couple weapons (one of them was a gun like the ripper in Unreal Tournament). I entered a large chamber that was open to space. I recall looking up and seeing a number of stars and the planet that the space station was rotating around. I saw a large creature that was channeling what I can only assume was the power to destroy our galaxy. Needless to say, I engaged it.

      Since we were open to space, there was little gravity, so I was able to flip around all of the elevated floating platforms in the area. I began flipping about, him remaining stationary while shooting beams of energy while I was firing my Ripper. Sadly, they were ineffective. I switched to another weapon to continue shooting him, but there was a tingling sensation as his channeling began to become powerful. I could feel the hairs on my arms begin to stand on end.

      I landed on a platform high up, and spherical orbs of light inside a ring began to converge on the center of the platform. I knew it was too late. The disks circled the platform..the orbs shot out and then converged. There was an ear-deafening boom...and the galaxy was gone. I woke up.

      12/28/2010 - Helping a Brother

      I returned home again, and sadly my dream recall suffered, as I was sleeping on my house couch again.

      I remembered that Eric had asked me a few nights before to wake him up and make sure that he went to the airport to pick up his girlfriend. I assisted him in waking up and helped him get all of his stuff together. I then woke up, realizing that this was a false awakening.

      1/2/2011 - Dream Fragments - Free-running and Lightsaber Duel

      I had two dream fragments this night. I know that in my 3rd dream of the night, there was a lightsaber duel, but I can't recall specifics. I also recall that I was free-running around an Arabic city in my 4th dream.

      1/4/2011 - Zombies (again)

      I was traveling through an abandoned city with James, Lane, Shane, and I. Lane was wielding double pistols. I was carrying something tech related, but I didn't actually have weapons (bad call, I know). James was decked out in odd vagabond clothes and double Uzis. Shane had a shotgun and a metal bat.

      We fought our way to a safe room that was in a room high up in an apartment complex. It looked like a hotel room, however. There was a device outside the room that apparently controlled the heat exhaust for the entire building. I was concerned with the level of energy that the building was putting off, and realized that if I were to change the settings, we could conserve energy - but make ourselves more visible to zombies (apparently they have heat vision in this dream). The setting I picked helped us save energy. However, a zombie ran up the fire escape to confront us. I ran inside.

      I slammed the door behind me with the zombie's upper torso and arm stuck in the doorway. I shouted at Shane to come over, who readies his bat and bashed the zombie's head in when I opened the door. Lane and James then ran out of the room upstairs in order to apparently take care of more zombies. Shane shotgunned the zombie's lower jaw off.

      I changed the setting on the device, and once I had changed it James and Lane returned. Lane was bloody and said that he had been bitten. I saw his inventory with 17 bullets in his double pistols. We yelled at my brother to make sure that he wasn't bitten either. Lane hands me his pistols and takes off his arm guard. I wake up to a text message.

      1/5/2011 - Australia

      My dream started with an intricate flyover of the white, sandy beaches of Australia. We (myself and I'm not sure who else) were having a good time on the beach. We talked about all of the animals there and I recall looking down in the water and vividly seeing an eel that I walked across in order to not get shocked. I wanted to take pictures, but I forgot my camera back with my family. I was really devastated. I started to call my mother in order to ask where the camera was when I woke up.

      I stood up and glanced around. I then made my way to my computer tower to look for my camera. I realized that it didn't make much sense for me to look for the camera and I did a reality check, but it was just me sleep walking.

      Tonight I'm going to try to record three dreams and attempt to wake up enough to WILD during that third dream cycle. We'll have to see how it goes. This next weekend is going to be stressful, as I'm going to be doing conferences and retreats, so I might not write in my journal for a couple days!
    12. Old Dream: Breaking A Curse

      by , 07-22-2003 at 04:02 AM
      Original entry dated July 21, 2003:

      First, I dreamed there was a fire in Tucson, Arizona, and this woman was trying to beat back the flames and save her house, and she wound up getting horribly burned.
      Then the dream changed and we lived on the plains in Africa, or it was in Australia, and there were all of these fires, and animals were running away, etc. and as soon as we thought we'd put them out the fire would come back again...

      And there were these reservoirs/waterholes... made of concrete, or something... that used to serve some sort of purpose, but now people just swam in them.
      Then we were driving through the country in this horribly beaten up truck and stayed in this house... the houses were like 10 miles apart and most were deserted anyway... anyway, the one guy's great grandmother was dying, and they were sure she was gonna go tonight. I'd been being pestered/tormented by ghosts and spirits and stuff and the house itself was actually particularly bad in that respect, but he said to go in and talk to her before she died, about some sort of ritual that was supposed to help me, where I walked down an aisle with my head down and the priest prayed for me... or whatever... I don't remember the specifics, only that it was done a certain way and she knew the right way.
    13. Dream Meanings in Full: The Boneyard

      by , 09-13-1975 at 03:13 PM
      Morning of September 13, 1975. Saturday.

      Somehow, my best friend Toby T—-r and I end up in a very isolated area of Australia (I do not recall any backstory other than the perception of having walked over an embankment), seemingly far inland, with no towns close by in any direction.

      It is apparently an isolated place called the “Boneyard” and is seemingly a special archaeological site relating to Australian Aboriginal rituals as well as lost treasures and gemstones, mostly opals. There are rocky hills in all directions when we explore one area. At one point, it seems like a school field trip even though I feel as if I am an adult. We find ancient artifacts which are supposedly very valuable in addition to various smaller human bones. We do a lot of work and at one point, are trying to interpret carvings on old stones. We put everything in the same large grayish green bag. I am not sure of the material. I do not think it is burlap.

      After a time, a dangerous snake shows up (I am unsure of the species, but it is perceived by my dream self as venomous, and is possibly a krait). One of us, I am not sure if it was Toby or me, as there seems to be a jump ahead in time at one point, apparently had trapped the snake in the bag earlier without considering it was what we were using to put the artifacts in.

      We later gather several more valuable items to put in the bag. There seems to be some sort of argument (non-violent) about possible translations on some Aboriginal dreaming stones or whether certain ones were made by Aborigines or pirates.

      Near the end of my dream, there seems to be some sort of ironic special ending about getting to the valuable artifacts. Because the snake is in the bag, we would not be safe if we put our hands in it. This seems to be some sort of O-Henry-like dream climax, but in reality, there would be a few options to getting the artifacts, yet in my dream they somehow ultimately seem inaccessible.

      Familiar dream state components and meaning:

      Prescient threads: It is pertinent here to go into the precognitive dynamics of this dream before the usual core symbolism. Although my “mystery girl” (dream girl) is not present in this dream, it does take place in Australia. Not only that, Zsuzsanna, when I learned many years later that she was a real person, had not only been to an area to find opals when she was young, she also has an Aboriginal Churinga dreaming stone of the same appearance as one which featured in this dream. This is especially curious as I had no viable knowledge of such things when this dream occurred (and did not really know much about it until after coming to Australia). Additionally, this dream took place on her birthday, though “mystery girl” dreams certainly were not restricted to literal markers.

      RAS symbolism: This dream amused me with the nature of its intriguing ending. There was no real threat, as I had started to enter semi-lucidity in the final stages. A snake is often the core RAS dynamic (likely the oldest waking trigger in all primates, including man). Toby is present for preconscious mediation with only mild conflict relating to reading (translation) skills, which symbolize the emergent consciousness factor (as critical thinking skills normally do not function in dreams). The bag with the snake inside is likely associated with waking space and RAS - analogous to a pillow case, as it was about the same size as one. As such, the bag could be typified as a second-level dream state indicator, that is, residual subliminal memory of having fallen asleep (as it is biologically impossible for the mind to not be aware it is sleeping and dreaming, which is why much dream content is based on the dream state itself in the inherent nature of waking from sleep).

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