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    1. 16-07-15 Sikh Joke, Wizards and Lucid Flying

      by , 07-15-2016 at 11:17 AM
      I was outdoors, and saw a concrete building. There were metal stairs leading to a door, a few meters up. Inside, there was a very deep pit to the left, with a square pillar in the center (like an obelisk, but with flat top). A ledge right in front of me led past the pit, to another flight of stairs and another door. I have memory of having been in that pit quite a few times, but no idea why. In one instance, I was thrown in by accident. I tried to prevent going to deep, but said f*ck it and let it happen. I fell in, and fell fast (terminal velocity, the pit was hundreds upon hundreds of feet deep), and had to "brake" by wrapping my arms around the central obelisk and squeezing hard - like how elevator brakes work. I reached the bottom, which was just sand. Even in the dream, I could not really remember HOW I got out every time. On the way out (later in the dream), I imagined climbing out, hanging on to ledges with my hands, but it didn't feel like I actually did this. I saw a bunch of (white) guys dressed up like Sikhs (turban and all). They went up the stairs and into the room, which I knew was occupied by actual Sikh. They were playing a somewhat racist joke on them.

      I went into the room as well. In the next "scene", I was in the room, standing by two British (?) people by a long bar table. A bit further along the table was an American girl, a cute blonde, and another woman of whom I suspected was her mother. She was talking, but even though I understand English, I could not understand a word she was saying. Her pronunciation was terrible. I think there was another, dark-haired girl behind me in the corner.

      At some point "we" left again, through the previous room with the pit. Now we were a bunch of guys again, I think already dressed up like wizards (stereotypical hat and all). Past the pit, the last bit before the exit door was a kind of wood planks, quite high above the ground. I didn't trust the other guys, as I fully expected them to play a cruel prank on me. As we walked over the planks, we could see they were half sawed through, so they would break under our weights. It didn't work.

      Back outside, the landscape was beautiful. It was a forest at autumn (falling leaves, red/orange colors). The other "wizards" had left through an alternate exit, as we did not trust each other. I remember the ground being muddy. I made eye contact with the other two, and thought/said something. A bit later, I was going through the forest, and randomly decided to take off. I jumped, and as expected did not come all the way down. I looked up, and slowly flew up. There were branches of the trees in my way to the sky, but I somehow remembered phasing in a previous dream, so I phased through them. I heard the cheers of the "wizards" below me, which boosted my confidence. At some point I started losing altitude again, but I said quietly to myself "higher, higher", and fully expected it to happen. It did, I finally rose above the trees and flew off. As I was flying, I became aware of the dream (I think). Either way, I remember being surprised about the realism of the dream, how "clear" everything looked. I looked at my hands in mid-flight at studied them more carefully. Every detail, down to the pores and grooves in my skin was simulated. Amazing. At some point, I started fading. My sight became blurry, and I knew I'd soon be booted back to reality. I remember the trick of "looking at your hands" to restore stability. I tried, but could hardly see them anymore because of how blurry my vision was. I gave up, and looked forward - everything got very, very blurry. And suddenly, out of nowhere, my vision cleared, and I was flying at very high speed at low altitude over the canopy of the autumn forest. I recognized it as a "scene change". I noticed a white, double-rotored helicopter (like a V22 Osprey) flying by. Somehow, I felt they were hostile. I "stopped" mid-air, and changed direction to fly towards them. As I engaged the target, I got a vision of a turret on the helicopter locking on to me and opening fire. Before I got a chance to continue the dream, my vision went black and I was awake. Bummer.


      There's a memory of an entire section of dream that appears to "run parallel" to the part with the pit. There was a "platformer" section in a building with bizarre architecture (extremely tall interior hundreds up feet up, platforms and rooms built into the walls). Was this above the pit? Perhaps this is how I ended up in the pit the first time? Either way, I remember thinking about fitnessing, and how it might actually be fun to try and lose weight. Talk about reality interfering with the dream.

      Additional dream: I was somewhere in Eastern Europe, walking through a quiet, green neighborhood. I had to remember where I left my car, I think. I walked a path next to the houses, and had to walk under some kind of tent...? I some point, I saw a sexy woman laying on the ground, making out with a guy. I knew she was a hooker, somehow. I knew I wanted in on that action. Without thinking, I went to her and got her attention. The other dude pretty much vanished as I focused on her. I tried to kiss her, but she didn't want to. I gave her the "innocent puppy" look, until she seemed more cooperative. I caressed her bare belly (yes, I've got a thing for bellies) and told her I'd pay her 200 bucks or something like that.

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    2. Old Dream I had about Narnia

      by , 06-02-2016 at 09:40 AM
      This is an old dream, 15 April 2011. About Narnia, or a Forest similar to it.

      Basically, I was in Narnia, playing amidst the autumn forest with the foxes or something, and there was a lake, possibly a war going on, and I remember running. But at least at first the dream was tranquil, I can't recall it too clearly so the events may be wrong.
    3. Chased By Government, Morpheus Bodyguard (LD #132)

      by , 11-07-2014 at 12:25 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was a female reporter for some kind of news agency who had gotten some serious dirt on the US government and they had sent some secret service agents to try and stop me from leaking the word. I was working with this man who looked and dressed just like Morpheus from the matrix movies. I think he was my bodyguard or something.
      The funny part was as we were being chased by these guys he was piggy-back-riding me around. We were in a park area but there were many tall buildings around. Somebody pointed out that a speck in the sky was actually just the space station. My vision zoomed in and I could see four large solar panels coming off of it.
      He continued running with me on his back. A couple of tranquilizer darts flew past us. I can recall this funny looking helicopter was being used to chase us, with a sniper in it firing the darts. It didn't have a tail or any stabilization. it was just a pod with a big propeller on it. I looked at it and realized that it wouldn't be able to fly, and it crashed.
      Eventually we somehow created this portal on the ground and jumped through it.
      We wound up in this beautiful sanctuary area; some kind of virtual reality or alternate dimension. There were these shallow concrete pyramids with waterfalls running down the sides and various plants and flowers planted in the steps. There was a huge lake; in fact, I think we were on an island. But you could see mountains in the distance. There were also many tall deciduous trees with brightly colored leaves. Everything was tinted autumn colors. (Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Browns). Even the sky was tinted orange.
      The Morpheus man told me that the government agents could still find us here, but it was probably safe to rest for the night. He told me to gather wood from the forest so that we could make a fire.
      I recall walking into the woods. I see a orange Chinese dragon, about fifteen or twenty feet long flying in the woods, weaving its serpentine body through the trees. It blends well with the leaves, but I'm certain that it's there.

      I became lucid. I changed myself out of the female reporter guise. I decided to summon Manei for our sit down question time that I've been visualizing. I yelled for her name, and heard her yell back. I looked and standing about a hundred feet into the autumnal forest, I could vaguely make her out.
      "Manei, I have some questions for you!"
      "Hurry up, the dream is about to end!"
      "How come if it's my dream, I can't picture what happens and make it happen?" (I was trying to ask her why my visualization doesn't work.)
      "Because you didn't like your cookie from 300 years ago!"
      I woke up.

      Typical Manei logic...

      When I do get my long conversation dream, I should ask her why half the time she makes sense and the other half she says totally random things like that.

      I went back to sleep; it was still quite early. I think it yielded a Nonlucid dream, but I cannot recall it.
    4. The Note

      by , 08-10-2014 at 05:47 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #229: The Note

      I’m sitting in a restaurant and something feels off to me. I stand up to find Wife standing here beside me and I realize that a lucid dream has started. “Do you want to come along?” I ask Wife.

      “Sure, okay!” she responds rather happily. This is a nice change because she’s normally more involved in the dream plot and not as cooperative.

      I walk outside of the restaurant with Wife, opening the glass door to walk through. Oops, I’d meant to do a phase for the competition! I try to quickly phase through it while it’s open. I phase my arm through the door and then start moving the rest of my body through, Wife giving me a very strange look. The door becomes flimsy in the middle of the attempt and starts folding in on itself. I gyrate my hips, trying to hurry through before it collapses, and I’m very conscious that it totally looks like I’m humping it.

      The door becomes completely unmanageable and the scene comes apart as I fall into the void. I hand-rub for a bit to wait this out but sense that something is close to my face, something that I can chew on. I bite down on it and it tastes like a soft, very mild licorice. I usually hate licorice but there’s something about this that makes it a little more bearable, sort of like it’s been crossed with bubble gum somehow.

      I keep chewing and chewing, walking forward through the void. I eat fast, consuming yards of the stuff as I walk forward. After a while, it just feels like it’s been too long in the void and that I need to do something about it. For some reason I raise both of my arms over my head before calling out, “Dreamer, pull me out!” I don’t feel any physical contact, but almost immediately find myself standing in my darkened master bedroom, no longer in the void.

      There’s a piece of paper stuck on the opposite wall covered with large, handwritten letters. I interpret this as being a note that Dreamer has left for me. It looks like gibberish, so I move forward, trying to get a better look. It rearranges itself, but it’s still unreadable. Then the letters rearrange into:

      “Sorry couldn’t read reply, check the”

      I interpret this as meaning there’s something I’m meant to read, but I don’t know what. This is relevant for later… see the end of this entry!

      I wander out into the hall, which is lit up like it’s morning. I remember my intent to phase and try to phase through my youngest child R’s door. Unfortunately the door just comes open instead of letting me phase and I see R beginning to stir around in bed. This sounds like a good way to get wrapped up in a dream plot, so I back away into the hall.

      I fly down the stairs to the kitchen area to see that the breakfast table has been moved far to the side and that almost the entire area is covered with Lego pieces. The coolest part is that most of them have been assembled into these amazing, moving models of roads, freeways, machines, amusement park carousels, and all kinds of other things. It’s really vivid, so much so that it’s hard to shake the feeling that I’m viewing a scene from waking life. I think that in this scenario, Wife must have stayed up all night building this.

      I leave through the back door, finding myself in a park walking along a red dirt path dotted with autumn leaves. I follow the path into a building with large plate glass windows all around its walls. I look back at the park through the window, marveling at how realistic it looks when I shift my perspective. I feel excited and happy to see this, saying, “I can’t believe my mind generated all of this.”

      I remember again that I’d meant to phase, so I walk toward one of the plate glass windows, anticipating an easy phase. Unfortunately, before I get there,
      the dream ends.

      Notes: Here’s something cool. Immediately upon waking up, I removed my sleep mask and looked over at the clock. Just as I was looking at it, my iPod’s screen came on with a notification. I popped it open and just at that moment I’d received a Skype message from Dreamer.

      This was really exciting to me because of what the note had said earlier (“Sorry couldn’t read reply, check the”), and the timing was perfect. I guess that the end of the message would have been “check the iPod”. Pretty cool!
    5. first WILD, wow! napping on 21/5/14

      by , 05-22-2014 at 04:21 PM
      I'm taking a nap midday and i notice im falling into a dream so I tell myself to focus, but not too hard to wake myself. I feel the dream washing over

      as I lay in bed. I notice that I have a package in my hands, containing some extraordinary looking thing. Wait, the package I ordered shouldn't be coming for another couple weeks! I realize that I'm dreaming but my vision starts going. quickly, I recall stabilization and I focus on the package in my hands as I lay in bed. it's about 8 inches long and maybe 4 in on each side, cardboard, with packing tape to seal it. I open one end and remove the item, which I decide is going to basically act as a portal gun. It's enclosed in bubble wrap, and removing that I see that it resembles two black tubes with many coloured wires and bound with electrical tape. Yes, I will be taking this with me on my semi lucid adventure. I run out of my bedroom and into the hall where there is a large plastic storage container on the ground. I try to use this as a teleporter by lifiting it, diving under, and having it close on top of me on the way in, but I doubt it will work because my body is too long and my legs will get stuck. this doubt ends up interfering with the teleportation so I give another try at spinning or falling back. I cant recall which I did, but I manage to teleport this time. I wanted to go to some south american ruins, but I end up in a backyard. It's fall and brisk out. This isnt what I wanted... So I try to fly away, but there is more doubt in my mind, being in this semi lucid state. I manage to jump fairly high, at least one story, and I give a flap of my arms to lift me a bit higher, but no flight happens. damnit

      I wake
      and realized I totally forgot about the teleporter I got in dream mail...
    6. Movie Theater and the ride home 2/25

      by , 02-25-2013 at 10:57 PM
      I only remember one very long dream last night, and I only remember segments of it.

      I was in a movie theatre in the lobby. There was a hallway with structures and benches in the middle with movie posters on triangular prisms coming out of the ground like in some malls where you can see three different movie posters if you decide to walk around the structure. I remember there was a guard standing next to the wall but I was just kicking the wall next to a moving sidewalk, one of those things at an airport. I decided to go inside the movie theatre and I sat near this random girl in the corner of the audience section? what do you call the area where all the seats are? the auditorium? stadium? whatever. No one was there so I got up and left to go back into the lobby and continued to kick walls while I was on the moving sidewalk. When I went back into the theatre there were many people there and I chose one of the only seats left, which was next to this girl I have known for a long time named Melanie. For some reason I remember she was wearing a white t shirt. There was tension between us but neither of us said anything for most of the movie, at one part she lazily put her arm over the armrest so it was dangling over my lap. I did nothing and after a while she put her arm back and nothing happened between us.
      I feel as if this might have been a different dream or happened right after the first dream. I was walking home in this field. There were two roads that if the field was a rectangle, I would start at the top left corner and go down a bit then go across horizontally. There were roads on the edges of the field and as I walked through the field a car drove past me and threw a firework out the window, it had already been lit a while ago but for some reason there was still a few explosions left, and after the car drove for a bit it crashed in the distance. Further down the field police with a megaphone told people to walk with their right sides to the road, so I had to walk backwards as I was going from the top left to the top right. As I was walking backwards on the side of the road I saw a policeman staring at me from the back of a bus as he was going the opposite direction and I was walking backwards to follow the police order. The field seemed to be in autumn at dusk. I remember dark orange being a color a lot.
    7. Eighteen Wheeler Party?

      by , 11-07-2012 at 01:42 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Eighteen Wheeler Party (Non-lucid)


      I remember being at my mother's house. For some reason, I was wearing one of my dad's huge T-shirts and pajama pants. I walked into the living room and heard a loud noise outside, it kind of sounded like a car. I opened the curtain and peeked outside the back porch window. I saw what looked like a huge eighteen wheeler (in the dream I thought it was a golf cart) driving around the back of my house. Instead of storage on the back of it, there was just a long plank. And on the plank there were sitting about 20 people, just chilling. I thought that was so cool. It eventually drove around the front of my house and got onto the road. I looked out again and the people waved at me as it drove away.

      The dream sped forward and I was with a group of people who wanted to build some sort of fun attraction. I just remember being with a group of people, and we found a large house with some little houses around it that needed fixing up. So we bought the plot of land. One of my friend's was with us. She told me that she was on that eighteen wheeler that drove around my house. She said she was having a birthday party on it. "Really?" I said. "I thought it was a golf cart.."

      Now it was daytime and very much like fall. It seemed that all of the trees were maple, so I saw a ton of red and orange maple leaves on the ground. And they were still falling all about us, so it was very pretty. I remember our "leader" (for some reason he reminded me of the lead singer in the band Skillet) told us we had to be in a specific formation when he talked to us. Don't ask me why.
      Then the dream ended sometime later.
    8. Performing for the IPRO Team and a Vicious Dog

      by , 08-30-2011 at 02:16 PM (Nocturn Core (Abridged))
      I was at some kind of performance. I understood that the members of my IPRO team had all selected songs to describe themselves. They were performing them on stage in front of the rest of the team. Amar and I walked down to the front of the auditorium to find a couple of free seats. Autumn showed up and sat down next to me. For some reason, a number of people brought props from the Sword of Truth series or dedicated their songs to Richard Rahl. I wasn’t sure why this kept happening, but it was amusing. I clapped when I saw each of them refer to the series. Two people trying to walk past each other in the aisle got stuck, and I suggested folding their props in half so they could squeeze by, but neither of them did it.

      A dog of some kind put its head in Autumn’s lap. When I tried to pet it, its eyes turned red. It snarled viciously at me. She explained that it had a poor first impression of me… I tried to ignore it, but now that I had angered it, the dog started lashing out at me. It ended up pushing me to the ground, and I barely kept it from tearing my face apart. I was puzzled when the animal suddenly gave up and trotted away. While the performances continued, I feared that Limia would ask me to sing something… I had missed the day when we picked our songs, so I hadn’t rehearsed anything. If I had to, I could always sing Happy Birthday to the audience. The list of music I knew by heart was pitifully short and consisted mostly of children’s songs.
    9. Evacuating Earth: Collapsing Dream

      by , 08-30-2011 at 02:09 PM (Nocturn Core (Abridged))
      I was in my dorm room. It seemed that the world was going to collapse, destroying the souls of everyone in it. The only way to save them was to take them to another world entirely. Although I don’t recall doing it, I knew I had created a portal for them in my room to take them to Nyre. It was the safest place I could offer them. People ran through the portal in desperation. As I explained it to Autumn, we could save everyone who wasn’t actively dreaming up the “waking” world. In the end, it would only be as stable as the dreams of the last person dreaming it – probably not stable at all. Autumn was clearly worried that I would try to save everyone from the world’s collapse. I ran into the room connected to mine and warned everyone there that time was running out. They had a matter of minutes to escape. I checked the bathroom and found a little girl being attacked by shadow creatures. They pinned her to the wall.

      Drawing Apheri in a swift motion, I tore through the shadow beings and banished them from our world. The little girl threw her arms around me on the verge of tears. I reassured her and brought her back to my room where the portal awaited. With Autumn’s help, I convinced her to go through to Nyre. The other portals I’d created around the world were allowing billions of people to escape the crumbling world, but the number of people I expected to die with Earth was still enormous. Some of them refused to believe it was happening.

      “I have to try to save them,” I told Autumn. She grabbed my arm.

      “You don’t have time,” she replied. “Four minutes won’t be enough.” I almost argued, but when I thought about it, I realized she was right. I would die with the rest of them if I stayed here too long, and then what would become of Nyre? Perhaps it would collapse just like Earth. I gave in and joined her in stepping through the gray-blue rift.

      The dream jumped. Autumn and I sat on the back of a riding lawn mower with my grandpa. After coming to Nyre, he found an enormous plantation and built a house. It seemed like a lot of land for him to take care of… He was living his dream, so he didn’t mind the work. We accompanied him back to his house before going our separate ways. Autumn and I wanted to find the people we saved in Illinois. I also wanted to make sure no one had found Nocturn Isle. I couldn’t trust Earth’s society with Symphony. Autumn didn’t want to drive, so I agreed to it. A light snowstorm blew in as we departed.
    10. New Game Masters on WMBRO

      by , 08-30-2011 at 02:08 PM (Nocturn Core (Abridged))
      I was playing on WMBRO. The character rankings indicated that there were four level 194 players. I observed that one of them was a thief, and another was a novice. I couldn’t imagine how such a thing was possible. There were at least two new game masters who announced random things while I walked around on my character. Autumn voiced her suspicions that these high level characters belonged to the game masters. How else would they have leveled so quickly?

      I wandered into a dungeon that combined elements of the Toy Factory with Glastheim. An abysmal knight and at least thirty other monsters attacked me in a swarm, but I was able to destroy them with ease. I sensed that I was using the wrong arrows, though, so I wanted a chance to switch them… Unfortunately, the monsters just kept coming, and I intended to pick up the items dropped by the abysmal knight first. It died, but so did fifteen other things standing in the same spot, so distinguishing the abysmal knight’s loot from everything else was impossible. The items disappeared before I even made it over there. After I killed all of the monsters on-screen, a game master teleported to me. He apologized for any latency and explained that the server was under maintenance. I didn’t care at all about that… The only problem I had with the server at the moment was the mysterious appearance of so many high level characters without the capacity to level quickly. I walked past the game master without speaking to him. Further into the dungeon, I found the other new game master standing idle. I didn’t speak to him, either.
    11. Moonbeam and Robot Nephanim

      by , 08-18-2011 at 04:44 PM (Nocturn Core (Abridged))
      I was at my dorm with Autumn. My roommate was a former quarterback for his high school's football team, but as he explained later, he got sick of tiring himself out on the field. He invited a girl over from Japan. She was originally from America. The girl had long, slightly curly, black hair. She was really proud of the fact that she was on a game show in Japan. Basically, competitors fought and raced each other on a variety of stages in order to prove their skill. I realized she was talking about a game show I had participated in recently. We each had a white handheld device which allowed us to connect to the game course. We synchronized for a quick practice round. Her avatar on the game show was similar to her actual appearance, but she wore a schoolgirl outfit and star pins in her hair. I took the form of Igarashi Ganta for some reason. For the first round, we appeared on a circular platform in the middle of a pool. The objective was to push the other person off the platform. When the fight began, the girl charged at me. One of her star pins flew off her head and struck me in the heart. I never knew that magic was allowed on the game show; my dad had forced me into participating, and no one told me the rules in English. Anyway, I stumbled backward, and it didn't take long for her to shove me into the water.

      "Moonbeam is victorious!" the announcer screamed. I popped out of the game world for a moment, stunned.

      "Wow, you're good," I commented.

      "I'm one of the best," she answered without leaving the game world. I heard her voice through my console. "Shooting Star Moonbeam." I watched her standing on the platform in awe. When she smiled at me and pointed at the next stage, I reconnected.

      I found myself on an obstacle course. I had to climb over a massive cube made of stone, run down a slippery slope while keeping my footing so I could jump over the pit of spikes that came right after, jump across logs sticking vertically out of the water, and finally run across a bridge before a flame on a fuse could burn it down. Moonbeam sent me a heart through the chat interface.

      "Good luck!" she said. With the sound of a pistol firing, the second round began. I struggled just getting over the stone block. By the time I made it to the other side, Moonbeam was already on her way over the spike pit. I began to catch up, however. I completed the log obstacle in half her time, so we were speeding down the bridges on each side of the course at roughly the same time. She still came out ahead.

      "Moonbeam wins again! She's on fire!" the announcer cried. The bridge erupted in flames behind me.

      "That's enough for now," she said, disconnecting. I followed suit.

      The dream jumped. Wanting to improve my skills, I helped Autumn join the game show roster. We connected to the game world and set up a system to rapidly strengthen our avatars. Basically, the avatars collected experience and leveled up like in a roleplaying game. There were porcupine monsters that shot out their spines and regenerated them in the game world. Each of the spines gave a little bit of experience. I bought thirty porcupines from a merchant and put them in a room with us. Autumn and I did our best to destroy all of the spines as they shot toward us, and we quickly gained levels. I was already level 121 when we started. By the time I reached level 139, one of the system administrators appeared and destroyed my porcupines. He accused me of cheating because it was too easy for us to level this way. Without considering anything I had to say, he took away the levels we'd gained - plus one more each. I decided this wasn't worth it and disconnected.

      The dream jumped. Autumn and I were working on building some kind of giant truck for a performance downtown. It had to be ten times the size of a normal cargo truck. We connected huge steel boxes on lifts while the other people worked on the exterior. It wasn't very hard, but we had to make sure everything was aligned properly while maximizing the size of the cargo chamber. When we were satisfied with it, we had the guy controlling the lift let us out at the front of the chamber. We were done working for the day. Autumn decided to go home and take a nap, but I wanted to eat dinner before leaving, so we parted ways. I grabbed some food and sat down by myself.

      Before long, my roommate and Moonbeam joined me. My roommate told stories about working in the union and his high school football days. I just sipped apple juice and kept to myself. He got up at one point to grab seconds, and Moonbeam asked something about dreams. I didn't quite catch it. My roommate came back before I could clarify what she meant. I was a little more interested at this point, and my roommate was interfering... So I put laxatives in his cake and waited patiently. He excused himself when his face paled.

      "Be honest," asked Moonbeam, "did you do that to him?" We walked over to the drink machine. I couldn't decide whether I wanted more apple juice, water, or some kind of soda. I decided apple juice was probably best. "Get soda if you didn't do it!"

      "Well, I'm not going to lie," I laughed. I filled up my glass with juice. I filled up a glass for Moonbeam, too, but she already had her own. We walked around to the other side of the cafeteria and found strawberries growing in a miniature garden. When Moonbeam pointed them out, I snatched one right out of the garden. It wasn't fully ready for consumption, but it was delicious nonetheless. One of the cafeteria workers got mad at me for eating the strawberries. She took us over to a giant watermelon tree. For some reason, the melon grew into slices, and it was enormous! She pulled down a watermelon slice the size of my body and asked Moonbeam if she wanted any.

      "Use your fingers," the worker instructed. Moonbeam took a handful and stuffed it in her mouth. She smiled at me. We continued out of the cafeteria. On the way back to my dorm building, we started free running. I was sliding down railings on my shoes, running across walls, and jumping over anything in my path until I landed in front of a red robot with a computer monitor for a head. The screen said Minahpen - Nephanim backwards. Moonbeam's excitement with our free running dwindled.

      "What's that?" she asked.

      "It's me from another world," I explained. "Stand back." A rift opened, sucking all three of us in. We landed on a deserted street in what looked like New York City. Most of the buildings were in ruin, and the sky was gray with storm clouds. I was surprised to find my roommate standing behind the robot. "Did you do this?" I asked him.

      "Who else would have?" he laughed. "This is payback for what you did to me." I didn't feel any remorse. The robot charged at me and began singing a song. The appropriate background track played throughout the dreamscape. I caught the robot's fist and leaped backward, skidding past Moonbeam. Heeding my advice, she finally took refuge on the sidewalk. I made distance between me and my other self as soon as possible and summoned Axis' gauntlets to my hands. This wasn't a job for Apheri... I wanted to punch myself into the ground.

      Lyrics appeared in my field of vision. I stared at the yellow-framed bubble letters in disbelief.

      "You want me to sing?" I laughed. Every word I missed made my robot opponent stronger. I sighed and swallowed to clear my throat. The words were in Japanese, so I was even less confident about singing them, but I knew I could do it. As my robot self sprinted forward again, I brought back my fist, charging up my punch with power. I released it just as my portion of the song ended and my robot self reached the limit of my range. He tumbled backward, rolling on the ground until he crashed into a rusty car parked in the road. Moonbeam cheered and applauded me.

      "Way to go, Nephanim!" she shouted with her hands cupped around her mouth. I felt strangely empowered. This was my element. I didn't understand why, but I was more powerful than I ever imagined. I clenched my fists and charged after my robot self. Spears of blue light struck the street, but I was too fast for them to hit me. I leaped into the air just before I reached the car and punched the robot in his monitor just as he started to get up. The rusty car slid backward from his second impact.

      I woke up halfway, and for a time, I was lying in bed while standing on the deserted street. I turned to look at Moonbeam.

      "This is... a dream," I realized. I could feel my body in bed, but I hadn't left the dream yet. "Moonbeam!" I shouted. "I'll see you again!" She and I shared a smile as I fully awakened.
    12. The Family Reunion in the House on the Hill

      by , 06-13-2011 at 08:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am in a house I do not recognize and most of the action takes place in the large kitchen, dining room or hallway to the bedrooms. The house sits at the top of a hill amidst a forest whose leaves are ablaze with all the brilliant, fiery colours of autumn. The inside facade of the house consists of very natural colours and materials: wood floors and earth tone colour schemes.

      There is going to be a party if sorts tomorrow, maybe a family reunion or something, and I am in the kitchen making dish after dish of salads and casseroles and other side dishes. I think the party is a pot luck because even though I know that other people are going to be bringing food, I have an almost uncontrollable urge to make as much food as possible. I worry that there will now be enough for everyone even though I am not sure how many people are going to be there (though I know it is going to be a lot).

      I have guests who have arrived already and they are going to stay the night. There are two men and two women. I am suddenly in the living room talking with one of the men who has a beige polo shirt and who has a bushy brown beard. He is joyful and always smiling and seems very happy to talk to me. We are related in the dream, but I forget how. From just above the knees down to his ankles his pants become transparent and I can see his leg bones. The transparency effect becomes stronger the further down the leg you go and his feet have completely disappeared. I know this is wrong somehow and I sit back with a white marker to blend the white of his bones with his pants and try to colour in his legs to make them look full. For some reason I think that the man will be embarassed about it if other people notice. Suddenly I realize that the bearded man I am talking too is a ghost and that is why his legs are transparent. I am not afraid or anything but I am confused as to why he has come here and not gone to the afterlife and I think I ask him this and his response is that he is glad that family is getting together. He disappears soon afterwards and I think I realized that there were other ghosts around as well or something but I cannot remember if I talked to them or not.

      While I am the same person in the dream in mind, my body has suddenly aged significantly and I am now an old lady. Also quite suddenly I am in a foul mood (though not because of the aging) and start throwing plates and cutlery around roughly and pushing the two women guests (one is a blond middle aged woman in a baby blue sweater and the other is younger with brown hair?) around in the kitchen . They are visibly shaken by my sudden mood change and though they say nothing I can tell by the expressions on their face that they wish I would retire for the night so they could finish their work in peace. I stomp out of the kitchen in a huff and scream "Dont touch my fucking cheese casserole or I'll fucking kill you!" as I enter the hallway to my bedroom. For some reason I think they will eat it when I am gone and it only adds to my sudden and inexplainable rage.

      I go up to my bedroom and lay down on the bed and though the house has three other people in it downstairs I cannot hear them at all. They have either gone to bed or are tiptoeing around because they think I am trying to sleep, but honestly, to me it feels like they are not there at all. The house feels empty again like it did for a long time before they arrived. The window is open and I can feel the soft night breeze coming in the window and hear the rustling of the leaves on the trees. A few autumn leaves are blown in with the wind and scatter across my bed and my floor but this doesn't bother me and I find that I am no longer so full of rage but feel very lonely. I become confused and start to think all the planning and cooking was not real and I imagined the whole thing. I get up and head downstairs. I cannot find my three guests but there is indeed many plates of food prepared and scattered through the kitchen and in the fridge.

      There is a knock at the front door and I open it to see a young black man in grey clothing standing on the path leading to my house. He is smiling and asks me to walk with him for a while. Even though it is the middle of the night and I don't know this man I go with him anyway and we walk through a path that leads to a forest talking, though I cannot remember any of our conversation now, but I am very content to be with this man because I feel like I know him but I cannot articulate how. The sun starts to rise and we go return to my house and stand at the very top of the hill and I am surprised to see a very long line of people outside of my house consisting of thousands of people, most of whom I do not recognize as family or friends. I have trouble believing that all of these people are here for the party and the young man in grey just responds that these are all the people whose lives I have affected or who love me.

      I start to realize that something is amiss and suddenly I am back laying in bed, half conscious and vagely aware that I am waking from a deep sleep. Instead of being in my bedroom though I am in a hospital room surrounded by the three people from before who were my guests. It dawns on me that I had died the night before and the walk through the forest with the young man was actually a walk through a replay of my long life with my guardian angel, though I did not realize it at the time. I was able to talk to the ghost of the man with the transpartent legs before because I had been a ghost too.

      I reach out and take the hands of the people surrounding me and tell them I love them. I feel so full of love for them and for the whole world that I feel like I am going to burst with joy. Even though I had just died the night before the doctors let me leave the hospital and go back to my house for the pot luck party. There are not thousands of people there but there is a lot and everyone is happy, filled with good food and enjoying life and the company of others.

      This is a very unusual dream for me, because it ended positive and there was lots of positive feelings in it, when usually my dreams are dark and depressing and scary. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying...
    13. Awkward Lawyers

      by , 01-10-2011 at 02:03 AM
      1/9/11 - Awkward Lawyers
      Dream Non-dream Lucid

      Me, Mary, and Hannah were working together in my old school's gym. It was apparently a law firm that we ran. I saw Mary sitting on the bleachers, talking to a couple of custmers. I went up to her and asked, "Comfortable?" She sighed and said, "Not really." I sat next to her and put my arm around her. "How 'bout now?" I asked. She smirked. "Oh yeah."
      We giggled hysterically.
      The two customers glanced at eachother. "Are you gay?" one of them asked.
      I laughed again and said, "Psshh! Yeah RIGHT!"
      Mary chimed in, "Because guys are fucking sexy!"


      We were closing for the day. Hannah, for some reason, wasn't there. Me and Mary were about to walk out the door when this blonde girl from my school stopped us. She challenged me to a "dance battle", and started dancing like a maniac. I just shrugged and started dancing too. About halfway thru I had to stop because I felt like my hoodie was choking me. It was fine though, because the girl was so amazed by my dancing that I'd already won. Then we all just... left.

      I also remember a teeny fragment.
      Before going to bed, I was thinking about how I wanted to find my dream guide. I'd imagined him as a huge gray wolf with unusual markings. Here's the dream.

      It seemed everything was going super fast, and all this happened in a single moment. I became lucid, met a big gray wolf, supposedly my dream guide, hopped on his back, asked him to take me somewhere, and he took off into the sky at incredible speed. I could see stars zooming by as the moon got larger in the sky... It freaked me out and I woke up. It was exhilarating and frustrating at the same time.
      I'm not counting this as a lucid due to its short length, and the overall confusion/"collapseness".
    14. Dead DC in my half-dream?

      by , 12-01-2010 at 02:25 AM
      November 18, 2010

      It is 11:49 PM

      -Just as a note this is one of those dreams where you kinda fall asleep then snap back awake.

      I'm driving down a local street in my town and I approach an hill going up. It is night time and there are leaves falling from the trees as it is autumn. As I'm passing over it I see a guy in the middle of the road dragging a dead guy across the street. This literally freaks me out so much that I wake up. I just had to write it down it was so unique of an experience.
    15. Who's Afraid of the Evil Queen? (Not me!)

      by , 10-26-2010 at 04:48 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Awake, Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      I woke up just before 5:00 A.M. last night and was disappointed that I'd slept through most of the night, couldn't remember any dreams, and wasn't going to have time for another full sleep cycle before the rest of the house started getting up at 5:30. I decided to try to go back to sleep anyway, focusing once again on MILD affirmations and visualizations. It worked.

      At some point between 5:00 and 6:40 [when I woke up for real], I have a false awakening where I'm in my current room and my bed is parallel to the closet doors [not perpendicular to them, as it is in reality]. I'm lying on the floor between the bed and the closet, all tangled up in my blankets. [I'm not sure when this happened relative to my other dreams, so I'm just sticking it here at the beginning.]

      I'm looking at the results of a Google Image Search for something involving the terms “japan” and [I think] “front.” Almost all the photos that are coming up are of cherry blossoms, but one of them is of autumn leaves. I say something along the lines of, “There are about ten hundred billion pictures of cherry blossoms, but almost no pictures of the leaves.”

      The next thing I know, I'm lying on my back in a wide expanse of grass. Several big, flat leaves in bright red, yellow, and green gently float down onto me from the nearest tree. The sky is blue and the weather is sunny, clear, and calm. There are trees spread out all over this grassy area, all with leaves that are turning autumn colors. Somewhere in here, I recognize that I'm dreaming, but there's no specific moment that triggers this realization. Saito is there with me, and I want to show him a seed pod from a magnolia tree. So, one comes rolling down the hill toward me, and I catch it. It's bigger than it would be in real life, and I say so when I show it to him. He says to me, “It's your mind.” Indeed; by now I'm not only aware that I'm dreaming, but I've caught on to the fact that this is my mind's rendering of what autumn is. I look around for an acorn, but find none. I say, “Of course there aren't any acorns – all my trees are are liquid-ambers.” [That's because that's what most of the trees in the neighborhood where I grew up were.]

      This big, tall, flying guy in a blue costume with matching blue makeup, who looks like he came straight from a Cirque du Soleil production, comes and lifts me up in his arms and flies away with me. As I'm being lifted off the ground, the thought of hot-air balloons crosses my mind, and [for some inexplicable reason], I ask myself, “Which city in Canada is the balloon city?” The blue flying guy flies us through a series of very large, rectangular rooms with movie projection screens on all the walls and the ceiling. At first, the screens are showing immersive views of natural vistas in Canada, accompanied by some appropriately dramatic and inspiring music that I don't recognize. I'm not afraid, because I recognize that the movie screens and the guy flying me through them are all part of the Disney theme park attraction I'm now on. The attraction is kind of like Soarin' meets the CircleVision movie at Canada's pavilion in Epcot. The film footage is filmed in a style very much like that of Soarin'; it's obviously intended to make it look like you're flying, except that the shots are designed for the big rectangular screens. The film in the last room of the attraction shows the transition over the border into the U.S., and flies us over Mt. Rushmore and then under a waterfall projected on the back wall. We go under the waterfall by going through an opening in the wall.

      Once I'm through the opening, I'm standing on the ground, and the blue flying guy is gone. I recognize the place where I'm standing as the interior of the Snow White's Scary Adventures attraction from Disneyland. There are no ride vehicles anywhere to be seen, though. The Evil Queen is just a little way in front of me. I approach her, and she turns around and says something scary
      [just like on the real ride]. I scream really loudly and high-pitched. For a few moments, terror completely overtakes all my awareness. While screaming, I think, Wake me up! Wake me up! hoping that the dream will end. [Remarkably,] It doesn't this time. I finish screaming, and observe that the dream hasn't ended, I'm still standing there, and the Evil Queen is also still standing there, turned to face the path where the ride vehicles should be, but is now motionless and silent, as she has finished saying her prerecorded phrase. So I start punching her in the face. I do this repeatedly, but I don't feel anything. While I'm beating her up, I shout at her: “You're an AAT*! I carry more complicated devices than you around on my back every day!” Which is true; she may be computer-controlled, but my laptop is much higher-tech. No longer afraid of her, I walk along the path and into the next scene of the attraction, where there is another AAT figure of the Evil Queen [this is the case in reality, too, but the track layout there is completely different]. This one turns around and starts to shriek something at me to try and scare me, but her words stop and peter out halfway through, because she can see that I'm not afraid of her. I continue walking through the scene. [*My personal shortening of “Audio-Animatronic™,” the robotic technology used to create characters in many attractions at Disney theme parks. I think I shouted more things than this, but this is all I remember shouting now.]

      The next thing I know, I'm outside again, but surrounded by buildings this time. I decide to rub my hands together, only to discover that they're really hot. I realize that that's because my real hands are really hot under my blankets. That's the last thing I remember from that dream, but it seemed to take me a little longer to wake up fully. When I did, my face broke into a smile and then a laugh when I remembered the encounter with the Evil Queen. In reality, I had been pretty scared of those moments on that ride when I was a kid, and I still dislike them now. I'm really, really proud of this dream. I think facing something/someone you've been afraid of for a long time and standing up to it is quite an achievement, and a good, worthwhile use of the ability to lucid dream.

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