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    1. Acknowledging Julia

      by , 09-28-2018 at 09:17 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      Awake, Non-lucid dream, Lucid dream, [Commentary made while awake]

      I see a beautiful, blue sky with lots of puffy, white clouds in it. I realize that this is a dream [I'm not quite certain, but I believe I became lucid by first realizing that I didn't recall how I had gotten outdoors where I could look up at the sky], and ground my awareness in the dream by focusing on the clouds in the sky. The sky expands to fill my field of vision, covering up and washing out the gray nothing behind it.

      I realize I'm in the backyard of the house I lived in as a child, and I'm with two girls I knew in elementary school. I walk around the neighborhood with them for a bit, exploring the yards of the houses. They are fenced in, and many of them are on very steep hills
      [which was not the case in real life]. At one point, a man who lives in one of the houses sees us. Eventually, I stop following them and start following two DCs who are young women closer to my own age now, a blonde one and an Asian one. [I typically prefer to spend my lucid-dreaming time exploring my dream world on my own, but this time, I thought I could maintain a longer, more stable lucid dream if I focused my attention on following two dream characters around, instead. It seems to have worked.]

      We end up wandering from the suburban neighborhood we're in to a well-lit, wood-paneled mall. We end up in front of a hair salon, where the salon owner stops us and presents the Asian DC with an award for her hairdressing skills. I notice that she is suddenly wearing a pretty, fancy dress appropriate for accepting an award at an awards ceremony. After she accepts it, we continue wandering around and exploring. The next time I notice the Asian DC, I see that she's wearing casual, comfortable clothes again. I exclaim in disappointment, "Aw, man! I wanted to do the finger-snap thing!" [Meaning, I wanted to consciously and actively change her from one outfit to another by snapping my fingers, Q-style. I was disappointed that she had performed the transformation on her own. ]

      Our wanderings continue to take us through indoor environments, and we eventually end up in a spacious church where the service is just about to start. A greeter hands me a service bulletin, which is a single large sheet of paper that you have to fold up yourself. I wander through the sanctuary, from front to back, just as the procession is starting.

      As I wander outside again, I remember that the next time I found myself lucid dreaming, I had wanted to do the 'pinch your nose shut and try to breathe through it' reality check, so I do so. It still works the same as ever - I can still feel myself breathing even while pinching my nose, which I still think is the coolest sensation. However, this time, my dream-sense of touch tells me that I'm missing part of the tip of my nose.
      [I thought, "Maybe I've been reading too many A Song of Ice and Fire books?"]

      I see the aforementioned blonde dream character again, and for the first time, we actually stop to talk. When I ask, she tells me that her name is Julia, and it turns out that she knows that I'm the dreamer. She refers to me as the "universe goddess." [There's a gap in my memory here; I don't recall how we got from just talking to this next part, but:]

      Julia is now mostly submerged in a tank of water, and I lay one hand on the crown of her head, which is sticking up above the water, and say: "I, [my full, legal IRL name], do hereby name you Julia." As she climbs out of the tank, I add, " [Nickname] is short for [my full first name]." [I often explain that to people when meeting them for the first time IRL.] After Julia is out of the tank, I ask her if I can do that again, because I didn't use both hands. I ask her what her middle and last names are, and she says "Tilly El-Haz[something, I don't remember exactly]." We stand facing each other, and I lay both hands on the top of her head and name her with her full name. [She looked like she could have been Supergirl, or otherwise related to those Els.]

      [Hmm. Fascinating. I've only met one or two other dream characters who exhibited any awareness that we were in a dream, and this is the first time one has referred to me in terms like "the universe goddess." This dream put me in a great mood, as my lucid dreams always do.]
    2. Hair Show/Pride Fest

      by , 06-27-2016 at 02:39 PM (Book of Dreams)
      12:00 am

      Dream 1:
      I am at a hair show, and I'm with a girl I knew in high school (dreamsign), and I need to do a touchup on her friend. We decide on what formula to use (40g 5N + 4g DBG + 20 vol) and I have the 5N, but I need to get the DBG from another stage. I make my way over there to get the color while trying not to draw any attention to myself for some reason. Then I return and mix the color, but I look into the bowl and realize the color tube was in the bowl and I poured all the color onto it, so then I grab another bowl and try again, and the same thing happens. I start freaking out because I'm wasting so much color, but I finally get it right and apply the touchup on this guy, even though the show is ending. Once I get the right mix, the color looks like a rainbow tint, like how you see those weird rainbow colors in oil. I look into the color and it feels like I'm sucked into it, it takes me to another dream scene. I didn't notice this really as I was dreaming... I could see another scene in the reflection of the rainbow color and I looked so closely that I was transported there.
      In the second scene, I'm with a coworker at a gas station and she's saying that the gas company is pumping Tryptamine into the gas, and that she's been recording it. She presses a button and the giant sign that usually posts the gas prices is now displaying how much Tryptamine is in the gas. I have no idea what this means but I think it was bad.

      Dream 2:
      I'm at a pride festival, but I'm in a hosptial gown laying on a gurney. I'm in a procession that's leading to a stage, and I'm wheeling myself with my arms. Eventually someone helps me and once I get on the stage I'm wearing a nice suit. I'm standing now with a bunch of other people in suits, and they're clapping, so I turn around and start clapping for everyone I'm with, but someone tells me to turn around because I'm getting an award. I have no idea what the award is for, but I turn around and wait. Then I get put back on the gurney, and my grandpa is there and he carries me off the stage. My uncle is there too. They take me back and I notice a big sign that has my name on it and all these people have signed it. I'm back in the hospital gown and I'm wheeled over to a train. The front of the train is open, it almost looks like the front of a boat. There is a drag queen in the front and she's crying. I want to ask her what is wrong but then the train shoots through a tunnel.
      The festival ends and I have to get off the gurney and walk, but I'm limping really badly. I'm walking in the grass back to the parking lot, but I have to scale this wall that borders a body of water. I reach a point where an old lady pushing a baby in a stroller is trying to get around me, but she somehow slips and they both fall into the water. I'm stunned at first, I see the old lady and the baby start sinking. I'm about to jump in to help them but I wake up, in one of those waking up from a nightmare type ways where you shoot up in bed. I want to DEILD back into the dream so I can help them but it doesn't work. It doesn't sound so horrible now that I'm writing it out but in the dream I was so horrified and scared for them.
    3. Productive Night (6 dreams!!)

      by , 12-16-2011 at 07:27 AM (Lucid Lucy's Dream Explorations)
      Colour Legenda:
      Setting| Technique used | Dream (lv1) | Dream (lv2) | Lucid Dream | Notes
      ************************************************** ****************
      Dream 1: 1.18 AM
      I'm at a bakery with Kelly, when she goes outside to wait for G. I go see what's up and by the time i go back in, there's a huuuge cueue. I get annoyed at her for wasting our place in the cueue, but she's pleading that G is worth it, so i just shrug and wait with her, forgetting the bakery altogether.

      Dream 2: 1.18 AM
      I'm working somewhere, i go to the canteen for lunch (the corridor leading to it has a slope, lol) but it's empty, with lots of ppl outside i don't know. Apparently there’s going to be a meeting in the canteen, so i go look for food elsewhere and get lost on my way back to the office.

      Dream 3: 3.12 AM
      I'm in Leuven (university city), going to the market, but half the city is destroyed. When I do reach the market, I see some friends of mine (S and a person I can't identify). S tells me about his latest Japan-related project, and then we go talk privately about what had only just happened to me. My hair is wet and sticking up Wolverine style.
      That's the umpteenth time I dream of Leuven, so I guess it's a dream sign of mine!! Also, it's the second time I dream about the market in Leuven. There is one IRL that I used to go to before Friday class. It seems to be linked to my desire to get a hamser. The first time I dreamt of it was when I first started looking for a hamster IRL, and yesterday the pet store called me to say their couple had bred healthy cubs that could be separated from their mums on Saturday. And again, I dream of that market in Leuven. Weird!

      Dream 4: 3.12 AM
      I see a black woman bent over, while her husband (also black) is circling her, touching her with his penis. Eventually she screams "PIKACHUUUU" and he finally gets to actually fuck her. Apparently they're in a game show. Awards are being handed out. She's now wearing 150cm tall high heels & she's singing.
      ..this may have had to do with blues/jazz being on the radio. I sleep with music.

      Dream 5: 6.28
      I'm checking something out, about two guys. One of them (the one I find most attractive of the two) is suddenly behind me. He's tall and has long blonde hair. After we talk for a bit, a girl shows up and gets all flirty with him, so I kinda back off a bit to give them some privacy, assuming she's his girlfriend. Suddenly she gets all cold on him, and I feel sorry so I give him a warm hug. As I squeeze him, his hand lowers down my back, he gropes my bum and we kiss..
      OMG DOMINIQ!!!!!!!!! Where've you BEEN all this time!?
      Ahem. Dominiq is a sporadically recurring Dream Character, first appeared about 5 years ago as my lover. This is my 4th dream about him! FINALLY OMG I MISSED YOU!! (TwT)

      Dream 6: 6.28
      I'm with Gwen and Vicky, hiding from a Geisha. They hide under the stairs, but I don't fit so I run up the stairs and hide inside the Geisha's bedroom, in some storage room. It feels like I'm in a film, acting. The Geisha comes into the room, looks at the storage room (as scripted), and goes away again. I escape and rejoin my classmates in the balcony of a theater. It hadn't occurred to me how quiet it was, until everyone suddenly turns round and laughs at me, talking about something I did where I got caught. I just laugh with them.
      ..this is just weird shiz XD I reckong it may, again, have to do with the radio. Applause being translated into the dream as "people suddenly talking loudly".

      After writing that down, I had 2 more minutes before my alarm went off, and guess what. I go into SP >_<. No. Time. Left. For. LD!!

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      non-lucid , memorable , side notes
    4. Craziness!

      by , 12-12-2010 at 05:06 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Psych ward

      Dreamed I was getting picked up from a psych ward by my friend Jared and his girlfriend sarah. Apparently I wasn't taken well care of in the ward... what I was wearing was soiled and I stunk. Sarah kept bitching about my smell and was making rude jokes about it. In the dream I remembered this being my second time to this psych ward...


      Remember being in a hogwarts class where I was kung fu training. I was paired with a woman, I remember doing lots of blocks and stuff. This woman lured me into a backwards trip kick. and when I was on the ground I had a vague memory of choking a woman in my inner world... disturbing.

      Picked on

      I was walking around hogwarts and people were yelling at me and calling me a woman beater. One of the weasly twins dumped some crap on me and laughed. I just walked frustrated through the hallways.

      Woke up, Remembered that from a few days ago, someone gave me a dream flu shot which poisoned me and made me attack harry during a portion of the tri wizard tournament. Concluded someone lured me to the dream psych ward for the first time, where they administered another shot. Was realeased and went home to asuka, being poisoned and attacked her. I was sent back to the psych ward for attacking her and then relased. By then word spread to hogwarts that I'm some maniac.


      After Raven healed me.... I went angrily into Dumble dore's office, Lucious was there... I knew he was behind my druggings and poisonings. But no way to prove it so I use my astral tentacles to extract Lucian's memories which Dumbledore then views in his weird memory fountain thingy. Turns out Lucian was usng a portrait in his home to communicate with Voldy, who was giving him instructions to sabotage me and stuff.

      I get an award before the entire school for exposing corruption, everyone claps and smiles. People apologise to me etc. I wish I remembered it in all details.


      I was with some people in some town but started flying up. I saw someone i recognized on the ground and called him by his name. He looked up at me and waved. I took off on my broom and remembered that he had a twin brother and was pondering if I met who I thought... or his twin.

      Not enough breakfast.

      I was in some weird underground warehouse where some guy was cooking breakfast. He looked at me and said "help yourself,". i looked and saw that there was only one egg and half a slice of bacon left...

      New kid

      Apperently me and Asuka have a new dream baby now... ha ha. Already a few months old. i'm in the living room with Asuka, who looks like a native american in this dream. She's just watching TV. The kid is crawling around and I follow the baby to make sure it stays out of trouble. It crawls in some weird cup board and is pking it's head through som small holes.i keep pulling the baby back. and it looks at me and laughs. It keeps putting it's head in weird holes and I spent the rest of the dream making sure it doesn't get it's head stuck.