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    1. Working for Awareness

      by , 07-17-2019 at 01:21 AM
      I woke up with my second alarm and went straight back to lying down attempting to MILD again. I must have dozed off for a little bit as I come back to awareness with a bright white rectangle close to my face. I imagine it as a computer screen and sure enough, I start to focus on the URL at the top of the screen repeating to myself that I am dreaming. I feel my body start to enter sleep paralysis and I hear some strange noises. I try to wake myself up out of panic by trying to think of my bedroom, but I can only think about work and sitting at my desk looking at my computer screen. I let it happen and suddenly pop into the dream by WILD

      It's difficult to move at first, but I get out of the office chair I'm sitting in and do a reality check. My fingers pass easily through my hand and I feel that I am already more aware because of WILDing instead of DILDing. I want to get outside so I walk to the stairwell and find it blocked by a vending machine. It swings out of the way without effort, though, and I walk down. The stairs get very narrow with more blockages along the way, but I finally make it out into a grassy hill. In front of me are mountains with many homes built around the base. To my left it looks like some plains with a dust devil or small tornado. I sit down cross legged in the grass to boost my awareness. I once again perform a reality check which I do easily. I then say out loud, "Clarity now", in a calm but commanding voice and my vision becomes pixelated-like for a split second and a sound like a high pitched ring occurs. It subsides leaving me with a much clearer vision and more awareness, and I'm stunned for a minute that it worked so well. I decide I want to talk to my subconscious so I start walking down a street with houses on both sides. I imagine a bench on the left side while looking at my hands and sure enough, I look up and a bench is there, although a little lopsided. I sit down and ask to speak with my subconscious. Out of the right side of my vision, a blonde girl walks towards the house that I'm facing. She greets me and walks in some side entrance to open the front door for me. I thank her and walk inside. She starts talking to me but I'm trying to focus on staying aware and I tell her this. I remark that I need to work on making my awareness - boosting routine get my awareness in the dream to last longer. When I finally sit down, she starts talking to me again, but the dream fades out quickly.
    2. My mind is too cloudy, always

      by , 10-19-2018 at 05:38 AM
      I am always dreaming, even in the waking time I am dreaming, daydreaming, dreaming at nights and dreaming in dreams. My mind is too far away from being lucid for most of the time, I have to do something about it.

      I remember that the best recall and few lucid dreams were products of my sleeping on my back (usually I sleep on side), so I will try to make a habit of sleeping on back, last night I did it, my sleep monitoring app even said that as it didn't notice ANY movements it can't analyze my sleep!

      Starting from today, I will try to go to bed before 21:00, wake up after 4.5 hours of sleep, analyze the dreams or read this forum for 20 minutes and try WILD. I hope it will help...

      Summary for to-do:

      Sleep on the back
      Stay for 20 minutes awake after 4.5 hours of sleep and try WILD
      Record everything
      side notes
    3. Lucid moment and a flooding town

      by , 06-16-2018 at 08:51 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm lying on my back on a strange boat that fits one person. I steer by moving my feet; there's no steering wheel or anything like that, the boat just obeys me. I'm in my hometown, on a very familiar and small road. It's raining heavily. The scene is unnatural, apocalyptic even - the entire town is underwater. I see no other soul. It's dark and silent, other than the constant rain making noise.

      I steer the boat forward with my feet and mind. On some level I'm aware that I am causing this flood. I start thinking "What should I save? What should I let the flood destroy." and think this is good for the whole world. A fresh start. Pretty dark.

      I steer the boat towards an apartment made of glass walls. I go through the glass into the flooded apartment. I see several beautiful women in other rooms of the apartment, silently staring at me. They looked sad. The scene is weird enough for me to finally start questioning my state. I become lucid and try to get up from the boat. I haven't moved my upper body the entire dream and can't do it even lucid. I lose the dream.

      I no longer count lucid moments as lucid dreams, so I won't tag this as such.
    4. 29 Mar Street

      by , 03-30-2018 at 10:24 PM
      Fragmented sleep with lots of wakes in hrs prior to final wake

      The dream begins in a version of our current home, FA style. I wake up and look out the window seeing the new day begin. Some unusual transportation already on the move.

      Couple of moments later, I find myself walking down the street with much higher awareness. I decide to act out this moment as if it were real life, creating a continuous stream of awareness from the dream to waking and the actual walking on the street much later. I look around, soak in as many details, also looking at DCs passing by. A woman with a red leather jacket stands out. My bf's DC is also accompanying me. We continue our walk down the street to cross when some cars speed towards us. I feel like I need to quickly jump ahead to avoid the impact. The motion seems to destabilize the dream or it could just be the fragmented sleep and the dream soon fades.

      After waking up, I initially forget my dream idea to hold that awareness on my way to work, but recall it later on. As I go out, it's a beautiful cold sunny morning and I take in all the little details around me. With this state of mindfulness, it feels the same way it did when I had the lucid dream walking down the street.
      lucid , dream fragment
    5. Lucid Tower Meditation

      by , 06-28-2017 at 06:12 AM
      I'm outdoors on a lush, green landscape. It's like a park that is being gradually infiltrated by warehouses, factories, barns, and public buildings.

      Everything is very vivid. The light has a strange, beautiful quality, as if the light itself is full of possibility.

      I know that I'm dreaming.

      In the middle of the landscape is what might be a children's playground or what's left of an industrial plant. It's hard to tell, but I swing on a horizontal bar like an athlete, having fun.

      I drop down to the ground, thinking that I was supposed to do something the next time I was lucid, but I can't remember what it was. I don't want to waste the entire dream trying to remember, so I decide to fly. Predictible, yes, but a great feeling and not only is it less effort than ever with more control, but I also feel no anxiety as I rush up into the air.

      Ahead, there is a green hill with a tunnel going into it. Now there is some anxiety, as I wonder it was going to come out of the entrance.

      A large bus/short train comes speeding out and I jump high into the air to avoid it. It is yellow and reminiscent of a child's drawing of a bus/train. It has passengers.

      Then I recall that I was thinking about meditating in a lucid dream, which I've done once before and had a great experience.

      I close my eyes and I feel that I'm inside a tower. Opening my eyes intermittently, I see the translucent skeleton of the building's internal framework.

      Eyes closed, I rise up through the tower, hovering up what feels like about 40 floors. Hovering in the middle of this semi-visible building, I enter a deep meditation.

      I feel myself in bed, lying beneath the covers.

      I feel myself standing in the dream.

      I feel myself hovering in the middle of the building.

      I am the building too. I'm the structure, the beams and frames, stretching up and surrounding myself.

      When I hear footsteps, I open my eyes and my friend is quietly entering a kitchen in a fluffy white dressing gown.

      "I'm just making myself a drink," she says. "I can't sleep. You want one?"

      "No," I say and close my eyes.

      I stay in the dream, lucid, deeply meditating and just experiencing the various states at once for what feels like a few minutes, until my 'in bed' state feels very uncomfortable - I feel like all my weight is on one arm - and I wake myself up enough to turn over.
    6. Lucid last night...albeit only for a short time

      by , 10-24-2015 at 11:06 AM
      It was a short lucid event...as mine tend to be...but encouraging nevertheless (and anticipated). Yesterday, for the first time during the day, I managed to jerk out of my daytime “dream” on about 10 occasions (the “dream” that isn't “awareness”) I usually get so caught up in daytime living that I only manage a few.

      I only practiced the awareness for a few minutes each time...looking around, thinking “this is a dream,” noting body sensations (particularly the feet) but the real breakthrough was the fact that the “trigger” occurred much more frequently. Maybe reading about the brain is helping...”use it or lose it” as the book says and I'm much more aware how neurons, axons and dendrites work and how critical it is to stimulate the brain by repetition.

      I think I really pushed my brain sections when I first learned the dream routines. I remember how tired I often felt, how sometimes I awoke feeling really ill and (what I called) the “flashing” in my eyes. I now know that neurons were being frantically sequestered from other tasks to cope with my new demands. The basics are now firmly implanted so hopefully, when health problems etc are resolved I'll be even more back on track.

      I was dreaming about a town and I had somehow entered a place where I sensed I shouldn't be and I was poking about in some equipment and I broke a piece off. I retreated apparently still clutching a bar of metal and decided to return to the (hall?) and replace it but I couldn't find the place again. That's a major DS for me and might have started the LD process. The dream was more vivid than usual and I remember tossing the metal into a nearby bush then thinking “I'm dreaming!”

      By now, I can keep the excitement at a reasonable level and I resolved to look around and not dash off (another first really). Then I thought “RC” (good) and decided to levitate. I had resolved to try 2 or 3 RC's and maybe suddenly change the order (further validating the lucidity) but I'm happy that I full-filled most of my training.

      I rose cautiously but started to go out of control a bit so I abandoned that and focussed on a nearby pub. It was beautifully clad in small bright green tiles and all there was a small war memorial alongside it. Then I felt the dream ending. Damn!

      I have same old 2 problems...the shortness of my LD's and the fact that they are generally at the top of the night (usually after at least 7 hours sleep + a WBTB). I assumed it was lack of melatonin but I now have 1.9mg tablets which I've occasionally taken at various times throughout the night with no effect so far. I'm going to try 2 tabs one night (although the Spanish chemist was apparently shocked when asked for 4mg tabs and, knowing how even Spanish painkillers are at higher strengths than allowed in the UK, I'm understandably cautious)

      Hopefully, the “awareness” trigger is here to stay and I can further extend the periods of awareness. So...a good result for me and maybe a sign of more to come

      P.S. I had a “romantic” dream 2 nights ago...not sex...but hey! that's over-rated (I can afford to say that at my age) But, I'd rather have a romance with a good plot than a quick “wham bam thank you DC” but can I have it lucid next time?
    7. Notes on dream awareness

      by , 07-30-2015 at 05:58 PM
      Now that my extensive travels (Paris, Rome, Montreal, Montana) of this month have ended, and I'm back home and gradually returning to my normal sleep patterns, I find that dream awareness is stirring again, though so far it falls short of full lucidity. I had no trace of it while on my journeys, and I didn't even have any dreams I judged worth writing down. This was not overly disappointing because I was not actively engaged in any kind of dream practice and too busy to spend an hour updating my dream journal every day, so it felt okay to take a break.

      A couple days ago I had a dream that was atmospheric but not very interesting plotwise, so I didn't write it down at the time. However, one detail is notable: there was a giant white USB cord on the ground, at least twenty feet long, and arbitrarily I found myself wondering if I could bring it to life. I focused my attention on it and sure enough, it raised its "head" (the USB plug) and began to slither and writhe like a snake. This gave me an eerie sensation, because I found myself thinking, "This better not be happening in real life!" I decided I'd better check to see if I was dreaming. I levitated and was relieved to conclude that yes, indeed I was. However, true lucidity did not emerge because even though I now knew that I was dreaming, I did not stop and think what I could do with the dream state but unreflectively continued to go along with the dream events, which largely involved trying to take a good photograph of a distant landscape. It was a classic case of awareness without agency.

      Last night's dreaming included one of my classic dream signs, a public restroom of questionable functionality. Although I did not recognize the dream sign, I did find myself wondering if the facilities would be clean enough to use. Then I remembered, "I can keep them clean and functional by maintaining the right mental attitude." Though I fell short of actual dream awareness, I still recognized the causal link between my will and the surrounding environment.

      I find it interesting that, though I have still not done any sort of LD practice since early in the month when I left on my travels, simply returning home and restoring my ordinary sleep schedule has been enough to reawaken the potential for dream awareness that felt very distant while I was on the road.
    8. The Farmer

      by , 11-22-2014 at 03:07 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #382 - DILD - 4:14AM

      Daytime awareness

      I am driving and thinking about a conversation I had with someone. MP's (from work) husband had a baby with another woman and I feel bad for her because her religion wont let her divorce. While I am driving and have some quiet time I quickly do some awareness. Suddenly, I realize that it is supposed to be late at night, but the sun is shinning brightly. I think this must be a dream and instead of doing my usual nose plug, I pull back on the steering wheel.

      The car lifts into the air and I know for sure that I am in a dream. I see that I am on a country road and continue down in though I am hovering several feet above it. I start thinking about goals and for some reason I repeat from my last dream. I think I need to find a DC and at that moment I spot a farmer in overalls on the side of the road next to his pickup. He seems to be messing with a gate that leads into a pasture. I go too fast and pass him before I can stop so I try a hard U-turn. The laws of inertia seem to apply here and I hover sideways a bit before getting the car around. I quickly get to the farmer and, instead of my usual car phase I actually use the door. The act of physically getting out of the car seem really taxing.

      I ask the farmer, "What is the nature of reality?"
      He immediately starts saying random words that don't form any coherent sentence. It sort of reminds me how I sometimes do that to help me fall asleep.
      I ask again and this time he says, "Hyperdimensional continent."
      I am not sure this makes any sense so I ask, "Can you put reality into another word?" I really meant to ask a deeper question about reality and see if I can get and idea of what is behind it all. At the very least, I was going to ask him to tell me a story and see what happens.
      Anyway, he replies with more nonsensical reply than before, "Presidential candidate." Then he suddenly he lets out a moan of pain, "Oooooh!" I look down and notice that I am rubbing my thumb into the backside of his elbow. This spot is hurting me in the dream and I truly think that I have been massaging my own pain while we were talking. I apologize and explain all this to him. I start to turn away from, but the dream begins to crash. There is darkness, then a few random and fleeting images, some voices, then I wake up. I have a really tough time recalling the dream for several seconds.
    9. A lesson in why to do reality checks and why to DJ right after a dream

      by , 11-09-2014 at 08:06 PM
      non-dream dream lucid

      Once again, I was awake to some insane time. Went to sleep around 5 in the morning.

      I am in some yellowish transparent tunnel. I walk through for a bit until I somehow teleport to my sister's kitchen.
      I look around, and the kitchen is a bit larger than waking life.
      There's carpet on the floor and a sink next to the fridge (fridge is on the back wall in waking life).

      All of a sudden I
      become lucid. I increase awareness, and it feels like real life. I look into the living room, and the carpet is gray, and it looks like a DC is watching TV? The window curtains are closed but you can tell its day out.

      I walk into the living room and all of a sudden I'm walking a dog on a leash in a park of some kind. It's day out, and there's a few trees around but for the most part it's clear.
      I'm walking on a road, with some kind of ditch running along side it.

      All of a sudden I see a bunch of cats in the ditch.
      They're all playing with each other.
      I kind of
      lose lucidity at this point, but I still have a bit of awareness.
      I look at the cats and it seems most of them are white.
      There's a few kittens around here as well.

      I then see dog shit on the path.

      This is all I can remember.
      I recall other images, too fleeting to actually integrate with the plot.
      I recall becoming lucid another time but can't remember it.
      I also seem to remember something to do with SNES games.

      I would like to note that when I had woken up from the dream, I remembered all this much more coherently, but if you could get me out of bet at that moment to DJ it I'd be impressed.

      despite all that, this is the most immersive dream I've had a loooooong time.

      I might edit this post later if I remember something new.

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    10. Unplug yourself from the inceptionized matrix, Neo.

      by , 07-27-2014 at 08:48 PM
      All of a sudden, I was at my school during an athletic event. Swimming in partic-tac-ular. I was sucking except for the basketball portion in which I aboslutely killed at. Basketball in the water, except you use a floating beach ball. This competition was inside btw. I thought "Hell or high water, I'm going to get a medal TODAY." Just then, the water rose for more in-depth competition. A dialogue box popped up that said "At this altitude of water, there may be sharks. Be on the lookout." Then I thought
      "Why would there be sharks in an indoor competition?" This was my first clue that it was a dream.
      I finally did an event correctly. Swam 20mph in the sprint. Then I thought "Wait, I'm not even athletic, what's this?" I wanted it to be my turn so bad, that it actually came true. The rotations had smiled upon my liking, and I showed them who's boss.

      I talked to the kids post-game. There's this one who's the hotshot of the school; athletic, smart, cool, etc. He doesn't want me near him in real life because "I'm not worthy of his presence" or something like that. Since I had showed my brightside to him, I thought he'd look the other way. Nope. He said some snobby stuff, but then I said:
      "This is a dream, Ethan. We can do whatever we want. I can do whatever we want."
      He replied "Bullsh*t."
      I raised four miniature geysers of lava and shot ice crystals at his feet from nowhere. Not one of them hit.
      "Jesus christ, this IS a dream!"
      "Yes, didn't I tell you?"
      I saw the fear in his eyes.
      "Everything is wrong here. Nothing is right, but that's what I need to fix. If I grant you powers, the dream will become unstable, I'll leave and live my normal life, while you're here, stuck with the tyrannic rulers."
      I had his full attention now.
      "Omnipotent rulers?"
      "Yes. They're using you as fuel. You are slaves to them. I'll clear them out so you can go back to your life, or stay here if you desire. Stay safe."
      The truth was stranger than fiction though. I had unplugged myself [woke up] and found myself in a whole new setting. The world was dark, and people were handing their electronic devices to men that looked like Agent Smith from The Matrix while they sat in cars with guns. I ran straight into the school as sentinels flew above me.
      "Mrs. Swenson, what's going on?"
      "Come with me."
      This part of my dream skipped out, but I knew it. I had the power. to test this, I went into an elevator. I pushed 1 "ground level" and said "Cut power to elevator"
      The elevator sparked and warped a bit. I was then actually afraid as I drifted back into naivete. I almost lost my grasp on my lucidity.
      I found myself no-clipped out of the world. Much like in Half-Life 2, or Portal. When you can fly around and through objects, and see the entire map in a grayish blue box-ish outline full of objects.
      This was frightenting. The force at work here was much stronger than me, so I warped home. I immediately looked out my window. An agent in a red tie in a black buggy looked up at me. I saw the coldness and emotion, or lack thereof, in his eyes. He drove away.
      I then woke up AGAIN, to find that I was on Newgrounds. The endeavors I experienced were a Newgrounds Flash Animation. But I knew there was another level to this.
      I went to World's End, an ethereal location in the game Magicka. World's End is what it sounds like. Barren floating islands with a very beige, green background. There was a path. I had a showdown with the Beast himself. My inner demons. He wielded a large club, and I made myself twice his size. I couldn't stomp on him. I couldn't block him. I had to wait until he was out of breath, and land the finishing blow. I punched him off the barren island into No-Man's Land. He fell down into the deep, foggy abyss.

      I'm much happier now, tbh.
    11. (July 23, 2014) First Lucid Dream! DILD

      by , 07-23-2014 at 03:06 PM
      July 23, 2014

      No supplements or sleep aids used.

      Rating: 5/5 For first LD

      Break through! First Lucid!!!!

      It was short lived but great! It was also on one of the first REM cycle, if not the first. It felt so far back after I woke, and it was the first dream that happened out of a series of many. I did it without needing a reality check. I was outside my friend Jacob's house at night standing next to his dads truck when I saw a flying picture and thought to myself thats not right, I must be dreaming! I got so excited, almost woke my self up instantly but calmed down. It felt as though I was losing my grip on control as well the more the dream almost stopped. I tried to spin but couldn't so i mentally calmed it down. I walked out into the street under the street lights beam if light. Once it got a little better I immediately started flying over all the houses. I still did not have a good grip on the dream as it was my first time. I saw a lot of other houses, different than what would normally be there. The street was not there like normally, just back to back houses with yards separated by fencing, some white picket sone black steel bar. I decided to land in the back yard of one and go inside. I went in trying to summon a DC. I tried the light switch and it came on, so i didn't try to mess around with it anymore. The house was dimly lit with yellow light bulb light. It had dark brown trim and beige walls. I walked through trying to summon a specific DC but a different one ended up coming. but unfortunately, I woke up then due to excitement of finally having a lucid dream. I put all my thought into this, so I only remember small fragments of a few later dreams.

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    12. Missed Lucidity cue!

      by , 07-15-2014 at 06:49 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      Quick note: I think I have been using MILD as a dream incubation technique, and that using it actually causes my dreams to be weirder, as well as inserting elements that are meant to be incongruent. For instance, focused on the statement, "I want to be lucid in my next dream" and fell asleep. First thing, a friend of mine approaches with a book on "How to be lucid in your next dream." I promptly ignore this information and proceed along my non-lucid path to delusion.

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    13. Three reality checks = non-lucidity!

      by , 06-14-2014 at 04:03 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      I am in an auditorium with my friends, talking about lucid dreaming. One of them presents me with a pillow for light sleepers. The packaging says "cundams." I chuckle at this, look away and look back. It changes to something else, and I figure I read it wrong the first time! I explain to my friend what I thought it said, and laugh a bit. She says that "is gross, please stop."

      Another friend explains that he wants to increase the frequency of lucid dreams he has. He has only had one 20-minute experience (in the dream). I explain to him Waggoner's variation of Castaneda's stabilization technique (looking at your hands). I then proceed to hold my hands in front of me and stare at them. I am wearing black mesh workout gloves; never occurs to me that that is odd. I then repeat, "The next time I see my hands, I'll notice I'm dreaming."

      Then, finally, I am at work. A colleague comes in to stress about something. I do a reality check, then assure her that we are dreaming, and not to worry about it. I do not have a care in the world. She leaves.
    14. Brief flying lucid

      by , 05-27-2014 at 02:22 PM
      I've had a brief, yet curious lucid tonight. I had set an alarm 4.5h into sleep to do a WBTB+SSILD. I got up and read a few pages of one of LaBerge's books, which I started reading a few days ago. Then I went back to sleep and did the SSILD normally. I managed to be more focused than other times, so I was quite sure I would succeed. Some hours afterwards I was woken up by my mum, who was trying to get my sister out of bed. The awakening was quite confusing and I lost details of the dream as a result. But anyway, I think I remember the important part.

      In the dream I was having a drink outdoors with someone, I think it was my brother. I even remember the position I was sitting in. It hit me right away... "I am dreaming". Unlike other lucids, I didn't do any RC. Instead, I thought to myself: "if this is a dream, then it means my body is fast asleep in my bed, which means I can do anything I want". I felt I had a high level of awareness and the dream was quite vivid and stable. The sky was a bright blue and I remember clearly the moment of the realisation. Then I recalled what I first wanted to do in a lucid, following LaBerge's advice to have a clear goal, and I went shooting up the sky, flying vertically and gaining height quickly. Unfortunately, that's all I remember. I assume at that point the dream transitioned into a non-lucid, because none of the other dreams I recalled after this were lucid. But it's the first time I was aware of the actual state of my real body at the time of dreaming, so I find this satisfying enough.
      Tags: awareness, lucid
    15. Competition #17, Night 15/Final Night 3/22 +3/23 & 3/25 Quick Takes

      by , 03-26-2014 at 01:14 AM
      These are some quick recaps, mainly for my records but anyone is welcome to read. LD on 3/22 was interesting in that it was in one of those late dreams where my awareness usually starts to dip again and it did feel like one of those dreams but I managed to become lucid. The next two LDs were interesting in that they both had to do with my path/orientation in the dream and that they were recognizable as dream scenarios (general dream signs). I attribute this to my awareness work where I retrace my steps during the day with a view from the outside of myself and then from within where I am self aware in a more recent tweak to my perspective that involves noticing something you don't normally notice like the way that you normally don't see your nose (it blends into your view but is visible if you look for it) and to my review of specific and general dream signs. I feel like there is a shift in the way that I am becoming lucid lately. I am hopeful that it is becoming more natural and/or that I am solidifying neural pathways to easier lucidity (neuroplasticity I am hoping). I guess we will see. It also seems like I am having more awareness in dreams where I don't quite become lucid. I am recognizing DC's of people I know or knew IWL that I never think about and perhaps were always there but just didn't have the awareness to make the connection?? I don't know.

      Quick Takes:

      3/22 DILD: in an American style football game I played the first 3 downs in the quarterback position starting from the 20 yard line and there was a dirty play against me in the last down that made me realize that this was a dream and how I was just in bed trying to WILD. I thought it would be fun to throw off the helmet of the dirty player and start whacking him and did. After a number of whacks I am just laying on the playing field feeling tired and from there I faded back to bed. 123

      3/23 DILD: I am looking for this woman I saw earlier and make my way outside and I notice that I lost my way and the path looks quite different from before and I am not progressing forward normally/~slow motion. I realize that I am dreaming and realize that I can just fly out of here but the dream still wants some control and I start flying backwards and just go with it and it allows me to start flying normally again up and away but then again the dream wants control and leaves me drifting towards space but I am not worried, I have been there and love it and it stops again and I end up on a very tall building. I think about jumping but I am wondering if that might send me into the void so I look at the building next to me and decide to do some Spiderman swings upwards and over to various buildings with what seems more like rope than web. I feel like a child again. I fly some more before what I assume was an FA. 124

      3/25 DILD: I am on a porch talking to an old co-worker (N) and we see a group of guys go by and one of them looks like Tom Petty but then it is as if we just saw that on a tv screen or something and I ask something like "since when is Tom Petty on that show?" She said "Oh you didn't know" and I figured out we were talking about 2 different shows and the one she mentioned was a reality show involving fighting. I get the idea that the fighters in the show are coming for me and it is time to get out of there. Now no one is around and the area looks a little different like I don't know my way and all of this feels like a dream scenario, okay yes well I can just fly out of this confusion so I do and the flight serves as my RC. I fly down and around looking for the fighters planning on showing them a thing or two before either losing lucidity, waking up, maybe had an FA on this one as well. 125

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