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    1. In loving memory?

      by , 03-12-2016 at 02:07 AM
      I had a dream that a buncha friends and I went snowboarding and one of my buddies mom kept taking a picture and adding his gf in. For some reason she wasn't there, and saying in loving memory of megan. An we miss you dearly megan. In my dream I was really confused
      I'm at a funeral and my buddy is crying pretty badley, I'm not really sure what to do so I give him a big hug.
    2. March 5>6 Dream: Out of Character Friends, Dragons, Selfies and A Zombie Plot Twist

      by , 03-07-2016 at 07:57 AM
      First Dream.
      Me and my friend (Lets call him "D") are in a blue/white themed hotel bedroom and I think we are going somewhere. He is wearing a dark blue ensemble of a vest, long-sleeved shirt, tie, dress pants and leather shoes. I want to get ready as well, so I start to get undressed - totally forgetting D is in the room. When I realize he is also in the room, I hide behind a cupboard door. He asks, "What?" and respond, "I totally forgot you were there!" because I am insecure about my naked body, I don't want D to witness it.
      He tells me not to worry about it and to come out from behind the door - not the reaction I would have gotten in waking life (he would've told me to get changed and hurry up). I refuse to come out and say "No. I want to get dressed behind here". D tells me not to be silly and then - completely out of character!! - tells me to show him what I look like! I don't answer so he comes over to the door and pulls it away from me. Even though I have no reason to be insecure about my body, I feel it in this dream. He says "You look fine." SO OUT OF CHARACTER BECAUSE HE THEN ADDS WITH A NOD "Not bad at all." He smiles at me in a flirty way and I kind of enjoy it, but my main reaction is just confused because he would never do that in waking life!

      Second Dream.

      Me and D (yes, from the first dream) are talking and we believe we are communicating in real life, awake. We talk about weird dreams we've had, and dreams we've had recently. I tell D i had a weird dream about him but I lie about the contents, afraid he already knows I'm attracted to him.

      Third Dream.

      I'm lifting something into the sky - it's like a spaceship/island - by using all these dragons with the help of some friends. A little guy falls of his dragon, because he's the weak one in the team. A tsunami goes underneath us and nearly kills the guy who fell, but I save him by activating a water pump under his feet and he is pushed up into the
      air with us and stays there.

      Last Dream.

      My friend (Lets call her J) is taking selfies with a random chick in a car, and I'm on the backseat. I realize I'm third-wheeling and feel awkward so I get out of the car and say I feel sick and that I'm going home. I crawl up a really steep driveway and end up talking to an attractive guy who asks where I'm going and I tell him that I want to go to the house directly west of me but that somehow I got lost. We end up talking about zombies and pretend that the people across the park are zombies and pretend to shoot them with arrows. Then I realize they really are zombies and go into the house to the west. I pick up a plank of plywood and attempt to kill the zombie in front of me by beating it over the head . 4 more come to the window I'm at and I can hear more behind me. I decide it's join or die a horribly painful death, so I offer my hand to the zombie in front of me, hoping he'll bite me and I'll turn. He does bite, and it hurts, but they don't try to attack me. Now that I've joined them, I go and try to be a zombie too. I lick my fingers - random much? - and they taste like feta cheese which reminds me of the attractive guy for some reason.
      The Dream ends.
    3. A Strange Occurrence, Perhaps with Hidden Meaning

      by , 09-26-2015 at 06:58 PM (Nyctophilia)
      I am at my grandmother's house. The family is over for what I assume is my sister's birthday party. There is cake and relatives are over. Then, a friend of mine comes over. We shall call her A.

      Now A and I have a history. We have been close friends for a while and I have always had some feelings for her. I asked her out several weeks ago, she did not want to change our relationship. I tried to convince her otherwise but did so in a horrible way and came off horribly. I eventually apologized, things returned to normal.

      But in the dream, she comes over. I hug all of my individual relatives goodbye, and then we walk back to her jeep. Suddenly, another guy appears. He is somewhat handsome, and we shall call him E. I have never met nor seen him before, yet he climbs inside the jeep with us. I sense that he likes A, and I don't like that. I also sense that she may feel the same, but I am unsure. I keep her distracted from him for most of the car ride, I succeed in causing her to ignore him. He sits in the back while we are up front talking. I assume we are going to the movie theater, and eventually we arrive there. It is night and there are street lights illuminating the parking lot.

      We get out and begin walking towards the back entrance to the theater, for some reason. It is an upward slope and blacktop. I am in the front, A is beside me, but slightly behind. E is behind us and tries to talk to us, but I attempt to steal the attention. Eventually conversation is swayed into my relationship with A. I cannot remember exactly what I said, but it was something that struck her silent and made her trail into deep thought, while I was smiling beside her.

      We go inside of the theater, only to find that it is actually a hospital. I see a passed away relative there, my aunt, who had left us late last year. She is happy to see me and greets A. We walk around, talking, and then things fade.
    4. Sex Crazed Maniac (Semi Lucid), House of Holes (1.8.14)

      by , 08-01-2014 at 01:37 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      (Not sure if this is a new dream or linked to the 2nd dream)
      Im outside with Josh and we're watching the neighbour do some yard work. I can see an excavator in the yard also. Josh mentions about the man not doing much of a good job and that the girl with him has a weird nose. I can now see 2 girls in the distance, who're wearing work clothes. I can now see one of the girls up close. I notice the nose of the girl which is like a shrek nose but still not bad looking. I start to feel sharp stomach pain which transitions from waking life into the dream.

      I'm in a house and I become semi lucid. I turn into a sex crazed maniac... Ugh, and can't control myself to stop and become proper lucid so I can try different things for a chance rather then chase some tail.. I see a women running away from me (don't blame her) and she's nude. I have intentions to have sex with her. I chase her down and wrap my arms around her from behind and start to feel her breasts. She has small cupped breasts and rub them and squeeze them. She isn't relaxing and still trying to break free but I am physically too strong for her. I man handle her and start to fuck her from behind. It feels little odd, as if I was too high up on her back and needed to find the right angle for penetration. It lasts for what feels like maybe 30 seconds before I wake up.

      Dream 2

      I'm with Daryl and Josh. We're walking through an area with a lot of people and someone throws a piece of tissue or rubbish at me. I pick if and throw if back as a joke. I think I throw if at a guy that didn't throw it at me for starters. I get a reaction from a group of the guys once I threw it. One of them chanted something similar to "ceiling to ground". They come towards me and pick me up and throw me to towards the ceiling and catch me as I come down. They repeat this process for about 10 seconds. This was all in fun.

      I leave the area and reach Daryl and Josh. They're in what looks likes a house or a restaurant. They're eating their dinners which is steak and veggies. I ask them about something to do with how I'll be able to get my food. Daryl gets up from the table and says that he's done eating. Im surprised due to the fact that Daryl truly loves his food and never leaves a scrap IRL. I ask him is that all you're going to eat? He gets my drift and says I could have it. Now a older lady comes over with her and offers hers. I feel like a burden now that everyone is sacrificing their food for me. Daryl's steak looked as if it hadn't been touch and was perfect looking in shape and colour.

      I'm outside with my brother and he goes over to next door to offer to fix things. He's knocking but getting no answer. I somehow make a noise or hear a noise which tricks my brother into thinking it's coming from inside the house. There's a large women in the garden and she spots me and asks what I'm doing. I feel as if she is suspicious of me and I tell her I'm looking to do some repairs on the house. She starts to get angry and points at the tool I have in my hand, when is an old looking chisel. She keeps insisting that what I have in my hand is going to be used for other purposes. I insist that it's for fixing things. I start feeling pretty defenceless in the convocation.

      I think the lady tries to catch me out as if she knew I was bullshitting to her, and invites me inside to have a look at things. I walk inside and it's very dark. I see a light from a smart phone around a corner where a man around my age is laying in bed looking at his phone. I greet him and he thinks I've said something different to what I said and repeats it to me in a confused manner. Moments later he clicks on what I really said and greeted me back. As I look around the room I see major holes in the whole, some small and some big. A few of the holes were shape a human body as if someone had walked through it. It was a perfectly shaped hole of a human.

      I sit down on the couch with my brother and the man on the phone. The light are turned on now and I can see peoples faces properly. Myself and the man gets into a convocation. He looks to have long hair and some facial piercings. I get a feeling as if the man is maybe gay and attracted to me or maybe just wanted to be my friend. I tell him that I live next door and if he ever wanted to hang out to just come over.

      As we're leaving my brother kisses the man on the lips. I'm confused on how to approach this goodbye and go in for a hug. As I hug him he doesn't hug me back but instead shakes my hand as I'm hugging him. It's an all time award moment.

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    5. #13. Acting Crazy Going to Class

      by , 06-12-2014 at 05:14 AM

      In bed: 1:20 AM - 7:42 AM

      #13. I. 7:30 AM
      My roommate and I are about to have to go to some sort of event or class. We decide to be fools going there, running across campus there doing crazy things. I head out first, and so am not sure where he is. I start heading there assuming he is on the way. Eventually, I hear him singing on the other side of the buildings to my right on another path, as he is walking towards the same building farther ahead of us. Eventually, he sees me running and runs too. There are a bunch of people out in front of the building we are going into. I see FN, a high school friend, who asks me how my club is, not necessarily realizing that she is asking about the club which she left earlier in the year which makes this awkward. Upstairs, we enter some classroom with a bunch of others where we take part in some activity in different groups.
    6. Harry Potter and the Winter Carnival

      by , 12-31-2013 at 08:29 PM
      12-31-2013 -- [This is an odd one with no magic, but several characters from the Harry Potter stories. I am a cross between Harry Potter and myself.] I am sitting in my second bedroom in the Hickory house (not as in I have two of them, but as in I moved from one to the other at some point in my childhood) with three friends from Hogwarts, trying to plan out how to deal with Voldemort. With me (I think) are Hermione, Luna, and a cross between Neville and Dave D, a friend I grew up with. I also may be including scheduling a security work shift in here somewhere.

      I get a feeling that the girls might like me in a romantic sense, but if I try to get near either of them enough to try and touch them, they back off. Neville won't even shake my hand, and I find myself just about to start asking if I smell or something. I'm starting to feel really down and unwanted, until I tell myself not to make a fool of myself. I remind myself they may want to take things slow, or they may both like me, and both are backing off to give the other a chance. Or they could have no interest in me in that way, but I just don't know at the moment. I just don't want to make an idiot of myself over what could be a simple misunderstanding.

      Meanwhile, they are all giving me warnings about my income taxes, and reminding me that some expenses of taking out a Dark Lord are tax deductible, while others will probably get me in trouble, especially considering how corrupt the wizarding world is, and some of the screwed up laws they have. I promise I will try to take it all into account, as I rescue Luna, who slips and falls in the mass of clutter in my room. In this dream it is just masses of worthwhile stuff, with nowhere to properly store it, as opposed to garbage. I also pet a couple of the cats which are wandering around, but then the other start to leave, and I am getting ready for bed.

      Before I can lay down to sleep, I am interrupted. Padma and Parvati show up at the door, and Parvati explains she has an envelope she wants me to open up, and read, and then give her an answer to. On the outside of the envelope are three or four tickets to something, and inside I find a letter from Parvati explaining that she wants me to take her to the Winter Carnival on Tuesday night. It also says there are enough tickets to take up to six people, giving me a little wiggle room to keep things from possibly getting too uncomfortable. Chris T., a girl from my high school (and grade school for that matter) has an envelope as well, and seems to be a bit worried at first, but then mutters "it's Tuesday. Mine is for Wednesday," and settles down. I am apologizing for the condition of my room, and commenting on all the strange 70s tie designs I have hanging in my closet (which is located where the desk should be) which I think I inherited from my older brother.

      I think about it for a few moments, and come to the decision that I need to get out more, and decide I will take anybody who wants me to, to the Winter Carnival, if they can accept my limitations. Since I am almost sure it is fourth year, the Winter Carnival seems to be an alternative to the Yule Ball. It seems to be the muggle version, with rides and games and shows, according to the information on the tickets. I lead Parvati off to the side to speak to her (after asking which is which, since they are identical twins) and start to explain things.

      I explain that I am a very heavy guy who is out of shape, and tires easily, and say that I will be very happy to take her to the Winter Carnival, but she has to understand that I won't be moving all that fast, and will occasionally have to stop and find a bench to sit down on and catch a breather. She seems sort of nervous and iffy, as if she had somehow never noticed my weight, and was rethinking things, and seemed to be worried that my belly might keep me from even being able to hold her. I wrap her in my arms and pull her close for a hug, which seems to answer her fears, and she seems to be smiling again.

      I soon find myself meeting the twins' mother, who shows hints of the past beauty that the twins now have, but she has aged a fair amount, and is now only fairly attractive. She seems to approve of Parvati's interest in me, and tries to calm my own worries by telling me they will pick me up at my door and drop us off right at the gates of the carnival, so I will not have to do any walking around except at the event, itself. Meanwhile, I am looking around for Chris to explain the whole thing to her, and to let her know I would be glad to escort her on Wednesday if she still wants me to, but I can't find her anywhere. I hope I haven't hurt her feelings while I was talking to the Patils. Meanwhile, I find myself looking at my clothes and wondering if I have anything nice enough to wear for this event.
    7. In a towel? wtf

      by , 11-24-2013 at 04:22 PM
      I only remembered parts of my dream:

      -So the whole time in the dream, i'm in a towel and it barely covers anything and im holding it close to me.
      -I ask one of my best friends to think of a costume for me
      -I'm in a place near the sea
      -I bump into a guy that's having dinner with the same person i told to make me the costume
      -The guy is supposedly famous
      -The teacher tells me that she brought this guy for me and a couple of other people.
      -I'm at the theater
      -I've baked pizza and people were eating it
      -I remember buying a lot of toothbrushes from the supermarket near my house
      -My dad was in the dream but i don't remember what happened
    8. Vinyl Laying (11.10.13)

      by , 10-12-2013 at 10:53 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I'm with Josh A and Graeme A.

      Graeme looks at me strangely/awkward towards me, as I greet him.

      I'm helping them do some vinyl laying
      . I mention that I haven't done vinyl laying in a long time and would probably have to be taught all over again.

      I see Casey A.

      I leave not long after with someone in a car.
    9. Outside The Club

      by , 09-16-2013 at 02:23 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      It was night time.

      I was with a few people I knew, and a girl that I didn't know. We were all in a car. I was sitting in the back seat. I was talking to the girl, she was in the front passenger. She thought that I was offended by her answer to a question of mine. I started to feel awkward that she felt that way. My speech started to go low as I was still effected by that awkward feeling. I felt something fall onto my lap. I thought it was her hand, but it was her laying her head on my lap. I was putting my hands through her hair.

      I was now outside of a night club (indoors). We were all sitting down, waiting for something. There was about 4 guys and 4 girls with us. I was wearing my new tracksuit pants that I had bought yesterday. I felt pretty cool in them.
      A bouncer of the night club came over and said to the girls to come on through to the night club. Us guys felt a bit hard done by, as we were still not in the club. I didn't really care about going in the club, because I was under dressed. I saw quite a few people leaving or getting kicked out of the club. I saw in the distance a drunk guy in his underwear doing a bit of a dance in front of a few ladies. I walked around where the people that had left the club, and I saw a few people I knew, Jason R's friends.
      question bout a girl in my dream-tracksuit-pants.jpg
      My ''Cool'' tracksuit pants lol.

      Dream ended.
    10. In donut shop with iPad and my stepmother and dad

      by , 03-04-2013 at 09:32 AM
      In this dream I was in a bagel shop waiting for a man to finish glazing bagels I wished to buy. I knew the bagels were for my father and stepmother. In fact they were there too (though they may have appeared only after I knew who the bagels were for). Even though they were there, I did not acknowledge their presence. Instead I facebooked on the iPad. I was looking at pictures they had placed on Facebook (in reality neither of them is on Facebook and they are opposed to it). I liked one of the pictures. My stepmother broke the silence and said, see she does not acknowledge even that we are here, but at least she liked one of my photos. I then did acknowledge them, went over to where they were sitting. My stepmother said that my father was wondering how I can read anything on the iPad, so I showed her that it was actually very easy to read on an iPad. Meanwhile the man making the doughnuts wanted me to decide which kind I wanted to buy, and I realized I wanted Boston cream donuts, but they did not appear to have any. Some of the donuts they had were pretty weird, including a giant cake sized donut that the man had just finished glazing. Even though the donuts were supposed to be for my dad and step mother, I did not consult them what they wanted, but rather tried to base my decision on what I liked.

      In hindsight, I found it interesting that my stepmother knew I had liked one of her photos even though she was not sitting next to me yet, and she was surprised that I could read on an iPad suggesting that she did not have such a handy device to read Facebook on. I guess she just "knew" when someone liked her photo on Facebook.

      This dream was awkward, but not a nightmare. Definitely not lucid.

      I also remember that the guy glazing donuts looked familiar in the dream but I could not place him. Upon waking I no longer remembered his face, so I could neither confirm nor deny whether he actually was familiar.
    11. B6, 200mg, Diectly before bed Results in Lucid Dream, realized in another dream?!

      by , 01-14-2013 at 02:32 AM
      I'd have to say I had maybe like 5 different dreams tonight, since the order is beyond me, I can only guess it went like this:
      Lucid Dream, False Awakening in a Mall, Roberto driving, Garrysmod, and a getting caught with Salvia Divinorum by my mom.

      The Lucid dream stated like this. I was outside, in a somewhat open park area. There was a street light near by, a tree, a curb leading to a road, and buildings in the distance. I was doing a general nothing-ness, and the reality of this struck me, and I so non-chalantly came to the realization I was actually dreaming, and I felt like I should start actually practice flying, so I did. Instead of running, and jumping, I laid down, on my back, and focused on upward movement. First couple seconds, nothing, but slowly, I started moving, and I continued to focus, reinforcing the fact that in a dream, I am only limited by myself, and moved faster and faster, till I was actually about 4-6 feet off the ground, and gaining! I re-positioned my body, and began Superman-ning through the dreamworld, up, up up up into the air, and I didn't really pay attention, but did realize buildings, trees, and other things were getting smaller, farther away, as I headed towards the clouds above, in the classic SuperMan pose. (One Arm in a Fist pointing extended forward) I rounded out once I came to the 'cloud line' and went straight, thinking "I could go ANYWHERE in the world!" and looking back at it now, I should've visited Maria in her Dreams, but oh well. I considered my freedom, but instead decided to just fly towards the nearest buildings, into the town, passing entire blocks and busy commerce. Basically this for awhile.

      Then a false awakening, I was in a mall with Roberto, and Lexi and her 'dad' was there too, and I went to tell Lexi about how I just had a Lucid dream. Either me, or Roberto, or for some reason, my mom, said something to Lexi's dad, that he got mad at us, demanded Lexi that we leave, as if we were all a group, so we all head outside of the mall, and to the parking lot, where Roberto had his car right near the door. Lexi's dad asked "Well, are we leaving or what?" and I was confused, Roberto said "yeah get in" and I tapped his shoulder, whispering him the reminder that they didn't come with us, and they have there own car. We both got it, and Lexi and her Dad stood around, also realizing they had a car, so it was somewhat of an Awkward moment!

      Once we were off driving, we found ourselves in a giant circle, with giant 2, 3 story houses, some with Christmas lights, since it was night time, and the circle was very hilly, and at the end of it, we were climbing up, then rolled down, and I think we came a little close to crashing cause he was talking to me distracted. either way we got out of the neighborhood.

      I arrived to a place, where Roberto showed me a 'game' except it was Garrysmod, and a part of me was like "OMG YOU PLAY GARRYSMOD????" But what I showed was no surprised look, so I told him "Yeah man, that's Garry's Mod, I used to play that all the time" which is an understatement, seeing how i've racked up about 2500+ hours on that game. Soon, I became a character in Garrysmod, in some $$ level Residential neighborhood, where the players we boarding up the walls of the houses with props. I met with Takaishi, an old friend from my Garry's mod days, and had some fun!

      In this world, which slowly morphed into everyday reality, I got a hold of a small Mason Jar of Saliva Divinorum. It was an extract, and I remember when I had it, it also came with a large orange capsule that could fit the Mason Jar, plus about 15 packets of Saliva Mix that you could pour in water, like Crystal Light. I opened the Mason Jar, and gave it a good sniff, and immediately got very tripped out, euphoric, and trippy. My mom suddenly appeared, and took it away from me, but luckily I had two packets in my pocket, but I got mad at her since I paid like $100 dollars on it, and she wanted to flush it down the toilet. The dream ended as I was on the search for where she hid it in the Garry'smod house I was still in/mall

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    12. Pregnant and Practicing with a Baby Doll, and a Very Awkward Thanksgiving

      by , 11-14-2012 at 04:45 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was walking around with a life-like baby doll in my arms, but I was acting like it was a real baby. There were many other people around in the area I was in, which, I honestly have no idea where that was. I think it was in a big mall or department store or something. I remember having to change the baby doll's diaper, and being confused as to how to do so. I stood there with this baby doll who had a dirty diaper on, trying to think of who to ask about changing it.

      I then realized that this was a baby doll, and that I was just practicing for when I had my real baby, which I was pregnant with. It was Jake's baby. I looked down and rubbed my belly. I was showing a bit, and, underneath my hand, I could feel the new little life moving. I felt the outline of her body. I got really excited about being pregnant! I exclaimed to someone that I could feel the baby. I then looked at myself in a mirror, and saw my baby bump. I felt really giddy!

      My joy then immediately turned to worry; I started to fear losing the baby. I was afraid that any little thing that made me panic or get angry or something would cause me to miscarry.

      I then started to tell people that I was pregnant and that I was excited for my little girl to come into the world. No one responded. I remember even telling a girl I'm acquainted with IWL, Maegan, but she just stared at me like everyone else. I also remember calculating my due date, which came out to be sometime in March, but that didn't seem right for some reason, as if it was supposed to be later than that.


      I was at my house. It was Thanksgiving, and family kept coming over. I was standing in the living room when my ex, Chris, and his girlfriend came through the door. They sat down on the red chair that's in the corner of the room.

      Um...what? Who invited them? I thought maybe my mom did. I know I sure didn't, but no one said anything.

      I was then upstairs with my brother. We were in the bonus room, when Chris brought us a tray with a small silver bowl of what looked like chicken broth up to us. He said it was soup, and set it down. It only looked like broth to me, not soup; I was skeptical. My brother started to eat it. I then heard Chris from downstairs telling his girlfriend he had saved all the chicken and rice for them.

      Uh, no, this isn't cool. I stormed downstairs and into the living room. There were other relatives in there sitting on the couch I believe, but I didn't care. I was kicking Chris and co. out. I stood firmly in front of the couple, who were both sitting in the same small chair, and said, sternly and forcefully,
      "Get out of my house. What are you even doing here anyway? And was that our soup?"
      He said no, it was their soup. I then said
      "Well, that doesn't matter. You're in my house. And I'm kicking you out. Go!"
      They stood up and left. Thank God. But I still couldn't figure out why they would want to spend Thanksgiving at my house. That had to be awkward for them, too.

      I was then working, but it didn't look anything like work, though I was doing the same thing. I was working behind a very long cash register counter, about the length of the room we were in, with some other people. A middle-aged lady with very short blonde hair came up to me and this other girl with lots of jewelry and a check. I can't remember what she was trying to do, it was something complicated, and she was trying to explain to us what it was, but the girl I was with took her small, flimsy light brown wallet from the counter and opened it, saying her ID wasn't in there and we needed her ID for what she wanted to do. I took over and started to calmly ask some questions to see if we could sort everything out. The people next to me behind the counter then took over and started to ring her up on their register. Well, I guess that takes care of that.

      I was then in the same building, but I was leaving work now. Chris was there for a little bit, and I told him why I got so mad.
      "I heard you talking about the soup," I said.
      He said "Ohhh..." as if it made sense now as to why I was so mad, you know, besides the fact that he brought his girlfriend into MY house on Thanksgiving.

      Ahem. Anyway.

      Chris was then gone, and I was standing with a short, stout middle-aged woman who was supposed to be Chris's girlfriend's mother. I felt really awkward when she started to talk to me like we were friends. I talked back to her, and was polite and nice, but I didn't exactly know what to say besides making small talk.

      We were then waiting on an elevator. A small screen popped up in front of us of a cartoony, poorly-drawn picture of his girlfriend, with "Ji's" written above it in bubbly, black block letters. It was supposed to be Chris's Facebook profile picture, and "Ji's" was a business or something. The mom stared at it longingly. I felt even more awkward.

      The elevator then opened, and we stepped inside. She started to tell me about how she was moving to Knoxville. I told her she better make sure she had all of her stuff together, and she said she knew, and just kept talking about it, and that she had to move around a lot. I thought that maybe she was in the military or something. She was talking to me as if I was any other person. I felt a little better about it then.

      She then commented on the fact that the elevator wasn't moving, as if someone had hit the emergency stop button right before our floor. The door then opened to an outside area. The area was lit, but looking up at the sky, you could see many stars; it was nighttime.

      I also remember seeing a flash of a white screen with black writing that quickly streamed by on it at some point. I remember it said something about love, "Love is not ____." (can't remember that last word) was one of the sentences in the stream of writing that whisked by my vision, or something like that. Whatever it was, it was saying something about what love wasn't.

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    13. [Canyon World]

      by , 09-24-2012 at 08:35 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Monday, September 24th, 2012]
      I'm wandering around a lightless void... I remember what day it was! "February 10th!" It was almost Valentine's Day... and I wouldn't be paid from
      this new job for awhile. Maybe I should ask someone for money? I start going through a list of people. "I can't ask Grandma or Mum... Hmm..."
      Suddenly, I'm in a restaurant trying to find a spot to eat in the booth... I only find one spot that looks clean. I sit in it and people return from the
      bathroom to sit at the table next to me. They shove their chairs back right up against me. I scoot over quietly to another dirty table. I get up to go
      back outside, when another table starts in about something to that other table. They call them assholes and laugh. I return quickly and thank them,
      and tell them my name is Austin *****. They smile politely and both shake my hand. I leave quickly again before they really take a look at my
      dirty hair.

      Outside, the world is a desert wash area, with soft sand from box, but it's a V shaped like canyon. This restaurant is built into the side of the V
      close to the top. I see Brent walking around, and then I see his ATV. I decide to get in and try to drive it. I starts automatically and I have no
      trouble steering, but I turn around and coast it back to Brent. Brent sees me and I ask him if he can drive me home. He obliges.
      We make it back home, it's the same kind of scenery of Soft Sand V-shape Canyon with odd trees growing out the side. We go inside and I see
      Casey too. Everything is the usual. Casey fights. Brent bickers. I stay quiet (or try to.) Mom even comes over eventually... which is odd, since this
      is DAD's house.

      Right on cue, Dad arrives and comes in to see Mum, me, Casey, and Brent- all standing around the kitchen's center counter-top. It's instantly and
      easily the most awkward thing that ever happened. Dad's starts asking, "How could you just invade my home like this? Especially after how
      you've been to ME?" Mom looks totally taken back, she's not nearly as confident as usual, as she knows she's in the wrong. She has the look of a
      child being scolded- but says nothing. The dream fades away to me outside.

      I have to go somewhere, so I ask Brent for a ride in his truck. Dad tells Brent to go help me, and we both get in and leave.

      <my recollection escapes me here>
    14. Jogging to Yosemite

      by , 04-11-2012 at 04:54 PM (The Dreams of a Trapped Mind)
      So, there was a few dreams, but I remember this one the most.

      My brother and I had already been jogging throughout my dream for some reason. We'd jog here, jog there, awkward right? So we had a weekend to kill and somehow got it in our heads to jog to Yosemite (a three hour car drive) and back home. I -being the smart one- grabbed a backpack full of some supplies in case anything happened. We start jogging. We don't make it all the way because I think it took us a while to realize that it wouldn't be three hours jogging cuz we're not jogging at 60+ mph XD

      We somehow managed to get to this store we always pass along the way but I've never been inside. It's this old, Native American type deal; privately owned, looks like a house converted into a store. We go inside and you know, I expect to see a bunch of Native American things, right? No. Wood and rope to make sleds, and magnets. Oh, and there was a room full of ice sculptures in the back. Not exactly what I expected.

      I then woke up due to sunlight shining through my window.. gotta fix that.
    15. A Trip to Gamestop

      by , 04-04-2012 at 12:36 AM (The Realm of the Child)
      (Trying out a new format. Hooray!)
      Dream Type: Non-Lucid
      Mood: Awkward, Angering, Somewhat Eerie
      Settings: Gamestop... Somewhere.
      Characters: My friend Anthony.

      During the start of the dream, not much comes to mind besides me driving on a strange freeway, which is strange. I usually never take the freeway, much less have to. Still, I was in a car that I did not know very well, though I was driving with my friend Anthony who has made our friendly relationship very awkward because of his advances to try to 'get with me', even though I am not gay. So in this dream, things were much the same. We were quiet in the car. We barely said a word to each other, until we got to our destination; Gamestop, which is also strange, because I don't see why I'd go on a freeway to get to Gamestop, when they have a store right up the street from where I live. Whatever, still, we poofed into the shop. I was apparently looking for a game (dunno what else I would be doing there...) and so I looked around. He suggested a few games, all of which seemed uninteresting or just dumb. I then found a game, which I thought was Fable II, but in reality was not. Still, I waited in line with the game, while he awkwardly waited next to me in a submissive stance that made me feel embarrassed. Not much after that thought. A very static dream.

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