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    1. 23 May; Monsters, my dog dies and robbers in Paris

      by , 05-23-2019 at 09:20 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      There are monsters outside that are triggered by motion or light, so one has to cover all windows and stay in the dark. One of my curtains opened a bit and they are outside approaching, I run to try to cover it. They try to come in. I panic.

      I am watching a talk show on tv, some socialite is the guest and they are interviewing her while laying on bed. The woman wears a mini skirt and flashes her under wear. She also has ugly varicose veins on her legs.

      My dog Bernardo is eating like crazy and seems to choke on a piece of macaroni. He is coughing so I give him space. But at some point he is so red I feel I need to help him. He tries to cough it one last time, pushes hard and I sense a blood vessel in his back bursting. I feel him bleeding internally and watch him die before my eyes. I keep repeating "Sorry baby, I love you so much" and I cry in agony and pain, unable to save him.

      At an amazing bakery, they make bread in shape of cactus, it is a special thing to celebrate some occasion. Looks yummy.

      On a ship in the middle of the sea, surrounded by other ships, seems like the movie Troy and Brad Pitt is in it. The ships are modern though and passing close to the shore where there is a town, in order to cause a mini tsunami and some damages on land. Then I see some green monsters in the water coming towards the ships. They are dark green, tube like. I manage to reach land, but the tsunami caused water to invade the streets so the monsters roam the streets. I get surrounded by three of them. I climb a wall and they climb too. We fight on a roof, I find some object that I can stick on them and they are like inflated balloons, so once I pierce them, they die.

      Doing a stop-over in Paris for 7h. I take a chance and go for a walk in the city. At first it is very nice, I am following a touristic path that goes to the Eiffel tower. But it gets dark and everybody disappears, except for a guy on a corner that seems suspicious and approaches me to rob me. I run, but he chases me. Then some other dude is near some bikes and also tries to block my escape. I have to go around a van and some bikes but I manage to escape him and head to a main street with some people. I decide to just go back to the airport, but I am considering going back the same way or I'll get lost because I don't have a map. Then I think maybe is best to take a taxi.
    2. Changing Colors in the DW, Eating, Successful Teleportation. (LD #293)

      by , 05-03-2016 at 01:49 PM (Lucid Time!)

      I remember I had to take care of my new youngest cousin. She was just a baby learning to walk and her name was 'Baby'. I remember thinking to myself how that name wouldn't make complete and total sense because when she got older she wouldn't be a baby anymore. She kept challenging me to races around the house and for someone who seemingly learned to walk yesterday boy was she fast. But I still beat her. She didn't get upset she just continually challenged me pointing out different courses we could take.


      More Lego Dreaming. Don't remember what it was about. (this is the 6th straight night there's been something Lego related.)


      I remember walking down a beach. I was with my family and cousins. (Different cousins, my mom's family cousins.) We were supposedly on holiday in northern Michigan. I remember we were staying in a beach town and visiting the beach. My aunt said something about people not agreeing if it was 60 degrees or 80 degrees.

      I remember walking past these dream characters playing in the sand. One of them had this contraption that was making perfect ~6in sand cubes and sticking together like Minecraft blocks. He was making quite the sand castle, too.

      I remember looking a ways down the beach and seeing that it got less crowded. I decided we should go there. But at some point before we reached our final site on the beach that I became lucid. I did a reality check, and laid down some stabilization by wiggling my toes in the sand.

      For some reason I remember messing with the colors of the dreamworld. It was kind of like adjusting things in Photoshop where you can make the colors extremely vivid or something. Eventually the setting that I decided upon was slightly more vivid than it was before. It was pretty, though. I also managed to change the temperature in the dream world to be warmer.

      I began walking back up into the town. I just remember the town had this row of white buildings on a slight hill, then a road, then a large plaza-like area where I was standing. The town also had a train station and a bakery. The bakery was a very small building with a glass storefront close to the beach where we had been earlier. There was also a massage center next to it... Interesting choice of buildings...

      I remembered one of JustMe13's challenges. (Actually I think it was a false memory.) I remembered that I wanted to experiment with food in a dream. I reached into hyperspace (behind me) and pulled, well it looked like a muffin or a small pie. I bit off part of the top. It had flavor and texture, that was a lot like eating corn bread or a nut muffin or something. Not super strong, discernible flavor, but reasonably strong.

      I then realized that I've had food before in a dream. Now here's where I can take it to the next level. I need a second food item. I want to see if I can get something that tastes different. I think to go into the bakery, but when I do, it turns out the bakery was a much bigger building on the inside than it was on the outside, and there was a gigantic line of DCs. I remember right in front of me were five or six tall black men with spears and loin cloths. Some kind of tribesmen. I didn't want to pick a fight, so I just figured I'd reach into hyperspace again and hope for something different.

      This time I got a chocolate frosted plain doughnut. I started to make my way back outside. I sampled the doughnut. Different texture, softer. Different flavor, could taste the frosting. Back to the muffin. Kept going back and fourth between the two, until I'd eaten them both.

      I somehow wound up wandering into the train station while I was distracted. A security guard grabbed me and another guard told her to 'put me with all the other weird ones'. She locked me in the second story room of the train station. I remember there were some brains sitting out on the table. There was also this guy with long blonde hair. He had a viking helmet on and looked to be about 20. (Also he was a disembodied head nailed to the bulletin board, must not forget that small detail.) He smiled at me and said that the brains I saw sitting on the table were from people that had lost their minds. Apparently this room was essentially the Train Station's lost-and-found.

      But that didn't change the fact that I was waiting for the guards to figure out what they were supposed to do with me. There was one window in the room, but I didn't feel like breaking it or squeezing out. I figured I'd teleport somewhere else, or at least try. I felt like I'd already been in an LD for several minutes, so if I woke myself up trying to teleport, I'm not wasting the whole dream.

      I remember I put my hands together and did like that ninjitzu thing.


      I was very surprised when the dream actually changed to a beach setting. It wasn't the one from before. I remember seeing the ocean with waves rolling in and the white sand. (Granted I had been on a beach earlier in the dream, maybe that's why I had success.) There was a single palm tree and a cluster of fern like plants. The sky was clear with only a few clouds.

      I've had many a failure with teleportation in the past, so my first instinct was a celebration. I think I jumped up and down and shouted "WA-HOO! I TELEPORTED!" I noticed that the dream was getting dark. I knelt down and felt the sand trying to hang on, as the dream was starting to become unstable. "I TELEPORTED! I'M PROBABLY GOING TO WAKE UP NOW, BUT I TELEPORTED!" [Does a little happy dance.]

      Yeah I did end up waking up a little bit later. There might have been a false awakening that I forgot.

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    3. Give me my Chocolate Chip Muffin! LD #129 (sort of)

      by , 11-01-2014 at 01:14 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was with S at college. We were walking around campus in the evening hours. I can recall it being around 6:00. S said he had to go home, and I wanted to run to this bakery place before it closed at 6:20. Also, it was Halloween in the dream and everybody was wearing costumes. I think I was dressed up as Minecraft Steve; I was wearing a turquoise shirt and purple pants. S was dressed up as some anime character and had this huge spikey blue wig.
      We parted ways and I headed to the bakery. It was underneath the building next to my dorm in this huge complex that is not there IWL. I went inside and got in line at the bakery. The clock read 6:19 and you could tell the place was closing down. But there were a few other people that wanted to drop by before they closed.
      I asked the woman behind the counter if I could have the last chocolate chip muffin and some milk. She said 'sure' and handed me both of the items. I then waited for two other people to check out before it was my turn.
      I gave my ID to the guy at the checkout so I could pay. For some reason he just took it and held it above the slot without swiping it. After about fifteen seconds he sarcastically said:
      "Ooops! It's 6:21. Were closed now! Sorry! We can't give you this!" The lady behind the counter and another DC worker, a tall blonde guy who was wiping down tables both started laughing at me. I stormed out of the bakery vowing never to do business there again.
      I walked outside and up this big hill that isn't there IWL. I took note of how floaty gravity seemed to be. I kept on jumping up and swimming through the air for a few feet before drifting back down.
      This prompted me to preform a nose pinch. Now I became lucid, but I still felt like I wasn't all there.
      Primarily because I turned around and went back to the bakery. One way or another I was gonna get my muffin from these guys. I got back to the door and pulled on it. Locked.
      I see the three dream characters still inside; the bakery had metal and glass doors with floor-to-ceiling windows. The cashier guy was standing around eating my muffin and drinking my milk. The tall guy was still cleaning tables, and the woman was putting what was left of the day's goods. (A couple of bagles) into boxes. The three saw me standing outside me and started laughing again.
      Oh man was I getting ticked off by these three. I tore the metal and glass door off its hinges and threw it into the road. They stopped laughing.
      I walked over to the cashier guy and punched him in the gut. I heard a thunderclap sound and the guy went flying backwards into the wall. He then fell into a couple of tables and chairs. The other two dream characters took off running.
      I walked over to the cashier and looked down at him.

      For some reason me and him were sitting together at a table. He had a bandage around his head.
      "Look dude, I'm sorry... about everything. I didn't know you were..."
      "I don't forgive you."
      "What?! why?"
      "Because I know you're not saying that because you are sorry. You're only saying it because now you realize that I can hurt you. Next time, be more careful who you mess with. You never know who might give you a bad day."
      I turned and walked out. The dream faded.

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    4. Lucid For A Second

      by , 08-04-2014 at 12:11 PM
      First thing I remember about the dream I was shopping, first in a grocery store and second in a town near me where I wanted to buy some pastries from the bakery. I don't really remember what happened here though.

      Next some guy kidnapped one of my friends brother and also locked up various other people for people to gawk at. I soon realise the situation and start saying that this is completely wrong because humans are not animals and this isn't a zoo. Next some lady came up (who was with putting humans in cages) and every protest I made she would just mimic and I found her really bloody annoying and even said how annoying she was in her face. Soon I was in some field, people were everywhere, including the kidnapper who looked like a teenager wearing a fake beard. I start to trip over or just fall casually and the kidnapper/woman (don't know who) was walking up to me to hurt me.

      "I'm dreaming!" I say spontaneously. I soon realise, yes, I am dreaming and told the kidnapper to get out of my dream, which he did. Next I turned to the really annoying woman and tried to throw fire at her, nothing came out though, but the second time round I managed to get a fireball going which was blue and looked really blotchy and not like fire at all. I shot it out and instead of the woman, the kidnapper was in the way but managed to dodge out of the way.

      Next I was in a public bathroom, the walls around the toilet were quite short and I wasn't wearing shoes so I had to walk on my toes so it didn't come in contact with the wet and gross ground. After I had done my business, a bunch of year sevens were right outside the cubicle near some kind of shoe-shelf and was talking about getting ice cream sundaes and I was self-conscious that if I stood up to pull up my pants they would see me (even though they could only see my top half). And I woke up pretty soon after that.

      I should've done a reality check at that moment, but I've been slacking off in the waking world with RCs (oopsies). But I'm glad I managed to get lucid, I didn't even expect it to happen at all.
    5. Cinnamon Roll

      by , 04-06-2012 at 03:59 PM
      I remember that I was in a very large bakery. The counter tops were covered in flour and dough, the smell was heavenly. I put on an apron and got ready to work. I washed my hands in a very old, very rusty sink. A load of cinnamon rolls were already in the oven when I started working the dough. Again, I am overwhelmed by how delicious everything smelled. I began working a large lump of dough on the table, which I generously covered in flour before I started. I formed the dough into a very large square and added a buttery cinnamon sugar mixture to it.

      -dream end.
    6. Red Dragon Tattoo, Mexican Wedding Cookies, Crazy Cat, Jay on the Phone

      by , 08-11-2010 at 02:14 PM

      Red Dragon Tattoo

      I'm at the tattoo parlor and I'm talking to someone about a piece and I see a mural on the wall and they said it was about that big. (I know, makes none sense.) Then I hear my sister calling me from another room. I run to a back room and yell at her to leave me alone, then I get on the phone and text maybe to update Twitter (which I don't use, but Andrea does) or Facebook that Red Dragon Tattoo is a madhouse.

      Mexican Wedding Cookies

      I'm walking around somewhere in a downtown-ish area in what seems to be another country abroad. I walk into this side door off the street and find that it's a bakery. I look into all the display cases one by one to find something to eat. (I'm really not a big fan of pastries and sweet stuff anyway.) I see against a wall a display of donuts, but I don't want them. Then I see a guy behind the counter making something. I tell him I want some Mexican wedding cookies. At the same time I say this another guy is telling the guy behind the counter the exact same thing! So the guy makes some for us and I taste one. It's like cinnamon sugar. (I've never had a Mexican wedding cookie in my life.) I take my bag of them and dip out of the bakery and into another place. I hide the cookies in a drawer and Andrea comes in. I tell her there's a surprise in the drawer for her. I'm really pleased that I got her these cookies because they're her favorite.

      Crazy Cat

      (I've been complaining a lot lately that my kitten Charlie doesn't like me.) I'm in a neighborhood that seems like my parent's neighborhood. I'm at someone's door talking to them and I look into their yard and it's not grass, it's all plants like Pansies and other assorted plants... but they haven't blossomed yet. I have no idea what this nondescript person and I were talking about, but then I go into the backyard to chase this cat I see. I pick him up and he's all lovey dovey, then he gets crazy mad at me and jumps out of my arms and runs away. (Andrea said to me that someone else Twittered that they had the same dream last night, too... peculiar.)

      Jay on the Phone

      (This was Andrea's dream last night... she thinks I may have been talking in my sleep about this and that's why she dreamed this. She thought for sure my phone was ringing all night!) She's in the bedroom and she hears me on the phone yelling at my friend Jay that he'd better do his homework because I'm not going to do it for him and it took me eleven hours to do it!!! (I told Jay and he said "lol tell her she may not have been dreaming! This weekend I had Thursday and Friday off school for fall break and have been doing mad amounts of Spanish homework, so my theory is that the 11 hours figure came from Andrea subconsciously counting how long I was doing homework for. Call me crazy, but I think it's possible.)

    7. Train Station in Africa.

      , 07-20-2010 at 04:17 AM
      I was planning to meet up with MB at the movies. We were going to go watch something and eat dinner and we also agreed that we'd go and rent some other movies out to watch either before or after the movie.

      Then I mentioned to someone how I needed to apologise to CH, this girl that I did something mean to in year 7 IRL (I still need to do this one day if I ever see her).

      At the train station on the way to the city centre to meet up with MB, there were all these photographs attached to the station platform. They were all photographs of the same thing - some random part of the station platform taken from a specific angle, but each photograph was from a different station. It was kinda cool to see all the differences between each one.

      SM and MM were at the train station with me. We saw that the train was approaching, but for some reason it didn't stop at our platform. And this somehow had something to do with Africa being poor, lol. I think the platforms were named after different African cities or countries. And some of these didn't have enough money to fund the train to run to the city centre, hahaha.
      As they came from Africa, SM and MM got really angry at this, mentioning something about racism. They went to complain to the woman on the platform, but she pointed them to the train warden in the little office next to the station. It was a man with a paper sign on his back and front that said TRAIN WARDEN. So unprofessional haha. They went off to complain, and I saw that there was a train in the distance approaching. I somehow knew that this train would take us to the city centre.

      We boarded the train, SM and MM somehow exited my dream and I noticed that CH was on the train. I really should've gone up to her and talked and apologised to her, but instead I just did that thing where you acknowledge someone's presence by smiling at them, saying hi, and then I sat behind her.

      When we arrived at the city train station, CH was walking in front of me and heading towards Baker's Delight (a bakery shop). I followed her and when we got there I THINK I offered to buy her something. I'm not sure though. I remember that there was heaps to choose from. Different slices and things like that.
      Anyway, I didn't end up apologising to her :/
    8. Come On Zach, Try LDing!

      by , 06-21-2010 at 06:12 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Location: My home town/a supermarket

      The dream started off in a supermarket in my home town. I could see the frozen food section with several meats, as well as the checkout counter which I was currently standing next to. The counter happened to be in the produce seciton where my sister was buying fruits (Later that day, my sister and I bought strawberries and blueberries for my grandmother. I love precognitive dreams)and was looking at some sort of berries. I couldn't tell what they were but they were something like purple. (I'm colorblind )I got bored to I walked outside. I was instantly walking with some of my classmates and randomly looked at my hands. My right hand was normal but my left hand had six fingers, and the thumb was on the wrong side.

      I became lucid. I walked over to my friend Zach who was just walking slowly around looking at the ground. "Hey Zach," I said to him.
      "Not much. Hey, you know this is a dream right? It's not real so you can do whatever you want."
      "Really? It looks just like real life. I thought it would be more... dreamy, I guess." At this point, I was wondering if this was a shared dream and I was talking to the real Zach, or if he was just a rather intelligent DC. "Make sure you remember this when you wake up. I'll ask you about it to see if it's what's considered a shared dream. So... what do you want to do? As long as you believe that it'll happen, you can do anything!"
      "I don't know."
      "C'mon Zach. You have to do something. Maybe you want..." I reach into my back pocket "a million bucks?" I said as I pulled out a stack of money. There were 3 stacks of thousand dollar bills. My mind has good taste!
      "No," he replies calmly.
      "I'm starting to wonder if your just a DC."
      "A what?"
      "A DC, or dream character, just a figment of my imagination."
      "No, I'm the real Zach." Okay, now I'm confused. We continue to talk about lucid dreaming as I try to convince him to try it when he wakes up, but I don't think I got the message through. We came to a bakery and as we walked through the doors, I noticed another one of my friends sitting in line with a loaf of bread. "Hey, do you consider yourself as an aware person?" Completely forgetting it was a dream and hinking it was real life for a secon, I thought he was a real person but I doubt I would have a three-way shared dream.
      "No," he replies
      "Then you'll have a hard time doing this." Which was when I
      woke up.

      I talked to my friend today and he said that he does remember me giving him a million dollars and then walking to a bakery together as we were talking about something. I think this constitutes as a shared dream but I'm not sure.

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