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    1. The dungeon barber

      by , 05-12-2014 at 10:55 AM
      So last night was yet another unsuccessful lucid dream. I can't really recall much of it but what I can remember is worth the write. So I was in this castle. And there was dungeons all over the place and people that I knew.. (not in real life). Anyways I was taken to a dungeon and once the door flung open I saw a barber standing next to a chair, that had been fashioned pike a torture device. Gasping, I tried to escape but my attempts were pitiful as I was unable to run, as if my legs were buried in quick sand. They strapped me in the chair, and before I knew it I was getting my hair cut. That's all it was. Not some scheme to get me to talk or to torture me in some way. It was just a regular barber with scissors and a shaving machine. The doors bolted closed, and I recall hearing a voice saying, "Untill that hair is cut, he can not leave.". Exiting right.... No..
    2. Old man

      by , 05-07-2011 at 03:21 PM (Images In The Night)

      I'm in a barber shop. It's small and leaking from the ceiling slightly. An old man is cutting people's hair. I wait for the person to be done and get my hair cut as well.
      Dream Skip
      I'm the old man. I know i'm not supposed to be him as i remember being my normal self. I play it off as if i were the old man to make the other employee seem as if everything were normal. Things feel harder to do as an older person. It hurts to get up. Sometimes my limbs would kinda go numb.
      Dream skip
      I'm still the old man. I'm in the back seat of a car. I start coughing. I tell the other people in the car that i don't feel well. We pull over at a small store. Somehow i manage to find a bed. The store then proceeds to turn into a castle. I'm in a random room in the castle. I feel myself falling asleep on the bed, but it doesn't feel like a normal falling asleep. I force myself to stay awake. I try to get up but i can't manage to get up more than a few inches. I yell for some help. No-one comes. I yell again several times and clap to try and get someones attention. Nothing. I start feeling myself falling into a long sleep. I try to fight it but it continues on until i die in the dream.
      Dream Skip
      I'm back to my normal self. I tell my brother all about it. He asks details of it that i don't remember. I just tell him that it felt odd and yet relaxing.
      Tags: barber, chicken, died, shop
    3. A girl

      by , 01-18-2011 at 04:44 PM
      I dreamt about a girl (I don't know here name).
      We both went to the barber. The barber was a gypsy but she did here work very well. The girl looked even more beautiful as before.
      At an other moment, i was standing in the dark against a fence. There was somebody of my class around us. When I placed my hand on here side, the boy from my class yelled (in dutch off course): "What do you do?!?" But it was no problem for here. It was a blissful moment