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    1. 19-02-11 Putin

      by , 02-11-2019 at 08:50 PM
      I was at some kind of major event on a city square. I think the city was Barcelona. There were LOADS of people. The person sitting next to me just so happened to be the one and only Vladimir Putin. We talked a bit, and he seemed like a really cool guy. I asked him how likely we were to get a nuclear war between Russia and the West. I guess I wanted to assuage my recent fears of nuclear holocaust. In the end, I grabbed his hand and took off to give him an aerial tour of the city (!!). I flew over the city a bit (another massive square), making a wide turn (I was surprised I pulled it off, I'm not the best at maneuvering in mid-flight) and returning to where we came from.
    2. 17-12-XX Bank Robbery, Turkey Disaster, Barcelona

      by , 01-01-2018 at 05:08 PM
      I had money issues (as I do in real life, been unemployed for too long) and I'd agreed to take part in a bank robbery with a few professional bank robbers. I'd never committed a crime before, so I was very nervous. In the car on our way to the bank, I got cold feet. And the rest of the crew, not exactly nice people, noticed. They said that if I got nervous, the deal would be off. So I said I was good. We all had carbines, but they assured me we'd rob the bank at night and almost no one would be around. They lied. They used a lot of force and violence and I think people got hurt. I complained that this wasn't what we agreed. I was worried enough about being charged for robbery, and I didn't want accomplice to murder being added to that list. And I'm generally speaking not a murderer. These other guys... were nothing like me.

      I was in a city in Turkey, and suddenly some kind of earthquake shook the ground. People assumed it was a nuclear explosion for a while, but then we realized it wasn't. Don't know what it was. Just a quake, I guess? People were standing on this rickety bridge above a pool of water (in the city center). I wanted to get off as I realized it might collapse.

      We were traveling to Barcelona in a big bus, like I did a decade ago with school (twice). We got out to take a break, on an empty road somewhere halfway to our destination. There was a massive raging fire on the horizon. One of our teachers (math teacher Van Achteren) came up behind me and talked about a kind of app for merging pictures on her phone? For photographing the fire, I guess. My notes say our history teacher Peeters was there too, but I don't remember him. Notes also say "chocolate egg NL". Yeah, no clue what that means. In a later scene, I was in a hotel room, presumably in Barcelona. We had to share rooms with other students, just like how it was in real life. I realized I'd forgotten a lot of stuff back home, and I had almost nothing on me (just my wallet). I walked on a balcony outside of the hotel, wrapped in a blanket. The wind was blowing so hard, I could barely stand, let alone walk. I couldn't keep up with the others, who had already left. I was terrified of being left behind.

      Something about Doom savegames?
    3. 17-11-21 Dad Being Insensitive D*ck, Stuck in Barcelona

      by , 12-21-2017 at 01:05 PM
      I was on a 'bus' with a guy from work (Eddy). I sad down in the 'forbidden seat'. Someone immediately pointed out I wasn't supposed to sit there. Notes also say "very bright ceiling tile"? Not sure what that means.

      I had a fight with my dad again. I got emotional because of an old picture of my mom. I thought it was recent birthday picture at first. My dad saw something was up, but decided to be an insensitive dick and make me feel like shit. He said, in Dutch: "Ge zit daar te trillen als ne halve gare", meaning: "You sit there, shaking like a moron" and a lot more rude BS. Really summarizes how I see my dad. Incapable of dealing with emotions.

      I was in Barcelona with my class from school (an event that actually happened twice, in 2007 and 2008). The weather was really sunny and warm, and it was winter. I met a cute girl and we had sex. There was some foot fetishism going on, nothing too extreme. Afterwards, we were outside and I kissed her goodbye. My "friends" (at the time, now mortal enemies) were there too, watching. The girl was taller than me, by the way. I noticed that because I'm always super insecure about my pitiful height for a male. Anyway, we had to leave (get on the plane to fly back home), but bullies hid my shoes so I couldn't leave. I found some dirty shoes at a place we came through before, thrown away by those fucking bullies. On my way back through the city (a ruined house?), I saw some landmarks I hadn't photographed yet (the Sagrada is one of them), and it made me wish I had more time. I could technically leave whenever I wanted, so I could maybe visit the girl again first.
    4. 06/21/2015 - visiting universities

      by , 06-21-2015 at 04:59 PM
      So this night was a busy one. I woke up at like... 6 ish. In the middle of a dream (The Barcelona one). Then I went to bed. Some of those dreams were SUPER vivid. Which was cool. Way better than yesterday when I only had like a wee bit of recall. Anyways. Here it goes.

      06/21/2015 - VISITING UNIVERSITIES

      Iím in the United States with my sister, my dad (I think) and Isabelly. Apparently I'm much young in the dreamWeíre going to visit some universities. Weíre in a van, however we first stop by Isabellyís building and I meet her parents. Her mom seems more welcoming, but her father seems like a very strict man.

      As per usual, Iím not happy to be there. Everyone else is excited, though. My sister has a green water bottle. Like the kind you take with you when you go jogging or when you go to the gym (it looks very similar to the water battle I misplaced this week and canít find it for the life of me).

      Isabelly is super friendly towards me. I tell myself sheís interested in me. We visit a university and I see a bunch of kids, leaving a class. Theyíre happy. Theyíre excited. Thereís a guy with a face on the back of his head. Everyone thinks is super cool. I think he looks ridiculous. There is an aeral walkway and a very busy street in front of it. This particular university looks like the ones we have here in Brazil, it doesnít look American at all.

      We later meet Isabelly and a friend of hers at other University. It kind of looks like El Camino College a little bit. Her friend wants to be a lawyer, but itís mostly because her dad is forcing her to. Isabelly sits next to me. I put my hand around her shoulder. My hand, gently, brush against her chest. She doesnít seem to mind. My sister is sitting on my left side. A little later Isabelly pushes my arm away. I donít really mind. Itís not like Iím super attracted to her anyways. I just lean against my sister and think about being in the US again. Iím sleepy, but I really donít fall asleep.

      The van stops across the street from Isabellyís building. Before we leave, Isabelly (either on purpose or accidentally knocks my sister water bottle around and thereís water all over the van).

      Everyone then cross the busy street in front of Isabellyís building. I fear someone might get ran over. Iím the last one, and Iím running for my fucking life. Then weíre inside Isabellyís apartment.

      I sit on the couch and Isabellyís (still unamed) friend sister on the floor between my legs. I donít really think sheís attracted to me, she just might want to make Isabelly jealous.


      Iím on a farm with my dad (who by the way has been dead for the past 18 years). We see a dead cow in our property. Thereís a number branded on her backside. I looks like 11, but in hindsight it might have been ll. All farms there were indentified by number, ours were 10.

      So my dad tells me to call the cowís owner to tell him about. I do. I call him on the cellphone, and the cow refuses get his dead call, and heíll only do it if we pay him money (??). I donít say anything, instead I just give the phone to my dad.


      Iím at my sisterís house. Itís not really her ACTUAL house, since she lives with me. The bell rings and I open the door and itís Michael Keatonís Bruce Wayne and the Jack Nicholsonís The Joker. They come in, apparently my sister is friends with the both of them. I just look in awe at how amicable they are to each other.

      The dream transitions to an airplane. Iím sitting next to a guy, whoís arguing with another one. I get the feeling I know them both. One of them says we shouldnít have chose this particular company because it has the option of travelling nude. (a nudist airlineÖ I might kickstart that!).

      The plane takes off and my sister is cheering, because it seems like a successful one. The plane, then turns upside down, everyone is screaming and holding for dear life. Iím seeing from outside now. It all looks like some bad flash animation. The plane manages to turn around rightside up.

      Weíre now flying over a river, I have no idea why weíre so low. Iím still outside. The plane nosedives into the river. Iím back inside. Iím freaking out trying to get my momís mask on her before I have mine own, even though I know I shouldnít be doing that. ďAmerican Airlines donít have oxygen masks!Ē She tells me. I put mine on when I feel the water inside the plane.

      I then convince myself this is a dream, but instead of taking control I still let panic take over and I wake up. (Does that count as a lucid dream?)


      Thereís a cement pathway on the grass. I think it might be a park.I looked a LOT like the park from a video I was watching before going to bed on mindfulness. So Iím walking until I realize Iím near the beach. Iím stretching, which is completely out of character because I A) donít exercise and B) when I do I donít stretch (I donít believe in it).

      Thereís a group of people exercising on the sand (the beach looks like Copacabana, now that I think about it). I know someone there. A girl. I donít know who she is in real life. So she calls me over and I go to them.

      So apparently someone is interrupting their exercises, but they donít know who it is. I spot two kids on a bike, and they have aÖ BB FUCKING SNIPER. Theyíre shooting the group with it. However, guess who also has a FUCKING BB SNIPER? Thatís right. The Sebass. So I get mine and BLAM. I hit the kid who was shooting at them.

      I see the kid talking to his dad. Complaining? Crying? I donít know. I tell the group we should march overthere and tell the dad about it. The group doesnít want to. That frustrates the fuck out of me.


      Iím flying in front of a house. Thisis FC Barcelonaís HQ or whatever. Not the real one. Just one my mind made up. So Iím trying to break into the trophy room. When I get to the window, I see someone inside. Someone I know, Alexandre. But Alexandre here looks like DOC BROWN.

      Doc Ale Brown opens this cabinet, and I see it: The Champions League Cup. Apparently, I was there to steal it. As soon as I remove it from the cabinet I think. Fuck. There are cameras here. Weíre gonna get caught. Alexandre goes, ďworry not, I got this.Ē So we go downstairs and he starts chatting up the Security Guard. I think I was supposed to erase the videos and turn off the cameras, but I just joined the conversation.

      Then these super violent thieves show up and they beat the living heck of the security guard. So, in the dream I have superpowers, right? So I take all the thieves out. So weíre alone there, what do I do? I invite everyone I know to go for a swim at the pool. Ernesto (a childhood friend I havenít seen in 23 years) is there, but apparently he and his family are dobermannís now.

      I play with them for a little bit, then I remember I brought my dog along. I decide to check up on her. I walk to the front of the house and I see a flash mob thing starting. I donít know who put that together, but I decide itís a bit much and maybe we should bounce before the FC Barcelona people show up as Iím going back, I run into a lot of players. They seem confused by the people there, but not angry.

      I tell Dani Alves and Xavi that I have superpowers and they demand proof. So I say that I can rip these metal thingies that were screwed on the wall. Dani Alves says he can do that himself, and he does with great effort. I laugh and effortlessly rip it off. Garret Bale (whoís not even an FC Barcelona player) seems super amused by my display of strenght.
    5. El Clasico Fragment

      by , 12-14-2011 at 03:20 PM
      I was watching Real Madrid vs Barcelona on Sky Sports. Messi got the ball from midfield ran close to Madrid's defense, entered the box and slotted the ball home into the bottom right corner.
    6. My soccer team shirt changes!

      by , 04-28-2011 at 07:26 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      My soccer team shirt changes! (DILD)


      I was in the Pata Negra store, ready for the Madrid - Barcelona soccer match. I wore my Barcelona team shirt. I talked to my boss about the restaurant being ridiculously crowded with employees.

      I entered the walking-fridge and a female employee took my cell and hided it somewhere. I was looking for the employee who hided it and suddenly, realized I wore the Madrid team shit. I was wondering why I had that shirt on, instead of mine. I took it off.

      I went outside, the place was huge, was different from reality. I met with Hanna, a co-worker from a job I had in the past. She escorted me to the fridge to find my cell. She kissed me.

      I turned lucid realizing she was not my wife. My dream quality was extremely low and I realized it was almost time to wake up. While the dream was getting obliterated, I tried to project, but before I even attempted, I woke up.
    7. 13 Nov: Family matters and future

      by , 11-15-2010 at 08:15 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      23:00 GMT

      Stormy flight
      On a big plane flying into a storm. But just an observer. I think there will be the day when I will be in such situation.

      Looking at a map of Barcelona with my BF and asking him what he wants to visit Ė I suggest we should see stuff I havenít seen yet, but he wants to check some important spots I already visited and I have to agree to go there for a second time.

      Deadly parents
      Iím watching some spy thriller movie and then I am inside it. On the margins of a river and someoneís just explained me that in this particular place there are some strange undercurrents, probably resulting from some underwater structure, like a tunnel entrance to some secret facilities. Iím lying belly down on the grass, watching for suspicious movements, when I detect on land some kind of entrance to a bunker. I go check it quietly, think itís safe to go in but then Iím spotted by some ugly guy coming out of it. He holds a big knife in his hand and then a second guy joins him in trying to kill me. Luckily I also get some backup from a colleague and as we are on pairs, facing each other and waiting for someone to make the first attack, all of a sudden, the enemy guyís are my mom and dad and my partner is my BF. My mom is holding the big knife and Iím like ďSorry, what!!!?Ē.

      2:00 GMT

      Future attached to past
      Itís night. I see the city nightlights and against the dark sky I see a spaceship just like Enterprise. Thatís when I notice Iím in the future. Day comes and I also see airplanes moving around, but they are different, more like rockets Ė although totally similar to todayís airplanes, they lack any wings or tail and they lift off and land vertically. Yet, they still look more like planes than rockets. They are everywhere, like they are the buses of this future time. City looks pretty much like current day cities, though. I am walking through a park amongst the buildings and I see an old steam-engine train as an open air exhibit. I meet a lady there with whom I talk about the past and present times. I get from her words that people in this age are very attached to ďoldĒ times. They have this incredible new technologies but they avoid being too innovative, because they donít want to break with the past so quickly. Thatís why they make ships resembling planes, they keep their ancient machines exposed on their parks. They are a bit too obsessed. I tell her they shouldnít be so attached to old days, because everything changes and even that steam-engine will rust out there, for as much they try to preserve it and will disappear from peopleís memories one day. She seems disturbed with the idea.
      Then I see a guy appearing to be doing a stunt over a monorail sticking out of a skyscraper side. I ask whatís that and I realise they are just testing if itís safe to ride a bike through these narrow trails up there. They want to implement them between skyscrapers so people can go by bike through them. I say they are crazy Ė why not simply making some pods that would glide through the rails? Once again, itís their obsession with keeping it low tech and not go to far from their roots.

      Avoiding dad
      Seem to be on some sort of Inn on a ranch. The whole place is a big long one-floor building, where thereís a cafeteria, rooms, etc. My father is looking for me everywhere and Iím trying to avoid him at all cost. I see him entering the main door and Iím further away, in the rooms area. I go inside one room and meet my mom and grandpa there. Mom is reading a magazine, I eat some snack with her and we laugh about some picture on the magazine I say could go to Fail.blog. They are announcing an exhibition related to some event and there are some pictures of the eventís mascot and on one, something on the background makes it look like it has a huge phallus coming from between his legs. And because it is a kind of kiddie mascot it makes it even more outrageous. I say I have to leave because my dad will find me there eventually. I pass by the cafeteria, but I spot my dad inside and he seems to be with some kid. I have this feeling that he has a secret family I donít know about and I donít want to face it right now, so I go over some handrails and get out of this place before he sees me. I go around the building and exit this area. Then Iím in some other place sitting on a table with two other guys, who happened to be sitting on that exact table when I sat there to eat something. One of them is Indian, they are teachers and they are talking about relationships and how to deal with kids in classes. The Indian guy asks a very specific question: how to deal with a student who is very flamboyant. The other guy just doesnít know what to answer to that.

      4:45 GMT

      Something about a meteorite falling and then it is an alien with tentacles.

      ESP and lucidity
      Home scene with my BF, my aunt and her kids. Weíre talking about or trying out some ESP tricks. Something about robots. Then Iím lucid and decide to write the dreams Iíve been having on my DJ. I forget to wake up and just do it on the dream. I remember the radio was playing and I was thinking about how nice would be to have a radio show on Lucid dreams. My dad was asleep. Then I realise I was still asleep.

      7:30 GMT