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    1. Foggy memories...

      by , 08-13-2018 at 12:49 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      ...are pretty much what has been constituting my dream recall lately. Haven't been lucid in a while. :/ My watch trick stopped working ever since I started using an analog watch, for whatever reason, and I haven't found another reality check that works for me.

      My watch (a G-Shock) actually has a digital component, too, but it's kinda dim and hard to see so maybe that's why it hasn't worked?

      That being said, last night's dream was mildly interesting.

      I was flying with someone else (don't remember who) into a run-down, abandoned building in a city. There was a bat hanging from one of the rafters! And everything was dyed with this strange blue light.

      Cool stuff, even if not lucid!
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      dream fragment , non-lucid
    2. Escaping with Batman and Robin

      by , 08-17-2017 at 09:48 AM
      Morning of August 17, 2017. Thursday.

      I am in an unknown room with mostly only a large square wooden table. I seem to be in a movie that is being filmed in real time. Two other characters are Batman and Robin as from the 1960s television series. It seems we may have been kidnapped and are being held hostage. A couple unknown males are also present but I am not sure of any backstory. There are a few items in the room which may have been sabotaged. Batman and I mostly sit on the table at first while Robin is standing.

      There is a point at which Robin follows my index finger in some sort of swaying dance to follow my lead even though I do not seem to be a main character in this movie, perhaps not even being filmed while Batman and Robin are. Still, I hold my right arm up, my index finger pointing upwards, and I move my arm side to side as if I were defining a downwards-oriented semicircle in a sort of pendulum-like definition or as if I am conducting an orchestra. It feels extraordinarily vivid though I am not lucid and it goes on for several minutes. Robin changes his facial expressions to apparently follow my cues as such. He is standing on the table and sort of half-dancing, half-swaying, seemingly professional but almost as if hypnotized.

      At one point, Batman has an oversized pair of black squarish plastic binoculars. Like other items, I suspect that they have been booby-trapped by the Riddler or the Joker. He decides not to use them and puts them down on the table. I then notice an unusual bat come out of them (they seem to be hollow now), which may be venomous and may have bitten Batman on his nose if he had looked through the binoculars. The bat’s upper body and wings are like a bat, but the rest of it has the look of a silverfish, except it is all black. It crawls around as I notice this silverfish-like bottom part of this “bat”. I consider that it seems of very odd appearance to be a bat, but soon realize that it is likely of a particular species and so thus is not unusual at all.

      Somehow, we all escape. I end up going out the back door of our present house into our backyard. I no longer see Batman and Robin. I notice three bats of mostly normal appearance to the left of the door and standing with wings out on the external bathroom window sill. They all appear to have Mohawk hairstyles. They are arranged in a triangular orientation, as if in the orientation of a water-skiing stunt, two on the bottom, and one on the top with a foot on each of the other’s shoulder.

      I step out through our gate, though instead of the street view, it is an alley with a high wooden fence on the opposite side (which my dream self does not consider wrong). An astounding energy and vividness develops as the Batmobile goes by to my right, to the north. It looks like a far more modern Batmobile; like the V10 Lamborghini Batmobile. I feel fantastic enjoyment as I watch it pass, looking at all the details. There appears to be another car in front of it, about a car distance ahead, which I feel is an unmarked police car from the 1970s.

      From here, a train passes from the north to the south. Near the other side of the alley are a set of railroad tracks. I am aware that this must be a scene from the movie to appear differently in the movie than the overall event is being seen. The train, which seems already half-destroyed, rolls on the tracks, rotating sideways as with the essence of a corkscrew or manual drill, as the tracks seem to be pulled to the south by some sort of machine, as parts of the train and what is left of it get smaller and smaller as it goes by, and the tracks being pulled along by the unseen machine until they are not present. I can vividly feel the vibrations in the ground in my feet and lower legs. I am briefly somewhat wary of this event being so close to our house (though I mistakenly perceive that it is close to fictional parts of our house to the south and it now seems I am looking out from a long apartment block). Still, I trust the movie studio knows what it is doing and I am confident that there is no threat at all.

      From experience, this dream may be telling me that, in exactly one year (on August 17, 2018), I will be meeting someone who played Robin in a movie, possibly in a public place such as a shopping mall (or a wayward visitor to my front door). I say this mostly based on two features, one, the appearance of three bats, which relate to long-term precognition (and in fact appeared in a dream with several layers of precognition about Zsuzsanna long before I knew she was a real person), secondly, another dream character seeming “hypnotized” by me in an eerie dance and following my cues or influence appeared in the sole dream I had of Charlie Pride - and I met him in real life exactly one year to the date after my dream. I may be wrong regarding the dynamics of this dream, but it will take a year to see if it manifests as such. (Then again, concerning the presence of the three bats, it could be many years from now to the date as with my prescient dreams about Zsuzsanna.) So, if I meet Burt Ward on August 17, 2018, you read it here first (though it may prove to be a different Robin, as Burt is now 72 years old, then again, it might even be a different person named Burt Ward, hard to say with prescience sometimes being skewed).

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    3. Not Quite Dracula

      by , 06-04-2015 at 12:04 PM
      Morning of June 4, 2015. Thursday.

      As I have written in a few other entries, I have never had a “serious” dream about vampires (or zombies either). In fact, the only vampire dreams at all have only occurred in more recent years (which is unusual in that I watched far more vampire movies when I was younger yet never dreamed of being chased by one - probably because I never found vampires scary or threatening in any way even when young, this in my realization of how many dreams are otherwise directly or even solely influenced by movies or television shows regardless). This entry makes the sixth online entry (main tumblr journal) regarding the vampire theme (out of about 2,000 online foundational entries for my more complex and revealing work later on, hoping to build to about a meager 10,000 which represents only about a quarter of my writing), and there are not that many others documented. Obviously, without Hollywood movies, or perhaps more detailed literature as such, there would be no dreams about vampires - only less detailed monstrous threats perhaps (with human features), such as other types of unrealistically-rendered “demons”. I have dreamt of a large threatening bat but in a different context. The “were-hyena” dream (from 1990) is one of the only human-like fictional monsters I found threatening, and that dream was mainly a result of real-time environmental audio precognition (where I dreamed of a particular sound before it being linked to a very similar sound in reality - a type of recognized and personally well-documented dream anomaly I have never read about elsewhere).

      In this dream, there is no direct instance or coherent rendering of my dream-self. I am mostly watching as if being a vaguely-aware bystander. The main character is a male of about forty at the most, of whom I do not know or find familiar in any way. He is in a meeting with Dracula and seated to my right at an old wooden table. Dracula is on my left but is rendered with extreme distortion. While he has the head of a bat (only about half the size of a human head), that head is hanging down from a snakelike neck so that his head is actually not visible to the person he is conversing with and actually at about the level of just below his ribs. It seems to involve the vampire wanting the man to read for him (in my last nonthreatening vampire dream, I was to write Dracula’s biography). Apparently, the man is illiterate or not a very good reader and seems to be explaining this.

      Over time, I began to notice “more” (which is probably a typical changeover). The bat head may be either fake or be an additional extension from the snake-like “neck” from his upper chest area. I notice what looks like a sheet over a human head which is then implied to be the “real” vampire’s head - a dream detail which is probably a result of posting online an older - though enhanced with adult writing style, and freshly researched - dream from 1969 (“Sgt Carter Stalked by Killer Newspaper” from March 8, 1969). Although a new dream being influenced by a minor focus on a much older dream is something I have come to see occur more often as I grow older, I have more recently noticed it as having occurred now and then in past times more than originally noticed or realized.

      I suspect the man is not that surprised by the distorted vampire because I get the impression that he cannot see very well (although the vampire with the sheet over his head probably cannot see very well, either - even if he saw through the additional low-hanging bat head eyes he would probably only see the underside of the table).

      From here, my dream shifts into the vampire becoming something else, supposedly more “demonic”. He seems to be threatening as he walks toward a Rapunzel-like character and is growing horns as he is walking. However, it soon seems that he only has one larger horn though farther to one side, which makes me associate him with unicorns and juvenile fantasy. My dream takes on a rather distorted cartoon-like essence before collapsing into the abstract.

      Interestingly, one of the first things I read when looking at another dream-based site today was someone dreaming about a vampire that changed into a creature with horns, without deliberately searching with such terms, though such synchronicity (or form of precognition) always happening continuously and too often to keep any record of.

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    4. Bat Bite, The Talking Stag, and Being a Dude (Semi-Lucid)

      by , 08-06-2014 at 02:26 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a very large room with many people. The walls were a cream color. We were singing in some sort of choir. I was standing towards the front, and turned around to look behind me. There were people ducking and screaming.
      "It's a bat!!" I heard someone scream.
      I then saw a bat swoop down behind me. I was trying to get away from it myself, when it landed on my hand and bit me. It left three small puncture wounds on my hand. I was panicking a bit, because I knew I needed to go to the hospital.

      There was more to this one, but I can't quite recall.


      I was working in a jewelry store. I went to open shop. I got there, and Rachel was there, too. Her parents owned the store (I worked for them at a coffee shop 7 years ago IWL). They were there as well.

      The store opened, and a girl I knew in high school, Amanda, came inside. I think she was returning something. I thought about it, and thought I had heard that her fiance' was dead. I didn't say anything to her, but approached her and gave her a hug. She didn't hug back or say anything, but I wasn't offended. I finished hugging her and walked the other direction.

      I then remembered that I had forgotten something at home. I asked Rachel's parents if I could run home and get it real quick. They said I could. I left the store.

      Then, I saw this scene of a stag in a beautiful forest. He was sitting in a tall grassy area. Sunlight was peeking through the treetops, and everything it touched shimmered. I then saw some glowing thing. I do not know what else to call it but that. It was a round shape and was glowing in faint rainbow colors, but you could mainly see white. There was another one in the back room of the jewelry store too. I think it also acted as a portal. Rachel touched it, and turned into a scarecrow. She could then approach the stag. She stroked his fur, and he let her.

      It then got to a point where I did the same thing. At first, I could see myself in third person being the scarecrow and approaching the stag. But then, it was first person, and I was stroking the stag's fur. At first, I was expecting him to run, but he didn't move a muscle. I started to speak with him. He spoke to me in a deep, male voice, talking about scarecrows and how we came to see him (he did not realize that all the scarecrows who had seen him were all different humans). We spoke of other things as well, though I can't remember.

      Eventually, I went back to the jewelry store.

      Then, I was shopping at a grocery store in the produce section. I was looking for grapefruit so I could eat it with my breakfast for a healthy kick. I saw these small fruits inside these circular holders, kind of like the ones cups are in at fast food restaurants. I went to pull one out, and it was cutting it into a square shape as I pulled it. I saw that it was a type of melon, so I decided I didn't want it. I went to put it back, but it wouldn't go back in now that it was cut; it kept sliding out. I then kept looking, and spotted a bigger white fruit in a similar holder, but I read the sign and saw it was cantaloupe. Ugh, why couldn't I find a grapefruit? Someone, a female I believe, came up to me and asked what I was looking for. I responded
      "A melon. No, a cantaloupe. No, a grapefruit."
      I think she showed them to me. I can't quite recall.


      I was laying in my room, but it was a part of a much different apartment than the one I'm living in currently; it actually seemed to be a mixture of my apartment and my dad's old practice. It had many rooms all lining the same hallway on either side. In fact, my old roommate, Cherie', still lived there. So did her boyfriend, Jeremiah. I was debating on whether or not I had time to get up and shower.

      I then got up, and walked into a bathroom (there were a few bathrooms in this apartment). Jeremiah was in the shower. I got in with him and started washing my hair. We were laughing and having a good time. I think I put my arms around his neck. I noticed that the water was kinda cold. I guess he liked showers the way my husband likes them. I didn't mind the cold much (though I do IWL).

      I then had to get out, I guess Cherie' was coming home and was going to shower with him. I had only washed my hair though, and still needed to shower more. I saw my reflection in a mirror of my hair. It was already dry, and looked very wavy and shiny. I figured I could get by with just shampooing my hair and it wouldn't be a big deal. I needed to wash my face, though. I couldn't get to my shower stuff anymore because Cherie' and Jeremiah were showering. So instead, I pretended that I had my bottle of face wash in my hand, and started to pump some on my finger. I felt nothing. I kept trying however; I put it on my face, rubbing it around. I felt it a little, but not much. It felt dry. Probably because it was.

      I then walked by another room, which was actually an office. I saw a computer on a desk in there. It had a flowery background. Now that I think about it, it really resembled my dad's old office, though the furniture was switched around. I saw my therapist in there. She smiled and closed the door. I guess she was working. I think the bathroom I normally used was in there. Crap.

      I then found myself showering in another bathroom in the apartment. I looked down and I was standing on a couch/lounge chair.

      Avatar? Whats urs about?-audrey-bella-navy-chaise-chair-42b87405-9e4b-431c-9c78-1f4776a1c8ee_320.jpg

      It looked similar to this, only it had two cushions instead of just the one, and had a curtain-type pattern on top of the navy blue.

      I watched the water hit the chair.

      I then was out of the shower, and approached a mirror in the bathroom. To my surprise, I was looking at the reflection of a young skinny guy with a white tank top on and short, dark dreads. I knew who I/he was in the dream. At this point, I became semi-lucid. I noticed that behind me, stood...me. When I moved in the mirror, the guy me moved, but the other me, the girl me, was moving of her own accord. This part was extremely vivid.

      I then turned around and saw Cherie' was there too, but she also was a guy! She looked similar to me. I knew who she was supposed to be as well. I said to her
      "I wonder if I have a penis."
      I looked down to look. I didn't see a bulge. I did notice I was standing in a white bathtub though. I then pulled open my basketball shorts and saw...my vagina. I even saw my birthmark on my belly that I have IWL. Boo. No penis for me.
      Cherie' then checked to see if she had one, and she did. She said, in her voice, I might add,
      "I do. It's long enough to impregnante someone!" I saw a glimpse of it. It was hard. Damn, son. She was right.

      Then, either I woke up, or lost my semi-lucidity.


      I slept super well last night, and I know there were more dreams, but I can't remember them all right now. I just kept thinking about how I needed to sleep more. I was dog tired.

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    5. Bat-Man (more literal than you might think)

      by , 08-05-2014 at 01:00 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Spoiler for Random Intro:

      On the other side of the fence, I am face to face with a giant bat. At least I think it's a bat. Looking right at me, drooling profusely, a nasty looking orange drool. It has small flexible fangs. It also has a very powerful venom. Not very good. Biting onto my arm, I feel that none of the fangs pierces my flesh, but I don't want to take any chances, so I wrestle it away, pushing its porcelain smooth beak away. Now holding it back by the beak, we stare at each other, both still pushing at the other. The beak is so smooth, I actually rather enjoy touching it. Kind of cold to the touch as well, and very colorful with swirls of reds, browns, and oranges all throughout the beak.

      The animal's owner comes by, and pulls him back by the shoulders. She tells me, "He's just hungry, sorry about that" Being sort of like a bat, I assume he eats bugs, so I tell them to hang on for a bit, while I find some food for him inside my house. There are no bugs... I go downstairs and ask my room mate if he has any bugs.

      "Of course I do buddy, here ya go." and he hands me a plastic bin. 'Great! Now I can feed this thing.' I dash upstairs, but looking inside the bin I just see a loaded gun, some batteries, loose change, a few lint balls, and random other odds and ends. I take all the bullets out of the gun and toss them separately into the bin, then ditch the gun as well. 'There's gotta be bugs around here somewhere'

      I go outside, and find a large group of rather juicy looking bugs on the window sill. They all look dead, but still meaty. I pick one up by the wings, a large green bug, and it starts to wiggle around a bit. 'Not quite dead yet!' so I put it back down on the window's edge. The rest of the bugs all have rigor mortis, so I know they are dead. I pile them all into my left hand and go back over to the bat creature. Somewhat human, but definitely more animal than person. I hold out my hand and he ravenously slurps them into his beak and chews them for a bit before swallowing them, followed by more drool around the edges of his beak. Quite gross.

      Seeing where I got the bugs from, he walks over and looks for more. Seeing the one I left behind because it was still alive, he goes in to eat it. I pray that the bug either is spared death, or dies well, whatever is meant to be... To my surprise, the previously lifeless but twitching bug now flies off, just out of reach of the bat creature, then shoots rapidly into the sky at what I assume is maximum bug speed.

      I help the bat-man (more bat than man) find more dead bugs to eat. Mostly dead moths that are stuck to loose boards on the side of the house, or in abandoned spider webs. The creature eats more of the wood than the bugs, just chewing on it, as he holds it like an ear of corn.

      Walking back to the front yard, his friend/caretaker person tells him it costs too much to feed him and he has to make some money himself if this is going to work. Bat-guy sits down on a bench looking rather dejected, as he stares down at his feet with his hands in his lap. I go up to him, pat him on the back and encourage him, "You'll be able to do something to make money, don't worry."

      He looks up to me as if saying, "Like what?" but with just his eyes.

      I answer, "You could always give massages to people" and we both start laughing. I see a smile return to his beak and hope in his eyes. "I didn't know you could understand me" I say, amidst more laughter, just thinking about this bat-guy giving people massages... He nods understandingly.
    6. Supermarket Tuna - Failed False Awakening - The Helicopter Bat

      by , 09-17-2013 at 12:37 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I was in a super market with my Brother. I thought I saw Nat Mc. She was coming my way and I was reaching for some Tuna on the top rack. I grabbed one of the cans and it was open. I started to eat the tuna from the can, as the girls came my way. The girls were now Latoya and Rach's Mum. Latoya tried to give me a kiss, but held her hand out, for a shake of hands maybe? I didn't want to be greeted that way as I had just ate tuna, and probably smelt like one. Latoya had blonde/orange hair. I told her she looked great with that colour hair, and asked her if she had done it like that before? She said no.
      I saw Rach A next to me, and said Hi, what's been happening?

      False awakening (no lucidity)

      I was trying to DEILD and was finding it hard to get back to sleep as I thought I failed. I got out of bed to whoosh the blankets, thinking it would help my chances of getting back to sleep. I jumped back in bed and want to sleep. *Face palm*

      Dream 2

      I was at a random house, and was doing something on the PC. I noticed Maryanne C(MC), and her kids had visited us. I greeted MC with a kiss on the cheek. I went to greet the kids, and gave them one hell of a awkward hi-5.

      I put the television on her the kids to amuse themselves. We were sitting around and I saw a big bat standing on it's perch. It's perch was just a couple pieces of timber nailed together. It had spread it's wings right out and started to fly around the room. I was convinced it was being controlled by wind force that was in the room. It came inside the lounge we were sitting. It was now spinning as fast as a ceiling fan, coming closer and closer to Sarina's face. She was letting it get closer and closer, trusting that it would stop as it gets too close. MC's boy said to us, imagine if we were on dope and saw this happen.

      I noticed a piece of paper that Luke St had written on. It was a convocation of that Luke and the chick from Bathurst (Orange hair?) was having. Some things that were written was, that I was maybe gay? and that my big lips are what scared her. I assume she meant something else.
    7. Oh goody, another unpleasant one.

      by , 08-02-2013 at 05:48 AM
      I...don't feel like proofreading this.

      My house is more like a dorm than a duplex, the hall is wider and has more doors, but all the colors are the same. I wander into our room and think it still feels more like his than ours. I can hear my boyfriend talking from the kitchen, he is telling someone that he is going out to pick up food for a party. In our room there is a stranger in the bed with a blonde woman. They aren't really wearing anything. He has coerced her into playing a sex game. I find myself sitting on the bed, strangely intent on their actions.
      "What is the point of this game again?" The woman asks.
      "Jesus! The point is to see how long I can kiss you without vomiting. You're disgusting. When was the last time you showered?" He's being a huge jackass but she doesn't leave.
      He coerces me into 'playing', and eventually I say that I'll only have sex with him if he calls my boyfriend in to help. Some more strangers come into the room, the same ilk as the man in the bed. At least they're wearing clothes. They decide that since I'm not playing his game, I can play theirs. It's called 'See how long you can stay conscious while we beat you'. What, doesn't that sound like fun to you?
      I struggle as they pull my legs out straight and begin to strike me. I'm surprised by how much it hurts. The stranger decides he's going to have sex with me whether I want it or not, says that's what I get for being a tease.
      Thankfully I fall unconscious.
      I 'wake' with the sensation of arms wrapping around me. It is so realistic that I cry out and try to struggle away.
      "Hey, are you alright? It's just me." It is just my boyfriend. I relax and lay next to him for a while. Eventually we get out of bed. I want to tell him what I've done before the stranger does it. What will I say? I was curious and it turned out badly? For a minute I thought I wanted to sleep with someone else? Before I can figure it out, he leaves.

      Something else happens. I can't remember, but I'm coming back into the dorm/duplex and I am suddenly lucid. As always, I'm amazed by the clarity, how real it feels. I round a corner and find myself in the hall outside our room. Ours is the only one standing open, I go inside but my boyfriend isn't there.
      At first I intend to find him, but when I get back into the hallway I start to mentally call for Liam. At the end of the hall is a wide wooden gate that is about my height and 10' wide. I immediately notice that there isn't a handle but I'm curious. The force of my curiosity creates a gap between the corner of the door and the wall. I hook my fingers into it and pull until it creaks open. On the other side is a collapsed tunnel. I hear a distant rumbling and dirt showers down from above. Of course, I think cynically, the one way I want to go is blocked off. It doesn't occur to me that I can clear the way. Instead I close the door and as I'm turning away notice a faded white dumpster filled with sapphire blue dirt. I'm having trouble with my eyes. The right one keeps dragging and skipping images. I think that maybe if I keep it closed I won't wake up, so I gently close my right eye with my finger and cover it with my hand. It seems to work.
      "What are you doing, silly? You aren't using your eyes." And once I realize that, I have no further trouble seeing.

      There's a breezeway and another sharp corner where there's a bathroom. I hear one of the managers from work talking about me, saying that I was such a whore for sleeping with a stranger, in my boyfriend's bed, while my boyfriend was in the other room. It makes me ridiculously angry, I see them leave out the side door and take the front door which leads out onto a bright pink pathway made of metal grates, that runs parallel to the path below. I suddenly have a bat in my hand. I run, savoring the feeling of the wind on my face and how the metal vibrates under my feet with each running step I take. I run lightly, easily, cutting off the three people below and jumping down in their way.
      I land on one person, smack the second with the bat, and when the manager has the audacity to be amused, I throw the bat at his face.
      There. Problem solved.
      Then I realize the person I landed on is my friend Laura and I have hurt her. Still, she is glad to see me. I pick her up to carry her home, but her body is stretchy like...rubber or taffy. Or maybe a length of fabric. And for some reason there's a cat sitting on her chest. I struggle to pry it off of her and then cast it away so I can lift her more easily.

      Um, something about a funeral? I was being disrespectful by riding a bicycle around while a man tried to talk to everyone who had gathered to honor the dead. When he mentions that food will be brought out, and that the caterers are fantastic, two people come outside with the food...carrying a vat of pork in a container shaped like a pig, that's suspended between two poles and is dripping grease everywhere. It smells delicious.
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    8. I've Been Thinking About Bats a Lot Lately

      by , 07-21-2013 at 05:29 PM
      Well I don't remember much since I didn't get to really recall my dreams or write them down after I woke up and it's been a few hours since then, but,

      I'm in my kitchen and I open up a box or a bag, can't remember which, and take out a bat, which I had apparently ordered online. The bat looked like it was kind of a mix between a bug-eating bat and a fruit-eating bat. I get some sliced strawberries from the counter and feed them to it, "aw"ing and cooing at it the whole time I was feeding it. I knew I didn't have the equipment to care for a bat, so my plan was to order it, feed it and hold it for a while, and then send it back. My parents came in, and I expected them to get angry that I'd ordered a live animal without their permission, but they didn't really seem to care at all. At some point I lose track of the bat and find it drinking dirty water at the bottom of a dirty concrete hole in this weird, scary, concrete place, like a parking garage or something. I hold out my hand and coo at it until it comes and hangs from my hand, then I go back to the kitchen and use the fridge water dispenser to pour some clean water into my hand for it to drink.
      Tags: animal, animals, bat, bats
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    9. Copy-pasted from a chat with my friend because I'm lazy (fun dream with animals, badly described

      by , 07-14-2013 at 01:05 AM
      Abigail: I had a long cool dream with lots of animals and also some other beings like a little cute yoshi
      Abigail: But I had this bat-friend (no doubt from thinking about batjohn too much, as my dreams from last night were from thinking about tinysherlock too much x3)
      Abigail: And for a lot of the dream the bat-friend clung to my shoulder or back, and it was a cute, white, sentient bat vuv
      Abigail: Well, before that I was placing these things all along the wide underside of a counter that was outside, because apparently you had to stick these little button things onto the underside of something before a bat could hang there
      Abigail: And I was planning on keeping a bunch of bats, just because I could, but for some reason I was never able to.
      Abigail: And at one point my family lived in a place in the woods and we had horses and dogs, like my aunt's place that I just went to, and then I went to sit on one of those foldable chairs that you take to places, again like at aunt ramona's, and some chibi naruto characters came and snuggled with me, and a little yoshi came, and something else, but I don't remember what, and it was all very cute
      Abigail: Oh and there was a part near the end where there was one of those "in the next merlin!" thingies
      Abigail: That was kind of random and out of nowhere
      Abigail: and omg
      Abigail: It was, like, Arthur was cursed into thinking that he was different animals at different times.. or at least act like them, and I was like OMG THIS IS GONNA BE A GOOD EPISODE and now I know that it is not real. how sad.
      Abigail: oh and when we had the horses and dogs, I was up on the roof for a bit, trying to chirp like the birds were chirping and trying to get them to chirp back and some of them were RIGHT next to me, but it was a dream so I didn't think anything about it
      Abigail: And when my parents got home I was like QUICK GET OFF THE ROOF because I knew they probably didn't want me up there 'cause I could damage things, so I went down to pretend like I'd been petting the dogs the whole time, and then Alex accidentally let our two bighorn sheep run away and he ran after them
      Abigail: Because apparently when we moved in, there were already two bighorn sheep there, so we just kept them. :I they didn't have a pen or anything, they just hung around.
      Abigail: Sorry this is a wall of text lol
      Abigail: Oh and I was iron man once, except that wasn't a very good dream because everyone kept being really mean and annoying, and so then I started having a tantrum and throwing things and stuff, and then I flew uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup into the air and made war machine follow me for some reason, then I flew straight down into the ground or something, I don't really remember, and then I woke up, but I held still and relaxed and tried to just go into the next dream, but it didn't work :V
      Abigail: And in the last dream with the sentient bat and the next time on merlin and all that, in our basement there were these elk that would just come in and I can't remember if they were sentient or not, only that elk would come into our basement sometimes, through the big open basement doors, and I think Alex had to wrestle them out or something? Or.. interrogate them or something? I don't remember. Maybe sometimes I would be the one to do it?
      Abigail: And there was an evil bat-human king that was living with us but he was the last of his kind and he was scheming to somehow use me and my bat-friend to continue his race or something.
      Abigail: I woke up before he did anything :V
    10. A Taste of Death

      by , 03-19-2013 at 08:29 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      After a routine awakening I tried to go back to sleep. After a few minutes, without warning, a bat flew across my head and screeched. I noticed that I was now completely paralyzed. As my vision faded to black, I thought that I was dying. Instead, I woke up with my head under my sheets.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , false awakening
    11. Owl and Bat House

      by , 09-02-2012 at 03:47 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Owl and Bat House

      My recall has been really poor lately, but I remember this dream from last night.

      There was a house that was always dark, and I mean like there were no lights. It was full of owls and bats. You could hardly walk because they were everywhere.

      There was some lady who lived in this house. It was narrated to me that she walked around the house naked all the time because there were no lights.

      My view of the room was like a black and white drawing. Nothing moved. I was able to KIND of focus on some of the owls and bats, as though I was verifying what they were or something.
    12. The Boy and The Robbery (Between 16 th August 2010 and 17 th August 2010 --- Third Dream)

      by , 10-08-2011 at 05:38 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      A and I had moved into a new house. The house was large and had many divisions.
      Once we got to the new house,a boy with black hair came to visit us. He had blue jeans and a pale-blue shirt. The boy was very curious, talkative and friendly.
      He is always around us, that seems to please A.
      I'm a little upset that he´s always around, due to the lack of privacy.
      A tells me that he just needs attention and someone to talk to him. He tells me he is the son of a neighbor.
      I saw him come into our house through the large windows of our room. Initially when he tried to enter the house through the window,he looked adult, and wore an electric-blue shirt, and had short black hair.
      I flew towards him to give him a kick in the face, but the curtains (which were also blue) blocked my sight, and I stopped. When the curtains came out of my sight, the man had disappeared and in its place was already the boy.
      I'm walking around the house to see how it is. The kitchen has walls painted of many colors.

      The room has a small television .... It also has marble stairs that give access to a garage door, in the bottom of the stairs.
      Along the staircase, I see three dogs. The first one is near the top of the stairs, looks like a Labrador. When I open the door he wakes up. The Labrador was sleeping in a bag of raffia. He looked at me in a sweet way.
      Everything i saw in this part of the dream was in night vision mode, since everything had a green tint.
      The kid comes home again after I have sent him away.
      I speak a little with him and then he leaves.
      I speak with A and tell him that this lack of privacy can not be and that we must move to a new house.
      She tells me: "You need to speak with the landlord first ok?"
      I went shopping with A. Once we parked the car four thives appear.
      After locking the doors of the car, i started walking back and forth with it, trying to run over them.
      One of the times I did Reverse one of the robbers hit on my rear window with a wooden baseball bat. The window didn´t break.
      I look to my right and I don´t not see A inside of the car.
      She´s outside of the car, dressed all in black with a dress in spandex, to mid-thigh. It has a black bag to match the dress.
      The robbers are trying to get her, and each time one of them comes near her she hits him and pushes him.
      I tell her to get inside the car, but every time she goes in, one of the robbers approaches her.
      She does not seem too bothered by the robbers, because she laughs each time one of them gets close.

      I get out of the car, grab the baseball bat from one of the robbers and throw the baseball bat at one of them, breaking his teeth, i break the head of another robber with a punch. Then i grab the baseball bat again and deliver a full swing into the third robber in the head, leaving the thickest part of the club in his skull. When the fourth robber comes in my direction, i break his nose with a kick.
      The third robber looked like Alec Empire from Atari Teenage Riot.
    13. black butterflies; special drink

      by , 03-02-2011 at 12:43 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was walking through a street in my old neighborhood. I came to a three-way intersection. The left road went past my old elementary school. The right road went past a grocery store.

      It was night and dark. There were no streetlights. The sky seemed purple, as if somewhere in the distance there were lights.

      There were a good amount of people walking around on the street. Nobody, including me, was acting as if there was no power and light.

      I walked along the right road and crossed the street to get to the sidewalk in front of the grocery store. As I did, another man walked behind me, continuing along the sidewalk I had just been on.

      The man was on a cell phone. He was bragging really loud to somebody about having arranged things with the people at his work so that he could alternate work between New York and Atlanta.

      I knew the man was trying to get my attention and trying to make me feel like he had a better job than I. I tried not to worry about the guy, although I did think that being able to live in one other place as well as New York would be pretty cool. Atlanta seemed pretty far. I thought Boston might be nice.

      There was a tree in the middle of the street. It had fallen, but the trunk was still connected to the stump. It didn't seem too wide -- maybe only 33cm or so in diameter. But it was like I was walking below it. It was completely blocking the road. I had to get past it. I pushed against it, but I don't think I actually lifted it or moved it out of the way. I was then past it.

      I was on the sidewalk in front of the grocery store. There was a pretty girl somewhere. I may have thought about telling her something about how I live in New York and Boston.

      Then I started seeing black butterflies. They floated at about waist height, occasionally coming up to my head, and they flew very slowly. They were about 15cm wide, and in the dark they looked like living shadows.

      I walked under the canopy of a scraggly sidewalk tree. There were more black butterflies. They were floating through what seems now like either the suckers of the tree or some kind of barren shrub.

      I was shocked by the strange sight of the butterflies. I told myself there was no way these things could be butterflies. I told myself that butterflies didn't fly around in the dark. I thought they were bats. But they flew too slow to be bats.

      Eventually I told myself they must be moths. That seemed more reasonable than their being butterflies, although not as mystical. But, still, I told myself, even for moths, these things have such a strange appearance.

      Dream #2

      I was in an area like a hallway for a smallish performance and rehearsal space. The place felt warm, warmly lit, and nice. The ceilings may have been high up, even though the space wasn't big.

      I sat on a stool. I sat before a doorway. The door was the kind that has a split halfway up so you can open the top or bottom half only if you want. The bottom half was closed, and there was a ledge on it, which I was using for a counter.

      A pale, white man stood on the other side of the door. Behind him was a room with dimensions like for a performance space, but filled with stuff like for a living room or bedroom. This space also felt warm and nice.

      The man told me about some special cocktail he had made. I could see it in my mind's eye. It was very colorful. It had green in it, and possibly yellow, like pineapples. It may have been topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

      The man offered to make me a special cocktail. I didn't feel like drinking, so I declined. But the guy seemed really intent on making the cocktail, which he seemed really proud of. So I finally accepted.
    14. 11/30/2010 - "Punks 'n a Bat"

      by , 12-06-2010 at 09:43 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One:
      "Punks 'n a Bat"

      I was in some sort of older city. It was modern, but just seemed like an old, sea town. The Keys, maybe. MJ was hanging out with the group, and there were a bunch of punks that were going around and starting shit with people. They came up to our group, and one of them started hitting on MJ. She dismissed him by saying something really slick, and he didn't like it. He stepped up to her, as if he was going to hit her, and I stepped between them. The dude just got in my face and glared at me, anxiously rocking side-to-side. He was shorter than me. I could see in his eyes that he wanted nothing more than to fight me...but he was scared. Had I been someone smaller, he would have relished the chance, but he saw the way I was looking back at him; cool and calm. He knew that I knew I could kick his ass. From behind him, his friends moved in closer, silently signaling to him that they had his back. I knew my friends were standing behind me, as well, so I wasn't really too worried about his squad. He ended up trying something on me. We made a brief exchange of movements, and I ended up dumping him over the short, rope fence on the marina, and into the ocean. I don't really remember his friends trying anything at the moment.

      Later, I was walking through the streets, by myself. Still, obviously, in this old, red brick town. Cutting down a wide alleyway, I came upon the same kid from earlier. This time, he was alone, as well. He had something in his hand, though...a baseball bat. We were walking straight toward one another, at the time that we noticed each other. Recognizing me, he ran toward me. I wasn't going to run from him, and the best thing I figured I could do was slip into a range a little too close for him to effectively swing the bat. In a somewhat surprising mood, knowing that he was going to swing the bat as soon as I came in range, I slid to the ground, leaning backward to let the bat pass right over my head. I goofed, though, coming to a sliding stop in front of him after having not traveled far enough. He looked down at me and swung the bat down in my direction, from above. I rolled to the side and stood up, rushing in toward him again. He took one more swing, but I was already in too close. Bracing my left arm for an impact, I swung it up in an outward block, taking a shot from the lower half of the bat while I stepped further in. Confident that I was going to be too close for him to do much damage with it, I completely ignored the impact, now face to face with him. I could tell he wasn't expecting me to just step into his attack like that. I caught just a glimpse of it, when grabbing him by the collar, just before dropping him to the ground with an immediate hay-maker.

      Once again, I ran into the boy and his entourage, later the same day. They wanted absolutely no problems, and were trying to act all nice.

      Dream (Frag) Two:
      I had put together an experimental, makeshift ultralight, in front of my house, out in Canterbury. Apparently, this thing was remote controlled. I don't even remember whether or not it had a seat in it. I had a companion in this dream, who was a small, talking, shape-shifting animal 'demon' (I watched The Golden Compass, for the first time, last night), which just kind of scurried around me, the whole time. Not sure whether or not I could have actually ridden this ultra-light, I took it for a test flight, using the remote control and driving it around the grass around the ditch outside my house. The body of this 'plane' was made out of a lawnmower. And since I couldn't yet figure out how to fly the thing, it was going around in circles and actually mowing the grass. Lol. I finally figured out how to get it in the air, and it took a short flight over the ditch, just before rounding a huge tree, quickly descending, and smashing into my friend Jesse's mom's house. However, instead of being Jesse's mom and dad, who lived there, it was Todd's mom, and a different husband than the one she has now. Pretty random.
    15. Gomiko and bat research

      by , 09-26-2010 at 07:30 PM (The Midnight Train)
      I am biking through an alley in the late afternoon. The vendors are packing up and I am thinking about what to buy for dinner since my brother is away. I briefly see a black guy with a wooden cart.

      Scene change: I am now in New Zealand crossing the street on the corner of Cashel St and Colombo. I end up in a library. It is a cloudy day. I sit at this table. I see a person who left B-1 school a long time ago. He is blond and wears a blue t-shirt and looks like a real nerd. There is a guy with long black hair tided up sitting beside him. He also wears a black shirt. They are talking about how scientists still haven't got results because they are looking at the wrong side of bat behavior. Apparently some kind of study about bats.
      I see Naoko. Coming up to the table. I say, " you are Michiko?"
      She replies, "How did you come up with that? I am Gomiko." She then says something about her Dad that some how is related to me.
      Then the guy in black says, "What did you do to her Dad?"
      She sits at another table. I want to take this opportunity to talk to her but I am too shy.
      A cameraman and a black lady comes and stand behind me. The blond guy commands them to shoot from left to right the top half of this floor.
      I see a laptop on a little table behind the cameraman. It is mine and I show what I'm working on at university as a biology student to a friend who just appeared. There are heap of Word files and one says microbiology.
      I try to shut the computer down but then a picture of a bee cartoon comes up with fireworks going off around it. Then my phone rings and there are too many options on it and I can't turn it off. Turns out to be my phone alarm.
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