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    1. Taking Mom or Pat on my Motor Scooter, Eventually Traveling at Disneyland

      by , 09-12-2017 at 04:17 PM
      08-19-2017 -- What I can remember, lightly, since I should still be asleep. Driving somewhere with mom or Pat (thing it starts as mom, changes to Pat) perhaps grocery shopping. Stop for a quick stop at a Denny's (with what may be an Uber passenger) because I need to go to the bathroom. Usual mess in the restroom. Group of punks went in right before me, part of toilet missing, but the parts that are there are clean, so I have to half crouch above the bowl, but it actually works halfway decently. Someone gets around the lock somehow and enters the cubical with me. I kind of expect trouble, and end up chasing some dirty looking woman out, but she may not have actually meant harm.

      Eventually get back to the car, worried it might have been towed because I took longer than expected, and drive home to the Hickory house, where I have to avoid a bike or motorcycle in the driveway. Am kind of asking whose it is, then realize it must be Melody's boyfriend. Mom agrees. Playing with a cat, then a whole bunch of cats. Nice kitties who want and get lots of petting. Soon time to head out for a second trip, perhaps to the grocery store or something. But somehow I get distracted, and am now back from the second trip and getting ready for a third trip. Or maybe not. It's all kind of fragmented.

      Eventually leaving the property again, now on my old scooter, with Pat on the back of it, going down a couple of steps slowly, which jostles her a bit, but I'm at least trying to avoid it. Driving down a long, gravel driveway like Grandma and Grandpa's older place in Washington, when there are a bunch of other people around, following us, and commenting on it. Scooter starts up whisper-quiet compared to a real motorcycle, and someone is commenting on it, while I am just trying to avoid having the cycle spill in the gravel.

      Go down through a couple of small hills and some sand, turn a corner, and find the way half-blocked by street construction. One guy goes around a crane, but then another hauls away the board I was supposed to drive across, and I have to call out. It eventually swings back, and I perch the cycle on the swinging board, trying to keep my balance until it swings over another board which returns to the main road, and I drop a couple of feet and end up with the back of my cycle in some water, but manage to get out of it, and people are chuckling and joking about it, but all seems to be fine.

      Somehow we're now at the entrance to a sort of shopping mall, and Tim Goodwin was one of the people with us, and he branches off to get ready to do his current work (which seems to be retail) at the mall, while Pat and I continue on. No idea where we are going to this time, and for a while Pat disappeared, but we now seem to be in Disneyland at the Rivers of America, because even though it is the middle of the night, we seem to be climbing onto the top of one of the Keel Boats, and quite near us the Columbia is sailing around, with an attractive blonde who looks a little like Anne (but isn't) wearing a cross between and Indian garment and either a Sea Singer or a Tetsu ports outfit, while practicing a song and dance. I point out the costume to Pat, while wondering about a connection between Runescape and Disney, then get out a camera and snap a picture of the beauty, who is a little shy, but doesn't seem to mind too much.

      As we are pulling away from the dock, I catch a glimpse of some animal trying to jump aboard and look down to see a cougar or bobcat down on the dock, jumping at the top deck and just barely missing. I comment on it, and Pat doubts it until she sees it herself, then is a little worried, but the cat just barely misses again, Meanwhile, a small dog jumps on board the lowest deck without problem, and runs up to the top deck (of what is now a half Keel Boat, half Paddle Wheeler. Meanwhile, we see the Mark Twain in the distance, and they are singing sea shanties on it (more of a Columbia thing to do, but it's a dream, lump it), and Pat leans out to take a picture of it, while the person in uniform on the other boat makes some sort of comment and pulls out his own camera, and soon leans out over our boat to hand Pat a Polaroid of him taking a picture of her taking a picture. Nice bit of show there! Fun if weird, combination of stuff.
    2. Brandy Moves In and I Move Out

      by , 07-02-2014 at 04:39 AM
      06-28-2014 -- First bit I can remember (quite incompletely) starts with me kind of wandering around in the Buena Park Mall parking lot. I am in the section of the parking lot between Penney's and Sears. I am here to meet some Disney regulars, including some from Disneyland, and some from the Adventurers Club. The only ones I can actually recognize are Bob and Virgina, but there are a bunch. Among them is a rather cute woman who I find myself developing a bit of an interest in. She indicates that they are all about to go out to dinner at one of the Disney restaurants, and I hope that I can afford to join them, and am mentally reviewing my funds, but when I look up, I find they have all started moving, and I am falling behind. I run to try and catch up, and even fly into the air slightly, but I am having a hard time catching up. I chase them around the back of Sears, and over to the La Palma side of the parking lot, before I eventually give up, and just decide to start heading for home, a bit disappointed.

      So I start to walk toward home, and soon am in the part of the parking lot between May Company and the May Company Auto Center, right on Dale. I seem to be sort of rearranging a couple of cars, and trying to figure out how to get mine out and drive it home. Unfortunately, Draco Malfoy is standing there insulting me and making fun of me. Even worse, he is doing this while leaning on my shoulder and hovering over me in an overly friendly manner that is just very, very weird.

      I get home to a house which is a really strange cross between the Hickory house, the house on Pageant, and the Amidon house, a place I just moved back into a day or so ago. I find that another new roommate moved in this afternoon. It is a strange cross between Cheryl and Brandy, and as soon as I show up she starts bothering me for a favor. She wants me to take the day off work (or more), find a way to get the gas I need, and drive her to somewhere like Miami or Jacksonville, and I can't believe her gall. But it gets worse. She wasn't asking me to drive her to Jacksonville, Florida, but something like Jacksonville MO, or some place several states away like that. I tell her "No ... just ... no!"

      I need to go to the bathroom, but I find that the toilets in all three bathrooms are stopped up with crap, stinky and overflowing. Disgusting. And all three of them were fine, yesterday. I figure I will go to get something to eat, but when I reach the kitchen, I find that all my food is missing from the freezer. Some of it is on the stove, but it has mostly already been eaten. Meanwhile, Brandy is crying and complaining because in one of the bathroom mishaps, she ruined the binding on one of her books. I control my temper and offer her a book I have that includes information on how to fix damaged bindings, but she doesn't want to spend any energy repairing it, she just wants to complain about it.

      At this point I just want to go to the bathroom and take a shower, but now that Brandy is living here, I don't know if I even feel safe using the bathroom ... I'm afraid I might catch an STD. Meanwhile, as I am making my way into the bathroom and undressing for my shower, somebody manages to force their way into the bathroom. It is a woman who almost looks like a bag lady and her young, spoiled son. I discover the reason Brandy was trying so hard to get me to drive her somewhere was so that I would not discover that she had invited a couple more people to share her room with her. It is the lady and her son that have ruined all the bathrooms and eaten all my food.

      I am trying to explain to her that she can't just invite extra people into the place to live with her, while trying not to give too much offense to the lady and her kid, but to be honest, sparing their feelings is not among my top priorities at this time. Brandy's response is that she ask the owner when he gets home. I try to explain that the owner doesn't live here, but it turns out the landlord (who is cross between the guy from the Pageant house and Larry) is not the owner, and the actual owner does live here. I tell Brandy I will probably move out, because this all just isn't ok. Just about that time, the owner and the landlord show up, and while Brandy is badgering the owner about her friend and the kid, the landlord pulls me off to the side to lecture me about paying my rent on time, and warning me that the rent has gone up $10 a week since I last lived here. I wave it off. $85 instead of $75 a week is no big deal ... but what is a big deal is Brandy living here, so I start to explain that I will be moving out again.
    3. Dream Bits: Car Thefts, Walking Through Walls, Paranoid Realities and The Custody Suit

      by , 11-16-2013 at 08:34 AM
      11-01-2013 -- Dale is just starting to arrive for a vacation ... or perhaps he is just about to leave. It's a dream ... who knows for sure. I am looking into a hotel room somewhere down around Disney, and it turns out to be the hotel from the dream The Affair and the Time Travelers Hotel, though this time it does not involve any time travel. I am looking for a cheap room, though I have no idea how I ever might pay for it. Regardless, when they quote a price that is far too high, I start considering maybe driving over to the Record Parkside Inn (a hotel in Kissimmee that I stayed at for a few days back in June or July) and trying to get a room there.

      Somehow I am rolling around in the hotel lobby in an odd cross between a wheelchair and a rocking chair that I just found sitting in the lobby, though it is slightly messed up, and it can only go backward, not forward, which means I am rolling the thing around without being able to see very well just where I am going. I move out into the parking lot, looking for my car. I can't remember if I was driving the Jimmy (my car) or the Lexus (Joe L's car), but whichever one I was in, neither one is anywhere in the parking lot, which means I have had another freaking car stolen! [Never in real life, but all the time in my dreams.]

      The problem is, I couldn't lock the doors, but I had my notebook computer and a musical keyboard in the front seat, and even worse than losing the car (since they always seem to be returned eventually, always in a little worse shape than when they were stolen) is losing my computer. I go back into the lobby long enough to try and drop off the wheel/rocking chair, but the problem is as I try to get out of it, the thing falls to pieces. One of the maids is kind of grumbling about it, but waves me off.

      I head back out to the parking lot to look around a little more and make sure somebody didn't just move it to the side or something, and as I am looking around, I am approached by a very tall blonde woman (at least 6'6", maybe closer to 7') who greets me by name and seems to know me, though I don't recognize her, and she seems to be somebody I would remember. She says I helped her by giving her a tour a couple of years ago or something. (Since the hotel was in a time travel dream, who knows, maybe it is a couple of years from now.) Anyway, she asks me how I am doing, and I start ranting and raving about how people are always stealing my car.


      11-01-2013 -- I am in the front bathroom in the Hickory house, and am filling the sink with water. I add some soap, then start throwing some clothes in, and it seems I am trying to use the sink for clothes washing or something, but it is too small, and it is just about to overflow. So I start grabbing wet clothes from the sink, and start throwing them into the tub (which is also filled) instead. Problem is, the water is still running, and the sink is about to overflow, and I can't get it to drain, either. Especially since the drain seems to be blocked by bits of lego and stuff. Then I discover I wasn't paying enough attention, and along with clothes I was also throwing in stuff like video tapes and books and comics and stuff, none of which is likely to be improved by being dipped in hot, soapy water. I am trying to get the stuff out, hopefully without ruining it all!

      Soon I find myself standing outside the house (which almost instantly turns into a hotel) talking with my mom. She plans to enter the hotel, but we're a good distance away from the door, so I am commenting on how she is going to have to walk a good ways. She says that she and the others have learned to cheat, and as I stand there and try to figure out just what she means, she turns around and just walks right through the wall as if it wasn't there. I am already shocked, but then my mind is fully blown as a group of five or six women, probably ranging between thirty and fifty, walk up. They are all gorgeous, excellent bodies, large breast, completely nude ... and they must be the 'others' my mom was referring to, because they walk right through the wall without a hesitation. I decide on the instant that if they can all cheat, so can I. I turn and try to walk through the wall. I can kind of do it, but obviously I have not practiced, as I get stuck halfway through, and have to kind of push myself the rest of the way. Then I go off looking for the lovely women. Short, but fun.


      11-02-2013 -- [This may have been anything between 1 and 3 dreams that I kept fading in and out of when I wasn't sleeping well. Very disjointed, and not very detailed.] Very Buffy-ish feeling, though I cannot specifically recall any characters from the show, just the sort of atmosphere. I am in a bedroom somewhere, and I feel like I am being watched. I turn my head, and it is like I can almost see something out of the corner of my eye, but when I look directly at it, all I see is a small squiggle on the wall. I reach out to touch it, and something just feels wrong, but if I close my eyes and touch the spot, there is something large there. I give it a solid tug, and something large and black (and previously invisible) somehow thuds to the ground. It seems to be a weird sort of camera, and between the not being able to see it, and the odd feeling to the whole dream, it is seeming very other worldly, very "They Live". I find myself awaking (or possibly false awaking) and breathing heavily, not sure if I am really waking up, or being somehow forced back into not being able to see the controlling stuff that is really there. VERY freaky.


      11-02-2013 -- I am at the Disneyland Hotel in the bar that used to be Sargeant Preston's, but is now just a generic bar, and mom and BC are here with me. We are involved in a court case (which seems to be being judged here in the bar) and Anne is trying to take C away from B. Mom is helping us with the case, and so we offer to buy her a drink, but she turns it down. She may want to keep a clear head, which would, admittedly, make a lot of sense. B has mentioned how Anne has multiple personality disorder [wouldn't that explain a lot?!?], and we are trying to trigger a switch to her very psychotic personality, because if the court saw that, there is no chance that they would ever award Anne custody.

      Eventually we win the case, but even after it is all over with, mom won't allow us to buy her a drink. Meanwhile, we run into a reporter who is doing a report on the whole case, and is quoting a Bible verse about Paul, and saying it is called the second amendment. I tell him the Bible doesn't have amendments, and then proceed to explain how he is also taking the verse out of context and twisting its meaning, and he eventually stomps off in a huff.

      Soon B takes C home, and I start wandering around the hotel, circling the main building. For some reason my pants are falling down, and I have my underwear on top of my pants instead of underneath, so it is really a problem. I am kind of hiding behind a large electrical transformer and trying to pull my pants up before I start grabbing bits of metal and wire and electrical parts, and for some reason start swallowing them. I find myself in a cross between a laundry room and a sort of mobile home park decked out with lots of picnic tables, and I soon find myself trying to bring back up all the crud that I swallowed without either becoming terribly sick or tearing up my innards, and find myself wondering why I was stupid enough to start swallowing all the stuff, anyway.