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    1. The Valve

      by , 06-14-2018 at 11:17 AM
      Morning of June 14, 2018. Thursday.

      My current conscious self identity is mostly stripped away and my dream self is cast back into the front yard of my Cubitis home (where I have not lived since 1978). However, the thread of awareness of having Zsuzsanna as my wife is present to a degree and I otherwise feel as myself in terms of age. I can assume that this is meant to be our home in this dream. Semi-darkness might indicate it is night, but the perception of time is mostly ambiguous and not clearly defined as in many other dreams.

      Precursory preconscious factors kick in, this time rendered as two boys that are mischievously trespassing on our front yard. I am closer to the highway at one point. When I go closer to them, I see they are messing around with two long pipes. I am not certain where the pipes came from.

      I decide to use one of the pipes as a weapon even though it is about six feet in length. I want to knock them about and make them go out from our front yard. I miss several times, but also strike them on the sides now and then. Eventually, it seems as if they were never there.

      I find myself in an unfamiliar area that is implied to be our home, but the room is completely unfamiliar. It seems to be a bathroom. The solid pipe I am holding transforms into a hose and the end of it jumps onto the small metal wheel, as if due to a powerful magnetic force, of a white porcelain bathtub that is on its side. The bathtub is on its left side and facing me. The wheel the hose is stuck to is at the upper left in my view. Zsuzsanna is present. It seems a part of the wall fell off to reveal a hidden storage area, where the old bathtub is on the bottom shelf of two large shelves. The bathtub likely belonged to a previous resident. I notice patches of black dirt here and there. There are other items stored inside this section of wall (which seems to divide the room near the middle) that we had apparently not known about.

      I pull on the hose several times (from the other side of the room) to get it off, but it holds firmly. Finally, I go closer and see it has fully attached in the manner of some sort of valve. I press and pull on a thin, circular piece partly inside a pipe near the wheel of the bathtub after partly pulling off part of the edge of the hose as something gives as air hisses out. I feel the rest of the end of the hose release and come off. Apparently, even though the event seemed magnetic at first, it now seems to have been the result of automatic suction, purposely developed for special parts to somehow automatically connect as such.

      Tags: bathtub, hose, pipe
    2. Jail sentence

      by , 04-22-2018 at 09:33 PM (Exterminate)
      I was convicted of a sex crime and dealt 3 weeks in prison based on flimsy charges and an unfair trial (Just a dream, nothing like this happened irl). The dream started right as I arrived at my cell. My mother was tearfully accompanying me to my cell and she lingered for a bit before the staff made her leave. It wasn't really a prison, and it wasn't really a jail. It looked and felt more like a mental institution to me. My cell was located right behind the front office of the building, behind a bulletproof glass and the front desk employee. The cell was fairly large, with an open door to the other cells, a bathtub, and a chair. Quite unusual indeed. The floors were carpet and the only wall was padded. The was a few children in the area, as well as a few elderly folk, and one or two people in their forties who seemed to be checked out of reality. The kids were playing, the old folk were chatting away as old friends, and I was sitting in a chair moping about how unfair the trial was, and how I didn't even get to change my clothes. I was only going to be here for 3 weeks, but I so didn't deserve to be here. I thought I'd focus on my dreams during this time and dream of the freedom that was soon to come.

      A few days passed, and a good friend of mine decided to visit. I don't know him in my waking life, but we sure knew each other in this dream. He was a black man with a goatee and dreadlocks. He was very kind and honest, and he had a passion for music. He agreed that the trial was not just, and he wanted me to know it by singing me a song he had written about me. He started with some beatboxing, and I tried to talk him out of it. His singing would surely get the two of us in trouble for disturbing the environment. As he started the song I stopped protesting. He sang a familiar tune, but it is not one I recognize whilst awake. However, he had the words changed to reflect my situation and used my name in the chorus, so that was neat. As expected though, he did get caught and was evicted by the staff. He was banned from the building for a total of 3 weeks plus fines for "damages" and "crimes."

      I reflected on what had happened, while sitting again in my chair moping about my life (how depressing..). Those aforementioned kids mentioned earlier started taking and playing with some toys I had sitting on a table in front of me. I protested at first, but then realized I really didn't need them anymore and I let them have the toys. Fast forward to an evening that I am not sure is that one or a later one. I was alone in my cell. Everyone else was asleep, nobody was near. I was soaking in the bathtub still in my clothes. The water was draining, and I looked to my right to see my dog lying next to the tub. I thought it quite peculiar that they let me have my dog with me in prison. The tub then changed appearance. The side of the tub became the back of a sofa. The dog had then gotten soaked by the draining water from the tub, and then made a scene that caused the staff to come check out what was going on. I was afraid my dog had caused me to get a longer sentence, but after some explaining they seemed to buy the idea that it wasn't my fault.

      Fast forward to the next morning, where my dogs were no longer present and a nurse brought me a small bowl. I first thought it was a bowl full of meds that was being passed to everyone, but before I could really question it the nurse stuck something in my mouth and pressed it against my gums. It had a very distinct taste. I asked the nurse what it was, and what purpose it served as I tried to keep it pressed against my gums. She said it was just a ginger lolipop to act as a breath mint since my breath really smelled...I knew the taste was familiar! I didn't protest to the bad breath and explained to her my poor dental hygiene is an issue that builds on itself. If you aren't in the habit, then your teeth start to rot, then it hurts to get in the habit until you get the teeth worked on, which in turn hurts and costs money, etc.

      The scene shifted to another evening. It shouldn't be long now before my sentence would be over I thought, as I sought out a bathroom to relieve myself. The other prisoners, or patients as it seemed, were all getting ready for a dinner that was being served in the other room. The thought came across my mind that maybe my sentence was not 3 weeks and maybe this wasn't a prison at all. Maybe it really was a psych ward and I would be trapped here for the foreseeable future. I quickly dismissed the thought until I heard a ruckus from the other room. There was a discussion on television between Billy Graham and another person of importance about my particular situation. It got quite heated and very political, and somehow it escalated all the way to the United Nations. I walked out of the bathroom and when I went outside it was a different building I was in. There was 3 stories and it was very open with many windows. I took a seat at a long conference table as I listened to those in the room discussing the situation. The original patients were all gone now, and I was surrounded by people in business suits. Someone had declared that this issue was to be taken seriously, and to defend against those who would argue in the negative. A group of assassins entered the building and I associated them with the group Talon from Overwatch. A fight broke out and I saw a massive Roadhog appear by me to protect me. He had to have been at least 8 feet in stature, and very wide. He was so realistic I was paralyzed in awe. He used his hook to grab hold of an enemy and I woke up.
    3. The Evolution of a Muskellunge

      by , 08-22-2015 at 02:22 PM
      Morning of August 22, 2015. Saturday.

      In the first part of my dream, there is a backstory being reviewed with some clarity (though seemingly in a different level of unconsciousness than the rest of my dream). It is an event related to when someone supposedly photographed a shark in a highly unlikely area in a lake, though it is not clear that it is at a lake at first. It seems that at least some people think it was taken in the ocean. The “shark” is shown near some people including two children (male and female), some of them in the foreground and making it hard to identify the animal as a shark. It seems unusual that people would be so close to a shark for the sake of resulting in such a photograph in which it could not be fully identified anyway (as the picture does seem staged). There is only the one photograph.

      Eventually, it is revealed that the fish is not a shark but a muskellunge. Somehow, this large fish ends up in our bathtub, where my family and I keep it for a time. It is seemingly at Barolin Street (where we have not lived in years), though the bathroom is a bit different. The big long fish fills much of bathtub, which remains half-full with water until the scene changes later.

      Time seems to pass, perhaps a few days. I go in to look at the fish and it is no longer moving. It is much thinner than it was, possibly even dead. It looks somewhat transparent, and the bathtub is now only about a quarter full. I go and get a large bucket of fresh water and pour it in. Eventually, the fish starts moving again.

      Later, when I look again, the fish has transformed into an unclothed dark-haired male (of about twenty) of an almost divine essence, though also much like a younger version of me. He gets up, though remains standing in the bathtub. He talks to Zsuzsanna and I for a short time, but I do not recall his words. I do recall asking him how he can understand the human language (and I do use “human language” instead of “English”). I ask him this very close to his ear. He seems cheerful and healthy. From here, my dream fades.

      The muskellunge is a symbol of Wisconsin, where I lived from mid-1978 to the first part of 1994 (as well as when I was very young, from 1963 until 1967). The fish is this dream’s emergent consciousness factor, additionally validated by the fact that it becomes a younger version of me. As I had sustained and vivified my dream deliberately (though subliminally) with water reinduction, this makes my emergent consciousness less like my current conscious self for a time.

      There may also be an association with “The Incredible Mr. Limpet”, a 1964 Don Knotts movie I saw several times in my youth and enjoyed very much, though that in fact involved the opposite plot; a man transforming into a fish.

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    4. Ghost in a school toilet, short FA

      by , 08-12-2015 at 09:12 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I went out of my home, and entered a car with rest of family. Somehow, it contained ten persons, with everyone having comfortable space. We drove to my school. With my younger sister we entered the toilet. Just as we entered the room, a powerful force closed the doors and attacked us. It tried to push us into a portal of some kind, also scratching and trying to break limbs.

      Someone opened the doors to the toilet, and I managed to escape from the ghost. However, my sister was still there. I quickly grabbed the doors, preventing them to close. The ghost was strong, and I almost lost with it, but then two other girls entered the toilet, and told us about the way to banish the ghost.

      There were three sinks and two liquid soap dispensers in the toilet. Used in correct order they would weaken the ghost, and then washing your hands in each of sinks would banish the ghost for good. They did that while I was holding the door, and then we went away.

      We headed to stairs, and went to lower floor. As we were going to entrance, my older brother appeared in front of us, shouted "Wakka-Takka-Tobbaco!" in high and annoying voice, and with light speed he ran upstairs.

      False awakening

      I was on a ten day course, far away from my house. I entered the toilet, and turned the lights on. I went closer to toilet seat, and looked to a bathtub. There was a dude taking a bath in there. I said "You really should close the doors. And turn the lights on too." while peeing.
    5. Bathtub with Grill

      by , 06-26-2015 at 12:26 PM
      Morning of June 26, 2015. Friday.

      I seem to be in the fictional tall pipe house yet again (in an unknown region - but some versions are similar to my older sister’s house on Loomis Street in America and with the fictional utility room and storage area at the southwest corner), but this time it involves an unusual bathtub that has a large grilled rectangular prism adjacent to one end that is implied to be directly above the large utility room (with the high ceiling) that is on the first floor though with a dirt floor in most versions of this setting and now apparently has at least one tall pipe leading down from the bathtub drain to the room below (though it is usually the toilet that has the long narrow vertical pipe that becomes misaligned). The focus is very vivid and “realistic” materialistically but somewhat nonsensical in terms of aesthetics and potential design. The large grill is a box-like structure (a grill-like plane on all sides) on the faucet end of the bathtub. The faucet comes out through about the central area of the side of the grill that faces the bathtub, it seems.

      I find it remarkable in afterthought how such a three-dimensional fictional structure can be created so convincingly as such in a dream. In my dream, I decide to clean the grill, at least the bathtub-facing side, which is quite rusty as well as dusty (and I briefly contemplate why I had not tried to clean it previously) - in fact, the dirt and rust is nearly solid within all the grill spaces, though the faucet seems to be working fine (though the box-like structure seems like just a fancy cover for the pipes going in and out at the end of the bathtub - the bathtub being more near the central area of the bathroom in an unlikely layout). Over time, I use a whisk broom and, even though all of the spaces are cleared almost effortlessly, some of the vertical bars, being quite thin and mostly now composed of rust, break off easily at a light touch, though not that much damage occurs and all the spaces are otherwise cleared completely of rust and dirt so that it even appears somewhat shiny again. I notice how I can now see inside the structure (as well as through the spaces of the adjoining perpendicular grilled plane) and the running water is much louder as well - including a clearer metallic gurgling sound within the structure. It is loud but pleasant.

      Looking down through the top (horizontal) grill of the structure, I see that the water going through the bathtub drain ends up on the dirt floor in the utility and storage area below, though it is presently a small puddle. I am not concerned about this odd plumbing setup and it does not even strike me as unusual or requiring fixing (or adjusting the tall pipe alignment).

      This dream seems primarily an intriguing (though greatly exaggerated in size) distortion of my cleaning of the front room computer’s CPU fan the other day by removing the fan’s cover (where the vents were almost solid with dust clumps - causing the computer to not stay on). I did find the “realism” of my dream (in terms of solidness, movement, and effect change as well as the motions of my hands in my work) quite interesting.

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    6. Shrunken Bathtub…with Spares

      by , 06-03-2015 at 03:24 PM
      Morning of June 3, 2015. Wednesday.

      In my dream, I am going into the (completely unfamiliar) bathroom. I feel very dirty and shakily moan dramatically and wearily, almost like performing a very brief guttural song (almost as a trance in soliloquy), about being in “The Zone” as if “The Zone” meant that I was like a drug-using homeless person or 1960s hippie, being completely undesirable and problematic in apparently the worst way a person can be and as dirty as a living thing can physically be, just on the edge of being disease incarnate. It is frustrating as such and I remove everything I am wearing as quickly as possible with only minor difficulties in getting my pants legs off from around my heels before I throw my pants, shirt, and socks aside with utter disgust. The bathroom is very large (about eight times the size of our real one). To my left (where I am near the toilet) is a small bathtub I think about washing down in as soon as possible. However, the bathtub is ludicrously small to where I could probably only sit in it with my knees up against my chin. Still, I look to the far right of the room (near the entrance) and “remember” that we have at least three or four spare bathtubs in a pile near the corner. However, I am annoyed at the idea of having to install a different one - and besides, they do not look all that much bigger than the other one. I certainly do not want to stay as I am but am not sure what to do yet do not feel like messing around with wrenches and pipes.

      I wake up after this and immediately have a hot shower, directly followed by a cold one (I have a few showers a day year-round, “extra” ones being very short, often just to cool off in this near-unlivable climate).
      Tags: bathtub
    7. Healing, Flying, Loving

      by , 12-19-2014 at 06:19 PM
      Morning of December 19, 2014. Friday.

      Firstly, I am in some sort of group of mostly unknown males (not relevant to real life). There are two rows of perhaps seven or eight facing each other. It seems to be on King Street, though the front (northeast) apartment is much bigger. I seem to become angry and punch most of them extremely hard. This seems to at least partly be because each and every one of them is being condescending to each and every other, sounding more and more ridiculous, like a perpetual comic strip but with no comedic elements.

      After seemingly several minutes of this, I become slightly lucid (becoming more lucid over time). I have an awareness of an affirmation set and decide that instead of eliminating these people, I will heal them (including “fixing” their brain by bringing it into its most natural resonance somehow). I vaguely sense a “correct” oscillation and harmonic resonance inside their heads when I put my hand on the top of their heads and eventually place my hands on all of their heads. The effect is similar to feeling the vibrations when placing your hand on the body of an acoustic guitar when a chord is played.

      I heal their wounds and cuts as well. However, because I reach an apparent overly energetic stage which is supposedly “too powerful” to use directly (with my palms, for example - where the energy seems to emanate from), I need only lightly touch them with the back of my hand to restore them to their healthiest state - otherwise my power may cause them to “disintegrate”. I do not recall this event being like this in past dreams, as I formerly used my fingers and palms.

      From here, I walk out with a few (unknown) people. The porch roof is extended out more over the front yard than in reality (almost like a large lower awning) which seems frustrating relative to being able to fly out and up as soon as I want. As lucidity is dawning on me a bit stronger, I decide to fly out into the world. As I fly swiftly and efficiently, even deliberately over a longer sequence of telephone lines and power lines (which seem somewhat out of place and randomly going at an angle from the buildings and sidewalks), I notice how incredibly clear and visually defined my dream’s environment is. It is so well-rendered, I am amazed to a nearly breath-taking pleasure on the imagery alone; even more so, because it does not seem reminiscent of a real location. It seems to be near an industrial area of whatever town it is now meant to be. I notice a few buildings, a forest in the distance, and a few parked vehicles here and there, including a semi near a warehouse.

      I feel fantastic as I look down and about over the scenery. At one point, I see a pile with old books and magazines, but mostly atop a taller pile of just debris, at the end of an alley, which appears to be a public dumping area. The pile is almost as high as the two-storey possibly abandoned commercial buildings on each side. I land near the top of the pile and pick up what seems to be an old “Alvin and the Chipmunks” comic book (it may be an association with an old instrumental my father wrote and performed as well as the name of where we lived at one time in Chipmunk Coulee). There are three bats on the cover (which may be related to a short-term comic strip I did as a boy about three “rock star” bats in the early 70s based on an earlier recurring dream). I tell myself that because I know I am dreaming, I may be able to actually read the entire book. However, I mostly only seem to focus on one odd phrase, which is “Poly Calep” and seeing that distracts me from my plan to read the whole comic. Perhaps this is a name of one of the characters.

      From here, I am still aware of the people that had been at the meeting walking around not that far from where I am. However, I decide to enjoy more flying. I am able to again maneuver just slightly above power lines for a fair distance (which used to be problematic in dreams in my youth) without getting tangled. Oddly though, the power lines go up at an angle the farther I fly, but I still directly remain parallel to them the entire distance.

      From here, I find myself back at North Monroe Street, which is usually rare to dream of. I have not been there since early 1968. I notice a few people standing around near the outer hall to the west, where my older brother Earl lived at one time. I go with my wife (who had apparently been standing in the hall) into the apartment, which seems larger and much longer to the east. Of course, I plan on having a nice romantic interlude to see what can physically occur. At this point, my dream is almost entirely under my conscious influence in every way other than the “extra people” that annoy me somewhat (which is typical of this type of lucid dream until apex lucidity is reached). We walk past three bedrooms where I can see a person’s feet sticking out from under a sheet on each bed. As we continue to walk, a male relative (Kevin M) ends up following us as well. Just as my wife and I are able to get into a bathtub (which is perpendicular to the direction we are walking), which is already full of nice cool water, he is still behind us. However, as my wife and I begin to sit down in the water (already suddenly unclothed by mental will alone), I slam the mostly opaque bathtub’s sliding door (much like the setup from King Street) so that we are then isolated from all public perspectives. (I suppose that he could have technically still opened the sliding door, but this does not really occur to me at any level of thought so does not happen.)

      I am on my back and my wife sits on me in the cool water. The pleasure is quite augmented; a very clear sense of wetness and warmth (against the refreshing coolness of the water) and enhanced physical pleasure as well as spiritual unity and oneness. The only unusual distortion is that Zsuzsanna has tiny curly black hairs that create a narrower curved line going up and around her hips and back up towards her abdomen, somewhat like a doubled mirror-imaged harp design.

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    8. The Origami Parrot, and Saving a Friend From Her Cheating Husband

      by , 08-01-2014 at 12:17 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was "remembering" a time when I was in high school, and I had a blue origami parrot. It very much so seemed real; it would move, though it would make no noise. I showed it to my friends. I was super happy having this paper bird. When I took it home, though, I could not find a place for him. He needed a cage, but I didn't have one. I'm not sure what happened to him.

      I'm not sure where I was, it was a building in my town, but I wanted another origami parrot. I called up one of my friends, maybe Rachel, and asked her if she wanted to come with me to get one. I "remembered" I had gotten it at Animal City, a pet store here in town, though I wasn't 100% positive. Rachel was then with me, and I told her we were going to Animal City. We walked out of whatever building we were in, and Animal City was right next door. We walked inside.

      We walked around inside Animal City. We saw what looked like a very large brown cat with flecks of different shades of brown playing on a cat tower (one of those carpeted towers cats use to climb/scratch/perch). Many people were around it. I figured it was the store's current mascot (IWL they always have some sort of mascot animal). I, being the cat lady that I am, went over to the cat. I was super excited to see the cat. The cat then turned around, and its face looked alien. I had no idea what kind of animal it was supposed to be, but it definitely wasn't a cat!

      I then continued my search for the origami bird. I then came across a woman who had a small, green origami parrot. This is what I'd been looking for! The bird was perched on the lady's shoulder. I started to speak with her about the origami bird. She said something about it having poetry written underneath its wings. She unfolded one to reveal it. I did it myself as well, and had trouble getting the paper to fold back properly. I wondered if my old origami parrot had had poetry underneath its wings also.

      I then saw that the bird only moved when the lady moved its tail. It was like an IWL origame swan; when you move its tail, the wings move. But she would do it very subtly to make it look like the bird was moving on its own. I did not remember doing this when I had my origami parrot. Maybe my memory was deceiving me. At any rate, the paper bird moving on its own was definitely an illusion. I wanted to believe that it wasn't, but it definitely was.

      I don't remember if I got to have the bird or not.


      I was with Dallas at my old friend Kacey's place. She lived in a different town, as she does IWL. We were watching her do some dance performance with a dance team. It was some interpretive type of dance. I saw people that I knew in high school also dancing with them, one being Mary Lane, but her hair was waaaaay longer than I had ever seen it IWL. I saw someone else too, a blonde girl, but I couldn't place her name. I called her something that started with an R. Kacey's husband, Rick, was somehow also involved with this dance.

      When they finished, I talked to Kacey about Mary Lane being there. I also talked about the other girl, the blonde with the R name. Two girls, identical twins, then approached me. They had grey and pink in their hair. One I had mistaken for the blonde girl I knew in high school. I then realized I was wrong about the name of the blonde girl; I had no idea who these twins were.

      Everyone but Kacey and her husband cleared out. We were all visiting in their living room. A boy, a child of about 5 or 6 who was supposed to be Kacey's son (she only has a daughter by marriage from Rick IWL, none of her own) came up to us. He seemed like a happy child. I saw him smile up at me with his teeth.

      Then, where her son had been, was this big white bathtub full of milk and...dry cat food (I've dreamed of a bowl of cat food and milk once before, though I did not write it down). It was behind the couch. There was way more milk than cat food; I only saw some scattered pieces floating around. In the middle of the bathtub was a black and white kitten, who was drinking the milk and eating the cat food. She seemed super happy (what cat wouldn't be?). I then thought about how milk isn't good for cats, and how they would probably have to clean up cat diarrhea later.

      I then woke up, but went back to sleep into the same dream.

      The cat in the tub was now gone, and I was talking to Kacey in the living room. Dallas then came up to me, and told me he had heard Rick say he was going to cheat on Kacey! Kacey had not heard him tell me this; I think that Dallas whispered it to me, or Kacey was out of earshot. I really debated on whether or not I should tell Kacey, but she is one of my best friends, even though we barely talk anymore, and I owe this information to her; she deserves to know so she can decide what to do about it.

      I then told Kacey about what I had heard. She was aware of the problem; he went and cheated on her all the time, and didn't think she knew. I then told her that if she wanted out, she always had a place with me. I would take her in for as long as she needed. She wasn't sure what to do, but I feel like I kind of pushed her to leave him. She finally agreed, and started throwing some of her things together. On my part, I felt that I may had been somewhat impulsive, but I would, of course, take her in no matter what she needed. I didn't want her to feel pushed though. But that feeling quickly faded, because I was finally going to get Kacey out of her horrible situation.

      I then thought about her son, and whether or not she should take him. I couldn't remember for sure if the son was hers or Rick's. I guess I decided it didn't matter. I saw her get some things together, careful not to let Rick hear her, and we got into my car to drive to my place. I thought about us staying at my old apartment with Cherie', my old roommate, but realized that I had just turned my keys in (true IWL), so I couldn't just go in there anymore. So instead, I drove her to my parent's house. I had not told my parents prior to this that I was taking her in, but my mom loves her, so I figured it would be alright, and it was for a good cause as well. I did need to tell my mom, though. I went into the living room while Kacey stayed in the kitchen. I saw my mom wrapped up in a blanket, asleep on the couch. She was sick with a cold or something. I woke her to tell her about Kacey. I don't remember what she said. BUt I then figured out that my dad was cheating on my mom too. Wtf.

      I then thought about how Rick knew where my house was, and so we should probably relocate, because he would absolutely suspect that we were here.

      Back in the kitchen, I saw Kacey helping to fix up some dinner. As she poured frozen green beans into a pan with the entree', chicken probably, I thought that she looked like an expert the way she was putting the food together with confidence. It had something to do with the way she was pouring the veggies; she just looked like she knew what she was doing.

      I then realized that we had left Dallas. Whoops. We had to go back and get him. We drove back, hoping Rick didn't notice our absence. We got there to get Dallas, and Rick had a backpack on. A guy friend was waiting for him with a backpack. It looked as if they were going camping. Rick had not even noticed we were gone. He said he'd be back in two days. I knew he was going to cheat on Kacey when he was gone. Further, if he cared for her at all, he would have noticed she disappeared without warning for awhile. His mind was obviously preoccupied.

      At some point being back at Kacey's, I saw a bunch of sweat pants. I wondered if Kacey wanted to grab those to take with her.

      When Rick was gone, Kacey and I went into town to investigate. We came across this building that had signs on the front window. It said "Cheat! Cheat! Cheat!". It was a lounge for men to go to to cheat on their wives (subtle advertisement, right?). I forgot what it was called. There were men going inside.

      We then went into the lounge. Since it was daytime, not too many people were there yet, thank goodness. There were lots of big, circular and half-circle couches there. We went up to the counter, and two young men were there. We spoke with them, though I can't remember what it was about. They were acting like we didn't know where we were, trying to hide it and not doing a very good job at it; they were smiling and surpressing laughter as they spoke with us. They said something to us along the lines of there was no man that stayed faithful; all men cheated. When we decided we would leave, they said
      "Thanks for visiting the ____lounge, I mean room." As if room made it sound less shady.

      There were bits where Kacey and I talked about Rick cheating, and how she would approach him about running away from him. I don't remember if this was done in the dream or not. I don't think it was. During this whole dream, though, I felt very close to Kacey, closer than I have in years. I missed that, and still do IWL.

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    9. Bathtub

      by , 04-10-2014 at 11:37 PM
      Pre bed: lecithin

      Pre wbtb dreams: vivid but didn't write down when natural wakes so forgot

      Wbtb: 1/3 latte

      It was very hard to convince myself to do a wbtb as I was feeling so nice and sleepy. The lds were interrupted so my memory is a bit hazy for all details.

      I miss the transition and a dream starts.

      LD [summary]: In a dream version of my school and class starts. I become lucid and decide to do my location experiments [go from one place to another or as far as possible without the world changing]. After opening a door after door after door, I finally manage to leave the room and continue down a very distorted corridor, then struggle to maintain the building as is. The dream interrupts a few times/blindness. I get out of the building but unexpectedly teleport in front of our old place. Here I feel weirdly confident about being able to change the surroundings by simply turning around due to the high level of instability. Yet, it's against my initial goal, so I continue exploring the street with emphasis on proximity until the dream blacks out.

      DEILD/or in dream chain:

      I appear in the bathtub a bit uncertain about what's going on. Awareness increases and I move my hands around to stabilize, etc. What's interesting is that the bathtub is getting full of nice warm water that feels quite similar to rl. There is also music coming from somewhere, I assume it's my dream tablet. Still a bit confused about which dream goals I was supposed to be doing, I conclude that it is perfectly fine for me to just relax in the bathtub and listen to the music. The song sounds like depeche mode and in the dream I know the song and chorus lyrics. I chill out and listen to about half the length of the song, where the lyrics are a bit gibberish and I also don't know them, but once the chorus comes, I confidently sing with it. Also, at the end mentally manage to increase the volume of the invisible tablet for an ever better sound. [Post dr: have no memory which Depeche mode song this was or what those lyrics I knew were, it may be possible I came up with a different song altogether!]

      There's a blackout/dream end and possibly I wait as in deild for the dream to continue.

      The next moment, I'm back in the bathtub examining my hands and wondering what's going on. Minor confusion but then I mentally fill the bathtub with warm water again and pay attention to the sensation. I think about the dream length and conclude not to worry as I probably have caught a long rem rebound. Finally remember a task - easter egg and remind myself I can summon one. I close my hands and try to produce an easter egg - something egg-like comes into existence, with decorations and stuff, possibly plastic. It then undergoes changes and becomes completely transparent. This kind of defeats the purpose of the task since I'm supposed to open it and I try the summon again. Once more I get some strange transparent plastic foil egg with cool colored pics on the surface and another transparent plastic egg inside. I think this is like a balloon and wonder about it being ok for the task. As I examine the pics for the journal I notice that the inside egg has now colored pictures of balloons on the surface and the outside egg some disney characters like Mickey and Pluto. I think at this point the dream fades again and I end up mid way to wake.

      DEILD/or in-dream chain:

      Memory gap but I'm now in my old room and remember the next task - to come up with a new plant. I approach the window and see a plant whose foliage already looks weird, the leaves are similar to pelargonium but more curled. I decide to add random red fruit there, getting a mini-mental image but this doen't change the plant accordingly. There are two plants now, and without touching them and using mind, I start to twist their leaves and stems into all sorts of shapes, trying to create some sort of different plant. In the meantime flowers appear on one of the plants - two different types but they are almost drying now. More manipulation until in the end the plant turns into a smaller plant, mix of an orchid and violet. I think about the size then conclude this experiment in botanics is enough.

      I then recall the tornado task and look out the window, thinking about one. The sky is gray and a tornado appears in the distance. It does look quite large and menacing and I briefly give in to paranoia, wondering whether I should hide since it is coming in my direction. Then I look at the opposite part of the sky and see that another one has formed. Two tornadoes, task complete and my mind is off the paranoia. Since this task is in line with my improve element manipulation goal, I wonder what else can I do here and decide that the thing to do would be to get rid of the clouds and tornadoes.

      I go out on the balcony and focus on a tiny area of the sky that is blue and hold my hands up as if I'm stretching the blue sky gap, then decide to use the cover with hands tech to continue, covering the entire sky with my hands but for the gap of blue sky, so that the only thing I see and perceive is the blue sky (thus making me think of only blue sky). Allow a short while to pass, then move my hands away to see that the sky is indeed clearing up and is mostly nice blue sky. There are a few completely black clouds in one corner which I find interesting. Thinking about more element manipulation, I want to do something to the other clouds now - rearrange the sky again. I pick up a tiny white cloud and try to stretch it to the sides with my fingers (not really touching it) but end up actually holding a tiny piece of cloud in my hand.

      I contemplate what else to do, might as well do the zoom task finally. Look to the other side of the balcony, where I see the neighbors' kid and his grandma and try to pick up a spot to zoom into. I look at a spot that will not be a too drastic scene change and point out to it, saying something like I want to be there. Nothing happens, but I see a second transparent but colored layer of my finger while pointing. The kid says something meaningful, giving me the impression of a smart DC so I think about interacting with him, also mentally remind myself not to lose my lucidity when doing so. The dream ends, back in bed and waiting for a bit but nothing more happens.

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    10. Going Down (to save the world?)

      by , 01-01-2013 at 11:51 PM
      This may be one of my weirdest dreams yet! I don't remember hardly anything from it but here's what I remember.

      For reasons I can't remember, I was called upon to go down underground to join up with some warriors and save the world (from what? I have no clue or memory) and I had to get there by going down the bathtub drain which opened up just wide enough for me to go down through it. Towards the end of the dream I realized I was in a dream and made sure to remember it when I woke up so I could share it with my friend since we always have fun laughing about our dreams and how weird they are

      I woke up shortly after this happened
    11. Two Dreams

      by , 10-18-2012 at 02:01 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      Last night, I had a dream that I was a vampire. I went to this one girl's house (I was a guy) to ask her to run away with me and let me turn her into a vampire, but she wasn't home. Oh well.

      In another dream, I was filling up the bathtub with water, only to realize it was full of clothes. I started taking all the clothes out, piling them on the floor and on the toilet lid (there were a lot of clothes). I got in the tub - the water was really nice and warm - and started watching an episode of Doctor Who because there was a TV in the bathroom for some reason.
    12. Scar and Paper, Crystals in Bathtub, Superman and his Doppelganger...

      by , 09-28-2012 at 07:48 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Scar and Paper (Non-lucid)


      I wrote down two tags for this dream, but I should've written more.

      The dream is associated with someone getting a scar, and then something involving white printer paper.
      Crystals in Bathtub (Non-lucid)


      Somebody had a hold of some object that could form crystals contained in a white plastic bag. A group of people, maybe 2-3, wanted to steal the contents in the bag. The dream most likely resets to where I have to save him before they beat him up.

      I looked at the person, and he ran away, leaving whoever is coming to get him to me now. The dream shifts to where I'm at a lower floor, somewhere, and I'm looking on the bottom of a bathtub, and I find crystals forming and hardening. They had a slight yellow hue to them, and it almost looked like brown sugar when it gets wet.

      Then I have something along in the notes related to Space Pirate Sara, the blonde chick that appeared in a dream a few weeks ago, though I can't remember what she did in this dream.
      Superman and his Doppelganger (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a building with purple or blue carpet flooring in most sections, and there were violet walls too I believe. It seems to be daytime in the dream, and there were large vertical windows that emitted the bright light outside.

      I see Superman, and I'm not sure if he's fighting anyone, but then I see another person that looks like Superman, to some extent, that seems like he's preparing to attack the original one.
      Then what I have on the next tag is a thesis on a wall, and what I can recall from that is that it was more of a column with a thesis written on it rather than a wall.

      The column was dark orange-red, and there was some random guy sitting next to the right of the column . His hairstyle was messed up, a bunch of curly hair, and he wore glasses with a thick, black, metal rim around it. I assume he's on the floor because of the whole deal with Superman facing his doppelganger, judging by how he shook his legs rapidly in fear.

      What I have next as a tag is "Lois and Clark Kent together saying, "Mmmhmmm..."

      What I can recall from that is that Superman and Lois are walking together. Lois seems to be wearing an opened mid-tone violet female dress shirt, along with a faded sky blue shirt underneath it. She also seemed to have been wearing a light gray skirt.

      They're both looking down at something, and I assume it's just me looking at them in first person view, and they said in unison,


      Okay, today, before I typed this dreams up and had them in bite-sized tags, which I should definitely extend more than just 2-3 tags, the dream above with the Superman and the Thesis on the wall, I noticed that today in History discussion, we talked about the guidelines for our Thomas Paine Essay. Our TA mentioned something about the thesis, which was a pretty obvious thing to start with so the graders don't get confused on the purpose of the essay...just wanted to point that out.
    13. She's Dead

      by , 09-03-2012 at 06:08 PM
      Note: While this dream is going on, a song called "Lullaby of M" was playing. If you want to listen to is while reading this to get a better feel of the dream, you can listen to it.

      Code Geass - Lullaby of M - YouTube

      This was the last part of my dream. I don't know why I can't remember the first 90% if my dream, but all I remember about it is that it was really sad yet exciting.

      I was standing inside of my bath tub by myself. Beside my feet were two piles of seaweed. I pick up one pile and I pretend to put it on someone's head (like the thing on a bride's head). Suddenly, a young, cute girl I'd never seen before appears and I continue to fix it onto her head. The seaweed slowly turns a light brown and transforms into her messy, wet hair. I fix it up a bit and bend down to pick up the other pile.
      I try to do the same thing as the first one. I pretend to put it onto someone's head but nothing happens. I try again. And again. And again. Each time, feeling more and more distressed. Finally, with tears rolling down my face, I place the seaweed onto the girls head. This time, the seaweed doesn't change.
      I continue to straighten the girl's hair and then stop, too overcome with grief. I look her in the eyes (which is when I realize she looks an awful lot like a real version of Nunally from Code Geass) and ask with a very watery voice "Wh... where's La-La?"
      The girl replies "she's dead".
      Then I wake up, face drenched in tears.
    14. Lucid Dream #56

      by , 12-28-2011 at 07:35 PM (Warbenifit156's Lucid Dreaming Adventures)
      Lucidity: 6/10
      Vividness: 7/10
      Length: ~3 Min.

      I was with another girl when I became lucid. We were supposed to go somewhere so I ran, I hit the walls and everything. Then I found a bathtub, we both got in and then for some reason she turned into a doll. I was like "whatever" and started washing her up. At times I had to do the rubbing hands trick to become more lucid, but I still gradually started to lose lucidity.
    15. Ryan, the Fancy Bathrub, and a Sex Fragment

      by , 08-29-2011 at 03:02 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with Ryan in a big house. I think my family may have been there too, but I'm not sure. At any rate, they weren't with us.

      We were on vacation somewhere. Ryan and I were walking through the house. We kept holding hands and hugging, but we weren't together. Every time one of us would reach for the other one, I'd think "But we aren't together..."

      We were then upstairs in the bathroom. It was kind of dim in the room. We were checking out the bathtub/shower. It looked kind of old-timey with its claw feet, but it was modern and fancy at the same time. The tub was a dark red color. I remember wanting to try it out with Ryan. I was going to suggest we take one together, but I chickened out. He said he wanted to try out the tub first. The tub started to fill with soapy, bubbly water.

      I then remember that we all were on our way out of the vacation home, presumably on our way to our final destination, and I remembered that the tub still had water in it.


      I was having sex with some dude. He was really toned and kind of built. Its no one I recognize from waking life. I know there was more than that to this dream, but I can't remember.
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