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    1. I love you BBQ/ blue light

      by , 06-17-2019 at 09:45 AM
      I had10 LD this week maybe 11. One earlier in the week and 9 today. Will write down stuff from today to note what I did. And maybe add dreams from earlier in the week later.

      Practices :
      A nap earlier on Sat afternoon was tired sleep dep, 2-6pm ish.

      Did Mild here before sleep

      Then again from 1130-3am, 8 ld

      Slept one more sometimes in the morning maybe 9-10am one ld

      **I also remembered visualizing myself meditating in sleep

      For mild I just said mantra in 3 languages first, then asked my subconscious if it thought we could do it. Then addressed any feelings or doubts with past examples. Repeated in other language. Then repeated mantra with excitement.

      Night dreams : maybe missed one more bbq themed ld

      Nld: I was reading a book of sorts that could transform into comic book and stuff. As I flipped pages it had touchscreens each page and you could play games and stuff pretty cool.

      Wake: wake up a bit and hear sounds just lay still thought about ld maybe or just relaxed. Also took non ld related supplement and drank water.

      Ld: I was in my bedroom and I felt very scared or nervous. I walked towards the bathroom and an electric blue lightening like thing flashing in the room. I decide to sit down to the left to meditate.

      Ld: I think I was back in the bed rm with same fear. I decide to meditate again.

      Ld: I recalled I mediated in dreams twice already so I should keep having lds. I began rubbing my hands to clarify the environment.
      It becomes clearer and it was a BBQ scene with some ppl I knew.

      Ld: I was at home by the breakfast table. I just let the dream play. It was sped up progression of events of a life of I'd live in a certain way. I just observed the events. Mostly social media . I headed outside and climbed outside on roof. Then on neighbors roof. There were endless amounts of wooden planks and I kept climbing.

      Ld: I was back at the BBQ scene earlier I found my mom. I was parkouring around like last dream while ppl cooked BBQ.

      LD: It Das all darkness. Could not see anything. I began to pretend to swim and in a bit I swam on water, appeared at a shore. Either beach or lake. More likely a lake. Saw ppl on shore maybe we friends. Maybe bbqing again lol. Walked on shore I think .

      Ld: I was at a kind of a strange sex workshop or something. Wanted to get out of there. Bunch of ppl and symbolism regarding sperm.

      Ld: I was at kitchen, at breakfast table again. I saw my parents with nicely grilled chicken thighs on the table likely bbq, browned and liked crispy and moist. I ate some and it was delicious. I talk to my parents standing to the left and tell them.
      "I know this is a dream so I can tell you that I love you." they embrace and hug me with a pained bittersweet smile.

      I head out to the other kitchen where the garage was suppose to be. They're were chefs there cooking with tall pots. I wake up crying.

      Blue lightening was related to something I wanted to meet from a book.

      Went to 2 BBQ the 2 days prior. I was disappointed with the second one. Rude hosts. The ribs were hard as tree bark and the chicken wings tasted expired. I suppose it influenced dream theme. Ate the ideal chicken I wanted in dream.

      My friend talked about how she took sex workshop, likely the source of that dream.

      I also did not dream much last day or two, sleep dep.

      Morning dream :

      LD: I was on a paved road by a shore of a lake. lucid. I saw a beautiful tree and approached it. I observed its leaves and it was a pine tree. I decided to chew on some of the needles and try to taste its juices. It was too dry though and I couldn't taste the sour juices.

      -saw a couple of beautiful conifers during the day

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    2. 2012 Apocalypse

      by , 03-07-2013 at 04:31 PM
      ~Total sleep: 9 hours
      ~Daytime Techniques: RC’s
      ~Lucid Techniques: Focusing on recall before I try any.
      ~Recall Techniques: ”I will recall every detail of my dreams”
      ~Fell Asleep: 10:00
      ~Dream Title: 2012 Apocalypse

      My dad and I are looking for supplies. The sky is dark red and somehow I know Atlanta is burning. Everything has an apocalyptic feel, and there are not many people around. We drive to a certain plaza under a bridge (I know this place IWL; It is near my house) and Dad sees a BBQ restaurant. He HAS to stop and get some BBQ so I wait and guard the truck. (I can’t remember if I had a weapon or not.) some guy in a hood starts spraypainting a face on the general store next to the restaurant. I tell him that he is doing it all wrong, but he ignores me. Memory gap and it is the next day. The sky is a bit brighter. We are at the same plaza, but the graffiti has been cleaned off the store. I go in alone, and the graffiti guy is talking to the store owner. He must have cleaned everything up, because they seem to be on good terms. He points at me and says something, then exits through a back door. The owner is a short Indian lady. She seems to think I am a threat, because she starts stalking me through the store. She is failing though, because she is whistling and tiptoeing dramatically. I wait around a corner and when she comes around I grab her and tell her how obvious she is being. Then I walk over to the checkout lanes where my sister is standing. She tells me that it is 2012 and, because everyone expected the world to end, they are making it happen by panicking. She then says that, on the bright side, the price of chocolate has gone way down. She hands me a box. Inside is a huge block of chocolate with a section scooped out that, according to the box, is “perfect for holding M&Ms.” Here the dream ends.

      ~Notes: I have been working on recall until I can remember at least a dream a night. Then I will work on lucidity. This was a very vivid dream. I wish I had become lucid. This would have been a fun world to explore. Maybe I will go back to it later.

      ~Awake: ??
      ~Vividness: 7 (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness)
      ~Awareness: 5 (1-10; or lucid)
      ~Emotions: excitement, peace (I have had dreams before where there was an apocalypse like feel to the world, and I really like how peaceful everything feels.)
    3. Behind Store BBQ???

      by , 09-18-2012 at 07:24 PM (Dimension X)
      I was with my dad in some kind of store. For some reason, I had my backpack on with me. I remember as we were leaving, I had to put something in a recycling bin. So we went to the back of the store where there was a bin. I went into my backpack searching for the thing to put in the bin, but found nothing. Then there was a barbecue that basically appeared out of nowhere, and my dad started... Making burgers...? Yup. I then remember having 2 burgers in my hands. One in left, and one in right. Then my mom was there, and it sounded like she was talking about something kind of important. That's all I remember from this dream... It wasn't really awesome, just weird.

      I rate this dream 3/5 awesome dances.

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    4. 29.06.2012

      by , 06-30-2012 at 03:26 PM
      Date: 29/06/2012
      Place: Friend's sofa bed
      Time of getting into bed: 11.11pm

      I had terrible problems writing these dreams down, my memory was terrible, my notes were short and made no sense. I vaguely remembered having trouble writing them down in the night. Perhaps because I have stopped taking B6 tablets? I will start again tomorrow and see if my dream recall improves.

      Dream 1 - non lucid

      Friend R and myself got to R's house after being somewhere. We are sat in his living room, discussing his carpet and debating weather to change it or not. There is an advert somewhere in this dream (on the telly maybe?) for a band that is playing a gig in Thailand.

      Dream 2 - non lucid

      I am staying at the house of an incredibly rich person, who has a large garden / acres of land. I'm walking around the house, we are guests, and I think it is a party. I get in the jacuzzi, or some sort of similar water with a floating tea set, (with tea inside) The owner of the house is present. There is some sort of secret meeting.

      Dream 3 - non lucid

      The first half of the dream is missing, I didn't write it down fast enough and forgot it. My mum is sunbathing in the garden, on a brightly coloured deck chair. There is no sun. My brother is also outside, cooking sausages on a BBQ, he is wearing nothing but an apron and is using a dustpan (like dustpan and brush) to cook with. He is also singing loudly. I sit inside the house with my dad, watching TV. It is some sort of documentary about people at a party, all the people are fat. I am waiting for someone I like to come on the TV, my dad tells me 'The south is dry heat, so you can never get sunburnt here.' I tell him I have been sunburnt before, and he says 'you have gone pink, you can never get sunburnt.'

      R is decorating his house at the moment.
      I went to Thailand a year and a half ago
      Watched a film about a rich gangster before going to bed.
      My mum loves to sunbathe
    5. BBQ, tree house and a cute rat

      by , 04-28-2012 at 01:01 PM (~Cookieh's Land of Cookies~)
      Had no recall yesterday, so no entry.
      Anyways today..
      - It was some kind of bbq thing with family and some relatives. We were at my aunt's place (I think..?) and there were a lot of people fishing. Later there were piles of fish everywhere (lol). We were out of lemonade for the kids, so I went out for a quest to find lemonade :'D.

      - I was walking on a large empty field, I saw a small tree house. I entered it and found some girl and her mother in there. We were talking for a while, when some guy entered the tree house. I recognized him, I suppose we were close (not a rl person tho). He asked me why am I not at the party (the bbq) and tried to convince me to come back. I explained everything to him and then told him to leave.

      - There was this cage and it had an agouti rat in it (freakin adorable :3), the rat kept wiggling itself out of the cage and climbing all the way to a window close by. It looked around 5 months old and most likely female.[/COLOR]

      [COLOR="#2e8b57"]lucids[/COLOR], [COLOR="#483d8b"]non-lucids[/COLOR]

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Some Fragments & Flies in my nose! Ack!

      by , 03-13-2011 at 01:50 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      Some Fragments:

      My ex keeps putting my bed covers over top of his BBQ, covering the meat he is cooking there. I keep telling him to stop, but he doesn't, saying that he likes the smokey flavour he gets when he uses my bed covers as a lid

      Owen is visiting and we're trying to figure out what would be the best job for him. I am looking in his online profile to get some ideas, but I feel like I'm trespassing or snooping.

      My son is sat at a large table with all kinds of fruit and veg on it. We are testing each to find out which he likes.

      Flies in my Nose!

      I have a sickness of the eyes and I can't seem to focus properly. Blurry, I go up to the doctor and they tell me it will be expelled soon. I sit down in a dentist like chair, or rather, I lay back, as they turn on a big overhead light. I ask them what it means that 'it will be expelled soon' and they tell me that 'it' is an insect that is in my nasal cavity. Sure enough, one tiny fly like creature comes out of my nose in a stream of liquid, then another. I am told that this happened because of the cubed tobacco I have been eating. I think of where I got it, and I see Teddy from Gray's anatomy eating it too. I picked up the habit from being around her, I rationalize.
      The doctors collect the flies to send to pathology.
    7. Class BBQ, guitar session

      by , 02-20-2011 at 08:03 PM
      2/19-20. 12. 9. In class. Looks like NHS P buildings. Engineer Dxxx is teaching the class as a sub I think. Kristy Xxxxx is like D.O. or something. We’re correcting papers/ homework. Dxxx leaves and Kristy starts to dance. Dxxx comes back in and Kristy is able to recover and look like she was just standing there. Dxxx asks what’s funny. We say Kristy was dancing and she dances again. Then she’s sitting in a desk. She makes herself fall out of it. Then we’re having a BBQ lunch. I’m at a table, the desks have disappeared and become long tables, and eating with Kristy. Some guy that looks like Dodd sits with us. An Asian guy sits down too and shows us that his yogurt moves his spoon. He lets the spoon sit in the cup and it starts to slowly move around the cup. He says it’s because of the bacteria that’s in yogurt. “Take a look!” I look but can’t really see anything.

      918. Going to record a song. I grab these lightsaber looking things, but they’re short sticks of color (I think they’re practice guitars?). Head to Dan Xxxxx’s house. His house is farther down the main street than his actual one is. We talk. Then go to the box I brought and see it only has the colored sticks. “Damn it! I forgot the guitars! Do you have any guitars we can use?” “Yah, I’m sure I have some.” “Crap! I forgot the cords too! And the amps!!!” We walk to another room. “We’re going to need… 4… 5… 6… 7 cords.” (Actually 6 would be fine, no clue why I said 7). He’s rummaging around in a closet and I see this TV/ computer screen on the wall called an electric window. Looked like an actual window. Move my head a little to the side and see that there is no window and it’s a wall behind it