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    1. Vivid NLs - November 14

      , 11-14-2018 at 04:04 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Dream: In courtyard in front of apartment. Out there with F. We have clothes, our keys, etc. all laid out over trees and tree branches. We just came back from somewhere/are going somehwere? ... I'm in the same place but farther back towards the parking lot (the dimensions have changed, there is a stone cove with a fire pit to the right of us, and we're facing a grassy field and our row of apartments ahead). F now looks like someone else, and a character representing her friend J is also present. We are folding up some (pool?) umbrellas, and as J folds the last umbrellas we can see through the mesh a family of bears right in front of us! Their ears are very strange, sort of like a cocker spaniel's ears but straight up and down. They look angry but we try to maneuver very slowly so that they don't attack -- very intense fear in the moment. They start to come forward then retreat back towards the apartment in the grass. I think at this point my character was dissolved and I was relegated to observer to the F and J avatars. I watched as they made a run for it, J started kicking one of them, who all of the sudden had those kickboxing targets strapped to his hands to catch her kicks? And then ran away leaving F standing there. In the dream, I was really anry at J for leaving F there with the bears. I think this expectation/intense emothion ocmbo made one of the bears strike out at F, and she dramatically fell down, which increased emotion. ... I'm on the sidewalk, my character has returned, I'm fighting with F (maybe J?) and she walks inside a sliding glass door (not ours) and I spit on a postcard (???)
      Dream: High school band/in theatre/band parents watching as band, kids, dance team perform a really bad routine to a song -- what song?/we raise our hands in a temple shape on cue in waves/everyone does it very poorly, Mr. D walks out/outside in hall/stairs talk to L
      Dream: White marble stairs/Din. Moby Dick and church discussion/T from loose drawing to rl/dom
      Dream: Blue juice/dad presents/appliance(?)/leftovers(indian or bbq ramen rice)/dogs and stitch bunny w/ nose fur
      Frag: Tubes challenge/tents?/fluid/miniature woman -- linked to above?
      Dream: Had an FA, then woke for real. Almost DEILD'd but really wanted to remember the previous dreams.
      Dream: (Conan) I'm in a squareish room with dim blue light. I'm naked and just received a large orange banner with some tribal-looking decorations and a bird design throughout. Had a conversation with myself about birds in designs (it's cheating?). The fabric is warm as I unfold it and inspect the design. I drape it around myself and feel it being very warm on my dream body (temperature in dreams - good development). There's a mirror across the way, so I drape the banner around me like a cape and start miming sword fighting like Conan the barbarian as depicted by Frank Frazetta. As I strike my arms out each time, I hit the fabric hard, because it's moving/flowing at a slower timescale than me. My stomach looked far too concave in the mirror, almost hollow, like a bad sculpture.

      Notes: I'm putting ... just to indicate that there was either a scene transition, or something did happen here and I just forgot it.
    2. A four-sided mask

      by , 12-24-2016 at 05:08 PM
      I enter a lecture hall and speak to the man who I believed summoned me, dressed in black with a small white owl on his shoulder, but it turns out the owl is the one that called me; this is news to the man in black, and he's not pleased about it. The owl speaks in a pleasant woman's voice and changes into the shape of a four-sided mask, one face for each direction; three of them are simple stylized masks made of wood or similar, but the fourth is an actual face - it moves, it has eyes - just in cartoonishly distorted proportions. She's been sealed/trapped/stuck/reduced to this. She introduces herself as Loki Laufeyjarson, which is not the name I was expecting her to say but I roll with it.

      She talks about each of her masks - in the one that resembles an actual face, she says she'd taken this form and scorned high heels (meaning an artificial way of gaining the height she feels she should have had anyway - 'height' is not really the issue she's talking about). In one of the wooden masks, she talks about using this form for dealings with a magician, and she suspects that magician of having a hand in her current unfortunate circumstances.

      She returns to the form of the owl sitting on the man in black's shoulder, and we're now in a yard behind an estate, surrounded by partygoers. The man speaks of my payment and I dismiss the small amount of money he offers; I tell him I expect him to provide me with food and lodgings, pea soup and three packs of smokes a day. (Neither of those are things I'd want IRL, but I wasn't being my IRL self here.) I'm already leaving, stepping over an ornamental pond; it's a demand, not a negotiation. He's irritated, but she accepts immediately. I walk off into the trees along the border of the property.

      In earlier scenes, symbols of eyes and blue lotuses above the entrance to a cave, and drinking a polar bear's blood from a glass while wondering about parasites.
    3. Polar Bear, Monkeys, and a Tall Man

      by , 04-19-2016 at 04:56 PM
      I had a dream about monkeys and polar bears. For some reason our family/friends decided it was a good idea to let a polar bear wander around our house and yard/park area. I didn't like it. I felt it was a disaster waiting to happen. I learned real quick that if you laid down on the ground the polar bear would come sit on you. I was sure that if someone hadn't pushed it off it would have then decided to eat me. (Why was this a good idea to have a polar bear?)

      At some point in the dream I was carrying around monkeys. I also remember losing my camera and trying to find it around this dirt pits.

      Later we were building an enclosure for the polar bear (my idea, I'm sure). We were trying to get the last of the tall metal fencing up, but he bear kept trying to get out.

      This was a somewhat stressful dream.

      I also remember a dream fragment of a tall man sillouetted on a road. I knew he was important.
    4. Teachers leave them kids alone

      by , 03-08-2015 at 06:19 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      A school dream where a lot of students are upset, because new students are taking over some of the old ones duties without any say.

      The old ones decide to leave.

      The setting is my old school. I sneak off with my phone and call Ella, but she’s in trouble.

      We’re in some game-type dungeon and I’m trying to help her escape, but there’s a bear. We manage to circuit around it. There was a bit more but it’s fuzzy.

      We’re back at school and trying to escape. We come up to a big garage-type door. Suddenly, I smell gas! We have to get out. I find some tool and bash on the door, but it only comes loose a bit. I see where the gas leak is coming from – the building is going to explode!

      We make it through a crack in the door to outside where some other students are standing around. We run away, and I look back and yell, “Get back, get back, there’s going to be an explosion!” After a moment they respond in realization and start moving.

      …But nothing happens, leaving me confused.


      The students who are leaving are transferring to another school. A guy with a girl is talking about his plans, and I wonder if they’re not worried about splitting up if he’s the only one leaving.

      A taller African American boy wearing glasses who comes across as smart is going on to the teacher at the checkout about how relieved he is to be getting away. I’m watching off to the side, maybe omnisciently.

      There’s an African American man behind him who interrupts. I feel that’s a bit rude even if the boy was rambling. He tells the checkout woman that he just wanted to drop off some charity thing before he was done for the day. I change my mind about him.

      Just before he leaves, he turns and says to the boy something like, “And if you were really happy to be leaving, you wouldn’t keep going on and on about this place.”


      We’re sitting down at tables and eating. I glance to my left to my friend. She’s looking at me as well so I start to smile. The other people look up at me too, and then suddenly everyone is roaring laughing at me. My smile quickly falls off my face and I cover it. I must have something on my face??

      I jump up from my spot and start leaving, trying to think of how to cover my face up with this jacket thing I have and still see, whilst thinking resentful thoughts like, ‘If you’d told me what was so funny you could laugh with me and not at me, but you didn’t!’.
    5. Bold Talk

      by , 03-18-2014 at 04:50 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #194: Bold Talk

      I have a false awakening where I really need to pee and I head into a darkened restroom with urinals along the wall. It looks like something that you’d find in the lobby of a nice hotel or a fancy restaurant. I remember that I fell asleep at home, so this all seems really odd, but when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.

      I start using the urinal for a bit when it occurs to me that I might be dreaming. Everything feels oddly realistic, so I stop, suddenly afraid that I’m wetting the bed. There’s a single sink in this restroom with a mirror over it. I walk up to the mirror and see my bleary-eyed self staring back. I bring up my hand for a nose pinch and so does my double. When I breathe right through my pinched fingers,
      I’m finally sure that this is a dream.

      I walk out through the restroom door into a sports stadium that seems to be made up of a bunch of crisscrossed steel girders. On the outside of the stadium I can see huge red letters that are backward (from my perspective) and seem to spell out something like “B E A R S”. I look closer and now the letters are oriented to face me and spell “M E T S”.

      Taking a glass door leading outside brings me to a large, covered pavilion filled with DCs standing around chatting and holding fountain drinks. I decide that I want another crack at Task of the Year, so I try to take command: “Listen up everyone!” They all stop what they’re doing and turn to face me. “You will all help me do task of the year.”

      I get this sudden feeling of paranoia and add, “And none of you will attack me!” Agh, shut up, man, nobody’s thinking of attacking you! The DCs return to going about their business and walk past me, the pavilion area quickly thinning out until there are just a handful of people in there beside me. I start trying to work a magic lamp summon for the Aladdin Task of the Year but
      the dream collapses before I have any success.
    6. Toy Bear Show

      by , 11-10-2013 at 07:21 PM
      Original entry dated Feb. 12th, 2002:

      Last night, I had a dream that by going into womens' bathrooms and walking through a certain special wall in a particular stall, I could reach a magical alternate dimension where witches and warlocks and stuff hung out. I also collected stuffed animals as a hobby, but that was a relatively minor part of the dream.

      Original journal entry dated Feb. 16th, 2002:

      I had a dream a while ago that there were two villages of little toy-people. Like teddy-bears and stuff. There was a little village at the bottom of a tree, and a little village on a branch of the tree. The village at the bottom of the tree sent a scout up the tree to ask the village up there why they never came down to visit. When the scout got there, he found out that the reason was because they couldn't get down. All of the different villagers had little quirks - like one was always rollerskating, and another one watched a lot of Sesame Street. The scout showed them how to get down - just jump off the branch. The problem was, he had a parachute - and they didn't. So they all broke into little pieces when they hit the ground, and had to reassemble themselves.
      So one of them was, like, half of a rabbit and half of a rollerskate, and another one had a TV instead of a torso, and one had two heads, and I think two of the others were joined by a slinky thing, and one of them had heads for his feet...
    7. Sand bear

      by , 03-22-2013 at 05:14 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      The only thing I remember about this morning's dreams was something about recordings, mom and dad, and a town or something/a game??

      Yesterday's dreams...

      Dream 1:

      - I was talking/arguing to dad about religion, specifically about how Paganism was infused in everything.
      - Dad and someone else were going to ride on an oven pan (lol wat), but I needed it and was hoping they'd be done with it soon. I wondered how they'd fit on it, but I got an image in my head showing that they could fit a foot side by side.
      - I was walking in the woods when I stumble across a group of bears huddled together. I freeze and drop down into a pile of leaves and stuff, but they've already noticed me. I remember that I should keep totally still.
      - I'm cuddling up with the bears and they're talking to me, totally harmless.

      Dream 2: I'm floating from sandbar to sandbar on a beach and collecting lost items from old campers. I'm a bit scared and sad as I think about what might have happened to the people who lost them. What the water's depths might be hiding. [I still remember that feeling, looking down into the deep water.]

      When I reach the end, I step over and into a house with the stuff. The cats are sleeping in a cat bed or something down the hall and I get really worried about them getting outside and lost, so I make sure the door is really secure.

      (I've lost some of the details since I didn't type this up sooner or try and remember them better.)
    8. Snow and Bears - Dream of December 6th, 2012

      by , 12-06-2012 at 11:38 PM
      A lot of the details of the dream are fuzzy but there are a few things I remember. I had somehow ended up in a place with a bunch of snow, which triggered my memory and made me remember one of the basic tasks for the month, to make it snow. I also remembered reading about dream stabilization though so I tried to do that first. I crouched down and felt the cold snow on my hands and feet and its grainy texture. The snow felt very real, but I still had trouble focusing on things far away and some things in the distance seemed to change slightly every so often. Even if the dream wasn’t that stabilized yet though I decided I’d attempt the basic task for the month. I waved my hands in the air and willed the snow off of the trees and swirled it in the air, then I focused on the clouds in the sky and willed some snow to fall from them as well. When I was done I looked up into the sky and watched the snowflakes gently fall to the ground.

      After the previous event I somehow ended up indoors, and lost my lucidity for the most part. There was a wall of snow indoors and I was trying to dig behind different layers of it to get something but I don’t know what. Later it changed again, and I remember being at some place with a lot of big, intricately decorated buildings with my mom and dad who were talking about pregnancy for some reason. We left that place on a boat. There was supposedly somebody evil that lived there even though it looked colourful, bright, and happy.

      The next part in the dream I remember is being at some sort of park place. I think I’ve been there before in previous dreams. The place I was at was surrounded by pine, spruce, birch, and other trees found in a Canadian forest. I was getting onto a miniature train that took people from one end of the forest to the other. In the middle of my ride though I decided to get off at the top of a grassy hill, which wasn’t very smart I soon realized. The train I had been on went on without me and sun was setting and it was beginning to get dark. I knew that a lot of carnivores would be coming out at dusk. Soon enough, I saw four large brown bears. I they walked around in the middle of the path and along the tracks for a bit then walked back into the woods. As soon as they were behind the trees I ran down the hill to try to get back the entrance of the park, but the bears were only slightly in the bush and saw me. One of the bears jumped on top of me. I screamed and then made squeaking type noises. The bear put my arm in its mouth bud didn’t hurt me. It was only playing. They bears reminded me of my dogs. It appeared that they were still fairly young. After that one of the train type things came back and I and all four bears went inside it for some odd reason. While in the train we saw a wolf but I wasn’t really worried since I had the bears with me. As we rode further we eventually met up with another person on a train. Soon after that I woke up.
      Tags: bears, snow, winter
      lucid , task of the month
    9. Bear Attack

      by , 09-22-2012 at 05:30 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      It is my turn to present at our departments large meeting. I am going to present a mixture of old data and new data that my boss threw together.
      (Once again) I didn't even look at the slides before presenting. I am doing a horrible job presenting the material. People start leaving, talking and roaming around then the meeting ends. I am off the hook for good - apparently this is the last meeting.

      Dream 2:

      J - the bartender at the bowling alley - is a gasoline salesperson. I am explaining some difficult math to her about evaporation rates of the gasoline.

      Dream 3:

      I am on a guided kayaking tour on a river with my wife. I am being an idiot - going too fast and being reckless. I start fucking with a bear and then it realizes that I have food in my backpack. It fake charges me about five times. It is very smart and I think it is talking to me. I run and hide in a bathroom and then a gift shop. The bear finds me. I realize that it is not food in my pack that the bear wants, but perhaps something I have done to the locals pissed him off. There are now two bears chasing me. I trick them somehow and get a head start back to my car. I would have made it easily but someone was with me and slowed me down. The bear catches me.

      Dream 4:

      I am in my house but there is no furniture. It looks just as it did when we first bought it and put the fresh carpet in. My cats are there. The black one is HUGE and V is whiter than usual. They are both purring like crazy.
    10. Bears

      by , 08-27-2012 at 06:23 PM

      I was camping in a forest with some friends. I was nervous because there were supposed to be bears around. And, sure enough, I soon spotted a brown bear. It started walking toward me, so I hurried into the camping trailer that Marsha had brought. I worried that the bear would be strong enough to just tear though the wall of the trailer. Suddenly I saw that the bear was in the trailer. I wasn't sure how it had gotten in. And there was another bear with it that was a more tan colored bear.

      I was suddenly with 2 other little girls. And I think I was also very young now, maybe 10 years old. We decided to needed to hide in the traler's bathroom, but as I pulled the sliding door shut, I saw how flimsy the wood was. I knew a bear could break through that with ease.

      But then Marsha came into the trailer. She was armed with a gun. She walked right up to the first bear and unloaded a couple of rounds into it. The bear dropped. She did the same with the next bear until it was also dead.

      Later I remember doing stuff in the trailer (but it was a much bigger place now) with the bears' dead bodies still there. I remember being glad that at least they were not bleeding all over everything.
      Tags: animals, bears
    11. Secret Agents

      by , 04-21-2012 at 09:20 PM
      Sadly, this was one of those dreams I almost entirely forgot as my daughter shook me awake. This is a normal problem.

      I was a secret agent, and even better, I was a bear. I had fellow bears that were also agents. Our job was to investigate the activities of the pigs, and stop their nefarious plans.

      I really wish I knew what those plans might have been.

      I recall carrying a briefcase that had information on the plans of the pigs, and I think I was at a trainstation.

      I had another dream, again about being a secret agent, but this time I was a butterfly. I was surrounded by other butterflies, and we were all flying into the sky, presumably towards the sun. The other butterflies were all kinds of pastel colors, mainly blue, and as a group we formed a twisting column rising into the sky.

      Some of the images reminded me of what I saw (and posted pictures of) at the Umlauf Sculpture Museum, particularly the Butterfly Project.

      I liked this dream but I would have loved to recall more detail. Darn kids.
    12. 31st Shared Dreaming Attempt - Evolventity's Dream

      by , 09-14-2011 at 09:12 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Evolventity's Dream
      September 13, 2011

      (Regular Dream, Fragments) Fell asleep by 10:30PM, woke up ~8AM.
      -I'm trying to smother people dressed in a "scene" fashion as they bulge from my sister J*'s bed underneath the blankets.

      -I walk to my bedroom. My younger cousin Mi* and two other kids are laying in my bed trying to sleep. It's night time. The TV is next to the window and I ask them if they would like to watch a movie. I suggest Care Bears or Pokemon. They agree on Pokemon so I go to the living room to grab the VHS tapes. I can't find them, I ask my mom, sitting on the bed, where they are. She says we don't have them anymore, got rid of them.

      -I'm with the Criminal Minds crew standing outside of a building on fire. I enter the building with excessive smoke. I think I helped save a person from dying.

      -Something about bots and my cousin Na* in a library.
    13. An Accident, and Bears

      by , 08-19-2011 at 05:56 AM (Enter the mind of Ladendais)
      My memory picks up whilst I am in a car with someone I know, but I cannot specifically remember who it was. We are driving down a road that I usually drive on when I head out to a town that is close to my own. I then notice a women running across the road, and a pick up truck headed straight for her, and I immediately know that she is going to be hit by the car. The truck collides with the women, but I cannot actually see the actual impact because I am driving behind the pick up truck. After I notice she was hit, I speed up and get directly behind the truck before I stop and get out of my vehicle. As I get out of my car, I notice that the women is somehow standing back up after she was hit by the truck so I quickly run over to her to ask if she is okay. When I come closer to her, I notice that she is of Chinese descent and she has long black hair that goes down to around her shoulders. She is panicked, and she seems like she doesn't want to hang around for much longer.

      She turns and begins to walk away from me in a rather fast fashion, toward a small line of trees. I follow her through the small area of trees, and I then notice that we are on one of the bike paths that runs through my city. I once again ask her if she is alright, and she quickly tells me the reason why she was running across the road in the first place. Apparently she was running away from some bears that had been chasing her for a little while. After she tells me this, I take a look into the woods that I just passed through and I see about three bears that were following me, and her at this point. One looked as if it was a mother bear, and the other two were a bit smaller so I figure they were her cubs. I then turn to the women, and tell her to follow me as I quickly ran the opposite direction down the bike path. I didn't have to run too far to notice a small corn field in front of me, and a white house to my right sitting next to the road. As I ran up to the small country home, I noticed that some of the members of my explorer post were standing out back speaking to each other.

      I come up to the group, with the women still behind me and I tell them that we are being followed by about three bears and we need some help. They seem as if they are willing to help us out, and one of them runs into the house and comes out a few seconds later with a rifle in his hands. At this point he raises the rifle up toward the bike path, where the bears are now walking, and shoots off three rounds, all of which make their mark. The three bears drop down dead and I feel a sense of relief wash over me. The Chinese women disappears, and I simply forget about her as a whole. I then somehow make it to the front of the home, and I am looking to my left at the small corn field. I suddenly notice some small cubs running through the corn, and I specifically remember counting them one by one all the way to six. I explain to the man standing next to me that I see six of the cubs, and I seem generally worried about the rise of the bear population in the area. We stand and watch as the small bears begin to hop out of the corn, and begin to casually cross the road.

      Somehow I find out that someone wishes to see me over at some area that is down the road from the white house that I was standing in front of. I then see one of the advisers of my explorer post ride up on a four wheeler and I ask him if he can do me a favor. He looks as if he is annoyed by my request, and asks me what it is that I need. I then tell him that I need him to let me catch a ride on the back of his four wheeler and he tells me to hop on. We ride down the road and I remember seeing how beautiful the sky was, and I remember feeling the sun shining down onto my face. Soon enough we take a right off the road, and onto a gravel road into what looks like some sort of plant nursery with green houses all around. I see one of my friends walking around as I hop off of the four wheeler and I go to walk toward them and I wake up from my dream.
    14. Mario, Bowser and... Pingus??? Twist of reality

      by , 05-12-2011 at 06:43 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Mario, Bowser and... Pingus??? Twist of reality (DILD)


      I was living in a vacation home, so I figure I was enjoying some days off. There were some kids player a videogame and they wanted to play with me.

      The game was some sort of Mario Bros 3D. They kids created a stage themselves and challenged me to beat it without lossing a single life and with a time attach challenge.

      As I was playing, the kids were on my way, so I needed to push them back. I was playing the game with a wired controller on a old school 32'' TV. The graphics were pretty good for the old the TV was.

      I was passing different steps of the game. I recall some neon green, semi-transparent platforms that moved up and down, left and right and in circles. I recall I was jumped from a platform to another one, but I could not see the next platform I was going to jump, so I had to trust on luck.

      Suddenly, I got to a very high platform. On the top of that platform, there was a square, and that square had a hole. There were big round boulders that fell in that hole. I decided to force Mario to jump in that hole.

      Suddenly, the vision of the dream pointed to the TV. Mario came out to the TV flying. I could hear the flight music from Super Mario 64. Mario flew away on the window and I still had the controller, wired to nowhere right now.

      I felt I could jump over the window and fly and follow mario. I thought I was in a dream so nothing would happen, but I decided to follow the plot.

      Suddenly, Mario was now bowser, and he was flying to the back of a building.

      Suddenly, Bowser started to grow to a ridiculous size. I could hear his loud roar and he started to break a building.

      I could see over the window there was a different bowser, with a suit and he was pissed. Suddenly, the big bowser shrunk to regular size. After a few seconds, the major of the town, who was not human but I do not recall what it was, came with a few body guards, bears in suit I think.

      There was a cage, similar to the ones on the zoos. This cage had two layers of bars and a small spot to pet the beast. The placed bowser inside this cage, but he was now a penguin with the skin of an Ape, but he was all black. A sign of warning was placed next to the cage.

      The beast was sad, and all wanted was love. The beast was called Pingus.
    15. Day 8 - The Battle of the Bears

      by , 04-21-2011 at 02:36 AM (The Sane Asylum)
      This one was definitely entertaining. I quite enjoyed it.

      I was in a really small community with people who I referred to as my parents though they really weren't. It was a pretty forest-y area, and quite often came under attack by a family of four bears. The attacks were always non-lethal, and almost playful if the members of the community didn't get so angry about it.

      In one attack, the bears came armed with hammers (the father bear had a gun-hammer), and in a frenzy, I chased them into the forest. I eventually got lost and ended up wandering into their home.

      It was somehow part tree-house, part cave, and they weren't happy I had entered their home. They tried to fight me and get me out, starting with the youngest bear, the son. He appeared to be a stereotypical cartoon bear and wore a small vest and hat. He attacked with a hammer, and I easily incapacitated him. The mother bear, dressed in only a shirt, came next, and she was dispatched relatively easily. The daughter bear was wearing a sort of fur bikini, and had a much more human face and a round black nose. She swung her hammer around, making it hard to get close to her, but I disarmed her by throwing my hammer and knocking hers out of her hands. She fled, and I chased her down, grabbing her around the waist. She fought back (rather playfully, and laughing all the while), and when I brought her back to the room where we started fighting, I set her down and the father bear (who was the most realistic and didn't wear anything) asked "Why are you in our home? Why won't you leave us alone?"

      I replied that it was because they started attacking us, and I just got caught up the moment. We came to some sort of agreement, and they helped me build a rocket ship to leave their home. It was probably the cave segment, being deep underground, and requiring some serious effort to get up from there.

      Flash forward about three months (I actually watched a montage of us building it) and the rocket is done. I launch out of the bears' home and come up in the middle of my little community. It's winter now, and my family is remodeling the house. For some reason, everyone is out and about and looking really sad. I walk up to my dad, and he says to go get ready for a party. I walk up to my house and the front door is partially painted and hung crooked in the door frame. I open it and walk upstairs, accidentally brushing against a wall and getting wet paint on my shirt.Then, I get undressed shower. It's about here that I wake up.

      I've just realized that the construction of the house at the end of the dream is similar to that of my grandfather's condominium. Altogether a quite entertaining dream!
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