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    1. #274 - The sky is so orange and blue

      by , 12-12-2016 at 05:12 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      It's been a while since I've dream journalled anything - life happens sometimes. I've got 2 dreams in the back log which I'll write up after this dream which I had last night.

      I was in a building, possibly a generic wide open-spaced mall with a blue colour the walls. Me and my ex girlfriend were hanging out here and something happened.. I really can't remember what, as I just remember running through hallways that angled off and winded around. I saw a horseman running past me at some point. I came upon another ex girlfriend but didn't talk to her, it felt like she was looking up at something she was trying to read, like a billboard. I then saw my other ex, the one I was with before. She ran past, I think we interacted a bit and I directed her to safety? The story isn't too important here it seems . I came across my mum right after this and she too was looking up and reading, though I know it was a digital board reading the arrival/departure times of planes since we seemed to be in an airport hallway.

      I then made to go across a bridge in the building, leading to another room..
      Only when I got there I looked outside to see something so beautiful that it shocked me into lucidity.. Before me was the sky, an incredible colour of blue with orange tinging the horizon. I realized I was on a small boat that was flying through the air, though I was confused as to how this was possible after just leaving a building. I tried to fly out into the openness but I really struggled, I could only fly within the boundaries of the boat, like a bird unable to leave its cage. My struggle to fly made me wake up and I forced myself to remember it.
      Tags: beautiful, boat, fly, sky
      non-lucid , memorable , lucid
    2. Rose

      by , 03-01-2016 at 01:49 AM
      In my dream I was a 3D stain glass artist (what I would like to try in real life) and I made this rose that looked like the one in Beauty and the Beast. It was amazingly made and even encased in a glass bell-jar. But after that the dream gets really hazy, I remember auctioning the sculpture but a few months later someone called me asking if i could fix/replace it becuase someone had broken the stem on it.
    3. Trespassing

      by , 09-19-2015 at 02:34 PM
      I can't remember who I was with, but I believe that there were at least two people I was friends with that actually went into this field with me. The field was nearby my house and was very massive and beautiful; it covered what was probably two-hundred acres and at times looked less like a field and more like a woodland area. We explored all around it, admiring the lush grass and tall trees and the pretty water that sometimes swept the area.

      At some point, though, an older man in a car came driving down in the field, and when he spotted us he told us to get off his property. We hadn't realized the land belonged to anywhere, and so we panicked and ran off.

      Later on, however, the temptation to go back to the pretty landscape became too great, and we sneaked back in. We were doing pretty good about not getting caught for a little while, but then at some point the same man came back in his car. He almost didn't see us, but he caught a glimpse of me. Everyone else ran off, and I almost did as well, but I decided to face my problems head-on instead of running away. I approached him, and he was pretty darn angry. He said he was going to call the cops, and I said that was okay.

      Can't remember much else.
    4. Seeding a planet

      by , 04-07-2015 at 10:32 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Seeding a planet (Non-lucid)


      I traveled back and forth to a new planet. It was much alike Earth, but much larger and not populated. I had to seed this planet alongside other ET beings.

      We were creating animals. I could see that this planet looked like the Earth even the layout of the continents, but it was green and clean, it was amazing, air was pure. There were some super sonic planes that traveled from the US to Europe in seconds (remember, the planet was larger than Earth, so US-Europe distance is much larger)

      Some guy wanted to implement money in this planet, but myself being the highest authority I said no... money only brought corruption. I flew above this planet a lot to check out how it was going. I saw some massive buildings, up the clouds and realized it was once populated.
    5. A banshee turns into a beautiful light-blue skinned human being

      by , 01-30-2015 at 01:25 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      A banshee turns into a beautiful light-blue skinned human being (Non-lucid)


      WBTB-Failed (+2)
      Full Dream (+1)

      I was in a huge house and there was a rainforest inside the house. I believe I was not human, but an Avatar and I needed to look for a Banshee to ride it. I entered a room in the house it was looking a lot like Pandora, but among the banshees, there were some weird beings also:

      As I explored the room, without turning lucid, I walked around. I really neither felt like blissful or anything. I knew I was on Earth despite the beings I was seeing. I started to look for one until I noticed that the room was very brown. It looked like Majora's Mask moon:

      I found that to be a very weird room and it felt familiar to me, but really did not focus on it much
      (+15) so I focused on catching a banshee. One of them, turned into a humanoid looking female. Her skin was blue, but not like the avatars, it was a pale blue and she fell in love with me instantly.

      We went together to a differnet part of the house and for some reason, I was afraid to go to jail because I did not get a banshee. There were some cops around but I woke up.
    6. A Beautiful Kiss

      by , 12-17-2014 at 12:59 AM
      In this dream I was driving a semi-truck down a wet gravel road. The cabís side, marker lights were getting covered with dirt, so I pulled over to wipe them off. As I was standing on the passenger side step, above the fuel tank, I noticed my reflection in the passenger door window. I was shocked at how young I looked, and how red my lips were. It seemed like I was wearing lip stick, and that in itself I found very odd indeed. This should have tipped me off that I was dreaming, but it didnít, so I continued on with cleaning my marker lights.

      Suddenly I felt a kiss on my left cheek, and saw my daughter in the reflection off the window. I looked behind me quickly to see her, but she wasnít there. I looked back at the reflection in the window, and she was there. Then she kissed me again on my left cheek! I said her name, and then looked back, but she still wasnít there. I was so surprised by this that I immediately woke
    7. 7/21/14 - Long Curls

      by , 07-21-2014 at 07:56 PM
      I'm walking through a house in a pretty dress. I have really long hair reaching to my lower back. It's soft and curled. I feel beautiful.
    8. My Art Came To Life And I Danced With Her

      by , 07-19-2014 at 10:31 AM
      [Journal Entry on second paragraph]

      This dream was pre-planned and was completely lucid. I had control of just about every aspect of the dream from beginning to end. I first thought of a person (a drawing I created) and then thought of a place (Japanese image). I meditated and had gotten this amazing result that I believe was out of sheer luck. Everything was just about to COMPLETE perfection. Minor details were askew, but it was life changing nonetheless. My initial plan was to arrive in the planned destination and then call out the person's name for her to appear. (she didn't have a name at the time) I gave her the name "Lin," (because she looked like a Lin I guess haha) and I needed us to have something to do for the dream to be more solid. So I planned to ask her to dance with me there since the atmosphere seemed fitting.
      My entry below:

      I had the most amazing dream of my life! I was in a strange black place that was difficult to figure out. Then appeared a lot of huge Chinese doors that I ran though one after the other. While I knew I was in the dream world, I tried harder and harder to imagine the place I wanted to go. With each door, the place started to form a bit more into view. I looked around and the place was a bit "lagged," as if I were in a game. I realized that I had to meet Lin and immediately called out "Lin! Liiiin!" My voice was so clear, I thought I was just awake and only "thinking," I was in a dream while yelling in my room which made me a bit nervous at first. I thought that I must at least be yelling in my sleep from the clarity of my voice. And then I saw her standing in the distance. I hurried toward her and was so surprised, it was so difficult to find the right words. I just then remembered what I planned to say . I said, "You must be Lin." She nodded. She tried to say something when I accidentally interrupted, asking her to dance. She agreed and we started a waltz on the deck. I looked a bit more closely at her and noticed her eyes were black and more like a humans. With just my mind, I fixed my dreams error and she looked more like herself. I also realized now after waking up, she was wearing a beautiful Chinese dress rather than what I had drawn to my surprise. She looked and me, smiling, and her voice was exactly as I had pre-imagined. A nice sounding voice with a Japanese accent since she was a Japanese based person. It was actually so strong, I asked her "Sorry, what was that?" Several times. She started talking about this guy there she wanted to avoid since he was driving 2mph or something (only in a dream that would make sense). I couldn't really hear her at random times for some reason. We danced around and she pulled me some ways to avoid someone. I started to realize it was time for me to leave and things were starting to fade away. Lin disappeared and there was a chair, or an erhu, or a bundle of giant spoons in front of me. I wanted to stay just another moment so that I could tell her I had a great time and we should meet again. I used my personal trick to stay in the dream and re-intensify it which was rubbing my hands together. A green bowl suddenly appeared in my hands and I fumbled around a bit to catch it and I figured it was a chance to focus on the bowl to get back the feel of this reality. Everything came back to a clearer view for another few seconds. I knew I was just about out of time and felt myself waking up. As everything started fading I shouted, "I had a great time Lin! We should meet again!" (or something like that.)

      Nemesis' new sig... any help?  :)-cherry-blossom-lake-sakura-japan.jpg
      Nemesis' new sig... any help?  :)-oni_at_birth.jpg
      lucid , memorable
    9. Ecstasy Upon The End Of The World DILD

      by , 02-10-2014 at 09:17 PM
      2/10/14 Excited and carefree witnessing the end of the world. Exhilirating non-lucid turned lucid (dild)..."overjoyed!!?" is what I wrote in my bedside journal.- It might have been influenced by day residue of seeing a listing for the movie Melancholia in my on screen guide over the weekend and recalling the movie of which I had seen parts of (featuring a glowingly beautiful and bare Kirsten Dunst in one scene). I guess I need to go back and watch the whole movie. Very unusual awakenings tonight either due to an unusual (for me) and more extensive pre-sleep/in bed/closed eye review of recent dream signs, day recall, and some mantras and visualization of diving off a cliff softly onto a beach and floating back up, repeat. Unusual awakening #1 was after only 1 hour of sleep and directly from a non lucid dream. I don't remember waking up that quickly after going to bed anytime at least in the last year. Unusual awakening #2 was 40 minutes later (perhaps end of normal 90 minute cycle with some interruption time in between making it approximately 100 minutes from going to bed.)

      Earliest possible part of dream was in a version of my office where I always seem to be coming back from training sessions and SC (who I haven't seen in a long time) was in a cubicle nearby and I could hear her leaving me a voicemail (could hear by way of the sound travelling from her mouth a short distance across the room). Possible transition or new dream to a group setting perhaps in a conference room with families present and someone hands me a camera asking me to take pictures of everyone. I see two cute babies across on the far side of the room and zoom in on them and snap a shot but the baby on the left's head disappears. I think "what?" but my mind fills in an explanation "ah, the baby tilted her head behind the other baby's head...there it is now" (or very similar thought). Moments later, while looking at the front of the camera it accidentally takes a picture and I look at the screen and it features a woman in the room looking provocatively towards the camera and her dress is purposely revealing in more ways than one. This scene somehow transitions to a large group walking outside at night time. The provocateur is there with her boyfriend and my wife just in front of me. The provocateur walks close to me and then in front of me as if she wants me to check her out and I grab her from behind in a flirty way but then move to my wife and grab her from behind in a loving way. I can hear someone talking about how some planet (or other celestial object) is crashing into Earth and I am looking into the sky. Everyone starts running but my wife and I seem to have no fear more like a joyful running through this field and there are flashes in the sky, beautiful flashes and I realize that I am definitely dreaming. My wife says something like "lets make love one last time" and we are now running in a different direction from the group deep into the field for privacy I assume. I remember the TOTM (true love) but I think I said it wrong or she heard me wrong and she answered "It is to give others what you can not." I remember thinking that perhaps she meant "give what you think you are not able to give." I woke up shortly after and just had to write it down before trying to re-enter that dream or any dreams. The most memorable part for me was running through that field and looking up at the sky lighting up...breath-taking! Afterwards I managed to get various dreamlets of 2 to 10 seconds in length, some of which I found fascinating at the time but eventually had to get up. 105

      Got lucid at the very end of a dream 2/8/14 but decided not to count it. It involved my computer acting strange (dild) but my awareness was low as it had been recently until this morning.
    10. My First Semi-Lucid Dream

      by , 12-05-2013 at 06:46 PM (My Dream Journey)
      Sorry I haven't posted in a while. There are a couple of reasons:
      1: I was at my grandma's for Thanksgiving.
      2: I wasn't able to record any other dreams.

      This one I certainly remember. It was my first semi-lucid dream. I was flying. I knew I was and I wasn't frightened. I was fly over the ocean and it was night time. The moon was a beautiful shade of purple and it was bright and huge, all of the stars were out and winking at me. I looked at this and then looked at my hands. They were pitch black. Like When you shut off the lights and close the door black. I realized I must have been dreaming. I didn't enhance my level of lucidity because I was afraid I would lose it. So I proceeded to have the greatest dream of all time. I flew for what seemed like eternity. I wish I could have. This journal is open to analysis and interpretation.
    11. First (Successful) Lucid Dream

      by , 07-26-2013 at 02:27 PM (theSHHAS' Sweet Dreams)
      First (Successful) Lucid Dream

      I don't have this dream written down anymore, so I will have to work from memory.
      But I'm pretty sure I remember most of it quite vivdly.

      Dreaming - Lucid

      I am in an airport with a couple of friends. We are waiting for a flight and we have to smuggle beer with us. We have about a hundred beer cans that we need to take with us and we are brainstorming about how to get them through security. I am holding on to a chocolate Bunny that I just noticed. I don't know how, but that Bunny gives me an idea of how to solve our problem... We do the only logic thing that I could come up with. Break a window and escape through it! We roll down a small grass covered hill and end up in front of the airport. For some reason no one cares about the beer anymore. Suddenly one of my friends starts to throw small rocks at me and it's making me angry. He keeps doing it even though I tell him to stop. A yellow car (Hummer) is driving past me and I take cover behind it by grabbing onto it. When I let go and fall to the ground I realise that letting go of the car and landing on the ground didn't hurt at all...
      BOOOM! I am now lucid!
      I feel very happy and excited but tried to stay calm. But it's hard to stay calm when your friend still throws rocks at you. I decided to kill him. He jumps into a pond and expertly dodge my attempts to punch him in the face. I once again realise that I'm dreaming and thinks to myself, "Why use my fists when I have acces to any weapon or super power I could imagine?". I stop moving in the middle of the road and kneel down. I look at the ground for a couple of seconds and thinks to myself, "I want a gun". I cover my face with my hands and when I take them away I see a gun in front of me on the ground. Very convenient. I pick it up and aim it at my friend who panics and starts running like crazy. I shoot at him with about 10 bullets but fails to hit him. I decides that it's a waste of time to kill him and I go flying instead. I fly around the corner to a tall building at a pretty low altitude (about 10 meters) and see my uncle peeing on a parked car. I don't really car about it and I continue flying. I fly into a forest. I keep flying just above the ground and I slowly start to lose lucidity. This forest is Beautiful and the sun shines through the branches onto the dirt path that I'm flying above...

      I completely lose lucidity and the dream goes on but I can't remember anything from here but a girl on a swing in the forest, and something about water.

      Updated 07-26-2013 at 02:31 PM by 64587

      lucid , memorable , side notes
    12. Racist Cats & Crepes

      by , 04-14-2013 at 01:47 PM
      It's been a while since I've updated this (over a year), and I've just recently gotten back into lucid dreaming, so it's as good a time to write an entry as any.

      I'm in a house, when I realize I'm dreaming and run outside. I'm in some sort of a town at sunset, and it's very beautiful, and so my first instinct is to leap up and try to fly. It doesn't work very well the first time, so I try again and get a little higher, and by the third time, I'm jumping higher than some of the buildings. The whole thing is very vivid, and I hang in the air for a little while, extremely happy. There's some sort of clock tower-like building near me, and I turn around upon seeing it and notice a large, scenic-looking lavender mountain wreathed in mist. I don't know why, but my first thought is that there must be cats on that mountain. I become determined to climb it.

      The dream skips a bit, and I'm back at the house. It's still sunset, so not much time must have passed. I lose most of my lucidity at this point, or at least I'm not acting on it, but I still remember the mountain, and conveniently, the house is right next to it. The backyard of the house leads into a patch of sparse woods, which leads to the base of the mountain. I look over at the mountain, and, confirming my suspicions, notice multiple all-white cats crawling on it. Now even more set on climbing it, I begin plotting to do so, but I am first stopped by my family's former housekeeper in real life, Tricia (who, sadly, passed away from heart complications almost exactly a year ago), who tells me I need to eat dinner. She tosses a crepe into a pan next to another crepe that's almost done, and I wait a few seconds, and for some reason, I take the less-done crepe and start walking around, looking for something to fill it with. I remember thinking that I would be willing to eat it plain if it got me to the mountain faster, but I know that Tricia is going to make me fill it with something. I forget exactly what I filled it with, but I do remember sticking a large hunk of chicken in it. Immediately, I run outside, and begin climbing the mountain, but it has become a banister with a cellphone at the bottom.

      There was also one point in the dream where I was slipping on the outside of a hockey rink, not on the actual ice, and I was embarrassed.
    13. Beautiful Friend

      by , 01-05-2013 at 01:05 AM
      I'm walking through the desert near my house with kids(I'm babysitting about 4 of them) and we finally get to this wedding party we are supposed to be at. It's for this really overweight woman who looks very familiar, which is sad because she used to take care of herself. The party is very formal, nice tall building, lots of people, but out in the desert.
      Anyways I am just fed up with the party so I grab the kids I'm watching and we head out. But just as we head down the road( seemingly never ending), a friend who I know in real life walks out and she say's
      "Hey!" with a cute-like friend tone
      I nudge an eyebrow and reply "Hey there" casually, but not too cool
      She looked so perfect there in the sunlight as she approached. She has long dirty blonde hair that's cut at a straight bang, which the sunlight blends so warmly into. Blue green eyes that looked so friendly and inviting, and with a face that could melt a heart of stone. She's beautiful and so cute(not such a manly term, I know).
      With the evening sun in her eyes she winces up at me and asks
      "Do you mind if I walk home with you?"
      What's strange was I was overwhelmed with a peace and comfort that can't be described. It was so surreal. Yet I calmly said
      "That'd be nice"
      As we walked we talked and laughed and joked and simply enjoyed each other.
      It wasn't awkward.
      It wasn't strange.
      It was right.
    14. Another Friend

      by , 12-30-2012 at 03:01 PM
      A dream I had just before another long one... I'm inside a mall again, or a store. It was sunny outside. I forgot when I first turned lucid but I do remember trying to summon a few people. The first person I summoned was Quynh. I've done that by yelling out her name and extending my right hand back.

      The first time I tried, I was only thinking of her name. Nothing else but that. I then tried a second time but this time I would try and picture her whole face in my mind and see if that would work. I've done so and it worked a better than the last time. When I turned around, she did look something like the real one, but I still wasn't buying it. I was kind of hoping for a better feeling inside me when I saw her face, just like I did in dreams when I saw her about one year ago. The only difference I saw this time was she had a different hair style here.

      I continued walking around the mall trying to get the real look of Quynh in the dream but eventually gave up and tried to summon someone else. There was someone whom I've never met before that I wanted to summon. It was a girl on Youtube, I don't know her name but she was the one posting dream journal entries on her channel. She looked beautiful when I first saw her, and still does probably but, whenever I think of someone as pretty as that, my sorrow for Quynh begins to fade away because I'm way too young to try and lose my freedom over some female who doesn't pay attention to me. But the idea of letting her ago without punishment still bothers me...
    15. Finding the Answers Within

      by , 12-30-2012 at 05:08 AM
      This entry would probably fall in to the category of my most favorite lucid dreams. I've never had a lucid dream that went on for a long time! It was also one where summoning Quynh felt like a bad idea at the time, though, I did meet some beautiful girls on the way.

      I first started inside a hotel room, one that views long strips of the city streets. The first person I noticed here was a girl who posted a dream entry on Youtube. She was seated right next to the window. There were also a few other people here, but I could not remember their faces. They all appeared calm.

      My job at the time was to punish these people for something I may have forgotten about. From there I noticed some lettering on my left wrist. The lettering I have in reality read "Dream" on my left wrist. There was obviously something wrong with the lettering in the dream. I stared at it closely, very closely and noticed strange triangular symbols written on it. I looked up to a girl's face to my left and felt the feeling of really being in a dream. I was now dreaming.

      I began my first move by promisingly yelling at them and commanding them to break the hotel windows. They never said a word. I felt in control but I also felt bad as I stood there staring at their terrified faces. I walked outside the door in the room and closed the door.

      I walked in to a chef's kitchen room. It looked more like the inside of a mall when I saw the chef's cooking tools in there. There was a chef I talked to. He was a very tall, dark man who looked busy at the time. I followed him as he was cooking up some food and eventually asked him my favorite question. "We're in a dream." He didn't say anything for a moment but then replied, "I don't know." I was hoping to receive a more sensible answer. So, I turned back and saw a teenage girl. I walked up to her and told her, "We're in a dream." She didn't say anything either! I was out of ideas.

      My first idea was to summon Quynh and hope I could get her face right this time. But then again, I found it more exciting to see what I can find in the dream world if I lasted a little longer. I went ahead and followed that idea. It wasn't a hard choice at the time, probably because I tried summoning her in a dream before this one, but failed.

      My lucid journey began with a bad thought. There was nothing else I found exciting on the moment, so I tried something I could not do in waking life. I wanted to kill someone with a knife, just to see how it feels to stick a blade down someones back. I walked towards the chef's table of tools and opened individual cabinets, looking for a knife. At my worst luck, I could not find any. All I found was spoons and I'm pretty sure they won't do much to someone who is willing to fight back. I gave up on that idea.

      After checking all these cabinets, I saw a group of teenage boys walking up to the table in front of me. One of them was carrying a long pick fork. I hoped they weren't there to kill me. They stood in front of the table in front of me and starting and just stood there. I was relived he didn't try to kill me. I then left this area and continued on to a scenario in the dream.

      This next scene, I was back at Pacific High School. It was already dark. I was on the parking lot riding a powered scooter all over it. It was had for me to control the vehicle but most of the times I rode it without a problem! A few seconds after riding the scooter, I saw a huge crowd of students walking out of the school. Me and my scooter were heading right towards the fence in front of the school. Sooner or later, I realized I was going to crash in to the fence and did. I felt embarrassed but no biggie, I laughed after it. I also noticed a girl laughing somewhere in the crowds of people. At first I thought she was laughing at me but then I noticed she was laughing at someone else in the parking lot.

      The dream changed faces again. This time I appeared in a mall, where my lucid world felt more beautiful to explore. The mall was pretty full. It reminds me back when I had the dream about a woman giving me a piece of candy with a letter in it. I didn't do anything that would cause the dream to fade away, so I kept calm and carefully explore the world.

      I walked through crowds of people finding things of my own interest. I found a few girls and decided to accompany them for the rest of the dream. I saw an Asian girl standing in front of small store. I walked up to her and held her right hand. Now that I think of it, this was really awesome! Usually, only the Asian girls want to be just friends with me but this was where my dream came true! Well, in a dream it did. We didn't even walk too much though. There was this other girl walking to our left but this time she was holding another guy's hand. I ditched the other girl and walked in front of the couple. I extended my left hand towards the girl as she grabbed mine. The dude even encouraged me to take her by pushing her towards me! I felt like a pimp.

      This other girl I stole from the guy was even more beautiful, well from the back she was. I stared at the back of her head and noticed how vivid it looked! I was so glad I stole her from him. But anyways, I continued the dream by searching the mall for something interesting, even though I already found someone. I did find an old friend on the way. I found Valerie, one of the girls who went to piano class with me. She was in front of a store yelling out sales.

      I walked around the mall for a while not doing much but observing everything I saw. I do remember trying to use my imaginary powers to break down some walls in the mall. I pointed my fingers at these walls and was hoping for an explosion. Nothing happened.

      After long minutes of just walking through the crowds, I finally noticed the girl right next to me changed her appearance! It was strange at first because she looked a lot like my sister! I was no longer interested. So, me and my older sister decided to take a trip down the parking lot outside the mall, which appeared to be inside the mall. Me and my sister walked through it and made our way past a street just outside the mall.

      I paid close attention to the cars driving past me. Some of them were going in the wrong directions, I felt. I walked past the street and only a thought of one thing. This was my dream and even if I do embarrass myself, my brain would be the only one would know, unless Leonardo Di Caprio tries to steal an idea off me...

      I walked up towards a park and musical class I saw in front of me. I saw a piano inside the music class and a few students right next to it. I feel like I've been here before. To my right I saw a classroom full of elementary students listening to some of the adults reading to them. I stared at them. I noticed the restrooms were right next to the music class and far from the classroom of students.

      I wanted to see if I can use some kind of secret powers against a gate I saw in front of me but it still wouldn't work. So, I moved over to the classroom of students and told them and the adults out loud, "We're in a dream!" They all looked at me as if I was crazy. Then the dream ended.
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