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    1. The party

      by , 03-13-2015 at 05:13 AM
      I was at my grandmothers sitting in a weird room with a couch. Everyone in my immediate family was there except my mom. We were wondering where she was when all of a sudden we found out she died. Then I was really sad. Then I must have had a slight FA or even a real awakening because I remember sitting in bed sad because of what had happened. Then she came to the couch and she was missing her legs, but seemed happy. Then I remember the dream changed to a different place. Then their was a party going on in some weird room at my grandmothers. It was a dark room with accent lighting, dark brown/black walls. There was chairs all around the room and in each of them was an adult. They sat there drinking beers. Then they started to go crazy. They said mean things to me and then I said something mean back to them and heard them laughing as I left the room. Then I was in another room I do not recall, one of the drunk adults came out of the room and then smashed his fist on my dads head. This scared the heck out of me and then sent an intense fear response in the dream, and I even felt it in real life.

      What an odd dream. My attempt at WILD failed.
    2. Night Driving and Beer

      by , 12-08-2014 at 12:00 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was walking down a dark road in an unknown place. It's in a suburban neighborhood. I was looking for bus/jeep/car to travel.

      I was in a truck. Not sure what kind. I was in the passenger side of the front seat (right side). G was driving. We were going to have drinks (images of my hometown near the plaza at night). I said to him that if it seems unsafe since it's at night, we can go to my home instead. He gave me skeptical look. I assured him it's just for the drink.

      I was on a cliff. I was drinking beer (?) with two people. Faces are unclear. There was a huge winged dragon beneath us, trying to climb up. I didn't feel fear. In fact, I was dubbing what it was supposed to be thinking or saying, like "Hey, guys, how do you get up there?" or "A little help please?" One of my companions had his foot stuck somehow, so part of him was dangling. It still felt all in jest. He looked like a middle age warrior. The dragon spew flame at us, but I didn't feel any fear or heat. I was hit directly and all I could think of was how I was supposed to feel.
    3. I order coke, yet I am given beer!

      by , 11-18-2014 at 09:30 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      I order coke, yet I am given beer! (Non-lucid)


      I was attending college during this dream. I was in a class related to a major in cooking. I really did not like the class, as the teacher was having a very scientific approach to cooking and there was no hands on training at all, just lectures and I really felt that cooking was all about hands on. Some other students, two females, where sharing the same thoughts as I, so we would get into hands on training after class. It was my first time to join them, even though they already were doing these side classes.

      The settling looked similar to the above photo, in fact, the uniform was pretty similar. I was given a small round device, it had the same of a pill, but it was about a feet in size. It had a special combination and I needed to put three numbers 2 in a row. I struggled a lot to do this, but I was finally able to and suddenly the "pill" released a black apron, some cooking utensils and some made up devices that I have no idea what they were for. One of the ladies was happy and I got dressed to cook. We cooked some food, even though, I cannot remember what it was.

      We decided to go on a break and we went to a mall. They were going to buy a bed and we were going to share it, even thought, there was no sexual intents from neither of our ends. The matress store had several beds displayed outdoors and we laid down to try some of the beds. One was a water bed and I told her I had my doubts they would allow that bed in the apartment, since usually water beds are banned due insurance.

      From here, we went to the food court and they were going to pick up food while I went to buy the drinks at a little store that sold drinks. This store was like a bar and there were four employees. I ordered two Coke Zero and every time that the employee prepared the drink, it was a beer. I told them I wanted no beer and the employees started to be rude with me. They made me wait, assisted other clients and eventually, would bring me another beer. I was tired of waiting so long until one of the ladies ended up meeting with me. I was tempted of just jumping the bar and preparing the cokes myself, afterall, I could see the soda dispenser right in front of me and I could not understand where the problem was, but I did not as I could get into trouble.

      From here, a lot happened but I forgot. As soon as I reached my journal from bed, I recalled the early part of the dream (written above) and inmediately, forgetting the last part of the dream.
    4. Plane Ride to Alaskan Bar

      by , 07-15-2014 at 03:37 AM

      I am on a plane, looking down on the passing ground far below. The ground looks muddy, brown and boulder strewn. Either the sides and floor of the plane are transparent or I am able to see through the opaqueness. I am seated on the floor of the plane, not a seat. I have the feeling that my mom is on the plane with me, possibly in a seat behind me, however I am not sure as my recollection is spotty.

      As the plane begins to descend, a large hill, of the same consistency as the surrounding ground, suddenly appears. The plane skims over it and may have ever so slightly hit it (spotty recollection). Many of the passengers on the plane freak out as this happens. I myself am calm and serene while this happens. I know, somehow, that we wouldn't crash and that the danger was not real or immanent (slight lucidity?).

      The plane lands in what I vaguely think is a layover in Alaska. The passengers head to this bar-club-restaurant(?) owned by the pilot. There is an outside bar with an overhang connected to the main building surrounded by vague Alaskan forest (no snow as far as I can remember). The outside bar is moderately crowded, the inside looking more so.

      I am at the outside bar looking at their beer menu. The menu is a single page, white paper and laminated/plastic-covered. I think that it is a pretty decent selection with Abita, Palm and a few others that I don't recall, however nothing really interests me. An older women walks out of the inside portion of the building and strolls to the outside bar, directly next to me. She is holding a drink, possible two in her hand(s). She asks if I am getting the vodka, presumably what she is drinking, and tells me it is great. I then ask, either the bartender or women (poor recollection) if they had a *Moscow Mule. I remember nothing else.

      *I found out about the drink and tried making it at home a few days ago (real life).
    5. 7th day - Short lucid and some more connections.

      by , 05-07-2014 at 12:05 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      * Like yesterday, there were some extra cups of wine before going to bed...

      .../It's a celebration day on the town I'm visiting from a long time. I see an aunt and ask her for her son, my fellow cousin to salute him. She tells me where he is, but I notice "his parents" are sitting in the same table and they're not too friendly. Anyway, I don't care and go to give him a hug. I try to make a joke about me getting drunk at the airport and sitting next to the airplane wheel just before the airplane starts to move. He doesn't get it. I think because of it has been a long time since we don't make jokes together/...

      .../I'm walking on a road, getting in a town where its welcome sign literally states: "Welcome to the state of California. Our little DOF things" (DOF is written in overlapped capitals). Then I get into a bar where a DC-mix of some drunk people I know, invites me to have some beers. I accept although I don't feel motivated to drink. He gets angry with me, and throws the whole content of a bottle on a wooden wagon. Then he asks me to leave and threats me to throw a rock on my head if I don't go because of I'm being a killjoy. I got confused and decide to better go out. In the street, I see the DC going out turned into my dad. I'm walking on the streets, feeling sad. It's cold out here and I'm wearing just a t-shirt. I want to go to the apartment we rented with a friend of mine/...

      * Apparently we rented that apartment in another dream and we live there with some other friends and family.

      .../change one letter game could be bravest from breast...

      .../I have to deliver something in the 14th floor of a house. The elevator door gets closed when I'm about to step into it. The door opens while the elevator goes up. Now it's just a platform and I can see the stairs and all the stuff around. I must stay standing in the middle. I see an old woman going upstairs. The elevator stops in the 15th floor. I get out of the platform. It's just a sort of stairs with huge steps that I have to go down. There's a big empty space in the middle. The woman stands in the opposite side where I am. I ask her to be careful, she says something and makes a wrong move, then she falls. I run to take a look down. She's sitting on a table talking with a girl friend. She mocks about something pointing at me. She's not dead. There's something going on here. I want to go downstairs very quick and think I could take a shortcut by jumping if it's what I'm starting to think. This place doesn't make sense, I know what it means! This time I don't want to jump due to the vertigo. I go on with the plot, I still have her delivery in my hands. I throw it close to her. She doesn't like it, I don't care. I look around to see how can I go out. I see some escalators on my side leading to a wall with a hole above it. I command them to stop. They stop and I have to climb to get on the roof of a building. I hear she is quite upset following me. I command the escalators to move again to squeeze her against the wall, but she gets out before getting trapped in the motion. Now she looks very young but angry, she wears like a witch from the middle age. She stands in front of me yelling something. I feel scared but I have to control myself. Using my mind, I throw her against some sharp spikes I see in front of the house. She gets impaled uttering some spell on me. Her mouth looks like a Venus flytrap and it opens to the sides. I command with my mind the spikes to open up. It finishes her. Now I see the dream in 3rd person view. I see a DC who looks like Harry Potter, getting out from my point of view, he gets close to a door that I previously saw stating it was level 13. Now it's time for another level, the number on the door changes to a lower one, and it opens to show a wall. There's a couple of brown werewolves getting out from a window. The female one has two bats flying like flies around her head. The traffic in the streets is weird. Most of the cars move backwards. The authority car has a toilette in stead of a seat, and the driver seems to be taking a shit while driving. He speaks with somebody with the radio. This place is weird and I'm wondering what have the werewolves to do here/...

      * I have to point out about this one, when I started to write down some fast notes (which is really tedious due to the fatigue) I barely remembered a couple of fragments of the final scene in the city where I wasn't lucid anymore. It was not until I wanted to go back to sleep, when I was able to remember the whole lucid sequence. Then my scratched writing turned into something more devoted.

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    6. Beer Goggles

      by , 04-25-2014 at 03:19 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #205: Beer Goggles

      My friend Leroy and I are hosting a meeting at a hotel. Were there to meet with another company for merger talks and weve got a table of breakfast food laid out for the attendees. A bunch of other random people are having breakfast here, though, and have stolen a bunch of our yogurts. Leroy runs past these tables and grabs the yogurts back before sprinting off toward the meeting in the nearby bar. I think this is pretty awesome and get a good laugh out of it.

      When we get to the bar and sit down with the other company, I realize that its lots of people I know from different areas of my life. This strikes me as strange, and when I consider my situation,
      I realize that Im dreaming.

      I spend a little bit of time conversing with the people at the table, just out of curiosity as to how theyll react. I talk to SK for a moment and then to a younger version of SC who is now sporting a mustache. They all seem to be aware that this is a dream and dont try to fool or convince me otherwise.

      I leave the table and think that I should use the opportunity to try a drink. As I pass a waiter I say, Sir, give me a beer, and he immediately complies. I take a swig, but its sort of gross, like flat mineral water. For some reason I decide to dump the rest over my face. It feels cold, realistic, and super invigorating! There also seems to be an unlimited supply, because it just keeps pouring and pouring. The effect is awesome because itll occasionally even cross my vision and make everything look all watery-looking.

      I head for the exit, a huge, ornate wooden door with an iron ring for a handle. I pull it open (with some effort) and then do this again at a second huge wooden door. Now Im out on the street in the daytime, pouring beer over my face and looking at the passerby. Its a beautiful day out and I just enjoy the sunshine and presence of the DCs.

      An attractive Asian woman in a two-piece swimsuit approaches from down the street, but as she walks by closer to where Im standing she morphs into a guy walking around in shorts and a t-shirt. Hey, you were a woman just a second ago!

      Thats right, he says. Do you want me to change back?

      Yeah, change back! At this, he leans over, grabs the back of his t-shirt and seems to kind of struggle with pulling it over his head. And as he emerges, he is back to female form again. Im super amused by this and I cheer at the trick. She seems really flattered and pleased by my reaction and laughs before walking away.

      This whole time Ive continued pouring beer over my face and I look up at the bottle to see that its really small now, about the size of a thimble. It still pours just fine, though, but I dont have long before
      the dream ends.
    7. Exam with dinking, killing and cloth drying

      by , 01-20-2014 at 03:22 PM
      I was back to school. I had to take an exam where the tasks were at both sides of the paper. But tasks were really weird. I had to be a girl on the train. ANd i had to pretend i was innocent, not harmfull. And i had to take pictures of myself, beeign bonded and torchured. But in real i had to destroy the world.. Then i haid to record a music track and enter a competition. I did, i made a metal song then send it to the reviewboard.. and they answered congratulations, you have won the competition even though that people who dont like this genre of music did not vote at all. There was a question, what did euroasian people eat in medieval ages 1437? I wrote cabbage, beans, corn.. which i later deleted because i remembered that Columbus didn't came back from america yet. And some food i made out. Next question was "this is the year of the moon! moon equals a letter I. what is I?" This question was something about meditation, and i didn't know how to answer it. But the strange thing about this exam was the numbering of the questions, they didnt follow as they should, it was like 22,23.. and then no questions and later 28. And then i went to a bar. I overheard two guys talking about metal music scene in my town. One said that here are many metal pubs. And in reallife there is none, so I asked him where were they before? and he answered that a discoclub jungla.. was renovated into a metalbar. I said thanks, im trying to finnish my beer, and a friend from ireland passed me by.. he was drunk already, he went straight into beveragestorage.. and another friend said, well he is wasted.. and i said well that's his problem, he will be even more.. and he brought a beer which i have never seen before. It was our local beer Lasko, but the label was totaly out of order. On the left there were people and ice.. in between there were broken glasses, and on the right there was an elephant in a desert. And usually it is a mountaingoat on greed surface. Then we went into a car, we picked up 2 girls.. but we had a feeling that they are going to kill us. So i stopped the car, we went to take a leak, and we grabed shotguns and sneaked around my car, and bang bang.. shot them trough the carglass.. And then i found 4 thirts. 2white and 2 black, they were all wet. I was trying to get them dry. I found those poles and rope, which are ment for making clothes dry, clothdryers. And i tried to hang those shirts on the rope. I just couldnt. I took the first clothpeg and it was too small to hold the shirt. And then i took the bigger one in a crocodile shape, still to small. And then i saw that there are some blueprints on the shirts. The blueprints were for Davinci's flying machine. Well i have to get them dry i said to myself. I walked to a tree which i was climbing a lot in my childhood. And it was huge. I climbed to the first branch, and i start to hang those shirts on the branch. I hanged 2 out of 4..
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    8. Suburbia

      by , 12-03-2013 at 11:06 PM
      1. I dream that I am in a grocery store, and that part of the grocery store is a bar. There's a girl in a cutoff shirt, or something. I pay for my groceries and park my cart outside the bar. The bar's very dark - the walls and floor have been painted black. I have a beer and buy a 6 pack of cider. When I return to the cart, someone has stolen half of my loaf of bread, and 6 eggs out of my egg carton. I complain to management and show them, and ask if they will reimburse me for the bread and eggs.

      2. I dream I am in the attic of an old house. I've broken in. There's a lot of old stuff stored in here, some of it mine... how my stuff ended up in here, I don't know. Some friends and I have packed it into boxes. The attic is filling with water, and I'm moving through thigh deep water trying to sort through these boxes.

      We hear people in the house below. I get worried that they will discover us, so I start trying to put the boxes away neatly so they don't realize that their attic is full of someone else's things. I'm also worried they'll notice the water pouring down from their ceiling, since it's draining but I don't know where it went. Another friend gets on a cot that's built against the wall and starts talking about how in his college dorm, it was so tiny that he had to pull his knees up any time someone opened the closet.

      We decide the coast is clear and start handing boxes to someone on a ladder outside the door. From there, it's easy to go down the ladder and through a hole in the fence into my own yard. The boxes have some of the homeowners' stuff as well... I plan on selling it at a yard sale.

      My house is an old white two story. It's about a hundred years old, and there's nothing particularly special about the house itself. The yard is full of trees; one is much older than the house, and towers above it. It is an old oak tree. My grandpa is there now, and he is talking about how everyone cuts down their trees, and everyone's yard looks the same, and it's bland and sterile. I look at the yards of the other houses on the street (somehow they are bland-looking mansions) and see that they are all treeless and perfectly manicured. I flop down on my side and roll down the hill, and my brother (who is suddenly there) does the same thing, while our mother walks behind us. When I look up the hill, the contrast between my yard and the rest of the yards is striking. The trees rise above my house, and their branches weave in and out of each other. My grandfather comments that having so many trees in the yard is pleasant and adds character to the house. I pat the perfectly mowed, perfectly green grass at the bottom of the hill and tell him that the rest of the neighborhood seems very sterile in comparison.

      I wake up briefly and then go back to sleep, and the dream resumes, although it has lost some vividness.

      I continue from the bottom of the hill into a neighborhood beyond the bottom of the hill. I walk along a sidewalk. It is bright and sunny outside, and probably June or July. There are some preteen girls standing in a yard, chatting, and a little boy in a red striped shirt on a big wheel. This neighborhood is also quite uniform - suburban America, at its most mediocre. The vividness is returning. I realize I am dreaming and try to push through into full lucidity, but the dream is still too thin and everything goes black, and I wake up.
    9. Worst beer ever

      , 09-23-2013 at 05:14 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Monday, 9/23/13

      Last night, bed 2am - 8:40am

      I'm traveling with group of people by car. Before we go on a trip, we stop in a large bar. There is nobody else there. Bunch of empty tables and a bar. one of our group sits in the back at the table, I'm at the bar with another 1-2 people. We are talking to a female bartender. We wan't to try some beer. This idea just occured to us and I'm excited.

      She says "I thought you are gonna have beer when you get to Prague". We say "yeah, but this one is for the road".

      She hands us a handwritten list of beers she has. I ask for a dark one. She points to one on the list. She also points out a red beer and some american beer. Name has 3 letteres, H and X. We rule that one out right away.

      So she hands me a small glass of beer. I can feel the glass in my hand being warm. I'm like "it's warm". It was lukewarm, almost warm. She says "well, it's room temperature". But I say no, it's warmer than that. I have a taste and it tastes sweet and salty. And like a beef soup or gravy. It was pretty bad. I see the bottle the sets on the bartop, and it's a 750ml, clear glass wine bottle, with some clear liquid.

      (Man, my first dream beer and it tastes like this!)
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    10. Waited too long to write this down...

      by , 07-26-2013 at 06:47 PM
      I'll try my best now...

      Something about boating, with a girl named Cloie in the boat with me.

      Then a false awakening into me drinking beer.

      Then I woke up for reals.

      Ok, so. Lets start with Cloie. She looked exactly like my dream sign, so why didn't a do a reality check? Or did I do a reality check? Is it possible to have a lucid dream without remembering it?

      And the beer. I don't drink beer, I'm "under aged" so I have no idea what the hell just happened.
      In the words of JoannaB "You may just have to accept the fact that this was one fucked up dream."
    11. July 18th

      by , 07-18-2013 at 09:17 PM
      This one was long but I forgot a lot of it..
      - I've forgotten my black backpack at school by the art room. I know where it is but when I look for it, I can't find it.

      Dream 2
      - I'm outside by a fairly large lake. I think the sun has just gone down; it is dark but there are still some shades of purple on the lake and in the sky. A man who looks like Gandalf comes over and gives a little, pink, bipedal creature. This creature is very affectionate and keeps hugging my leg.

      A fragment..
      - I see my best friend B sitting at a counter with 2 of her friends. They're all tightly wrapped in ceran wrap. B looks very uncomfortable, like she doesn't want to be there.

      Dream 3
      - I'm in an unfamiliar 2 story house with R. R isn't doing much, but he's here. We're on the bottom floor and I know there is a lot of food here. I think I take some crackers. Now I am upstairs; R Is gone, but I'm sitting by my mom who is talking to some doctors. They are saying that I could have pneumonia. I think this upsets my mom so we leave right away, but right before we do I get something else to eat because I am still hungry. Whatever I get, it comes with a beer. There are four choices; I pick a peach flavored one. Now, my mom is driving us home but I am outside the truck, somehow attached to it and able to sit down. I drink the beer, really noticing the prominent peach flavor, and think that I'd like to move to Scotland.

      Dream 4
      - I'm driving my cousin down a busy, main street to some burger place. We finally find it, and enter the building through some secret entrance. It looks more like an old house and I get the feeling that we shouldn't be here. We continue on anyway, and reach a big window/opening in the wall. Looking out, I see a huge, grassy feild far below me. On this feild there are many marching bands, each wearing their school colors.

      Dream 5
      - I'm at an indoor concert with my dad. We are seated in a row close to the small stage. My dad gets up and leaves for a bit; when he gets back, he has already missed the ending.
      **I wake up after this dream ends and haven't moved or opened my eyes. I try to imagine myself back at that concert cheering with everyone else, but not a thing happens?
    12. The Phone Call [Mutal Dream Attempt #1]

      by , 05-25-2013 at 12:03 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I was going for WILD after my WBTB but I was very tired and my WBTB was too short. I had several awakenings but only remember two of the dreams.

      I am at work with some silver can in my hand it looks like a tall boy beer. I get the idea that has huperzine in it. I take a long drink and note the taste. It is very sweet and fruity with a pleasant alcohol after taste. I look at the can and see its Blueberry Pomegranate flavored. I remember taking huperzine earlier and try to calculate how much huperzine is in my system now. I worry that it will be too much.

      I see Frank walk by and he comments on my drink. Something about how he wants to try some so he can get lucid. I am shocked and happy that I turned so many people at work on to lucidity. (actually just 2 in waking life).

      I realize that having beer at work will get me fired so I try to hid it under my desk. Then, I not a horrible side effect of drinking huperzine beer in the day time. I am incredibly aroused and it will not subside. My boss asks me to come over to talk to her but I am too embarrassed get up out of my chair. I quickly wake up.


      I am at my old Jr. High cafeteria in Smithville, TX watching some play on the stage that was there in waking life. Then play ends but we they begin a second showing and every moans about it. We stay because we all feel obligated to support our children.

      The curtain opens and someone is trying to hang something on a wall that had busted out sheet rock. I am curious if this is the actual play of if they need to fix the set. I wonder up on stage and some toddlers come out to play with me. I talk to one and then realize I am on stage. I duck and army crawl away.

      I have a brief awakening and focus on my awareness and body.

      #186 - 5:18AM - DEILD

      I find myself back at my old Jr. High but I am outside in the commons area where we used to hang out before class. I am staring at the concrete and see the trash can that is always there. I look and see the grassy center and the structure around me. For a moment the memory is so vivid that it conjures up old indescribable emotions that are only connected to that time and place. For just that moment, I am completely overwhelmed and think that I literally somehow teleported there in waking life.

      I quickly recover from this and assure myself that I am dreaming. I look around at the scene and note how correct everything seems. After a moment my vision gets a little blurry so I stop and remember my task. I walk around toward the gym and shout out, "CANISLUCIDUS!" CL's name sounds and feel a little thick in my mouth so I shout out his real name which is much easier to say. Nobody shows up so I decide to just call him on my cell phone. I reach to my right pocked were it always is and at first I feel nothing but after a few pats I feel a lump and then the shape of my phone.

      I pull it out and blindly push something on the screen saying CL's first and last name then put the phone to my ear. I immediately hear a very stereotypical Russia man on the other end.

      The details are a little hazy with the dialogue but I remember basically what was said. I may have to paraphrase a little here.

      Man: This is [firstname][lastname].
      Me: Uuummm. OK. Where are you?
      Man: Rustonovic Farms (or something like that then some Russian phrase)
      Me: Rustonovic Farms?

      I repeat the Rustonovic Farms and the phrase several times to remember. I quickly decide this is gibberish and let it go.

      Me: I want to talk to the real [Firstname][lastname]

      There is silence on the line but I wait. Then...

      CL: Hey! How are you?
      Me: Hey! What's up,man? This is Mike. You know from the Internet. It's Xanous. (CL begins talking excitedly but I interrupt him.) I want to tell you something. You are dreaming.

      I want CL to actually be here so I look over to my right expecting to see him. He's standing right next to me on a cell phone but he doesn't seem to notice that I am here. I look at him while talking.

      Me: You are DREAMING. Get it? This is a DREAM.

      The light of recognition seems to come into CL's eyes now.

      CL: OH WOOOOW! Yeah I am.
      Me: Ok good! So here's my code word. It's [code word] Remember that. OK what's mine.
      CL: Account numbers.

      I realize we started walking together now and notice that we made our way over to the high school parking lot. I look over at CL and he still has the phone to his ear like he is talking to someone else.

      Me: Really? Account numbers? That's two words.
      CL: [Gibberish]
      Me: Ok so account numbers it is.

      I realize that CL's voice has gone sort of flat and lifeless. I wonder if he's lost his . I look back over at CL and I see that he is a boy now and we are at my waking life car. I open the door. The dream is getting unstable and my lucidity is starting to slip. CL climbs up into the car and sits in a car seat. I go with the motions and strap him in.

      Me: You're not really lucid are you? Are you even [first name]?

      The scene goes dark and I find myself in the void. I quickly wake myself to remember the dream.

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    13. Day lucid

      by , 03-04-2013 at 04:15 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Transition was weird. Vision was jacked up. Like part of what I was my room and the other part was a dream. I started stabilizing by rubbing my hands. When things became normal, I headed outside. There was this party going on right out there and I had no idea who it was, but everyone was getting wasted. I headed over there and got a few brews and they said that the beer ran out I told them "don't worry a keg is on the way". Two people came up carrying it and obviously it was awesome. I downed an entire pitcher and actually got a little dream drunk. The scene was tilting back and forth, and then the DCs were like "we're gonna hit another spot". We left and like things got weird. It was like playing a JRPG. We got random encounters and everything. I told them that were not gonna make it, and said maybe we'll go next time because I feel myself waking up.
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    14. Facing a Fun Lucid Turned Frightening

      by , 02-01-2013 at 05:18 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work, standing behind my register, though it looked more like a grocery store mixed with the department store I work at. We were ungodly slow. My manager came up because I guess I had a problem with something, and I asked her how she was doing as she helped me ring up someone's stuff. She said "Good, you?" I responded with the same, saying I was good. We then worked in silence, and she came across some sweatpants with more than one security tag on them..3 to be exact. She didn't seem to notice them, so I pointed them out to her. We traded places and I got the tags off. She told me I was doing a good job at some point in all this, and I said thank you. I also remember looking at my computer screen and seeing that I hadn't gotten any credits, but I had gotten 7.7 emails. I thought that the 7.7 was kind of weird. I couldn't think of how that could happen...

      Then, back to the slowness. I kept falling asleep behind my register it was so bad. Something then happened with my computer, and it was acting funny. I kept typing things in, and I'd see logos from other stores, like Toys R Us, advertising sales and such.

      I then realized I was dreaming. I typed in a whole bunch of things in the computer to see what would come up. No matter what I typed, I'd get some sort of logo. I remember typing some inappropriate things, though I can't remember what.

      I then went to go look around. There were other people in the store as well. I saw some hand soaps on display, so I decided to pick some out. I picked out a pink one with a butterfly on the label, and some others. I read the labels, but I can't remember what they said. I had my arms full with all the soaps I picked out; I needed a basket. I tried to pick up this teal basket that was for sale, but my arms were too full to get it. So I thought to myself "When I turn this corner, there will be a basket". I concentrated on this thought, and then, I started to notice buggies that were empty and laying around. I noticed a smaller black one that resembled the ones we have in the store IWL. It was by a frozen goods section of the store. It was made for a child to sit in it as well. I thought that one was perfect. I put the soaps down into the child's seat and started to roll the buggy through the aisles.

      I then saw the back of what looked like my friend Caitlin's head. She was also rolling a buggy around and shopping. I passed her, then turned around and saw that it was, in fact, Caitlin. I said
      "Hey, girl!"
      She replied
      And I started to walk next to her. I then said to her
      "You know this is a dream, right?"
      and she replied,
      I then said
      "You know you are in my dream, right? Our minds are touching."
      She replied with
      "Yes. I have my theory on that. Minds can only touch for 2-3 minutes."
      I liked that answer. This rarely happens with DCs for me; usually they stare blankly at me when I mention the fact that we're dreaming.

      I guess we decided to take advantage of the 2-3 minutes, because Caitlin then said
      "Follow me!", and she started to run.
      I ran after her. We were in the back of the store by the beer. In that section, the floor was made entirely of beer can boxes. I had a good speed until I hit the boxes, and then I could barely run. She seemed to be having no trouble, however. She turned a corner into an area that returned to the normal, tiled floor. She was laughing, so I guess she was having fun.

      Then, we approached a wall. I wanted to go through the wall with her, though I knew our time together was running short. I rolled my buggy to the wall, and pushed it. It went straight through with no problem. I asked Caitlin to go with me, but she seemed reluctant because the time limit was running short. I convinced her to follow, however, and I went through the wall first, with her behind me.

      We were then in a dim, alley-like hallway. I walked ahead and turned a corner. I looked behind me, and she was no longer with me. Oh well. I walked ahead, and approached a pitch-black area. I felt very unnerved; there was something there...

      I then woke up briefly, and did not move or open my eyes, and ended up in another dream. I knew I was dreaming upon entering it, seeing as I had DEILDed. I was now in a dim-dark area, staring at my reflection in some glass double doors. My expression in the reflection was very frightened. I was also wearing an off-white, knitted winter hat resembling one I own IWL. Hmm...the expression did not change.

      I examined my surroundings, and I was standing in front of some store. There was a whole row of glass double doors in front of me. Behind the doors, I could see nothing but black. Below me, on the ground, was a tiled surface.

      I then heard footsteps on the tile, and a male voice from behind the door.
      "Could someone please let me out?" it said.
      I opened the door, and stared into the blackness. I heard the steps coming closer, and I briefly panicked, and backed away from the door.

      I then thought to myself
      "This is a dream. Whatever is there can't hurt me."

      I approached the door again, so I was standing right in front of the abyss. A tall shadow in the shape of a man approached me. He then lunged at me, knocking me back. He was on top of me, almost "one" with me; he was a shadow after all, and had no mass. I felt this intense blow of panic and fear as I was knocked back and he was on top of me/with me/trying to merge with me. I then woke up.

      Epic dream was epic. I have had quite a few epic dreams lately, actually. However, I am very busy at school and literally have no time to write anything down. I will keep up with this the best I possibly can, but the updates will probably be few and far between. I will tell you that I have been having a surprising number of lucid dreams lately. I think it is the new meds I am on that are causing this epicness, or at least they are aiding with it. You don't see me complaining!
    15. An OBE? nope...

      by , 01-31-2013 at 03:37 PM
      This actually happened a long time ago when I was really interested in Astral Projection and tried to do it myself. I tried WILD for the most part, but usually failed (fell asleep, got distracted etc.)
      So this one night I was sleeping and felt myself rising up in the air. So I thought to myself, 'This is it! I did it!' I looked down and saw myself in bed sleeping with my eyes open. At that point I had a thought 'What if my folks come in my room and see me not moving in my bed with my eyes open. They'll think I'm dead or in a coma or something.' So I rolled my physical body over and covered it with a blanket. At this point I should have realized that this is clearly not an OBE.
      After that was taken care of I started thinking what to do now. First thing I wanted to do was learn to fly. So I just went all 'F#@k it!' and jumped out of my 3rd floor bedroom window. I did not fly however, but instead fell face first to the ground.
      A bit disappointed I went to school, which is like 200m across from my house. There the fun began. I noticed no one could see me and I somehow finally learned to fly. I used these abilities to see what can I do while astral projecting. I found it a bit weird that i could touch some things and others I would just go right through. In one of my experiments I saw my gym teacher walking down the school hall, so I just started to fly towards her full speed ahead just to see what happens. What happened was I rammed into her. I bounced back as I saw my teacher clench her abdomen in pain and fall down. Oops!
      Next you can probably imagine what a 17 y.o high school student would do in a school full of girls, so I won't go into detail about what happened next.
      Only after I woke up I came to the conclusion that what I just experienced was not an OBE. It felt realistic for the most part, but when thinking about it it was all fake. Like, why would I still be in bed when the school has already started. Duh! Instead it was a Lucid dream, I didn't realize was a Lucid dream, since I controlled my actions, questioned my surroundings. The error was that I got LD mixed up with an OBE.
      At least that is what I think, any outside opinions are much appreciated!
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