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    1. September 13, 2018 Non-lucid and Semi-Lucid Frags

      by , 09-13-2018 at 08:19 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The non-lucid I was with Sam h at what we thought to be a music festival. It looked like an indoor water park but the theme was a jungle so there were a lot of trees and brush all over the place. I believe there were water slides and hot tubs scattered about. There was a front desk. We had gone up to the people and mentioned that we had two tickets. At some point we saw Temple.

      The semi-lucid I was walking in Kings Charter. I was cutting through someone's yard to get to my house but I heard recently IRL that the owners of this house participate in beekeeping so I was trying to go around them when I realized that the house wasn't even there. In its place was a field and there weren't any trees or houses that are usually there. I became aware that I was dreaming but was very calm about it. I just thought that it must be a dream and that I should do what I want. I was now walking in that field and there were people walking near me. I thought in my mind that I would try to ask a dream character something. Before I could ask anything a girl walked by me and she said something like "you are a beautiful one" or "you are a good one", I don't think it was exactly that but it was something similar. I can't really remember. I kept repeating what she said to myself in awe and curiosity. Someone else walked by and said something else but I can't remember. I realized my eyes were very squinted. I was trying to open them up but the dream collapsed.
    2. March 1, 2018

      by , 03-01-2018 at 03:59 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Summer camp like rockbridge that started near the JMU quad. I was walking with a group of people from the left, Jake B and Kolby were there. We walked by to see the quad had a giant arena or dip in the land in the middle. There's also a crowd surrounding this oval shaped thing. We walk up to the bottom right corner and I see Woody b wearing Pike letters in a sweat shirt. He was looking at me but it was a little awkward. We walked to the right of him and saw Johnny w. and his father. His mom was also there. I was talking to his father about something but we eventually left and went right down the street. On the left side of the street was the place we were living at, it was like our younglife cabin. I had a memory where I was wasting all my time alone at camp in the hottub.

      The dream went to another place. Sam came up to me and was showing me a voicemail he left me which gave me this vision of a beach with a couple of palm trees in the water. It didn't look like any humans had been in this place or altered it in any way. I couldn't even see his family or himself at this place. There were giant mountains in the ocean in the background. It looked like Thailand a little bit.

      I came back from the vision and was asking him if he was excited to go, but realized that while I was at camp he was at the beach and the trip was over. The vision came back to me a few times, this time with his family jumping between the very small islands in the water next to the beach.

      At some point we ended up at another beach. I was swimming behind him and the beach was to the right of us. It looked like there was a small dock up ahead. There were also these tiny buoys that were absolutely covered in bees. The object was to get to the dock without getting stung by these bees. When we got close to each one the bees would leave and come towards us. We got to the first one and ducked underwater as the bees followed us and drowned. Next buoy we did the same thing except not all the bees had come so we had to go underwater several times. We eventually get to the dock but enough bees had stung us that a massive insect was summoned. I turn to Sam I don't want to play this game anymore.

      I'm not sure if this was part of the same dream but right as I was exiting the very last dream, someone had told me something like "it's time to wake up" or "there's you alarm" and as they said that I woke up to my alarm. It was really weird like my dream was telling me it was time to wake up as my alarm started to go off.
    3. Spring Competition Day 8

      by , 04-25-2017 at 01:50 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Flying High Again (Full nld)

      Just remember that I'm flying high above the earth. I can see continents and I can also see names of countries like "Tibet". My mind tries to justify flying so high. I look below and see that I'm on a zipline??? Weird.

      I find a place to land. I somehow drop into some sort of garage or shed. My vision zooms 3rd person and I can see two people are about to come in the shed. First person now and I don't wanna get caught. I see some outside light on the bottom of a wall and somehow crawl under it making myself flat. I get outside just in time! I walk somewhere else but the dream fades.

      Note: WBTB at 5 am.

      No, Not the Bees (Frag)

      Fragment of a girl eating some cake. She starts choking and gives a garbled scream. I ask what's wrong? She keeps gargling and suddenly some bees start flying out of her mouth. I jump back freaking out.


      Slabs? (frag)

      Weird frag about Asuka showing me how dreams are represented in concrete slabs? I was in a black place and a concrete slab would zoom into view and Asuka would be there saying something about dreams. then I'd dream inside what the slab represented. Then Asuka would bring another and I'd be in a different dream. Then another and another. After a while it was no longer Asuka showing me but a man. This happened dozens of times as I tossed and turned in my bed.

      Why (full nld)

      I am walking around in a house that i think belongs to K my cousin. The place seems long abandoned. I'm having dream memories of the day before? That earlier I had my friend from 2011 Jamie over at this place and I was giving her a tour... (gosh I hope it wasn't her eating bee cake from my frag.) So I was walking around the now empty place feeling sad she was gone again, and thinking that her presence was so full when she was around that when she left it was like a deafening silence. I imagined she was still there. "Here's the living room." I said, "And here's the balconey where you can smoke." I walked to a door that led to a little office, "And here's a private office for all your work."

      Eventually I walked to the balconey and jumped off floating down to the ground. It was damp and wet out and I left on a path of dirt.

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      Tags: asuka, bees, flying, jamie
      non-lucid , nightmare , dream fragment , side notes
    4. The island of bees

      by , 11-28-2016 at 10:32 PM (Journals From The Void)
      A fun little dream about resolving the conflicts of an island of bees. Also, couldn't be on recently due to family stuff.
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      It starts off with me and a group of friends sailing, when we see an island with orange pillars. We decide to check it out, and land at the shore. When we were closer, it was obvious that the pillars were giant honeycombs, arranged in the shape of a maze. Just off the shore, there are giant rocks.

      A bee flies by, before noticing me.

      "Intruders!" It shouted.

      A cloud of bees formed. Instead of sailing away like smart people, we ran through the honeycombs. We paid no mind to the walls, running through them, breaking them. After running for a while, we fell off a sudden cliff. The bees were no longer pursuing us, and no one had been injured.

      Night fell. We lit a campfire and chatted for a while. The scene shifts. A blue bee appears in front of me. It began to speak.

      "Hello, would you mind helping us defeat our enemies?"

      The scene shifts. We're back at the shore, but the honeycombs are turning blue. We had succeeded in helping the blue bees defeat the normal bees. We leave the island, bidding farewell to the blue bees.

      I wake up.
      Tags: bees, island
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Honey Hive

      by , 01-16-2016 at 05:13 AM (Visual Space)
      A vivid Non-Lucid, been a while since I had a vivid dream.

      I woke up in my bed (surprised I didn't go lucid immediately) and the sun gleamed out my window into my room. I opened my door into the kitchen and noticed a gold liquid on my floor. it faintly smelled of honey. I kept walking into my living room and went outside to suddenly hear weird noises coming from the backyard. The smell of honey was suddenly getting potent until I turned the corner from my house and noticed a giant beehive looking structure the size of a 5 story building...How did I not notice as I was getting closer?

      The weird thing was there was bee.....girls?

      so now I have my back against the wall watching bee girls fly from the hive in different directions. I noticed a bottle of water sitting by me so I just pick up and began drinking it. I turn toward the hive and notice a bee girl buzzing at me slowly. I sort of back away a little and she lands on her feet. She looks like a normal girl besides the wings and a bee abdomen jutting out her back. She has short black hair and a yellow taintop, black leggings that even cover her feet, and black fingerless gloves for some reason. This is strange I start to think. she gently smiles and grabs my hand and takes me in the hive. some of the girls stop what they are doing and began staring at me. I go in and this hive is huge. a giant honeycomb cocoon thing was connected to the top all the way down the middle of this structure. everything is a gold, brown, and some white. different rooms with many "bees" flying out of. A whole mess of them can be seen just around this giant honeycomb putting honey inside them and flying off outside from the many holes or the entrance.

      The girl just takes me into this room that has many lavish furniture, all gold and black. she smiles and hovers pass me to do whatever she was doing I guess. Everything seems almost lifelike if it wasn't for me noticing the whitish outline from the corners of my vision. I almost went lucid because of this when until he girl comes back with a drink in her hand and hands it off to me, killing the moment. (lol) I drink it and notice it is a honey flavored milkshake. she sits next to me with this gentle smile and lays her head on me. we sit there in silence for a minute until the dream fades and I wake up......In the room where the girl took me to.....well then.

      I go lucid for a few seconds until I see the girl laying next to me sleeping, losing lucidity somehow. I get out the bed and walk out the room to see everything still in place. I walk out the hive and my house now has a big honeycomb slapped on the side of it...are they turning house into a bee hive? I see two of these bee girls on the room. I see all of them where the same clothing just different hairstyles, skin tone, eyes, or slight different coloration in the bee abdomen on their backs, such as a little whiter or a little darker yellows. I run to the porch and get inside and one is in my house in my room. she flies out the window. I look to see a part of my floor covered in honey. I then grab a water bottle and pour it over the honey and walk away....(why)

      I go back toward the hive and three of them just fly toward me and take me back in the original room. The girl before wanted to see me. Is she the queen or a higher up be? she lifts her blankets revealing she is nude....so we just had sex before...okay then, no problem. she puts her clothes on and picks me up under my shoulders and we fly up into this large door. That was a little nerve wrecking. The large door opens and I suddenly wake up for real.

      It was a nice dream, although random, but nice.
    6. Bees That Live In The Water

      by , 01-04-2016 at 05:45 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Bees That Live In The Water (DILD)


      So, there's this obese female that's akin to a co-worker of mine that I'll nickname MariT. She's trying to run away from some bees via going into some water, and when she does, she comes out green, and bees come out of the water to sting her.

      She's like,

      "Help me, Brandon," in this really, really awkward declaration for help.

      Also, the graphics for the dream is akin to a side scroller game in 2D.

      Funny thing, when I met her today, she was busy eating some chocolate. But I'm wondering why I've had a few dreams about her lately. There aren't any romantic connotations, so it could just be random noises firing at random contexts, I guess.
      Tags: bees, water
    7. Death and roses, out of the past, froggy trees, broken wrists

      by , 11-23-2014 at 07:59 PM
      I'm walking in the garden, mentally composing a letter. When I'm ready to start putting it down, I go to where I've left my portable writing desk. There are a few bees hovering around it, interested in the vine I left it under. I'm thinking about moving it somewhere I won't disturb the bees, but then I see an envelope that's been left on top of it.

      The letter inside is written in classical Chinese. I have no difficulty understanding it, but rather than actually reading the letter, I'm thinking about the woman who sent it - even without seeing her name, there's only one person who writes to me in this language. I'm seeing a mental image of the two of us walking through a rough stone tunnel next to water, with light reflecting off the water, rippling patterns reflected on our faces.

      That was a memory, but the next image I see is the present, through her eyes, something that can sometimes happen when I'm thinking about her. She's looking at a painting of a woman I think of as a saint, with an image of a dragon behind her; then her vision moves up to the ceiling, as if she's falling back. I see an image of a pile of roses turning to ash, and my connection to her is gone - not just this vision, but the connection of our blood is gone. She's dead.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There's a man who's been sent back in time, and now several other people who've gone back to rescue him. He'd been involved with the woman leading the rescue team. They've just met up now, and very nearly attacked each other - both of them sneaking around a fortress, trying to avoid being seen. Having sorted it out, it seems he's working together on a mission with a woman from this era, and fallen in love, and has no interest in going back to his original time period. He's just broken her out of a cell in this fortress. The woman who came back to rescue him is thinking it was foolish to chase his spirit into the past when she had his (something) in the present.

      The scene transitions to a modern-day park; that man was brought back to the present against his wishes, but so was that woman from the past. They're spending time in the park with their infant son, distracted and unhappy.

      My attention shifts to other people in the park, a group discussing magic, specifically one man mentioning a "listen and learn" spell with leaves, as a second step for those just starting to work with trees. He describes trees in general as "a bit froggy, though."

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      A private performance of a show based on Frankenstein. The 'bride' character speaks beautifully; the 'creation' character is silent, and his hands are bent backwards at the wrist as if they've been broken. When he'd been alive, he'd been the doctor's student or lover or something close.
    8. Smoked bees

      by , 10-17-2014 at 10:36 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Smoked bees (Non-lucid)


      I was having a drink with my wife at a cafe and suddenly i heard the noise of buzzing bees. I tried to stay still to face my fear to bees, but suddenly, I saw that there were some guys smoking the bees:

      I then started to feel very uncomfortable because these bees where indeed disturbed and they could sting me because of this. I stood up while my wife kept staying, "Stay still, it's okay!" I told her that the bees were angry and i ran indoors into the cafe.
      Tags: bees, fear, wife
      non-lucid , nightmare
    9. Strange cart/running race

      by , 10-14-2014 at 10:16 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Strange cart/running race (Non-lucid)


      I was on a track and apparently I was on a race, but I had a hard time to control my cart and people was passing me. I focused on my driving and I realized I had a small cart:

      I started to race and to cut on the turns until I started to pass several other racers, getting to the end in a pretty good position, but suddenly, my cart stopped working and there was sand undr me, so I decided to start running.

      As I was running, some other guy started to pull my shirt back in order to slow me down. I found that to be very unfair and suddenly, I could not run as much as I wanted, I was going like in slow motion. This guy was passing me and I could not catch up. There was a huge bush ahead that was a blend of poison ivy and lavender. I figured that there would be a ton of bees and I would freak out and run faster, but as I got into it, even that I saw the bees I did not feel scared and I could not run, in fact, I was getting stuck out of the poison ivy for some reason. I ended up 5th on the race and I was pretty upset from the cheating from this guy, however, on the standings I was still at a better position than him.
    10. Fragments

      by , 01-15-2014 at 12:19 AM
      Dune-based, a Fremen leader has just died and everyone's chanting the name of someone they're choosing for the new Naib, a well-respected middle-aged man known for being level-headed. But they're interrupted by Paul and Jessica, performing some Bene Gesserit trick with light that makes them appear god-like, a move to take power over the Fremen. It works. I find it extremely distasteful.

      My IRL mother weighing a desire to give up physical possessions against the potential uses for the land she owns, and considering an apiary.

      A wrong number from an angry woman looking for a Melissa. (Not the one from the myths specifically, but still presumably inspired by the apiary bit.)

      I'm looking at a digital folder labeled 'Eric'; none of the files inside have anything to do with him.

      An earlier, lower-budget movie version of Barbarella.

      A variety of nautical references: ornaments shaped like ships, a trip to the beach and a mention of pirates.

      A painting of pale, black-haired elves with ravens on their shoulders, in a park.

      Two homeless men, one with a dog, the other a preacher standing on a wooden crate, arguing about Jesus and whether or not he spent a lifetime as a cat.

      "So ever shall be considered the gardens of Biblios."
    11. South African Man; Killer Bees

      by , 10-15-2013 at 09:10 PM
      The was a man. I think he was a performer but looked more like a business man. He was black. He was from South Africa. There was something weird about his self identity as part of ethnic group, but I don't remember any more.

      We were in some kind of hut. There were these huge killer bees. I am scared of bees and freeze. Alas with these bees if you freeze, they land on you and wait. If you move, that's when they kill you. There was some female scientist there who knew how to handle oneself with the bees. She was going to try to save me since a bee had landed on me and I now could not save myself. Luckily I was not really aware in this dream and my emotions were not realistic, because I have a phobia of bees in waking life.
      Tags: bees
    12. 2 Interesting Dream Fragments

      by , 09-28-2013 at 05:18 PM (Second Reality Experiences)
      1. A ghostly hand touched my hip on bare skin as I was sleeping. It was so icy cold it woke me up and even when i got up and went to the bathroom I could still feel the prickly cold where the hand had been.

      2. I was in a room doing an experiment with bees. There were several containers with bees in them and I was measuring the frequency of sound that the buzzing produces. According to the dream, the frequency directly correlated to food scarcity and happiness of the bee. The higher the frequency, the more content the colony was, and the more abundant their resources. Lower frequencies linked with problems.

      Looking back on that I wonder how "true" this dream experiment was. I don't know where my brain came up with that but it sounds like a valid hypothesis.
      Tags: bees, ghost
      memorable , dream fragment
    13. Dream Bits: Rabbit/Chickens Take Over the World and Balloons and Car Accidents

      by , 07-20-2013 at 02:22 AM
      07-17-2013 -- Short but fun. I seem to be kind of hanging out at Robbie's house as a late teen, while there are a lot of wild little kids running around yelling and screaming, and somehow doing weird science stuff. One of them has somehow created a creature that is half-chicken and half-rabbit. It is really cute, but almost instantly reproduces, so there are more and more of the critters running around by the second.

      Robbie's younger sister (he doesn't have a younger sister AFAIK, but it wasn't Tina, his older sister) is keeping an eye on them. She is a sweet young woman, and kind of attractive. She is dressed in very loose shorts and a tank top and has her legs spread as she sits on the car hood in the garage, and I suddenly realise I can see her bush and her pussy lips. Nice view. But she's had enough of the craziness, so somehow vanishes all the chickens before she stalks off.

      There's now an older woman wandering through, trying to calm down the kids, and I find myself petting Black Lightning, my cat, even though she died almost a decade ago. I am thinking of leaving when I find a bee and a wasp flying around me, and before I can get away, each one stings me in one of my feet. Don't have to worry about it on the wasp, but I am trying to get a grip on the bee stinger to try and remove it.


      07-16-2013 -- I am standing on the corner of La Palma and Stanton when BM drives by in her new mobile home. Unfortunately she is not paying enough attention and lets somebody run into her, crunching part of her vehicle. Meanwhile, I have stopped by to see her, but she doesn't want to see me, and tells me she doesn't need me to do balloons anymore. There is a bit of a stuck up punk here that is challenging her to a contest to blow up a Mickey Mouse balloon, and when she pops it while trying to squeeze air into one of the ears he laughs at her, even though he did the same thing at the same point.

      After that, he tells her he has a balloon gig for her in an hour, if she is sure she can be ready on time, and she agrees, even though she has to go home, put on hr clown face and costume, and make it to the location of the gig in such a short time. So she is off at high speed, and more accidents are happening as she drives off, though I manage to avoid being in any of them.
    14. 19th June 2013 RTS, Cartoonish video game, Robot bees, AI War

      by , 06-20-2013 at 12:22 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was in some metallic place.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing some kind of RTS where i had turrets that were launching projectiles which looked like airplanes, which then were dropping onto enemy building. Then i was going around forest park and then train rails. There was some kind of arsenal station where it went RTS mode again and i had to control group of units and defend buildings.

      Dream 3:

      I was in some cartoonish 3D game, i was in group with a few other characters and we were defending some forest-like place from some scientist that was turning spirits into robots. Most of the robots were some kind of bees. We were progressing through level and then i got ability to control different characters, one of which looked like Sonic.
      When level was done we had to do it in reverse, and in addition, some kind of metallic base/fortress was on the way, presumably controlled by that scientist, also it was snowing in some areas. We had some problems going through and robo-bees were more aggressive this time, but eventually we have found the way. I switched to control to some big but quick mecha but was ambushed by very quick crushing ceiling. I respawned and used some speed glitch related to jumping to gain enough speed for going through, which ended up with success. We went through passageway and were attacked by even more robo-bees, eventually all were destroyed and we got to the start, somebody said that the quest was completed now.

      Dream 4(fragments):

      I was playing AI War with Lordvalkar and there was something about Spire Blade Spawners, Slicers and teleportation.
    15. Bees in the tunnel

      by , 03-02-2013 at 01:17 PM (Strange Dreams Indeed, Petticoat)
      I was waiting outside a bank and I knew there were people inside for whom I was waiting. One of them came out to wait with me. Dream me recognized him as a friend, but I had never seen him before. A short walk away was a multilevel mall and I decided to go there. He followed me, ranting about how the others would be out soon and we shouldn't. I told him I had to, there was something strange. It's hard to explain how the levels were, but the top floor was on level with the bank outside and the bottom floor was on level with the street. When we came in from outside there was a clothing store with lots of futuristic clothing in reds, blues, silver, and black. I got a very distinct impression that greens were rare and expensive. Fire alarms started wailing. He and I exchanged a look, he knew I had already made up my mind. We went forward making people go to the back exit, where we had just come from. Store by store on the second level, we cleared each for signs of life. Smoke began drifting up the stair case. It was dirty grey in color with a greenish yellow tint. We went down the stairs calmly. The smoke didn't seem to bother us much at first. We split up to clear the stores on the bottom level. We kept getting the people to go toward the back exit because we couldn't identify where the fire was, but the smoke seemed to be coming from the front exit. The last stores to check were in the front and we found a few people, a woman passed out and a child hiding in a clothing rack. It didn't make sense that they didn't get out, so close to the exit. He carried her and the child held my hand as we walked out the front, never finding that fire. The smoke had been so thick in the front that we were all coughing as we came out the doors. Our friends were already down here waiting by the truck. They had gone around.
      As we were driving around in this old pickup, the five of us, I began noticing that there wasn't any grass, not even the little strips you usually see in the cities. There was still a KFC's however. Annoyed, I rolled my eyes as we headed into the tunnel. A tunnel that was in the middle of a housing district, nice houses at that. It was dark and traffic seemed to be backing up as we got to it. The artificial rains had began on the other side. Artificial because there were no trees, no plant life.
      Jake, the driver, had left his window down. There was no clean smell like you get after a real rain, just the smell of car fumes. He said he'd roll up the window once we were really in the tunnel. Bees were in the tunnel with us. They didn't like the water. They flew in through the open window and began to sting us. One of the women with us died before we could scramble out of the truck. We managed to get out of the tunnel, but we couldn't go back in for people because there were too many cars piled up in the middle and toward the other end. All we could do was run. There were swarms chasing us, huge, unrealistic swarms. We headed into one of those nice houses, kick door style. The lights were on, but nobody was home. The bees followed us. There were only three of us left. We ran all over this house, which felt like more of a maze than a house. Jake was swatting at them with a shower curtain and I told him, "That's it. Turn on the water. They don't like the water!" So he did and he started spraying them. I ran to the kitchen and turned that sprayer on and we just kept spraying the bees as they came near us. Soon all the bees that had chased us were down and we congratulated ourselves. Just me, my male companion from earlier, who I understood was my partner, and Jake, who looked an awful lot like Ernie Hudson.
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