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    1. #231 - Bus driver

      by , 04-15-2016 at 11:52 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I recall the dream starting in a house near where I live, there's family around (though no one I recognize, it's like a made up family). I decide to head off and I drive to another house, it's quite big and is painted white. After walking inside I come out, noticing that the other family members have arrived, one is a white girl (sister maybe?), another is an asian girl (sisters friend), then there's Saya who is the child of the family (around 3, she resembles honey boo boo). I think there's also a parent or two. I'm outside the house and I see my friends Dad, Ben, driving towards us with another person in the car beside him. He does a U-turn and snatches the coffee and muffin from someone in our family and then drives off. I laugh at this, those 2 have always been snatching stuff from each other, sort of resembling a Homer Simpson + Ned Flander relationship. I'm eating some kind of cooked chicken meat now, I think there was a mini buffet that was nearby. After this we all hop onto a yellow bus and drive on up the hill. While we're driving I spot Ben (who snatched the muffin and coffee) parked up by a house, he has a job interview. That's good, since he's been on the doll for like 20 years. I see Saya sitting at the front with an iPad or something, she's smashing it against the metal bar between her and the driver. It's so annoying... The driver has a 'fuck it' moment and just gets up and walks to the back of the bus to sit down. Oh my god! Really? Saya then goes and sits in the drivers seat and is semi driving while still smashing the iPad. I swallow the food in my mouth and put the rest of the chicken I was eating on the seat (it has packaging so it won't get any germs ). I head to the front, why the hell is no one panicking?!?! The sound of smashing is continuously repeating, but Saya isn't smashing the iPad anymore. I noticed that it's because she recorded the sound when she was doing it, so it's just the sound playing from the iPad. Wow, she must be pretty smart for her age. I get shitty at everyone because they don't want to discipline Saya, she needs to be told off so I decide that I'll do it, I start telling her off firmly without being angry or anything, letting her know why she can't do what she did and that she should apologize. While I do this, my ex gf smiles at me and sits on the drivers seat and takes over. Phew, we'll be safe for now. I then walked to the back of the bus and pick up my food, taking a bite out of it. The asian girl stands up and speaks to me rudely, saying "So now you're going to eat your food? You're so tense and angry, like you're so annoying". WHAT. THE. ****. I just saved your life and you say that? You couldn't stand up to a 3 year old! I'm a little bit furious, my mouth is full of food so I can't even talk back. In the end I just roll my eyes, sigh, then turn around and sit further away from her.
    2. My first lucid dream (from ages ago)

      by , 08-09-2011 at 05:10 PM
      It's been ages since I've been on here or thought about LDing, but I feel that I should sort my life out and get back into it. So here's my account of my first ever lucid dream that I had quite a while ago. I don't have my physical dream journal with me so this is just a rough interpretation from memory, which is pretty accurate I think.

      I was dreaming that I was in my kitchen having breakfast with my dad and brother, but I got handed a cardboard box, similar to a shoebox and I put it on my head. When said box was placed over my head I could see an image of a landscape quite clearly.

      After surveying the image I noticed that everything in the foreground had the characteristics of being in the background, but everything in the background had the characteristics of being in the foreground...something to do with focusing and stuff, it would probably make loads more sense dreaming haha.

      After having this moment of realisation, I thought to myself, I MUST BE DREAMING, upon which I got very excited and whipped the box off my head. I performed a few standard RC's and confirmed that I was in fact dreaming. Knowing that because this was my first, it wouldn't last very long I struggled to calm myself in order to prolong the dream.

      I ended up looking at yoghurt pots and then closing my eyes and changing the text in a half RC, half lucid fun kind of way. Unfortunately the dream slipped away pretty quickly after that, but it was awesome while it lasted.

      Onwards for more lucid adventures hopefully!
    3. Haunted House

      by , 07-31-2011 at 05:28 PM


      This was the most vivid LD Ive had in awhile.

      I was riding in the back seat of a car with Ben and Nick up front. I found a sweet toy on the floor. It was a little cannon and there were 2 small fireworks that could be loaded in and shot. The cannon barrel was around 4 inches long. After struggling for awhile, I load the first charge and stuff it in. This supposed to explode and launch the second firework out of the cannon. It is small and cylindrical with a giant fuse. I light the small projectile firework and throw it on top. We are driving on Kenilworth past Oak Park. I hold the cannon out of the car window and shoot. It fires with a loud bang. Nick was shocked and asked what that was. I told him and he was pissed he hadn't heard about that toy earlier. We drive up to the projectile and it is now the size of my fist (was pea sized). Nick said that was HUGE. I said it was smaller when I shot it, it must have fused and expanded.

      I am walking with Ben around the outside of what appears to be a giant church. We are then walking around outside this big church. and meet up with some more people. There are the 2 twins, A and D, some half black kid, and 2 girls. The church is apparently Bens house and he wants to give a tour. I have apparently been there before. He says it is haunted and that the twins should go first to get the full experience. They walk down this spiral staircase into the darkness.

      I, for some reason, jumped over the banister and fell down like 15 ft. to the ground. As I landed, one of the twins was whispering. I ended up looking up to him with a weird perspective of his nose. Because of this he looked and sounded just like Voldemort. I told him that and we laughed. One of the twins has a laser pointer and points it at some intricate glass table ornament. As he does, the laser gets reflected all over the room, like a disco ball. It was pretty cool so he did it again. We continue the tour around this amazing home. The half black kid mentioned that he just got off work and was beat. He wanted to smoke. We go room through room, and each is more extravagant than the last. Everything looked very clean and white. The place was like a maze or gorgeous rooms. I end up getting separated from the guys in the group. I look over and the 2 girls are completely naked eating each other out from behind.

      I starting thinking to myself, there is no way this is happening. This is INSANE. It must be a dream, but it feel so real. I do a the nose RC still believing this felt too real to be a dream.
      I can breathe! I recheck just to be safe. So I go over and join the 2 lovely ladies. One was a brunette with good sized breasts and the other was a skinnier blonde with small boobs. I ask if I can join and we start messing around. I started to focus more on the brunette because I found her more attractive. The blonde says, "oh...so you like Mindy more." So I guess her name is Mindy. I know a Mindy in real life who has the same body type, but I decide it doesn't look like her. Mindy starts nibbling on my ear and whispering to me. The blonde girl gets the other ear. I put my arm around each as the boys rejoin us.

      It is kind of an awkward scene to walk into. They have like 1 comment about it and leave it alone. They started talking about the house. Suddenly the girls and I are all clothed again. I decide to scare them a bit with the haunted house. I use telekinesis to lift a candle up and float it across the room. This scares the hell out of the twins, and I do it again. Ben somehow knows its me. I admit to it and say this is a dream. Thats how I can do this. I end up making one of the twins float as a joke. I wanted to show them more lucid tricks. I think I did a few more demonstrations that I am forgetting here

      Suddenly, a man with a gun barges into the room, pointed it at us. I duck behind a couch and expect to grab a gun out of my pocket. I feel something and then grab in the other pocket for a clip. I pull both out, but only end up with the clip in my hands. I pop the clip into nothing and pantomime shooting, but there are no shots. I eventually jump at the guy and start punching him. He falls to the ground; time to have some fun. I grab his feet and start hitting him in the face with them. I kept saying, "stop kicking yourself, stop kicking yourself." Eventually I ball him up into the size of a basketball. I use telekinesis to lift him up and shoot him out this window. The gang was really enjoying the show. I woke up soon after.
    4. Hangin' out wif Koreyyyy, home makeover

      by , 03-24-2011 at 11:21 PM
      okayyyy great recall last night! nonlucids
      any color except black=dream Lucid

      dream 1: I find myself at an outdoor Skillet concert. John, Korey, and Jen were onstage. It is midday and it is very hot. I am on the right side of the crowd, near the front. John stands in the middle, Korey on the left, and Jen in back. Ben is no where to be seen. The concert is over very soon and I appear in their tour bus.
      It is very large on the inside, almost like a condo, and I talk to Korey. I don't remeber what we said. Jen comes in wearing a short-sleeved gray shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. She sits next to Korey and me on the peach colored couch and we talk.
      (Time skip)
      John is standing next to a mirror and he is fixing his hair. I tell him,"You should do that mohawk thing." he looks at me and shrugs.
      I finally find Ben and I go over to him. I find that I am almost as tall as him. He has bangs that sweep down the right side of his face. I rub the top of his head to mess up his hair and he asks me why. I shrug and walk away. I find John and Korey's kids, Alex and Xavier. We play a little bit in a tiny playhouse like thing. They look older then they really are.
      I look around for Ben and Jen and I find them sitting on the couch. I think to myself It'd be cute if they'd kiss. or something similar. Ben and Jen are talking, too low for me to hear. Jen leans on Ben's shoulder and sighs. Ben puts an arm around her and sighs also. He is wearing a vest, tie, normal jeans, and some sort of shoes. His hair is still kinda boring looking. Jen looks up and they lean with their lips VERY close to each other: like this [---------------] far apart. Jen gets this *woah* look in her eyes and they kiss each other, a little passionate.
      (time skip)
      I am talking to Jen. Korey walks up and smiles at her. Ben is staring out the window like he can't believe what happened, and John is drinking Dr. Pepper like always. By the way, John took my advice and did the little mohawk thing.


      DREAM2: I arrive at home to find the carpet and walls covered in orange paint. I know that I can't touch the paint so I leap really far and barely miss the paint. I go to my room and find my grandma sitting at my computer desk. I find that I feel really tired and can hardly move or focus on anything. My grandmother hands me a headset and I think it is cool.
      I watch my mom try to hook te headset up to the internet so I can video chat and voice chat with people online. She looks confused and I now find that I cannot open my left eye. I don't freak out. I feel tired again and it feels like everything is "carnival mirror" like. I look around in confusion and shrug.
      (more fuzzy)
      I am in the dining room and my mom has a bunch of stuff on the table. It is just a bunch of old toys that my grandma used to use. I grumble and walk away in boredom. My sister and brother are in their room and I say hi then walk away. I feel sooo tired and everything is fuzzy and unclear. I still cannot open my left eye. I am irritated.


      Yup, my major dream sign is hanging out with Skillet
      I think another one is feeling tired and/or not being able to open my left eye
    5. Lucid Dream 197: Yoshi's House of Horrors

      by , 03-17-2011 at 12:52 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      March 14, 2011
      Lucid Dream 197: Yoshi's House of Horrors
      Series: Mind of a Gamer, Episode 1
      around 2:00pm

      Category - Horror/Exploration

      I am walking through a very creepy old mansion. I noticed a door slowly swing open to my right. I cautiously entered walked through the doorway and found myself in a bathroom. One of the showers were running and the bathroom was filled with a warm steam that filled the bathroom like a thick fog. I walked up to a steam-covered mirror that hung over a sink and wrote, "Hello" with my index finger. Suddenly, all the steam faded off the mirror and images of strange dolls appeared. There were 4 or 5 dolls all hanging from a tree with hooks through their foreheads. Blood was running down of their faces. I heard a noise behind me and jump-turned frantically.

      It was Mayu (character from the video game series, "Fatal Frame"). She asked if I had found anything and I told he what I had saw. We left the bathroom and continued searching for her twin sister, Mio (another character from the game). As we walked won the hallway, I noticed how attractive Mayu was. She was wearing these leather pants that looked like very short shorts, but had a long thin piece of material that connected them to the leggings that started below the knee and extended to her shoe tops. I started to wonder why I had never noticed how attractive she was. I then tried to remember how I even knew her and how I got to where I was. I slowly reached up, performed a nose pinch RC, and became lucid.

      I walked up and hugged her from behind (draping my arms over hear shoulders and across her upper-chest). I whispered in her ear, "Mayu, you are beautiful." She smiled and kind of turned her head away in a shy manner. I then began rubbing her exposed thighs and moved my hands up between her thighs. I rubbed her for a while and she began breathing heavy. She grabbed my hand and led me into a nearby bedroom. We entered and there was a guy with a long hair pulled back in a ponytail sitting on the bed. There was also another woman standing in the room. This room resembled my bedroom, but without all of my stuff, and the bed was moved. I forgot about having sex and asked the guy who they were. He told me that he was a camera man and the other lady was a reporter. He said that they were chased into the mansion by a pack of zombie dogs. I now noticed the guy was actually Ben from Resident Evil 2 and the female was Lucretia from Suikoden V.

      I saw my cat, Miyu sitting on the bed as well. Her eyes seemed to be glowing. As I moved in for a closer look, I saw that there were glowing, yellow orbs in her eyes (about 5 in each eye). Suddenly the orbs merged and formed a dull yellow background. I saw Mio within the cat's eyes. I saw her mouth moving and read her lips. She mouthed, "Its me....Mio." The cat suddenly turned into a cluster of glowing, crimson butterflies. They suddenly broke apart and fluttered in all directions, eventually fading into nothingness. I looked at Mayu and she said, "It is here. We must go...now!!!" I could sense that something sinister was approaching the room. I contemplated just kicking its ass, but I felt afraid to open the door and see what it was. I ordered Mayu to make a portal. I then turned to Ben and Lucretia and said, "Either come with us or deal with what is getting ready to come through that door." Ben looked scared shitless and agreed to follow. We all jumped into the portal and it closed behind us.

      I was now on a RPG style World Map. I immediately took flight and began flying around this world map. It was quite amazing. Everything was perfectly detailed, but significantly scaled down. I have never saw such an amazing world map in my life. After searching around for a while, I saw a spooky looking town. I walked right in front of the town, closed my eyes, stepped forward, and then opened them. I was standing in , what appeared to be, a ghost town. It was dark and I could hear wolves howling in the background. I walked around calling out for Seine (my recurring DC who is a lunar wolf). After a few moments, he came barreling up to me. I spoke with him through telepathy, and told him to get ready to fight. I suddenly felt that presence from before (when I was in the bedroom). I nodded at Seine and he started to growl. I heard chains rattling behind me, so I quickly whipped around. A few yards away was the reaper from Persona 3. I reached out my arm, grabbed Seine by the back of the neck and launched him at The Reaper. Seine curled into a ball and caught fire. He slammed into The Reaper and bounced back beside me. He uncurled and the flames died down. The reaper lifted his guns and I felt the dream fading. I tried to hold on with no luck. I awoke from the dream.

      Series Details
      With the dream series, "Mind of a Gamer," the gaming world and the dreaming world collide to produce a lucid paradise. Read as I take video game scenarios to the next level. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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    6. 2 days

      by , 01-31-2011 at 11:34 PM
      Ok. I couldn't get on yesterday so...
      dream1. I was at Atlantic...or Ardent...records. I watched as Skillet recorded an acoustic version of a song. It was "Never Surrender". Ben was singing. When they were done, Ben told me that he'd sang 2 others and I got this "ohhh" look on my face. THen I woke up.

      dream2. I was with a dream version of Alucinor, I think. I asked him when I'd get better dream control. "Alucinor" told me I would get better after a while. Then I woke up.

      Last night.
      Dream1. I was at my house. I was in my living room. I held a card that had a pic of Frodo and the ring on it. A RingWraith appeared in my house and demanded I gave him the card. I didn't. I ran into the hallway and we began to negotiate. I saw that the door to my room was open and I ran in there and locked the door. The 7ft tall RingWraith said I'd regret that and I pressed my back against the door, to keep him from forcing it open. He punched it open and I hid behind the door, screaming, "Oh please no. No no no! NO!!!" as he thrust his sword into my side and I screamed, "Oh God help me!! GAHHGHGH!!!!" Then I "died" and woke up @ 2:48am, sweating and freaking out.
    7. Ben Singing?!

      by , 12-14-2010 at 09:59 PM
      Ok...this dream made me go, "what??" when I woke up:

      I was just in my room, looking around. Then I looked at my computer, I think, and there was a Skillet video on (go figure) and Ben Kasica, in the background, was kindof singing. I couldn't hear him, but I could see his lips forming the words (which I found really cute cause he never sings. Plus he's cute anyways! LOL). Then suddenly, I was there, in concert, and I saw Ben. I heard him singing,( and heck, he's got a good singing voice in my dreams) and I looked at him all freaked out. I guess he didn't notice that I saw him, and heard him, singing because he just kept singing with the others. Then he looked my way I guess and saw me watching him. Be blushed but still sang. I just started screaming "Oh my gosh, Ben, I <3 u!!!" cause I'd scream that at a concert. He kept staring at me and singing. I think it was "Whispers in the Dark", my favorite song. He smiled after a while and started to sing again. The dream went fuzzy after that and I think I woke up (at like 1:30am -_-) pretty weird eh?

      Then after I fell back asleep I had a "false-awakening":

      I was in my bed and I heard my phone alarm going off. I checked the time and it said 4:30am. Then I laid back down and stared, next thing I knew, my actual alarm woke me up for real(it was actually 3:40am)

      I could have kicked myself after that...-_-
    8. #120. Mansions of Silence

      by , 08-04-2010 at 06:07 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Behold, my massive HvZ/Star Wars/Fable/White Collar/Inception/Supernatural/Good Omens crossover dream. Includes characters from Inception, but no spoilers.


      My brother and I are sneaking into our cousins' house, playing a game of what amounts to Humans vs. Zombies, but with more humans trying to "kill" each other.

      My aunt catches us in the house. Her face is red and she attempts to loom over us threateningly. "You're trespassing, you know."

      "I don't think that's against the rules." Ben says, considering.

      "But we are sorry. Truly, sincerely sorry," I lie. "Really. We should go."


      I look around. I'm in a mountainous region surrounded by pillars of ice and concrete bunkers. I'm close to the top of a mountain, on a snowy path.

      I pull out my phone and look at it. If Hazel's speed dial "8", I could probably reach my brother the same way. I press "1".

      The line picks up.

      "Hey, Ben. What the hell happened to you?"

      "Kkkshhk...separated...zombies...meet up...later."

      The line goes dead.

      I shrug, knowing that Ben can take care of himself. I look out over the snowy plains, at once clouded and sunny. It looks like a video game environment. Paths leading to certain places, all of the corners rounded and indistinct... If I didn't know any better, I'd say I was on Hoth.

      "Hands in the air," says a voice, crackling and metallic.

      I turn around slowly, pasting a smile onto my face.


      Leaning against the concrete wall of the control room, I remain nonchalant as two of the guards keep their weapons trained on me. I was surprised when I realized that they weren't Stormtroopers, and weren't Rebels either. The group that I've let myself be captured by are dark-siders of a different sort, and I haven't yet figured out who they're working for.

      The human male in the corner is force sensitive, but not trained. He has short black hair, plain dark clothing, and is probably in his late teens. He's either looking at me with distrust or he's sulking over the pot of cold coffee on the counter. I haven't decided.

      The apparent leader is a female Zabrak. Her dark hair is cut in a short bob, and she's going through my personal effects. Finally, she picks up my dual lightsabers in each hand. I shift my weight to my other foot. One of the guards hisses a breath and clutches at his weapon tightly.

      "Twitchy, twitchy." I say, eyeing the terrified guard. "Someone could get hurt."

      "I'd be careful, Jedi," the leader hisses at me, still holding my lightsabers. "We have you at a disadvantage."

      "Do you really?" I ask, amused. I motion with my hand. On the other side of the room, the coffee pours upward into the air, forming an amorphous blob and flying into the face of the sulking teenager. The boy starts to curse, but the woman in front of me barely seems to notice.

      "There's very little difference between the Jedi and the Sith."

      "You're telling me." I say, "One of those lightsabers is red, you know."

      A blood-curdling roar is unleashed from outside. The bunker shakes from its very foundations. Outside in the darkness, I can sense the fury of the beast, aimed at the creatures encroaching on its territory. Us.

      "I wonder what happened to the Imperials that built this station." I say quietly, meeting the eyes of the leader.

      My dual sabers are in my hands and light up in the next instant, glowing red and blue (and I'm my female Exile character from KOTOR 2). The woman raises her hands. I watch as the blades are folded up into sheets of blunt metal, and look at the woman mournfully.

      "You are no fun at all," I say, yanking a pistol from a guard across the room. "Try not to die."

      I see a flash of red through the blinding snowstorm. I aim my pistol and shoot three times before it disappears. I hear a roar through the storm, and can barely see the outline of the monster's arms raised into the air before I'm dashing across the arena, dodging the cracks that appear in the ground.


      "Coffee?" I ask brightly, pushing a cup towards the teenager. He scowls but takes the cup.

      "That was a mean trick," he says, "I like coffee."

      "No, messing with someone's lightsaber, that's a mean trick." I pause, "The coffee was just funny."

      He's still angry, but he seems to be hiding a smile as well.

      "Master Kenobi. In my study, you will meet me," says a voice over my comlink.

      "Of course, Master Yoda."

      Yoda shows me over to a glass case filled with crystals and gemstones. He motions me to look at them. I find myself drawn to a black piece of rock the size of my palm, smooth and glassy, with waves rippling over the surface. I stare at it, intrigued, and look back at Yoda for permission.

      He nods.

      I feel for the orange piece of Carnelian in my left pocket, reassured when it's still there. Turning my attention back to the shelf, I pick up the rock carefully, touching it only with my fingertips, and turn it to lie flat on my palm.

      I breathe in, allowing the power in the stone to ground me. I feel...

      "There's a darkness to this," I say, as if I'm in a trance. "It has a history with death, it's beautiful, it feels cool, the temperature, I mean. I can feel it echoing through me... ignacious, born of fire and now... cold, complete, rational -"

      "Back on the shelf, you should put it," says Yoda sharply.

      I set the rock back on the shelf, drawing a shaky breath. I want to pick up the rock again, feel for the green crystal that I know should be there, break it in two and give the other half to the person who should have it... Stop it, you're supposed to be Obi-Wan.

      "See, you do, the power inherent in these crystals." Yoda says, "Yours, one of them will be, should you take on an apprentice."

      I smile, leaning against one of the white walls. I'd wondered why the force-sensitive teenager felt so familiar. Amon?

      I shake myself. "We have a mission," I say reprovingly, "Are you trying to distract me, Master Yoda?"

      "Hmph. Dream of it, I wouldn't."


      I take on the guise of Neal Caffrey, all smiles and warm handshakes as we bluff our way into Saito's mansion. Ariadne and Scott Summers back me up, along with four men and women in suits that follow us demurely.

      Our whole group is surrounded by Saito's bodyguards, and my companions are feeling intimidated, grouping together until they're nearly touching elbows. I pretend not to notice, and focus on the conversation with Saito as he shows us around his mansion.

      We stop by the swimming pool. We're more or less openly flirting right now, and I'm drawing on the Neal Caffrey personality in order to distance myself and appear more outgoing. My form is flickering now, male to female and back again, through half a dozen personalities before settling back on Neal. No one seems to notice.

      I fall into the water, pleased to feel the shock of cold on my skin. It feels wonderful, and I let myself sigh in pleasure before I force myself to concentrate. I climb the steps up onto the deck, my clothes holding none of the moisture.

      Saito is yelling at his guard for jostling me, and apologizes. I tell him not to worry, but that I need to talk to my doctor, as I may have broken one of my ribs. The man points out the change rooms on the other side of the pool.

      "Doctor?" I say, holding out an elbow for Ariadne. She looks surprised, but catches herself and nods. She threads her arm through mine and we walk towards the change rooms.

      "Doctor?" she hisses.

      "It's improv, Ariadne." I say, smiling. "Just go with it."

      We round the corner and Ariadne steps away, brushing at her arm. I flirt with her as she touches my temples, exposing the wiring there.

      "I need to upload the schematics to your mind," I tell her, "So that I can stay behind while you get Xavier the information."

      "And why is it you're staying behind?" She asks, skeptical.

      "There's something bigger going on here," I say quietly. "I need to convince Saito I'm on his side. You get the others out, and I'll figure out what's going on."

      Ariadne steps back, nodding reluctantly.

      I decide to give Cyclops the information, since his visor will work as a direct transference point into his temples. (What?) A quick shock, and he's ready to head back home.


      "Not so fast," says Saito.

      We're standing outside in a courtyard, surrounded by enemies. The DCs in business suits are entirely useless, and for some reason, I have to keep them alive. Guards have automatic weapons trained on us, and I'm practically staring down one of the barrels as I raise my hands slowly, ready to talk my way out of this. Ariadne shoots me a look, clearly worried. Cyclops is ready to start a fight.

      Saito is overconfident. I can use that, but I need to get the others away first. I need Yoda and Xavier to owe me a favour, dammit, and that isn't going to happen if I get their people killed.

      Bright white light explodes from the far end of the courtyard, and a shockwave knocks the guards to the ground and disarms them. Not limited by human sight, I swing around to face the four pillars of light materializing on the ground before us. One of the pillars is wreathed in red flames that fan outward, scorching the earth around it.

      The light coalesces into four human figures, three of them standing in a ring behind their leader.

      He is never going to let me live this down.

      "Castiel." I greet him, but the angel is already barking orders to the other three, sending them into the fray to grab my people and transport them back to the compound. Ariadne catches my eye as she disappears, and I can see all of the questions written across her face.

      Until the only ones left standing are me, Saito, and Castiel. I let my false face fall away, and I turn to say something to Saito.

      The dream fades.

      Mansions of Silence. Scare Factor: 3.

      Looks like Castiel and I are 1:1 for rescues.

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    9. Romeo and Juliet

      by , 07-28-2010 at 08:31 PM
      I dreamed that I was going to see a production of Romeo and Juliet, which was completely different to the original. I was in the dressing room with a male friend (can't remember who or they were indistinguished) and we were fighting with bright pink plate spinning sticks, the ones that clowns use. Another friend was actually acting in the play, I can't really remember who it was but I have a feeling they were female. Some older people were sitting down in the dressing room discussing the play and for some reason some of the background music from House was playing. I commented on the music to someone, but his reply was really disjointed and strange.

      I feel like such an idiot for not questioning really strange things in my dreams and becoming lucid haha.

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    10. Strange College

      by , 07-27-2010 at 09:57 AM
      Well this is my first dream journal entry, I'm not going to use names, instead I will use abbreviations for privacy related reasons, so if you see just a letter or two that's someone I know in real life.

      I dreamed that I was back in college (I'm British, so college, not university, I don't really know what the American counterpart is) studying Archaeology, even though I finished college at the beginning of the summer.

      A relatively attractive blonde girl asked my name in my Archaeology class and I awkwardly showed her by pointing to it on a laminated sheet of names on the wall, for some reason I didn't ask hers. Me, E and her were the only people in the class, so we went to an early lunch where me and E saw M leave a room with a big white furry coat.

      I then had an ICT/Computer lesson in a new large room with a new bald male teacher. He was examining a popular music essay of mine and S and J were in my class as well as JF. I talked with J about Macs and PCs but ended up comparing them to rice, or something strange like that.

      We then went for lunch and I looked in my bag and found a lunchbox which I thought I had eaten in a lucid dream but still had food in (note that I haven't actually attained a lucid dream yet so I don't know where that came from). I then went out and saw JF and some of his friends and J and I acted strange and ate rice/cereal bars but got them everywhere. The new teacher sat on a radiator behinds us and I didn't notice him till they mentioned him.

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    11. #100. Conferences (for Assassins)

      by , 07-06-2010 at 06:50 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)

      The problem with world-class assassins is that everyone wants to kill each other.

      An old woman hums tunelessly, pushing her squeaking cart along the grey-flecked tiles. Her nails tap tap tap against the stainless steel handle, along with a beat only she can hear. She slows the cart down, the wheels shrieking their protest, and smiles at the young man behind the desk, pointing to the ID clipped to her shoulder. He glances up, looking bored, and barely glances at the ID before waving her along.

      The hospital room is single-occupancy, dim and empty except for the bedridden patient. He wakes up from a doze, looks at the woman in scrubs as she enters the room. She slides a platter off of the food cart and slides it onto the tray sitting across his bed.

      "How are you feeling, Mr. Burke?" The woman smiles.

      "Horrible," he manages, glancing up blearily as she injects something into his IV. "Anything good to eat?"

      "Of course, dear. There's tuna sandwiches, if you like those."

      He perks up a bit, and nibbles at the sandwich. It's decent for hospital food, he decides. He'll be glad to get back to his normal life, with four-course dinners and world-class chefs.

      The woman is still there when he finishes the sandwich. "That was actually pretty good," he tells her.

      "Well, it is my own special recipe."

      His mouth is dry, and he can feel his heart beating faster. Burke frowns. He's sweating. "Excuse me," he says, "But could you get a doctor? I think the symptoms are coming back."

      The woman is unhooking the machines monitoring his vital status.

      "Don't worry," she says. "It has nothing to do with your heart attack, Mr. Burke." She smiles kindly at him. "My special recipe is called Chalk Tuna. The compounds I've used in your sandwich are reacting with the drugs in your IV. It's untraceable, almost completely undetectable during an autopsy... rather brilliant, if I do say so myself."

      Burke's fingers twitch. He wants to reach for the button, to call a nurse, call anyone, but he can't move. He tries to shout, but his mouth won't open, his voice won't work. An icy sensation begins to crawl in from his extremities, cold and burning at the same time.

      "It's also a paralyzing substance," the woman muses, "and it's an incredibly painful way to die."

      She smiles fondly down at the man seizing on the bed. "Have a nice day, Mr. Burke."

      The cart begins its squeaking journey back to the elevator. Burke shuts his eyes and tries to scream.


      Matilda has approximately four minutes to return the cart and exit the hospital. After that time, the real nurse will make her rounds and find Mr. Burke dead, the machines having shorted out due to faulty wiring. The doctors will attempt to resuscitate him, but the poison in his veins will prevent this from taking effect. There will be questions for the young man at the desk in front of the elevator, but Matilda plans to disappear long before any suspicion can fall on her.

      Without a suspect or a murder weapon, the incident will be written off as a simple heart attack, and Mr. Burke's son will inherit his company.

      Stepping out into the sunlight of the alley, Mathilda allows herself a moment to bask in the enjoyment of a job well done. She feels a shift in the air, a chill, and a blade burrowing into her skull.

      I sheathe the wrist-blade and let the body fall, watching impassively as the infamous assassin kicks up dust on the dry ground. She twitches slightly, extending a hand in a clawing motion before going still.

      I leave the body where it is. There's sure to be a complicated frame-up job involving several people who want to take power, but I've done my part. As long as Matilda is dead, I can get out of here and -

      I'm throwing myself to the side. A line of throwing knives hit the brick behind me. I take cover, diving behind a dumpster, throwing a fireball in the direction of my attacker.

      He's on the roof across from me, I reason. I came down from the hospital fire escape, but he was hidden by shadows - damn! I don't have an escape route, and we need to get out of here before they start looking for Burke's killer. Unfortunately, the owner of those throwing knives is not someone to be reasoned with.

      "Simon?" I shout, stepping out from my hiding place. He's on the roof. "I didn't know you were in town."

      "Everyone's in town, Sam!" That's Simon, all right. He looks giddy, sounds like he's on a sugar high. The man's more of a sociopath than I am. "Haven't you heard?"

      "Yes." Goddamned council didn't even ask before invading my city.

      "And you got Matilda first! I've been wanting to take her down for ages."

      "Creepy?" I ask.

      "Creepy." He confirms.

      My fingers twitch, ready to call up another fireball. Simon tracks the movement, and I change my mind. "Simon," I say, "Would you like to play a game?"

      His face splits into a grin. "First to a hundred?" He asks.

      "I was thinking the whole conference."

      Simon laughs. "I like the way you think," his smile widens even further. "Shame I'm gonna have to kill you."

      He lifts up a hand and I'm running before he presses the button. I round the corner and the alley explodes.

      I love my job.


      I'm on top of a mountain, looking down on the valley. The city is sprawled out below. I take a breath, feel the cool mountain breeze drifting through my lair.

      Some days, it pays to be evil.

      I turn around to where my mom and dad are sitting at a stone table, looking around and seeming confused. My brother is there, too, but he just looks hungover.

      I go to sit across from them at the table. My mom's eyes narrow as she gets her bearings, and I can feel her light-based aura sparking unpleasantly. I try not to flinch.

      "It's in our best interests," I say carefully, "to wipe out all of the assassins as quickly as possible. They'll be gathering at the convention centre. Now, we can't all go in -"

      "Why is that, exactly?" my mom snaps.

      I roll my eyes. "You're a Reader. They'll spot Your Holiness from a mile away."

      "How exactly did you get into this mess?" asks my dad.

      I paint a look of surprise onto my face. "You mean you don't know?" I ask incredulously. "Our family - your side of the family - have been Assassins going back hundreds of years! Well," I trail off, "The last one was in the sixteenth century." Good times, as I recall. Reincarnation can be so much fun.

      My mom's aura is sparking angrily. I try to ignore it.

      "Look, we need to wipe as many people out in one swoop as we can." I have a thought.

      "Mom... isn't your cousin doing the catering?" I ask.

      She looks at me suspiciously. "He is. Why?"

      I let a smile form. "Have you ever heard of Chalk Tuna?"

      Conferences. Scare Factor: 4.

      So ends the 100th post special edition of Things to Run Away From Really Fast! I've been meaning to write this up for ages...

      The only thing I can remember from last night's dream is that I had an extra pair of running shoes. They were orange.

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    12. #98. Alligators

      by , 07-03-2010 at 09:03 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Saturday, July 3, 2010

      I'm attacked by alligators. Then I try to figure out why I'm still in high school.

      I have to swim through a swamp. On the edges are various plants and animals, frozen by the cold, black goo that touched them. I stay in the center of the slow-moving creek. Something feels off.

      I see an alligator, panic for a moment. I realize that it's frozen, too. I turn away, relieved.

      There's another one before me. It's alive. I can't out-swim it. I can't get to shore fast enough.

      It charges, and I let it swim straight through my submerged stomach. Teeth tear into my flesh and the water turns red, but I don't feel it. The alligator is distracted now. I latch onto its back and hold on. The alligator thrashes underwater, submerging us both.

      I step out of the water some time later. My mom comes rushing over, wanting to know if I'm all right.

      I assure her that I am, and lift up the fabric of my shirt to see that the wound has healed over entirely, leaving no scars.


      A dream takes me from Ixburg to Halifax and back again. I'm in high school and university at the same time, and my kindergarten teacher is very disappointed when I miss my driving lessons.

      "What, you want me to fly home for the weekend?" I ask my mom incredulously.

      She does.

      I hide out in my studio with my brother and Matt, who ask why I wasn't at (high) school today.

      "Cough. Cough. I'm sick." I say flatly.

      Alligators. Scare Factor: 3.

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    13. #95. Perfectly Good Airplanes

      by , 06-30-2010 at 08:48 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Wednesday, June 30, 2010

      I wander a city, searching for my skydiving class.

      I'm in a plane about the size of a crop duster. My mom is piloting. We're angling to land on the top of a mountain, where there's a gas station.

      I'm trying to get to a weekend course on skydiving. We wonder if I have to jump out of this plane to get to the course.

      We land, avoiding the cars in the parking lot (on top of a mountain). I kick off of a maroon minivan in the parking lot, adjusting our course so we don't hit it.

      We talk to the people inside, but this isn't where the course is. We have to keep flying.

      Back on the plane, I wonder if we have enough of a runway to take off again. My mom shrugs and we go flying off the cliff. We stay in the air.

      It's a tight fit between two pillars of stone. I'm worried we might hit, but my mom effortlettly steers us through them. Wow. She's better at driving than she usually is in dreams. I mean, there was this other dream with the truck where she kept almost hitting other cars...

      (How did I miss that?)

      I check my backpack and find an oxygen mask and a parachute.

      We're back on the ground, in a car. I still have no idea where I'm supposed to go; there's no map in the brochure. Hours fly by. I was supposed to be there in the morning, and it's now 1:00PM on a Friday.

      We stop at a store. Ben says his friend lives above the shop. They're selling Halloween costumes.

      Perfectly Good Airplanes. Scare Factor: 1.
    14. #91. Sensei

      by , 06-26-2010 at 10:39 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Friday, June 25, 2010

      Apparently, psychopaths are drawn to the martial arts.

      I'm in the middle of a karate class. I don't know the instructor, and I think I'm new to this dojo. The students are preparing for an upcoming tournament, concentrating especially on their kata. One man is leading a bunch of other students in a kata, but I notice that he moves with a limp.

      The head sensei, an old man, shows up beside me. He explains that it was he himself who crippled the other man. You see, he explains to me, this man was my student at the time. Apparently, the other man was using what he learned in martial arts to abuse women he was in relationships with over the years, and the head sensei put a stop to it. The other man's punishment was that he would no longer be able to reach his full potential as a martial artist.

      I'm talking with some of the other students, when I remember I have to check something. I sit down on the grass with my laptop. Firefox is already open, and I start to type something. Or maybe I'm clicking the Stumble button, I don't really remember.

      A girl from high school shows up and sits on my lap, taking the computer. I look over her shoulder as she types something in.

      I'm playing a video game that's a cross between Saint's Row 2 and Assassin's Creed 2. Why all the sequels?

      I tell my brother about a bug in the game. I load my save game and see my character collapse and die. The game reloads, in a different place. I collapse and die. Cue loading screens to a bunch of different characters and places. Collapse and die, collapse and die, collapse and die.

      Finally, we see a cutscene. An old woman is the queen of the land; she's bedridden and giving orders to messengers. Apparently, she was my character's mom at one point, only I keep dying and getting reincarnated, so I've been missing for the last thirty years.

      "Change in next music and chocolate."


      Lucid moment. I look at my right hand and notice that the three little fingers are bent, but it feels like two of them are, and the other three are extended. Wait a minute. I glance up and look around, but the dream is already over.

      Sensei. Scare Factor: 2.

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    15. #79. Invasion

      by , 06-16-2010 at 04:19 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Kill them! Kill them all! BWAHAHAHA! Ooh, pretty flowers.

      My partner and I are divvying up guns and ammunition from a trunk he brought with him. The pistols are old-style revolvers that take forever to load, so I grab two, stuffing one each down the front and back of my jeans. Which is probably a bad idea, but hey, we're in a hurry.

      Our team is comprised of settlers - space explorers even. I think we've decided that we want the planet, and we're going to kill all the people in the compound ten feet away. I don't know; I haven't been paying much attention. I just want to fight.

      Vicki hangs a flare gun over one of my shoulders, and I'm smoking a cigarette, for some reason. There's a fuse on the end of the flare, and I accidentally light it with my cigarette, which is now a lit match. Hurriedly, I aim over the wall of the compound and fire, starting off the battle.

      A man inside the compound aims some kind of explosive firework at the rest of the team, but I'm not concerned, since I'm not part of the big group standing together like bowling pins. Morons. Things explode, and we rush the compound.

      I'm behind the rest of my team, so I don't get to shoot many people. I'm a little nervous about it actually. By the time we've cleared most of the place out, most of my team members are down.

      We're only shooting the people with guns, which happens to be the men, mostly. Men and women and children are all standing together, and if you would take cover, I wouldn't be shooting you! I'm holding dual pistols, sending twin shots into the chest of a man that just. won't. die. Never mind, he's down.

      I get a message over the radio, saying that some kind of failsafe has been activated. Plant life is withering around the ship, and it's going to kill us, too. The ship is about to evacuate the planet, and I have to run if I don't want to be left behind.

      I take off down a grassy path, trying to run as fast as I can. Quickly, I realize that I can pull in more speed, and my surroundings simultaneously blur and come into sharper focus. I was just talking about running really fast in dreams, with Puffin, and it really is the best feeling - wait a minute.

      I'm lucid. I stop and look around, urgency of the Run Away task starting to dissipate. I look around at my surroundings, which are very green and very floral. It's beautiful, really.

      I wander back to the landing site just because I can. The plants are dead all around the ship, and nothing's left but mud. Most of the crew are off to the side, away from the ship and avoiding whatever deadly contagion plagues the soil.

      I walk right through, calling up plant life as I go. I want to talk to one of the DCs,
      but I'm being pulled back into the dream plot.

      Suddenly, we're all peaceful and getting along with the inhabitants of the planet. I'm talking to Johanna, who's playing one of these people. I'm given a tour of the compound, and I make ivy spring up along the walls, which starts flowering immediately. It should start growing fruit within a few days (you know, since we destroyed their supplies and all).


      Wandering around an RV, which seems to fit an entire house in it. Linkara's giving me a tour, and I'm still making flowering ivy grow along the walls. I wonder what it's feeding on.


      My brother is driving the same car we crashed into the harbour last night. We're driving along a road that's made entirely of ice, and he's going way too fast. We're driving into an underground castle-like structure where his music lessons take place. There's a steep downward slope, and PEDESTRIANS! LOOK OUT! SLOW DOWN! And a sharp turn right after a quick ramp THAT SENDS US FLYING into the air and we're going to crash and I telekinetically shove the car back onto the road.

      We come to a stop.

      "Okay," says Ben, catching his breath. "Maybe I'll go a little slower next time."

      Border Skirmishes. Scare Factor: 3.

      New rule: DCs aren't allowed to drive. Ever.

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