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    1. Stealing for the laid Back Boss

      by , 09-25-2015 at 07:58 AM
      I had somehow gotten away with stealing from work without my laidback boss knowing.
      My girlfriend was also in on the plot and we planned to cash in on the affair at a later stage when things simmered down.
      The prize was around 75k, and in order to procure the money I had to do some crazy things, namely:

      - Jump off a high building with a parachute
      -Betray a few co-workers that chased me down in the urban work setting
      -Fly away from my problems using a plastic bag technique,putting them over my feet.
      -D0 some solid espionage and hide the fact that I was the thief from co-workers and my boss.

      The only problem was that in order to cash in I would have to leave and they would find a certain book behind(almost like a black bible) that would give me away. I toyed with the idea and eventually decide against it, and the money woud be void.

      I the process of this decision a few memorable scenes where:
      -Making my way over mountains to Silicon valley using my pump action leg flying skills
      -Surfing and watching near perfect a frame with only one blue bottle in the water, and seeing it double up.
      -Running away from civilization and getting stuck in 'the jelly cliff faces " that hung unbelievably on the side of the mountian
    2. Ecstasy (25.5.15)

      by , 05-25-2015 at 02:01 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was with friends at some kind of a bar, which had pool tables. There were people that were near the pool tables. I think they had just finished playing. I could see three pool tables, which were all a different height. I was looking to re-rack the balls on the table, but as I started to do so I noticed that some of the balls were not balls. They were odd looking and small. I don't think all the colors and patterns on the balls were on them either. This made me confused when trying to re-rack them, but Chloe H came over and did it herself for me.

      At some point I noticed I had an Ecstasy tablet in my hand. I handed it over to my brother, so he could halve it, but ended up having trouble doing so. I have the tablet in my hand and notice that it was broken up, and I decided to halve it myself. The tablet looked off. It was shaped like a small potato chip, which had been broken untidily. I decided to have half, and give the rest to Chloe. I kept anticipating the drug to kick in throughout the whole dream, but never climaxed. I may have felt a bit of a change in feeling though. I was intending to get high and have sex with Chloe.

      I'm outside with my brother and Chloe at night time.

      My brother walked over to Chloe and held up a sign in front of her. There was something written on the same in gold letters. It was my brothers way of showing that he was an undercover cop. I believe my brother did this because I hadn't made a move on Chloe. This situation pulled me into saying that I was an undercover cop too. I felt like I had betrayed Chloe.

      I'm now at a table inside. She's eating something nice, and offers me some. She leaves the room and I decide to quickly check her phone for anything that led to her wanting me. She entered the room as I put down the phone. She was suspect on what I was doing. I tried to act calm, and walk over to her for a chat.

      Dream Fragment
      1) I was at my house and was standing in the kitchen. Rob asked what was the smell. I think I had poo on my hands or something along those lines.

      Side Notes
      EFT - Even though I can't remember all my dreams, I deeply and completely accept myself, and will remember all my dreams tonight.

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    3. Shotgun rampage

      by , 03-21-2015 at 09:52 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in abandoned industrial area of some city. I bought an old factory for a really low price. Next I started buying weapons, and recruiting gang members. We were preparing for a big robbery.

      In the downtown we were waiting in a truck. This was a sunny afternoon, people were walking on the sidewalk, there was no traffic on the road. Our target were two huge skyscrapers, where stock exchange offices were place among banks. I took a Spas 12 shotgun and loaded it, then took some ammo with me. When we were ready, we ran towards the building, and quickly proceeded to do our job.

      We cutted out the power, so alarm won't sound. On the other hand, elevators won't work. This would slow down anyone who could try to get to us, while were going to move towards the rooftop. People were afraid to do anything against us. We quickly took the money and escaped. When we got to rooftop, my associates betrayed me.

      I quickly dropped the money and dodged their shoots. I decided to take them from surprise. I jumped from the rooftop. They thought that I'm dead, but I jumped onto the cleaners elevator. I moved up, and attacked them from behind while they were trying to get to the other skyscraper. They striked back, but I dodged every of their shoots, leaving no one.

      Instead of going to the other skyscraper or using the cleaners elevator, I ran down the stairs. The police arrived then, but I managed to shoot them out. I ran to the streets, took the truck and escaped.

      A few weeks later I was in a hosing projects. I took a telescope, and watched people with different lenses. I went to the local corrupted police officer, to get information, and send some troops to some place.
    4. Morgana

      by , 01-15-2015 at 10:17 PM
      Someone I was traveling with has been possessed and physically transformed by the thing possessing them. I'd left them alone in the motel room where I thought they'd be safe while me and the other person we're traveling with, a young woman, were out.

      I can see a woman I think of as Morgana watching us through the mirror - she's very beautiful, but thin to the point of starved, hunching over, tangled hair, filthy. The girl I'm traveling with immediately assumes the possession is Morgana's work. I'm not surprised she thinks that - from the little she's seen of Morgana, it would make sense for her to think we're enemies. But I can see what caused this, and it's not Morgana. One of the markings I put in place around the room to keep the kid safe has been destroyed. It must have happened when the girl fell earlier. This is my fault - I'd tried to protect her by keeping her ignorant of the details. If I'd explained things to her, she would have known the significance of that marking. Morgana's never been my enemy, not really; she's here to help - but I don't want her variety of help.

      I'm arguing with Morgana over which one of us is going to handle this. Her voice is harsh, raw - partially from the situation and the tone she's using, but I also have the impression she just doesn't use her voice very often. She's just pointed out - correctly - that if the creature comes into direct contact with me, the corrupting effect I'd have on it would likely just make things worse. I'm saying, "I don't know what I'll do to it, but you don't know what it'll do to you." She takes corruption into herself, sealing it away and making it safe for everyone except herself. That's why she's communicating through the mirror instead of here in the flesh - she arranged to have herself sealed away a long time ago. She's been altered so much already, I don't want to see her do this again.

      In response, she says, "I know I betrayed you. I'll prove to you I'm useful. Prove to me-"

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    5. Dream WILD: "Vertical Pillow Fight"

      by , 08-20-2014 at 11:57 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      This lucid was particularly long, and I was quite caught up in the action, so parts of my memory are foggy--will do the best that I can!

      I am in a futuristic society, and am experiencing this dream via observation (I have no body). A traitor is being drawn out of hiding by his friend, a high-ranking politician. They are sitting in a living room, having a chat, when the politician friend pulls a surprise interrogation. The traitor is caught of guard and does not know how to respond. The politician is very friendly, and suggests that even if the friend confesses, he can use his influence to get him out of trouble. It seems that the traitor has been teaching a young kid how to LD, and the dream seems to compare this to watching stars--very innocent with a bit of wonder. They have been having 33 minute long lucid dreams together.

      Transition to a fellow walking down the street (may have been LouaiB, though I am not entirely sure about this)
      . It is night, and then neighborhood scene is very peaceful and lovely. Suddenly, this man stops and says, "This is a dream!" He then realizes he has had six lucid dreams that night, and he's very put out about this, as he feels he has "stayed awake most of the night lucid dreaming"

      The next moment I am aware, I am in darkness, surrounded by a myriad of loud voices coming from all different directions.
      "Stop!" I finally shout. "I know this is a dream!" Everyone stops shouting, except for one small voice. Hanging there in space, I decide to focus on this one voice, and use it to help me rebuild the dream from out of darkness. Slowly, listening to the voice, I find myself lying in bed (but still in total blackness). I then begin to feel my body sliding backward, and off the back edge of the bed, as though the whole thing had been tipped upwards. I realize that this is just dream sensation (similar to a WILD) and decide to help the dream by slipping backward off of the bed. I fall through darkness.

      As I am falling, Al Bundy's head (from Married with Children) appears in front of me, laughing:

      I continue falling, wondering what in the hell incubated this dream and realize I am in some sort of air duct. Looking up, I see some falling object, breaking the laws of gravity as they fall faster than I do: pillows! I get really excited about this, and start punching pillows. I feel my excitement begin to rise, however, and try to calm down a bit so that I don't wake up. I finally end my fall by landing in a huge pile of pillows.

      I find that by directing my awareness to the pillows, I can make them explode into clouds of feathers. I do this several times, before trying to channel energy into a pillow for the same effect. This doesn't work (although the pillow does heat up) in part, I think, because I am thinking too much about it. I don't care enough to keep trying though, and toss the pillow away.

      I exit the pillow room through a metal hallway. Off to the right is a small room, with my dream guide (!) sleeping in a chair. His feet are up and he has a snooze bubble expanding and contracting from his nostril. While this may have been a false memory (as I have no memories of ever having met a dream guide), I think it was actually part of the dream that I had forgotten from earlier. I decide not to wake him up, as we had already had some kind of interaction earlier in the dream.

      I walk up three short steps, and enter into a large make-up room (with mirrors like you would see in an actress's make-up room). There are mirrors all around, but this make-up room has no walls, and it is not possible to explain what is around the make-up room--it is just nothing at all. I see a woman on the other side of one these big mirrors and tables, and decide to see if she is good looking. As I move to get a better look, I realize it is my sister I say hi to her, and she replies, "Good, you're up."

      "Nope," I say, moving past her, "Still dreaming." I make a note that the dream is trying to send me false awakenings. I manage to see my own reflection in the mirror: I am wearing a grody white nightgown, my hair looks unwashed, and my eyes are bloodshot. Basically look like I've fallen off the wagon.

      I exit this area into a smaller living room, where I see some people from waking life that I know. They are all prepared to go to a wedding, and are dressed very nicely. At this point, I receive a false memory about needing to be awake for a wedding, but I am not fooled. Two of the people are an old crush and her husband. I take this opportunity to tell old crush how beautiful she looks. The husband tries to shake my hand, but he is super tall in dream, which pulls my arm way up into the air. I pull his arm down and shrink him a bit I then pat the third person, a kid playing with a dog, on the back. The kid tells me to wait until he is done petting the dog. The dog is groaning and basically enjoying being pet. As I am watching the dog, the dream begins to destabilize. I stop for a moment to feel whether or not this is real instability, or made up instability, but it is real and I
      wake up.

      All in all, I slept an entire sleep cycle, and estimate I was lucid for approximately 25-30 minutes. Probably one of the most novel adventures ever, especially falling through the air duct. I am constantly amazed at the creative power of the dreaming mind.

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    6. "The Doctor"

      by , 08-10-2014 at 05:04 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      Ah, but not that doctor, sorry.

      I am driving over a bridge with my wife. I make some mistake and suddenly our car is flying through the air. I ask my wife what I should do, but then decide not to land in the water (as I once heard that landing a plane in the water is a terrible idea). I realize, as the ground is rushing up to meet us, that I've made an error. I apologize to my wife before impact, as I believe we are about to die. She tells me to try to land the car as best I can. We hit the ground and crash hard.

      Lawrence Fishburne appears in an EMT outfit. I tell him to rescue my wife and he does. Later, I am asking him how I could have possibly survived the crash. He says the "doctor" . . . "cleaned my kidneys!" In dream I think this is amazing, as I only thought kidneys could be removed. He said "the doctor" considered taking them, but then just decided to clean them out. Lucky me! I ask about my wife. He says there is fluid in her lungs and "the doctor" is still working on her.

      But perhaps . . . perhaps it was The Doctor?

      Otherwise, a few more day residue and job-related dreams. In one of them, I am furious at my wife for making me lose at a board game. She drew a "betrayal" card from the stack, which allowed her to tell everyone what my hand was! Also a bit of a fragment here of a dog turning over and over and over against a closed door.

      Really wishing I had pulled an LD out of that one!

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    7. 01/16/14 Out of the Shadows

      by , 02-01-2014 at 08:13 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Out of the Shadows
      I am in a strange place. I look around to see where I am. I am immediately lucid and I am just wondering where I am and what I might be doing there. I survey the area. It is a very unpleasant place, it looks like a dark and backwards version of a normal forest. Trees are large and leafless, they look dead. The sky is a dreary gray that casts the landscape into a permanent state of twilight. The land is also shrouded in a thin mist. I start walking through the trees, not really sure where I'm going, but I need to figure out why I am here. There are strange things moving in the misty shadows that I can't quite see. I look behind me and I realize I am not alone. There is a man there with me. I have to get a bit closer to him before I can see who he is, but I recognize him as soon as I'm close enough to see. Alex Mercer follows me through the bleak landscape. He asks if I have seen any sign of Dana. I tell him he is the first one I have seen here. I didn't even know I was there looking for Dana. I ask if I am looking for Dana then why has he come, I thought he wasn't speaking to her. He says no, he's not speaking to her. But there's a big difference between not speaking to her and letting some freak from a parallel dimension kill her. He says we should find her.

      I turn to head off in the direction that feels right. Alex follows me and then he pauses. He says he thinks it will be easier if Dana doesn't even realize it is him. He changes form into Dante from the Devil May Cry series of video games. He says he is ready now. So the two of us continue searching through the mysterious place. After a bit longer of a search I hear a commotion in the distance. Alex has clearly heard it, too. A scream… and some cursing. A woman is screaming and yelling expletives at someone. Alex says that sounds like Dana. We both follow the sound. We find that between two particularly large trees there is an even larger spider web. About the center of the spider web there is a woman tangled up in it. She is struggling to get free, but her attempts just seem to be getting her even more hopelessly entangled. She drops some more loud expletives before calling to no one in particular to help her get loose. I can recognize from here that it is Dana Mercer, Alex's sister. She doesn't seem to have noticed that Alex and I are there, and of course she wouldn't recognize Alex even if she had noticed us. She struggles some more and then finally seems to give up on that at least for now. She looks down and sees Alex and me. She says she is so glad to see friendly faces… please help her get free. Alex gives her a dirty look and says no one has said we are friendly… maybe he's not friendly at all. I elbow Alex and tell him to cut it out, calling him Dante. I tell her we'll have her free in just a bit.

      While Dana's struggles haven't attracted any of the local inhabitants to help her they have attracted the owner of the web. A large spider crawls out onto the web from a tree. The spider has the tail of a scorpion and is about the size of a Great Dane dog. When the spider gets closer to Dana she screams again. The spider is about to drive its stinger tail right into Dana's abdomen when Alex reacts. He yells at the spider thing to get the fuck away from her and calls it a few creative things. He may look like Dante, but he is using Alex Mercer abilities as he jumps up into the air and forms his arms into a claws, cutting through the web between the spider thing and Dana. The spider turns to attack Alex. Alex grabs the thing's stinger as it is about to impale him with it. He rips the stinger right off of the spider creature and then consumes the spider thing. I am thinking if he was trying to keep her from knowing who he is then he hasn't done a very good job hiding it. I climb up into the trees in a more normal manner and cut her free from the webs, lowering both of us safely to the ground. It turns out she has a number of injuries on her that I go ahead and use healing energy on. Dana is soon fully healed.

      Dana doesn't seem to be paying much attention to me, however, she is looking at Alex. When he comes over near us she addresses him as Alex, though she does so in a questioning way. "Alex?" Alex gives her a bit of a dirty look and says no, it's Dante. Dante Sparda. As if it's an afterthought he transforms his claw arms back to normal human arms. Dana seems puzzled and says he's clearly infected. Alex says he's not infected with anything. He just happens to be part demon. His father was a demon… so if she has a problem with that, then fuck her. Dana points out the obvious and says Alex is clearly still upset. Alex says so he's tired of people assuming the worst about him just because he's a demon. It seems that Dana doesn't really have any doubt that she is speaking to Alex. She asks how she was supposed to know there was a fake running around. It seems Alex, on the other hand, has gotten a bit better at faking being Dante. He asks a fake what? A fake demon? She says a fake him, calling him Alex. "A fake YOU, Alex!" He repeats his name is Dante. She says she knows he's Alex, so cut the crap. He is annoyed, maybe at her for seeing it or maybe at himself for not hiding it better. He says forget it. He can't be Alex… Alex is dead. And then before anything else can be said he disappears through a portal.

      Damn it! Dana looks around and curses loudly. It seems she's forgotten I'm even here because she calls after Alex asking how she's supposed to get out of this nightmare. I ask if I'm a pile of chopped liver… I can open portals, too, you know. She looks over at me as if noticing me for the first time and says sorry, she was a bit distracted. Thanks for helping her out. She adds that she has no idea what is wrong with Alex… or maybe he really told me his name is Dante? No… I knew it's Alex, though he could definitely use work on his undercover skills… She asks me if I know what his problem is. I find I'm not happy about the way she has behaved, either… it seems to me that she abandoned Alex in the second game, so I find myself quoting song lyrics… "And I watched as you turned away, you don't remember, but I do… you never even tried." Dana thinks I am being weird, but finally asks tried what. I say to figure out what was going on when she thought Alex had gone completely around the bend. I comment that I guess I can't speak for anyone else, but if someone I care about goes bat-shit crazy for no apparent reason I'm going to do whatever I can to find out what happened and get that person back. She asks who says she didn't try. I tell her Alex. And the clone, too… because when Alex consumed the clone he got all those memories, as well. So I remember when she said, "I understand that I had a brother once; a boy named Alex, a boy who used to play games with me and go skating with me and watch scary movies with me. I understand that Alex is dead now." The only problem with that was he wasn't dead… he was right there just wanting her to hear him out, but no… Now even I have that memory etched in my mind and it never even happened to me, but after being consumed by Alex repeatedly all of his memories are mine… and mine are his… Dana looks at me strangely when I say I have been consumed by Alex repeatedly, that no doubt sounds pretty crazy.

      Ok, well I figure I will be waking up soon so I open a portal leading back to Dana's home world. I tell her that is the way home, so she might want to consider not taking any more unplanned excursions into parallel dimensions in the future. She looks at the portal and says no. I say that's good, because unless you know what you're doing you can end up a lot of places that make this place… which I have determined to be some part of the Shadow Realm… seem like a fantastic vacation opportunity. So take care. Dana says no again. No what? She says she isn't going home. She wants to see Alex. I tell her it's pretty obvious to me that Alex doesn't want to see her, so the answer to that one would be no. She asks if I know where Alex is. I say I don't specifically know where he is at this very second, but I know where to find him, where he will eventually come back to, or at least I hope he doesn't decide not to come back… She says she doesn't see why he should be mad at her, she's the one who thought he had turned against everyone he cared about! I tell her that there is part of the problem. Until he knows that you get the gravity of what you did when you told him he is dead, he will never, ever, ever be anything but the picture of pain you saw before. Sorry, but there's no way he will be able to heal until you get it. My Penticon chip projects a hologram of a Simpsons clip… the one where Laura Powers, a girl Bart had a crush, on rips out his heart and throws it in the trash. "You won't be needing this!" It's a short clip and it plays on a loop. Well, look at that… because that's what you did! I find myself getting upset at Dana, and I force myself to calm down… after all, it wasn't me that she did it to… but still, betraying someone I care for is the same as betraying me and I want to call her a backstabbing bitch… But I say nothing. I finally tell her if she ever gave a shit about Alex, leave him alone now. If he gets to a point where he is ready to talk to her, he will find her. I transform the portal to Dana's home world from a regular portal to a vortex portal. The portal creates a vacuum and pulls Dana through it and into her home dimension. As Dana is pulled through the portal I hear her saying she never meant to… but then her voice is cut off as the portal closes. It doesn't really matter what she said, I still plan on continuing to heal Alex… he needs to let go of the past not for Dana, but for himself. One does not forgive others for them, one needs to forgive others for themselves. That is the thought in my mind when I wake.
    8. Six dreams

      by , 12-11-2013 at 10:48 PM
      I kept waking up due to pain in my throat, so I ended up with six dream fragments. These are my dreams in chronological order.


      A friend I know in real life is walking beside me in the autumn woods just behind her house. She looks a bit strange to me, inflated like a balloon and stretched around the eyes, but I don't pay much attention to it. The path we're walking is clear through the brush and a light dusting of snow hides under thick branches. I already know where we're going: A large circular camp with an odd hide tent and fire-pit that has died in the cold gusts.
      We both have guns slung over our shoulders (a Ruger M77 for me and a Ross rifle for her if anyone's interested) and mine was cooler! By the time we reach the encampment she silently moves behind the tent. I thought that was kind of odd, but whatever. It's a dream, weird shit happens. Seconds later, I hear a shoot ring out, and a bullet whips by my face. I got to seeeee the bullet. My dreams are the best bros ever.
      Because I'm awesome in both my real hunting and dream hunting, apparently, I swing the rifle off my shoulder in a fluid move and engage the bullet. It only takes a moment for me to aim from twenty yards and pull the trigger.
      Dream ends. Saltwater is gurgled and Benadryl is taken in copious amounts.

      Slightly graphic

      I'm sitting in someone's living room with a government-style dossier in my lap. Paper targets litter the floor and the bulls-eyes are ripped apart by large-caliber bullets. The dull sofa I'm chilling like a baws on is torn and stained in more place than the dreaming human mind can count.
      So, I open the flimsy paper book and a severed human head greets me. His skull is ripped open in five spots that look to be about .22-size organized in a triangular shape but it looks to have been bleached under water. A vague sense of familiarity encases the picture when I realize I passed the guy on the street last week.
      This carries on with multiple people I can barely consider acquaintances: A late cashier I saw being yelled at by their boss, an elderly lady I helped walk across the street and another foolish skateboarder who fell trying to jump eight steps. Each had nearly identical wounds to the first but the last picture has thin blunt force trauma instead of entry wounds. Guess which one.
      Dreams ends. I wake up coughing slightly.


      I'm in a gigantic skate park in the middle of the night. I'm not on a skateboard: I'm on a hoverboard. With a laser gun. Not a ton to this dream: I just hovered(?) around shooting other people on their boards between my sweet moves. Nobody else was recognizable due to a paintball-esque suit, but I didn't the feeling that I knew them. You know how your dream tells you stuff like this. But, when someone got shot and fell off their board, they disintegrated on the floor in pixel-like dust.
      I didn't win, but I didn't lose either by the time the dream ended.


      So I was a swan. A black swan, precisely. I'm not really sure why, but when I tried to move my arms they were big black wings. "Oh, I'm a black swan!" Not gonna argue with my mind there. I flippered, floppered, swan-walked around a little on a strange little hill before I decided to go flying.
      It was pretty awesome. One of the better dream flights I've had, because I felt the need to actually FLAP and all. But I knew what would make it cooler: Mid-air fights. Another swan, maybe. I just let my mind process it. Before I had time to really react, three Arado Ar 76 (German jet fighters) pull out of the clouds.
      Aaaand, I spit fireballs at them, from my awesome black beak. Rolling, diving, twisting and turning around the pit-patters of machine gun fire and then fireworks as I ignited their engines. Every time I put a plane down another one came out of the clouds until the sun set.
      Dream ends. More saltwater gurgling.


      This one was pretty awesome. When I used to LD a LOT, I created this thing called the Hallway. I used the Hallway as a cool way to access dreams I could remember or plot-lines that my subconscious would be cool. Basically, my mind's eye thinks it's this insanely tall, narrow corridor that stretches out longer than I can see, with monotone brown doors on both sides. Each door has plaque on it where I can "write" whichever dream or things I want in my dream.
      I got to revisit the Hallway again, and I picked a dream that looked exactly like the Hallway, because I figured that'd be awesome dream-ception. When I stepped into the new hallway, however, there was only one door. And a centaur behind me. Just as I was stepping through the next door after dodging a charging centaur, the dream ended.
      I had to get up and do some crap, but I just passed out on my bed later.

      Non-lucid dream:

      I was playing a violin. I have no clue how to play violin, but it sounded quite nice. As I played the violin, however, surges of strange colors would flood my vision and twist the environment like I was stuck in a kaleidoscopic tube. There's not much I can say other than each note turned into a specific color or in a predictable way. Associating sound with visual context would be a cool way to learn music in real life, though.
    9. 12/03/13 A Father's Betrayal

      by , 12-05-2013 at 02:16 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      A Father's Betrayal
      I am standing out in a parking lot at night. I am not myself, and I am completely non-lucid. My name is Amelia. I keep thinking about mistakes I made. I shouldn't have gone outside the safety of the walls of the military base. But I'd just felt so cooped up. I'd longed to feel the ocean breeze instead of smelling the stagnant exhaust of the military vehicles. And the zombie infestation had been cleared from the area. So what could be the danger? I'd forgotten about the biggest threat of all... Alex Mercer. But even if I had thought of that, what interest would he have in a 25 year old college student? I was supposed to be off at school, but I'd gotten stuck here when I had been visiting my father at the time of the outbreak. Yet here I was, in the middle of a parking lot with a strange tendril wrapped around my waist like a tether, waiting for my father's response to Alex's terms for my safe release. Alex just wanted some dumb serum. Of course my father would turn it over, I was the most important thing in his life. Sure, he had been preoccupied with his work lately, but nothing would come between us. Wow... if Alex keeps his word and releases me I will get hell for leaving the base. I'll never hear the end of it. I am mindlessly playing with the tendril on my waist, secure but not uncomfortable, interesting texture, wondering what is taking so long. What if they don't have the serum Alex wants?

      Then I hear my father responding, I'm sure not much time has really passed, it just feels like that. My father is saying someone will be right out with the serum... but that's not what he said! Did he just tell Alex to go fuck himself? For a bit there is no response from Alex. My father must have a plan. That must be it. I can tell Alex isn't happy with the response. The tendril around my waist tightens uncomfortably, but only briefly, then it relaxes again like it was just a reaction to Alex being annoyed. Alex asks my father if he really wants to watch his daughter die. My father responds that Alex can do whatever he wants with me. Kill me… eat me… fuck me if that's what he wants. Alex would get nothing from him. He wouldn't turn over last week's shopping list. I am in shock… did my father just say he doesn't care if Alex kills me?

      I feel like my knees are about to give out, but before I collapse I feel the tendril around my waist pulling at me, pulling gently, though. Soon I am standing beside Alex. Somewhere in my mind I am thinking he's probably going to kill me now, hoping he will at least make it quick, but the foremost thought in my mind is how could my own father betray me like that. I am silently crying, my knees give out completely, but I don't collapse. Alex is holding me up. The tendril around my waist is withdrawn, now I feel Alex's arms around me. Is he hugging me? No… he must be consuming me, that's how he's going to kill me. But nothing happens. I am crying on Alex Mercer's shoulder. I hear his voice in my ear, but it sounds distant and I don't understand what he is saying. What I do realize is that he is speaking in a comforting tone. Maybe he's not going to hurt me? Then I hear him talking to my father again, saying maybe my father would reconsider when Alex started sending me back to him piece by piece. So much for not hurting me… Immediately after he finishes saying that, however, it's back to the comforting whispers again. I strain to hear what he's saying. He doesn't mean it. He'll keep me safe. He promises. He keeps repeating that while he holds me close. I hear him mutter something about sending my father pieces of a dead body, but that won't hold up if they test DNA. Damn, he'll have to get the serum some other way.

      Then my father's voice drowns out Alex's whispers. He repeats that he doesn't give a shit what Alex does to me. He says I am of no use to him. Maybe he thinks if he convinces Alex I am worthless to him that Alex will just release me and go away? That seems like an awfully risky thing to assume… My father is yelling at his own people now. He asks them what they're just standing around for? Mercer is right there in the open! Kill him! There are some voices that aren't loud enough for me to understand what is being said, then my father yelling again. What part of "she is of no use to me" did you not understand?! Open fire! I feel a quick movement as Alex turns away from my father and the base, bending both of us over and standing hunched over me. I look and see a shield has formed on his back that looks a bit like a spiked turtle shell. Bullets are ricocheting off of the shield. There is a lull in the gunfire, they are probably reloading… or preparing larger weapons. Alex is muttering some expletives and I think they are about my father. He tightens his hold on me and tells me to hold on to him as tight as I can. I wrap my arms around behind his neck. He seems to be tensed up as if about to spring, but he says to hold on tighter, as tight as I can manage. So I do, holding on so tightly that I would think it would be hurting him. But he doesn't seem to notice. Then he launches into the air, practically flying up the side of a building as I hear more gunfire and explosions around us. A couple more jumps and we are well out of range of any weapons at the base.

      Alex has stopped running and jumping, so I let go of him. I try to pull away from Alex, I really just want to get away from him and find someplace I can be alone. Alex holds on to me. Of course. What had made me think he was going to just let me go? My father had failed to meet his terms… flat out refused to even consider it. I try a bit harder to pull free, but it's clear I won't be able to do it. Alex holds me closer and says to just relax, he's not going to hurt me. He says the things he told my father he would do to me was all talk, trying to shock the bastard into cooperating. It hadn't worked. He says not to worry, though, he is not going to hurt me. He says I had better stick around, though… there have been some zombies moving back into the area, but they won't get anywhere near me as long as he is there. He lets go of me now, and then paces around the roof we are on for a few minutes. He seems to be thinking about something very hard. He stops and looks over at me. I don't like the look on his face. But he quickly looks away, shaking his head and muttering something, I hear him say there has to be another way. He seems very upset about something.

      I can't help it any longer and I ask what the serum he wanted is for. He looks over at me as if surprised I'm still there. He then says he needs it to cure his sister Dana. He says without the serum she will die. He goes back to pacing around the roof. Oh… his sister is sick… I guess maybe a lot of people would do whatever it takes to save a loved one. I stand there in silence for a bit. So it looks like both Alex and I will be losing someone we love. Without the serum Dana would die, and I as I feel right now my father is dead to me. I hear his voice in my mind again saying I am of no use to him. I think about it a bit longer and then something occurs to me. My father has always been a bit paranoid that someone would steal or sabotage his work. To prevent that, he has always kept a backup copy of all his data on a hidden hard drive on his home computer. Surely he has the data on the serum Alex needs. I ask Alex if the chemical formula for the serum would be helpful. My father has always said as long as he has the chemical formula, the samples are just extra insurance. Alex stops pacing and looks over at me again. He asks if I have that formula, I see a glimmering of hope in his eyes. I tell him I don't have it, but I can get it. I just need a computer with wireless capability. Alex says he knows a place and comes over to me. He crouches down and says I should get on his back and hold on at tight as I can. I put my arms around his neck and hold on. He is holding onto my legs so I am riding piggy-back. He says to hold on tighter. I hold on a little tighter, but after all I have my arms around his neck… He asks if I am actually concerned about holding on too tight… because if I am, don't be. It would take someone much stronger than me to choke him. Ok… so I hold on as tight as I can, and he launches into the air for what turns out to be a very exhilarating ride.

      A short time later Alex lands on top of what looks like an apartment building. There is a hole ripped in the wall of one of the apartments and we go in through there. There are several computers along one wall along with bulletin boards filled with notes and maps. The notes and maps mean nothing to me. I sit down at the computer and turn it on. It boots quickly since it had been in standby mode. Whoever had used it last had left it on when they left. Once online I go to the wireless connection. I wonder at first if I'll be able to access the network. But I needn't have worried, Blackwatch has turned all of New York into a wi-fi zone so they can communicate. And there aren't many civilians left who would know how to access it. Once on the network I have no problems navigating to my father's personal computer. As long as he isn't in the office, he won't notice the computer receive the remote power-on command. And he is surely still on duty. There is a password to get into his computer. I think about it for a bit and then use my mother's name. Access denied. I enter my mother's name and birthday. Access denied. No, he wouldn't make it that easy. So I enter my mother's name backwards and then her birthday. Access granted. Yes! Now to access his hidden drive. Finding the drive is easy, but it has another password. I use the same password… access denied. I guess it couldn't have been that easy. Then I realize it is just looking for a number. I use my mother's birthday. Access denied. Her birthday backwards. Access denied. Shit! It says one more failed attempt results in the system being locked down. Gotta make this one count. I am a bit too aware of Alex looking over my shoulder. Even though he hasn't done anything to hurt me and it doesn't look like he will it makes me uneasy. And I need that password…

      I fiddle around on the computer. I find a C# compiler. I fiddle around with code. Too bad I haven't studied code… But I find I know it anyhow! Somehow the information is just there, in my mind, like I've known it all along. (I know programming in my waking life, so that is probably where the knowledge came from.) I write some code quickly to sequentially search through numbers to identify a password. It then compares the number with the password in the database to determine if it is correct without submitting it and counting it as an attempt. I run the program, keeping my fingers crossed that it'll work. After a pause that is too long for my liking the computer finally flashes up the Access granted message. There is a list of directories that I don't understand. Alex points at one that says Batch 250 and says that's the one. I click that and he points at one that says 256b. I click on that and it opens up a list of files containing all sorts of information from the chemical composition of serum 256b to the results of experiments done with serum 256b. There is a final note on the bottom that said 256b was being terminated as a failed experiment. I stare at that word for a bit. Failed. Alex says something but I don't hear what. Right now I am thinking how my own father was willing to give up my life to protect a failed experiment. A fucking FAILED experiment! Alex carefully rolls my chair to the side and pulls another chair up to the computer. He types a quick email to a Dr. Ragland and sends off a couple of the files.

      Alex leans back in his chair and sighs. He says he hopes that will allow Dr. Ragland to create an antidote for Dana. I tell him I hope she is ok. An email comes back from Dr. Ragland. It says that the files Alex sent are exactly what he needs, he will create and administer the serum right away. He says he will send another email when she is awake. I look through the broken wall into the night, which is now brightening into dawn. Now that the action of hacking into my dad's computer has passed, I am just depressed again at the way he betrayed me. I slump down in my chair, feeling like crying but no tears actually come. Alex moves his chair closer and says if it means anything, he'd never had any intention of hurting me. It doesn't mean much… I say there's no way my sperm donor could have known that. I don't want to call him my father. He gave up that title when he told Alex to go ahead and kill me. I look over at Alex, right into his blue eyes which look a lot more caring than I would have expected after the horrible things I have heard about him. But it's looking like maybe I can't believe everything I hear, especially from sources such as Blackwatch and Gentek. Alex puts his arms around me and holds me close, trying to comfort me in my depression over my father's betrayal. And it is helping. It feels nice to be held. I somehow feel safe here, and suddenly very tired. I drift off to sleep in Alex's arms and wake up in my own bed.
    10. 8/16/13 dream- princess in trouble part 3- Final part

      by , 08-18-2013 at 06:25 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      I warn you now, this part is going to be kinda crazy. Here's the map of the layout of the house again for faster reference. Click the picture to make it bigger.

      Spoiler for dream house layout:

      I was freaking out and started pacing around the room, staring at the ring. I didn't know what to do, I didn't want to be married to the new guy, I wanted to be with the body guard. My mind was lost in thought when my best friend rushed into the room and ran straight to me. She put her hand in front of me, boasting about how the new guy just gave it to her and asked her to marry him. This news hadn't made me upset or mad, I knew he was going to ask them too, instead I started growing suspicious. I had a feeling that there was more to this guy then someone who liked to mess with the feelings of three innocent best friends. He was trying to do something else, something deeper, that I couldn't figure out. I sat my friend down and told her about my suspicions. She found it hard to believe and wanted proof. I showed her my ring and told her about he had just asked me to marry him also not too long ago. Her face became blank. She sat there staring at my ring with no emotion at all. It was just then that my normal princess outfit began changing into a married princess dress, my hair went from being worn up to hanging loose, and finally a crown appeared on my head. The deal had been complete, I was now officially the new guys wife. Almost on cue, he entered the room, his cloths had changed too. He was now wearing a red cape and a crown of his own with white spotted fur around the base. He said now that we were man and wife he had to leave and attend to some duties. On his way out, he said something to my other friend, who was standing outside the door to the room. I looked back at my best friend and she hadn't moved, she just sat there with a blank expression. I took my ring off and left the room.

      I had to find out what was going on. The new guy was up to something, I could feel it. I went to his corner and looked around in his trunk. I couldn't find anything incriminating and went to my room, The body guard was waiting for me. My heart tore, and I was expecting him to say he was done with me when he said he didn't care. He loved me and still wanted to see me and that he knew I didn't want to be married. I hugged him and a spark of hope grew in my chest. I spent some time looking around the house for anything suspicious, my best friend had gotten up and helped me look. Her emotions were harder to read then a book with invisible ink, but I could tell that she wanted to find out what was going on as well. My other best friend had become distant and had an aura of big headedness around her. The new guy hadn't asked her to marry him but she seemed so happy, even knowing that my best friend and I were both his wives. My best friends cloths had changed to a married womans dress, but unlike me she wore her ring. Whenever I took a break from searching I would spend time with the body guard, all my troubles went away when I was with him.

      The new guy had been away for a few days before he returned. I was in the sitting room when he greeted me. He went into my other best friends room and closed the door. I sighed and walked around the house, thinking. I couldn't be sure what he was up to. I started to have suspicions that maybe he was after the kings title, but what would he do with it? Our kindgom was gone. I started making my way to the body guard to lose my thoughts in him when the new guy showed up and asked what I was doing. I answered nothing and he went away. I found the body guard near the front door in the sitting room. I grabbed his hand and pulled him outside on the front porch. I told him that the new guy was suspicious of us, and that we would have to be more discreet. I pulled him down the first set of stairs leading to the lake and pushed him in the corner then started making out with him. We made out for a bit before heading back to the front door while He went back inside through the side door. When I made it inside the door I found the new guy waiting for me. He looked at me with a serious look and asked if I had been with the body guard. I kept quiet and he smiled and said he wasn't mad because he was involved with my other best friend too. I rolled my eyes and walked past him. I already knew that and didn't care, I didn't even want to be married to him, he could have her.

      It was the next day when the new guy called everyone in the house for a meeting in the meeting room. Everyone except my other friend sat on the right side of the table. The new guy was standing behind her with his hands behind his back. An evil aura was radiating around him. I knew that his plan was about to start and that we had been too late to figure it out and stop it. He announced that he was tired of pretending to be a good guy (ha good job of that) and he had plans of becoming the king. The only reason he wanted to marry me was to obtain that title, and he only wanted to marry my best friend so I wouldn't be alone when he took my other best friend as his main queen. I told him he'd never get away with it and he seemed smug then claimed I didn't have a choice. He was going to reclaim our homeland and had a plan for making people do what he wanted. I got up and started going around the table toward him so I could get in his face but he held his hand out and I stopped. He had a box with a red button in his hand and I watched as he pressed it. I felt something inside me turn on and I became mindless. I stood with a blank expression, my hands handing limp by my sides. It felt like my mind was trapped inside me. I could see what was happening but could do nothing to control my body. I herd the body guard demand what he had done to me and he answered that I was his puppet. He had put a mind control device inside my brain while I slept one night. He said he had gotten tired of the body guard being around and commanded me to kill him. My body moved behind the body guard and I placed my hands on his neck and started choking him. I tried with all my might to stop myself but I couldn't. I was screaming, trying anything to make it stop. Right before the body guard was about to pass out the new guy ordered me to cease. He laughed and said he didn't have any intention of killing him but he wouldn't let him be with me anymore. He had him locked away in a room then let me be myself again. The entire time, my best friend had sat in silent shock, unable to do anything. I stood still, feeling defeated. There was nothing I could do, if I tried to defy him he would just control me until I was broken. I probably already was. The new guy smiled then said he was going to take my best friend and I down to the lake to cheer us up.

      As we walked down the porch stairs to the lake our cloths changed into bathing suits. He was telling us about how he came down here often to get his mind off things and do some test runs. I was wondering what he meant by that last part when we reached the lake. I stood looking with shock. He had tested his mind control on dozens upon dozens of dolphins (I DONT KNOW how or why dolphins live in our lake, its a dream) He had ordered them to all swim to the edges of the lake at the same time and pile up on the edges. I noticed that there was a lot of trash among them so my best friend and I went along picking it up to try and make things easier for them. I wasn't sure what he wanted with them and he wouldn't tell us. We worked our way around the edge, picking up trash. Every now and again a dolphin would hand us some with its mouth. Once I tripped and a dolphin helped me keep steady. I saw some trash on the water behind the dolphins so we climbed over them and got in the water to gather it. When we were done we swam to the cement shelter and climbed up the ladder to get out. We were standing still, looking out over the lake with the new guy watching us when I woke up.

      I know this was long but I wanted to get the rest of it done. I hope you enjoyed reading my long crazy dream. It was crazier for me when I dreamed it. Thanks for reading
    11. 7-10-2013 Glorious View

      by , 07-11-2013 at 12:22 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Killing Floor Of Traveling:
      I remember being in a room in what seemed like an abandoned town. The room was locked and it was infested with undead. I was with a partner of mine. I think it was dusk out. Anyway, we go in and kill the zombies. I don't remember exactly what happened next, but i believe we talked inside the room. I felt like i couldn't trust my partner. He was a mysterious person, i didn't like the vibe i got from him.

      Next scene i remember, i'm at my grandmothers house, i might be driving one of their cars or talking to someone. And at another scene, I was on a high speed rail. I was traveling to someplace, i think i had a reason to go to that place but at the same time, i felt a feeling of being lost and having no place to go. The train stops and the passengers and i get out. I then start out to go to my destination but a guy driving a tractor with a wagon attached to the back comes by the train and picks people up to take them to their destination. I get on.

      The final scene, I'm on some continent, investigating different places of interest. I remember going to various places and then checking my map, The map had zones drawn on it and it was colored with the level of risk each zone had associated with it. As i'm traveling, i get to a foresty place with construction taking place not too far off on a hill.
      At this point, i gain lucidity, and decide to head over to the hill, i stop and have a chat with one of the construction workers as i walk up. As i get to the hill, the sight is absolutely amazing. In the distance, i see a desert area with a river flowing out to an ocean. The river had rich looking houses built next to it. The sun was also shining down. It was a great.

      Heavy Backstab:

      I was in a game of TF2. The game had three people in it. The objective was to backstab the heavy as a spy, Or if your the heavy, survive. The first two rounds, i was spy. The first round i won and backstabbed the heavy in what looked like a mid-constructed building. The next round took place at my house. I tried to backstab but missed and then the other spy came and was about to win but i killed him and then i killed the heavy with my pistol. I guess it was cheating but meh. The third round, about 5 people joined. I played as a heavy this round, there were also two other heavys. There were about four spies. The heavys got chainsaws this time. I got the idea to form a circle and each of us chainsaw a certain radius so we can ward off invisible spies. It worked for the most part. I remember sawing a spy through his chest but he remained invisible because he was still alive. I later came back and sawed the head off. As i did that, the other spies called a vote to kick me or something because our circle was sort of cheating.
    12. 7-9-2013 Focused dimension power

      by , 07-09-2013 at 08:10 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Third Person mission:
      In this dream, i spectate 4 different people. One person, which i think is me, is guarding something inside this huge machine carrier vehicle. Inside the vehicle is a mech, and behind the mech is me, as i'm guarding, another person lands on the vehicle with his mech, the person gets out and infiltrates the vehicle. He gets to my room and we fight. I can't remember who wins.

      The other 2 people i spectate are two people fighting in mechs.

      Burned betrayal:
      I'm in my house, and my mother is cooking something. As i approach, she then takes a hot pot with boiling water in it and smacks my hand. My hand then gets burned pretty bad. I run out of the house, outside it's night and the sky is abnormally dark.

      Dragon Truth:
      I'm on a bridge, people dress like they would in the middle ages. It's very crowded. There are various shops scattered around. As i see myself walking, a dragon awakens in a distant land. As it does, i'm forced to go around and tell the truth to people. This means i basically tell them what i really think about them. I remember walking up to some shops and shouting rude comment at people. I also remember getting a glimpse of a dangerous looking person that seemed to be located far away.

      Friends piano:

      I'm in my room with two friends i know, one is playing some sick dream theater tunes on the piano. After a while of that, another friend calls me up and tells me to meet in front of a store. I get to the store and my friend isn't there but rather, a group of other people i know. The group is being led by a mysterious painted talking face.

      Card shopping:
      I'm with my cousin, we're in a giant shopping mall, we're on like the 40th floor of this giant building. It's night time and the store is closing and no guards are around. So i tell my friend to steal some yu-gi-oh cards but then these two asian kids come around and they start trolling us. At one point, i'm pretty one of them sprayed some stuff in my face. However, two guards eventually come up and tell us to leave.

      Focused dimension power:
      It's daytime, and i'm at a park in some big urban city. I'm standing by a fountain, the fountain has tons of pretty girls by it. As i walk around, i eventually see my two friends waving at me from the top of a really tall sky scraper. I start running and make it up there. Once all three of us are out of public view, we unleash our dream powers and i open a dimension portal in which time is infinite. The portal only stays open for a short amount of time, so i quickly send my friend in there while casting various spells to maintain the portal, and as i have about 7 seconds left, i pull him back out.

      Foreign Half life:
      I'm watching this foreign person play half life 2. I eventually see him stop playing and i get to see his family and what not, he had a pretty chaotic house.
    13. 6-27-2013 Betrayal on the island

      by , 06-27-2013 at 09:51 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      I'm on some sort of tropical island with some friends. If you walk up the shore, there was a pretty big castle, there was an amusement part inside it. One of the areas inside was like a lego land, me and a friend i don't know rode mine carts in some hellish looking lava place. It was fun though. As we walk outside and back toward the coastline, we notice a Hummer was about to be given away. I enter the contest and win by chance.

      Soon after, i walk down toward the shore line and talk to my friends, then i start talking to random people i don't know. After that, everything goes to hell, the FBI start shooting missiles all over the place, and because of that, i take shelter inside the castle. Eventually, the people inside start going insane and every one is killing each other. After a while, most lights are out and the place is blown to hell. I soon find a group of mercenary like people and hang with them.

      Our group soon makes it's way toward an exit which leads outside, the bombing has stopped, so me and another person go outside. The guy i'm with says "Sorry about this" and then shoots me with his submachine gun. I feel the bullets hit in various places on my body. After about 18 shots, he stops and then fires one more time to finish me off. One of the bullets hits the right side of my neck and i feel blood come out. I instantly drop after that, i'm not dead though but decide to lay there so he thinks i am.

      He eventually leaves and i get up, i feel my neck and there's a little blood but everything else is fine. I guess i'm like a vampire or something. Either way, i start walking and eventually end up at a place that looks like my backyard, i find my dad there but in this dream, i don't recognize him as my dad. I walk up to him and he gives me food and guns for protection. And i find out, not only have people gone crazy, but monsters have invaded, how nice.

      He gets up and we go out to this mountain woodland place, we're hiking up the trail to some destination, but a fire has started spreading and we decide to go back. We head back to camp, the only people there now are a guy and a younger girl. My dad disappeared. Anyway, those two are friendly and they go out to collect monster souls which they then use to make potions.

      My dream has a medieval setting. I'm in some watch tower at night, there's a busy town below. I take a broadsword off a stand. I then exit the tower. As i stroll around the town, i see a computer with skyrim loading, i decide to go over and mess up some settings hehe. But then this ladies mother catches and chases me into this alley. While we were there, i take the sword and stab her. I then flip a secret door open and drag her down into it.

      Once we get down there, we're in a room full of my slaves, i lock her up on the wall. As the slaves eat. One asian slave takes her drink and she gets mad, i set there and laugh.

      Engineering sector:
      I'm in some sort of big rpg world with a team. As we're walking, me and this other lady fall off the bridge, we land in a high level engineering area we haven't unlocked yet. There's some people down here building jets and stuff, the lighting is dark. However, i luckily find my way up and talk to an engineer from tf2. I tell the engineer to go back down and help the lady but he shows me his paintings instead.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    14. Girlfriend is a Serial Killer

      by , 05-19-2013 at 02:57 PM
      I woke up in the middle of the night, confused. I kept dreaming my room at an odd angle, every time I fell asleep I would open my eyes, see my room and think I was in a different place. I woke up and went to turn on the air conditioner, I was so disoriented that I didn't realize until I opened the door that I wasn't still asleep and that my purpose in opening the door was to turn on the air conditioner =/. Reverse false awakening? FALSE SLEEP. o.O I dunno.

      In this one I'm male. I have no idea what I look like, which is fairly unusual. My girlfriend looks like this chick, Michaela McManus. ((I have no idea why she's popping up in my dreams, I'm not even watching any tv shows she acts in. *shrugs* I don't even think she's particularly pretty.))
      We've been together for 2 years, we live together. The whole thing feels distant, disconnected. Like we're strangers just pretending to know one another. She's been secretive, but I've never pressed the issue. We're staying with a friend of mine while we're out of town, a guy from WL work named Shay. We've been there for a few weeks.
      I'm standing in our bedroom. She has just left, hinting heavily that it's finally time for us to take the next step. She's left a ring case on the foot of the bed, so I can go out and propose to her at dinner. I pick up the ring box. I feel trapped, like I've led myself into a corner. I don't want to get married, but I can't back out without causing a huge fuss. I walk over to the dresser and in the mirror I catch a glimpse of the light grey suit I'm wearing.
      I absently think that it's been a long time since we've done more than sleep on our opposite sides of the bed, how we never even touch each other.
      It's too late now.

      I walk out into the hallway, it's L shaped and painted bright orange-yellow, I'm greeted by Shay's father who has been away for a couple of months. He's a police officer. Michaela rounds the corner and stops short, becoming tense. Shay's father turns his eyes to her...

      I wake up in bed. Someone has come to talk to me about what happened. I'm alone, she's gone. They ask me if I knew who she was when we started dating.
      "What do you mean? Who is she?"
      They explain that she's a serial killer who kills other criminals. She started out extorting bad men and then killing them, then she found herself in a relationship with Dan, a serial killer who seduced women and then killed them. At first they didn't realize that she had murdered another serial killer until they started doing some digging.
      Two of her women friends from that time in her life show up and explain how she used to be.
      "Was she that way when you knew her?"
      "No. I thought I knew her pretty well, too. How funny." I say, but mostly I'm just relieved that I've been given an out. Someone has called into work for me, since this will soon be all over the news and myself along with her.
      "Can you believe we're chasing_______"
      "What'd you say?" I ask, since I didn't hear the name.
      "She Who Kills."
      "She Who Kills?" I ask incredulously, "What a stupid name for a serial killer."

      The police show me a video from overseas of when she worked a military officer. How she waited outside the bar he was in until he noticed her. She pretended to be military. There's a guy in a car taking pictures so he can blackmail the guy.

      Something about going into an antique jewelry store and the clerk laying out small gold tiles that were supposed to interlock into a bracelet. It's about then that I recognize the design on their gift boxes, that this is where she bought her ring.
      "Sir? Will you be purchasing this today?"
      Stunned and suddenly sad, I put the box down. "No, I don't think I will."
    15. 5.02.13 - An Adventure!

      by , 05-03-2013 at 04:25 AM
      [Left work early. Got home around 3:00pm. * and took a nap, fell asleep around 3:15pm. Woke around 4:45pm.]

      [Playing a character in the dream but saw good friends from middle school (Chad and John), a former boss that constantly berated me (Nina), a current kind co-worker (Evelina), and an old interest that attempted to use me to gain a US Visa (Nawras).]

      I am going on a big trip with a group from school [not real school, class, ect]. We fly somewhere and are staying at the huge luxury resort. We are a part of some big event and there are groups from many other schools around the country. Nina is supervising our group and is not too happy about it. We leave our rooms to meet in a large conference room to read the event rules and regulations - what to do and not to do while we are in the resort.

      At the moment there is only a few of us and it is silent while each person reads the rules separately. Evelina, who finishes first, casually walks over to look out the floor-to-ceiling window (many stories up) that faces the huge parking lot. Laughing to herself she exclaims, "Wow! There's two HUGE cars out there parked where we have to use the restroom. Why would they do that?" Thinking HUGE means limousines, I quickly join her at the window to look outside. Despite half the parking lot being empty, there is a black and a white SUV parked on the grass right next to the small path leading to the bathroom. What jerks! There are PLENTY of spaces.

      Shaking my head, I walk back to other side of room and start reading. Apparently the rules are ridiculous because I read the first sentence and mutter, "DAMN!" This is met with a dirty glare from Nina and I immediately apologize and avoid looking at her. From the corner of my eye I see my friend is grinning behind her papers trying not to laugh at me.

      A few hours later, my friend and I go exploring in the lush green hills and bordering forest behind the resort. We noticed a lot of people have been disappearing down in that area and reappearing later giggling and chatting among themselves but refuse to tell us anything. We're determined to see what everyone is up to; plus, it is all the more exhilarating because we are not supposed to leave the hotel property and we're feeling a bit naughty.

      A mile or so behind the hotel we're almost at the line of the forest. There is a small shed like at my grandmother's house in front of a 5 foot high wood plank fence. Behind the fence I can see a wire mesh cage over a few small bushes. A little further behind the cage is a 6 foot tall wood chair, similar to a life guard seat at the beach, and next to this is a pile of brush. People are coming and going from somewhere nearby so I decide to pop over the fence and take a look.

      As I start over the top plank, my cell phone rings - it's an unknown number. Hesitating for a moment, I finally pick up. "Hello?"
      "Hi gorgeous. What's your name?"
      "Uuuhhh... Emily. Why?"
      "Emily, I love that sexy voice you have. You know what you should do with that smoky voice of yours?"

      At this point I remember someone telling me one of the groups at the resort got a hold of a handful of women's numbers and were calling them to attempt to initial what they called "phone flirting" conversations. At a loss of what to do next - because I am too nice to just hang up the phone and go back to my adventure - I look desperately to my friend to help. Huge grin plastered on her face, she takes the phone from my hand and interrupts the "charmer" on the other end with the most high pitched voice I've ever heard.

      "Hi, my name is Amie. How are you?"
      I burst out laughing while the confused guy on the phone sputters, "W...wait. Is this Emily or Aime?"
      "Oh fuck!" Click! Call end!

      Now we're both laughing our asses off over how randomly absurd the entire conversation was when I see my old friend Chad sitting in the life guard seat. As I turn to get his attention, John, who apparently has been looking for us, catches up. I start telling him about the phone call and my situation earlier with Nina.

      "I seriously could NOT get through that thing without muttering swears under my breath."
      Amie chimes in with, "No, really John, she could NOT stop swearing. She said like four things right in front of Nina and I thought she was about to get attacked. The look on her face was HILARIOUS!" John and I are rolling on the ground laughing and Amie is doubled over with laughter. We recover a few minutes later and I start to climb the fence again.

      I make eye contact with Chad and he is not amused.
      "How the heck did you get out here Chad?"
      "Only certain people can know and you're not one of them so you should just get back to the hotel."

      I just shrug off his shortness and start looking around. I can see a huge bush about 20 feet from the cage that I couldn't see before because the shed blocked my view. Heading in that direction, I walk past the cage and just happen to notice there are tiny baby rabbits inside the wire mesh; they look so soft and warm! Glancing to my left, wait... Woah! A random guy pushes up the pile of brush, sees me, and quickly disappears. It must be a secret trap door!

      In my excitement, I start towards the pile when Chad stops me. "No! Stop! That's private property and we cannot be near it. Listen, there's a tunnel in the bushes over there that leads back to the basement of the hotel. That's what everyone's been up to. Just go." Smiling triumphantly, I go check out the bushes and sure enough, there is a huge dark tunnel! So through it I go.

      Arriving finally back at the resort, I pop in somewhere to see Nawras. I must have known from before that he would be there with some friends but because the hotel is so massive, I did not think it likely we would even see each other. Momentarily I am dazzled by his sexy smile and well-toned body. The old crush surfaces at that moment and all I want to do is get him back to my room to finish off this attraction once and for all.

      Before I can even open my mouth to return his greeting though, the memories of his betrayals flood back into my head. When he used to blow me off for his friends but seem conveniently interested with me when he needed a ride. Then when he magically appeared in my life three years later, out of the blue, to talk to me on the phone for hours about why he is so much more mature than when he was in college. Finally finishing it off with his admission that he was going to ask to marry me so he could gain a US Visa but once he realized I was not leaving my boyfriend for him, he never talked to me again.

      Not only did he use me, but I was stupid enough to let him, even after catching onto his game the first time. Am I that in need of someone to talk openly with? A close friend? I think not, but there is a reason for everything - even if it is a bad reason. These negative emotions effectively wake me fully.

      I am seeing an interesting theme of negative emotions that I've set aside or ignored manifesting themselves suddenly in my dreams. I wonder if this is due to my openness to new experiences or if it is only because I am now making an attempt to remember my dreams. Hmm...
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