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    1. [19-11-2016: Beverly game, water zombies, FA + MILD TotM attempt]

      by , 11-19-2016 at 09:14 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Beverly game

      With pack of classmates we were playing some video game. It was night, we were running around Beverly Hills, seeking monsters. First we entered some factory and went down into some basement. There was a huge furnace surrounded by small hybrids of humans and bats. I drawn my pistol and shot, backing off to the exit. I was back in the streets, I entered a car and drove away from there to some park. Then I was ambushed by more monsters.

      Water zombies

      I was walking around a city. It was noon, horrible heat wave hit at that time and people were always carrying some water with them. A strange illness turned people into zombies, but instead of human flesh they longed for water, trying to get it desperately. It was calm back then when I just roamed the streets. Seeing that my water was running dry, I asked some chubby man wearing a pale brown shirt, black shoes, jeans and glasses. He had brown hair. I asked him if he could give me some water, as he had a canister with him and I had only a small bottle. He refilled my bottle and I thanked him, but as soon as I took a few steps away, people from the crowd and man with canister turned into water zombies. I ran, chased by the crowd.

      False awakening + MILD, ToTM attempt

      I woke up in my bed, it was dark all around in my room. I thought that there's something not right and made a nose plug reality check. I realized that it's a dream and went out of my bed. I immediately thought about task of the month. I left the room and through the hallway I went to the kitchen. It was dark, I looked at the light bulb thinking about light and it started blinking. I waved my hand at it and it lit up properly. I thought about an advanced task, the one about pulling head through ground or floor. I lied on the floor and tried to push my head through it. I had slight problem at first but I managed to push it through the floor, and saw just ground that my house was standing on. I got up on my legs and thought about DC showing a dance. Suddenly a black man with white hair, wearing a fancy smart entered the kitchen. He started singing some nonsensical song and dancing weirdly. I woke up.
    2. Lost shoe in Beverly Hills mansion; Snakes in the house; Wandering around San Francisco

      , 04-08-2013 at 05:53 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night, 4/7/13, Sunday - bed 12:30 - 9:20

      2 very long and detailed dreams

      1. I was driven in San Francisco, but only half way. When I'm walking, I'm trying to find out, where I am and how far I need to go. So I'm showing people a map - here is the river, I need to go on this main street and hang left to the main station. Something about bike rider, showing me his club, his friends showing up...

      2. I'm visiting or doing something in a mansion in Beverly Hills. The place is huge, like 40 rooms or so. I'm ready to leave, so we are looking for our shoes. Someone tells us, that they have been shined for us. We go to a table and find our shoes sitting in yellow blankets with pink bows on them. I open my blanket, but there is only one shoe. It looks very nice, though.

      So, I look everywhere for it. Open other blankets, look under table, asking people around. They have some kind of a party, so there is lots of very rich looking people there. I ask some of them, and I ask some of the staff in the house. They have buttlers, babysitters, some guys were putting up a wall full of posters and decorations, around 30 people on staff.

      I'm walking through hallways and each is different. One is decorated with white marble statues set in walls, it creeps me out a bit. I go through bathrooms, other rooms.

      I see lots of people sitting in a great hall room, there is people going in the bar with modern piano, there is an media room that has walls made of glass.

      I didn't find my shoe. But the lady of the house cut me a check for 100 to buy me new pair.

      Outside of the house, on a steep hill, a girl is playfully pushing another girl, while she is holding on to the tree. Someone else doesn't like it, because she could have pushed her down into the ravine.

      3. I'm working in this big house with lots of lawns and green places. There is a huge, 20 ft long, white snake laying on the side of the walkway, in the green, all coiled up. I know he is there, but each time I walk buy, I forget and remember after I went buy.

      I tell about snake to the lady of the house. I tell her, that I found another one, coiled up in a barrel. It's because she leaves the doggy door opened. She should keep it closed, and call a professional to look everywhere.

      There is a miniature cow living in a hollowed out rock. It's size of a mouse. I take the rock and look for some nice, grassy place, away from snakes. When I see him first run to the rock, I'm thinking, how interesting, I have never seen an animal in my dream before.

      I have some detailed converstions with her.