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    1. Wearing just my underwear in church.

      by , 07-16-2020 at 02:39 AM
      In the dream I was back in NJ, at the church I used to go. Some children are playing around in the church's basemant. At one point they needed to read the bible, so I ofered to go and find one. I go upstairs, and in one of the rooms, before the altar, I find Cesar, the deacon. I asked him if he has a bible available, and he says sure, here you go. I take the small bible and head out to the basement, but instead I go the wrong way and I end up on the left side of the altar, 3 benches away from it. I go towards the benches and I dock, not to be seen. Then I realize that I'm just wearing my underwear, now I'm really screwed in here, I think. My perseption shifts toward the midle lane; a blonde lady comes through, preaching outloud, and walking like in a beauty pageant. I think to myself "this lady is so chill, she doesn't even care what the priest or people would say about her". All the atettion focuses on her, but now she's sitting down with her family and she is taking about a testimony of life, some kind of miracle that hapened in her life. I couldn't remember exactly what she said about it.

      Note: This is one of my recurring dreams, since I moved 5 years ago, from NJ. to NC. I did quit going to church around the time I learned about Lucid Dreaming. The priest was actually a good friend of mine, but never got back in touch with him since then. I feel I should call him and say: "hello padre! ARE You DREAMING!!!"
    2. Dream - The Kitten Craze

      by , 06-01-2017 at 02:20 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 1 JUN

      Dream No. 123 - The Kitten Craze

      All of the dream took place in my old house. I was in my bed with a giant Super Mario and giant Dr. Neo Cortex plush toy. While trying to give them equal amounts of affection, I heard my mum yelling at my brother somewhere else in the house. As I was in bed, I was planning what I was going to say to my mum in defence. I eventually got out of bed, swung the bedroom door open and jumped out of the bedroom while shouting “engarde!”. When I question my mum, she denied yelling at NB but I threatened her with something, I forgot what though, and she gave up on denying. I then went back into my bedroom to pick some clothes to wear. I had a range of clothes in my wardrobe but what's weird is that some of the ones I picked were size 26.

      I then was in the kitchen and our cat Geej was there. I look over to the Christmas tree in the sitting and the grey cat is sitting under it. I then came to the conclusion the Geej and the grey cat had kittens, five of them. I eventually got to see what these kittens looked like. They were all mostly white with just tiny patches of grey and ginger. Apparently there was going to be some sort of welcome ceremony held for these kittens. This ceremony was set up in the kitchen, with these kittens being in a tub of greeny-bluey looking, jelly-like water. One part of the ceremony is where my dad's friend GC was going to read a bible passage. On the completion of him reading it, my dad complains from the couch, saying he would have rather preferred a Christian passage than a Jewish passage.

      My mum went up to take the bible from GC and I followed. At the end, I ended up having the bible and reading the passage. I do remember that this passage was distinguishing between goodness and badness. The bible had more of a layout like a children's storybook with some very good artwork in there. I remember enjoying reading the passage. When I was done, Gavin was amazed and made the comment that he wanted to get me on TV. The dream then skipped to my mum saying that some of the kittens had to be put up for adoption and I was a bit sad about this. Apparently five young stranger girls came and took a kitten each out the front door.

      The dream scene then changed to something unimaginable. Both my grandma and Ms D were playing together in a playground! I came up to my grandma and was returning her sunglasses to her. Then my mum made a big fuss about how I was being so nice by giving them back. I don't remember if anything else happened in this dream.
    3. 2017.04.07 - School Swim Outing

      by , 04-08-2017 at 12:45 AM (Discovery of the Mind: Xereniak's DJ)
      Finally, caught up on posting journals. For now.

      Also: $~ = "about"

      Recall Begins:

      I remember there is much that occurred before the earliest I can recall. It vaguely exudes the idea of a bible study camp. The idea of the book of Exodus, in particular, stands out. I cannot recall the reason for its importance, however, especially given the events that follow. I am in an outdoor swimming pool. The pool is small and appears to be Egypt themed, possibly tying back to the book of Exodus somehow. A coworker of mine is at the pool, who is a mother of 3. She may be there to watch her children swim. Aside from her presence, there are many small girls, aged ~6~9, and a few ~14~17. There may have been other parents at the other end of the pool, which felt ~20 meters long. As I was swimming in the water, I tried out a swimming manoeuvre I enjoy doing in waking life pools whenever I can go, which involves rotating my core whilst swinging my legs, to generate a small whirlpool and cause me to rotate quite quickly on minimal effort. In the dream plane, the ripples are more exaggerated and far-reaching. Sizeable waves are crossing the pool, and are quite large directly around me. A few 14-year-old women seemed either impressed or annoyed, and my coworker also appeared interested.
      /jump/ I am falling face first into the pool again, which is now bone dry and only ~1 foot deep. Those who were swimming a moment ago are now exiting the pool, unaware of any oddity occurring. I begin trailing out after them, and one child in particular seems to be continuously making eye contact and then looking away.
      /jump/ I am in a changing room.
      /jump/ I am now in what appears to be either the Taber swimming pool or the Nicholas Sheran Park pool (indoors). The child from before is running around the pool in her swimsuit colored as this text.

      Recall Ends.

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    4. Part 4: Advice Received on Healing of my Son’s Plantar Wart – Dec 28, 2014

      by , 01-05-2015 at 07:54 PM
      In this dream, I was given some advice on healing from my daughter. I walked into my bathroom, off my bedroom, and a beautiful young woman was standing there with a hoodie on, and I didn’t recognize her, but as soon as she spoke I knew it was my daughter. We moved in behind the bathroom door out of site. She had the exact same voice and facial expressions. In spite of all this I wasn’t lucid yet, but I should have clued in since my daughter has passed into Heaven. She then thanked me for trying to be with her all the time, and constantly reaching out for her. We kissed and hugged. It was so real!!! I still wasn’t lucid (if you can believe it).

      She then said, “Dad, there are phrases in the Bible on light, energy, and healing you should read.” Then I became lucid, because I remembered my plan to heal my son’s wart in a lucid dream. I then said, “What did you say?” I was sort of shocked by hearing this, since I’ve never read the Bible to any extent, nor has my daughter. She then repeated it in a more clear voice, “Dad, there are phrases in the Bible on light, energy, and healing you should read. Read the Bible!” Several people, including my wife, walked into the bedroom, and then my daughter and I walked out of the bathroom, to see who was there. As she walked out of the bathroom, she changed into somebody completely different. Now she looked like a belly dancer, and done up in a gold dress, tasseled, and bikini top. My wife gave me a shocked look, hit me on the butt with her hand, and looked at me like, “What were you doing in there?” The other people in my bedroom were men, who I didn’t recognize, and my lucidity ended and I returned to regular dream mode. I then asked the belly dancer in the gold dress for her cell phone #. My wife hit me in my butt again, and then I woke.

      The following day I Google searched the Bible on healing, and found several of references to this. It basically said if you believe in God, and have faith, then you can ask God to heal people by placing your hands on the sick and they will recover. This does clear up a few things for me, and in particular, that it’s not me who’s doing the healing, it’s God. I’m not a strongly religious person, but I’m going to listen to my daughter because she’s always right. Anyway, so now I’m going to change my strategy on healing this wart in a lucid dream. Instead of saying “Through love and consciousness heal my son’s wart. “ Rather, I’m going to say, “Dear God, please heal my son’s wart.” I’m also planning on creating an energy ball in the LD, and then pushing it into my son’s wart with my hand, and holding it there until it dissipates (healing lucid dream style!).
    5. 7.14.14

      by , 07-18-2014 at 02:10 AM
      I'm walking into a school with a group of kids. It was raining outside, and a guy is talking about how Jesus made it happen. I get irritated and say loudly "the water cycle!"'
      We all sit down.
      An old friend, S , is here; she sits at the desk by me.
      We now get separated into 2 groups for a game. The groups are the 'bible believers' and the 'nonbelievers'. As a surprise to me, and everyone else, I end up in the believers group. I think that it won't be bad, since I probably know just as much as the believers. An ex's brother is my group. I tell him he knows a lot about the bible and he laughs.
      We are now at a dark baseball diamond, sitting against the cage, playing the same game.
      The group goes somewhere - into town.
      I, and 2-3 others, veer off from the group, down a little alley with shops on the sides. We enter a building. The building is dimly lit, quiet, empty, and impeccably clean. Shelves, boxes, and containers of candy, any candy you can imagine, fill up the walls and counters of both rooms. It's set up like a buffet, but with sweets.
      I admire the candy, but tell the Asian woman behind the counter that I don't need any. She tells us to have a nice day and we leave.
      Outside, I find myself alone and at a river. I try to cross the river, holding my shirt above my head while I swim with only my feet. The current catches me, but I grab ahold of a rock.
      I see a figure under the water with his hand outstretched. I grab him and pull him up; it is my old friend, K. We get out and start walking along an empty road towards a lone building. There is a urinal built into the outside of the building. We talk about that.
    6. 6.21.14

      by , 06-22-2014 at 05:12 AM
      I am walking out of school with C. Outside the doorway, my old English teacher Mr. Bell is handing out bibles. I tell him that I hate the bible; C and him laugh. There is a bible on the ground and I kick it. Now C looks mad and she goes off to her bus. I get on my bus and make my way to the back. The last two rows have seats all the way across. I take a seat between two boys slightly younger than me. One pulls out a pipe and they both start smoking weed.
      Tags: bible, bus, school, weed
    7. Online Friend Comes to the Rescue in a False Awakening Intruder Dream

      by , 03-18-2014 at 03:57 PM

      8 am non-lucid

      Had dream set in my apartment but not false awakening, just a normal dream.

      In a few instances, people (seemingly harmless, like an old lady) would sneak into my apartment and try to steal things, but then I'd catch the, and shoo them away.

      There was a man in my dream who stayed with me to protect me. Something was wrong with him, maybe depression, so he didn't have a job. He was engaged to someone. He is Asian. I think he is one of my online friends from waking life.

      At one point, he and my husband met. They talked about me in a protective, caring way.

      9:16 am non-lucid

      I did have sort of a false awakening dream where I was scared of an intruder and couldn't get out of bed, but I wasn't lucid.

      Someone who isn't Christian is teaching the Bible. He comes to a point where the class thinks there is a contradiction. He explains that they're right and how that's just a mistake since it's just a book. I want to say no, but I'm in bed so I can't. Then someone next to me in a chair, Darryl from The Office, says, "No, it's not a contradiction."
    8. Road Trip; The Answer To Everything

      by , 11-21-2013 at 11:20 PM
      Original journal entry dated July 14, 2002:

      I dreamed I was on a road-trip with my aunt and uncle, except that it was like a video-game in that I could save at certain points and then "play" from my last save-point. My cat, Abby, was with us, and she fell out the window, but they refused to stop the car so I could go and get her, even though she was in the middle of traffic. So I screamed at the top of my lungs until they stopped the car. Miraculously, my cat had not been flattened and seemed perfectly fine, though I wondered if maybe she actually HAD gotten hit and seemed ok but was bleeding internally. Then I vaguely remember what was possibly a different dream, there was a lot of art involved, paint and colors and rainbows and stuff, and something about silk.

      Original journal entry dated July 15, 2002:

      It was sort of a waking-dream, a daydream, as I unsuccessfully tried to fall asleep. All I could manage was a light snooze. All the same, I imagined that I was leafing through my old Bible.
      I don't consider myself a religious person; all the same, it had significance for me. I hated that old Bible because it was such an ugly teal color, and because the vinyl was cracked, and because it was dog-leafed from being studied and being in my backpack. I flipped through the pages and saw where they had been highlighted. There were a lot of highlighted passages, stuff that I was supposed to study for class. My old Bible was heavily highlighted, mostly in yellow, and I always hated how the pages were so thin that the yellow marker leaked through them and then you could see the black on the other side, and it made them so hard to read. In any case, I really hated that Bible.
      I had to buy it for class - the King James version. And I hated it because my mother had had to buy the cheapest one in the store. I think I was looking for one verse - one particular verse - that would answer everything, every question I had ever had, and it wasn't there. All of the passages in smudgy black ink on cheap paper, highlighted in yellow, that I had had to study for so many hours for my classes, didn't hold the answers. The verse that I was looking for just didn't exist.
    9. Butterfly Monk

      by , 11-14-2013 at 09:39 AM
      Original journal entry dated April 4th, 2002:

      This time, my dream had some people in it I know - S and Sr. S was a nobleman who was a slight notch above a knight, and Sr was a monk. As the dream progressed they sort of lost their resemblances to either person, though, and became characters in their own rights.

      Anyway, "S" had gone to the monastery to get some peace and quiet. He wasn't so much ill as stressed out. As he was walking through one of the fields he came across the monk, who was running around wearing butterfly wings and singing. He stopped to watch, puzzled by the strange sight, and the monk came up to him and started talking about how he wanted to communicate with the faeries. The monk had a Bible which was actually (and oddly) bound with the spirit of a demon. There was also a blue flower in the field that was a parasite, and grew so quickly and aggressively that it was strangling the others - this upset the noble/knight guy so every day he would go out into the field and try to hack the harmful plants up... it was a losing battle, though.

      Anyway, he went into the monastery to go back to his chamber and was admonished by a monk for being so loud. He was then stopped by a messenger who had been sent by his wife, to tell him that she was arriving there the next day. The servant was a little worried about the Lady's sanity, and as for the nobleman himself, he said, "I believe she is quite looney".

      The end of the dream was garbled, though - the Lady arrived, caused a lot of upset, and then through some sort of spell or ritual the nobleman or the butterfly-wing-wearing monk caused an earthquake - a chunk of the monastery that had been built to overhang the cliff fell into the sea, and unfortunately the Lady was in it at the time. And there was something about the demonic Bible, too, but like I said, the end was blurry.
    10. Weird job interview

      by , 08-20-2013 at 11:02 AM
      I went to this weird job interview. I got the interview because months ago a former coworker had apparently told me they were looking, and then i was not looking, but now i was (in my dream), so i contacted them again. when i arrived there was some confusion and I had to wait for someone to see me, but then a man came. The office was weird: Instead of sitting at desks people sat at tables with small groups of other people doing different stuff. I remember thinking that those chairs would not be as comfortable as desk chairs.

      At one table people were verifying the consecutiveness of page numbers in a bible. My supervisor who was interviewing me noticed that the page number that one of them was on was much lower than his count. The man insisted that it was nonetheless correct. I pointed out that it could be if the preface had 37 pages that were counted with Roman numerals. I was trying to impress that I could subtract like that.

      At another table I don't know what they were doing but part of it involved petting dogs. I asked whether one could pet cats instead.

      I finally asked what they actually did here, and was told that they did whatever their clients requested, and that people just figured out how best to accomplish it. I remember I was very impressed out of some reason. I wanted to know whether this was the company headquarters, and was told that no, that was in Vegas, but they were thinking of relocating to San Francisco or Detroit.

      It seemed they were interested in hiring me. I said that I had had a raise at my current job though since the time I told them how much money I made, would this be an issue. They said no, that they actually would pay me even more.

      Then I somehow lost my supervisor / guide. I wandered the hallways trying to find him. Some company hallways were weird like there were spas and locker rooms etc there. I found someone who recognized me and knew who I was looking for, and he tried to help me. He took me downstairs and there was this fancy Middle eastern restaurant there. But we could not find the supervisor.

      I finally gave up and left. Then I found out that I now would not get the job because I had not staid and waited. I wanted to know how long he had expected me to wait. Was I supposed to stay around and wait even after everyone else left for the end of the day? It was weird that I asked that, since I really had not waited long at all.

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    11. August 3rd

      by , 08-05-2013 at 07:19 AM
      Dream 1
      - My dad drops me off downtown. I see a man in a clown costume. I also see K and her boyfriend. I go up to them and ask if they know where i can buy a good costume. They tell me where, but when i start to head in that direction, I find myself in a hot tub. There's a younger boy in this hot tub and there's also some rock formation. I start scratching into the rock to make it look like a mountain. Just when it starts to look really good, the kid pulls it apart. I'm a bit disappointed but I know its time to go to anothe house to play music and video games with the band Whitechapel.

      Dream 2
      - I'm in a room with three other people and we are talking about the bible and how Satan is something other than he should be or something like that. I look in the bible's index for Satan but it isn't there. I do notice that every word has at least one exclamation point after it. I say "Calm down Mr. Seuss!"
    12. July 15th

      by , 07-16-2013 at 05:52 AM
      Dream 1

      I'm with my friend K and apparently we're by a river. I know there are things swimming in this river, but I never see the river. I'm perfectly aware that we're in a dimly lit garage? We're talking about grafting toes. She then tells me she has a four page bible on her underwear.

      Dream 2 ~ Almost a deild?

      I'm walking through school carrying the biggest stack of cards I can fit in one hand. My arm is flexed from trying to hold them all. I'm on my way to English class, and my friend, A, gets there just before I do. I smile but she doesn't look at me or keep the door open after walking through. As she walks, I really notice her blonde hair; it's more textured than usual, but just as shiny and beautiful. After I look away from her hair, I notice the project screen; it says something about meatballs. I don't know where to sit, but thankfully there are green seating carts on each desk. Examining one. I find that I sit in the back left with two empty seats on either side. Slightly disappointed, I start to make my way to my seat, but the teacher stops me. She says she'll take my cards, and she does, but she doesn't take them all. I start to tell her I have more but then...

      I wake up. But I haven't opened my eyes or move, so I immediately recall my dream and then try to imagine myself back in that room, talking to that teacher. I have her say "This is a dream. You are dreaming." As she says this, I feel vibrations and I feel as if I'm being 'sucked into' the dream. And then.. nothing. I open my eyes and am still in bed.
      This was my first serious deild attempt. Could I have been at the end of my rem cycle? Any ideas?
    13. Searching.....

      by , 03-18-2013 at 12:31 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I started out looking for Kaomea. (sure she wouldn't mind if I popped up...well that's what I was thinking) The dream started out in my room, and it was really dark. I did a backwards tucked somersault and melted through the floor. (yes, weirdest teleport ever) It was like traveling on an elevator that had no walls. I could see my room on the first three floors, and just decided to step out.

      When I did, I noticed my house was off...like even for a dream house. (I messed with something but the detail eludes me) When I walked outside, I found myself in some sort of amusement park. I was walking around calling out for her, but I didn't hear anything. I assumed that she wasn't here so I decided to do something else.

      (there's another gap in recall)

      I picked up a futuristic rifle. It had a touch screen and some DC showed me how to set it up. And just in time. All these demonic monsters came out of no where, and I was taking them out. It shot electricity, or something that looked like it. Once they all died, the other DC's start rushing he corpses for loot. I went to the biggest thing I killed and pulled out a book and some other papers. This little girl wanted the papers so bad, so I gave them too her. The book was the Bible. Some guy started talking to us about getting saved and I was like "um okay...what?" Dream faded out.
    14. Duay Rhimes

      by , 12-05-2012 at 07:48 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      around 12 am - 9:47 am

      Key words:

      "Duay Rhimes"
      LRT, train
      working for someone instead of for myself
      gulaman, powder

      Miss H, judge for a writing contest. I pay for the prize and for the judges.
    15. Sharing the bible with some mexican guy

      by , 08-29-2012 at 04:13 PM (Exterminate)
      Wow, it has been a few days since I remembered any dreams, but this one was fun, it lasted about a half an hour to an hour.

      So in Mexico, I don't know how/why we were there, I get caught by this man, he says Christians can't talk about the bible there. I get sort of mad, and start talking to him for a long time about why I believe what I believe, hearing his background, giving my background. I do not remember the details of the conversation. He told me the reason he hated Christians was because of a few years ago, when Obama was a Senator, he was told a verse from Ezekiel that sounded hypocritical. He then backed it up saying that "it says similarly at this spot in the bible about this." I responded he was quoting from the old testament out of context, and that he should first read those verses in context, then read the new testament before the old. I remember thinking I had been there a long time, then my dad comes in from downstairs, which is weird because I know we were outside, on some benches. Anyway, he starts reading off some Doonesbury comic to me, I listen, but then tell him I gotta go, I say that I hope what I had said meant anything to him, he said he would read the new testament, or at least part of it, but he doesn't expect any change. I take one last look at his face as the dream ends, and I swear to God he looked just like Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction.

      It was interesting to me just how long the conversation went on. I recited 3 full bible verses throughout the conversation, none of which I have memorized. I wish I could recall what I had said in the dream. I'd like to reference those and see if my subconscious recalled the correct verses or if it was just spewing gibberish.

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