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    1. A room full of scrolls, an embarrassing tape, and "brain surgery"

      by , 08-30-2013 at 07:40 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from August 28.)

      I was walking through a big room that was full of Egyptian jars that held old scrolls. The jars were all shaped like scrolls and had heads of the gods as lids like the canopic jars. The room was semi-outdoors and had a roof open to the sky. Afiel and I walked through the room and marveled over the different scrolls. I remember the first thing I said when I saw the room was "Look at all these scrolls!" We walked through a door to another open-air room. This one had stone paths and lots of plants so it was more like a greenhouse. However, there were also scrolls all around the room here, but the scrolls were all unrolled so we could see what was on them, and there were also old books opened up and scattered among the greenery. As Afiel looked around, I stopped in front of an old biblical scroll, I think it was excerpts from the Book of Enoch. I remember seeing a verse on the scroll that mentioned angels somehow, and I felt really sad and ran my fingers over the verse. I can't remember what the verse said though.

      I had an embarrassing tape of myself that was worth a lot of money, so I destroyed it because I didn't want it stolen. Later on, I found out that my grandma had made a copy of it and was going to sell it. She was staying in a big hotel in town, and found out that I knew about the tape, so I was racing against her to reach her hotel room, and the tape, before she did. I jumped into an elevator and went up. Her room was on the 35th floor so I had to get there. For some reason the elevator wouldn't go that high, so I had to get off on an earlier floor and onto a different elevator. The other one was a little weird, I walked onto it and the floor was covered in gym equipment. Mostly barbells that were taken apart so the weights were scattered on the floor and the bars themselves were rolling around everywhere. The floor was also ridged so the bars would fall into the ridges and get stuck there. The elevator stopped and a man with a big brown dog got on. The dog was super vicious and growled at me, so I grabbed a barbell bar and waved it at the dog all menacingly and he whimpered and avoided me. I finally reached the 35th floor and ran to grandma's room, only to find that she was already there when I opened the door. Then I blacked out for some reason, I think there was some kind of accident, but when I woke up I was sitting on the bed with a surgeon who was operating on my brain. My face was unhinged like a door or a robot face, and the surgeon was working on my brain from the big hole where my face usually goes. I was all annoyed and telling the surgeon what to do, but all he did was take my brain out and then reattach it inside my skull by tying a single felt thread to it and then tying the thread to the top inside of my scalp. I remember it stinging as he threaded the needle through my scalp. As I'm walking around after the "surgery", I can feel my brain swinging around in my skull, hitting the sides and such, and I get super annoyed by it. I went back to the surgeon and complained about it, hoping he'd reattach my brain to my spinal cord instead, but he just took another felt string and attached it to my scalp with two strings instead of one for "added stability". I was annoyed by that too, but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to be rude.