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    1. Sunday, December 22

      by , 12-23-2019 at 07:38 PM
      I am at Nathaniel’s, watching him for a while. I’m lying on my back, with my legs straight up, him balancing his torso horizontally on my feet and holding my hands to balance. He seems to be having fun, and his personality is just as I remember it. Now, his dad is here, and he is just as nice as I remember him too.

      I am walking into what I think is a huge Walmart. As I walk in, I am cognizant of my middle parted hair hanging almost to my shoulders. I’ve decided that I am growing it out again and am pretty happy with this resolution. I also remember asking Makayla and her saying I should. I think I am going in here for a Christmas gift. I think I’ll look in the kitchen aisle for Mom and then I think for Melissa too. I end up not even finding the aisle, but end up by the cases of water. Everything looks like it is in bulk. I also notice bulk sized jugs of different tequilas and vodkas for around $10. One is called ‘Jimmy John’s Vodka’, which I think cannot be that good. I then get the idea to look at the beer, just to see what they have. There is a somewhat small selection on a few shelves, but then I notice that it is labeled ‘non alcoholic’. I step out into the wide and long main aisle (almost the size of a street) and notice a guy coming towards me on a bike. I started stepping into his path, but then wait for him to pass. I think I am also aware of my eyesight and how it is not that good. I have found the beer aisle now, which seems to be mostly six packs of cans in cardboard boxes. Nothing really looks that appealing. One says ‘Finally Harvest Time’ and has a graphic of a moon and the silhouette of a person. I think that can’t be that good either. Now, I am by some food products and wonder if I should just grocery shop while I am here. I don’t have a basket, but I can carry a few things. I am looking at the breads, thinking about what I would use them for. There is one that looks like four large pretzel rolls. I then notice the same package in someone’s cart, and the bottoms of the rolls look slightly burned. At the end of the aisle now, I see a large, circular, plastic container of frozen chicken tenders. There seems to be three groups, each arranged around a thing of sauce? The label indicates that it is a Phil Lesh brand, which I think is cool. I pick it up, contemplating getting it, but put it back because it’s really big. Then, I hear Phil himself over the intercom, saying that it’s my last chance if I was thinking about getting those. His voice is calm and monotonous, which makes it sort of humorous.
    2. Saturday, August 24

      by , 09-23-2019 at 09:10 PM
      I walk up to a small bar counter in a small room. The room seems mainly to be for some standing space and the counter. I think there is a window with a view behind the counter or a little off to the side, adding some hazy sunlight. A few moments after I situate myself at the counter, a clean cut and conventionally attractive bartender turns his attention to me. He makes eye contact and lifts his chin as a way of asking what he can get for me. The menu seems to be hanging and is in two sections. Each option is a wine, but each is the name of a place. I tell him I see that the options are names of places and not varietals, and I ask what he would recommend given that. I am confident in what I am saying, but I’m still self conscious of my voice. There are people on either side of me, and it feels like their attention is on me and what I’m saying. The man asks what I’m looking for, and I say a white because of the hot weather. He asks what kind of flavors, and I say probably something more creamy than tart and something more sweet than not, but not cloyingly so. I end up saying quite a few flavors to where it still makes sense but is not very specific. He asks me to narrow it down, and I say ‘just not a red.’ he and the couple to my left start laughing. Self conscious, I ask what’s so funny. Amber from Sephora is here now and telling the man “babe, be nice.”

      I am in a smaller house that seems to only have basic furniture and no adornments. There is a couple that calls me (from the house across the street I think). The woman is describing a ‘medical emergency’ that really doesn’t sound like one. They want me to do something about it, but I’m trying to talk it down and get out of it. They still end up coming over here, into the bedroom I am in. the woman, with dark hair and eye makeup, starts reprimanding me about the nature of the ‘emergency’ and my reluctance to remedy it. It sounds like the guy, what is here but not saying anything, only scratched his finger, I think from the pin part on an EAS tag. I apologize, empathize, and just nicely tell her what she wants to hear. She’s fairly understanding but still comes off like she thinks she is so in the right. I let her think that but still think it’s puerile. They then leave, I think on good terms.

      I am in an unfamiliar city, on a bike. There are buildings either way I could go on this street. I know I need to go somewhere, but I’m not sure where and I’m not sure which way to go. I just follow my gut feeling and it turns out to be right. I am riding along the sidewalk, slightly downhill. It looks like the road is turning into a bridge over water. The sidewalk is divided down the middle by little white markers standing up. Everyone is to the right, and they all seem to be going slow. The bridge seems to be more of a flat expanse now, the road blending into the sidewalk, blending into a smaller barrier at the edge. We seem to be right at water level or just barely above it. The water is bright and clear, soft sunlight brilliantly reflecting upon it. The whole scene is beautiful and slightly surreal. For some reason, I think this is London.
    3. Thursday, August 9

      by , 12-20-2018 at 03:44 AM
      I am riding my bike up to a lake. From my current perspective, the lake looks small (it reminds me of the bike trail up the side of Fallen Leaf Lake), but when I get up closer to it it looks larger. I think it’s Tahoe. I look to my left and see Dad amongst some people on the fairly long and slightly inclined beach. I ride past him just a little bit, so I can turn back and ride straight down at him in an attempt to startle him. I do so, the sand ultimately stopping my momentum right by him, though I don’t know if it startles him. We end up getting into the water. I still think it’s Tahoe, but it almost looks more like the ocean. It is shallow for a long ways as we wade out. At one point I have my head underwater and am seeing two fish. They are fairly large and an aquatically metallic dark grey with specks of gold or another similar, lighter color. There is a small beak or some sharp protrusion on their faces. I don’t think they’re entirely malicious, but I do keep my distance from them. I surface and tell Dad “tiger head sharks.” We now see the water ahead of us a ways is a much darker blue, so we stop. I then hear what sounds like running or draining water and then see water ahead of us slowly moving. It draws back, increasing in speed, before swelling into a sizable wave. It is white-capped before even reaching us, so I simply plug my nose and prepare to ride it out. It breaks on us, more gently than anticipated, and I let it carry me underwater almost all the way to the shore.
      Tags: bike, fish, lake, water, wave
    4. How to drive?

      by , 08-27-2018 at 01:48 PM
      How to drive?

      Needed to learn how to drive a car with a baby seat in it. So first I practiced with a bike but I needed that seat so I went to a doll store but couldn’t find one. Contuined walking around in that building and found an art gallery. Both my sisters were sitting there in a dark room with their iphones. I damaged a carpet before I started to rip off a piece of the wall. Underneath there was pictures of EXO. I even went to the blinds and so I could look outside the window. But even there on the window glass there were even more pictures. But when I saw a person outdoors I would let the blind slide down again.

    5. February 28, 2015 (L) | Bike, Tornado, Airborne

      by , 01-03-2018 at 03:45 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-I spawned on a bike, saw an F5 tornado centered on the church building, and tried to bike to safety after walking with C to the southeast. Then, the tornado started chasing me. I continued to bike in a straight line on the same road until I had to stop for some reason. When I got going again, it was in the wrong direction, towards the tornado. I was like, “I’m such an idiot.” Somehow, I biked to an area with a Skyrim campfire, shack, and house. I biked to the house and entered it just as the tornado hit me. Now, the house was trash, and I was airborne. Next the tornado and a guy in a small shuttle thing spawned near the end of the same road. We were nearing the coast, and suddenly a giant plastic had pushed the shuttle thing towards the water with a good speed.
      -2-C, some others, and I spawned in new york. We crossed a bridge to do something, then crossed back over. Later, both the Brooklyn Bridge and the concrete bridge we were on were closed.
      -3-There were these buses that me and one other person were in. A giant alien was tearing the silver one to try to get to me. It was moving, and it had my scent, so I jumped off and ran back to the stationary, yellow one. Suddenly, young link spawned with Majora’s Mask. Later Young Link and I (who is now Samus) entered the first room of a space station filled with hostile aliens. I shot them all down easily. Link had only 5% health left somehow, so when I shot the container next to him, he died. I then loaded a state to before the aliens were killed, and I killed them all again, this time leaving Link with a lot more health than last time. At the far corner, there was a door that said “Warrior Room”. I decided to avoid that room.
      [New (L) Scene]
      I was in the kitchen, trying to change my leg structure unsuccessfully.
      Lucid Time: 20-40 seconds
      lucid , non-lucid
    6. LD 96 - Super Bike (From 14.7.17 )

      by , 08-31-2017 at 03:25 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      At my old school in my hometown. Teacher missing, classroom outside? Iiro trying to sleep, he ignored me and I got mad. After some yelling I left. Old school buddies biking around. Awareness slowly rising. Got to my bike, unlocked it and left. I was almost sure this was a dream. I tossed the heavy bike lock at a car driving by. It left no dent in the glass. Yeah, dreaming. I hopped on the road and imagined my bike having a rocket behind it. Successfully rocket boosted forward. Car was coming my way, I decided that my bike was an indestructible laser blade that could cleave that car in half. Well, I phased through without harming it. Disappointed, I tried again with the next car. My bike cleaved the front half cleanly in two. I phased into the car and talked with the two guys. Gay couple, it turned out. Lucidity started to fade as my mind wandered. The chat with the gays made me visualize South Park games and my kitchen. I moved stuff with my mind in the kitchen, then the dream ended.
    7. [10-02-2017: Code, Forest]

      by , 02-10-2017 at 09:00 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was browsing the web when I stumbled upon source code of Blood game. I immediately downloaded it and started thinking about developing my own projects.


      I tried to park my car in the school parking, but all places were blocked. I drove to nearby blocks of flats and parked there. Then entered school bus and with group of classmates and teacher we drove to forest, where we had a practical exam for a technician title. It was a noon, we drove to the forest along extremely convoluted road until we got to a spot with fireplace. We drove first by car and then by bikes. It was set up for us as a small party after the exam. Suddenly I found myself at the outskirts of forest in the middle of the night. I wanted to get back there as we had to return those bikes back to school. I followed the road and then I heard the sound of fallen tree and chainsaws. I was scared of one falling on my head, but still moved on. On the way I saw huge timber pile, with each log being larger than a building. I met my teacher, instantly recognised him in the darkness. He quickly led me to the bikes. I met two classmates there who also didn't returned their bikes yet. We got them, they were winnying that school's far away. I told them "With power common for lucid dreamers, we'll get there in a second!". I got the bike and focused, and instantly appeared with the bike in schol garages. I left the bike and went away.
    8. My dog almost hit by a truck

      by , 07-08-2016 at 10:14 PM
      This dream isn't as horrific as it sounds. My dog and I were running down a street. I also remember visions of her riding a bike next to me, which I find hilarious and wish could happen. I see her veer a little too far into the road, and suddenly a truck is almost on top of her but it stops in time and I grab her quickly.

      Sadly this is all I remember from lat night.

      Twice while running yesterday I saw my dog was indifferent or unaware of traffic, and noted to myself to keep her closer to me as a truck rode by closely, and one truck passed in front of us without letting us cross the street.
      Tags: bike, dog, running, truck
    9. 111015: Long Trip To The Terrace

      by , 10-11-2015 at 09:17 AM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm out in a place in the desolate north, a motel of some kind. The sky is grey and there are tree and gravel around. I'm with my family, like a family trip from back in the day. I go inside and see my cousin and my sister. It is as if this is our last day here and we are about to leave. My sister pulls out a Go board and want to play a game, to my complete surprise. I agree and we start playing. My sister is playing black and we play, I'm able to get a strong opening going. I've always wanted a Go board. A thought flickers through my mind, doesn't Go have a white starting stone?(it doesn't IRL) My sister captures stones incorrectly and I yell out lightheartedly, you have to surround the groups before you can take them!

      She asks if she can take the board with her, I say yes. I'm with my bike and I want to ask my sister if I can get a ride back with her in her car. She is passive-aggressive and just walks away. I ask my mom when she is leaving and she says Thursday. I'm shocked, that's almost a week away! I can't wait that long here! With little preparation I have to make the long journey home on bike. I mentally prepare for it, I've done this before, I can do it again.

      After thinking about the trip, going through the whole trip in my mind I find myself in the center of a city, as if I just transported there from playing the route in my mind. I enter a clothing store, a fancy one you'd find in a shopping mall and I see a friend of mine working behind the counter. There is a window behind her and I can see the street and cityscape through it. I begin talking to her and I mention the crazy trip I'm about to take on the bike. There are a lot of nail products in front of her and I reluctantly show my nails, thinking they are going to be full of grime. Showing them I'm amazed that they are very clean, almost pristine. It must be my diet or something. MY friend shows some new nail products.

      A woman with dreads come in. She's from St. Petersberg. She tried to call my friend a few months ago for work. They walk off to talk business and I'm not sure what to do, should I handle the register? I would want to but I'm not too sure as to how to handle it. A bunch of her friends from work, fancy cultured types dressed in hipster garb, come in. I'm swept along with them.

      We are in a fancy car going down a gravel road lined with large, decorative trees. Are we going to a spa? My friend is there with her other friend and Dr.Christian Jessen from those British medical shows. Our rich patron, fat and in a suit, sits somewhere. in this limo. They all begin to talk about the state of the world. Each person gives a vox pop style snippet of what they think is wrong with the world, my friend mentions ecological issues and Dr.Jessen mentions health (I think?). I begin to talk about how the Western world exploits poorer nations to get cheaper raw materials and labor costs. Dr.Jessen asks me what "exploits" means and I explain it to him, I feel smart and a bit surprised why he wouldn't know it's meaning.

      We stop and get out of the car. We are at some kind of sunny terrace, cobblestone street, very French. Jim Carrey is sitting at a table and gets up. One of his friends is in the car. His friend has a red clown nose on and he gives me a black curly hair wig I put on. In my reflection I look like a teacher I know. How odd.

      As they talk I try to get a table to the left in the shade. Two people I know sit there. There is no more chairs and I turn around to ask the people sitting there if I can take a free chair. An elderly African American woman is sitting there with her grandchildren and I ask if I can take one of the three free chairs. She corrects me and says they are not her chairs and that I can't take one, but I can borrow one from the restaurant. I politely thank her despite this snarky response. As I take one and turn I realize it's a children's highchair and turn to take a normal chair, the elderly lady looking smugly at me.
    10. 061015: At a party/reality TV show shoot, bike seat sinking, seeing a friend

      by , 10-06-2015 at 09:10 AM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm walking down a gravel path on a misty grey day through some woods. I'm with a long-haired Swedish reality TV star, he his pretty good looking. We get to a modern looking house my some rocks, do I see the seashore beyond? We enter and their is a group of my friends who are in the creative field sitting in a circle. There are some of their friends there as well that I don't recognize, they all look very fancy and well-dressed like hipsters. I think this is going to be a reality TV show we are all going to be in. I feel special that they wanted me here.

      I worry if my friends are angry at me. I sit down by a bed. One of my friends offers me a beer that I politely refuse. I try to lay down in a cool way on the bed. I do my best to be social, I don't need alcohol.

      I'm leaving the place, on the same road on a bike. Some middle-aged people pass me on their bikes, it gets hard to pedal. I get up to rest and see that the seat has sunk down, my knees were almost to my head. I adjust the seat and feel relief that the difficulty in pedalling wasn't due to my poor shape.

      Waking up in the middle of the night and try to relax, falling asleep only to wake up again. A vague memory of seeing my friend Minna.

      I have memory of writing into my dream journal after waking up, upset that I didn't remember any of my dreams.
    11. Stale Breakfast DILD

      by , 09-29-2015 at 12:09 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was in a cabin with two other people I haven't met. The guy with a jacket was telling the girl with unusual hair if she was going to switch bodies with me. I told him we've already done that before. She then sends me in to the body of a taller man wearing a light blue dress shirt with khaki pants with a low cut. As him I was washing my hands and got out to try finding my family. I soon met up with my brother and mom, I began questioning about stuff I suspected for some time but can no longer remember what these things were.

      Soon the girl with unusual hair began telepathically communicating with me, telling me I don't have enough time. I got zap out of the body and black out. A dream began to appear where I found myself walking in the living room. It was dark since no lights were on, I sat near a couch where I found my old beaten up shoes lying around. I starting placing them on to my feet which is odd since I was grew out of them a long time ago. I then tied my shoes and heard the door beginning to knock.

      I figure it must be another criminal trying to rob the place. I get up and head to my father room, my father tells me he is going in to the kitchen. I went to the bathroom and sat down on to the soaked floor waiting for some loud noise to hit me. That's when I look up at the bathroom and realize half of the door was missing. I felt like I've been in this situation before I thought. Murky sounds started echoing from the living room. I got up from the floor and did an RC to confirm whether I was in a dream.

      The air went right through the nose plug and fully confirm to me that I am dreaming. I kept getting the feeling that something was awaiting me out in the living room, so I went near the curtains and jump at them with the immediate intention of phasing through it. I could feel my legs touching the grass outside but my upper body wouldn't get out. Soon the curtain began hurling my body back in to the house. I could feel how physical my grip was on the curtain to force myself to stay on the ground.

      However somehow this curtain is still sending me back with each second. The voice were getting louder so I needed to use some dream control quick. I began to yell no and got desperate and tried thinking of being on a beach or a park. However it wasn't working so I began trying to force myself to wake up but still nothing, this all felt too physical as my body was almost fully back in to the house. I got angry and manage to overpower the curtain and landed on the grass outside.

      It was night and I started trying to walk but my legs felt strain from how much pressure the curtains had. I soon notice that there is something on my back, I tried to scratch it off but it wasn't coming off. I look and saw that I had piece of the curtain still attach to me. The pieces began to form in to a body size disk. Why wont it come off I wonder, not long after that it started to hurtle me up in the air. While up there I began to feel pencil pricking pain all over my chest and back.

      This continue till the sky turn bright day and after a couple of spins I landed down to a building. I could feel the pressure leave my back it was finally off. I appear to have crash at a park with a bunch of people riding bikes. I started thinking what are the best ways to wake myself up. I decided to lean near a building store and focus on the sound of all the riders bike racing down on the concrete. It sounded so distracting, I then focus on finding some sensation of my body lying on the bed. That's when I manage to wake myself up. Lucidity time: 6 minutes
    12. Avoiding The Fine (6.8.15)

      by , 08-06-2015 at 10:47 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Avoiding The Fine
      Riding my bike down a road with people. I see police at last second and pull into a side area, expecting the others to pull in also. They keep riding on, getting chased by the cops. I walk my bike. There's a wall with victims of a tradergy. I move the victims around to what I thought was right. I see a movie scene of Johnny depp and Angelina Jolly. I think that Johnny would have tapped that no problems. Angelina had blonde hair and looked a bit trashy as she walks into the room. Im at Rita's now and I'm watching their foxtel. The controls are different. It's fatter and buttons r in diff spots. I get to a menu that lets me change the picture of a feature. I accidentally change it. I try and get it back to its original but can't. As I'm changing it, I come across Ronda Rousey pictures. I expect to settle with one of those. Rita walks into room with Bruce. Rita says about Ronda fighting. I ask if she wants to know results. Bruce puts down a piece of paper down on table, and puts down the battered fish. He offers some to me. I think hard about if I should or not. I decide to have 1. There's food in the middle of the table that's extra. I don't want to have any of that, because there might not be enough for everyone.

      I go on my way to the next down, but am unsure how long it may take. I first leave and realize i probably need to hug up more. I leave again, and I see a billboard in the distance with kids on it. A little girl is waving and blowing a kiss as if it's tradition for their culture. I do the respectful thing and do it back. I walk passed the board and on the other side is more kids. 2 of them are about to fight in MMA. They're both of Asian descent. One looks a little disabled in his appearance. He says something. Later on I hear about the fight and the disabled guy got knocked out. He says it's ok that he got defeated that way. I try picturing his body getting knocked out.

      Dream Fragments
      1 celebrity is talking about how another always sends him things about asteroid impact on earth which keeps being untrue.
    13. Very toxic flowers | My back hurts, or does it?

      by , 03-29-2015 at 10:59 PM
      1st dream.
      I am on a green field with some white flowers. There were two groups of people.
      1st group were 2 people who walked around at the white flowers with a air blower or something like a can of air. And blew air on the white flowers. It was like there came something out of the flowers almost like bubbles.
      Not that far away from them were there 2 others (group 2) in front of their car. They looked over at the 1st group, and they looked kinda shocked.. They went a little closer to the first group and told them that the white flowers were very toxic, and their life were in danger..

      2nd dream.
      I was out biking with my dad, and my back started to be very sore and hurt a lot. Suddenly I was on the ground and I couldnt move. It turned black.. Colors and things came back and I now were at a hospital, I was told I needed to rest because of my back.
      My stepmother and stepsister were there to visit me, and I could tell my stepsister was worried about me.
      I were in doubt and kinda thought "My back doesnt hurt that bad?".. "Did I pretend and fake it all?"
      It was like they knew what I was thinking, cause they said "You can go home now".

      I also remember being at my grandfather and grandmothers house, but not what I did there. Just that I walked a little in their living room but thats it.

      Spoiler for Danish:

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    14. Flat Tires

      by , 01-11-2015 at 11:24 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #397 - DEILD - 7:08AM

      My WBTB was around 2:30AM and I kept it super brief. I was up only long enough to take some galantamine and wash it down with cold peppermint tea. This G night was a little disappointing since I didn't start becoming aware until much later in the morning. I suppose it was because I have been having back issues and I over did it with muscle relaxers pre-bed making me extra tired. Sometimes its hard to find that balance between dream and wakefulness that's required for LD and a lot of thinks factor into it.

      I partially wake from a dream and enter DEILD. I have vibrations and slowly float out of body. I see something odd made of red laser light but I ignore it since I feel really unstable. I exit the room and find myself in what looks like D's house (my mom's friend). I haven't been here since I was little and I am surprised it's showed up in this dream. I just want to get outside so I exit the front door. There is a lot of stuff out there and I spot a cat curled up sleeping in a cushioned chair. I reach down and pet the cat on the head. The cat responds with a low purring meow sound and I walk away. I step into the yard only to find the edge of dream world disappearing into the void. I don't want to deal with that so I try entering another part of the house. I open a door but there is void in there too. Instead of stepping in, I reach an arm in and feel around for a light switch. The dream seams to be breaking up so I look back at the well lit porch for stability. After flipping the switch, I look back to see nothing has happened. I enter the room anyway and find myself lost in the void. I try going back but the door I came in is no longer there. I need stimuli and go with the first thing I think of. Sex. I blind summon a naked female body and couple with her. Her face look sort of familiar but no one I really recognized. We make out and things start to become more sexual but I stop as I begin to feel a bit of guilt. The dream crashes here and I wake up.

      #398 - DILD - 8:53AM

      I am at the park up the road from my house looking at my old Ford Ranger that I used to own in waking life. There is a wheel missing and the other tires are flat. For some reason I have a push lawn mower and my mountain bike. I really want to ride the bike but I don't want to leave the mower here. I try putting the mower in the truck cab but it wont fit. I realize I drove my SUV and fit the mower in the back of that. I spot some tough looking men with colorful glasses strutting by. I worry that they are up to no good but they don't bother me or my stuff. I feel the need for some shades and spot some white ones in the front seat and put them on. I realize that I don't usually wear white but I figure I may as well try something different. There was a lot of time spent here messing around with things but I finally feel content and decide to hop on my bike.

      As I ride my bike toward the street I notice something feels odd. I look down and see the tires are flat on the bicycle. I decide to keep pedaling as I head in the direction of the gas station to get air. I tell myself that if I pretend the tires are normal then they will be. This thought reminds me of dream control and brings me to full lucidity.I am nearly into the street now and I decide that I will be able to ride super fast with the cars. Unfortunately, it's kind of slow and difficult like riding up hill. Although I can't pull of the speed thing, I know I can't be hurt so, I decide to mess with the oncoming traffic. I spy and orange car and pedal hard toward it expecting some sort of impact. Just before the collusion, my front tire jams up sending me over the handle bars and the car vanishes just before it hits me. This is disorienting but thrilling at the same time. I get back on my bike to experiment with this again but before I get going, someone makes a noise in the other room and wakes me up.

      I have two other instances during the morning trying to DEILD. I recall hitting vibrations and trying to move my dream body but not getting very far. I recall very little else and assume I must have lost concentration.
    15. Impossible Hill

      by , 12-29-2014 at 06:46 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Riding my bicycle along a road, it begins to get steeper and steeper. There are other people also on bicycles who had to stop and walk their bikes. I even see a few cars that are unable to climb the hill. It's so steep, that it's hard to walk up. I'm in a higher gear, but the hill came on so fast that I am unable to downshift as quickly as I would like, and just muscle through it for a few pedal strokes as the bike downshifts. People tell me I can't make it, but I believe I can. My legs feel like they are on fire, as they shake with all my energy going into each pedal stroke. I'm still not in the lowest gear, but I know that if I downshift, I will lose all my momentum and that will be the end of it for me. So I push on, letting my legs burn, shake, and otherwise crank the pedals in each revolution. As the hill gets even steeper, I push even harder - beyond where I thought my maximum limit existed. I even start to gain some speed as the hill gets steeper. It's like my legs are growing stronger the more I push myself. Passing beyond everyone, I feel happy that I didn't give up when no one else believed in me.

      I take this dream as encouragement to always believe in myself and give life everything I've got, no matter how things look to others, and even no matter how hopeless things may look to me.
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