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    1. 01 Jun: Connected with alien lifeforms through biological material

      by , 06-01-2019 at 02:14 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Mom had a close encounter with aliens. She says there was physical contact and wants to show me and another person how they are still around and how the contact is made.
      On a balcony she points to a camouflaged UFO, she tells me how in a certain angle and conditions we can see its shape. And once we see it, it sends microorganism like material in filaments that make a connecting bridge with us and beyond. I can feel it growing and reaching and connecting with me and then further away. I can also feel other lifeforms, as these filaments connect us neurologically.
    2. 20 May: Random stuff and synthetic biology project

      by , 05-20-2019 at 08:31 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      In a studio with Billy Corgan and Dave Grohl. There's a problem with ticks, I go to the toilet and find bloody paper and a giant bug roaming around.

      With friends at a café in Lisbon, a fancy place. Nuno Markl passes by with a shopping bag, we can see he bought two pink pullovers and that another man just passing by him is wearing a similar pullover. We laugh at the popularity of these pullovers and he looks at us. I wave and he looks puzzled as if finding me familiar but not knowing who I am.
      Then we go down the street, I am dressed like a Jedi, sort of. Then crossing the street becomes a challenge as the road gives place to a very steep hill that we have to climb. I stick a dagger on the ground so I can climb and the mountain moves because it is a dragon.

      I am staying at a house with others, one guy is clearly specialist in ancient Greek myths. I am a biologist on some project. I take a look at some papers describing a synthetic biology project that is taking place in some Asian country where the laws are not restrictive and they talk about growing tissues and limbs. Reminds me a video my mom had sent me, I decide I will share these documents with the guys from that video so we can discuss the project
    3. 21 Jan: Sex with plush toy, someone wants to hurt me and directing dream characters sex

      by , 01-21-2019 at 01:33 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At my room, feeling horny, somehow I start having sex with a giant plush rabbit toy. The notice I have the window curtains pulled open and lights on and some neighbors could be watching, so I stop and close the curtains embarrassed.

      Later some cops knock on my door with a warrant, do a search and find nothing. Then a food inspector comes and finds spoiled food on fridge. I wonder why would that be a problem, then think he might associate that with the fact I used to sell some food made at home. But who and why is trying to frame me?
      I go out and come back by subway at night. I get out at a shady station and regret immediately when I see lots of shady guys looking at me. I decide to go back and get out at another station. But when I am going back to the station I feel a needle on my buttock. Shit! I run all possible scenarios through my head and I panic. I try to get to safety inside the station before passing out, but I start loosing my consciousness and my last thought is that I am screwed.
      I wake up.

      I run a bar. At the end of the workday, I take a look at the deck tables and chairs an I find a leather jacket some lady forgot on a chair. I go around asking the people who are leaving but belongs to none of them. I check the pockets, besides 20€ it has some papers and two plane tickets. The name on it is of my neighbor Maria. I call her, no answer. I take the jacket to my back room.
      A Japanese friend comes by and leaves a video we shot months ago. It is of me and other biologists friends doing some experiments and acting out for the film. Looks funny, but my mom is concerned when watching it, as we manipulated bacteria and biohazard material. I tell her we followed the protocols and that it was safe. Alex also comes by and asks me something about the graffiti I used to do. I tell him I don't do it for years. He says he is thinking about doing some activism with graffiti.

      Then I am all alone and decide to test my magic abilities (telekinesis and such) to tide up the room. I lift my friends jacket in the air, make it zip itself and get into a hanger all by itself. I am amazed by my level of control, so I decide to amuse myself further.
      I summon two characters, male and female and direct them like a movie to do this and that and they follow strictly. Obviously I end up directing them into sex. I tell the guy to undress the girl, do some oral sex on her and penetrate her. He is quite good at doing it but I notice the girl is not feeling comfortable as if not wanting it. I wonder if what I am doing isn't actually rape. I expected these dream characters to be like hollow robots, but they are actually very human and I feel very uncomfortable and stop the whole thing.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. [03-10-2016]

      by , 10-03-2016 at 08:04 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was a sunny day, with whole family we gathered in some kind of big party. I took my younger sister to dance, we did utterly bad but had great fun.

      Second dream

      I drove to school, it was on biology classes. First I had an exam - I was talking about tRNA transcrption and post transcription modifications. Then I finished exam wih a really good grade and went to take a seat - there was a huge and comfortble pillow in the classroom for some reason. I lied on it for a while, then mid-lesson I left the school, chasing some people. It was a cold and rainy day, they broke into some house. I got there quickly and took a look at building they destroyed. After a short while teacher came after us. I ran inside the building, but made jut one tep too loud and she found out I was there. I hid under a table, but she found me. She asked "Have you seen anything?" I replied "Nope, nothing at all." And just sprinted out of the building back to school.

      My clothes changed and I looked like homeless, there was some tv reporter talking with people outside the school. I entered it and had to find something on first floor. I took moving stairs, but someone was intentionally blocking the way at the end. I pushed him and got there, but he caught my arm. He was so strong that I couldn't do anything, but yell that he should throw me down. He did it, but I went back up and beaten him black and blue, punching and kicking.

      The the school changed into some safe haven protecting people from devils which I called scabs. Time stopped, I saw these devils drag people in flames. I ran around and making gestures as if I played and electric guitar (which resulted in sounds of such guitar actually playing) and it made scabs disappear in a cloud of smoke.
    5. [26-02-2016]

      by , 02-26-2016 at 09:17 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in school, at a biology lesson. Teacher called me to herself and gave several questions - and before I could respond, she explained them all. The bell rang, we left classroom. It was dinner time, but I wasn't hungry. I went to toilet - again this place was convulsed mess of cabins, dirt and stuff. I entered one cabin - it was a long corridor that ended with door leading outside. There was a toilet seat in the middle of the room. As I approached it, students from older class entered it. I left the toilet and went upstairs, but suddenly whole building started to turn and I had to escape, trying not to fall on random useless objects lying around. I managed to do it and run back to main hall.
    6. Solar eclipse

      by , 06-03-2015 at 08:51 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was during biology lesson. The classroom was unusually clean, there was a huge table in the middle of it. It was decorated, and there were many dishes to choose from. The teacher - blonde female in her forties, wearing blue jacket and black jeans trousers and wearing glasses; called everyone inside.

      I entered the room, and after a while other classmates appeared. Teacher said something of importance to me, but I can't recall what it was. We sat down and talked, after a while I've got a strange feeling that I should go and something, yet I can't recall what.

      Suddenly everything became dark. I looked through the window, and saw that there was a solar eclipse. I went away from the classroom, to a dark corridor. I slowly moved forward, until I met a dead end. I looked for a secret exit, and found hidden panel. Taking it away I've found a lever, and pulled it.

      Everything became brighter. I went back to the classroom, and looking through the window I saw that the eclipse was over.
    7. A Very Weird Bunch of Mini-Dreams

      by , 05-05-2015 at 04:54 PM
      Last night, I had a dream that it was my biology teacher's birthday. All of us students turned off the light, and random people from other grades came in, including my worst enemy. In the dream, my biology teacher named Mrs. Flaska had a bunch of really tall shelves in her classroom. On top of the shelves was a wardrobe like off of Narnia. A bunch of my friends were climbing up this ladder and squeezing themselves into that wardrobe thingy. I just sat in my seat and waited for Mrs. Flaska to walk in. All of a sudden, she walks in and the light turns on and everyone yells, "SURPRISE!!!" and they throw confetti everywhere. Mrs. Flaska is VERY surprised, and then she immediately starts teaching us about biochemistry, which we learned like three months ago. I can't help but sneeze really loud, and Mrs. Flaska calls me a "snerp," and tells me to go down and take a shower. I turn the water on and stick my head in the shower. Suddenly, Mrs. Flaska shows up in the locker rooms! "I'm keeping an eye on you, snerp!" she tells me. Ugh. A random old lady walks by and says that she was the "snerp" in ninth grade too. Well THAT sure makes me feel better! After that, my two friends who are brother and sister at my high school got on this train and it was like a rollercoaster. The older brother, Cyrus, keeps telling us that he's three feet tall. After that, we are at my neighbor's house watching "Divergent" and a kid in my English class is eating gummy bears off the floor. Then I woke up.
    8. [17-04-2015]

      by , 04-17-2015 at 06:56 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in school. It was during biology lesson. I was checking empty fields in the list of random human parasites.
    9. Puri, Romney, Bio and Pokemon Rap, Talk to me Woman, Learning Style, How2LD (SDE Pt. 2: Day 21)

      by , 10-25-2012 at 05:04 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Dhal Puri and Random Stuff (Non-lucid)


      I'm planning to go with my mother to some store, I get some mental image of Dhal Puri being made there. It's inside of a Blue Bag with small black lining, the bag itself is one strapped I believe.

      I also recall seeing a random blonde female with a black outfit having the strap over her shoulder as well. I think there's a petty argument with my mother on the thing, or maybe it was with someone else, I can't remember too well.

      There's also people that are leaving the room we're in, which resembles a hotel room. Now why those people are inside of this room that should be reserved for me and my mother, I don't know. I look at then prepare to leave, and it's your basic family.

      Annoying little kid, a few teenagers that I didn't bother to look at much, a mother and father. I'm saying the obvious because compared to them, it was just me and my mother. Full family of DCs while I'm with just a part of what's generally a whole family. How cute.

      I checked my wallet for some reason, making sure my debit card is still in the slots of it, which I presumed it was, since I saw its color there, along with the color of my Laundry Card, since they don't use coins there in waking life.

      Brock's Dub on Ryan Romney (Non-lucid)


      I basically had a dream that repeated some parts in a video of Brock's Dub on YouTube over Mitt Romney and Obama's Debate. It was more specific on Ryan Romney's part in the video where he was working out. Before the weird part where there's supposed to be some random girly stuff around them, I see Ryan Romney wearing a gray hoodie and then leaning his face to his left side (right if you're looking at this screen obviously)

      Spoiler for Don't kill me Political Peoples...noes dontz do it!!:

      Then my alarm woke me up.
      Biology and Pokemon Rap (Non-lucid)


      I'm trying to take notes in this random Biology-related lecture, and it feels to me that whoever is talking eventually makes a rap about it. That's probably because I was watching Epic Rap Battles of History a few hours before I slept, lol.

      I couldn't keep up, and eventually, everyone is gone, and I have the room to myself now. I take the time to literally fill in the gaps that I had on my paper by scrolling through the PowerPoint Presentation styled format on the screen. There were empty blanks that would then reveal words if I wanted to see what's next.

      I spend the rest of the dream writing stuff down.

      Wait, where did the Pokemon part come in? Aw darn it, I forgot. >.<
      Why Won't You Talk To Me Woman!?!?! (DILD)


      I'm watching a random Western clip on Youtube, and it was maybe 2-3 minutes ago. After I was done watching it, or maybe halfway into being finished, I feel like I'm transported into a different environment.

      I do a nose plug RC, and it doesn't work, but I keep holding my nose, because it's clearly obvious, my diaphragm is functioning just fine when I close my nasal pathways. So go me for not relying on the breathing aspect, and seeing other areas are obviously working, defying logic of waking life, so I must be dreaming!

      Good job Link!!!!! You get a golden star!

      I'm in a ghost town, somewhat of a ghost town, how can a somewhat ghost town still be in the category of a ghost town? You figure that out yourself ya trooper.

      So I'm just walking around, feeling neutral like I'm always trying to do in a rare lucid to prevent the dream from destabilizing. To the left of me is a wooden roof supported by columns about 6-7 feet apart from each other. I'm just walking casually in the middle of this dusty brown road, and the feelings that this is a Western-theme dream in a way continues to come into my dream schemata.

      Oh my gawd, stop using big words!

      I finally accept this environment, and I continue walking, the sections inside below the wooden roof that extends quite a distance from where I'm at is fairly dark, but I can still see the majority of everything in it.

      Just brown dust on the ground, Wooden walls and a wooden roof, and me in the middle of a roof-less section, while the right side is the same as the left, most likely.

      I finally encounter a female with long, elegant black hair that ends near her waist or a bit closer to her ass. Very enticing object-------I mean woman compared to the rest of this dull environment. She's wearing a transparent blouse (to some extent) that has an overall Pastel Yellow Green color to it.

      She's wearing the usual female jeans that has the slightly white glow on the rear side and back legs. Go female fashion design to focus more on the woman's ass rather than her face.

      So I slowly go up to her, and then I asked her if she can help me.

      I let the question sit in its ambiguity, just to see a response, anything, something, SOMETHING, an UTTER? A GASP?

      Nothing. She says nothing, She just shifts her face left and right frantically for about 2 seconds, then turns her face away from me. I noticed that when she turned back, she really focuses on what's behind her, not me, as if she's trying to run away from someone, and to check that they aren't close to finding her.

      I guess I must be ruining her hiding spot, but again, I don't know what's going on since she's not telling me anything. She starts to move, and I follow her, and she's walking slowly at first. I queried to her a few more questions, and then asked,

      "Can you at least tell me what your name is?"

      She starts to walk a little faster, and I know I could've just let her go her own way, but since she's the only one here at the moment, and I don't feel like staying in an empty environment, I had to keep up the pace.

      Now I realized I really should've gotten over the insecurity of being alone in a dream, make a different dream environment for something.......Man, I'm stupid, gotta set mantras to remind myself that I'll do that sometime.

      She's still silent, and I start to lose my cool big time.....while at the same time I'm losing my cool, I'm also speculating that losing my cool will potentially destabilize the dream, and that I need to cool down. I think I started to touch the girl's shoulders and tried to shake her.

      She finally faces me, makes eye contact, but the moment she starts to open her mouth, dream fades because I'm saturated with rushed feelings.

      Well....you get what you deserve based on how you decided to feel at the given moment, and now you messed up that rare chance Link. Good job.

      Mosaic Learning Style (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting in a lecture room, and the professor looks a lot like my Biology 111 professor I had in waking life. He looks more defined, his clothing, his aura, everything about him gives me this weird vibe of earnest respect of the vast amount of knowledge he probably has.

      I think he's wearing a Red-Orange Sweater, and has a blue striped white dress shirt underneath with the collar popping out. I forget the color of his dress pants, but my mind is giving me the image that it's Khakis. The class is about to end, and then I look at the girl to the left of me, and realized she looks like a girl in my Math Recitation course.

      She has her hair tied up, just like IWL, and still has that shy demeanor all over her face. Even if I take a quick glance at her, she still tries to pretend she's looking what's straight in front of her, even though her facial expressions, most noticeably her mouth, are making subtle but awkward movements.

      I can't recall this specific moment that's chained with that awkward moment to great detail, but I remember looking down on a paper she had. It was structured like a table with columns and rows, and had some markings here and there.

      I think I was helping her with picking out something, I just don't know what it was.

      The professor declares about the general idea of what will be on the exam, and portrays a PowerPoint slide that's projected on a large screen. It's set up like a table with columns and rows (I know I'm stating the obvious), and all of the concepts are in black font. The same black text has red background behind it, which kind of makes things an eyesore for me.

      I saw some things related to Indian something, and it feels weird to have a Biology teacher talk about something that makes me feel it's related to U.S. History.
      Huh? Guess I'll look up on that more, since I recall me wanting to have a dream where I found my true learning style. That could be it, but I don't know, will have to find out when I have some free time.

      When the professor is done talking, the class automatically prompts themselves to leave. I decided to sit down for a little bit for no clear reason, and I started to eavesdrop on the two females sitting in front of me. One is getting ready to put her items in her backpack, while the other female is already set to leave.

      They start conversing on some things I can't recall too well, but most of the topics talked about were obviously about the upcoming exam, and the talking about the bomb threat that actually happened in this University last week Friday.

      Then the girl that's sitting to the right of her asks her,

      "How do you study?"

      She responds with,

      "Well, I-------"

      I cut off my audio focus because I probably decided that the conversation was going to be boring, even though I should've listened to what she would say, since after all, in a practical sense, her portrayal is an aspect of myself that I should be thoughtful of hearing.

      They get up, and I start absorbing more of the girl's facial structure and body composition. She's relatively skinny, especially since she's probably around my age, has dark brown hair. Even though I couldn't recall her exact visage, the contours show that she has a vibrant and sort of plump, soft facial structure.

      I eventually get out of the lecture room, and find myself in a hallway that mostly consists of white and gray intertwined, with a hint of black here and there. The flooring is mostly white, formatted like a tile flooring, the tile gaps aren't as big as what one would usually see. They're more compact, and the borders of each tile piece if distinguished by a very thin black line making a square.

      I see my professor out in the hall way, probably going through his "mail" or area to get plans for the next lectures or something. Then I have some memory that comes in that involves a Mosaic Learning Style.

      After that, I can't really recall much unfortunately.

      Telling Mommy How To Lucid Dream (Non-lucid)


      So yeah, I tell how to lucid dream. I don't need to go into details, we all know how telling how to lucid dream ends up, especially when you don't become lucid from it.

      But to be sort of specific, I was telling her how to do a WBTB+WILD, even though I'm in no position to lecture her on it when I fail it the majority of the time.

      Funny dream though.

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    10. Zune HD Smashed Into Pieces, Biology Professor and Facebook (SDE Day 08)

      by , 08-22-2012 at 07:41 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      My Zune HD Smashed Into Pieces (Non-lucid)


      Thank goodness this was a dream.

      I remember talking a few people inside a fairly small building, I couldn't tell if it's an apartment entrance or a small store or coffee shop. I don't know how, but when the conversation was coming to a close, I told them how I had 150 videos on my Zune HD....

      That's waaaaaaaay too many videos dream self!

      I tried to pass what I said off as a joke, and even tried doing a fake laugh. The others fall for it, or are probably just being nice and laughing as well. There's more that I know that occurred before this, like meeting someone, and all I can feel from that is disappointment from the person. It was a female, she had some weird but positive aura in her.

      The dream setting was hard to tell, the area I'm in feels slightly dark, but there is still a little bit of sunlight. It could be the sun setting or rising.

      Then I find myself riding a bicycle, but I don't really pay too much attention to the details of it. It's a very ominous setting now with dark turquoise clouds and a cool atmosphere. It seems I'm riding on a new black tarred road and on each side, there's open fields everywhere, very beautiful. Even though I didn't pay too much attention to this large and expansive area, I could just feel how that despite the gloomy setting, it was still amazing.

      It seems I have my earphones on, and I guess I'm playing music on my Zune HD while riding my bicycle. I start riding a little faster, and then the earphones get caught on something below. I quickly look down and they get between the spokes of one of the bicycle wheel.

      Damn, and I knew I couldn't do anything about it, but I still tried to stop.

      That was the worst decision I could've made at that time.....

      The earphone and the wires connecting it start dangling rapidly through the spokes, and then I realize....

      Crap, the plug that usually stays firm inside the Zune plug-in must be out by now. I hear several clanking sounds, and decided to just press the brakes even harder because the last attempt was just just a progression rather than a complete one. I get off the bicycle, let it drop on the around, and I'm looking at metal trails along the road.

      No no no no no........

      No no no............I get closer and I look at my Zune HD, smashed to pieces. I start shaking the bottom of my mouth in shock. I really believed this was the actual Zune HD I have, and I start walking slowly thinking of how I made over $180 go to waste(probably more than that now that it's a discontinued product).

      I could do nothing but walk away, there's no pointing picking it up.........

      You know what's funny...it could just be coincidence, but I was watching a video on my Zune HD where a camera gets smashed into pieces because someone accidentally fell and crashed into it.

      Ha....Ha....Ha.....*starts getting paranoid* Don't LEAVE ME ZUNE HD, I NEED YOU TO PLAY MUSIC.

      Music, when you close your eyes and listen to it, and depending on the theme of the song, can really help with imagination.....Anyway, done with that dream.

      Biology Teacher and Facebook (Non-lucid)


      Finally we're getting somewhere related to the password experiment.....because there's no way in hell that I want to even be near that professor I had...ever...again...

      I go inside of a classroom, the size of it alone feels like I'm in Middle School or High School. There's the dark blue carpet mixed and drowning other small colors, light colored walls, and adequate lighting on top. I look over to someone on my right, and it's him.

      Let's call my previous professor "M." M looked over to me, started to lighten up his mood a bit, and he's actually enthusiastic to see me. Ha ha ha......right...

      I start putting on that horrible facade of tolerating others that I cannot stand to be around, and decided I might as well be nice around the guy. He was telling me a few things, but I was being distracted holding two sheets of something.

      It looked like tracing paper, it had the slight opacity that you would see in them, but it could've been overhead transparency sheets as well. There was something written and drawn on it, and it looks like==================== that I wanted to show to the participants in my attempts to find them.

      After going through the two sheets back and forth, I put them down, and M asked me if I could log onto Facebook for him. I wanted to ask him why, but just gave a questionable expression on my face and went around his desk. I think he already has the site open for me,
      and that's all I remember.


      Oh, and about the Zune HD dream, I was headed for the Biochemistry Department to send a letter for my adviser, and my sunglasses fell off while I tried to put them on while riding my bicycle. The moment that happen, I chuckled to myself on how this was just like the dream, except it was hot as hell out here.

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    11. Mean Basketball Team, Iron Man Suit

      , 07-19-2012 at 02:21 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      I was playing a basketball game. I was on the worst team, so whenever I stole the ball and tried to shoot, everyone would discourage me, saying he's on team 5, he can't make it! This happened like 3 times and I missed each shot. Well after that game I followed my friend Evan to biology class, but I forgot my textbooks, so I had to go to my locker and get them real quick.

      There was some circular roof of a building, which was surrounded mostly by hills so it wasn't dangerous, where me and a bunch of friends would hang out after school and play games. From this spot I could see my brother Adam flying around in an Iron Man suit.

      I also saw these 2 pretty sisters with lots of makeup on, but I realized they used to be conjoined, so they would be kind of gross looking without makeup. I decided not to talk too much with them.
    12. DV Forum Art, Horrible Lunch, A Gay Poster, Scantron Fail & Algorithm

      by , 07-03-2012 at 04:13 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      DV Forum Art (Non-lucid)


      There was a member what was afraid about something related to art. I responded to try and make them feel a little better.
      Lunch with No Utensils (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking inside a fairly huge building that seems to represent a High School, or at least, a Middle School since it felt like one I've been to in waking life, but just with a different layout.

      I don't literally go to the cafeteria, there's some kind of table on the side with all sorts of food that looked very enticing. I think there was Lasagna and all sorts of things in front. The problem is, there aren't any utensils available.

      There was more food behind, and to get there, there was this small slope you would have to go up to see the rest. The food behind was horrible, I swear I saw dead fish being popping out of a wide gray metal tray with some weird-looking liquid, even with some bubbles forming around the fish.

      To the right of me, in the same section behind the fancy food, there's some rice, but the utensil for it looks like someone licked it already. Are you freaking kidding me? I forget who I asked, but my question was if they can get someone who has knives so we can cut and put some of the better food in front on our plates.

      They said sure, and I follow them just to make sure they don't disappear. It seems they're headed to the gym lockers, and I'm wondering why would they would need to go there for a knife.

      This isn't looking too well for me.
      I forget what happens next.
      A Gay Poster (Non-lucid)


      Okay, maybe not a decent title for this dream.

      I'm inside of a lecture room, the flooring has a dark carpet texture, and the walls themselves are shades of blue as well, only way lighter than the carpet itself.

      There are some small posters hanging in a horizontal row on the walls. And there were a few on the ground as well, and I think I'm here to help pick the up along with a few other people as well.

      I look at one of the posters, two of them in fact, and they're both identical. They have a picture of a female, but I can't remember how she looked like exactly. I think she was wearing a latex suit.

      Apparently, there's some words above her picture that assumed she was gay. I wouldn't care about this at all, but I felt like there was a staff member in the next room to the right, and to confirm that, I had a spectator perspective again and saw some old man in classes in the next room.

      I start panicking because I want to hide these insulting posters from the man's view if he comes into this room. I quickly look left and right, and I think I find a stapler, and I start covering the poster with the ones on the floor, since they seemed to be more appropriate.

      I follow someone again, and I don't know for what exactly, maybe to try and paint over something. You'll see what I mean very shortly. =P

      I'm following someone by the name of "Pacify State," and I realize that the person looks like a Runescape Character. Anyway, the reality shifts back to normal again instead of the game, and I believe me or someone else sprayed a section on a ground somewhere outside.

      It ended up being a lewd anime spray painting. I think I gaze on it for a while, and I forget what I do next.
      Scantron Fail & Algorithm (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a Biology Class lecture room, and the professor and his assistants are giving out grades for an exam. I get worried because I have not received mine as yet. Eventually, everyone get theirs, and I get up to go in front to find what's wrong.

      The professor, who looks like the prof I had my first semester freshmen year for Biology, holds up a pink exam sheet with a letter grade with a circle around it in red ink. I assume it's mine because I'm the only one who is going up front.

      The professor basically calls me out in front of all of these people, and I thought I received a "F" for the exam, and while in that thought process, I cover my face with my hands in shame as I get closer to the professor.

      I finally put my hands down, and find the grade is a "C." I felt WAY better seeing that, but even with that, the professor adds more mental injury by declaring that's the grade I would've gotten if I filled out the scantron.

      So I guess I only filled the answers on the pink exam sheet and not the scantron.

      I literally drop on my side to the floor feeling so many mixed emotions from being pissed, depressed, helplessness, and incompetence.

      It really sucked going through this. I think I grabbed the sheet and walked back to my seat with my head down. I don't recall anyone laughing at me, but still, it hurt a lot, because I thought this was real.

      Then I believe there's a dream shift, dream reset, or maybe a dream rewind before the event I experienced. I'm back at the lecture room, and I believe I asked one girl to left of me on what's going on in the room.

      She declared that apparently, we have an exam tomorrow.

      Is it possible to shit bricks in your dream? I didn't know ANYTHING about this, and the day in the dream felt like a Monday.....I was thinking "How is this possible?"
      and thinking about it now, we couldn't have had an exam if it was technically Monday in the dream. It would have to be on a Wednesday or Friday since this was most likely a MWF course.

      I literally stopped where I was, still shocked from this, and thinking how the hell I'm going to study for this exam.

      That shouldn't have been traumatic, since I studied at the last minute anyway in most classes. Lmao. Which is why I need to change that this coming semester.

      Anyway, the professor declared something related to an algorithm, but he used a different word instead, so I didn't know what he meant. I asked someone what that means, and they said it was an algorithm.

      The person who told me this had an Afro, and fairly tall, and looked a lot like someone I knew in High School in waking life. I didn't even bother to speculate why he's at my college if he doesn't even attend on in waking life.

      Apparently, when the professor talked about the algorithm, lecture time was up, and everyone started to leave the room.
    13. School ಠ_ಠ

      by , 06-14-2012 at 06:47 PM (~Cookieh's Land of Cookies~)
      [COLOR="#483d8b"]We were in the biology lesson, as I mentioned before in the one sentece dream thread, there was this weird machine that scanned our brains (lol).

      I remember standing next to Ai while he was using it. The machine said that his head is quite okay. Then I was next and it said something like "needs immediate medical attention" rofl. I pretended that I didn't see that and walked away :'D.

      Next was finnish, they were doing some exercises that made zero sense to me..I got put into J's group and I was happy about it, he has a great sense of humor, so it's never boring with him.

      Then I could hear the sound of cameras flashing. A bunch of people from some chruch came inside. The woman leading the group looked like she had been crying, her face was red. They took J away. o__o

      After that we had music, it was a really odd lesson, we only hanged in the classroom and some music was playing the background.[/COLOR]

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    14. Backpack, Plug, Circular Waterfall, 10 Reports, Alyzarin, Spike Spiegel Dies......

      by , 05-07-2012 at 04:56 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I took some Melatonin (3mg) last night to help with sleeping. I heard the alarms I set, but since I had some good sleep from the Melatonin, it was kind of hard to stay a conscious for a WILD. For the WBTB, I think I tried at least two times, I had the temptation to sleep quickly.

      Woke up for the final time, and I feel like a new person. Remembered a lot more dreams, some where so long that I should've woken up for a while to write them down. Oh well.
      Left my Backpack (Non-lucid)


      There was a huge dream shift that I probably forgot, making this dream confusing.

      Basically, I go into some random men's athletics room, and I see my backpack to the right of me resting on a bench.

      I had a herp derp moment, and took the backpack just like that. I move forward to left side to rest my backpack on the left bench. There's a guy already at a locker, and he has a bunch of crap to put in, or put out, not sure what he's trying to do, but he has a lot of clothes and stuff in a pile.

      He looked like Felix in waking life that I used to know in Middle School and High School. There was a guy named Brian, who was his friend in waking life as far as I know, who came in. Felix tells him that the locker that Brian is trying to go to is occupied, and Brian says in an almost scared tone towards him,

      "Oh okay...."

      I don't know, either he was afraid of me, or he was doing crack or something, because he was kind of twitching a little too much for my taste.

      Lady with Plug (Non-lucid)


      Some lady is our teacher, and I don't know who I'm hanging with at the time except for her. I think we're in a computer lab of some sort, and the floor is white, and the room is a kind of dark, I was wondering who is going to turn on the lights in here.

      There was some lights from the outside hallway that provided enough to see what's going on, but it would've been a helpful to still turn on the lights.

      A girl has a problem doing something on the computer, and I think the teacher takes the time to help her. There's some other stuff I can't remember to well, but there's a dream shift to where she explains to some girl that the plug, as in an outlet, is prone for error if not inserted correctly in an outlet.

      I guess it served as some kind of flash drive in an abstract way, and it was white all over. It looked like your basic plug-in with a chunky white layer hiding the wires and all that, with the two outlet connections sticking out.

      There also seemed to be something she utilized to protect those same ends sticking out, and when she did, it would light up a small bright green light, probably to confirm that things are in place.
      Moving Circular Waterfall? (Non-lucid)


      Uh, I don't know how to describe this waterfall, not even sure it's a waterfall, it's the best I can come up with. I googled what a circular waterfall was, but that wasn't it...too lazy to edit it out with a different name....

      I believe I'm walking on a Circular moving waterfall? It's kind of hard to describe it any other way, but it feels like I'm walking, or someone is walking while I'm looking in first person perspective on a waterfall that's moving.

      I think I slip down one of the holes after going high to up, and it's basically seeing a person slide left and right in third person view now. Apparently, before the small shift, I think the reason that as each time the person went down, things started to fade more.

      I think they needed a specific amount of points to go to a certain afterlife, but I'm not too sure on that, because even though things faded, the person still went deeper.

      They finally reach the bottom, or at least a good surface point for now, and they start moving a bit. I'm not sure if I'm playing a video game, and watching the character move that I'm controlling or whatever, but it feels kind of weird. I think I'm at some kind of Game Expo or whatever like E3 or even Comic Con.....not sure, just hearing a few people talking, but their voices are diluted while I'm focusing on the video game.

      Oh, and the person seemed to be in some kind of sky city, because the bottom level, you can clearly tell that if they fell off, they would be falling for a pretty long time from above.

      I can't remember anything else from the dream.
      10 Reports (Non-lucid)


      The dream is kind of confusing to me....having a little bit of gaps in recall as well.

      Some parts of this dream I remembered was being underwater I think to see how some kind of demon male can pretty much eat any kind of creature for some reason I can't remember.

      The demon, or at least I thought it was, was dark violet, and when he turns around, he opens his coat layers or whatever it is, and there's a bunch of pink penises on each side. He had white hair too I believe, along with blue horns.

      (The closest picture I can find is the demon girl made by uthstar01 in a certain gallery online)

      The chick on the right...white hair, purple body, except it looked like a male in the dream.

      There are other parts of the dream like me looking for some small animal in the grass, and then trying to kill some guys who want the same animal or object as well.

      The dream shifts to where I'm inside a room, and I see a person that looks like my Biology 111 professor. I had a hunch I had to give my reports on the experiences I had before with the animal searching and all that stuff with the demon.

      I remember a girl being next to me that looked like Linda, a Hispanic girl I knew in waking life. I was giving the professor my report, and the first one was kind of short, seeing how he read it so fast. I think he is getting more impressed each time he sees another report, and Linda is nudging me as if I got this thing for sure.

      She was wearing a sleeveless black shirt and light blue jeans. She had black hair instead of light brown hair as well. I can't remember much after that.

      Swimming to Alyzarin? (Non-lucid)


      All I remember was that me and Alyzarin, at least I assumed it was her, underwater, and she looked like she was unconscious as she's descending. She's still near the surface though, maybe 3-4 away from it.

      I'm trying to reach her by swimming as fast as I can, but I'm going to slow. I assumed it was her because the entity looked a lot like the person on her avatar. Green hair, wearing a light colored full dress. etc.
      Spike Spiegel Dies (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this dream was Spike Spiegel and some girl who looks maybe 6-8 years of age walking together at some random park. They're on some stone road, and I believe there were Pink blossom trees, and some of the leaves are floating in the air.

      I think Spike decides to kill someone, but I'm not too sure on that. Whatever the reason or action, this causes the girl he's walking with to pull out something that looks like a lipstick of some sort.

      It actually is a mini-pistol of some sort, and she shoots Spike. Spike grunts, and says something like the lines of,

      "You little....you took it while I grabbed your.." something.

      That lipstick trick reminded me of a scene in MGS3 where Sokolov thought Eva was going to kill him with some weapon that ended up being a lipstick...lol.

      (From 0:00-1:15)

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    15. Phenlypatin Explosion, Victoria, Change of Heart, Math teacher, Biology Review

      by , 04-30-2012 at 06:58 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Okay, recall is a little better now.

      Phenlypatin Explosion (Non-lucid)


      The word Phenlypatin is what I saw in the dream, I googled what that is, and got Phenlypentane. Note this dream a little......

      How should I say this......


      The thrill of almost being caught, the thrill of hearing others die in the next room because they couldn't handle the explosion right.

      Blowing up things with ease with a random chemical that doesn't even exist, at least here.....it was crazy...I honestly am scared on how my non-lucid state loved all this.

      Whoever knew that getting away for explosions was actually thrilling?

      The dream starts out to where someone hands me some kind of small test tube with a pink liquid inside. They tell me that it is "Phenlypatin," and that when it's set to somewhere under 10 degree Celsius, it will cause an explosion.

      This wasn't really good logic at all, seeing as since I'm in shade, it should've exploded instantly, but it didn't. Maybe they meant if it's in an environment near 10 degree Celsius or above...but whatever..

      The environment is mostly consists of this huge uphill, and we're at the bottom of it. To the right of me is an extension for it for vehicles to turn left (on their side). It seems to be around afternoon in this dream, and the sky is clear, so it gives us this kind of light grayish atmosphere to it.

      There's a huge tree to the right of me as well, which adds on to the shade in the area I'm in.

      I believe I'm in the shade at the time, and behind me was some kind of old and abandoned house. I think someone lived there, but it was a really old female. I don't know how I started out in this area, but I threw some of this Phenlypatin stuff near the truck.

      (Note: I didn't know it was Phenlypatin until later on in the dream).

      I thought the truck should've exploded by now, but as it goes downhill from the long road slope down near the curve to the left (right curve in my case), one of the gray, shiny, and oblong shaped tanks it was containing exploded right in front of me.

      I saw some gases come out, and they had these hues of white and silver to is. The explosion was more of a pop, rather than actual fire.

      The blue truck crashed into the large tree or whatever to the right of me. Then I started to laugh because this stuff was actually explosive!

      I spend more time throwing the test tubes at random vehicles, I think I threw one at a taxi, or maybe it was just a plain yellow vehicle, not sure.

      After I started cackling like a madman, I'm shifted to where my Biology TA I had for my second semester as a freshmen gives us more of these tubes, but either she didn't know these were explosive and being ignorant, or was just a random DC set out to force me not to do a reality check.

      (That should've made me do a reality check, seeing as I don't have to go to Biology lab anymore because I took care of the Practical Exam last week).

      There's probably two more people with me, and they're waiting for her to give them more tubes. She gives more tubes to me apparently because one of the people asked if they can take some from me. I hold on to the tubes and moved my arms away from them so they wouldn't take it.

      MY TUBES was my behavior at the time....lmao, I really have gone crazy with these things..

      Then I'm alone in this dark room now, and I hear some sounds coming from the wall. I presume that it's people that were near me before.

      They were doing some countdown, probably for another Phenlypatin Explosion.

      Altogether, they declared,





      They're all dead. I hear the sound of their bodies exploding from the inside, it had this squishy sound to it. I guess the blood was splattered all over the walls to create that weird sound.

      It shocked me a little bit, but they were stupid to activate the explosive in short range. I honestly thought the explosion would be strong enough to cause the Phenlypatin near the wall to explode as well.

      Then I get out of the dark room, and apparently some Authority figures come in, and they're telling us of the incident. I believe I ignore what they're saying for a few seconds to look at a box that had the name of the explosive, which said Phenlypatin.

      I'm surprised they didn't know I was part of the group with the explosives, and then as everyone leaves, there's this random guy who turns towards me, but is walking backwards.

      He puts up the middle finger at me, and he makes this face like he's trying to get his upper lips to touch his nose, which causes his top head region to stretch down as if he's mad.

      I don't know why he's mad, but I didn't kill anyone at all. The people who caused the explosion and got themselves killed were the idiots...not me.

      Then I turn around and see a tube sticking out from the bedroom, along with some kind of plastic needle medium that you press down on the top to squeeze out whatever liquid was inside.

      I quickly shove it under the sheets so the authorities wouldn't take a glance at my bedroom (they didn't check my bedroom, and I was honestly scared that they would, seeing as I knew I had a lot of these test tubes in a container near the wall that I mentioned before).

      I realized the last portion of my dream occurred in my apartment.
      Victoria's Body on Me (Non-lucid)


      I find it funny that I dreamed about Victoria again, a girl I had for Biology class in High school when I was Sophomore. The last time I dreamed about her, it was because I looked at a few photos of her one time.

      And I when I was on IRC posting women I met before, I dream about her this time. Funny how my mind works.

      I'm inside someone's bedroom. The sheets are white I believe, and it's a small bedroom, with a lot of stuff, but it was organized, to some extent.

      There was a window to my left, and I was near the end of the bedroom, probably holding on to a part of it, waiting for someone.

      Then Victoria comes in.....

      And she's smiling, she's happy to see me obviously. Her blonde hair, something about it made me enticed by her. Her radiant energy from the last dream I had about her was there.

      I know it was there, and it was even stronger....strong enough to fabricate high and intense sexual energy.

      The way she's moving coming towards me, I eventually laid my back on the bed. Then she gets on top of me.

      She holds both my hands....

      I'm now trapped in her presence, her wonderful sexual energy. She keeps smiling at me, giggling even as well. Then there's this other random girl that looks like a girl named Z that I had for an art class before.

      Z was wearing a dark red shirt I believe, along with a super short pink skirt. She was going inside one of the brown dresser shelves, the bottom one.

      As she's bending down to go inside the dresser, I realized she had no panties on. I'm seeing all this from third perspective mode, while Victoria is still on top of me.

      Seeing Z bend down like that turned me on for some reason. I wonder why she was putting herself inside of a dresser, lol.

      Maybe because I would use her later on like how I put on my clothes?

      LOL, that's being a little bit too extreme, even if she could be a sex partner in this dream.

      Anyway, back to Victoria. Having her whole body on me was amazing, and I think at one point, she wanted me to get naked. I think I do it, but I'm not sure if it was me, or some other person getting naked.

      I can't remember anything else, other than seeing a small dream reset of Z bending down again to go inside the drawer, without her underwear.
      Change of Heart (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking somewhere, and I managed to get out of a building to get inside of what seemed like a garage. The floor was gray and shiny, and it felt like it was a workshop garage or something.

      I see a tennis coach I used to have treating one of the teammates I knew in High School. Apparently, it looked like he was doing an Electrocardiography operation on the teammate of mine.

      (I'm not surprised, seeing as I did an ECG in Biology Lab this semester).

      The coach is asking John,

      "Don't you have a change of heart?"

      I didn't really pay attention to the meaning of that,
      but now, it's probably when I asked someone on the IRC last night why they had a change of heart.

      Anyway, I prepare to go outside, and I see another familiar face who looked like James that I knew in waking life. He smiles at me a little bit, but I ignore him as well.

      I continue walking to go to the right diagonally. The sky, it looks like it's going to rain, or at least drizzle. Then I see a girl that looks like J, a girl that I saw in a High school who was Black, but light skinned.

      She saw some friend of hers that acknowledge her presence, and they started to run to each other, but I ignore this as well.

      Then I stopped for a moment, and I something tempted me to cough, like I was sick or something. I don't know what it was, but I managed to get back up from having one knee to the ground.

      I can't remember much after that.
      Math Teacher (Non-lucid)


      I really don't care too much of this dream, too boring to recall the details.

      To put it as simple as possible, I'm in a math class, but it seems to have an elementary setting to it, and I'm asking some old lady on what problems I had to finish, but I think she said I don't have to worry about it.
      Biology Review (Non-lucid)


      Since when does my apartment become a blood study guide for random people?

      And because I had this dream, I'm worried about how it's going to play out with the Biology Final I have this friday.

      All right, the dream starts out in my apartment, and there are quite a few people inside of it (missed reality check #1).

      I see my Biology 111 professor I had at the time is there (missed reality check #2) and he's answering a few questions a student has. She was a female, and she was wearing a light turquoise shirt along with short black sports shorts, and she seemed to know what she was saying. (a girl in my apartment? missed reality check #3)

      But the professor corrected her by saying that some purple material is in fact the yellow material's properties, I can't remember what specifically.

      Then there's this random Asian guy, who is fairly chunky in size, and he's holding a paper with his right hand, and basically reads from it asking the professor that we don't really need to know what has to be excluded from whatever set of chemicals or whatever they were taking about.

      They were either talking about amino acids, or something random, but I swore I remember someone saying related to them.

      After some time has passed, maybe five minute or so, the professor and everyone else in my apartment decide to sum up all that they said, and they go their separate ways.

      I decided that I should clean up this apartment, since it was kind of messing, random things being placed with other things...

      I paid attention on how my professor would leave the apartment, and apparently, when I go to my bedroom, there's this door the leads to the outside on the right as soon as you turn your back from coming into the bedroom.

      (Missed reality check #4....isn't that cute...)

      He opens the door, and goes on his way. It's really bright outside, and after he's gone, I realize there's two men near some kind of coal burner of some sort. I presume this is my heater, and I ask them what they hell they think they're doing inside of this new attachment for my apartment.

      It was kind of like a mini-garage, with maroon colored walls.

      I don't think they understood what I said, they seemed like foreigners. They just look at me, and go back to what they're doing. I see they're putting more goal inside a machine, like the ones those people put in trains to fuel it.

      Then I shift my mind towards apologizing to them, since they're doing the dirty work for me by filling up my heat source.

      I don't know why I was shifted to that mindset, but it was better than dealing with people who wouldn't listen to me.

      I close the door, and I forget what happens next.

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