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    1. Friday, July 27

      by , 08-31-2018 at 08:18 PM
      I am going to some event of Denisse’s - a birthday party for Demyan? The invitation says it starts between 2 and 4. I’m going to be there closer to 4 or 5. The place is in a pretty desolate area with dirt roads. I ride a dirt bike? to the house, taking a curve in the dirt road that only cuts off a corner. At one point, I am alone in a garage of a house that seems fairly large and nice. There is a punching bag that I unload a few punches on. The punches are not as strong as I would like them to be.

      I wake up in a bed with Melissa. We begin taking each other’s clothes off and having sex. She now starts to go down on me, but I am wearing a condom. She recoils from the taste. I would take it off, but the taste would remain. I’m not exactly sure what to do.
    2. Ice Cream collector?

      by , 08-20-2018 at 06:13 PM
      Ice Cream collector?

      I ran around doing my job, which was fixing birthday parties and it was a lot! But at the same time I needed to collect as many kinds of ice cream as possible to make the best parties. When I wasn’t running around preparing, I went to see my baby I had. A friend asked me if it wasn’t a lot of work with a baby and I said: “Nooo, not at all.” And just tucked in a bottle in the baby’s mouth. I also took the baby to my mother and told her to babysit my child, which she gladly did. I felt so stressed during the dream like I wouldn’t have the time to do all the things that I really needed to do. Later I found my phone laying in the baby’s carriage and had a look at it. Instead of showing the picture of the locked screen it showed me so many pictures it possible could in a few seconds. The time was also going faster as the pictures changed. All of the pictures were of a guy. A thought I had was that the time suddenly stopped at the time my alarm should go off. And so I realised it was a dream.

      Note: My alarm went off so I woke up tho… not sure if the dream was finished or not?

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    3. My family moved | My birthday party

      by , 08-31-2017 at 11:53 AM
      I had two dreams last night. I'm working to get LDs, but didn't get any this time. It's only natural, since I only just got my motivation truly back. Here are the dreams:

      1# My family moved back to a certain house (not a house I have lived IRL). I did not like it at all. It was a detached house, but it wasn't done yet. It's yard had sand and not grass and stuff. The house was yellow. It was a little dark inside because it didn't have that many windows. It's roof was very low. It was weird and uncomfortable. I didn't like the houses location. Other houses weren't very close and there was a lot of long grass outside. It was like if the house wasI on a beach or something. I tried to imagine normal daily life in that house, but it was hard. I didn't think I could enjoy it. There was also something about the area that bothered me. Two guys were killed within nine days (I don't know what the "within nine days" meant but that's what I was told in the dream). It had something to do with a company that my dad was working for in the dream. Great.

      2# It was my birthday. I was having a party in a park in a certain city (not revealing what city because of reasons). I was going to the area with my family. Many finnish YouTubers were there. They were going to have a gig (if that's the world). I saw my favourite YouTuber there and I went to take a photo. I told her she was my first idol I've had. She had her dog with her. Some guys started playing. I recognized some of them. I didn't like the music. It was just lame. Others didn't like it either. There were many people from my school in the park, but they didn't talk to me. No wonder, because I had an ugly pink dress. I also had way more weight and was just uglier than IRL imo. It was all just weird and lame. I went to eat. There was some woman there. I think I talked to her. I saw my crush in a large group behind the stage. Yes, behind the stage... No one liked the music. I talked to someone about the music.
    4. Lost in unsavory areas

      by , 02-23-2017 at 02:41 PM
      D1: I was searching for my grand daughter in this restaurant that catered to kids. It was very large & had one level but the big rooms where u had to go up a couple of steps through the doorways into each of the birthday party rooms & games rooms. I searched for her everywhere. I stumbled onto some unsavory characters as the place branched out into some other rooms. Then I woke up.

      D2: I was back searching for my grand daughter by I notice the place has changed w/ more unsavory ppl. I did run into a church group so I asked them if they had seen her. They said they'd help by it looked like the real leader of this group were some more shady characters. I kept coming across drug dealers & a room where they were doing some nasty shit to some little kids but I was so out of my element that I just wanted out of there. I had an idea that maybe my parents house was only a couple of hrs away & maybe the church guy at least could at least point me into the direction of a phone or some ppl who could give me money to get there. I finally got outside & was walking down the sidewalk when I woke up w/ a horrible stomach ache.
    5. Matchbox Car Man

      by , 03-21-2016 at 09:21 AM
      Morning of March 21, 2016. Monday.

      I am with my family mostly as we are now (though I seem to be much younger at one point) where we presently live on W Street, though the house is bigger. Our kitchen is much bigger and has an extra counter running from south to north on the east side of the back hallway, with extra shelves above it. As I walk through our kitchen at one point, I notice a lot of loaves of bread and what seems to be cheap birthday party items (such as unopened packages with paper hats, paper plates, and cheap novelties and party favors and such). I am not sure whose birthday is upcoming.

      At one point, there are a lot of Matchbox Cars arranged on different surfaces, mostly in two rows. A couple older males appear in our house eventually, though I am not sure of the reason. There is something about one of them trying to find a certain Matchbox Car, but which is a car from the 1940s. I try to help but I am not sure where everything is. I know I have most of the ones made in the 1960s. I think the Mercedes 300SE may be relevant but I do not say anything, only that I may be able to find what they are seeking (though I do not).

      There is illogical setting distortion for a short time where I seem to shift outside and back inside while just standing in one spot (though the view may be implied to be from our window, though as a requisite it would have no screen or curtains), where I am looking at one of the men (who must have teleported there but who is back for the next scene) in a small light yellow golf cart (facing away from the west side of our house on the footpath) which seemingly resembles a downsized Roadster Hot Rod from the 1940s and I remark that I have a Matchbox Car like that, which is not exactly true as I firstly mistake the golf cart for an old car design and then consider I may be thinking about a different model, yet it really just looks like a modern ordinary golf cart upon a closer look. I feel a bit unusual and ineffectual in designating a new golf cart as a 1940s hot rod but the scene shifts again (though the scene itself seems random and like a “glitch” or like a very short dream within a longer and more vivid dream that slightly altered its flow).

      Interestingly, Jack Odell (March 19, 1920-July 7, 2007) is present and walking about for quite some time. I am not sure why he is spending his time here for a day or two. We are talking about various aspects of Matchbox Cars (as the time period seems to shift physically only at one level and my collection is not present as it was just previously - though our sons still have many Matchbox Cars in their own rooms) as well as other ideas, including the unfortunate end of product quality and customer service in modern times with poorer and poorer design and less and less longevity and usability in anything made. He reflects on various events. I tell him how I used to keep my Matchbox Cars in a large suitcase. For some reason, I visualize all of them piled atop each other within the suitcase (it was actually a large black typewriter case), but in reality, they were kept in the original box. I tell him about the very first Matchbox Car I was given, which I cannot quite remember the name or number of. I give a couple details about it, including the green boat for the rack on top, and he seems to know what I mean.

      “Ford Love,” he says, smiling. (It was actually a Ford Corsair.) I consider that Ford Love is a “real” model and nod hesitantly (since I do not want to call him wrong), but possibly not the one I had, though I do not say anything. He seems happy and nostalgic and I feel I am spending a day in a “realm of good memories” - yet I also seem puzzled as to why such a wealthy and well-known person would spend a day or two at our house, especially in such an informal and friendly manner. There are dream remnants that seem like “echoes” of long periods of conversation, like a subtle “phantom audio” that only some dream types produce.
    6. [07-05-2015]

      by , 05-07-2015 at 12:50 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      FA - Night of the rats

      Midnight. I went out of my bed and took some clothes from wardrobe. Next, I went to the kitchen and looked at shelves. They were occupied by hordes of rats. When I came closer, thay started to make squeaky noises and chased me. I ran outside through the door.

      It was dark and cold. The weather was rainy. I decided to go for a walk onto a hill that's just behind my house. I got to my destination in a few seconds. When I turned around to look at my house and it's neighborhood, I saw sun going up.

      I told to myself "It took me much longer to get here before." And ran towards the house. When I walked through the door, everything looked like a 3D animation. I entered the kitchen and saw my siblings sitting on chairs, and a weird man. He had burned face, and was wearing black leather cape. He looked like Freddy Krueger.

      He moved to the shelves, opened them and got attacked by rats. I asked siblings "What's going on?" And my sister said "It's the night of the rats... now animated in 3D!" Then the doors opened and a girl from my class appeared.

      She asked me if I can go with her to her birthday party at my neighbor's house. I told her "But I've got no shoes!" She said "Don't worry, I'll give you mine!". She gave me shoes with spike heels and we went to the neighbor's house.

      At the entrance I met with her boyfriend, gave her shoes back and stayed outside with him. We talked about nothing in particular. After a while she came back with other girls from my class. I told "Oh, I've got to go now. Bye!" and went away.

      When going straight the wet, cold road I heard them saying "Is he drunk?" "No. He just appeared... and went away.". I entered the kitchen and looked at the shelves, witing for rats to come.
    7. 8/16/13 - lucid car

      by , 08-16-2013 at 09:30 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm not physically in the dream yet, I'm watching what this girl I know is doing. She told me through texting on the phone that she was picking up a friend that she was going to have over, and I thought nothing of it, until I was randomly in the back seat of the van she is driving and they don't see me yet. I listen to her tell her friend about me, and then the friend say hold on, and that she knows me, so I look around the car seat already recognizing the voice and I see that it was my best friend throughout elementary school. Then I think about all the ways this is bad, and then they park in the street and get out with bags, and I jump out and before they can see me I hop in the drivers seat and speed off, (here I become lucid, and don't care about the crap that just happened) I realize I'm in a lucid dream car and wonder if this is how it's like to drive a car in real life, I'm swerving but having fun and I'm in my childhood neighborhood so I turn around the block but then I try to do a u turn twice but I can't master this lucid dream car so I get out and summon a bike and continue strolling down the street, (here my lucid dream fades back into a regular dream :/ ) I see other people on bikes riding towards this house on the corner and now it's night time, there's a bunch of teenagers dropping their bikes then walking up to the front door so I do the same because I fit in and no one will notice I wasn't invited to this birthday party, theirs older adults in the garage having beers and watching a tv, I see this younger boy with blonde hair, he walks up to me and asks me if I want him to sneak me some cake and soda, I tell him that would be bitchin, so he goes in and I wait, he comes out with a plate with lemon cake and a can of coca cola. Then he goes back to get him some, I try the cake and it's awful and gritty but I eat it anyway. Then I wash the horrid taste with the soda. Then me and the boy go into the garage for some reason and I can see the adults looking at me weird like they're wondering if I am their child's friend and was invited or not.
    8. Hill, Bus, Pizza!

      by , 02-08-2013 at 01:31 AM
      I’m riding on a school bus with Cara, Sarah Jayne, Luna, and Rachel. Rachel and I are supposed to get off at the same stop. We are going down a hill and we are supposed to get off halfway down the hill but the driver takes us all the way to the bottom. Rachel and I explain to the bus driver that we were supposed to get off earlier, but neither of us is really mad about it.

      So, I get off the bus with all my friends. We are all standing in front of a house that looks like my grandma's house and I think we are all about to go into it but we stay outside. Apparently Cara had a bad day, so Sarah Jayne brought her a pizza. I hug her to make her feel better.

      I remember some other brief moment where Abby calls me to invite me to a birthday party or something, but I can’t come because I’m not at home.
    9. My Wish for Today

      by , 02-05-2013 at 07:29 AM
      I hoped for a lucid dream early yesterday morning. I wasn't having a good night, so this helped turn things around.

      I can not remember much from it, only one part.

      I'm at a birthday party with a few strangers in the afternoon. Most of them were girls. I'm walking on a patio just outside the house and walked towards a table of unfamiliar materials. I was lucid already so I done a few reality checks to confirm it.

      I read some of the words on the materials. I couldn't understand most of them. Some of the lettering were just mixed letters in a sentence and other strange symbols. It's a great feeling knowing these words weren't written properly and knowing it was a dream.

      Spoiler for You're probably too young...:
    10. Birthday Party, Gambling Again, Supernova Banned, OpheliaBlue, Another Sneaking Mission...

      by , 06-27-2012 at 02:37 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Birthday Party (Non-lucid)


      I'm upstairs, and I believe I'm talking to some kid that looks familiar.

      Let's call him "Keen."

      Keen was talking to me about something, but I forgot what it was, and then he started to imitate his uncle in real life, and he's doing it really well! I tried to contain my laughter because I heard his uncle was nearby, like in another random bedroom.

      I believe the uncle was calling someone at the time talking about some birthday party, and then he asked something about the day of his birthday.

      Maybe he was trying to hint at the person that it's his birthday.

      The uncle finally comes out, and it really is like him in waking life.

      Keen goes downstairs, and continues imitating the accent of his uncle, and finally shifts his attention before he trips downstairs.

      Gambling Again (Non-lucid)


      I remember playing Runescape, and apparently I'm in a clan that doesn't mind if you gamble. I'm playing the hot/cold x 2 game again.

      (Basically you bed on what color flower will show up when a person plants, and if you're right you get double the money you gave them....have to watch out for people who log off with your money though, looool).

      Anyway, I believe I decided to gamble 6 million gold pieces to a player, and like always, I say "Hot" because I assume that a warm flower color will show up, but it ends up being a cold flower (purple/blue mix).

      I get pissed off at myself from trying to risk 6 million gp for 12 million gp, and the person who bet says, "aww."

      Damn it. I can't tell if I'm the one walking or if I'm still playung runescape, but anyway, I go upstairs somewhere as me I guess by now.

      There are white floors, and I see red chinchompas from Runescape walking around. And guess what I do.....

      I start setting up traps....LOOOL (Red Chinchompas can be hunted in Runescape with Box Traps, and it seems I was doing the same in the virtual reality of this dream).

      I decided to go south of the small section I'm in (there's a reverse-L shaped wall that takes up most of the space on the left).

      I set up the traps, and some random person comes up and starts talking to me about something, most likely related to how I'm setting up the traps. I see the person setting up traps near the same stairs I came up to this floor, and he takes the traps off.

      I decided to set the traps....or maybe I just gave up overall.

      Supernova Banned???? (Non-lucid)


      I'm outside of a house that feels like a replica of the one I'm at in waking life. The garage is closed, and I'm sitting down, resting my back on the garage talking to some guy doing the same.

      There's another guy that comes around the corner to add on to the conversation, and I believe our main topic was about old members or members who decided to leave Dream Views for a few weeks/months or whatever coming back.

      I get a flashing image that Supernova gets banned? Like, I see a random post, and I look at his avatar and signature, and they're all blank.

      Then after the image fades, I'm back into the conversation, and apparently this same person I'm sitting next to is a DV member himself who quit.

      How I knew was because the other person standing talking to us said something about him leaving DV for a while and then coming back. He said it in a surprised accent as a question to the guy.

      The guy looks at me for a few seconds, and I can't remember what happens next.
      OpheliaBlue and Digital Drawing (Non-lucid)


      OpheliaBlue has a deviantart, and she has a lot of colorful digital drawings up.

      In fact, while I was looking at her deviant art gallery, she was working on another digital art, and I could see her progress. I don't think she knew I could see it though. I tried talking to her on the IRC or some kind of messaging medium, but she's probably busy working on the drawing.

      I believe she's using gridded drawing, and she has several screens popped up for many of these drawings. The one that she's currently working on in the dream seems to be making rainbows and trying to add them together for something I can't remember too clearly.
      Another Sneaking Mission? (Non-lucid)


      Feels like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in this dream.

      It starts out with me following someone, and this feels like the mission where you use camouflage and use a sniper rifle most of the time.

      We're ducking for cover, and slowly walking into an abandoned house. There are some elements of this same level, but the enemies end up looking different, at least that's what I remember from not playing Modern Warfare campaign for a while.

      The guy I'm following tells me to plant some kind of grenade, and I just go by his word, and plant it to the wall, and then I think he prompts me to activate it.

      I did so, and expected some kind of loud boom, but it seems to be some kind of grenade specialized for electronic interference. And it seems that the enemy that's at least 10 feet away from us didn't hear us.

      I had a feeling that this mission was going to be bad-ass because the guy I'm following seemed to know what he was doing. He tells me to go ahead and crouch down to the dirt floor because an enemy is near.

      It takes me a while to get ready, and I turn my back facing the enemy, and I hear the enemy say, "Huh?"

      I quickly duck down, and the enemy quickly retreats to his position, guess he assumed it was just the wind blowing on the faded and brown grains or leaves.

      I slowly rotated, while still on the floor, and I looked up to see how the enemy looked like. Seems they are wearing a gas mask.....hmm.....

      I think we wait for the enemy to move somewhere else, or the guy I'm following kills him, not sure. Anyway, we both go inside the old house, and there's probably 2 enemies inside right now. The guy following me gets really close to them.

      I'm wondering how he can be so damn risky almost getting himself exposed like that. And since the floor is wood, I was worried it might move too fast, and possibly get one of the floors making the "creak" sound.

      But this guy seems to know what he's doing, and he's even sitting by the edge of one wall with his legs spread out. And the enemy is coming in the same room he's in, but they don't notice anything at all. He starts trying to have a little conversation with me, but I still feel uncomfortable talking right now because the enemies have automatic weapons while I think I still have a sniper rifle.

      Not going to risk anything at all, so I kept quiet. The guy turns his head to the left, but doesn't look at me, more like looking at what's outside from the house we're in. He's trying to see if I'm going to talk, and then realizes I'm probably still afraid to do so, so he gets back to business.

      I can't remember what we do next though.

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    11. SkinnyButts and Cat-Vomit Chili - 2nd Dream, 04302012

      by , 05-02-2012 at 06:25 AM
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]This should be interesting to write up![/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3] [/SIZE][/FONT]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I’m in south Austin in my dream, and I drive to somewherealong MoPac, west of Barton Creek, near the mall and Temple Inland. I thinkthis might be where I visited the Daycare Center initially, though I’m not surewhy. I believe I was taking my daughter to school, though if this was true I’vegone way too far west of the actual school. I do know that my thoughts are thatit’s okay to leave the car here because I can just walk across the greenbelt toget home; I’ve done it before in my life.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I’m still in the center when Grandma and Grandpa show up.Grandma is crying, and she says it’s because she is sad that children aregrowing up! I know she means that she misses when my daughter was little, andit is really affecting her. Tears are pouring down her cheeks and she isbawling like a baby. Grandpa is standing nearby ready to offer her a tissue butI never see him do anything but stand there with his hand on her shoulder.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]My dream transports me home, and when I arrive I find my sonis still home. I ask him why he didn’t go to school and he tells me that hedidn’t want to and no one made him so he stayed home. I get a little mad and make him get dressedbecause I’m going to take him to school.[/SIZE][/FONT]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Around this time I have a random discussion with someoneabout where Shoal Creek is. Someone is saying a certain development is on thesouth side of the river because that’s where Shoal Creek is, but I arguelucidly that Shoal Creek is on the north side of the river, and I conjure a mapfrom my mind that displays Austin very accurately. I zoom in on the map andshow them the location of Shoal Creek on the north side of the river betweenLamar and the First Street bridge. [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]“See!” I exclaim, pointing to the map with a stabby finger.“I told you!”[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I take my son to school by some unknown means (recall my caris still somewhere west of MoPac) and drop him off, though the school doesn’tappear in my dream. From here I made my way to a daycare center behind theschool where a birthday party for some kid was going on. We didn’t know the kidand he wasn’t in school with my daughter, yet we were welcomed anyway. This isodd because I had already taken my daughter to school yet I feel her presencein the dream.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Walking to the back area of the daycare I find myself on aneighborhood street about two blocks north of the center. This is where theparty is occurring. I look around and see many of the neighborhood streets areblocked off at this intersection, and I wonder what the people in the areathink about that, not being able to access half the neighborhood. [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Blue streamer is draped across each intersection and alongthe cross streets, limiting the party area to the one long block I am on. Awoman is nearby setting up party decorations and punch. I approach her.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]“How do you manage to hold a party here and not piss offhalf the neighborhood?”[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]She gestures towards the houses and smiles. “The peoplearound here don’t mind. Nearly all of them are on vacation anyway.”[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I look at the nearby houses and notice that no one isaround. The streets are quiet, there are no cars driving around, no peoplewalking dogs, and all the homes seem empty. Driveways are notably unoccupiedand some homes have the windows taped up with brown paper. [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]A brief thought crosses my mind that with so many peopleabsent it would be a good time to try breaking into a house or two. It wouldn’tbe difficult with so few people around, no one to see what happens at night.This thought passes quickly.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]My view of the neighborhood shifts and I find myself flyinglow over one of the streets to the west, and while the flying did not triggerlucidity at first, what I notice next does. Right in the middle of theneighborhood is a small building, no bigger than a small house, made ofcinderblocks and windows. The windows are covered up with newspaper to keepprying eyes from seeing inside, and there is a sign above the door running thewidth of the building.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]“Oh wow! It’s SkinnyButts! I have always wanted to go toSkinnyButts!” [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]Now I realize that I’m flying in a dream, and I decide Iwant a closer look inside the place. I fly myself over the building and hovernear the top of the window out front, a small corner of the window barelyuncovered. I can see inside to a kitchen and I can see a woman in a blue dressinside. I recognize her as a stripper or erotic entertainer of some kind,because that’s what SkinnyButts is. Ofcourse, this place does not exist in real life but for some reason the idea ofit seemed really attractive in the dream. [/SIZE][/FONT]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I thought about sticking around, or going inside andspending some time there, but I know I can’t be gone too long so I leave to goback to the birthday party.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]At the party there is cake for the kiddos, chocolatestickiness on their faces and hands. The adults are eating cake and chili, anitem not normally found at a birthday party. I watch, thinking that someone isgoing to get sick.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]As I think this a woman who is standing before me andtalking suddenly turns to the side and spews a large volume of liquid and chilion to the floor. I felt like I made her be sick, and I knew that others wouldsoon be throwing up as well. As if oncue, several other people also throw up just as the first woman had. Nowarning, no gagging, just turn the head to the side and spew.[/SIZE][/FONT]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I head towards the front office, thinking I better get mydaughter and head out. On the way I pass a cat standing next to a refrigerator(which I later realize looks just like the one in my home) and as I walk by thecat throws up exactly as the people had, as though a hose were inside the catspewing brownish liquid. I thought, “What kind of asshole lets a cat eat chili?”[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]At the front office I walk up to the man operating the frontdesk and phone. I’m about to tell him I’m going to take my daughter home but I noticehe is on the phone. I instead turn to my daughter’s backpack and begin lookingfor paper and a pen. I spend the next two minutes trying to legibly write mymessage, and then I add that the chili is bad and no one should eat it. Thistwo minutes is tedious as writing legibly in a dream isn’t always easy, yetsomehow I finally managed it.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I get ready to give the note to the man, who lookssuspiciously like Barry White, when I notice a note taped to his back, oddlysticking to the fabric of his sweater. I tug at it but it doesn’t come off, andhe laughs at it. He is apparently aware it is there, and doesn’t mind it. [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]The office Barry White finally gets off the phone and Ireach over to hand him the note when suddenly he throws up! I couldn’t believeit! It got all over the floor and his pennyloafers, though he managed tocontain most of it to a small waste basket.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]“I guess I don’t need to tell him about the chili,” I think,and retract the note. I decide not to bother him as he seems occupied with hisown issues. Instead, I walk down a hall perpendicular to the one I have beenin, and along the front of the building. Here I find my daughter playing with anumber of other children along some carpeted risers and multi-level play areas.I ask her if she wants to head home, and then decide she can stay if she wantsto because there are a number of adults I trust nearby. [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I walk out of the building and over to some nearby benches,and I realize I am in front of my son’s middle school. Various people arenearby hanging out, playing Frisbee and cutting classes. I talk to a Koreanmale who I believe to be in college though he has the youthful appearance ofsomeone in high school. He is friendly and chatty, and mentions that after theparty he and some friends are going to head over to SkinnyButts. [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I find myself in a dilemma. My intention had been to go getthe car, which is still on the south side of the river along MoPac…but I wantto go to SkinnyButts as I have never been there before. I ponder how long itwould take to get the car; I could walk across the river and head down thefreeway and get the car, or I could walk across and then wait for a cab to takeme. I decide that either one would take just as long, considering the wait timefor cabs to show up, so I’m still stuck. [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Knowing that I will be gone for a while and that I have somedisposable time, I decide to head over to SkinnyButts with my new friends.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]And the dream ends.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
    12. It is NOT Emma Watson!

      by , 09-07-2011 at 04:17 AM
      17 Aug 2011

      R.T. had a girlfriend! They were having a joint birthday party with C.D. at school. A frisbee party. C.D.'s girl friend couldn't attend because she is not at our school so it was just the two birthday boys and one of their girlfriends. We were all really excited despite the mundainaty of the concept. The dream ended with a conversation with R.T. about his girlfriend (who was specifically not Emma Watson).
    13. Feb 24, 2011 - Bad Birthday

      by , 02-24-2011 at 07:29 PM
      The setting is a downtown street in front on a club. It is daylight outside however It is around 11pm. It is winter and there is snow on the street and sidewalks. It is my birthday (even though my birthday is in the fall not winter) and I am upset because nobody is celebrating with me at my parent’s house, instead all of my friends are at this club to party with Cait, a friend of mine. I am leaving the bar and going home however the bus will not run for another hour.

      Now I am in an office that is above the bar. I am waiting in the office to keep warm until the bus arrives. Also I think I am waiting for my friend Katherine. The office belongs to a female teacher. I think this is one of Katherine’s professor’s in school. I am looking around the office. I look into the closet and there are boxes of ‘how to’ cooking sets. In one of the boxes I find valentine colored smarties. I eat and few. Some of the smarties are larger and shaped like hearts and I eat one of those too.

      Now I am at Katherine’s apartment (she actually lives at home with her parents). It is an apartment that I have never seen before. I love the layout, however I can’t really explain it. Kat says that she is going to her bedroom to get changed and get ready to celebrate my birthday with me. She is trying to make me feel better for having been stood up by my friends. I wait for her and eventually get impatient so I go into her bedroom. I find her sleeping. I can hear a vibrator that is on somewhere in her sheets – for some reason it doesn’t faze me at all although I don’t know her as the type of girl who would use one. She wakes up and apologizes and says we can celebrate the next day. She even has a printed schedule for the next day (I’m laughing about that now ). I say forget it I’m going home.

      I wake up the next morning in my bed at my parent’s house (I moved out a year ago).I wake up happy and relaxed like I have had the best sleep ever. Suddenly I remember the events of the previous evening and I feel bad. I feel like I was rejected by my friends. I go to the backyard to talk to my mom. She is doing work in her garden in a grassy area on the left side of their yard (there is a garden there but there is no grass, just an interlock pathway). It is a beautiful summer day and my mom’s two dogs are playing around in the grass (my mom doesn't have dogs but she is great with animals).

      I begin to realize that the yard is wrong and that my mother, in reality, does not own dogs. I also realize that my birthday is in the fall, not the winter however I don’t notice the change in season from the previous night to the morning after.

      I wake up.
    14. Day 13.5: The Nap Chronicles

      by , 02-12-2011 at 08:18 AM (A Penrose Mind)
      This dream was nice. Simple, no real threat or danger, just a regular day in the dream world. I wasn't lucid, but then again I'm glad I wasn't. Sometimes it's just good to immerse yourself in the dream. This is 13.5 because I was going to go to laser tag at 10:40 p.m., and it was 5:00 p.m. at the time. So I just popped a melatonin pill (3 mg) and head off to sleep.

      I'm certain this dream started in school. Usually my mind completely fucks up on recreating my school but this time around it did a pretty good job.

      I'm in class doing some work (obviously I don't remember doing the work). A bunch of friends and I are going to my friend Stevens birthday party. The bell rings and me and everyone else make our way down stairs. Unlike normal people, I slide down the rails for 100% efficiency ! I bump into Premal on my way down. She isn't wearing glasses as usual and looks a bit cuter than usual. I find myself feeling a bit uncomfortable, so I just slide passed her as we share a quick hello.

      I then bump into Maisha. I get off the rail and start walking beside her.

      "So Stevens having a birthday party." I tell her. "You going to come?"

      "I don't know, maybe." She replies.

      (I've known Maisha for a pretty long time, and we've grown close over the years).

      "Well a bunch of people are gonna people so if you want to come your gladly welcome."

      "I'll think about it."

      As we begin to walk through the exit, there's a scene change. I'm at the party now. Were all really just hanging out in a movie theatre (not inside the actual theatre obviously). I walk over to talk to Elmer and I tell him:

      "Hey do you know I had a dream that we were all going to Stevens birthday party?"

      He doesn't seem to care, and why would he? It was a planned event it's not like I was seeing into the future.

      We start to talk about anime for a while and then maybe around a couple minutes afterward
      I woke up.

      This was a nice dream. It wasn't so what was going on in the dream, but just the feeling.

      After note: I just got back from laser tag and I'm bloody exhausted. I'm gonna go lie down.
    15. video game dream

      by , 08-19-2010 at 03:25 PM
      The first thing i remember was that an old friend from middle school was having a birthday party at his house. I showed up and the house was already packed with people, some of them i knew, some i didnt know. I said hi to to my friend then he showed me some gross ass pictures of himself nude on his computer. (wtf) After being tramatized i went back to the party danced around for a little bit, then my school dean made an ancoment that it was time for pizza. I was the third person out there and he also announced this. I ate three large slices then returned inside. i decided i know longer wanted to be at the party so me and the host of the part started walking on the streets accompinied by his cousisn. It was then that his cousin told me that my f riend had cancer so we needed to buy him a gift. WE walked down the street and passed by different bikes until my friend found the right one, he pointed to this chopper kind of bike that said $200. I jumped on the bike and rode off not thinking i was stealing. I rode around and my dream turned into grand theft auto. I saw one star at the top bottom right of my view and saw a squad car soon trailing after my chopper. I drove lke a mad my through houses and fences until i crashed into a creek and my body went soaring for hundres of feet. It was then that the star went away and my dream returned to normal. When i looked up from the ground i realized i was on a grassey hil in the middle of the forest. I walked up the hill and arrived at a skate park. I started trying to hit people off there board and take it, but just tony hawk 2 i remembered, you cant do this, so in the dream i couldnt do this. Later a police women showed up and said i have a place for you guys to skate thats much better, just ride down the hill and go through this tunnel and youl be there. She allowed everyone to do this except for me cause she said i caused all that damage on the motorcycle. The rest of the dream became fuzzy and i woke up
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