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    1. Short lucids

      by , 05-05-2017 at 03:42 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      3rd person view of looking at a scene from what looks like Mad Max Fury road. The main tanker is attached to a Greyhound Bus? I find myself in the backseat. I become lucid because the dream feels kind of fake. Before I can do anything I hear an announcement from a female driver that we are going to do a sharp turn. I feel the bus turn and turn... and it keeps turning. and spinning and spinning. I wonder if it will ever end. I feel the center fugal force pushing me against the back of the bus. The turn must be long over and it keeps spinning.

      FA, into Sleep paralysis instantly. I can feel energy vibrations. Good. Next I think of my target dream. All I can think is Bjork. I begin to see a new scene forming... a house with christmas lights at night time? Okay it looks more like the house I saw in Raven's Inner world. Before I can enter the scene I am on my back. My body doesn't feel completely numb anymore. I try to incorporate my dream hands by making them pinch my nose. I don't feel any dream hands come up. The urge to turn over is so strong. Turns out I wasn't on my back but on the left side the whole time...

      Dog walking.

      I'm walking my dog with Asuka? and maybe my aunt? At night time. I turn a corner down a street and see that my dog is off leash, and now he's sniffing a black dog where Asuka is. I run to him and yell but Asuka says it's okay they are already friends? I still have his leash and don't remember putting him off leash.

      FA, in a dark room and turn to my laptop.The text looks strange an I become lucid. I flex my hand in the dream it feels weird. As a third rc I tap the keyboard but can't feel much keys. I then try to go to a page but I can't think of one. I try typing in the browser but the browser address box zooms off screen. I then try to dilate time by putting my hand on the screen. I start counting but lose concentration. I close one eye. Another hand overlaps mine, couldn't tell if it was mine or someone else's. This makes it harder to count so I lose concentration and the dream fades.

      FA, in the backseat of A's car. E is in the passenger seat and xereniak is also in the backseat. The sky looks like dawn and we are in a minimall plaza going through a drive thru. I think, "What time is it? are we late for work? Where is this place?" I'm lucid as figuring this out makes no sense. I go to get out of the car but wake up for real.

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    2. OMG Inner World Attack!.

      by , 05-03-2017 at 02:30 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I forgot a dream from wbtb.

      Bjork in Hypnagogic Hallucinations

      I see a dream scene forming before me. Just Bjorks face and on it is drawn makeup in black and purple lines. There are tears streaming down her face. I ask, "What's wrong?". Her face turns profile and now there are two of her faces staring at one another. I again see her eyes behind them and they are bright, staring into my soul. Then I wake briefly.


      Just a dream of walking my dog in some woods. Then i come to an area by a lake with a bunch of walk along docks. the place reminds me of Cultus Lake Chilliwack.

      Reading my Dream Journal

      Just a frag of reading my DV dream journal. In one entry I have twelve one sentence fragment dreams.


      Starts I'm in the catacombs that Data built in my inner world. I'm there planting bombs on the sides of walls and doors. Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine are with me. The ordeal gives me the creeps. They tell me a big attack is coming from the Remote Viewers.

      The dream speeds up to much into the fight. I'm sneaking around the outside of my house with my dog with a phaser in my hand. I enter a side door and go inside to see something I don't like and forget what. So I rewind the dream and I'm back with my dog on the other side of the house. I sneak around the corner and push my dog into the ground because I see remote viewers peering out the window this time. I guess they remembered the rewind and knew where I was coming from. A guy that looks like a cross between Shawn Bean and Colm Meany runs around the corner, and someone shoots him from behind me, Then Data runs from behind me with a phaser and then runs ahead. My vision zooms out to third person view for a bit and I see my house is located on something like Grove Street from GTA San Andreas. In the Roundabout parts there is a large gunfight going on. But instead of Grove gangs in green VS red Ballas, It's people in starfleet uniforms VS random guys in Casual bowling shirts.

      I hear an explosion and then I see my house begin to fal into a sinkhole. I fly from the backyard to my neighbors where Jaas and his GF are standing watching the scene. Jaas says to me, "Aww that sucks man. Wanna come hang out and have a beer?"

      "No way," I said, "I have a lot of work to do." I go to my front yard and all that's left is the wall frame of my house and a knocked over mailbox. I pick my mail box up and find a place to put it in the ground and then I wake up.

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    3. Spring Competition Day 12-13-14 Dreams of Bjork.

      by , 05-01-2017 at 01:30 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Day 1: wbtb 4:30 am

      Game (Full nld)

      Just me playing a game. Started I was watching TV of it and then I was inside. I was far in the game going through a big abandoned building killing zombies. I tried to escape through a route on a large beam but ended up dying.

      I went through the memory card on my console and knew I had a saved game from beyond what I was just playing. For a while i couldn't find it. But i did and remarked to Asuka that I finally found it. I loaded the game, and now I was in a large field. My avatar had a yellow hat that didn't fit with the rest of the outfit so I went to find a brown hat in the menu. No brown hat so I setled on a black one. Went on flaying in a field but then came to a house fighting Zombies.

      Day 2: wbtb 2:30 AM

      Bjork's Inner World.

      I remember being in a garage with Data and Asuka. Data was messing around with a weird mechanical box. He was explaining that dreams of famous people are protected by high security dream algorithms making it hard for any dreamer to just stumble into a Celeb's dreams. He said this would just be a test and we weren't going to go to my desired target's dreamscape but someone else's. I wasn't sure what he was talking about and I asked who. He said that it was a surprise and that Asuka had come up with the idea of whom. He turned a dial and...

      I was suddenly alone on a cold beach with no sand but small pebble rocks. I may have heard singing in the distance but wasn't sure exactly where it was coming from. A small piece of paper blew against me and I picked it up and unraveled it. I read some words that didn't make sense. The writing was grey and hard to read. Then a single word showed up in blue ink: Bjork.

      Suddenly I found myself in a nice house. Bjork was there and she was shivering. I talked with her a bit but can't recall what was said. She would go to a window and close it. And a few seconds later it or another window was open again. There was some guy running around opening the windows. Everytime he did that another more colorful version of Bjork would emerge from her body and yell at the man in a language I couldn't understand and then disappear back into her body.

      The conversation was warm and kind. We kept walking and eventually I went after the man opening the windows and told him to stop it because It was clearly making Bjork cold. He said he was trying to help her. I argued that it wasn't helping her and just pissing her off. The other version of Bjork ran out of her and chased the man away and she was screaming. Bjork just smiled at that and we kept walking towards a living room. I was staring at her because sometimes she seemed so young and other times looked a lot older. She was wrapped in a white shawl and i said, "Bjork, Bjork... " and she turned to me. "She's so loud," i said. Alluding the Bjork that had run out of her, "But YOU, You're so quiet." The last part I was whispering. I was referencing one of her songs of course. She smiled in a, "that was cheesy but I'm going to let him get away with it." manner.

      "I know," she said and smiled devilishly. I wondered if this was really her. Every second that ticked made the dream so much more vivid. We leaned against one another and found a couch. We embraced there and started kissing. It felt so real. I was too excited and woke up.

      Bjork again (Frag)

      Asuka was leading me down a hallway and saying that Bjork was in my inner world and waiting for me. I was groggy and confused. I saw Bjork sitting on a couch and she reached out to me but I woke again.

      Basement fight (full nld)

      I just remember I was in some sort of house with some bad people inside. I wandered into a basement and the bad people were on the steps. I Started punching one guy with glasses, but that didn't work. I had something like a flame thrower that wasn't lit. and I started spraying everybody with gas right in the face. The guys backed down the steps a bit in pain. I didn't know how to light the flame thrower. The guy with glasses pulled out a match and handed it to me. Um okay so he was okay with me lighting him and everyone else on fire? That didn't make sense, was he trying to light me on fire as well? I didn't trust it. I threw down the match book and ran back upstairs.
      Some other stuff happened but forget it now.

      Third night: wbtb 5:30 am

      Trump (frag)

      Just an image of Trump pushing a wheelbarrow uphill filled with large lime stone rocks. He got tired so he began trying to eat one of the large rocks...

      Motel (full nld)

      I was in a weird small town out in the countryside. I went into a motel office and paid for a cheap room. The place was three floors and all the doors were from an inside hallway. I went and looked into each and every single room and found that they ALL were empty. Every room was the same. I did this for half an hour. then I left and started walking in a green field.

      Fight (Full nld)

      I was back at that town with my brother? and some other people. Some weird mech guy attacked me and I had two swords. I was using them for shields to bloc his attacks.

      Much of the fight was sped up until a part where I landed on my back. The had three arms with whirring blades at the ends of his hands or where his hands should be. I stabbed through the center of what looked like steel blades. Nothing happened at first but I penetrated the first blade then second and third. Each time blood would spatter from where I stabbed him. He eventually got impaled all the way through my swords. I remember thinking it was strange how metal could bleed... I got up and threw the swords aside and when I looked at them they were chinese double broad swords. I thought it should have been impossible to kill the guy with these swords...

      I got back to the group and we walked away talking about the fight.

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    4. Recall Sllipping.

      by , 04-10-2017 at 05:07 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Just a dream of me and Asuka watching Bjork music videos. One in particular I remember was "birthday" by the sugarcubes. When Bjork get's to the chorus which is a series of melodic screams like a 5 year old would, she would get out of breath and couldn't sing it right.

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    5. I fired my new Dream Guide.

      by , 04-01-2017 at 02:55 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      First, I have some non lucid fragments before my WBTB. Lucids are after the WBTB.

      Guitar Store

      I'm with some people, but don't know who. We are walking along rooftops and for some reason go through a trap door on a big industrial looking roof top. I look down and see that the inside is some guitar store. There's no ladder and I try to get down but stepping on the tops of some guitars but they fall over. That just annoys the floor clerk. I remember getting down somehow. And then we walk downstairs to another level with some keyboards or something but my memory fades after this.

      Woman on the Lake

      Brief memory of being at a beach by a lake. Some woman with brown hair (May have been Asuka) was walking on the lake and singing to me. She kept trying to get me to join in. Can't remember if I did or not.

      Weird Video Game

      I'm in some underground Car garage with some people. We are on roller blades and skate boards. We get to some big TV screen where Gandalf is in some video game. I press a button which makes him shoot fireballs out of his mouth. I mash the button on Rapid Fire and zoom that camera so that his face is facing us, and he keeps shooting fireballs out of his mouth with a big and silly grin on his face. The people start laughing at that and my memory fades here.

      Time Dilation

      I'm already lucid wandering on the top floor of an empty house that I feel belongs to DV member Twoshadows. I'm in some living room or common area and am trying to find out where I am exactly, as I don't want to spend the entire dream wandering around the top floor of an empty house. I look out the windows and see there is a long walkway connecting to another section of the house. I am amazed by how real everything looks and am pleased at the architecture of the other section, it looks almost like a mini tower.

      I begin walking and try out a nose RC for the hell of it. I can breathe through it... No surprise there,. But it seems good to practice RC's anyway. The timeline seems to jump from when I am walking towards the tower section to leaving it at the bottom. I guess I went down some steps? I don't seem to be aware of it nor care but now I seem to be in some sort of hotel.

      I walk down long hallways lined with doors to bedroom no doubt when I realize there seems to be no one around. As if on cue, I find a larger set of doors to my left while walking back in the direction of the house and tower. I open them and see a large conference hall inside populated with people. I move past them not interacting with them and see that the conference room has no other doors or ways out so I turn out and leave it back to the long hallways. I head towards the house again and begin to notice that the place is now populated with random DCs. I turn toward the steps to the tower around a corner when instead I enter a random lobby or seating area where some random DCs are sitting there reading newspapers. I begin to wonder if I've entered into a completely different dream entirely.

      My mind is still real foggy on some goals so I decide that until I remember some of them I should at least try and perfect Walms/Hukifs Time dilation method. His method: Place your hand on the ground, look at one spot where your hand is against the dream and count upward with one eye closed. While I have tried this many many times without success, I have found that I have had to modify slightly to keep the counting going, as going step by step seems to bring a force which rips apart the dream by the time I count to 15. The modification is counting the spaces between my fingers which keeps my focus both on my hand and the dream itself, it also keeps me entertained because every time I count a new set of spaces i see that there are more fingers and thus more spaces to count. But I have never tried it that way with one eye closed!

      I keep that in mind while I put my hand in view. My hand looks slightly deformed with some big fingers and some miniature. I place my hand against the wall and feel the sensation of one eye closing, and start counting the spaces in between my fingers. Right away I begin to feel the force that rips the dream apart but instead I feel it flowing through my vision some how. Before i remember that my hand would jump around a bit as if some force I couldn't control was moving it. But this time with the force in my vision I realized that I am directing the force through my gaze wherever i focus it. my perception jumped between each finger going 1,2,3,4 back to the right, 5,6,7,8,9, back to the right and so on. My perception jumps even faster making me count super fast, maybe even faster than I can count while awake. This causes me to mis count here and there 11,12,13,14,15 back to the right, 15, 16, 17,.. I stop at about 30, and feel this should give me another half hour of lucidity.

      There is a slight problem when I walk around though, My dream self is tired again. I remember i seemed to have no problem entering another lucid last time. with that expectation I wandered into the lobby area again and found a couch, and fell asleep on it.

      Someone shot me in the head

      I find myself wandering down the same hallways again fully lucid as if nothing happened. I look around a few rooms and then head back to the lobby area, As I enter it some force hits me in the head really fast and the dream goes black.

      The Annoying Dream Guide

      I Am now in yet another hallway in the same place I was before but walking towards the other end of the hotel. I can't remember how long this was, the timeline kept jumping ahead a lot. I wound up near a stairwell looking out the window. I knew I was supposed to find a woman with long brown or black hair. I couldn't remember exactly who ,so the closest to that was J, some pretty girl I knew in the past so I start calling her name intending to find her. Some DCs look at me strangely while I call out her name. I walk through a door intending her dream to be there and I find myself outside walking down an alleyway. I am still calling her name when some guy approaches me from another alley.

      He tells me there's no need to call out for her name, and I shouldn't be looking for her. He joins me and we talk about stuff I can't really remember. He's trying to be some Joe cool guy trying to fit in with me. I have the feeling he is a guide similar to Victor maybe. He points to some garbage cans with some bright green toxic ooze coming out of them and says that God is placing those in dreams for me to use. I find it highly unlikely that God would place such nonsense in a dream and can't really think of any use for them and I continue to walk on.

      He keeps talking but then I come to a clearing that is paved and see about 50 DC girls all scantily clad seem to be making out with Each other. Their pleasure seems to formulate into a song which entrances me. I suddenly feel the urge and jump down to them while the guide is saying, "Don't go over to them, Stay away from them". I go up behind a blonde and pull her away from the group, She giggles as I fall backward and she lend on top of me as if sitting on me. I briefly remember walms saying that sex in lucids usually ends the dreams fast. I ignore that because it feels so real. I begin pulling her pants when the dream fades.

      Asuka is Leaving

      I stumble into my home and that same guide is there telling asuka what I did. I keep protesting and saying that I've done lots of things with random DCs and asuka never seemed to mind.. She would even join in on occasion! The guide kept saying I was bad and asuka seemed to be getting angry at me. I protested again and said I had even done things with other girls while she seemed to be merged with them in dreams, and started listing off names. The guide said that just proves I'm a lech who doesn't care about Asuka. I said Asuka did all this willingly without my asking... He still twisted it so that she got even more angry and she left saying she wasn't coming back.

      Now I am pissed. I tell him who is he to ruin my relationship with her. He said he was my new guide chosen by God himself to keep me pure. I said, "Okay, How am I supposed to be devoted to staying pure when I am in a body made of flesh that still craves sin?" and then I point out that, " Paul even devoted a chapter in Romans to the struggle with sin, and that the chapter makes it pretty clear that we still live in a body of flesh, While the holy spirit in us still hates sin, we still live in a body of flesh that wants to, so it is a struggle we have to deal with our whole life, and sometimes that life is full of failure." I seem to be losing him in my rant, as he seems to have no idea what I am talking about. I point out that if he were really sent by God he should have a clear understanding of this. We go back and forth like this for a while until I enter my living room with a library in it. I pull a book off the shelf written by Walm/Hukif, An account of some of his lucids.
      I tell the guide that I never asked for any other guide and he should leave. To emphasize my point I morph into Donald Trump and tell him he's fired. He says I can't fire him. I say yes I can and if he won't leave I will get rid of him myself. I point to the book in my hand, and say that Walms used to have a guide that would tell him not to fight. But Walms didn't listen and got so annoyed with his guide and killed him somehow, and somewhere in this book is an account of it. And when I find out how he did it, I will do the same to him, and he knows I will have the determination to do it. The guide eventually leaves after this.

      Asuka's Back

      Can't remember the dream where i tell asuka to come back. It must have been good however as I am now in some dance room, where 50 versions of Asuka are making out with one another in various different outfits and dancing on poles, doing some sort of parody of the women from my lucid. The Song is by Bjork and Asuka is singing it. It's the song "Unravel" and i keep hearing her singing, "And when you come back, we'll have to make new love"

    6. Dreams over the past week.

      by , 03-17-2017 at 03:01 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Getting lost

      I'm walking around in a big Hotel or something. I'm trying to get away from someone (walms/Hukif)? I turn many corners and go down many corridoors. I am deliberately taking routes that are a maze so he doesn't find me. I wind up in a place as big as the entrance to the Chinook center movie theater in Calgary. There's the large escalator, My weight is super light and notice I am dreaming. I am trying to remember goals but none comes to mind, I bounce a little on my feet. Then wake up.

      French Harbor

      Note: I sleep a lot with youtube on playing in the background. Lately listening to a Christian guy name Chuck missler.

      I am walking into a french harbor from the water. There are Tv screens flying past me welcoming me to a historic WW2 harbor in France. I reach a paved area at night time. Chuck Missler is just standing there giving a speech like a projectionalised hologram. People are gathered around him, I go to the crowd and talk to some of the people but they slowly vanish. I look a chuck again and he's just talking to no one and doesn't seem to notice. I start walking into the city and no recall after that.

      Round table

      Another dream influenced by what I was listening to. A librovox reading (where one person reads a chapter then another person for the next chapter) of bible commentary.

      In the dream I am sitting at a table of people reading from a book. they read a few paragraphs and pass it along to the next person. I eagerly await to do my Frank Muller impression. But something else happens and I can't Remember.

      Bjork and Escape.

      I am in some game. I am supposed to escape some building structure before a timer ends activating these big steel platforms that come from everywhere and crush you. I start in some basement area with some construction equipment, the place is circular and there are various stairwells leading up. I think I've been at it for a while. The whole Idea reminds me of an awesome Dr. Who episode where he escapes a time dimensional prison built by Gallefreiyans, but it takes him 3 billion years to do so. Basically at the end of the day he dies and re-materializes with no memory and starts over. This place is like that.

      I get up one stairwell and go past some people and enter a door which leads me into a large room. There's another door at the end of the room but before I do and alarm goes off and the steel platforms come at me and I re spawn in the basement. At this point I wait it out a couple minutes before i hear the alarm again and see the steel platforms just a few feet above me, so the spawning place i found out is safe. I go up the same stairs and pass the people again and yell at them to get to the bottom of the basement or they will be crushed.

      I enter the large room and i can't remember if I spawn an orange box or if it's just there. I get into and look out the seeing hole. I see the platforms go past me and I don't respawn. They retract and I get out of the box. My Boss? walks in and said I cheated but I just shrug and say i made it.

      In the other door in the room is a bar. People are sitting there drinking. I notice the Music Artist Bjork nursing a drink by herself. I go to ask for an autograph or something but she shoos me away angrily. I feel a bit hurt but the other customers start giving her shit for being mean. I shrug and say it's okay, she's pretty famous and probably doesn't wanna be bothered all the time by fans. I go to leave the bar and wake up.


      I'm getting on a bus in downtown Chilliwack (a town I used to live in when I was younger). We down the main road towards little mountain, forget the name. and Now I'm in a car with Chilliwack /friends. We are going to visit someone. We drive past a set of townhouses I remember but they look totally different. We get by the gas station where little mountain is and I lose the dream.

      Long lucid of doing nothing

      I was in a different town at a different Gas station with a group of supposed friends. We are all planning on going to someones house. They all pile in cars but there is no room for me. I somehow get on a greyhound bus and the light shifts from day to night. We drive a block and I notice my dog is chasing the bus. I guess I was walking him earlier and forgot he was there. I yell at the bus driver to stop.

      The bus stops and I feel light in gravity. I'm lucid but just decide to walk my dog for now. I have him by the collar and later it becomes a leash. I know I'm in a town like didsbury so I know if I turn right on the next block I will be walking towards downtown. The goal is to get something to eat and stay at a motel. I AM still lucid, just going along with the dream for now. At the corner I wonder if I can grow myself large. I halfheartedly try but don't feel myself grow tall or my view of height doesn't change. I just shrug and enjoy the walk

      I turn the corner noticing how real everything seems and how stable the dream is. I spend a few minutes walking when i notice some buildings with lights on my left. At the corner I turn right again and find the Bar/motel place I was looking for. I walk in and there are people eating drinking, and some are on gambling machines. I enter a shared room. Where some people are sleeping and sitting on a couch with a TV in the corner.

      I leave my dog in there and go outside for a smoke. While there I try to dilate time as dictated by Walms, but I'm sure I do it wrong. I forgot to have my hand on the ground and close one eye. I put my hand on the glass of the window and count the spaces in between my fingers trying to imagine them as units of time. I count 4 like normal and start from left to right again and notice i have more fingers. Instead of counting up from four i start at one again and so on, which is probably wrong as well. I count eleven spaces this time. My fingers have small hands on the end of them so my vision zooms in and I start counting the spaces in between thos fingers and it keeps zooming into more hands. This is exactly like the scene from Doctor strange. I then notice I was counting wrong, I pull myself out of this vision and I am still outside the bar. Things are a little blurry now. So I go back to the room where my dog is and go to sleep.

      Family Meal Gone Wrong

      I go directly from the other dream into this one fully lucid. I am a bit foggy like waking up from the other dream. I am sitting at a table. Some good looking woman is talking to a younger girl who looks well into her teens maybe 16-18 I can't tell if it's Michelle Or Shawna, The woman kisses her forehead as if she is her mother and begins to leave the room. I notice a strange old lady with a butch haircut sitting at the end part of the table who has dark energy seeping out of her as she is a shade of purple. I seem to be affected as well. I am getting violent urges so I pick up a piece of food and throw it at the girl. She starts crying and the older woman who I am expecting to scold me instead gets up and starts taunting the girl. the girl has brown hair that is shorter now, I'm thinking her appearance changes based on what mood she is in. The old woman goes to grab the girl by the hair and at the same time creates a clone of herself to sit in another chair which is also laughing at the girl. I am just watching the scene when my alarm goes off
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    7. A couple of dreams

      by , 10-01-2010 at 04:23 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Forgotten fragment where i may have been doing kung fu.


      I briefly remember holding asuka because she was upset. Probably because my sudden change of living conditions or where I'll may end up because of it.


      I'm in some room witha few guys and we are watching Bjork on a tv screen. First we watch a music video of her. There are mountains in the background and she's moving fast through them and singing. Then they go into a "making of" segment. First segment is video graphics, and then there's a section on other actors, then the music itself and other things. People are asking me what I think. I am fairly bored with it and can't seem to pay attention to it.
    8. 28 Sep: Stalking Björk (again) and lots of nonsense

      by , 09-30-2010 at 11:08 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      22:30 GMT – Sleep

      Lecture on a park
      On a train, remember speaking French and think I was on my way to some meeting. I got lucid and got out of the train. I start flying but lucidity is weak and I don’t remember any tasks. I just enjoy the beautiful blue sky. Then gravity starts pulling me down and I hate when that happens. I remember I am dreaming and I think that I should try to solve this issue once and for all, of gravity pulling me down on a dream. So I focus on the fact that I am dreaming and that there is no gravity and therefore no reason to be pulled down. I start going up instead and I make an effort to really record this on my mind so it doesn’t happen again. (But I’m not sure it will work 100%)
      Then lucidity gets a bit blurred and my thoughts get confusing.
      I think about levels and then I am on some terrace or whatever place, and have a black jacket on my hands with emblems on, with numbers relatively to levels of achievement. It has something to do with mastering the levels of flying or dream control in general. And I think it’s cool but won’t really wear that jacket. Then on the back it has some emblem about organic farming and I find that totally unrelated. Then a lady arrives – she looks Iranian or well... middle eastern. She says she is very happy that I could come to the meeting but at the same time she is disappointed no one else appeared.
      I wonder if she’ll cancel this meeting, but instead she says she will do her presentation only to me and so she can be more thorough. Then I realise we’re sitting on my bed. She starts her lecture but she is just reading some booklet of which she gives me a copy. I have hard time following what she is saying, but it is something about natural and protected areas and using the resources sustainably. I smile as if I am totally following. Then my boyfriend appears and joins us. It’s his lunch time. The lady continues without interruption but now I realise my bed is in the middle of a park. This park is inside some fenced area and there’s a guard at the gate. My boyfriend then spots his boss at the gate. We wonder what he wants. The lady now stops her conversation and says she wants to offer the man something to eat. She goes to the left to get something and comes back with a raw fish in her right hand. By now, the boss is already inside the perimeter but the guard is holding him back for some checks before allowing him to go further. As he sees the lady with the fish coming towards him, he looks at us with an enquiring and totally surprised face, like asking WTF!? I just shrug my shoulders.

      1:30 GMT

      Stalking Björk (again...)
      I’m meeting a small group on some terrace table in front of a coffee shop. It’s on a pitoresque town, with stone paved roads. I am bored and instead of sitting with them, I grab some kind of skate that actually looks like a stool on wheels and decide to skate down the road, which curves to the left and keeps getting ever more inclined. But as I gain speed, somehow I don’t want to keep going down. There’s something keeping me in this upper side of town (something I was dreaming previously, but don’t recall). So I stop, grab the stool and go up on foot. Then I arrive at the street where the terrace was and on the opposite side of the road there’s a kind of square, not paved, in front of some wall of a castle. There’s also an arch to enter the castle, which is what I was planning to do, but on my way there, when crossing the square, I see lots of kids gathered and some performances of artists, like jugglers. I get caught by this kind of theatre being performed by... I think cats, but I’m not sure.... dressed up in costumes I remember thinking how the hell the tamer managed the animals to do that so perfectly and I think probably with lots of suffering and mistreatment to the animals. But the kids are loving. I take some pictures and then two kids ask me to take pictures of them. I agree and ask how they want it. They say they want the view that his on my back now – a port or quay by the sea. I take picture of one and then the other. Remember the reflex of the sun on the lens. Then I hear singing and recognise the song and the voice of Björk. I go check it out and find Björk singing on top of some platform around a lighthouse or some similar tower building. There’s only half a dozen people stopping to listen to her and she looks so tanned! It looks like she was just having beach vacation and decided to sing for whoever was passing, but I don’t know. I sing along and when it’s over I approach this platform because I would like to say hello to her and because the clapping of the audience was so disappointing I feel she would like to meet some fan to lift her up. But she is already surrounded by people from her staff – so it wasn’t a casual show! One lady blocks my way and I grab her arm to really make her understand I wanna talk to Björk – OK!!! My hands are greasy and she looks a bit disgusted. I wonder why I’m greasy but tell her it’s not dirty oil, but some baby oil I put on my skin to moisturize (?) I finally get to her and congratulate her and start being a total nagging fan – which I would never do, but I think I was somewhat aware I was dreaming and felt no constraints. She is first totally ignoring me. She enters a trailer but leaves the door open so I also go inside. It’s a huge trailer. There’s a bunch of guys hanging around, doing video editing and sound checks – an entire team that probably worked for her. She enters a separate room, I assume it is her room or a changing room. But she also leaves the door open. And she hasn’t yet told me to shut up or go away, so I keep going. I don’t want to invade her privacy though, so I stay outside this room, sitting on the floor, by the side of the door. I bombard her with all sorts of questions and opinions, like saying she doesn’t look so good so tanned. Then she finally breaks the ice, asking me if I know anything about some hospital and I actually now something because my grandma uses to go there, so we end up discussing hospital location and treatments. Because of this, when I finally enter the room, she is lying in bed and she is has transformed into my grandmother . Then she turns into a giant poached egg. Then I wake up.

      3:40 GMT

      Random mix of unrelated stuff
      Going down some circular stairs down some kind of well to go meet someone and help with something. I realise I am inside a mine. As I reach some floor level crossed by huge pipes, there’s a quake which shakes down everything, and displaces some rocks and some of the pipes. People who were on downer levels come up and everybody decides to evacuate as it isn’t safe to stay there any longer. As we approach the surface, we open an hatch and we meet this guard on some control post who is guarding the entrance to the area. He tells us there’s no reason to worry, that everything is ok, just a minor quake, but we prefer to play safe and decide to make a break and go to this area on the left – a building – where we can eat something and rest for a while. At that moment I look to the sky and two police flying saucers pass by – like police cars, with the police lettering and red lights flashing, but in a flying saucer version. They seem to be on a hurry, maybe chasing some criminal on some other flying saucer?
      We cross a road and enter this building that looks like a mall, with revolving doors. Inside there are shower facilities and we all go for a shower before anything else. In the beginning we’re all in the same bathroom, men and women and some guy hands me over shampoo, but everybody’s dressed. First I say I’m not going to take a shower, but he insists and I just wash my hair – always with clothes on! Then I overhear one of the girls talking to a guy about considering living an alternative life style and I cannot help to tell her to talk to some other girl of the group who is obviously kinda hippie, thinking she might give her some advice. Then I look throught the window, admire some trees outside and spot an animal on some branch. I say “Look, an hedgehog on that tree!”, but something isn’t right and the others also notice. Hedgehogs don’t climb trees. I know that, but I’m sure what I saw was an hedgehog, so I go outside to prove my point. All I can find is some squirrel. He is cute but I’m sure not what I saw before. I spot some walnuts on the ground and think about throwing it at the squirrel, but then I realise he is not going to catch it and I might indeed hurt him if I try. So I give up and as I walk away I find a table with doll houses on top. They are from a lady artisan who makes them and is exhibiting them on open air. I am amazed at the details and beauty of the houses but then stumble on one whose miniature parquet floor is totally lifted on air – I try to fix it and as a result the whole house collapses. The lady is luckily surrounded by people and doesn’t see me.

      My hair is longer and I am sitting with another girl in front of my guru. He is giving us some instructions regarding the current practice we’re doing. I make some funny face and my guru asks me if I disagree with something, to which I reply no.

      6:10 GMT

      Changing clothes
      I’m on some large room with white long benches around, against the wall, like a cloakroom. The door is open but still I am trying to change clothes quickly. I see a corridor outside and realise this is inside some large building. I want to change pants but they are so tight, even my underwear comes off. Precisely when some people - among which I recognise my father - are just passing by in the corridor. Luckily they are not paying attention to what goes on inside the room. I decide to simply continue undressing and dressing. Strangely my panties have now enlarged with all the pulling and twisting from my changing acrobatics. I try wearing some new pants and they don't fir, so I grab a new skirt I brought and wear it – it also is huge, like twice normal size. I think I need to ask my mother what happened, because she was the last person who washed these clothes!

      Encounters at a canteen
      On a gathering of activists and farmers, there’s a guy in his 50s with a son about my age and they don’t stop looking at me. On lunch time at a canteen they sit in the table right in front of mine. My mom who’s also present notices the 2 guys interest and comes to join me. I realise she is digging the 50 year-old guy and I play along to help her. But e just exchange smiles and they never get up and come talk to us. After lunch I am packing all my stuff really well on my backpack to leave – I have mp3, camera, laptop and all the necessary plugs and cables, plus a book and whatever... I take ages to fit all in the backpack and that’s when the guy (the older) decides to talk. He tells me he is a rice producer and asks me if I know Alfredo (yeah, I do) because he is his neighbour. Then he also asks me if I am aware of the GM rice issue and I smile thinking “Why of course!” but he doesn’t give me a chance to talk, so he keeps going. He is totally furious that his project of organic rainfed rice was totally discouraged by the government while they support chemically and flooded rice and even GM rice. He concludes that this world is upside down and I agree, but decided not to speak.
      Then I spot Mónica onthe opposite side of this room and go there but then notice she is with her mom. Her mom takes her to a nearby window and shows her something which is outside. I hear their conversation. “Oh mom, I can’t believe it! It’s for surfing? I want it so badly! I want it! Thank you so much!” Apparently her mother just gave her some ridiculously expensive gift – I wonder if it’s a surfing board and since when she does sports? Then she turns but she doesn’t see me. Instead she goes talk to some lady who’s leaving and asks her if she can come along. The lady replies she would of course invite her, but she is with their guru on a private visit, as a friend and he is not expecting anyone else to join. Surprisingly then, the guru actually drops by saying he really needs to use the toilet. He doesn’t look so happy and even I say hi to him, but he does not reply. I find that odd, since he is always so kind and thoughtful. Mónica is clearly happy to see him and says to the other lady that he looks so well! I wonder why she says this, because to me he is clearly not looking so well.

      7:30 GMT – Wake up

      PRECOG explanation:
      On this morning my mom came to visit me. I was coincidentally wearing the panties from my dream but was wearing a different skirt. When she arrived she was bringing me a bag of clothes she had washed and ironed, including that new skirt. I just put it over the bed to sort it out later when my mom notices I have a big spot on the skirt I am wearing. We’re late to go out so I just grab the skirt on the bed and dress it. Already outside I realise I’m wearing the exact same thing I was wearing on the dream – luckily it suffered no accident and all is with normal size. I don’t know why I have such meaningless precog dreams, but fortunately once in a while I also have precogs that are actually interesting.
    9. 31 Aug: a fairy tale, old memories and mix of kitsch and surreal

      by , 09-02-2010 at 09:43 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      22:45 GMT - Sleep

      I am going to the subway. Apparently I don’t want to pay and try to enter anyway, but I have no choice but to go to the ticket machine and buy one. Then I slide it through the validation machine and it is rejected several times. I am getting pissed off and when it finally opens up I run to the train. Then I realise I’m on the wrong side and jump to the tracks to get the train that is about to close the doors and leave on the other platform. I manage not to get killed and I get into the train.

      A fairy tale
      I am this poor shepherdess girl but beautiful like no other. All men, from all walks of life, want me and desire me. The latest one trying to conquer me is this rich sheik offering me a palace and riches. He says I’ll be the first and most important lady of his harem. Yeah, yeah, but I decline. They keep coming but I am in love with this other poor working guy. He is so brave and all but because I’ve been courted by so many princes and rich guys he just decided I’m too good for him and he chickens out. So one day I decide to launch a challenge – the one who takes all my sheep to sell somewhere far away in an exotic land and having to cross all sort of dangerous places and experiences, will be the one I’ll marry. I’m totally convinced he will manage and all the other rich guys in their palaces have no chance. But then I also wonder: did I do the right thing? I mean, the other guys are just city dwellers but they have the resources and this guy just has his passion and his guts... Oh well, let’s hope for the best.

      0:30 GMT

      Breakfast outside
      The beginning is fuzzy. I was entering this lobby of a building that looked either a clinic or an office building. There’s a desk in front and some columns. I contour them and realise it is a circular corridor around this desk, along which there are doors leading somewhere. There’s also this sliding window-door leading to an interior terrace/garden. I have no clue what I am doing here. [gap]
      Then the next scene seems to be in the outside terrace/garden. There are long tables with food on it. People are having breakfast there and I decide to join and eat something to. I find no place to seat but just grab some food. Strangely there are fried fish and other fried salty foods. I’m not used to that, I always eat fruits or muesli. I find a plate of “pataniscas” (a Portuguese dish that actually originated the Japanese vegetables “tempura”) and I grab one. I circulate around the tables looking for some more treats.

      Laser show on a corn field and compassion for a heart broke
      I’m now on the outside of this big building, looks like a huge barn or maybe it is the inn from previous dream. Now the long tables and long benches are in front of it and I’m sitting in one, turned to a corn field just in front. There’s a lot of chatting and laughter and I realise just close to me is my prep school sweetheart M. I am aware he just looks like when he was a kid and I know I am no longer a kid. Although I don’t become fully lucid, I know this is not real. He is just playing an old scene that happened with us. Because I’m not paying attention to him, he is also ignoring me but I see that he wants desperately to talk to me. So there is something that triggers general amusement and makes him look to my side and he uses the opportunity to smile at me and start conversation. I feel so much compassion for him. I feel “Gosh, poor guy, the suffering he went through those days just to get my attention.” I really loved him, I really did. But for some really complex reasons I said no when he later asked me to be his girl. This breaks my heart even more when I look at him there, so innocent. I feel no other emotions but compassion for him and some sadness that I can’t go back and tell him it was all so unnecessary, that he was loved, that he was free and that he didn’t need me.
      At this point I shut him off from the dream and look to the corn field thinking how nice would be to see some UFOs in the sky, or making a crop circle or whatever. So then I see this lights moving around in the field and get excited. But then the lights forms the shape of doves and I realise it’s just some laser show projected on the corn wall. It’s cool but not what I had in mind.

      Hill on fire, random stuff and the fairy’s house
      Now it is daylight and warm. I’m also in the countryside, but I recognize it as some hills not far from my childhood home. I see red flames behind the hill in front of me. A fire! I want to see it closer and help whatever way I can to end it. I am with my mom and other people, but the others don’t care and keep moving on. My mom is the only one joining me.
      I find firemen but the main fire is still far. Just a few patches of burning grass here and there and I grab some wet towel and starting extinguishing these little fires. As I go uphill I encounter a playground full of children and I wonder how it wasn’t yet evacuated. I keep going up and now I find a big white tent and inside is my aunt Lisa fighting a small fire to. I help her and keep moving up. Then I find a precinct where some festival is taking place and once again I wonder why aren’t people being evacuated. There are some reporters looking for someone to interview and I hardly manage to escape them. “MY god, there’s a huge fire raging just behind this! Does nobody know?” On some other tent there are a few fat guys eating and watching a movie about pig farms. They are discussing how useful it is to cut the pig’s nose. I see the images of that and I feel disgusted - like, what else are these guys going to come up with to inflict pain on the animals? I interrupt their lunch and tell them what I think. They are completely caught by surprise and think that I must be crazy.
      I get out from the back of the tent and I find myself in a house. Tiny, with dirty corridor and I see this guy looking at me with very unfriendly. I have to find and exit fast. I find this interior yard and try to get out of there – I’ll have to climb the wall. So I start climbing and it’s not really a plain wall, it’s more like a very steep hill, with rocks, concrete blocks, all sort of pipes and wires... Then a couple joins me in the escape – it’s the guy’s wife and her “friend”.
      When I arrive on the top, I am on top of a cliff looking over large planes. To my left though, there is an even higher ground. There are a few stairs that I climb and then I’m on this patio in front of a very cute house with vases of flowers. It’s lovely. I recognise it as the fairy’s house! I remember being there before and I feel very emotional.

      2:20 GMT

      Stalking Björk
      I’m with my mom eating breakfast in an Inn and watching TV. There’s a story playing about this polish (?) guy who is in Portugal shooting a movie with Björk. They interview her and she looks so cute: By coincidence they are interviewing them at his home, which apparently is close to where I am with my mom. I am a huge fan so when we’re driving around during the day my mom keeps an eye of every house trying to spot the one of this guy. I think that’s stupid, but then she spots it behind some bushes. She turns right to that street. I see kids playing in the front yard a lady coming out of the garage and they do look polish or something like it. I really feel uncomfortable – what are we doing exactly?
      So we go back to the Inn. After a few days we are cycling around with a friend in a funny bike for 3 people. I spot a group of strange people and I think I saw Björk disguised in the middle of them. Whoever that was, they had fun when they saw us biking. I thought I was going to sop with the stalking.
      I pass a crossroad and stop on the side of the road for a while. Coincidently again, a car stops and a bunch of girls, two of them my old friends from school, Lic and Patty. They want directions to somewhere and I tell them we’re on vacation in the area but we also don’t know much about the surrounding places. We have a quick chat and I come back to the Inn.

      4:50 GMT

      Dutch people and stray animals
      Maybe still on the same village as before, I’m walking around with mom and some friend of hers. We pass by a sports club, but it is dutch. There are these board on the wall with names and dates and my mom asks me what it is and I explain it looks like football matches. I get bored and ask to leave. So we keep walking and find an entrance to a residential with restaurant, followed by an entrance to a farm. All seems to be of the same dutch people.
      Then I see my father. What is he doing here? Apparently some work related to the dogs and cats in the area. He tells me of how many pets are abandoned by people in this area but also that there’s a shift in people’s mind because there’s also an increase in people who report the cases of their neighbours who do it.
      Later we’re on the road, I guess to go home.

      Crystal out of my nose
      Then a dream fragment. I was cleaning my nose and a huge crystal comes out of it – nice. Then I make some health recommendations to someone.

      6:00 GMT

      Family reunion
      I am at home and my uncle F. and his wife are there too. I am ironing clothes and I hear them talking about absolutely ignorant things and I say to them something like the market and capitalism being a total illusion and that for them to be happy they had to completely let go of that illusion and just be free. I say it is something basic and obvious and not a matter for discussion, but they don’t buy it. Oh well. I later go to the toilet to find out that one of the walls is now half destroyed. I am told someone fell agains the wall and I think “wow, should be a really heavy person”. I touch it and it ends falling apart completely. So, no toilet.

      Space research institute
      Then I’m visiting this centre, it looks like a research institute or a university. I’m on this big room with guys sitting at desks and prototypes everywhere. There’s a really interesting movie playing on a computer screen and I sit down watching it. It is a mix of Blade Runner and Star Wars, but supposedly refers to real life. They are talking about this Death Star that is in orbit on our planet – really? Apparently it is pointed to or being commanded by the White House - this part was not clear.
      Then I realise I’m sitting at this guy’s desk and he comes in and looks at me like “What are you doing here?” But I don’t say a word, I just sit in another chair and try not to get in his way. Then a group of students come and grab chairs and also come to watch this film. They all look at me like I don’t belong there and I know I don’t, but I’m having fun, so just let me be! Then a door opens behind us – there’s a toilet there – and a totally naked guy comes out of it. People find it bizarre, but not enough to stop him or cover him. He is complaining that he can’t shit, that he has a serious case of constipation and I find all this hilarious. I follow him and then I understand what’s going on. He was trying to save his marriage but he caught his wife cheating on him with this colleague from the institute and just freaked out. Now he is a bit nuts. Eventually he even crosses with his wife on the hallway and she is chatting with her lover when she sees her naked husband. I feel pity for this guy. Probably a brilliant mind that flipped.

      7:45 GMT – Wake up

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