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    1. Jelly Dragons

      by , 04-25-2016 at 08:47 PM
      (Side notes:
      1. This is my first time posting on this website, so excuse any newbieness that I may have. I found it just this morning and saw that there was a place to put dream journal entries. I have more than 100 notes on my phone of dreams that I have had in the past. If anyone would like to hear about some of those past dreams just let me know, ill gladly post them.
      2. The way I tell my dreams may be a little sloppy and/or confusing because I write them down right when I wake up and try to get it all down as fast as possible before I forget important details. If you have any questions or if something doesn't make total sense feel free to ask about it.)


      This dream that I had happened to, what I consider, to have a dream within a dream. Although I never truly woke up in it, instead I started noticing things that I hadn't noticed before and realized that what was going on wasn't what the "real world" (actually that dream world) should have been like. Anyway, we'll call them the story dream (since it was like i was just following a storyline) and the real dream for organizational purposes. The story dream was nothing interesting, just me going throughout my normal school day, talking to people and what not, so I won't give any details about that. Although throughout that dream I kept noticing something stalking me in the shadows. I remember seeing it multiple times and thinking "that isn't suppose to be there, why is it there?" In the story dream I had a best friend who wasn't actually anyone that i knew irl. Him and I would go throughout our day doing regular stuff, but kept joking around and saying "we need to put your underwear on our heads one day and run around like that". I would just laugh and be like "nah lets not do that." Anyway, it was raining and we were walking to a pizza place for lunch. It was weird because the only way i was able to tell the story dream from the real dream was that the story dream was VERY brightly colored and had a jelly like effect to it (ex. every time I opened a door or touched something it would wiggle like jello for a few seconds), while the real dream was all in black and white. In the story dream i paid no attention to the jelly factor because i thought it was normal. So then skip forward because I dont remember anything after walking in the door of the pizza place. All i remember next is being kidnapped by the man that owned the pizza parlour. He took me into his attic and i saw a black cat up there as well. That's when the jelly effect went away and EVERYTHING became black and white. He kept telling me that i was in danger. I asked him how and he said that there was this giant creature coming to destroy my world. I asked him where i was now and he said i was in "second dimension earth" and that i lived in "seventh dimension earth". I believed everything he said and asked how i was supposed to kill this creature. I dont remember him responding at all, but instead skipping to the black cat sitting in a corner. The cat comes out of the shadows and said that he was the thing stalking me in the story dream. I didn't believe him one bit for some reason. Something told me not to. I told him that he looked much different from the thing that was stalking me, until he walked back into the shadows and proved to me that he was indeed the creature that was following me. I was in shock. They both started to explain to me that everything that is able to travel between different dimensions has a different form in each one. You cannot control which one you are in unless your body feels the need to give you control. The cat started switching between the two forms that he had, showing me examples. At first he was a sleek black cat, then turned into an owl. It looked silver, almost like it was just pure silver light. They explained how when youre in the wrong dimension for a specific form you look like a silver shadow, but once in the correct dimension you will look normal. So i figured the owl must have been the cats form but for a different dimension. The fat pizza man was explaining all of this stuff to me and the cat was continuously changing forms so that i could see how it worked. The pizza man also explained how if you are the chosen one that once you travel to a certain dimension that turns you into the creature that you were born as you can never change again and travel through every dimension as that creature. Skip forward again and i was battling some massive, all black... thing. I wish i could explain to you what it looked like, but i never got a good look at it. It was HUGE and all black. I could see no form of human or animal traits. It was almost like it was a 2D black creature, but was in fact 3D. There was just no detail to it. I was struggling to hurt this... thing because of how big it was. It had crashed through the building, but only its foot was on the floor i was on. The rest of it was scaling the building. That should explain how massive it was in size. I was stabbing its foot with a dumb kitchen knife when somehow my friend from before came in and was like whoa whats going on. I was asking him how he got in here when the creature kicked him back into the story dream. There was a whole in the wall from where he got kicked and i could see him floating in space with a bunch of other brightly colored and wiggly objects. I don't entirely know what happened but it seemed like there was no gravity there, but only there. I suddenly got the feeling that he was dead and i became enraged. I didnt know where the cat or the pizza man went so all i was thinking of was ways to kill this thing. Suddenly the roof got torn off and thats when i noticed that the creature was all black. Next to it there were three dragons flying around. A brown one, a red one, and a green one. Everything was still in black in white but somehow I knew what colors they were. Then my entire perspective changed to being, what seemed like, was inside of my body. I was trying to tear out of it almost. I ripped through whatever I was in and emerged as a MASSIVE dragon. Id say 3 times as big as the three other dragons, but not nearly as big as the black creature. I was never able to see myself, but i knew I had a silver lion's mane and was covered in color changing scales. I flew up to the other dragons and they bowed to me. I remember feeling completely shocked when my dream skips again. I'm not entirely sure what was happening next, but all i can say is that it seemed like i was bouncing through dimensions. I crashed through the floor of the pizza place and ended up in, what i will now call Jellymoto. (You'll see why I call it that in a bit) Once i was there i went back crashing through and ended up back in the black and white dimension. I did that several times until i saw my friend from before floating around with a bunch of my underwear. He wasn't dead, but i could tell he was dying. I was back in human form somehow and started collecting all of my panties. I handed him a pair while placing one on my head. He put them on his head as well and i shifted back to dragon form and put him on my back. I never said anything to him, but remember thinking "If youre going to die, then youre gonna fight by my side until you do". I crashed back through to the other dimension with him sitting on my back screaming "FOR JELLYMOTO!" Somehow doing that killed the creature because my dream skips yet again and we're all back in the attic. Im still in dragon form while they explain to me that I'm like a god. I wasn't JUST the chosen one, but a daughter of some type of goddess or something. They said i was the most powerful being while i changed from hundreds of real creatures to make believe ones. Then suddenly i woke up.
    2. Finally Flying! [WILD]

      by , 10-11-2015 at 11:13 AM (Dimension X)
      I finally nailed the WILD technique, I suppose. Either way, this was the first lucid dream I had about flying... Well, the first proper one anyway.

      It felt so real. The only thing that bothered me is that everything was actually in black and white, and it seemed to be low quality. I looked down at my feet as I was flying, and I was leaving a smoke trail. I tried spinning around, and boosting to go faster... It all felt real, but it really didn't look real. I tried to add color to the background, but it just didn't work. Anyone have any tips on clarity? I could really use some...

      I'm also really excited, I think this is the most regularly I've ever had any lucid dreams.

      I just need to master the WILD and DILD techniques, since those seem to be the main ones I've used. And with this, I'm one step closer to that.
    3. July 25

      by , 08-05-2013 at 06:10 AM
      Dream 1
      - I'm sitting in my backyard at a picnic table but go inside to get some ice cream. I put the ice cream in a crumbling cone. I also get these small, magnetic penguins. I put one penguin by another, saying that it can be its boyfriend.

      Dream 2
      - I'm in some small cave waiting for my friend K to take a picture of something. She Is out out of sight and I am holding onto/sitting on a small rock ledge. I look around and notice some small spiderwebs. I keep looking and see a pile of dead, bloodied rabbits, covered in spiderwebs, leading up to a dark hole in the rock. My hands get a bit sweaty and I feel like im going to slip. These dead animals make me a bit uneasy and I want K to hurry up.

      Dream 3
      - I'm outdoors, by a river. This river has a shallow area and A deeper spot where the current gets stronger. I am carrying a bag containing 2 orange fish that keep changing from fish to scorpions. I release one-now a scorpion-into the shallow water. It floats there, twitches, and dies. I take the other and let it go by a pile of rocks. I think about wimming but do not.

      Dream 4
      - I'm swimming in a lake, between the shore and a large, square-ish boat. 2 unfamiliar teenagers are here, a boy and girl; the boy is in the ater, the girl is jumping off the boat. I want to jump off too but don't know if its okay. Now, its dark out and I'm on a part of the boat with my dad. We are going to go down a slide and have to sit on a towel. My dad tells me to sit on the bigger towel because I'd 'like to sit on a big boy', and he laughs. I feel slightly put down.

      Dream 5
      - I'm walking through the school when I realize that I don't even know what class I'm going to. My schedule says the class is outsideso I head that way. On the way, I see B and a clone of her. They are completely identical besides their hair; one has black hair, one has white. I ask them if they know where my class is but I get a mean response.

      Dream 6
      - Marilyn Manson and a woman are together for an interview. They're outside in front of a grey building; the weather is gloomy. They are both very pale and wearing only black and white. The woman's chest is exposed and she has the chest of a man. They're both wearing a cape/robe type overcoat and they keep moving in and out of each other's. This and there facial expressions really give the impression of a snake.
    4. Make Everything in Color!

      by , 12-07-2012 at 04:14 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I really need to start updating my dream journal more often again... and stop being lazy about it because I'm only bothering to write down the LD I had last night and not all the other dreams from last night. >.>

      Okay, so I was in this small movie theater with my family. I recognized one scene as being in a familiar location from an earlier dream that night (unfortunately, I can't remember that dream now, but I do remember it was from another dream I actually did have) and exclaimed that I recognized it from the dream I had last night. This seemed like a bit much of a coincidence, considering it was a place I'd never seen before, so I did a quick RC and counted six fingers.

      "I'm dreaming!" I exclaimed. "Now, what was the task of the month... I have to-" I was about to say I had to make it snow, but I noticed that my vision was turning black-and-white. "Make everything in color!" I shouted out to the dream instead. Suddenly, everything was back in color again.

      Someone (can't remember who) asked what I meant by that (or something along the lines of that), so I began to explain. Unfortunately, I was already waking up by that point. "You see, when you're lucid-" I was about to say that it's harder to keep a dream stable when you're lucid, but I realized the dream had already ended.
    5. chasing HER

      by , 10-27-2012 at 04:57 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      the following takes place mid dream....I know I was dreaming about something...maybe driving through streets or something, but that's it. Wait....I remember cooking, and the water boiled over, and I thought I was going to get electrocuted while cleaning up the water...but I don't know where this connects.

      I'm in the middle of the forest barefoot, and my brother is out there. Some chicken flies up to his face, and leaves. I think the chicken thought he was his owner, because they were talking on the radio and I guess it heard it. Anyways, I'm heading to my truck (lolwtf) with no shoes on. He says something about looking out for poop. I look down and said "i'll be alright", and noticed that I was barefoot, and may have stepped in a little something.

      I scraped my feet against the door seal and then got in the truck. For some reason...I was able to control the truck third personish. Eventually I was using a remote on it. It ran into someone and the cops were right there. I headed to the truck, and tried to explain it to the cop. He was asking if I was ______, and I told him no. He said he could only arrest ______ because of it....and the dude got weirdly flirty with me. I guess he didn't want to write me ticket cause he liked me...which was fooking gross.

      Anyways, I remember dropping like a dollar....and some guy took it, but he had all this money lying around him. I got my dollar back in change until I saw my orginal dollar laying next to some 10s and a 100. I dropped the change and got my original dollar, and walked off.

      Then I saw a flock of women (they were walking in a V formation) all of them were wearing black and white dresses of different styles. They looked like straight up models from a distance. Don't know why I felt this gutsy, but said fuck it and headed over there to talk to one. As I got a closer look, I realized all of them had really dark hair, except for one....I think it was HER. I introduced my self, and shook her hand. She asked me why should she even consider dating me. I told her about myself, like it was some sort of interview. I let her know about college, and what I plan on in the future. I don't think she believed me, but I kept trying. A tree separated us and when I got around it, I said the next sentence to the wrong person. The other girls started laughing at me. I asked them where did she go, and they didn't tell me.

      I turned around and she was wearing a different outfit. Maroon top, with blue shorts, and running away. I started running after her, and she was much faster. I thought she would eventually get tired but she didn't. I started thinking about running super fast, and the entire dream sped up. (when I do this during a lucid, I can usually run super fast, while everything else says at regular speed-non movement) It was kinda like a Benny Hill chase scene.

      Eventually I caught up to her. She was helping lift a guy up with a stair char. I watched until she was done. She laid down because she was tired, and I came up to her, and complemented her on her selflessness. We talked a bit more, and she seemed more open to me. I noticed she had blood on her knee, when I placed my hand there while getting a hug. There was something special about getting her blood on my hands and not caring about it. She said don't worry about it. And I asked her out. She said yes, and I asked her what time. She said 6:37 tomorrow. I really wanted to say "why can't I take out out now", but that worked.
    6. Owl and Bat House

      by , 09-02-2012 at 03:47 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Owl and Bat House

      My recall has been really poor lately, but I remember this dream from last night.

      There was a house that was always dark, and I mean like there were no lights. It was full of owls and bats. You could hardly walk because they were everywhere.

      There was some lady who lived in this house. It was narrated to me that she walked around the house naked all the time because there were no lights.

      My view of the room was like a black and white drawing. Nothing moved. I was able to KIND of focus on some of the owls and bats, as though I was verifying what they were or something.
    7. Old Fashioned Televisions, Big Bands, and the TotY

      by , 02-08-2012 at 04:13 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was sitting on my bed in my room and it was dark outside yet light in my room. I got up and walked out the door into the bathroom. I looked at the clock and it said that it was 6:30AM, right on time that I normally wake up. I turned on the shower and brushed my teeth while waiting for the water to heat up. Once it was warm I got in and went through my usual shower, nothing out of the ordinary. I got out of the shower and when I stepped on the ground I slipped and hit my head right on the ground. I had forgotten to put the mat down . My head didn't hurt at all and I got right up as if nothing had happened. I continued on with my morning as usual. I walked down the stairs and it led right into the gym locker room at out school

      I walked outside the locker room into the gym where my classmates were playing this game called jugball. It's a game in which you have to get a tennis ball to your "goalie" on the opposite side of the gym using milk jugs with the bottom cut off (you can't run). Anyway, when I had walked out I grabbed a jug and got right into the action. I casually walked down to the end of the gym and saw two of my friends just standing there, not doing anything. "Hey guys, having fun?" I asked in a casual, sarcastic way. "Tons," they replied, equally as sarcastic. I turned around to look at the other side of the gym where the ball had gone and saw one of the more sports-oriented kids down there getting the ball. I turned around, looked at me and chucked it as hard as he could
      (this part actually happened a few days ago)

      The ball flew at me and I quickly moved my hand over my stomach to stop the ball and actually ended up catching it!
      (This happened too only it just bounced off my hand, I didn't catch it ) For some reason, this made me start to question whether or not I was awake. I looked around more carefully and didn't see anything wrong with the dream. All my friends looked normal and there were no irregularities. I looked down at my hands and noticed nothing was wrong with them, all 10 fingers and no differences. "Hey, Burke, pass it over here!" One of my friends yelled. I tossed it over and proceeded to do a nose-plug RC. To my surprise, It worked! I was lucid! Quite an interesting way to get lucid .

      I hadn't had a lucid in a while so I didn't want to waste this one. I thought of what to do and decided I would do the TotY. The first one that came to mind was the first television broadcast so I imagined a room back in the ealy 1900s and a small T.V. sitting in the corner. I snapped my fingers and I was brought to a small room where everything was in black and white, except me. The room was completely empty, no doors or anything except for one small end table with a modern-day t.v. on it, only it as really small about 6 inches across. I walked over to it (the room was only like 10' by 10') and there was one knob on the side. I turned it towards the part that said "on" and waited for something to happen.

      I stared at the screen and could see a very static-y screen like when you don't have a signal. I waited for about 10 seconds for something to happen and after nothing did, I looked around the t.v. for an answer to my problems. Coming out of the back of the t.v. was a power cord but it only had one prong, similar to an auxiliary cable. I looked around the room again and tried to find an outlet but there was nothing to be seen. I figured I could just summon one so I turned around and thought to myself, "when I turn around, there will be an outlet for this thing right behind it." When I turned around there was indeed an outlet, but it was a modern day, 3-pronged one. This wouldn't work but I figured I might as well try. I stuck the jack into the round hole where the 3rd prong would normall go.

      It fit right in and there a couple sparks but no flames or anything. I looked at the t.v. screen and it was now a faint blue, almost gray, color. I reached behind the t.v. expecting there to be a remote and there was! Man, I'm really getting the hang of summoning stuff . The remote only had a few buttons: power, channel, and menu. I clicked the channel one and saw the screen change to a faint green and a small number appeared in the corner saying "02." It makes sense since the first one would've been one, and this one was two. I continued to flip through the channels but there was nothing broadcasting, only various colors, some brighter than others while a few were so faded they almost were just a shade.

      Around channel 8 when the t.v. had turned to a faint red, almost pink, color I noticed that the room had changed color too, the same color as the screen. I turned it back to 7, which was a deep purple, and the room changed accordingly. Getting a little frustrated I just yelled at the t.v. "Just show me a damn show!" I waited a second and after a brief moment the screen started to flicker. On the screen a group of people started to form with what looked like big blocks of wood in from of them. After another few seconds I saw that is was a band! A stereotypical big band from the 1920s and 1930s. There was about 20 of them in total and on the front of their music stands I saw a circle with some sort of letters around it and a clarinet lilted to the side in the middle.

      The entire broadcast was in black and white and thus the room changed accordingly. The conductor up in from raised his hands and all the musicians raised their instruments. I started to waive his hands and all the players took a big breath. I could tell they were playing some sort of music but, this being the first t.v, there was no sound. What's the point of a concer on t.v. if there's no sound? I was a little disappointed and wanted to hear what they were saying so I decided to try something new. I walked up to the t.v. and kicked it with my left foot. As I had expected, my leg went right through the screen but it didn't break it, my leg actually went through the screen and into the scene that had been filmed. I squeezed the wrest of my body through and ended up in some sort of concert hall with a large dance floor and tables surrounding it.

      Once there I could hear some music and it seemed very familiar. I looked around and could see a lot of people in the room, some dancing, talking, and others just sitting at the tables eating some food. I walked over to one of them and asked what song this was. They responded in a stereotypical New Yorker accent which I found rather humorous saying, "Eh? Oh yeah, thems guys. They's the Glen Miller Band or sometin' with this new fangled doo-hickey called 'jazz.' It's not too bad. I actually like it, personally and it seems like a lot of others do to. So, whad'ya say? You wanna dance or somethin'?" Wow, he had a really heavy accent but it amused me nonetheless. "No, that's not what I asked. What is the name of this song?" I asked him again. "The song? Uh... I ain't got a clue, but that Firo ova there, he knows what new and fancy and whatnot." He pointed to a younger person, probably about 16 with a brown suit and tan fedora on. "Thanks." I told him.

      I walked over to this kid and tapped him on the shoulder. He immediately spun around and tried to hit me in the face! I quickly ducked down to avoid it. "What the hell'd ya do that for!?" I yelled at him. "You're pretty quick." he said, "I don't see many people with moves like that. What's ya name?" He had a slightly less pronounced accent but it was still noticible. "I'm Burke," I told him. "This man over there said that this guy named Firo knew what this song was called. Is that you? Do you know?" I asked him. "Yea, I'm him, and this song here these guys is playin's called 'In the Mood' or somethin'. It's not bad, I like it." He told me. Ah-ha! That's what it was! We had played this in our local jazz bad a couple years ago. It's actually a pretty good song.

      "Now, since I did somethin' for you, you gotta do somethin' for me." He said suddenly. "What's that you want?" I asked him. He smirked and brought his fist back as if he was about to punch something. "Ye see, I'm kinda a jerk, so I just want one thing. I want you... to wake up!" He quickly brought his fist forward and it slammed right into my face. It pushed me back a few feet and I could feel the dream start to fade, but it didn't immediately wake me up. The dream was very unstable though so I quickly rubbed my hands together and focused on my surroundings. The band had changed songs! I dind't recognize this new song but I wasn't really very curious. "Ya quite the sturdy one," He told me, "But I ain't never not woken someone up before when I say I'm gonna!" In an instant,
      I was lying in my bed, eyes open, completely awake. Damn. Did he really wake me up or was it just time for the dream to end?

      Oh well, I got part of the TotY done and had a dream which had quite a few real-life elements in it. A "sport" we played in gym class, music by a band I knew, and a character from an anime I had recently watched (Firo from Baccano!). Not a bad dream
    8. 1st Shared Dreaming Experiment - Cay's Dream

      , 12-31-2011 at 04:32 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Cay's Dreams
      I tried to focus on NightSpy's energy, and I thought I had a sense of it, but other thoughts prevailed, it seems. The likelihood of a synch is low, but I still feel like I should be in the habit of posting every attempt.

      Dream 1 (Fragmented)

      As I'd been reading my favorite book, David Copperfield prior to sleep, and I was on the eve of Steerforth's great betrayal, the first things I can recall are vague, floating images of the boat-house at Yarmouth at night, with the candle wavering in the window. It was raining, and I alternated between 'disembodied-observer' and a position slightly removed from the house where I could watch the comings and goings, specifically Ham coming to break the news, looking like a newly dead man.
      Dream 2
      I was part of the police force taking down a couple who had grown to be known as the 'new Bonnie and Clyde'. The entire dream was in black and white. We cornered them in a large public restroom, or I thought it was, but then the stalls turned into a bank of payphones. One man at a payphone telling someone he loved her was shot in the back. I got a flash of the newspapers the next day saying 'Father of five, 60, killed in raid on...' something. I put the first bullet in 'Bonnie', and watched her blonde curls fall out of her cap as she hit the ground- then I was thrown violently into her body, writhing in pain. I woke up.
    9. Strange After-dream Dream

      by , 06-19-2011 at 06:56 AM

      Type: Unknown
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      I was laying in bed. I had just had a dream of being at a carnival and walking in front of a group of guys and one of them gave off this offensive/mean feeling towards me when I walked by.
      It was all black now but I willed the dream back.

      Only the images came back and they were black and white only, but in like a kind of negative color scheme. I wasn't sure if this was a working/running dream or if it was somehow frozen because there was no sound and I didn't see anything else moving.

      I was where I was when the dream collapsed so I walked back to the group of guys again. As I walked I became in third person view but my physical feelings were 1st person. I watched myself from a lower right hand side. There the guys sat, I targeted the offensive guy with my mind and I threw him with my telekinesis toward the horizon. I could see him falling end over end, flailing his arms and legs trying to get control of himself while hurtling through the air. I calmly watched as he flew quite a distance before falling out of sight. I was amazed how I had no effort in throwing a 190 pound guy about 200 yards away, all I had to do was focus, believe, and move my hand a little.

      Click image for larger version. 

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      There were still 3 guys there and I tried to think of experimenting with another power but oddly I couldn't think of any, not one! I tried still harder to think of them, I knew they were there but couldn't access them! Then the dream started to fragment, I couldn't concentrate on both with all this intensity and then dream collapsed leaving me in the darkness. Instantly my memory of my powers came back shortly followed by a feeling of "too late now"
    10. March 11, 2011- A Tad Morbid

      by , 03-12-2011 at 03:49 AM
      I dreamt last night in black and white, which is a first for me. The set-up of the dream was odd; it was like a game or simulation. An experiment. I was on an old luxury boat, and it was sinking. There were four groups of people staying in different cabins- one was a single mom and her two kids, one was two good friends, one was an African tribe that stayed above deck the entire time, and the other I can't remember. I had to experience each group, as if it were a level in a video game, as they tried to survive. I don't think they made it; the most vivid part of the dream was me dying. I often die in dreams, but I always wake up before I'm legitimately dead. This time, however, I died all the way- I fell backwards, and then there was a rapid progression of black-and-white imagery. Then I woke up.
    11. Half and Half

      by , 02-24-2007 at 02:33 AM
      Original dream dated Feb. 23rd, 2007:

      I dreamed I turned into a man who was coal black on one side and snow white on the other. I was trying to give a reading of a poem for class, but one side of my body took over and the poem came out completely wrong. The side that took over was the side that was capable of being ONLY completely literal and rational. My professor gave me an F.
      I was angry, so I decided to go harass her. I went over to her house and found out that she had a side-business dry-cleaning underwear, but for some reason all of the underwear was red and made of wool.
      She was still sleeping, so I decided to freak her out by taking a shower. She had some Fructis shampoo that I liked a lot. At one point, she woke up and argued with me because she needed to get into the bathroom.